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									                                         Country report Germany: Prin
 Company                            Allco Heimtierbedarf                      Animonda                                  Aquarium Münster Pahlsmeier               Astra Aquaria
 General information on the         The company was founded in                Company founded in 1991 as a              The company was founded in 1926.          No info available.
 company.                           1973 and now employs 35 staff in          subsidiary of Heristo (Stockmeyer)
                                    administrative, warehouse and             AG.
                                    distribution functions.

 What products, ranges and          “Christopherus” dog and cat food.         Moist and dry food (including “Vom        Medicines and care products for           Ornamental fish food as well as
 brands are offered?                “Allco Premium” dog food, dog             Feinsten”, “Meat-O-Lini”, “Cuisine”,      ornamental fish, fish food, test kits     medicines and care products for
                                    biscuits, rodent food and horse           “Rafine”, “GranCarno” and “Fit &          and filter materials for aquariums,       aquariums and garden ponds.
                                    treats. Also “Bello & Bella Fleisch-      Cross”), treats (incl. “Snackpack”,       sealing machines for fish pouches.        Also fertilizers for aquarium plants
                                    mahlzeit”, “Tapsi Katzenmahl”             “Chicken Sticks” and “FitStrips”),                                                  and aquarium decorations.
                                    dry food, “Carat Fleischmahlzeit”         dietetic foods (“Integra Protect”) and
                                    for cats as well as “Sauberkater” cat     food for nutritionally sensitive dogs
                                    litter, straw litter, koi and pond fish   and cats (“Integra Sensitive” and
                                    food and food fish food.                  “Integra Sensitive Snack”).
 How do you sell your products      Importers and wholesalers.                Exclusive importers in the                Importers                                 Importers
 abroad?                                                                      individual countries.

 What products are manufactured     No info available                         All products are developed in-house       Medical and care products for             The complete range.
 in-house?                                                                    or in the group’s own development         ornamental fish.
                                                                              laboratories and manufactured
                                                                              predominantly in own factories.
 Do you also market wholesale       No                                        “Hikari” pond and ornamental fish         No                                        No info available
 articles? If so, which?                                                      food, also “Kaytee” bird, small
                                                                              animal and reptile food programme.
 To which countries do you export   Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Slove-     Western and eastern Europe, Japan,        Globally to over 30 countries.            Austria, Switzerland, Spain,
 and what proportion of overall     nia, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia,      Korea and Hong Kong. The export                                                     Portugal, Denmark and Finland.
 sales do exports account for?      Lithuania, Finland, Denmark and           quota is approx. 21 per cent.
                                    Spain. The export quota is 10 per cent.
 What services are offered to       Flyers and signs in language of           Promotions, sales aids, shelf decora-     Sales aids, training seminars,            Multi-language packaging,
 international retail partners?     country concerned and multi-              tion, presentation aids, retailer trai-   information material, support             brochures in the local language,
                                    language declarations and packa-          ning, nutritional advice, educatio-       in exhibition appearances and             participation in fairs and training
                                    ging texts.                               nal info material for retailers, info     give-aways.                               seminars.
                                                                              brochures for consumers.
 Contact for international retail   Jörg Lefers,                              Dr. S. Radicke,                           Mark Pahlsmeier,                          Rudolf Küpper,
 partners.                          Tel. +49/42 33/93 20-0,                   Tel. +49/541/7 70 76 13,                  Tel. +49/25 04/93 04-12,                  Tel. +49/541/95 11 00,
                                    E-mail          E-mail            E-mail                                    E-mail

 Company                            Dibo-Tierkost                             Dohse Aquaristik                          Eheim Aquaristik                          Elit-o-pet
 General information on the         The company was founded in 1988.          The company was founded in                Estab. 1949, now employs approx.          Established 1991, specialised in
 company.                                                                     1949 and now employs 35 staff.            300 people in three production            the distribution of exclusive pet
                                                                                                                        plants in Germany.                        products. Currently employs six

 What products, ranges and          Frozen meat, dry treats and cans.         Aquarium, terrarium and pond              The group has the brands “Eheim”,         Leads and collars as well as
 brands are offered?                                                          ranges under “Hobby” and “Dupla”          “MP” and “Jäger” offering a range         cushions, beds and dog apparel.
                                                                              brands.                                   of technical aquarium equipment:          Also products from Minowear,
                                                                                                                        external/internal filters, pumps,         Suzy´s, Denzinger, M4, Suchtrupp,
                                                                                                                        filter media, accessories, aquarium       Pet Trends and Urban Hund.
                                                                                                                        heaters, aquarium combinations
                                                                                                                        and sets, terrariums and shop
 How do you sell your products      Wholesalers or importers.                 Wholesale                                 Importers and own branches.               In Austria via sales agents and in
 abroad?                                                                                                                                                          direct distribution worldwide.

 What products are manufactured     All products are produced in-house.       Europe – exclusive distribution for       100 per cent in-house developments,       Leads and collars of Swedish elk
 in-house?                                                                    “Cyclop-Eeze”.                            80 per cent manufactured in-house.        leather.

 Do you also market wholesale       No info available                         No info available                         No                                        Beds, cushions and dog apparel.
 articles? If so, which?
 To which countries do you export   Benelux, Denmark and Austria.             Global distribution. The export           Distribution to approx. 65 countries,     Chiefly Austria, Switzerland and
 and what proportion of overall                                               quota is 50 per cent.                     principally to EU countries, USA;         Luxembourg.
 sales do exports account for?                                                                                          Japan and Russia. The export quota
                                                                                                                        is 65 per cent.
 What services are offered to       Complete service, individually as         Sales promotion measures and              Retailer catalogues, brochures,           Sales aids and training seminars,
 international retail partners?     required.                                 training.                                 packaging and operating instructions      info material, up to exclusive rights.
                                                                                                                        in local language, also training
 Contact for international retail   Remi Selbach,                             Eva Antras,                               Robert Moll,                              Gerd Worster,
 partners.                          Tel. +49/21 74/78 70-5,                   Tel. +49/22 25/94 15-19,                  Tel. +49/71 53/70 02 01                   Tel. +49/631/3 11 11 93,
                                    E-mail                  E-mail                                    E-mail              E-mail

88                                                                                                                                                              PET in Europe 5-6/2006
cipal companies at a glance
 Bewital                                      Back to Nature Aquaristik                   CD Vet Naturprodukte                         Dennerle                                                
 The company was founded in 1963 and          Established 1998, the company now           Founded 1999, the company has eleven         The company has three sites in Germany.
 has its own in-house laboratory and a        employs four staff.                         employees and eleven field sales staff.      It was established in 1966 and employs
 fleet of 50 vehicles ranging from 0.8 to                                                                                              around 160 people.
 30 t. Warehouse with capacity of approx.
 10 000 pallets.
 Dog food “Belcando” (premium),               “Back-to-Nature” back walls, installation   “Apotheke der Natur”: natural food           The brands “Dennerle” and “Rondex”
 “Bewi Dog” (full range), “Dogland”           sets (incl. back wall and biofilter for     supplements, care products and special       cover three product families: aquarium
 (basic range) and “Anivital” (food           home installation) and complete sets        preparations for dogs, cats, birds,          plants, aquarium products and pond
 supplement).                                 (incl. aquarium, back wall, biofilter,      rodents, reptiles, horses, aquariums and     products.
 Cat food: “Leonardo” (premium)               cover, designer cabinet etc)                working animals.
 “Bewi Cat” and “Anivital”.
 Ferret food: “Fernando”.

 Own branches in France, Italy and the        The back walls are dispatched directly to   Switzerland: Subsidiary TAS GmbH;            Both using own field sales team and
 Holland as well as importers globally.       Germany and Austria, complete sets to       Austria: own field sales service             wholesalers (importers).
                                              all over Europe.                            Other countries: distribution partners
 Dry food for dogs, cats and ferrets, food    Biofilter, covers, gravel screens,          The majority of the products are             No info available
 supplement for dogs and cats and puppy       decorative plinths and edge protection.     manufactured in-house.
 milk for dogs.

 Textile collections and accessory articles   “Back-to-Nature” back walls.                No info available                            Specialist books from various publishing
 (food bins/boxes).                                                                                                                    houses.

 The products are exported throughout         Throughout Europe – the export quota is     Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg,            Exports to approx. 15 countries
 the EU as well as to 30 third countries.     approx. 5 per cent.                         Holland, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Spain
 Export quota approx. 40 per cent.                                                        and Japan. The export quota is approx.
                                                                                          15 per cent with an upward trend.
 Brochures and sales support in local         Sales aids                                  Training, seminars, telephone support,       House fairs, training, POS materials in
 language, product samples, fair support,                                                 cdVet info system, info material (also in    local language, events, country-specific
 websites and online training in local                                                    English).                                    sales campaigns and info days.

 Michael Hoves,                               H. Miller,                                  Clemens Dingmann,                            Claude Etienne Kröll,
 Tel. +49/28 62/5 81 47,                      Tel. +49/50 43/9 80 37,                     Tel. +49/59 01/97 96-0,                      Tel. +49/174/9 67 61 58,
 E-mail                   E-mail              E-mail                     E-mail

 Elmato                                       Erbacher                                    Flexi-Bogdahn International                  H. von Gimborn                                                          
 Founded 1989, the company now                Estab. 1941. The company celebrates its     The company was founded in 1973              The company was founded in 1855 and
 employs 16 staff. It also has premises       65th anniversary this year.                 and now employs roughly 200 people           now has 290 employees all over Europe.
 covering 6 000 m2.                                                                       worldwide. According to the company
                                                                                          it is the world market leader in the
                                                                                          manufacture of retractable leads.
 Over 500 articles manufactured in-house,     “Josera Emotion” super-premium dry          “Flexi” retractable dog leads.               Pastes, tablets, cat litter, care and
 such as rabbit hutches, kennels,             complete food for dogs comprising                                                        hygiene products for dogs, cats, small
 small animal housing, bird play areas,       varieties “Family”, “Kids”, “Festival”,                                                  animals (“Gimborn”, “Gimpet”, “Biokat’s”,
 cat scratching boards etc.                   “SensiPlus”, “High Energy” and                                                           “Eurokat’s” and “Super Carino”).

 Shipped from factory in Germany.             Independent importers.                      Wholesale partners                           Own branches in the Czech Republic,
                                                                                                                                       Italy, Russia, Hungary. Other European
                                                                                                                                       countries are supplied by importers.
 All                                          All dry food is produced in-house.          All products produced in-house.              Tablets and pastes in Emmerich along
                                                                                                                                       with cat litter in Kelheim and complete
 None                                         No                                          No                                           Cat litter and dry cat food.

 Austria, Spain and Switzerland.              Italy, Denmark, France, Greece, Finland,    Export to over 50 countries. The export      To over 20 countries, including
                                              Norway, Portugal and Poland.                quota accounts for over 90 per cent of       subsidiaries, and also to Russia, Taiwan,
                                                                                          overall sales.                               Hong Kong etc.

 Catalogues and brochure material.            Info and advertising material, training     Presentation systems plus info and           House fairs, sales promotions, seminars
                                              seminars and specialist further training.   advertising material for the retail trade,   and info material.
                                                                                          participation in international fairs and
                                                                                          house fairs. Website in eight languages.
 Eduard Mayr,                                 Brigitte Sauer,                             Tel. +49/45 32/40 44-0,                      Sonja Bätz,
 Tel. +49/82 76/51 89 10,                     Tel. +49/93 71/94 01 59,                    E-mail                        Tel. +49/28 22/9 64-0,
 E-mail                       E-mail                                                            E-mail

   PET in Europe 5-6/2006                                                                                                                                                          89
                                            Country report Germany: Prin
 Company                   Aquarium Glaser                             Grau                                          Peter Hoch                                   Hunter Hunde- und Reitsportartikel
 General information       Estab.1984, now employs 30 staff and        Estab. 1987, company now employs              Estab. 1976, the company has 25 em-          Estab. 1980 by Rolf Trautwein, approx.
 on the company.           is regarded as one of the biggest           25 staff, including six field sales staff,    ployees and two buildings covering over      120 employees in production, dispatch
                           importers and exporters of live             and has specialized in healthy                5 000 m2 (2 000 m2 animal accommo-           and admin. Departments. Over 6 000
                           freshwater fish in Europe.                  nutrition.                                    dation, 400 m2 office, 1 500 m2 shelving     products offered.
                                                                                                                     and 1 300 m2 packing warehouse).
 What products,             Over 1 000 varieties and sizes of          Medicinal herb mixtures for optimizing        Live animals (reptiles, amphibians,          Accessories for dog, cat and horse (leads,
 ranges and brands         ornamental fish from virtually all          the metabolism: “Hokamix 30” for dogs,        invertebrates), food insects, frozen food    collars, harnesses, beds, care products).
 are offered?              tropical countries in Africa, Asia and      “Catmix 35” for cats, “Horsemix 50” for       (rodents, chicks), terrarium accessories,    Also hunting, training, transport and
                           South America. Also German and              horses, “Vopamix” for birds, “Nagermix”       pumps, filters, controlled heaters,          travel articles, plus “Hunter” and
                           European breeding.                          for small animals and “Duvamix” for           lighting and specialist literature.          “Hunter Smart” brand clothing.
                                                                       doves. Also “Golden Animal Care”
                                                                       shampoos and food supplements for
                                                                       dogs and cats, “grau-Spezial” complete
                                                                       foods for dogs and cats (wet and dry) and
                                                                       food stands and bowls of stainless steel.
 How do you sell           Exports by air freight to importers all     Importers                                     Local distributors.                          Own subsidiaries, wholesalers, agents
 your products             over the world.                                                                                                                        and importers.

 What products are         All livestock is settled in under           All                                           Own brand “Lucky Reptile”:                   The majority of the range derives from
 manufactured              continuous monitoring by an in-house                                                      manufactured to own specifications in        in-house production. A small proportion
 in-house?                 fish vet and acclimatized to aquarium                                                     selected factories. Product development      is manufactured exclusively for Hunter
                           conditions.                                                                               in-house.                                    by partner firms.

 Do you also market        No info available                           No                                            Ranges and brands from ZooMed,               No info. available
 wholesale articles?                                                                                                 T-Rex, HerbaMed, Eden, Arcadia, Nek-
 If so, which?                                                                                                       ton, NTV, Mergus, BeDe, Herpeton,
                                                                                                                     Ulmer, Kosmos, Kirschner & Seufer etc.
 To which countries        To all European countries and also          Exports worldwide, exports account for        USA, Japan, France, Denmark, Benelux,        Globally. The export quota is approx.
 do you export and         Russia, Asia, North and South America       approx. 20 per cent of overall sales.         Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland,         60 per cent.
 what proportion of        as well as Australia and New Zealand.                                                     Sweden, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy,
 overall sales do          The export quota is approx. 50 per cent.                                                  Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Ireland.
 exports account for?

 What services are         House fair (14-16 May 2006). New            Sales aids, training seminars and info        House fair, training, English-language       Participation in trade and house fairs,
 offered to interna-       products presented regularly on the         material.                                     homepage, animal posters to download,        sales aids, shopfitting, local training
 tional retail             website. Information on keeping and                                                       retailer area with price lists, current      seminars, advertising materials,
 partners?                 looking after ornamental fish.                                                            product data and catalogues for              catalogues and brochures along with
                                                                                                                     downloading, packaging in several            CDs.
                                                                                                                     languages for “Lucky Reptile” brand.
 Contact for interna-      Roman Neunkirchen,                    Wolfgang Mooshage,                                  Jürgen Hoch,                                 Nadine Trautwein,
 tional retail partners.   Tel. +49/61 06/69 01-22,              Tel. +49/28 74/91 42-0,                             Tel. +49/76 81/40 32-0,                      Tel. +49/52 02/9 10 60,
                           E-mail E-mail                     E-mail             E-mail

 Company                   Albert Kerbl                                M4                                            Patento Pet                                  Paulchen Heimtierbedarf
 General information       Estab. 1984, now employs roughly 200        Following a start-up phase as a               Founded 2001under the name Dog               Estab. 1977, the company now has
 on the company.           staff. The company has specialized in       department of Hammer Sport, M4 was            Control, the company now employs             50 employees.
                           the production and wholesaling of pet       established in 2004. It currently employs     ten staff. It has specialized in the
                           accessories along with articles for         five staff and seven field sales              development, production and
                           stockbreeding, agricultural use, fencing    employees.                                    distribution of patented products for
                           and horse and rider.                                                                      the pet business.
 What products,            “MaxiPet” pet requisites, “EuroHorseLine”   Dog and cat accessories in the premium        Collars, leads, harnesses, free hand         Accessories and treats for dogs and cats,
 ranges and brands         for horse and rider, “AKO” and              segment, with the brands “Schnuffel           leads and cat grass, brands “Dog             plus the brands “Kong”, “Dynavet”,
 are offered               “EuroGuard” for fencing technology and      Wuffel”, “More4dogs”, “More4cats” and         Control” and “Green Island”.                 “Affixe”, “Exner”, “Petguard”, “Kaufit”
                           “EuroFarm” for stockbreeding and            “Emporium”. Great emphasis is placed                                                       and “Walky-line”.
                           agricultural requirements.                  on design, quality and function.
 How do you sell           Importers and four company locations,       Importers, mostly leading importers in        Wholesale partners                           Importers or direct distribution.
 your products             including subsidiaries in France and        their country.
 abroad?                   Austria.
 What products are         Production in-house or under licence:       Many of the products are developed            All products manufactured in-house.          Treats for dogs, yoghurt for dogs and
 manufactured              “Friscostar” grooming range, electric       in-house and protected by patents.                                                         cats, dog beds and clothing as well as
 in-house?                 fencing units and accessories, food         Production takes place predominantly                                                       mattresses.
                           troughs and other plastic articles.         in the Far East, but using high-grade
                                                                       foamed material from Germany.
 Do you also market        No info available                           Only own products.                            No info available.                           No info available
 wholesale articles?
 If so, which?
 To which countries        Globally, exports account for 50 per        Export to over ten countries. The export      Virtually worldwide.                         Europe and Asia. The export quota is
 do you export and         cent.                                       quota is over 40 per cent. Currently                                                       approx. 30 per cent.
 what proportion of                                                    working on acquisition in Eastern
 overall sales do                                                      Europe and Holland.
 exports account for?
 What services are         Individual shop in shop concepts, range     Extensive advertising aids, staff training,   Info material, sales training seminars,      Sales aids, training, exclusivity
 offered to interna-       catalogues, variety of PoS material, info   sales documentation and product               PoS displays, participation in house fairs   agreements, on-site consultancy,
 tional retail             brochures, training concepts, house         displays.                                     and product sponsoring.                      shopfitting, displays and advertising
 partners?                 fairs.                                                                                                                                 material.
 Contact for interna-      Günther Nußbaumer,                          Michael Fries,                                Tzanis Fountoulakis,                         Boris Kley,
 tional retail partners.   E-mail                        Tel. +49/731/1 84 76 11,                      Tel. +49/52 65/946-100,                      Tel. +49/52 37/96 95-0,
                                                                       E-mail                       E-mail                   E-mail

90                                                                                                                                                                PET in Europe 5-6/2006
cipal companies at a glance
 IPH Group Pet Nutrition                          JBL                                               JR FARM GmbH                                    Karlie Heimtierbedarf                                                                             
 IPH Group Pet Nutrition was estab. in 1989.      Founded 1960, the company now employs             Estab. 2001, around 100 people are              The company was founded in 1976 and now
 Integrated company Dr. Clauder founded as        150 people.                                       employed in the company, 90 of them             has 160 employees.
 long ago as 1957.                                                                                  in production.

 Food, complementary food and care                Products for freshwater and marine                Premium rodent and bird food,                   More than 5 000 innovative products:
 products for dogs, cats, birds, small animals,   aquariums, for terrariums and for the             reptile/fish/dog/cat food, also private label   Accessories for dogs, cats, rodents, birds
 horses plus ornamental and pond fish with        garden pond.                                      production.                                     and fish, Karlie label / private label
 the “Best Choice”, “Dr. Clauder”, “Hakito”,
 “Prima-Food” and Litina brands.

 In part through subsidiaries.                    Wholesale trade in France, importers in all       Importers                                       Own sales force in and around Germany
                                                  other countries as well as own field sales                                                        (A, F, NL, I) only business to business (B2B)
                                                  team in Germany, Austria, France, Great                                                           export department
                                                  Britain and Holland.
 Food, complementary food, care products          All food, care products, remedies and water       All products produced in-house, the majority    Leather products, collars, harnesses and
 for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, fish and   tests.                                            even from the company’s own fields.             leashes made of nylon and art leather,
 horses.                                                                                                                                            scratching posts, cushions and beds for pets,
                                                                                                                                                    grooming items, transportation and security
                                                                                                                                                    items for pets, pet toys, aquatic decoration
                                                                                                                                                    items, accessories for rodents, promotional
                                                                                                                                                    items and private label products.
 No info available                                No, no longer.                                    None                                            Accessories for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and

 55 countries on all continents.                  Includes France, Austria, Holland, Italy, Great   Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland, Spain,   More than 60 countries worldwide.
                                                  Britain, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,         Hungary, Scandinavia, Latvia, Singapore,        Exports account for over 60 per cent.
                                                  Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland,    Japan, Belgium and England. The export
                                                  Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden,          quota is approx. 6 per cent.
                                                  Greece, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore and
                                                  Luxembourg. Exports account for 50 per cent.
 Sales aids, training, info material and          Fair participation, sales aids such as advice     Info material in several languages and          Catalogues, fairs, consulting and modular
 merchandising articles.                          booklets, stickers, shelves, seminars, agent      sales aids.                                     solutions.
                                                  training seminars, Internet, info brochures
                                                  on new products, displays and product

 Malte Hübers,                                    Dirk Thomsen,                                     Herta Ruisinger,                                Export Department,
 Tel. +49/28 56/90 93-0,                          Tel. +49/62 36/41 80-23,                          Tel. +49/82 76/51 99 50,                        Tel. +49/29 57/77-0,
 E-mail                         E-mail                       E-mail                        E-mail

 Pfiff Reitsport Gisela Pfitzner                  J. Rettenmaier & Söhne                            Rondo Food                                      Schulze-Heimtierbedarf                                                                  No info available                     
 The wholesale and manufacturing business         The company, founded in 1877, employs 1           Founded in 1994, now employs 155 staff          The family firm was established in 1984 and
 was established in 1975 and has 85               100 people in twelve production plants in         at two production sites in Krefeld and          now employs 28 people. It is regarded as an
 employees. It covers the import and export       Germany, Finland and the USA.                     Halle/Saale and is certified as complying       importer of innovative, high-quality pet
 of equestrian products, pet food and treats                                                        with IFS/BRC.                                   products.
 from India.

 Equestrian products (full range), chew           Pet litter brands “Chipsi” and “Pet’s Dream”,     Dog, cat and rodent treats, premium dry         Feline & Canine Porta, Proformance, CMI,
 products (pressed and knotted chew bones),       cat litter brands “Cat’s Best” and “Cat’s         dog and cat food and complete food for          Pet King, Drinkwell, Buddy Bowl, Go-Frr,
 dried snacks (e.g. rumen, liver, lungs, heart,   Dream” and horse bedding straw brand              small animals.                                  Cat Nap, Nutrident, Extreme Classic, Yip Yap,
 ears, pharynx , rissoles and shashlik.           “TierWohl”                                                                                        Pit r´ Pat, Sniffer´s, Panic Mouse, Spielangeln,
                                                                                                                                                    West Paw, Doggles, Jolly Pet´s, Smart Cat etc.
 Importers, pet food wholesalers, agency          Own sales offices in France, Poland and           Direct and importers.                           Importers
 network in Europe and agents.                    Benelux. Otherwise sold via local importers
                                                  and wholesalers.
 Equestrian products (horse blankets, saddle      All                                               All treat products. The dry food products are   Dental Sticks, Feline & Canine Porta 21 and
 blankets, advertising articles, tack cabinets                                                      only packed in Krefeld.                         Porta Holistic.
 and metal stable fittings) as well as pet food
 products from the company’s own
 production facilities in India.
 “Pfiff” and “JS” products, also various          No                                                No info available                               Eukanuba, Animonda, Dacapo, Chipsi and
 branded goods in the equestrian segment.                                                                                                           Öko Cats.

 45 countries worldwide. Exports account for      All countries in Europe, plus Asia and the        England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain,   France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg,
 roughly 20 per cent of overall sales.            Middle East. Exports account for roughly          Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia and USA. The      Spain, Romania, Great Britain, Finland,
                                                  35 per cent.                                      export quota is approx. 23 per cent.            Denmark, Italy, Russia, Poland, Croatia and

 Seminars, visits to over 15 trade fairs          PoS support, product websites, brochures,         Private label production.                       Free sales aids, fair support, advertising cost
 worldwide, catalogues in German and              dealer hotline, fair appearances, field sales                                                     subsidy and free samples.
 English, speciality trade training seminars      visits and training seminars.
 and monthly newsletter to customers.
 Klaus Geuecke,                                   Gerhard Auer,                                     Thilo Kühne,                                    Dirk Schulze,
 Tel. +49/29 03/97 87-0,                          Tel. +49/79 67/15 21 48                           Tel. +49/21 51/44 12-0,                         Tel. +49/57 31/76 31 14,
 E-mail                  E-mail:                      E-mail         E-mail

   PET in Europe 5-6/2006                                                                                                                                                                              91
Country report Germany: Principal companies at a glance
 Company                            Stolzenberg                              Suchtrupp                              Supra-Cell                              Theiling
 Website                            No info available                                       
 General information on the         The company was an offshoot of the       The company was founded in 2003.       Specializes in the niche market for     Estab. 1974, the company has
 company.                           Edmund Mann firm, was set up in                                                 homeopathic remedies for pets. The      remained in the ownership of
                                    1956 and employs ten staff.                                                     company employs five staff and          Dieter Theiling up to the present.
                                    Specializes in live animals and                                                 celebrates its 20th anniversary this
                                    requisites for these.                                                           year.
 What products, ranges and          Aquariums, terrariums, rodents,          Fashion accessories, such as           Homeopathic combined treatments,        Planning and execution of high-
 brands are offered?                birds, reptiles, books, pond acces-      designer dog collars, leads and        Bach flower mixes and Schüssler salt    grade fittings for the pet and
                                    sories, food, cages and pet requisites   harnesses. Soon also cushions and      solutions.                              garden speciality trade. Aquariums
                                    from companies including Eheim,          cosmetics.                                                                     and aquarium designer furniture
                                    Tetra, Dohse, Zoomed, Euro Zoo,                                                                                         also marketed.
                                    KDA, Eden, GU and Mergus.
 How do you sell your products      Direct                                   Importers                              Via importers and wholesale             Company itself and importers.
 abroad?                                                                     (export through Elit-O-Pet)            partners in Germany.
 What products are manufactured     Terrarium and aquarium                   All products are manufactured in-      All products manufactured in-house.     In-house production only
 in-house?                          accessories plus various books.          house.
 Do you also market wholesale       Eheim, Tetra , Zoomed, Dohse,            No                                     No                                      No
 articles? If so, which?            20 publishing houses with books
                                    and posters, packagings of all kinds
                                    and seasonal articles (e.g. garden
 To which countries do you export   Holland, Italy and Austria.              Switzerland, Austria and               Singapore and Hong Kong among           Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France,
 and what proportion of overall                                              Liechtenstein. The export quota is     others. Exports account for roughly     Spain, Dubai, Great Britain and
 sales do exports account for?                                               roughly 30 per cent.                   five per cent.                          Greece.
 What services are offered to       No info available                        Info material, sales aids and sales    Training seminars and info              Info material, training seminars, fair
 international retail partners?                                              promotional material.                  material.                               support and planning support.
 Contact for international retail   Olaf Stolzenberg,                        Marion Semrau,                         Christine Schell,                       Frauke Steffen,
 partners.                          Tel. +49/21 66/18 55 11,                 Tel. +49/89/95 47 43 30,               Tel. +49/72 22/3 15 07,                 Tel. +49/54 22/36 84,
                                    E-mail               E-mail             E-mail              E-mail:

 Company                            Trixie Heimtierbedarf                    Tyburski Euro-Aquaristik               Vetyl-Chemie                            WH-PetProducts
 Website                                                            No info available             
 General information on the         Estab. in 1974, the company              Estab. 2004, employs roughly 20        The company was founded back in         Established 2002, now has eight
 company.                           supplies around 5 000 products and       staff and has a warehouse and          1952.                                   employees. Has had its own
                                    employs roughly 190 people. It has       production area of 3 500 m2.                                                   packaging business since 2005.
                                    20 000 m2 of warehousing, with
                                    space for around 24 000 pallets.
 What products, ranges and          Own brands are “ProCare”,                Aquarium sets and combinations,        Pet grooming products and pet           Chew products light and ostrich
 brands are offered?                “InStyle”, “Natural Living”, “Natura”,   lighting and accessories for           medicines as well as vermin             and venison bakery products,
                                    “DentAfun”, “Friends on Tour”,           aquariums and terrariums plus          preparations and plant protection       together with nibble ears light.
                                    “Tbag”, “Tcamp”, “Dog on Tour”,          accessories.                           products.                               Exclusive distribution of “Novapet”
                                    “Safety Light”, “DreamLand”,                                                                                            chew products made from
                                    “DreamWorld”, “Paradise”,                                                                                               Argentinian Angus bull.
                                    “AquaPro” “TerraPro”, “Tcoat”,
                                    “FreeCat”, “Cat’s Dream”, “Cat
                                    Protect”, “Happy Treats” and
                                    “Pro Fit”.
 How do you sell your products      Distribution partners and                Wholesalers and direct distribution.   Importers and wholesalers.              Importers
 abroad?                            wholesalers
 What products are manufactured     Many exclusive products, such as         80 per cent of all products are        All products.                           Mini ostrich sausages, mini venison
 in-house?                          plastic articles and treats.             manufactured in-house.                                                         sausages, ostrich and venison
                                                                                                                                                            sausage XXL, ostrich and venison
                                                                                                                                                            Stickies bakery products and ostrich
                                                                                                                                                            Taler bakery goods.
 Do you also market wholesale       Yes, including Flexi and Bolfo.          No, but import goods.                  No                                      No info available.
 articles? If so, which?
 To which countries do you export   Export to 51 countries. All countries    Throughout Europe and abroad.          Europe and Asia.                        Scandinavia, Benelux, Austria and
 and what proportion of overall     in Europe, also America, Asia,           Exports account for approx. 40 per                                             Switzerland.
 sales do exports account for?      Australia and Africa.                    cent of overall sales.
 What services are offered to       House fair, international fairs,         Catalogues, personal service and       Sales aids, training, info material     Individually coordinated support.
 international retail partners?     monthly offers, flyers and               employee training seminars.            etc.
                                    international catalogues in
                                    English/Danish and French/Italian.
 Contact for international retail   Volker Haak,                             Christian Tyburski,                    Hans-Jürgen Braun,                      Anna Holzner (Salzburg),
 partners.                          Tel. +49/46 38/21 09-100,                Tel. +49/23 64/50 88 50,               Tel. +49/68 25/4 40 71,                 Tel. +43/662/454373,
                                    E-mail            E-mail         E-mail               E-mail

92                                                                                                                                                        PET in Europe 5-6/2006

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