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					                 The Only
       Home Entertainment Networking
           Standard In Use By All
Three Pay TV Segments—Cable, Satellite, IPTV

                                 The Organization

•   Established in January 2004 by the most respected service providers and
    OEMs in the world.
•   Charter is to establish MoCA technology as the worldwide standard for
    home entertainment networking and multiroom DVR applications.
•   In mass deployment by Verizon, DIRECTV and Cox.
•   Comcast, TWC, Cox, Mediacom, Sunflower, Bright House Networks and
    many other MSOs and IPTV providers in advanced trials.
•   On the roadmap of several European cable MSOs.
•   Liaison with US CableLabs and Korean CableLabs
•   Liaison with HomePlug Powerline Alliance.
•   Incorporated into DLNA’s Interoperability Guidelines.
•   Proud member of CEDIA.
                         Trends in Connectivity

                       Anything that can connect will connect!
     Whole Home DVRs                 Connected TVs                            Connected Game Consoles

30                           40                                       180

20                                                                    120
15                           20
10                                                                     60

                             10                                        40
                              5                                        20

0                             0                                          0
     2009         2013              2009               2013                         2009                 2013

                                    All numbers in Millions

                                            Source: Parks Associates, Home Networks for Consumer Electronics (2009).

                                                                                              Courtesy Comcast
Board of Directors
Contributor Members
Associate Members
More than 70 Certified Products…
                ...Set Top Boxes, NAS

      ADB ADB-6880CX
                                    Motorola DCX-3400M

       Motorola QIP6416
                                    Motorola DCX-3200M

    Pace DC900X HD DVR
Network Attached Storage Device    Cisco Explorer 8652HDC
                                  DVR with M-Card Interface
                   ...Ethernet Bridges, Gateways…

                                                    Actiontec ECB2200
                                                   MoCA Network Adapter
                           Westell UltraLine
                        Series3 MoCA Gateway

  Actiontec MI424WR
Broadband Home Router
                         NetGear MCAB1001
                                                      D-Link DXN-221
                        Ethernet to Coax Bridge
                                                  Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit
                             MoCA By The Numbers

•   Only standard in use by all three pay TV segments (telco, cable, DBS).
•   More than 70 certified products (STBs, ONTs, BHRs, ECBs and chips)
•   More than 55 members. Multiple chip vendors.
•   More than 35 million nodes in the field.
•   MoCA is forecast to eventually be in more than 90 percent off all pay TV
    households in the US.
                  MoCA Technology Value Proposition

• No new wires. Uses existing coax.
• Coax is the best medium for HD video
   • Found in 90 percent of all US homes
   • Prevalent in many (though not all) European homes.
• No interference with other technologies and mediums.
• Complementary to wireless—extends wireless backbone in home.
• Independent field tests validating all claims regarding high performance
  and high reliability.
                                   Field Tests

• Field tests in 250 homes around US
• Validated net throughputs of more than 100 Mb/s in 97 percent of ALL
• Only Alliance to conduct and publish field tests!
                                MoCA 1.0 and 1.1

• MAC rate (net throughput): 175 Mb/s (MoCA 1.1)
• PHY rate: 270 Mb/s
• Operating frequency 850 – 1500 MHz
• Flexible spectrum usage – 50 MHz coexisting with cable or
• Support for 16 nodes
• Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Prioritized QoS – differentiated service for video, voice and gaming
    • Parameterized QoS – reserved bandwidth
    • MIB/SNMP and TR-069 Management interface
• MoCA 1.1 Annex
    • Expanded operating frequency of 500 MHz—1500MHz
                               MoCA 2.0 Ratified

• Two performance modes
   • 400 and 800 Mb/s MAC (net or actual) throughputs
   • 700 and 1.4 Gb/s PHY rates
   • Turbo mode for each through channel bonding
• Energy savings
   • Sleep and standby power modes
   • Address power consumption in entire network
• Backward interoperable with MoCA 1.0/1.1
   • Protects investment in current equipment.
     No firmware or swap out necessary.
• Enhanced reliability
   • One error packet in 100 million
   • 3.5 ms latency
• Expanded operating frequency from 500 – 1650 MHz
                                               The Alternatives

                         Value Proposition                      Drawbacks

Wireless                 Mobility                               Reliability is a challenge
(WiFi)                                                          Prone to interference
                                                                Unlicensed band

Powerline                Ubiquity of outlets                    Performance not on par with MoCA
(HomePlug, HDPLC, UPA)                                          Prone to high interference
                                                                Low outlet coverage performance

Phoneline                Ubiquity of phone jacks                Performance can not match MoCA
(HomePNA)                                                       Does not work in cable modem environment
                                                                No endorsement by US satellite providers
                                                                Niche market (telco only)
                                                                Technology deadends. No HPNA 4.0.
Coax                     Proven performance and Reliability     Reliant on coaxial outlet penetration
(MoCA)                   In use by all three pay TV segments.
                         MoCA 2.0 ratified
Early Adopter: Verizon FiOS

                   MoCA CH1 - ONT to BHR WAN traffic

                   MoCA CH2 - BHR to STB LAN traffic
                       The Core Product for Telcos
From Advanced Television, September 21, 2009:
    Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg says video, not voice, will be the core product over his
    expanding fibre network. He said he no longer worried about looking for the "inflection
    point" in the loss of access lines.

    "I don't care about that any more, I am going to focus on driving FiOS penetration and
    taking costs out," he said, adding that he felt "liberated".

    He said capital spending would fall in the next two years, and the company was shedding
    "non-strategic" rural units. He expected the FiOS network would stretch to 70 per cent
    of Verizon’s fixed-line customer base.

    He said that with TV, the PC and the Internet converging, the carrier’s future would be
    in selling video services, such as interactive TV, bundled with wireless voice.

    "So what I need to do is get ourselves focused around the following idea, that video
    is going to be the core product in the fixed line business. We are going to bundle it
    with wireless, we are going to integrate software over all the screens.“
              DIRECTV Multi-room HD DVR

• Streams full resolution HD recordings to any DIRECTV
  HD STB from one or more DIRECTV Plus ® HD DVRs
   • Watch recorded shows in any room, with just one HD DVR
   • Start watching in one room, finish watching in another room
   • Record and delete shows from any room

                          Comcast Home Networking

  Important criteria for home networks

       Throughput, ability to reliably and securely transfer video
       QoS
       Number of nodes supported within the home
       Leverage existing wiring
       Open Standards
       Maintainability and support
       Cost -Ubiquity

Technologies              Value Proposition       Drawbacks

Wireless (WiFi)           Mobility               Good for browsing and ―best efforts‖ media

Coax (MoCA)               Consistent             Reliant on coaxial penetration
MoCA1.1                    performance and
2009 U.S. Television Households

Projected MoCA Market Share

97 Million Pay TV Households

IPTV Market

EU Survey results
   The Only Home Entertainment Networking
Standard in Use by all Three Pay TV segments —
           Cable, Satellite and IPTV

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