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MoCA OPASTCO Presentation


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									Enabling Service with MoCA
          11 Feb 2010

                    The Convergence of Applications,
                    Devices and Services

                              of content

                         Storage                  Service provider
Analog to digital                                Triple-play bundling
  conversion             Applications              (IPTV/TelcoTV,
                                                     Cable MSOs)
                         Networking        

                        Mass market deployment
                          of DVR and HDTV
              Video Networking Requirements

• High Performance with wide outlet coverage
  • > 100Mbps net throughput at >97% of outlets
• Inherent low BER/PER
  • Cannot rely on retransmissions
• Low Latency independent of network load
  • No time to retransmit video frames
• Coexist with Cable, DBS, Terrestrial, Telco
• Spectrum support for future performance increases
            Installation Objectives

• Easy installation in the home
• Low sensitivity to home coax topology
  • Be able to seamlessly support any type of Coax
• Any network node can be connected to any
  outlet in the house
• Minimize need to replace splitters or add
  new wires
The MoCA Connected Home
                     The Organization

•   Established in January 2004 by some of the most respected service
    providers and OEMs in the world.
•   Promote the distribution of multiple streams of HD content throughout the
    home using already existent coax.
•   Only alliance with appeal to all three pay TV segments (telco, cable, DBS).
•   Full deployment (Verizon’s FiOS TV) with more than 2.7 million subs.
•   DIRECTV, Comcast, TWC, Cox and Bright House Networks publicly
    committed to using MoCA in their networks. More than a dozen other
    operators in trials.
•   More than 60 certified products (STBs, ONTs, BHRs, ECBs)
•   Recently established liaison agreement with HomePlug.
•   Incorporated into DLNA’s Interoperability Guidelines
•   Member of OPASTCO (U.S. tier 2 telcos and cableco) and CEDIA
    (installers and integrators).
                  MoCA 1.0/1.1

• No new wires or interference with other technologies and mediums.
• Complementary to wireless—extends wireless backbone in home.
• Operates with other services on the same coax
• Field tests in 250 homes validated net throughputs of more than
  100 Mb/s in 97 percent of outlets.
• Only Alliance to conduct and publish field tests.
• MoCA 1.1 capable of 175 Mbps net throughputs, PQoS bandwidth
  management and 16 node network extension
                    MoCA Technology Features

•   MAC throughput including 175 Mb/s (MoCA v1.1)
•   Flexible spectrum usage – 50 MHz coexisting with Cable or Satellite
•   Support for 16 nodes (MoCA v1.1)
•   PHY is Bitloaded OFDM – optimizes PHY rate for any channel
    • Pre-equalization allows simple Reed Solomon FEC
• Fully coordinated and synchronized network
    • Transmission slots are assigned by a Network Controller (NC) per Request-
      Grant mechanism
    • NC is automatically selected
    • Preferred NC can be selected by higher layer applications (MoCA v1.1)
• Probing mechanism allows performance optimization per connection
• Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Prioritized QoS – differentiated service for video, voice and gaming
    • Parameterized QoS – bandwidth reservation per flows (MoCA v1.1)
• Management interface with detailed characteristics
                            Wired Technologies shakeout
•   Gigabit Ethernet
     •   If you have CAT5 infrastructure, Gigabit Ethernet is the best
•   MoCA
     •   Coax is the cleanest medium
     •   Multiple Channels
     •   Support of many service providers
     •   Integrated solutions
•   PowerLine
     •   Low data rates
     •   Single Channel, Remediation is difficult
     •   Fragmented into many incompatible organizations / specifications
           •   HomePlug (US) (Intellon)
                  • HomePlug 1.0 / Turbo
                  • HomePlug AV
           •   CE-Powerline Communication Alliance = CEPCA (Japan) (Panasonic)
           •   Open PLC European Research Alliance = OPERA (Europe) (DS2)
           •   IEEE P1901
           •   ITU-T G.hn / HomeGrid Forum
•   HomePNA
     •   Single Channel
     •   Reduced to single small supplier
     •   Requires Coax to be viable, but not designed/tuned for coax
     •   Conflicts with DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS
                MoCA 2.0 in Development

• Two performance modes:
   • 400 and 800 Mb/s actual throughputs
   • 700 and 1.4 Gb/s PHY rates
• Two low power modes:
   • Sleep and standby
   • Address power consumption in entire network
• Backward compatible with previous versions without
  degradation in performance.
   • Protects investment in current equipment. No firmware or swap out
• MoCA 1.0/1.1 meet needs of operators now. MoCA 2.0
  meets needs of operators tomorrow.
                          Verizon: Video will be
                          our core product
•   From Advanced Television, September 21, 2009:

•   Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg says video, not voice, will be the core product over his expanding
    fibre network. He said he no longer worried about looking for the "inflection point" in the loss of
    access lines.

    "I don't care about that any more, I am going to focus on driving FiOS penetration and taking
    costs out," he said, adding that he felt "liberated".

    He expected the FiOS network would stretch to 70 per cent of Verizon’s fixed-line customer

    He said that with TV, the PC and the Internet converging, the carrier’s future would be in selling
    video services, such as interactive TV, bundled with wireless voice.

    "So what I need to do is get ourselves focused around the following idea, that video is going to
    be the core product in the fixed line business. We are going to bundle it with wireless, we are
    going to integrate software over all the screens.“

•   http://www.advanced-television.com/2009/sep21_sep25.htm#t6
                      Typical FiOS Home Wiring


  Coax cable    Integrated MoCA

  Cat 5 cable

                                                         Analog Video
to OLT   ONT
         with                            Managed
         MoCA                             BHR
                                      Integrated MoCA
                        DIRECTV: Simplified Installation
•   From 26-Jan-2010 Press Release:

• "By integrating MoCA technology into our STBs
  along with the existing deployment of the Single
  Wire Multiswitch, we will set ourselves apart from
  the competition as a leading provider of connected
  home technology," said Romulo Pontual, chief
  technology officer at DIRECTV. "This is part of our
  overall strategy to simplify the installation process
  and create a reliable video distribution system for
  our customers who want to enjoy a connected
  home lifestyle."
           DIRECTV Multi-Room HD DVR Service

The ultimate in convenience and flexibility.
  Watch what you want, when you want, in any room you want. Watch your
  recorded shows in any room, with just one HD DVR
  • Start watching in one room, finish watching in another room
  • Record and delete shows from any room
More than 60 Certified Products…
                               Broadcom's system-on-a-chip (SoC)
                               solutions featuring integrated MoCA

                              IP STB
                                 BCM7420 Dual HD AVC server
                                 BCM7410 HD AVC client
                                 BCM7408 HD AVC client
                              Cable STB
                                 BCM7125 Dual HD 1 GHz DOCSIS 3
                                 BCM7025 Dual HD EuroDOCSIS
                              Satellite STB
                                 BCM7342 Dual HD server
     Entropic's EN2510
                                 BCM7340 HD client
3rd generation MoCA silicon
                                 BCM68xx GPON Gigabit Switch
                  ...Ethernet Bridges, Gateways…

                              NetGear MCAB1001
    D-Link DXN-221           Ethernet to Coax Bridge
Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit

                                                         Actiontec MI424WR
                                                       Broadband Home Router

       Actiontec ECB2200
      MoCA Network Adapter
                               Westell UltraLine Series3
                                   MoCA Gateway
                 ...Set Top Boxes, NAS

        ADB ADB-6880CX                   Motorola DCX-3400M

        Motorola QIP6416
                                           Motorola DCX-3200M

           Pace DC900X
                                          Cisco Explorer 8652HDC
HD DVR Network Attached Storage Device
                                         DVR with M-Card Interface
Board of Directors
Contributor Members
Associate Members
                        The Standard for Home
                       Entertainment Networking

• Proven technology standard.
• No interference with other devices or services already in
• Appeals to all pay TV segments.
• Works well in IPTV environment as MoCA is inherently IP
  over coax.
• More than 50M+ MoCA nodes in the field.
• More than 60 certified products.
                          Thank You!

See you at MoCA Technology Summit at Cable Congress on Friday, March 5 at 8:30

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