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Published in “dei” 1-2/2001                                                             Press Report

Apple and Citrus fibres with distinct water           As everybody knows the good swelling
binding capacity                                      properties of fibres influence the water balance
                                                      in the stomach and intestine.
Healthy with a Full Flavour                           Amongst others they delay the emptying of the
                                                      stomach thus providing a longer feeling of
It is possible to produce foods with the              saturation. The water binding positively effects
fruit fibres Herbacel AQ Plus which                   the stool volume and the peristalsis. Hard stools
completely meet the demands of the                    and constipation and the risk of diverticulosis
consumer regarding flavour and                        can be prevented. Furthermore the high water
consistency as well as in regard to                   binding capacity reduces the energy density of
ingredients. Its special attraction is the            foods which on the other hand may be used for
                                                      positively influencing overweight because of the
combination of different positive effects:
                                                      prolonged saturation feeling.
the better evaluation because of its
nutrition physiological effects, the                  The swelling properties, water binding capacity,
declaration as a healthy ingredient and               viscosity or gel formation decisively influence the
various technological functions.                      rheological properties of food. The technological
                                                      importance of the Herbacel-AQ-Plus fruit fibres
                                                      is that they
Fruit fibres are ingredients for fibre enrichment.
The colour and flavours of the fruit itself limited   ·   contribute to the juiciness or freshness of
their application so far. The situation with the          the products,
apple and citrus fibres Herbacel AQ Plus              ·   reduce the energy density of products as
presents itself in a different way. By improving          they are a low-calorie ingredient,
the production process they have lost nearly all      ·   contribute to the stabilisation with increased
their flavour. They can now be used in products           viscosity or improved structure.
in which classical fruit fibres could so far not be
used for organoleptic reasons. Herbafood
Ingredients GmbH offers fibres which have             Suitable for calorie-reduced food
interesting nutrition physiological and process
technological properties because of the partial       Because of the above-mentioned reasons fruit
break up of the natural cell wall building            fibres are an excellent ingredient in calorie-
components cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin.       reduced food. Because of their neutral behaviour
This includes good swelling properties, a high        one does not have to cut back on familiar
and stable water binding of the fibres as well as     sensory and structural properties as is the case
a high fibre content of about 90%. The powder         with for example edible bran. Possible
fruit fibres are cold swelling and thus disperse      applications are the reduction of the fat content
easily. The very high water binding capacity          in meat products, fat replacement in desserts
effects a thermo-, shear- and pressure stable         and ice cream or replacement of starch in cereal
increase in viscosity within aqueous systems.         products, sauces or snack products.
The nutrition physiological aspects are also

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Published in “dei” 1-2/2001                                                              Press Report

Then one can do without adding other stabilising      Moreover the risk of burning the proteins or the
additives to ice cream, quark preparations,           starch during grilling is minimised, and the
sauces or dressings.                                  development of a bitter flavour may also be
The cold swelling properties, the high water          prevented.
binding and the low part of usable carbohydrates      The fruit fibres Herbacel AQ Plus are also very
predestines the Herbacel AQ Plus fruit fibres         suitable in the production of fruit preparations for
especially for instant products with a saturating     sour milk products or fillings. Their fibrous
effect.                                               framework enhances the fruity character and
Compared to classical fruit fibres they have also     gives the final products a better mouth-feel. The
a soft consistency.                                   use of modified starch, xanthan or locust bean
                                                      gum for adjusting the viscosity is no longer
                                                      necessary. Because of the development of a
No Problems because of Syneresis
                                                      pulp-like consistency and not a three-dimensional
                                                      gel the fruit preparation does not have to be
Another field of application for fruit fibres are     sheared in production. It can be easily and
products which have problems with phase               homogeneously brought into the yoghurt or quark
separation especially syneresis. The fibres are       mass. The fillings can be sprayed without
easily stirred in, they quickly absorb liquids        problem. The fibres improve the baking stability
without forming lumps, building-up a viscous,         and reduce a soaking of the products.
structured consistency.
                                                      The neutral fruit fibres can also be applied in
Due to the partially remaining cell wall structures   products with a high soluble solids content - e.g.
products are created which remind us of               bread, baked products, pasta and extrudates. In
traditionally thickened food. The stable build-       bread, sponge cake and biscuits the fibres have
up in viscosity and structure compared to             - next to an efficient fibre enrichment - the effect
shearing, the high temperatures and the high          of stabilising the dough resp. the mass during
pressure increase the process safety. Loss in         processing and prolonging the freshness and
viscosity, e.g. caused by a too long warm-            juiciness. The juiciness is a result of a distinct
keeping or shearing - something which is              water binding capacity. Moreover, the crumb will
possible with starch - does not take place.           have a far better structure which can be explained
                                                      by the fibrous structure of Herbacel AQ Plus.
Therefore the fruit fibres are very good as an
ingredient for ketchup or sauces on the basis         Sales and Technical Service
of tomato puree. Here the natural structure will      Herbafood Ingredients GmbH
be enhanced by the components of the cell wall.
The same applies for soups; their consistency
should remind us of home-cooked products, a
fact which is generally achieved by long cooking
times, a high share of vegetables or by passing
the vegetables through a sieve. The fruit fibres
can also be used in the production of marinades,
which are usually bound with starch or proteins.
This has the following advantages: The fibres
will lead to a calorie reduction.

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