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Has the Time Come for a Dedicate


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									                   Has the Time Come for a Dedicated Server?

Hopefully, your goal for having a business website is to evolve it, amassing much more
business than you already have. If you operate a small company with limited traffic,
most likely you are using a shared web server. But, if you are marketing your website
effectively and your existing customers are satisfied, you may one day have to switch to
a dedicated server. As the name suggests, a dedicated server belongs to you only. You
do not share any hard drive space with any other website; therefore, as your traffic
increases, your website’s response time is still efficient.

It is not difficult to determine if you need a dedicated server. If your website has at least
three thousand users a day, the need for more security will become apparent, and it will
make more sense to switch from a shared–or a VPS–server, to a dedicated server. With
a VPS server, you have the scope to run your chosen applications; however, you are
still sharing hardware assets. This rarely poses a problem, but it is possible to not have
access to all the space you need at specific times.

If your website is experiencing tons of traffic everyday, it would be more productive
to switch to a dedicated server where you own all the hardware resources. Say you
have an online store, which due to its rising popularity, has started to receive a flood of
traffic everyday. If you have shared hosting, you will notice your website’s response
time slowing down. And the reality is… no one wants to visit an online shop where it
takes 20 minutes just to check out an item. Ask yourself: am I better off investing in a
dedicated server, or should I risk my customers not returning?

Once you have determined that you need a dedicated server, you must also decide
whether you need managed or unmanaged dedicated server hosting. If you can
independently operate and manage the server, then you can invest in unmanaged
dedicated server hosting. But, if you lack the expertise needed to run and maintain the
server, invest in managed dedicated server hosting–your web hosting company can
provide you with the technical assistance necessary to ensure that your server is
effectively maintained.

Being “penny-wise and pound-foolish” is never a recommended course of action. To
make money legitimately, one must be willing to spend money–there’s no way around it.
Therefore, if you value your business and it calls for a dedicated server, try to obtain it.

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