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'Do more with less'

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               ‘Do more with less’
                          Agilent Laboratory Informatics Conference
                                      Amsterdam, 6-8 October, 2009

                                                                      Conference Program Overview:
                                                                      Choose from a diverse range of workshops, customer case studies, partner
                                                                      presentations and roundtables.
                                                                      Pre-Conference Workshop Day:          Conference Day 1:
                                                                      Tuesday, 6 October                    Wednesday, 7 October
                                                                      ● Automate daily Labour work with     Registration from 08.00 to 09.00
                                                                        the new OpenLAB BPM Workflow
                                                                        engine                              Conference Program from 09.00
                                                                      ● Versatility of the OpenLAB          to 16:30
                                                                        Intelligence Reporter
                                                                                                            Conference dinner & sightseeing
                                                                      ● Managing experimental details
                                                                                                            from 18:00
                                                                        and results using Kalabie ELN
                                                                                                            Conference Day 2:
                                                                      ● Tips and Trick around your          Thursday, 8 October
                                                                        ChemStation Workflows               Conference Program from
                                                                      ● EZChrom Elite Introduction          09:00 - 14:30
                                                                      ● EZChrom Elite Advanced reporting
                                                                        & custom parameters

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Agilent Laboratory Informatics Conference
Amsterdam, October 6-8, 2009
The essence of this years conference is “Doing More with Less”
through system integration and workflow automation. Agilent’s 2009
Laboratory Informatics Conference is a unique opportunity for those
interested in Laboratory Informatics, and who want to experience
innovative solutions to increase efficiency.

Attend this conference, and:
                                                                                                 Who should attend
Learn how to streamline experiment documentation, data archiving, data                           Representatives from Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries working
review and reporting associated with ELN, CDS and ECM systems.                                   with:
Hear from Pharmaceutical & Chemical industry experts how to improve
                                                                                                 ●   Data Management
workflow, productivity and regulatory compliance by using Agilent
                                                                                                 ●   Information Knowledge Management
Laboratory Informatics.
                                                                                                 ●   Chromatography and Mass spectrometry
Share experiences and knowledge with colleagues, and pick up helpful tips                        ●   ECM, LIMS and ELN systems
from other users.                                                                                ●   Research & Development
                                                                                                 ●   Quality Control & Assurance
Enjoy networking with other professionals who share the same interests,                          ●   Laboratory Compliance
while enjoying the atmosphere of Amsterdam.
                                                                                                 It's an ideal opportunity to learn more about Agilent's Laboratory
Register today, to avoid disappointment as places are limited!                                   Informatic and Solutions, network with other colleagues, share
                                                                                                 experiences and knowledge. Look at other industries facing similar
For details and to register your attendance, please visit:
                                                                                                 challenges, discuss and share insights with product managers, software                                                               engineers and key Agilent informatics partners.

 Preliminary Conference Program                                                                                                                     7th-8th October 2009
 Wednesday, 7th October 2009
 08:00               Registration
 09:00               Welcome and Opening remarks - Peter Leutert, Agilent Technologies
 09:15               Agilent Informatics Strategic Direction - Tony Owen, Agilent Technologies
 Key Speakers and Customer Case Studies covering Pharmaceutical, BioPharmaceutical, Life Science, Chemical and Environmental
 10:00               Sarah Stowers, Genentech, US: A Project Based Approach to ECM
 10:35               Thomas Eriksson, Business Development Advisor, AstraZeneca, Sweden: The challenge of using ECM in a global enterprise
 11:10               Coffee Break
 11:30               Dr. Nau, BASF, Germany: Smart LIMS Interface to OpenLAB ICM and Chromatography Systems connected to OpenLAB ECM
 12:05               Dr. Ludwig Huber Ph.D., Chief Advisor, Global FDA Compliance: Cost Effective Software and Computer System Validation
 12:40               Lunch
 13:40               Joseph Kofman, Allergan, Inc., US: Use of OpenLAB as the ELN-like Solution
 14:15               Mike Molony, Director Biopharmaceutical Technology, Allergan, Inc., US: Allergan Biopharmaceuticals Paperless Lab Initiative
 14:50               Coffee Break
 15:15               Drs. Fake Schonewille, Analytico Eurofins, Netherlands: OpenLab in an Environmental Lab: Improvement of Productivity?
 15:55               Srinivas Reddy M, Director - Analytical, Suven Nishtaa, India: Topic: EZChrom Elite Client Server
 16:30               End
 18:00               Evening Program: Sightseeing in Amsterdam and Conference Dinner

 Thursday, 8th October 2009
 Agilent Expo - Meet the experts; specialists, managers, consultants and partners -rotates every 30 minutes
 09:00-12:30         ● OpenLAB Laboratory Software Framework
                     ● EZChrom Elite
                     ● ChemStation
                     ● MassHunter
                     ● Kalabie ELN
                     ● Project Deployment and Solutions
                     ● Instrument Service Management
                     ● Da Vinci Europe Laboratory Solutions B.V. - Logilab product
                     ● ICD GmbH - Method Validation & LIMS software
                     ● Persistent Systems Limited - Multi-vendor instrument control

 12:30-13:00         Expo Wrap-up & Question Session - Peter Leutert, Agilent Technologies
 13:30-13:15         Conference Review & Closing Remarks - Bruce von Herrmann, Vice President of Software & Informatics, Agilent Technologies
 13:15-14:15         Network Lunch
 14:30               Adjourn
‘Do more with less’                                                                        

Registration                                                                                   Hotel Reservation
A registration fee of 250 Euro plus 19% VAT, to be paid by bank transfer                       We would recommend that you make your hotel
upon receipt of a regular invoice, is requested to attend the conference.                      reservation as soon as possible, we have agreed with
The fee includes refreshments, lunch during the program and conference                         the hotel an Agilent rate of 189 Euro per day for a
dinner on October 7. Seats are limited, to avoid disappointment register                       single room including breakfast. To make your hotel
your details today. Visit or fill in                        reservation please request it before August 5, 2009
and send the fax form.                                                                         by contacting the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City,
                                                                                               either on email at
Pre-Conference Workshops                                                                       or call: +31 (0) 20 519 1200 and quote "AGILENT".
Advanced level on-site training courses are scheduled on October 6. A
special rate of 350 Euro plus 19% VAT will entitle you to attend both                          How to get here
Conference and Training, lunch, refreshments and all training materials will                   Please visit the hotel website:
be included, in addition you will be provided with an Agilent training
certificate.                                                                                   Cannot Attend?
                                                                                               Register to receive your complimentary Conference Kit and timely
Event Location                                                                                 e-mail updates about laboratory informatics, software solutions or other
The event will take place at the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre,                        products and services from Agilent Technologies. Visit
a modern 4* hotel, located on the water's edge, yet within walking distance           or fill in and send the fax form.
from the old center of Amsterdam and Central Station.

 Pre-Conference Workshops | Select from two workshops                                                                                              Tuesday, 6th October 2009
5 PARALLEL WORKSHOPS: Focusing on new and existing Agilent laboratory informatics applications, which optimize and simplifies routine. (Lunch, refreshments and all training
materials will be included, in addition you will be provided with an Agilent training certificate.)

 Tuesday, 6th October 2009
 09:00-09:30       Registration
 09:30-15:30       Automate daily Labour work with the new OpenLAB BPM Workflow engine
This workshop      This workshop will address questions on OpenLAB Business Process Manager, allowing the user friendly setup of Workflows with MS Visio, in order to automate
is repeated        repetitive task in the Lab. The workshop focuses on the new release of BPM that introduces the following new features :
● 1st session:          ● Development Tools                                                        ● Workflow Status
    09:30-12:00         ● Scripts and Programs                                                     ● Improvements to Tasks
● 2nd session:          ● Architecture (fully integrated with new ECM API)
                   Pre-requisites: Existing OpenLAB ECM customers
 09:30-15:30       Managing experimental details and results using Kalabie ELN v4.0
                   Kalabie Electronic Lab Notebook provides an easy to use web interface for scientists to document experiments and collect results. Attendees will learn how
 This workshop
 is repeated       scientists can quickly create experiments across biology, chemistry and analytical chemistry disciplines in a hands-on workshop focusing on new capabilities in
 ● 1st session:    Kalabie ELN version 4.0.
     09:30-12:00        ● Learn how to create dynamic forms to streamline data capture
 ● 2nd session:         ● Experience the Analytical Request Workflow and expediting access to analytical results
    13:00-15:30         ● Capture data directly from ChemStation using Smart Import
                        ● Access key data and files directly from OpenLab ECM
 09:30-15:30       Tips & Trick around your ChemStation Workflows
                   In this interactive workshop, you will improve your knowledge about the ChemStation data analysis capabilities such as the various ChemStation Data storage
                   concepts, speeding up data review/reprocessing and performing integration. An Agilent support specialist will share their valuable tips and tricks beyond what you
 This workshop
                   will find in manuals and help documents. After participation in this training you will be able to optimize your daily data analysis and data review tasks.
 is repeated
 ● 1st session:    The workshop will be two-part.
     09:30-12:00   In the first session we will provide information for common data analysis tasks such as:
 ● 2nd session:         ● ChemStation Data Storage Concepts                                           ● Review and Reprocess Workflows in ChemStation
                        ● Manual rubber band integration saved with chromatogram.                     ● Enhanced overlay capabilities in data analysis.
                   The second part of the workshop, will highlight the latest improvements in ChemStation and the workflows using data review for high sample load. You are welcome
                   to provide your own use cases and questions for both sessions.
                        ● Workflow Possibilities using ChemStation OpenLAB Option                   ● Report Generation using the OpenLAB Intelligence Reporter in ChemStation
                   Target audience: Lab Managers, Analysts and Super users with ChemStation data analysis.
 09:30-15:30       Versatility of the OpenLAB Intelligence Reporter
This workshop      This workshop will show the power and versatility of the OpenLAB Intelligence Reporter, with respect to chromatographic reports generated from a database. During
is repeated        the workshop we will use the Report Template editor to create a report including chromatographic data for a sequence. The report will included some calculations
● 1st session:     and the integration for everyday use in the CDS. The step up will be an interactive report, that includes any chromatographic data from OpenLAB and the uses of the
    09:30-12:00    Intelligence Reporter Client. Finally we will use the Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio to enhance the report templates to include data from other data sources in
● 2nd session:     the report.
                   Target audience: Decision makers in IT and laboratories looking for integrated reporting solutions with a focus on chromatographic reporting.
 09:30-15:30        EZChrom Elite Introduction (09:30-12:00)                                             EZChrom Elite Advanced reporting/custom parameters (13:00-15:30)
 (Two different     During this workshop you will get an introduction to EZChrom Elite. The intent       During this workshop you will get hands on experience on advanced
 sessions)          for this session is to show customers with no experience with EZChrom Elite,         calculation and reporting functions of EZChrom Elite.
                    the capabilities and workflow of this product.
                                                                                                         Target audience: Experienced EZChrom Elite users (super-users) who are
                    Target audience: Lab Mangers and Analysts who would like to have a                   interested in getting more out of their data-system.
                    demo/introduction of the EZChrom Elite CDS system.
                                                                                                         Workshop will be two parts: First part includes a custom parameter program,
                    Workshop will be two parts; First part is an overview presentation of the            that will be scripted, with results shown in the single run report. In the second
                    product. Second part is a live demo of the product showing how to work with          part, an advanced report will be created.
                    the EZChrom Elite software. Following tips will be addressed:
                    ● Architecture                        ● Instrument control                           ● Custom parameter scripting
                    ● Workflow                            ● Reporting capabilities                       ● Advanced reporting
                    ● Questions & Answers
                                                                             Agilent Laboratory Informatics Conference
  REGISTRATION FORM                                                                      Amsterdam, October 6-8, 2009

        YES, please register me for the Agilent Laboratory Informatics Conference 2009!
* required fields
First Name*                                                                     Family Name*
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     I am unable to attend. Please send me the complimentary Conference Kit.

Please help us to better understand your profile and send you only the information you are interested in:

Function                              Application                          Market                            Products
   Lab Manager/ Head of Dept.            Analytical Research Dev.             Academia                          Automation
   Managing Director                     Flavours                             Agriculture                       Bioinformatics
   Professor                             Fragrances                           Biotech                           Capillary Electrophoresis
   Purchaser                             GMO                                  Consumer Products                 Compliance Reg. Serv. GLP
   Technician                            Pesticides                           Environmental                     Contractual SW Services
   Student                               Petrochemical                        Fuel Cells                        GC
   Scientist/Chemist                     Water Analysis                       Food & Flavours                   GCMS
   Consultants                           Clinical Toxicology                  Forensics/Narcotics               HPLC
   IT manager                            Disease Discovery                    Homeland Security/Mil.            ICPMS
   IS manager                            Drug Development                     Hospital                          LCMS
   System administrator                  Drug Discovery                       Hydrocarbon Proc.                 Data Systems Informatics
   Report designer                       Drug Manufacturing QAQC              Inorganics                        Supplies
   Process architect                     DMPK/AMDETox                         Pharmaceutical                    Support Contracts
   Other                                 Metabolite ID                        Semiconductor                     Training/Education
                                         Other                                Specialty Chemical                UV-Vis
                                                                              Other Market                      Other

         Two-Day Conference Program Plus One-Day Workshop Sessions, 350.00 Euro plus 19% VAT (please select 2 courses from the list below)

         Two-Day Conference Program, 250.00 Euro plus 19% VAT

 Course Selection (please select two):
    Automate daily Labour work with the new OpenLAB BPM Workflow engine

                                                                                       Send your registration today!
    Managing experimental details and results using Kalabie ELN v4.0

                                                                                       Fax: +49 7452 808180
    Tips and Trick Around your ChemStation Workflows

    EZChrom Elite Chromatography Data Software - Beginners
    EZChrom Elite Chromatography Data Software - Advanced
    OpenLAB intelligent Reporter

Our measure is your success.

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