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 Nutrition & Health News                                                                                                   Issue 5 – May 2005

Cognis expands its world of natural choices
• Innovative products and ground-breaking science to drive market growth
The launch of the Plantalin™ range and Xangold® 10% GFB, plus the publication of
a landmark study on CLA, together endorse Cognis Nutrition & Health’s global strat-              Xangold® 10%
egy of providing customers with high quality natural-source products supported by
credible science and marketing expertise. “Around the world, consumers are seeking
                                                                                                 Gelatin-Free Beadlet
new ways to help them and their families lead healthy, active lives. Working in partnership      Cognis Nutrition & Health has
with our customers, we are developing and marketing innovative products and concepts             launched its first vegetarian lutein
designed to meet that demand now, and in the future.” says Norbert Weitkemper, Director          esters beadlet, Xangold® 10% GFB, a
Global Marketing, Cognis Nutrition & Health. Dr Ralf Zink, Director Global Technology,           natural-source eye health ingredient
concurs, adding: “Technical expertise and investment in sound scientific research are essen-     with manufacturing advantages for
tial foundation stones for successful, long-term product marketing strategies.”                  food supplement and dry food
                                                                                                    Xangold® 10% GFB natural lutein

Study confirms Tonalin® CLA                                                                      esters are gelatin-free, non-GMO, GRAS
                                                                                                 (Generally Recognized As Safe) and

helps keep off lost body fat                                                                     kosher, making Xangold® 10% GFB the
                                                                                                 beadlet of choice for the growing vege-
                                                                                                 tarian market.
                                   Launched at Vitafoods three years ago, Tonalin® CLA
                                   is now a cornerstone of the Cognis N&H portfolio. Its
                                   role in healthy body composition and weight
                                   management has recently been highlighted by the
                                   publication of the second year results of a long-term
                                   safety study in the prestigious Journal of Nutrition.
                                   The results confirm that taking Tonalin® CLA maintains
                                   decreased body fat and lean body mass levels and so
                                   also aids weight management, reducing the potential           The hallmark of the new Xangold® 10%
                                   ‘yo-yo’ effect often associated with diet plans. Produced     GFB is its first-rate stability. Cognis’ inno-
                                   through a new proprietary process that converts linoleic      vative beadlet technology produces
                                   acid from safflower oil into CLA, Tonalin® CLA provides       uniform, spherical particles designed to
                                   the highest quality of conjugated linoleic acid on the        withstand the rigours of tableting and
                                   market and is available as water-dispersible powder or        encapsulation, resulting in less overage
                                   oil, offering a broad range of options for new product        and more space in the formulation.
                                   and concept development.

                                     Plantalin™ High Quality Plant Extracts
                                     Trends analysis shows that the functional food and beverage sector continues to
                                     experience strong growth. In recognition of this market opportunity, Cognis has launched
                                     a new range of high-quality water-soluble plant extracts, specially designed to be incor-
                                     porated easily into a wide variety of foods and beverages. The Plantalin™ range offers
                                     manufacturers innovative ways to enhance the consumer appeal of products. See page 2.
Plantalin™ Launch

              Add Plantalin™ appeal to food and beverage products
              As the pace of life gets ever faster, health and convenience are among key trends driving product inno-
              vation in the food and beverage sectors. With consumers continually seeking new ways to help them
              lead healthy, active lives, the Plantalin™ range of high quality plant extracts offers new opportunities
              to capitalize on these important market trends.
                 The range is designed with several food and beverage product concepts in mind, for example: relaxing, anti-
              stress, sleep-promoting; energy-boosting, mental alertness, mood-enhancing; general well-being, restoration of
              balance and harmony; body shape and weight management. Sourced from European and Asian plants tradition-
              ally-recognized for their health-enhancing properties, Plantalin™ extracts offer a choice of energizing, calming
              or balancing qualities, to add consumer appeal to products.

              Ginseng:             A well known Asian herb, renowned for thousands of years for its rejuvenating,
                                   energy-boosting and harmony-inducing properties.

              Lemon balm:          Long considered a calming herb and widely associated with easing tension and
                                   stress, enhancing relaxation and promoting restful sleep.

              Green tea &          Rich in antioxidants and synonymous with good health and longevity,
              Green tea low        green tea may also support dieting. Green tea low caffeine offers the
              caffeine             health-enhancing properties of green tea catechins without the
                                   stimulating properties of its caffeinated counterpart.

              Guarana:             Used for centuries in its native Brazil as a natural boost for
                                   mental and physical energy.

              Aloe vera:           Increasingly popular as an internal cleanser, helping to balance gut flora
                                   and promote harmony, health and beauty from within.

              Passion flower: Popular in many parts of the world for its association with relaxing and
                                   soothing effects.

                       Market Trends:
                       ‘Nutritionally Curious’ to ‘Nutritionally Active’ consumers

                       •   According to market analysts Datamonitor, almost three-quarters of Europeans are now more
                           concerned about their health and well-being compared to a year ago. 1 Consumers are increasingly
                           well-informed and adventurous about healthy ingredients and are moving from being ‘nutritionally
                           curious’ to ‘nutritionally active’. 2 At the same time, factors such as longer working hours and
                           commuting times means greater emphasis is being placed on convenience.

                       •   Functional Functional beverage sales in Western Europe are predicted to rise to around 5,000m litres by
                           2008 – a higher growth rate than for traditional beverages.3 Healthy growth of 7-9% is forecast for
                           energy drinks over the next 5 years and sports or fitness waters are increasingly popular 3, as are unusual
                           tea varieties. 4 Beverages currently account for the majority of new launches with plant extracts.

                       •   The number of functional food consumers in major European markets is growing each year by
                           around 6-7%. 1 Sports and fitness nutrition is now a distinct food sector with a broad consumer
                           base and there is strong product innovation in the energy bar industry. 5 Healthy ingredients are
                           increasingly being added to foods such as biscuits and sweets, as well as ‘healthy image’ products
                           like dairy foods and fruit juices. 6
                                                                                                        Plantalin™ Launch

Offering excellent solubility or dispersibility, Plantalin™ extracts
are easy to use. They are designed to be readily incorporated into a
wide range of food and drink applications, from baked goods to
beverages, cereals to snack bars, milk and yogurt products to meal
replacements, and chilled desserts to confectionery. The products
are supplied as water-soluble powders, except Plantalin™ Aloe
vera which is a gel, for easy blending into aqueous media at
ambient temperatures. Since water is the only solvent used (not
alcohol) there is no solvent residue.

Consistently High Quality
Plantalin™ extracts are standardized and carefully-controlled from
raw material to final extract to ensure reproducible high quality.
The raw material is selected through specific analysis and tech-
niques and every stage of production is rigorously monitored. The      Botanicals Expertise
final product is analysed according to standard specifications for
   actives content and microbiological quality. Plantalin™ extracts    With almost a century of experience in the botanicals industry
       are subject to additional standardization control with analy-   through its Barcelona-based operation, Cognis Nutrition & Health
           sis of known natural ingredients – catechins in             also enjoys a close, collaborative relationship with experts at the
              Plantalin™ Green tea, for example.                       prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London. Dr Sybille
                                                                       Buchwald-Werner, Cognis Nutrition & Health’s Technical
                                                                       Department Manager, says: “We share Kew’s commitment to sustain-
                                                                       ability and conservation and value the input of their world-class
                                                                       team in authenticating our ingredients and testing their efficacy” .
Plantalin™ … at-a-glance                                                  She is pictured here (on the left, above) in Kew’s Princess of Wales
                                                                       Conservatory, together with Professor Monique Simmonds, Head of
                                                                       Biological Interactions at Kew.

• High-quality, water-soluble plant extracts
• Wide range of food and beverage applications
• Excellent solubility and dispersibility

• Choice of energizing, calming or balancing

• Standardized in marker substances
• Backed by application and analytical support
• Developed in response to market trends
                                                                       For a Plantalin™ information pack, or to discuss individual needs,
                                                                       please e-mail,
                                                                       tel: +49 730 313 326, fax: +49 730 313 287,
                                                                       or contact your local sales manager – an up-to-date list of
                                                                       contacts is available at
Experts Confirm Safety of Vitamin E
                                                                                           A world of natural choices
Several leading vitamin E experts, including Helmut Sies,                                  Part of the extensive product portfolio from Cognis
Maret Traber and Frank Kelly, have concluded, after a review of
clinical trial evidence, that vitamin E supplements appear safe                                          Betatene®
for most adults in amounts up to 1600 IU. Their review article                                           Natural mixed carotenoids
is published in the April issue of the American Journal of                                               Cegepal®
Clinical Nutrition (Vol. 81, No. 4, 736-745, April 2005). The full                                       Essential fatty acids in powder form
text of the article is freely available on the journal’s website.
   In the review, the authors point out that:“In the Western world,
                                                                                                         Natural mixed tocopherols
intakes of vitamins E and C are rarely low enough to cause overt
deficiency diseases. Low intakes of these antioxidant micronutri-                                        Covitol®
ents may, however, increase the risk of certain chronic diseases and                                     The power of natural-source vitamin E
accelerate several indicators of the aging process. These effects                                        Delios®
may be at least partly due to inadequate protection of tissues                                           Medium chain triglycerides
against oxidative damage from free radicals. Numerous studies                                            Plantalin™
suggest supplements of vitamin E, vitamin C, or both may                                                 High quality plant extracts
contribute, in many situations, to lowering the risk of specific
chronic diseases such as Alzheimer disease, age-related macular
                                                                                                         Tonalin® CLA
                                                                                                         Conjugated linoleic acid
degeneration, some types of cancer, cataracts, and ischemic heart
disease (IHD).”                                                                                          Vegapure®
   The experts also state: “Because of much supporting evidence,                                         Plant sterol esters
the hypothesis that antioxidant activity may help decrease the risk                                      Xangold®
of these diseases is viable, despite the fact that several clinical                                      Natural lutein esters
trials failed to find benefit.”
                                                                                           Tonalin® conjugated linoleic acid is an exclusively licensed trademark of the Cognis Group

                                                                                          1. Datamonitor, Global Consumer Trends 2004
                                                                                          2. Datamonitor, Health on-the-Go 2005
                                                                                          3. Zenith Int’l W. Europe Functional Soft Drinks 2004
                                                                                          4. Mintel Tea & Herbal Tea 2005
                                                                                          5. Frost & Sullivan Energy & Nutrition Bars 2004
                                                                                          6. Datamonitor Emerging Concepts in Food, Drink & Personal Care 2003

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