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									Enterprise IT Solutions
     Government Capabilities

                       The intelligent use of technology
Vision & Mission Statements

   s o state e t
Vision statement
ITX delivers world-class IT solutions to our customers’ business
infrastructure with trust and integrity.

Mission statement
The ITX team delivers best-value IT solutions, partnering with our
                                goals.                    products,
customers to help achieve their goals We provide quality products
solutions, and services – on time, within budget.
                 About ITX

• Founded in 1996                     • Award-winning Team
• 2007 revenues of $15M                  • 2006 Winner USDA
                                           SDB Contractor of the Year
• 31% annual average growth rate         • 2006 Winner SBA-Colorado
• SBA 8( ) SDB                             Small Business P
                                           S ll B i                f the Year
                                                          Persons of th Y
   – GSA STARS                           • Inc. 5,000 list of America’s fastest
   – GSA Schedule 70                       growing private companies, #2511
   – GWAC
• 140 employees
• Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO
• Supported USDA since 1999
  Sustained Annual Growth (31%)
             Federal Revenue Growth
        $40M in Federally Awarded Business


 $8 000 000 00


                                                                              Total Company Growth

        $0.00                                                $16,000,000.00
                 2002   2003    2004    2005   2006   2007
                         Federal Revenues                    $12,000,000.00
                                                             $10 000 000 00
                                                                ,   ,
                                                                              2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007

                                                                                     Total Revenues
                  What We Do

             Networks                Databases            SW Development
                System Admin            DB admin & dev       Custom applications
                Network security        Backup & recovery    COTS applications
                Technical help desk     Optimization         Databases
                Network architecture    Web integration      Application support
                LAN / WAN               Web development      Application QA & testing
                Communications / VoIP

Hosting                       Network Security              VoIP / Telecom
   Dedicated server hosting      Firewalls                      Installs & set-up
   Application hosting           Intrusion detection            Network configuration
   Web hosting                   VPNs                           ShoreTel partner
   E-mail hosting                Anti-virus
   Co-Location hosting           Spam & content filtering
   Web Farm Management           Secured wireless solutions

                              Security Camera’s
                                 Installs & set-up
                                 Network configuration
      Technical Qualifications
Networks                       Hosting
   Windows/Unix/Linux             24x7 support
   A ti Di t
   Active Directory               Controlled   i     t
                                  C t ll d environments
   DNS                            Redundant power
   SMS                            Layered security
   MS Exchange                    Clustering
   S      t B k
   Symantec Backup                Load balancing
                                  L db l     i

Security                       SW & Databases
   Firewalls                     Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g
   S                                  S
                                 SQL Server
   Anti Virus                    .NET, C#
   SonicWall / Juniper / Cisco   Visual Basic
   Secure wireless               JAVA
   R t                           A I f
   Managed services & monitoring

E-mail Integrity               VoIP
   Archiving & search             Installs   t
                                  I t ll & setup
   Repository & retrieval         Network configuration
   Privacy Networks               ShoreTel partner
  PMP – Project Management Professional via PMI
  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  Oracle Partner
  ShoreTel Certified Sales & Engineer
  SonicWALL Gold Partner
  Network Certifications
     • MCSE, MCSE+/, MCP, CNE, ECNE, Master CNE, Dell
  Security Classifications
     • CISSP, SANS Giac, Cisco, Checkpoint, SonicWALL, Fortinet
• ITIL Certifications (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

Government Certifications
  SBA 8(a) SDB
  DBE – State of Colorado, City and County of Denver
  SBE – Regional Transportation District
  8(a) – Denver Public Schools
  8(a) – Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Council
       GSA Schedule 70:
             SIN 132-51 – IT Professional Services

D301      IT Facility O&M
D306      IT Systems Analysis Services
D307      Automated Information Systems Design & Integration Services
D308      Programming Services
D310      IT Backup and Security Services

D311      IT Data Conversion Services
D316                     g
          IT Network Management Services
D399      Other IT Services, NEC
      GS 06F 0399Z
         Functional Area                                     Description

FA1 NAICS 541511                   Software Programming | Computer Software Support Services | DB
Customer Computer Programming
             p       g      g      Design | Software Analysis, Design, Programming & Testing | Web
Services                           Design

FA2 NAICS 541512                   BPR | Cabling & Wiring | CAD/CAE/CAM Services | System
Computer Systems Design Services   Integration, Analysis & Design | Hardware & Software Consulting
                                   Services | LAN/WAN | Network Design & Installation

FA3 NAICS 541513                   Computer Operations & Support | End User Support | Help Desk
Computer Facilities Management     Network Management | HW & SW Maintenance | Facilities
Services                           Management
FA5 NAICS 541519                   Disaster Recovery | Contingency Planning | IV & V | Documentation
Other Computer Related Services    IAS | Software Installation | Virus Detection/Recovery
            Sample Client List
GOVERNMENT                                           COMMERCIAL
   p                gy (DOE)
 Department of Energy (      )                         Hewlett-Packard
     Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)          GeoVeritas (Deere Co.)
 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)                 Microsoft
     U.S. Forest Service                               The Group Inc. Real Estate
     Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)     Big O Tires
     Rocky Mountain Research Center                    Everitt Companies
     Farm Services Administration (FSA)                First Farm Bank
     Natural Resources Information Systems (NRIS)      Ft. Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
     Information Technology Services (ITS)             130+ additional commercial clients in CO
     Offi of the CIO (OCIO)
     Office f h
          Telecommunications Service Org (TSO)
          Cyber Security
          Information Technology Services (ITS)
          WDC Large Office
 Maryland Army National Guard
 National Parks Service (NPS)
 City of Brighton, CO
 City of Wheat Ridge, CO
 Colorado State University
 Larimer County, CO
                     Past Performance
      Software & Related Services
       Forest Service        Structured Analysis, Design, and Development; Web         Forest Service          Data Architecture Development; Software Development;
       Natural Resource      Development, Windows CE, Oracle 8i, JLEE, .NET,           Forest Health           Implementation; Database Development & Admin; System
       Information           C#, C++, ADO.NET, XML, ESRI family products incl.         Technology              Analysis & Design; Programming; Testing; Maintenance
       System (NRIS)         ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcPad                                Enterprise Team         .NET; SQL Server; C++, Oracle 9i; JavaScript
DB admin, applications development, and DBA support. Services include: SW
development, testing, maintenance, support, and documentation for the NRIS
                                                                                   • Software development and documentation for operating system
database applications and related products; app development, maintenance,            software, including:
t ti support, and d
testing,        t d documentation of Regionall legacy data NRIS lloaders t
                               t ti   fR i      l       d t          d to              •   Database management systems
migrate data into the NRIS database; user and security management; Oracle SW           •   Application version control & quality assurance
installation/upgrades/patches; performance analysis; DB &object reorg; Oracle          •   Simulations modeling, security
                                                                                       •   Data communications software
config; DB copy, backup/recovery & setup; datafile I/O balancing; new DB setup;
                                                                                       •   Network management
version migration; capacity analysis &parameter settings; maintenance & updating
of documentation; custom user training; and program/project management.            • Remote sensing data acquisition; imaging analysis & GIS functions

       The Group,          Structured Analysis, Design, & Development; Software             Animal and Plant        .NET, SQLServer, Oracle, Lotus Domino, Notes, Java,
                           Maintenance & Support; Web Deployment using .NET,                Health Inspection       Axis2, JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse – IDE,
       Inc. Real           Oracle 9i & 10g, C#, Windows 2003, MS Access,                                            SVN (subversion) – source control, Ant – build, JUnit –
                                                                                            Service (APHIS)
       Estate (TGI)        LAN/WAN architecture                                             Veterinary Service      unit testing framework, EclEmma – code coverage tool,
                                                                                                                    Tomcat, Oracle Application Server

 • Software application & Oracle DB support of TGI’s proprietary                   ITX is leading several agency-related projects to enhance and expand existing
   software StarShip – a complex Oracle/Access DB connecting                       APHIS applications for deployment to a national user base and integration with
                                                                                   other business-critical apps. The systems include support of the Emergency
   buyers, sellers, and properties
                                                                                   Management Response System (EMRS), development of the Emergency
 • Installation & setup of multiple Oracle DBs                                     Qualifications System (EQS), development of a web-based data exchange
         con ersion
 • Data conversion & migration                                                     between State systems and the EMRS, and development of a modeling tool
 • Redeveloped StarShip front-end from MS Access to a Web-                         called the EMRS Saturation Module, used to model resource impacts based on
   based application using the .NET Framework and C#                               various potential disease outbreaks.
                       Past Performance
IT Support Services & Help Desk
          USDA                                                                              USDA
          Office of the Chief Information Officer – OCIO / POD / ITS                        Information Technology Services (ITS) (NRCS, RD, FSA)
          WDC Large Office End-User IT Support Services*
                    g                        pp

• Provide technical support to the ITS DC offices located in                      • National Service Desk: Direct services to 23,000 users & indirect
  Washington, DC; Beltsville, MD, and Alexandria, VA, including:                    support to 250,000 users
    •   HW & SW installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and compatibility            • Monthly volume averages 6,000 calls
    •   Plan & execute large office moves & relocations of IT equipment/network       • Staff operates in 3 locations: Fort Collins, St. Louis, Kansas City
    •          p                   y               g g          g
        Develop & maintain industry standard config mgmt using ITIL and MOF       • Local desktop support to 150 staff members at NRRC in Fort
    •   Data backup & redundancies / offsite storage                                Collins, CO
    •   IT equipment inventory and PC transfers                                       •   Data protection / e-authentication
    •   Update PCs, servers, and UNIX systems                                         •   Technical support to HW & SW installation
    •   Telecommunications support for LANs/WANs                                      •   Troubleshooting and compatibility
    •   Security patches & virus protection measures                                  •   HW & SW communications support to the LAN/WAN
    •   HW & SW testing & evaluating                                                  •   Support, development, maintenance, and management of the Web Farm
                                                                                            pp ,          p      ,           ,       g
    •   S      t
        Support, repair, & maintenance of all peripherall equipment
                     i       i t          f ll i h           i    t
    •   Project management

            USDA                                                                              DOE
            Farm Service Agency (FSA)                                                         Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) UGP

  Conduct                   agency                 pro ide
• Cond ct stress testing of agenc applications and provide testing                Oracle and SQL Server administrative services to WAPA Upper Great
  and results analysis and reporting, including:                                  Plains Region. Support includes ensuring integrity and consistency of
   •    Stress Lab procedure documentation
   •    Test Plan documentation                                                   data; monitoring and optimizing database performance; implementing
   •    Test Execution/Analysis                                                   efficient data mining techniques; managing disk usage; administering
   •    Test Results documentation                                                data dictionary; ensuring security, backup, and recoverability of
   •    Project Management deliverables required for Earned Value (EVMS)          d t b           i i            i ht    d i       d d t t
                                                                                  databases; assigning access rights; reducing redundant storage;
• Utilize MS Office, Rational Test Studio Suite, Mercury Loadrunner, J            sharing common data among users; and supporting and implementing
  meter, Java, WebSphere, XML, HTML, Structured Query Language,
                                                                                  agency configuration management guidelines.
  Oracle, DB2, MQ Series, Proxy Sniffer, Performance Monitor, OPNET
  tools, SNMP poller tools, and computer programming.
Forest Service FHTET

  National Applications Support
  Database administration support
  Software & database development
    Database management systems
    Application version control & quality assurance
    Simulations modeling, security
    Data communications software
    Network management
  Remote sensing data acquisition;
  imaging and GIS functions
   Department of Energy
Western Area Power Administration

      Software, web, database development & maintenance
        Programming with SQL for OCDBs, transactional DBs, relational DBs, flat
        file DBs, data warehouses, data marts, and general DB structures
        Develop code to connect to DBs using ODBC, OLE DB, native DBs
        Data mining techniques
        Support query tools, report tools, and middleware to connect desktop
        environment to DBs

      Program management
      Systems support & administration
      Network security
      Tier       d            t
      Ti 1 & 2 end-user support
USDA Project Overview

Information Technology, Customer Support Branch
    National Service Desk – ITS
        Direct support for 23,000 users (250,000 indirect users)

    Supported rollout of 3 000 servers
    S       d ll       f 3,000
        Largest in history of Microsoft (39,000 users)

    Application & Web development support
    System Admin & PM support
    UNIX server/workstation support
    Web Farm security support
    Network Management services
    WDC IT Support Services
    (awarded Sept ’06)
USDA Project Overview

 Information Technology Services (ITS)
  National Help Desk
     Direct support for 23,000 users and indirect support to 250,000 users
     Monthly l             12,000+ ti k t       d    l   d
     M thl volume averages 12 000+ tickets opened & closed
     Locations in Fort Collins, St. Louis, Kansas City

  Supported rollout of 3,000 servers
  Tier 1 & 2 end-user support
  System Admin & PM support
  UNIX server/workstation support
  Web Farm security support
  Network Management services
USDA Project Overview

    National applications support
      ITX developed & maintains USDA’s Intrusion Detection
      System (IDS)

                       end user
    Seat maintenance & end-user support
USDA Project Overview

  Subcontractor to EDS since 2001
  Help Desk & Network support
    Monitors 3,000 MS Windows 2000/2003 servers

  National Application support
    Software maintenance & enhancement support for the
    Program Loan Accounting System (PLAS)

  Network support
    Microsoft Operation Management (MOM)
National Parks Service (NPS)

 VoIP Phone System Implementation
    180 NPS employees
    1 location
    ShoreTel VoIP solution
    Network upgrades required
    Installation completed October 2007
         City of Brighton, CO

                                  VoIP Implementation
                                     265 city employees
                                     13 locations
                                     ShoreTel VoIP solution
                                     Network upgrades required
                                     Installation completed July 2006

“Thank you ITX for installing our new ShoreTel VoIP system.
Our users are simply delighted; it works and features are so
much better than our old phone system.”
                          Margaret Brocklander, IT Director
                          City of Brighton
USDA                                                         Department of Energy
Office of the Chief Information Officer – OCIO / POD / ITS   Western Area Power Administration
WDC Large Office End-User IT Support Services*
                                                                          y,           g p
                                                             Ms. Mona Howey, Contracting Specialist
Ms. Debbie Sanders, Contracting Officer                      406-247-7406
USDA OPPM, POD, ITS Contracting Team                         howey@wapa.gov
2150 Centre Ave., Bldg A, Suite 145
Fort Collins, CO 80526-1891
970-295-5520                                                 Forest Service
debbie.sanders@ftc.usda.gov                                  Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team (FHTET)
                                                             Ms. Eunice Hopman, Contracting Specialist
USDA                                                         ehopman@fs.fed.us
Information Technology Services (ITS) (NRCS, RD, FSA)
Ms.    Evans,
Ms Sue Evans Contracting Officer
970-295-5425                                                 Forest Service
sue.evans@ftc.usda.gov                                       Natural Resource Information System (NRIS)

Mr. Rick Sabo, Branch Chief                                  Mr. Mike Sieg, COR
970-295-5434                                                 970-295-5763
         @         g                                         msieg@fs.usda.gov
                                                                 g@         g

The Group, Inc. Real Estate (TGI)
Ms. Kim Allen, CFO
    Contact Information

                                     Mai T
                                     M i Tran
2120 S. College Avenue           President & CEO
Fort Collins, CO 80525       mtran@itxfc.com
970.282.7333                    970.282.7333

                             Bruce Hottman
                                     ce es de t
                                   Vice President

                               Bob Freeman
                           Gov’t Program Manager
                                9 0 88 103

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