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									                            RETINA FOUNDATION OF THE SOUTHWEST
                                                                       I NSIGHT N EWSLETTER                                        SPRING 2006

The Boone Pickens Foundation
                                                                                            selected to the NFC
Presents Racing for Sight 2006                                                              1993 Pro Bowl team
                                                                                            and a key member of
      Daryl Johnston Honorary Chair                                                         three Cowboys
    Mark your calendar now for the 9th Annual                                               Superbowl winning
Racing for Sight, presented by The Boone                                                    teams (‘93, ‘94, ‘96).
Pickens Foundation, A Communities                                                           Currently Daryl is a
Foundation of Texas Fund, on Sunday, April                                                  popular member of
23rd at Lone Star Park. This year's event promis-                                           the FOX Broadcast
es to be better than ever with several incredible                                           team, partnering with
live auction items including: Flying in a MIG jet,                                          Dick Stockton on NFL          Daryl Johnston
an original oil painting by Ann Cushing Gantz, a                                            games.
round of golf with Pat Summerall, a wine refrig-                                                Our event sponsors to date include: PRE-
erator stocked with 50 bottles of fine wine,                                                SENTING SPONSOR:The Boone Pickens
ownership of a timeshare at Lake Texoma, a                                                  Foundation, A Communities Foundation of
week-long fishing trip to Alaska’s Rapids Camp                                              Texas Fund; PLACE YOUR BET: Mary R.
Lodge, box seats to a Dallas Cowboys game plus                                              Silverthorne; WIN: Dorothy and Tom
a pre-game visit to the Broadcast Booth - just to                                           Anderson; PLACE: Dallas Fan Fares. Inc., Hunt
name a few.                                                                                 Consolidated, Nancy and Steve Rogers; SHOW:
    Festivities begin at 1:00 p.m. with cocktails                                           Alcon Foundation, Mead Johnson Nutritionals,
and canapés. There will be a luncheon buffet                                                Sally and Ralph "Red Dog" Jones, and Sharif
from 1-4 p.m. and the races will begin at 1:35                                              Munir Uncustomary Custom Homes; WIN-
p.m. sharp. We will have a wonderful selection                                              NER'S CIRCLE: Bobbi and Richard Massman,
of silent auction items that will make everyone                                             Thompson and Knight Foundation; JOCKEY
happy.                                                                                      CLUB: Ben E. Keith Beers, Faye and Oliver
    Daryl Johnston, nicknamed “Moose” by                                                    Gould, Ginger and Doug Simmons, and Sherry
former teammate Babe Laufenberg, will serve as                                              and Rand Spencer.
Honorary Chair. He was the first fullback                                                       We hope to see you at the Races!
                                                                                                           You are invited to a
Award-winning author, Gail                     Speedway Charities Grant
Greenberg, believes that living                Award...................................p4      Foundation Fighting Blindness Support
with RP is much, much
easier if you look at it with a                KwanzaaFest Vision
                                                                                                          Group Meeting
sense of humor. In this article,               Screening.............................p5
                                                                                                     “An Update on RP Research”
she shares with us some
humorous anecdotes...........p2                The eyeGENE                                             by David G. Birch, Ph.D.
Two major gifts received for                                                                                   1:00 p.m.
Macular Degeneration.........p3                Vision Research                                                April 8, 2006
Three new board members                                                                          Retina Foundation of the Southwest
join Retina Foundation..........3              Trustees                                              9900 N. Central Expressway
Amblyopia - the most common                                                                                   Suite 400
cause of childhood vision
loss......................................p4                                                Please reply                          214-363-3911
                                                                                            by April 7               rfsw@retinafoundation.org
On the Light Side of my Life with RP
        Living with retinitis pigmentosa, I have    questions.
learned it is important to maintain your sense of       "Are you
humor. Here's an example: I've always had trou-     married?"
ble seeing in the dark. When I was in college and       "Yes."
guys asked me to dance, my friends and I had a          "He blind too?"
system. Since I couldn't tell if the men were           "No."
speaking to me, my friends kicked me from               "And he married
underneath the table.                               you? Must be a
    "Ouch!" I squealed. While rubbing my calf, I    saint."
told the guy, "I have night blindness. Could you        "Do you have
please hold my hand and bring me back to the        children?"
table after we're finished dancing?" Most men           "Yes. A daugh-           Author Gail Greenbery
obliged. On the dance floor, I often heard the      ter."
man shout, "Hey, you're facing the wrong way.           "She blind too?"
I'm over here!"                                         "No. She's adopted."
    As my RP worsened, I've had difficulty              "Thank God. Good luck."
recognizing people. I once attended a meeting           I've had other bizarre experiences including
where people talked to me, and I had no idea        some with doctors who should know better. I've
who they were. I felt too embarrassed to admit      had physicians treat me like a guinea pig for RP
that I couldn't see them and ask their names.       or a scientific curiosity. For example, a doctor
People tell me all the time that because I wear     once said, "I only read one paragraph about
glasses they assume I can see. Now when I go to     retinitis pigmentosa in a textbook. I've never
meetings, I hold out my hand first and introduce    seen a live person with the disease. You made
myself.                                             my day. Can I shine my light inside your eyes?
    A problem arises when a person doesn't          It will only take a minute. How many fingers do
inform me that he or she is walking away and        I have up?"
I'm left talking to the wall. This happened             "12?"
recently in a store when I went shopping with a         "How about if I move closer?"
friend. She moved on to different racks and I           Living with a progressive eye disease such as
kept talking. I even responded to people on cell    RP is extremely challenging. Maintaining a sense
phones and said a word or two to mannequins.        of humor keeps it from being overwhelming as
    I'm surprised by how many people don't          scientists search for a cure.
know what a white cane is for. I was using my
cane in a store when a young child asked me
                                                         Gail Greenberg, MBA, is a freelance writer and public
what it was.
                                                    relations specialist. She also writes children and adult fiction
    His mother blurted, "Oh, you know, it's like    and nonfiction. Her publication credits include Love's Journey,
Grandma has for her foot."                          A Collage of the China Adoption Experience, Jack and Jill,
    Her son tried to take it away from me. "Can I   Wee Ones Magazine, Dogs in the News, The Houston
have it?"                                           Chronicle, Jewish Herald-Voice, and Houston Business
    "No. I'm blind. This helps me get around." I    Journal. Ms. Greenberg has received many writing awards,
turned and walked in the other direction.           the most recent of which was for her children's picture book
    I heard his mother remark, "I could have        manuscript, No Pig's Brain Soup, Please! She is a member of
                                                    the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators,
sworn it was for her foot."                         Manuscriptor's Guild, Scriptwriters/Houston, Families with
    Another time, while standing in a checkout      Children from China-Houston, and Delta Sigma Pi Alumni
line, an elderly woman asked me what my cane        Association. Ms. Greenberg resides in Houston with her
was for. I let her try it. She asked many           husband and daughter.
2006 Spring Newsletter 2
           Two Major Gifts Received for Macular Degeneration
    Martha Proctor Mack has given a gift to the        Caroline Rose Hunt has given a gift to the
Endowment Fund in memory of her parents,           Retina Foundation for research in age-related
Carl and Cressie Proctor. “I am so pleased to be   macular degeneration.
giving this gift in honor of                           Mrs. Hunt graduated from The Hockaday
my Mother and Father. I                            School and The University of Texas at Austin. She
have macular degeneration                          is the Honorary Chairman of Rosewood Hotels &
and want to help find a                            Resorts and is founder and Chairman of the
cure.” Mrs. Mack said                                                    Board of Lady Primrose's
    Income from Mrs.                                                     Royal Bathing & Skin
Mack’s gift will be used for                                             Luxuries. Mrs. Hunt was
macular degeneration                                                     inducted into the Junior
research. Age-related                                                    Achievement Dallas
macular degeneration                                                     Business Hall of Fame in
continues to be the number        Martha Mack                            2002 and the Texas Business
one cause of vision loss among Seniors in the                            Hall of Fame in 1999. A ded-
US. Currently there is no cure and treatment                             icated volunteer, Mrs. Hunt
options remain limited.                                                  has received many awards
    Mrs. Mack was born and raised in Dallas.             Caroline Hunt   for her community service,
She graduated from Woodrow Wilson High             including the Spirit of Generations Award of The
School and SMU where she met her husband,          Senior Source and the Alexis de Tocqueville
Louis W. Mack, Jr. The Macks have three            Award of the United Way of Dallas.
Three New Board Members Join the Retina Foundation
    The Retina Foundation welcomes three new Board members: Mr. Louis
Grabowsky, Mrs. Susan Lebowitz and Mr. Mickey Munir.
    Mr. Grabowsky is the Dallas Office Managing Partner of the accounting
firm of Grant Thornton and has over 30 years of business experience. He is
currently a member of the City of Dallas Jobs Task Force
Initiative, the Salesmanship Club of Dallas, the United Way
of Dallas, and the Dallas Citizens Council. In addition Mr.
Grabowsky is on the Board of the Dallas Summer Musicals,
Greater Dallas Chamber, North Texas Food Bank, the
Women's Museum, and the YMCA of Dallas.
    Mrs. Lebowitz is a wife, mother, grandmother and                                   Louis Grabowsky
dedicated community volunteer. She currently serves on
the Friends Committee of the Dallas Arboretum, the
Women's Council of the Dallas Arboretum, the Women's
Auxiliary of the Salvation Army, Nexus Auxiliary, Friends of
the Historical Village at Old City Park, the Dallas
                                                                Susan Lebowitz
Symphony Orchestral League, the Dallas Museum of Art
League, and the Women's Board of the Dallas Opera.
    Mr. Munir is Corporate President and Chief Executive Officer of Sharif &
Munir Uncustomary Custom Homes. He is a licensed architect and licensed
interior designer. Mr. Munir is a member of the Greater Dallas Home Builders
Association, National Home Builders Association and American Institute of
Architects, as well as serving the community as a board member of the North
Texas Division of the National Kidney Foundation.                                       Mickey Munir

                                                                                 2006 Spring Newsletter 3
Amblyopia - the most common cause of childhood vision loss
    Amblyopia is one of the most serious and             long-term vision outcomes.
most common threats to a child's vision. Also                While much has been learned about treating
known as "lazy eye," amblyopia is reduced vision         amblyopia, much remains to be done. Current
- uncorrectable with glasses - in an eye that has        treatments include eye patches to cover the
not received adequate use during infancy or              normal eye, atropine drops to blur vision in the
early childhood. There is no visible anatomical          normal eye, or Bangerter filters to blur the vision
defect. Amblyopia has many causes. Most often it         in the normal eye.
results from either a misalignment of a child's
eyes, such as crossed eyes (strabismus), or a
difference in image quality between the two eyes
(anisometropia), a cataract, or a corneal scar.
Amblyopia can also result from eyelid
abnormalities, including ptosis (droopy lid) and
hemangioma (elevated red lesion on the lid). In
all cases, one eye becomes stronger as the brain
ignores the image from the other eye. If
amblyopia is not detected and treated during
early childhood, the vision loss becomes
    Amblyopia beginning in childhood and left
untreated is the most common cause of                        All of these treatments can improve the
permanent monocular (one eye) visual                     child's vision, but it is unknown which treatment
impairment among young and middle-aged                   is best. We also don't know how many hours per
adults. According to a recent study at St. Louis         day of patching are best or whether the
University Medical School, amblyopic adults              treatment should be stopped as soon as vision
report that amblyopia reduced self-esteem,               improves or whether the child should be weaned
interfered with their school work, affected their        slowly from treatment.
play of sports, and influenced their job choice.             Scientists in the Morchower Pediatric
Recent studies from the University of Iowa               Research Laboratory are conducting research
Medical School, Johns Hopkins University School          studies in collaboration with local pediatric
of Medicine, and the University of Bristol all           ophthalmologists to develop better intervention
showed that detection and close monitoring of            protocols for the prevention and treatment of
treatment by age 3 years is associated with better       amblyopia in infants and preschool children.
                                Speedway Children's
                                Charities Awards Grant for             Tom Thumb Reward Card
                                Special Needs Children
                                                                     Thanks to Tom Thumb’s Good
                                    The Pediatric Laboratory at
                                                                      Neighbor Program, you can
                                the Retina Foundation received a
                                                                    donate to the Retina Foundation
                                grant of $6,000 from Speedway
                                Children's Charities for our           when you shop. Ask your
                                Vision Evaluation Program for         checker to add our number,
                                Special Needs Infants and             #1018, to your Reward Card.
                                Children. This grant will provide
                                approximately 38 free visual           Thank you for your support!
Dr. Eileen Birch accepts
                                exams for special needs infants
Speedway Children’s Charities
Award.                          and children.
2006 Spring Newsletter 4
                                                               KwanzaaFest Vision Screening
                                                                 for Macular Degeneration
                                                                 Scientists from the Retina Foundation spon-
                                                             sored a vision screening at KwanzaaFest at Fair
                                                             Park on December 10-11. This community out-
                                                             reach project was designed to raise public
                                                             awareness about age-related macular degenera-
                                                             tion and other eye diseases by providing vision
                                                             screenings and informational materials to atten-
                                                             dees. Over 1,000 people were screened at this
                                                             year's fair.
                                                                 The KwanzaaFest Celebration, now in its
                                                             15th year, attracts thousands of local, regional
  Dr. Yi-Zhong Wang and Elaine Wilson welcome Commissioner
          John Wiley Price to their booth at KwanzaaFest.
                                                             and national participants, vendors and sponsors.

The eyeGENE Network                     including the parent center at
                                        the NEI. Other member
  Southwest Eye Registry a              research centers include Boston
      charter member                    Children's Hospital, Kellogg
                                        Eye Center at the University of
The National Eye Institute              Michigan, and Moran Eye
(NEI) and vision research com-          Center at the University of
munity have joined forces to            Utah.
establish the National Eye                  “Participating as one of the
Disease Genotyping Network              centers in the eyeGENE                         Dianna Wheaton

and Resource (eyeGENE). The             Network is a valuable opportu-       treatments and also help identi-
purpose of the Network is to            nity to enhance access of            fy those who are most likely to
"facilitate research on the dis-        patients and clinicians to diag-     benefit from them. The
covery of the genetic causes of         nostic genetics for ophthalmic       Network will also identify
ocular diseases by developing           diseases,” said Dianna               patients interested in participat-
public and professional aware-          Wheaton, Director of the             ing in future therapeutic clinical
ness of the value of diagnostic         Southwest Eye Registry. The          trials to treat or prevent genetic
genetics for ophthalmic medical         Network will include a coordi-       eye diseases.
care."                                  nating center, a centralized             Over the past 15 years, near-
    The Southwest Eye Registry          repository for blood/DNA/cell        ly 500 genes that contribute to
at the Retina Foundation is one         lines, several clinical diagnostic   inherited eye diseases have
of the founding members of the          laboratories and a shared geno-      been identified. Approximately
Network. Our long-term collab-          type/phenotype database. The         160 of these involve the retina.
orative relationship with the           goal is to increase genetic          This remarkable increase in
Laboratory for Molecular                research while providing rapid,      genetic information highlights
Diagnosis of Inherited Eye              reliable, and easy access for        the significant inroads that are
Disease, directed by Dr.                medical professionals.               being made in understanding
Stephen Daiger at UT Houston            Individual laboratories will col-    the medical basis of inherited
Health Science Center, has              lect and maintain relevant           eye diseases. As a result, gene-
uniquely positioned the SER for         information in secure databases      based therapies are actively
this opportunity. Currently,            that will be available to            being pursued for genetic eye
there are eleven centers partici-       researchers to help speed the        diseases that were once consid-
pating in the eyeGENE network           progress toward developing           ered untreatable.

                                                                                       2006 Spring Newsletter 5
                               SUPPORT FOR VISION RESEARCH
                             September 1, 2005 - December 31, 2005
FOUNDERS CIRCLE - $10,000+       Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Davidson   Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Carter    Mr. Robert Granoff             Joe Don and Lena Jackson
Mrs. Caroline Rose Hunt          Mr. Ed Paramore                Dr. and Mrs. Coleman Jacobson
                                 Robert C. Wang, M.D.           Mark D. Jenkins
Mrs. Martha Proctor Mack
                                                                Ms. Carolyn W. Joyce
Mead Johnson Nutritionals        SPONSORS CLUB - $250-499       Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy
Mrs. Mary R. Silverthorne        Mrs. Shirley Alweis            Dr. Gregory F. Kozielec
                                    Anne Anderson                      Julie & David Kronick
PRESIDENTS CIRCLE - $5,000-9,999    Dr. & Mrs. George Beauchamp        Mr. & Mrs. Ralph LaRovere, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Bedford       Mr. Darel Crump                    William B. Mayfield, MD
B. B. Owen Trust                    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Davis        Effie and Tom McCullough
Speedway Children's Charities       Mr. and Mrs. John Ewing            O'Neal Distribution Company, Inc.
    TX Chapter                      Dr. & Mrs. Henry Gelender          Dr. & Mrs. William Lee Phelps
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grabowsky       Lev and Cheri Prichard
VISIONARIES CIRCLE - $2,500-4,999   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hastings       Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rogers
Mr. Philip L. Blais                 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Illes, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sakowski
Mr. Mickey Munir                    J & M Produce Sales, Inc.                                 .
                                                                       Robert S. and Martha P Sloan
Ms. Tia Tomlin                      Reid Lamb                          Ms. Jane Spencer
                                    Mrs. Mollie Lipshy                 Mr. Harold Spidle
BENEFACTORS CIRCLE-$1,000-2,499     Dr. and Mrs. Karim Nawaz           Alan M. Spiro
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd S. Bowles, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Nick Poulos           Mr. Cecil Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Birch            Mr. Stefan Spidle                  Mr. Robert J. Sukenik
Mr. and Mrs. David Carty            Cynthia Turner Ripley & Curtis     Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Swager
Miss Margaret Anne Cullum               Ripley                         Fred L. Toan
Dallas Fan Fares, Inc.              Irwin F. Sentilles, III            Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Torti
The Decherd Foundation              Dr. and Mrs. William B. Snyder     Mrs. Mollye Vilbig
                                    Drs. Richard & Elizabeth Winslow   Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ward
Cas and Anne Dunlap
The Gurvetch Foundation                                                Cathy J. Weems
                                    PARTNERS CLUB - $100-249           Dr. & Mrs. Robert Roy Whitaker
The Don & Sybil Harrington          Mr. John Altorfer                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark White
    Foundation                      Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Andrews        Dwayne & Cherie Williams
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Hutton      Anonymous                          Mrs. Heather Winters
Marc and Angela Klein               Bill and Susan Banowsky            Mr. and Mrs. John Woodson
Mrs. Elizabeth Linz                 Drs. William and Priscilla Berry   Mr. and Mrs. Willie T. Wynn
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Marek         Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Bevil
Dr. and Mrs. Charles G.             Mr. N. Edward Bottinelli           FRIENDS CLUB - up to $99
    Markward                        Jim and Cathy Cera                 Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Brotherton
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Christy       Mr. and Mrs. James Burchfield
Richard and Bobbi Massman
                                    Dr. Lori E. Coors                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Miller       Mrs. Maria Constantos Corley       Ms. Jeanne H. Crownover
Mr. G. N. Parrott                   Mr. and Mrs. Bob Crim              Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cousins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers      Ms. Carolyn Drake                  Mr. and Mrs. Jon Dahlander
Dr. and Mrs. Rand Spencer           Eldon B. Epperson                  Mr. and Mrs. Luther Day
Dr. Lyle R. Teska                   Ms. Nancy Esper                    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. DeGrasse
Tom Thumb Good Neighbor             Mr. and Mrs. Gary Estes            Ms. Jaynie Denmon
    Program                         Mr. and Mrs. Phil G. Faulkner      Mr. and Mrs. Tomasz Drewniak
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Vaiser          Dr. and Mrs. Joost Felius          Mr. and Mrs. Welden Elliott
                                    Mrs. Jimmie L. Fell                Mrs. Mary Everett
PATRONS CLUB - $500-999             Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gannon            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Everlanka
Jerry and Sandy Allison             Dr. & Mrs. Grant D. Gilliland      Mr. and Mrs. Craig Golden
Don and Barbara Barber              Drs. James and Carol Gray          Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Godwin
Brad and Angela Bowman              Robert D. Gross, M.D.              Judy and Duncan Gray
2006 Spring Newsletter 6
                                    SUPPORT FOR VISION RESEARCH
                                  September 1, 2005 - December 31, 2005
FRIENDS CLUB continued                HONORARIUMS                    Ginger & Doug Simmons
Mrs. Catherine C. Grinnan             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Anderson        By: Judy & Duncan Gray
Candace Hay                           By: Dr. & Mrs. Albert Vaiser         Dr. David R. Stager, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Hollenberg           Dorothy & Tom Anderson's             By: Drs. William & Priscilla Berry
Robert & Vickie L. Karper                 60th Wedding Anniversary             Dr. & Mrs. Albert Vaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kellam            By: Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Miller
Julia S. Kidd                                                              Dr. & Mrs. Barry Uhr
                                          Mrs. Mary R. Silverthorne        By: Dr. & Mrs. Donald P .
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Landig
Dr. Wendy Libby                       Philip J. & Rachel Blais                     Brotherman
Anton F. & Jeanette Liska             By: Mr. Philip L. Blais                  Drs. William & Priscilla Berry
Mrs. Sharon Lory                      Ms. Cathe Blais Blob                 Bob & Mary Jane Young
Mr. and Mrs. Dale McElroy             By: Mr. Philip L. Blais              By: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Davis
Milagros Melgarejo
Mrs. Linda Moats                      Charles & Anne Boggs                 MEMORIALS
Mr. Isam Munir                        By: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Davis      Mr. Greg Blais
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Murrah                                   .
                                      Dr. & Mrs. Donald P Brotherman       By: Mr. Philip L. Blais
Mr. and Mrs. John Olson               By: Drs. William & Priscilla Berry   Mrs. Wanda Brownfield
Josephine M. Oprendek                 Dr. Ronald Fellman                   By: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Davis
Mr. Robert Ralston                    By: Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Markward
Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Ramirez                                               Mrs. Nancy Spencer Coker
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Rockman             Mrs. Jacqueline Hall                 By: Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cousins
Ms. Dorothy Runk                      By: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Davis          Mr. & Mrs. Gary Estes
Mr. and Mrs. John Schatzman                                                    Dr. & Mrs. William L.
                                      Jack & Emma Lee McCracken
Harold and Betsy Simpson                                                           Hutton
                                      By: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Slaughter                                                Dr. & Mrs. William B.
                                      Billy Carl & Carlene Morton                  Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stapp
                                      By: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A.Davis
Mrs. Evelyn T. Strausman                                                   Mr. Robert Humphrey
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Carson Taylor        Ms. Elise Blais Ramey                By: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sakowski
Mrs. Lenore Thomas                    By: Mr. Philip L. Blais                  Robert & Vickie L. Karper
Mrs. Charles Thrasher                 Mrs. Louise Rose                     Ms. Clarisa Ludmir
Mrs. Forrest Tohill                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barber             By: Dr. & Mrs. William B. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. George Towns
Mr. James Townsend                    Mrs. Mary Silverthorne               Mr. Robert W. McGregor
Cuong Manh & Thuy Tri Tran            By: Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barber         By: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Davis
Jorge & Cristina Villalovos               Ms. Kaye Burkhardt
                                                                           Mr. Earl Morchower
Mrs. Helen P Wardlaw
              .                           Ms. Carolyn W. Joyce
                                                                           By: Mr. W. C. Wilkinson
Ms. Ann Wertheim                          Mr. & Mrs. Ralph LaRovere, Sr.
West Precision Machine                    Dr. Wendy Libby                  Dr. Marshall M. Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Wheat              Mrs. Evelyn T. Strausman         By: Mr. & Mrs. Bill Banowsky
W. C. Wilkinson                           Mrs. Forrest Tohill              Mrs. Mildred Underwood Pickard
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Winger             Mary Silverthorne's Birthday         By: Mr. & Mrs. Dan Murrah
Dr. and Mrs. Marc E. White            By: High Lake Birthday Club          Mrs. Louvina Wynn Reynolds
                                          Ms. Kaye Burkhardt               By: Mr. & Mrs. Willie T. Wynn
GIFTS IN KIND                             Ms. Jeanne H. Crownover
Mr. & Mrs. N. Edward Bottinelli           Mrs. Catherine C. Grinnan        Mr. Joe B. Turner, Jr.
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kellam         By: Mrs. Cathy J. Weems
MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES                   Milagros Melgarejo               Mr. Juan Vasquez
Allstate Giving Campaign                  Mrs. Linda Moats                 By: Dr. & Mrs. Albert Vaiser
Medco Health Employee                     Ms. Josephine M. Oprendek
    Giving Campaign                                                        Mr. Warren S. Williams
                                          Mrs. Evelyn T. Strausman
National Semiconductor                                                     By: Mr. & Mrs. John E. Ewing
                                          Mrs. Mollye Vilbig

                                                                                      2006 Spring Newsletter 7
                                                                                                      Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE


                                                                                                       Dallas, Texas
Retina Foundation of the Southwest                                                                    Permit No. 892

Anderson Vision Research Center
9900 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75231-3303
Address Service Requested

                                               Trustees Dinner November 10, 2005

                                         Ruth Altshuler,
                                         Joanne & Shelly

                                                                     Jim Merritt, Robert Decherd, Rand Spencer,
                                                                          Patricia Copps and Ralph Jones

    First Row: Tom and Dorothy Anderson, Jean Broughton
        Second Row: DeDe and Bob Miller, David Birch,
                Sally Hastings, and Alicia Wilder          Rand Spencer, Mickey & Michelle Munir, and Sherry Spencer

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