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									Wi-Fi Alliance® Update

Liam Quinn | Board of Directors

November 2010
Wi-Fi Alliance Vision

                     Wi-Fi as the center
                         of seamless
                      providing the best
                    connected experience
                       across devices,
                      market segments,
                       and geographies

Wi-Fi Alliance

• International trade association of 300+
  member companies across the
  ecosystem (operators, silicon, devices,
  software); 20+ member companies and
  two test labs in China

• Industry leader and collaboration forum,

                                             Full list of member companies at
  innovating for 10 years to meet the
  needs of a wide variety of users and
  use environments

• Enabling worldwide Wi-Fi adoption and
  inclusion in a wide array of devices
  through testing, market building, and
  regulatory programs

• Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products deliver
  advanced technology, the best user
  experience and the latest security

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™: Key enabler of
Wi-Fi adoption and proliferation

• Testing interoperability of core Wi-Fi
  protocols and the very latest security
• Supporting Wi-Fi across a range of
  products and applications with
  validations of performance, power
  management features, and coexistence
• Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ to simplify
  home user network set-up                 About 8,000 product
• Continuing innovation to support            certifications
  enterprise, home, and public access       since March 2000
  uses of Wi-Fi
• Just Launched: Wi-Fi Direct™
  certification for Wi-Fi peer-to-peer
More than half a billion Wi-Fi devices were shipped in
2009; 16% growth expected for this year

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n is today’s Wi-Fi technology

• More than 1,500 Wi-Fi                                           Wi-Fi Chipset Shipments, by Protocol
                                                                              (ABI Research, May 2010)
  Alliance product certifications
  are for devices with Wi-Fi n
  technology                                               2000

                                    Shipments (Millions)
• Majority of shipments will be
  Wi-Fi n this year: 450M+ units                           1500

  in 2010

• More than 1 billion Wi-Fi n
  shipments expected in 2012                                500

  (86% of total)
                                                              2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

                                                                    802.11n    802.11a/g   802.11g   802.11a   802.11b

                                                                                             Source: ABI Research, May 2010

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n technology is powering
virtually all Wi-Fi device types today

           Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n Device Catgories
                         Wi-Fi Alliance, June 2010

              Printers and                      Other, 27
             Peripherals, 67

                        Consumer               Consumer AP,
                      Electronics, 242

                   Handsets, 55

                                                Enterprise AP,
                                 PCs and
                               Adapters, 495

Chinese carriers are embracing Wi-Fi technology to
complement mobile WAN services

• Wi-Fi is an important component of carrier
  strategic objectives
  – Wi-Fi delivers data traffic offload from scarce
    licensed spectrum
  – Wi-Fi improves indoor coverage – 60% of data
    traffic occurs indoors in China

• Wi-Fi is fundamental to the mobile connectivity
  experience carriers deliver:
  – Major Chinese operators have made heavy
    investments in Wi-Fi hotspots: 285,000
    locations expected by end of 2010 (In-Stat)
  – Wi-Fi hot zones in key cultural and tourist
    locations such as Shanghai Expo
  – Almost 7 million Wi-Fi enabled handsets
    shipped into China in 2009, projected to
    reach 97 million in 2013 (In-Stat)

Wi-Fi: Critical technology to enable
pervasive digital connectivity in China

• Now more than ever, China is racing into the
  age of pervasive connectivity
  – Chinese mobile device users already comprise
    20 percent of the worldwide total
  – Chinese users are hungry for advanced multimedia
    applications on mobile devices: Analysts forecast
    there will be 150 million 3G subscriptions in China
    by 2011
  – Government broadband investment has targeted
    the addition of 50 million new broadband internet
    users by 2013 (iSuppli)

• Meeting the connectivity and data demands of China’s connected society
  requires many technologies – Wi-Fi is one of the most fundamental
  – Mature, proven technology
  – Optimized for a wide range of devices
  – Industry-standard, robust security mechanisms

Much work activity in Wi-Fi Alliance:
active task groups
 Marketing Task Groups                         Technical Task Groups
 IBSS with Wi-Fi Protected Setup               IBSS with Wi-Fi Protected Setup
 Voice over Wi-Fi (Personal, Enterprise)       Voice over Wi-Fi (Personal, Enterprise)
 Security                                      WMM® Admission Control
 802.11n                                       Application Specific Device (ASD) Test Engine
 Wireless Network Management (TGv)             802.11n
 Peer-to-Peer for Wi-Fi Direct certification   Security
 Tunneled Direct Link Setup                    Peer-to-Peer
 Display                                       Wi-Fi Protected Setup
 Smart Grid                                    Certifications Oversight Group
 Enterprise                                    WMM® Update
 Operator                                      Tunneled Direct Link Setup
 60 GHz                                        Other Task Groups:
 Healthcare                                    Long Range Planning
 Wi-Fi in Television White Spaces              RF Health and Science
 Very High Throughput in 5 GHz (802.11ac)      Regulatory
 Hotspot 2.0

Wi-Fi Direct™ Just Launched
     Certification for Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer technology
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct:
Connect devices, even without a Wi-Fi network

•   Wi-Fi peer-to-peer technology will enable users to connect Wi-Fi
    CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct devices to each other anywhere - with or
    without a Wi-Fi network, hotspot or internet connection available
•   Connect two or more devices, quickly and easily,
    to enable applications such as:
    •   Print a picture directly from your camera
    •   Share music directly with a friend
    •   Synchronize contacts, music, etc.
    •   Display pictures directly from your
        mobile phone on a television
•   First Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct
    product launched in October

Other Wi-Fi Alliance programs will provide innovative
technology for carrier deployments

• Wireless Network Management: Intelligence for Ever Expanding Wi-Fi
• Smart Grid: Wi-Fi Solutions for a Greener Planet
  – New Wi-Fi Alliance Smart Grid Task Group: forum for industry collaboration
  – Wi-Fi Smart Energy Profile™
• Hotspot 2.0: Seamless Network Access Experience for Global
• Very High Throughput in 5 GHz: High Performance Wi-Fi
  – Certify equipment operating in 802.11ac mode
  – Speeds approaching Gbps, at traditional Wi-Fi service range
• Television White Spaces: Extending the Footprint of Wi-Fi connectivity
  – Public use of legacy television spectrum
  – Enhanced range for outdoor and campus uses

Wi-Fi Alliance has begun work on
a certification program for 60 GHz Wi-Fi

• Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 60 GHz technology will be an expansion to the family
  of Wi-Fi technologies and is especially exciting for carrier digital home
• 60 GHz Wi-Fi performance is measured in
  Gigabits instead of Megabits per second
• Target applications include streaming of
  HD video and audio, display, and
  latency-free gaming
• 60 GHz Wi-Fi will complement, not replace,
  Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n technology for whole-
  home networks
• Wi-Fi Alliance envisions tri-band Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products that operate
  in 2.4, 5, and 60 GHz

Thank you!

• Wi-Fi industry set to surpass one billion devices per year in 2011
• Wi-Fi Alliance programs will continue to expand applicability of Wi-Fi
• Wi-Fi Direct launched in November 2010
• More than 12 programs in development, including Hotspot 2.0, Display, 60GHz,
  VHT at 5GHz

Wi-Fi Alliance certification and
market-enabling programs

                Available today                                  Ahead/In Development
Core PHY layer interoperability: Wi-Fi CERTIFIED

WPA2® (Wi-Fi Protected Access): Standards-based,       Wireless Network Management
government-grade security protections, additional
EAP-types for enterprise                               Smart Grid

Voice-Personal: Best user experience with Voice over
                                                       Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi n the home and small office setting
WMM® Power Save: Advanced power-saving
mechanisms for battery-operated devices
Wi-Fi Protected Setup™: ease set up of security-
protected home and small office Wi-Fi networks
CWG-RF (with CTIA): Performance mapping of RF in
                                                       WMM® Admission Control
mixed-radio environment

WMM® (Wi-Fi Multimedia) Quality of Service:            Tunneled Direct Link Setup
Prioritize latency-sensitive streams for multimedia
applications such as gaming, voice and video           60 GHz Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi brings proven, industry-standard security
protections to Smart Grid

• Privacy and access control are fundamental pillars of Smart Grid technology – to
  protect utilities, consumers, and third parties
• WPA2® security technology is the latest generation of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED security
  – Uses Advanced Encryption Standard
  – Variety of authentication mechanisms supported to protect privacy

• WPA2 is based on IEEE WLAN security standard –
  – Has withstood sustained international scrutiny
  – Standards enable competition among all vendors

• WPA2 is specified by governments and deployed by enterprises worldwide
• Every Wi-Fi CERTIFIED device must now support WPA2
  – Interoperable security protocols across the entire home network;
  – More than 3,500 products have been certified for WPA2

• Learn more about WPA2:


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