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WHY CHOOSE THE                                                   FINANCIAL
YMCA?                                                           ASSISTANCE
OUR MISSION                                            The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA has a belief in the
The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA is a charitable              equality of opportunity for all members of the
organization that promotes the development of          community - regardless of age, race, sex, religion
spirit, mind and body by encouraging healthy           or economic circumstance. Through YMCA
lifestyles, personal growth and service to the         Sponsorship, the camp experience is available to
community.                                             families regardless of their ability to pay full camp
                                                       fees. Contact the Membership Sales & Service
WHAT YMCA CAMPS MEAN TO PARENTS:                       Desk for more information.
As the leading provider in both camping and child      WHO CAN APPLY? Eligibility for sponsorship is
care in Canada, we have provided quality learning      determined by family income and size. You may
environments to children for over 40 years.            also be eligible to apply if you have unique or
                                                       special circumstances.
Our staff are well-trained, imaginative, committed
and caring. That means you as a parent, can feel       SPONSORSHIP IS MADE POSSIBLE BY
comfortable and secure about bringing your
children to the YMCA Summer Camps.                     THE STRONG KIDS CAMPAIGN
YMCA Summer Camps are places for Fun,                  The YMCA ensures that no one is turned away
Friendship and Adventure.                              because of inability to pay. Funds raised in the
                                                       campaign have helped people in our community
They’re places where young people from 4 to 16         who may otherwise not have been able to take part
can learn, explore and expand their creativity and     in YMCA programs and memberships.
develop skills while having a good time and being...
themselves.                                            HOW CAN YOU HELP?
                                                       By making a donation, you are making an
This is a place where campers learn sports and         investment in the life of a child, a family and our
other recreational activities and play in a friendly   community.            Donate         online      @
and fair environment. Traditional camp activities,, by phone, email or in
crafts, songs and games are a part of your child’s     person at the Membership Sales & Service desk.

Whether campers are shooting hoops, sailing,
exploring the community or getting in touch with
their creative side,

YMCA camps are a place for sharing, caring and


                      Responsibility                   WHEN OUR CHILDREN THRIVE, OUR
                                   Inclusiveness       FUTURE IS BRIGHT!
Sault Ste. Marie YMCA 235 McNabb Street         Sault Ste. Marie, ON    P6B 1Y3                   Page 2
 HOW TO REGISTER                                       ⇒ Post dated cheques will NOT be accepted.
                                                       ⇒ A 10% discount will be applied to additional
                                                         campers from the same family.
 Registration begins February 1, 2011 at 12:00am       ⇒ Changes     may be made to a Camper’s
                                                         Registration (i.e. switching camps) however, a
                Register online at Y-Online! Follow
                                                         $20 service fee will be applied for each change.
                 the link at
                                                       ⇒ Camp fees for children up to 12 may be tax
 VISIT                                                   deductible, please keep your receipts. A fee of
                                                         $5 per receipt may be charged for re-issued
 your Sault Ste. Marie YMCA for in-person
 registration.   Register early to  avoid
 disappointment.                                       ⇒ The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA reserves the right to
                                                         combine, postpone or cancel any programs
 DOWNLOAD                                                with insufficient registration. Full refunds will be
 a registration package, at
 Complete      the    package       and    email
                                                       CANCELLATION POLICY or fax it to the YMCA at
 949.3344. A Membership Sales & Service Staff          ⇒ Cancellations received in writing 7 days prior to
 Member will contact you via phone to complete the       the start of camp are eligible for a full refund
 process and accept payment of Visa or                   less a $20 Service Charge.
 MasterCard.                                           ⇒ There will be no refund for cancellations
 •   Emailed and faxed registrations must be sent in     received after this time unless accompanied by
     at least 48 hours prior to the start of camp;       a medical certificate.
     registrations are not finalized until a           ⇒ A full credit will be issued if a medical
     confirmation call is received from a member of      certificate is given prior to 5 pm on the day
     the Membership Sales & Service Team.                before camp begins.
                                                       ⇒ Refunds/credits will not be granted if a camper
 BECOME A MEMBER AND SAVE!                               is withdrawn from the camp after it has begun
 Save up to 25% when you become a member.                or if the camper is sent home for misconduct.
 Members have access to many ’Member Included’         ⇒ Verbal cancellations will not be processed.
 programs and enjoy full facility access. For more
 details contact the Membership Sales & Service        AM & PM EXTENDED CARE
 Desk.                                                 The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA Day Camps run from
                                                       9:00am - 4:00pm. We are pleased to offer AM
 REGISTRATION POLICY                                   Extended Care (7:30 - 9:00am) and PM Extended
 ⇒ Registration is on a first-come, first–served       Care (4:00 - 5:30pm) free of charge.
 ⇒ In-person registration is from 7:30am - 9:30pm
   Monday to Friday / 8:00am - 7:00pm Saturday /
   12:00pm - 7:00pm Sunday.
 ⇒ Online registration starts at 12:00am on
   February 1st and is available 24/7 thereafter.
 ⇒ Full payment is required at the time of online
 ⇒ All cheques require a valid Visa or MasterCard
   for backup.
 ⇒ All refunds are subject to a service charge.
 ⇒ All return payments are subject to a $20 service

Page 3          Tel (705)949.3133 Fax (705) 949.3344 Email
“Everyone has the right to feel safe and be safe at     When a child does not follow the standards of
YMCA Camps.          With this right comes the          behaviour guidelines, we take the following steps:
responsibility to respect all of the people involved    1. Staff directs the child to more appropriate
in Day Camps and to take pride in making Day               behaviour.
Camps a positive place.
                                                        2. The child is reminded of the behaviour guidelines
All Sault Ste. Marie YMCA Day Camp participants            and rules, and a discussion will take place.
are encouraged to:
                                                        3. If the behaviour persists, a parent is notified of
⇒ Demonstrate the YMCA core values of honesty,             the problem.
   caring,    respect,      responsibility      and
   inclusiveness;                                       4. The staff documents the situation.
⇒ Respect and comply with all YMCA Day Camp             5. Staff schedules a progress check or a follow-up
   Policies and Procedures;                                conference.
⇒ Respect differences in people, their ideas, and       6. Staff notifies the Day Camp Manager.
   opinions;                                            7. If the problem still persists, staff schedules a
⇒ Show proper care and regard for the natural              conference that includes the parent, child, staff,
   world, camp property and the property of                and the Day Camp Manager.
   others;                                              8. If a child’s behaviour at any time threatens the
⇒ Not inflict or encourage others to inflict bodily        immediate safety of anyone, the parent is notified
   harm on others;                                         and instructed to pick up the child immediately.
                                                        If a problem persists & a child continues to disrupt
⇒ Take appropriate measures to help those in
                                                        the program, the Sault Ste. Marie YMCA reserves
   need and if necessary seek staff assistance to
                                                        the right to suspend the child from the program.
   resolve conflict peacefully;
⇒ Respect persons who are in a position of              CAMP STAFF
   leadership;                                          Your child is in great hands! The Sault Ste. Marie
⇒ Respect and comply with all applicable federal,       YMCA understands and recognizes the impact of a
   provincial and municipal laws.                       quality camp experience on the development of a
                                                        child. Each staff member is carefully selected for
DAY CAMP WEBSITE                                        their leadership skills and genuine interest in
                                                        working with children of all backgrounds and
Visit us online at for a complete     abilities as well as their ability to act as role models
registration package as well as a link to our           to the campers entrusted to their care.
Y-Online! registration site.
                                                        This group of caring staff includes university,
                                                        college and high school students supported by
WE ARE INCLUSIVE!                                       YMCA Fulltime Program Staff and Managers. Our
The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA is inclusive to all people.   staff provide quality care and direction in camp
If your child requires special attention, please        activities, arts and crafts, cooperative games,
inform us, so we can provide a positive camp            environmental education, and other special events
experience. Please refer to Medical/Behaviour           and activities geared to your child’s age group and
forms/Consent information on page 5.                    camp.
                                                        Our pre-camp and on-going staff training and
DAILY THEMES                                            meetings focus on providing the skills and
                                                        knowledge necessary to ensure that YMCA camps
Each day, the camps will feature a different theme.     are safe, fun and well supervised including risk
Crafts, games, activities and events will follow the    management, special needs and behaviour
theme for the day.                                      management. All full-time staff members have
                                                        completed the Sault Ste. Marie YMCA Day Camp
                                                        Training Program which includes Healthy Child
                                                        Development, Safety and Emergency Training, and
                                                        Standard First Aid and CPR.

Sault Ste. Marie YMCA 235 McNabb Street          Sault Ste. Marie, ON     P6B 1Y3                     Page 4
 To arrange for a late arrival - after 9:10 am or an
                                                          □   Completed Forms with 2 small non-returnable
 early pick up - before 4:00 pm - please call our Day
                                                              photos *
 Camp Manager at camps at 705.949.3133.
                                                          □ Backpack or Bag - plastic not recommended
 ADMINISTER                                               □ Water bottle
 Parents that register via email, fax, phone or online    □ Appropriate outdoor clothing (snow clothing)
 must pick up the necessary documents or
                                                          □ Medication (if needed) **
 download      them      from    our    website     at All forms must be fully               □ Allergen Aware! Nutritious lunch and snacks for
 completed and delivered to the YMCA or sent via              morning and afternoon
 email or fax no later than 5 days before your child is
 scheduled to attend camps. This provides the             □ Swim suit , towel and goggles (if needed)
 counselors an opportunity to review any medical/         □ Appropriate indoor footwear
 behaviour concerns, food allergies or custody
 issues regarding the camper.                             * Forms are available at the Sault Ste. Marie YMCA
                                                             Membership Sales & Service Desk or may be
 LUNCH/SNACKS                                                downloaded       from     our     website     at
 Campers are required to bring a nutritious allergen All forms must be
 aware lunch, two healthy snacks and plenty of cool          completed with your child’s name written on the
 drinks each day. Lunch and snacks can also be               back of the photos and submitted at least 5
 purchased at the Coffee Corner.                             days before your child is scheduled to attend
 Note: Microwaves are not available to heat up
 lunches.                                                 ** Please notify your counselor if your child is
 LUNCH PROGRAM                                               taking any medication.
 A lunch service is offered through The Coffee
 Corner for YMCA camps – parents can order a
 lunch for their camper. Please direct your orders
 and questions directly to The Coffee Corner.
 Lunches can be ordered in the morning or you can
 purchase a Coffee Corner Tab for the week.
 ⇒ “Wheeled Bottom” shoes are not allowed at
 ⇒ All  toys,   valuables, I-Pods,   jewelry,
   skateboards, cell phones and Game-Boys
   should remain at home

 Camper’s belongings should be labeled. The Sault
 Ste. Marie YMCA will not be responsible for any lost
 or stolen articles.

 YMCA Day Camps may involve outdoor time. To
 ensure every child can fully participate in all
 outdoor and indoor activities, campers must bring
 suitable clothing for all types of weather.

Page 5          Tel (705)949.3133 Fax (705) 949.3344 Email
Activities include indoor team sports and games in our gym and active spaces at the Y. Compete in our Mini
Olympic Races and Events and win a gold medal for yourself. The day also includes related crafts and
Head out on our fun Jungle Quest of adventurous activities with your team of explorers. Navigate a jungle
obstacle course, rescue a supplies parcel, play jungle ball, and test your skill with the other jungle hazards.
Test your Spy-Q and challenge yourself in our spy and savvy Sleuth activities throughout the day. Get ready
to get active in our 007 Bond Training Camp, solve the puzzles during “game play”, and graduate a Spy at
the end of the day.
Venture back to the Wild, Wild West during today’s fun: A Sports & Games Rodeo, Western Town Arcade
complete with ropin’, ridin’ and painin’ for gold. Make a Crazy Western “keepsake”, along the way.
Join us for a day of summer camp fun with sports and games, camp craft, skit making and pool contests,
our popular indoor campfire complete with electric fire adds to the fun.

Don’t need a full week of care, register for as many as you like!

our March ADVENTURE Camp or March CHALLENGE Camp are designed for you and your child. You can
register for one or more of these days and can pay the daily rate for each day that you need camp
MARCH ADVENTURE CAMP                                        MARCH CHALLENGE CAMP
Ages 4 - 8                                                  Ages 9 - 12
Adventure awaits campers daily at this activity             Daily challenges and activities fill each day of
filled day camp. Each day has activities that fit into      camp. Campers participate in daily theme
that days special theme, along with daily activities        activities and use the gym, Activity Centre and
like craft time, sports and games, swim time, and           other multi use areas in the Y. Each day includes
time in our popular sport and activity centre and           swim time, craft or related activity, sports and
multi purpose rooms. Caring, trained staff will             games. Staff are experienced with working with
work with campers daily to provide them with a              campers to provide an enjoyable, safe experience
great day experience of fun events.                         while at the YMCA.

                                             DAILY RATES

MEMBER                                $26.00                                 $23.40

PUBLIC                                $34.00                                 $30.60

Sault Ste. Marie YMCA 235 McNabb Street             Sault Ste. Marie, ON   P6B 1Y3                   Page 6
         4 - 8 YEAR OLD                                         9 - 12 YEAR OLD
              CAMPS                                                  CAMPS
 JUNIOR SPORTS CAMP                                         SENIOR SPORTS & ACTIVITY CAMP
 A great full-week camp of activities for our sports        This active full week camp includes: participation
 minded or interested young participants. Campers           in a variety of sports and games, challenges, fun-
 participate in a variety of sports and activities that     filled contests, craft activities and a daily swim as
 fit into the daily theme days listed on page 6.            well as the Camp Daily Themes listed on page 6. A
 Junior Sports Camp includes: sports and games              great camp for forging friendships in a sporty
 and a daily swim time. All activities and spaces are       atmosphere.
 supervised and age appropriate. Come join in the
 fun and make some new friends.
 This full week fun filled camp provides campers
 with a movement based program of basic jazz and
 hip hop dance and creative movement in the
 Aerobic Studio and basic gymnastics fun in the
 Activity Centre. Daily activities also fit into the
 daily theme days listed on page 6.

 Camp includes craft time, game play and daily
 swim time. Campers will share their dances at our
 campfire on Friday.
 A super fun-filled week camp for those who like to
 discover, create, explore and play. Supervised fun
 for all and a great opportunity to make new
                                                            FULL WEEK CAMP NOTES
 Campers participate in a variety of games,                 Our full week camps are offered at a rate less than
 science and discovery fun, plus the activities             our 5 day daily rates of the March Adventure /
 listed in our Daily Camp themes on page 6. A daily         Challenge Camp, see the fee schedule below.
 swim adds to each day.
                                                            Daily swim included for all camps.

                                           WEEKLY RATES

 MEMBER                               $120.00                                $108.00

 PUBLIC                               $160.00                                $144.00

Page 7           Tel (705)949.3133 Fax (705) 949.3344 Email

   SUMMER 2011

The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA respects your privacy. We protect your personal information and adhere to all
legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy. We do not rent, sell or trade our mailing lists.
The information you provide will be used to deliver services and to keep you informed and up to date on the
activities of the Sault Ste. Marie YMCA. These activities include programs, services, special events, funding
needs, opportunities to volunteer, open houses and more, through periodic contacts. If, at any time, you
wish to be removed from any of these contacts, simply contact us by phone at 705-949-3133 or via email at and we will gladly accommodate your request.

235 McNabb Street Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 1Y3 Tel:(705) 949.3133 Fax:(705) 949.3344
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