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					                           Preferred Training Solutions, Inc.
                              resume for Mary Hunsaker Gable

B.S., Computer Science, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Va. Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA, Computer Science

General Experience
Over twenty-two years experience designing, developing, and managing database systems,
managing personnel, and developing and delivering Oracle education programs. Specializing in
Oracle and it's related tools since 1986 (RDBMS versions 4,5,6,7,8,8i,9i,10g,11g; PL/SQL version
1,2,8,9,10; Oracle Forms (SQL*Forms) versions 1,2,3,4,4.5,5,6i,9i;10g SQL*Plus versions
1,2,3,8,9,10; SQL*Report, Oracle Reports (SQL*Reportwriter) versions 1,2,2.5,3,6i,9i,10g; Oracle
Discoverer 3,4i,9i,10g, APEX (Application Express), iSQLPlus, SQL Developer, Oracle Enterprise
Manager; SQL*Menu; SQL*Calc; Pro*C; Pro*PL/I; Oracle Graphics; SQL*Loader;
Oracle*Terminal; Oracle Procedure Builder; Oracle Designer(/2000); Oracle Developer(/2000),
Oracle Portal). Founder and president of Preferred Training Solutions, Inc., a database consulting
company specializing in Oracle education, database administration, applications development,
and design. Currently provide part-time database administration and application development
support both on- and off-site. Current duties include development of technical curriculum and
course material, primary instructor and program manager for Preferred Training Solutions, Inc.
and, previously, at MILCOM System Corporation. As MILCOM's Information Technology director,
duties included database administration, design and development of large scale Oracle
accounting and financial systems, manager of all analyst/programmers, consultants and
instructors, and also director of MILCOM's Educational Services division. Founder and current
board member of Hampton Roads Oracle User Group (HROUG). Published, authored and
delivered Oracle technical presentations at various state, regional, and international Oracle user
group conferences such as HROUG, ECO, VOUG, IOUG Live, SEOUC, and ITech.

Specialized Experience
1993 - pres.    Preferred Training Solutions, Inc.                                Owner, CEO
                Specialties include Oracle education, database administration, application and
                system development, and database design. Developed an extensive curriculum
                of Oracle educational training courses which are presented internationally in
                addition to unique boot camps which develop complete skill sets. Conduct online
                instructor-led courses for international training firm using Interwise, Centrex,
                Web-X as well as other proprietary online delivery interface. Routinely provide
                database, application and software upgrades. Recent projects include the
                design, development, and implementation of a reporting system for Oracle
                Financials 11i A/R using Oracle Discoverer. Completed upgrade of 5 data
                warehouses hosted by UNIX systems running HP-UX from Oracle version 8 to
                9.2 and later to 10.2. Other past projects include a database design and
                conversion effort which consisted of a fully designed and converted Oracle
                system for client's customers and products. The application was developed using
                Oracle Reports and Oracle Forms.           Oracle programming standards and
                application GUI standards were also developed and a security plan was
                developed and implemented. Designed and converted a large system consisting
                of DOD project status reporting for contracts, contractors, subcontractors,
                programs, and program managers in Pro*FORTRAN into Oracle’s PL/SQL stored

                               Preferred Training Solutions, Inc.
                                          1153 Cordova Ct.
                                     Va. Beach, VA 23456-4239
                                          (757) 721 - 6655
                         Preferred Training Solutions, Inc.
                            resume for Mary Hunsaker Gable

Specialized Experience (cont.)
              packages, functions, and procedures which take full advantage of Oracle’s ability
              to share and re-use code. The entire effort was conducted off-site, thus saving
              the client thousands of dollars in travel expenses and time. Also using Oracle’s
              PL/SQL language, developed a customer address exchange system for National
              Geographic Society which is a fully-automated download utility used to count and
              retrieve customer information to facilitate the exchange of data with other non-
              profit organizations. Responsible for remote database administration duties for a
              major television network and also a major health care organization. Both
              database administration support and custom applications maintenance is
              provided on a continuous basis, mostly off-site. Client list includes IBM, The Walt
              Disney Company, Hewlett-Packard, Northrop Grumman, Fannie Mae, FEMA,
              Raytheon, America Online, Global Knowledge, Dell Computer, AutoZone, ABC
              Family, CP Films, Solutia, US Steel, US Navy, FedEx, Alltel, Highmark Blue
              Cross/Blue Shield, Merill Lynch, Kaiser Permanente, Ameritech, MCI Worldcom,
              Blue Cross/Blue Shield, GE Corporate Research & Development, Caterpillar, Inc.,
              GE Aircraft Engines, CASE Corp., Allen-Bradley Co., Environmental Protection
              Agency, State of Florida, Carolina Power & Light, Hallmark, Rocco, McDonald’s,
              Value Behavioral Health, Fuller Co., Unifi, Inc., Headway Technology Corporation,
              State of Rhode Island, and Virginia Department of Agriculture.

1989 - 1993   MILCOM Systems Corp.                                              Director, IT
              System manager of corporate computer systems utilizing VMS and UNIX, and
              Database Administrator of MILCOM's Oracle RDBMS. Supervised, interviewed
              and recommended for hire, scheduled projects, approved timecards, prepared
              personnel evaluations and recommended salary increases for division of
              analyst/programmers and computer operator. Responsible for development,
              implementation, and maintenance of MILCOM's corporate computer system
              which houses all accounting and corporate financial data. Modules include
              payroll, personnel, job cost, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable,
              commitments, general ledger, inventory, travel - customized for MILCOM using
              Oracle and Oracle tools and written entirely by MILCOM’s programming team.
              Directly responsible for database security and performance, disk utilization,
              backup procedures and all other database administration functions resulting in a
              highly available system. Responsible for recommendation, installation and
              implementation of all new hardware and software as well as upgrades to existing
              hardware and software.

1989 - 1993   MILCOM Systems Corp.                Director, Educational Services Division
              Responsible for all marketing, advertising, scheduling and sales for Oracle
              education and consulting as well as participating in and managing course
              development and actual class instruction. Managed all phases of project
              including development and implementation of the original marketing plan, all
              advertising, marketing materials and schedules, course curriculum, development
              of course material, software and hardware purchases, scheduling of courses,
              locations and instructors, and on-site training projects and consulting services
              which require cost estimates and contract negotiations. Developed database
              system to maintain student enrollment, customer billing, course curriculum, dates

                             Preferred Training Solutions, Inc.
                                        1153 Cordova Ct.
                                   Va. Beach, VA 23456-4239
                                        (757) 721 - 6655
                         Preferred Training Solutions, Inc.
                            resume for Mary Hunsaker Gable

Specialized Experience (cont.)
              and locations of all classes. Taught over 1800 hours of Oracle courses during
              this period.

1988 - 1989   PROSOFT, Inc.                                             Software Engineer
              Designed, developed and documented Oracle applications. Specifically worked
              on a personnel system and assisted with various Oracle projects.

1986 - 1988   MILCOM Systems Corp.                                  Assistant IT Director
              Assistant to IT Director for all duties (mentioned above). Responsible for creation
              and maintenance of all user accounts on corporate computer system. Instructed
              users on procedures for operating system, database, spreadsheet and automated
              accounting system. Worked on a two or three member team designing and
              developing MILCOM's complete accounting and financial system in Oracle
              (approximately 80% of MILCOM’s accounting system was developed during this
              period). Created utility programs and command files to increase productivity of
              users. Responsible for troubleshooting all problems with software, hardware and
              communication devices. Posted, reported, and transmitted all payroll data prior to
              the implementation of MILCOM's in-house payroll system.

1986          Norfolk Technical Vocational Center                                   Instructor
              Conducted classes on fundamental computer concepts for the adult night school

1985 - 1986   COMPTEK Research, Inc.                                  Analyst/Programmer
              Provided office analysis and mock-up support for test and debug of Forced Track
              Alignment (FTA) Engineering Design Model (EDM) in a real-time environment.
              Programmed in CMS-2Y for Naval Tactical Defense Systems (NTDS) program
              testing on AN/UYK-7 and developed NTDS documentation.

1983 - 1985   Old Dominion University                                   Computer Operator
              Operated DECsystem-10 using TOPS10, NAS 6651 using MVS-JES2, IBM 4341-
              11 OS/VS, and IBM 4381-11 VM using MUSIC and CMS. Used VTAM
              telecommunication network and Gandalf data switches. Solved programming,
              hardware and telecommunication problems and acted as liaison between
              students and Computer Center. Operated computer hardware and peripherals of
              all systems in large scale, dynamic environment.

                             Preferred Training Solutions, Inc.
                                        1153 Cordova Ct.
                                   Va. Beach, VA 23456-4239
                                        (757) 721 - 6655