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					                                     IT Update
Dan Reed
Chancellor’s Eminent Professor
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO
Robyn East
Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Deputy CIO
                              What Is ITS Today?
                                                   ITS Is …

ITS Services
•   Security and privacy services
•   Computer laboratories
•   IT Response Center (ITRC)
•   Campus licensed software
•   Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI)
•   Blackboard and distance education
•   Electronic classrooms
•   On-campus telephony
•   Campus network and email
•   Administrative applications
•   Research computing support
•   and many more things …
                                                         ITS Organization
           - Support, empower and enrich faculty, staff and students
           - Advance UNC Chapel Hill institutional missions

Ten Strategic Areas
•   Communications               •   ITS Business Office and HR
     – Audrey Ward                    – John Gallagher
•   Teaching and learning        •   IT infrastructure and operations
                                      – Judd Knott
     – Charles Green
                                 •   Enterprise data management
•   Research computing
                                      – Steve Cornelison (acting)
     – Ruth Marinshaw (acting)
                                 •   Enterprise applications
     – in interview process           – Stephanie Szakal
•   Telecommunications           •   User support and engagement
     – John Streck                    – Priscilla Alden
•   Security and Policy
     – recruiting in progress
                         Campus Advisory Committees

• Technical advisory groups
   –   user support and communications
   –   teaching and learning/academic computing
   –   research computing
   –   enterprise applications and data
   –   telecommunications and networking
   –   security
   –   IT business processes
• Other campus IT committees
   – Faculty IT Advisory Committee (FITAC)
   – IT Directors Group
   – Institutional Data Group
                                                  ITS Teaching and Learning

                         Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI)

• Undergraduate student laptop
   – begun fall semester 2000
   – must meet or exceed minimum
       • see for details
   – currently an IBM (Lenovo) ThinkPad
       • via contract to be rebid this year
   – financial aid, where needed, is part of the
• On site hardware and software
   – ITS Response Center (ITRC)
                                               ITS Teaching and Learning

                                             Instructional Support

• Center for Instructional Technology (CIT)
   – advice, assistance, accessibility
   – community building and support

• Ongoing training and education
   – staff, faculty and student training

• Blackboard electronic course support
   – online communication, assessment and administration
       • currently hosting over 2500 sites
       • see
                                                                        ITS Teaching and Learning

                                                                Classroom Services

                                   • Classroom status
                                                       – 195 general purpose
                                                       – 143 multimedia equipped
                                   • ~600 Hotline requests/month

• Learning Space Design                                          Technology vs. Non-Technology Classroom s by Year

• Classroom Support                                    190

                                     Number of Rooms                                                             127
   – equipment maintenance
                                                                                                          110 114
                                                                                                     90                         Technology
                                                       90                                       75

• Classroom Hotline                                    40                   22
                                                                                           53                                   Non-Technology

                                                             12 13 13 13 19
   – pick up the “red phone” for                       -10

     technical support














                                    ITS Teaching and Learning

                       ITS Computer Laboratories

• Eight laboratories
   – laser printers
   – Desktop PCs
   – courseware
• Laboratory support
   – student fees

                          Buildings with labs are in Green
                                              ITS Research Computing

                              Research Computing Upgrades

• Dell Linux Cluster
   – deployment in progress
   – 520 Intel Xeon blades
       • 1040 processors
   – high-speed Infiniband interconnect
   – 35 terabytes of scratch storage
   – will enable new research and discovery

• Secure domain for statistical computing
   – pilot with two research projects
   – access to standard set of applications
                                                    ITS Research Computing

                           Research Computing Resources

• Computing
   – IBM P690, Sun E15K, SGI Origin 3800
   – IBM Blade Center Linux cluster
   – NEW: SGI Altix, Dell Linux cluster
• Storage
   – 30 TB local or network-attached disk
   – 120 TB capacity archival mass storage
• Software
   – >100 scientific and statistical applications
• Staff scientists
   – research project collaboration and code optimization
                           ITS Infrastructure
                             and Operations

• Data center operation
• 7x365 monitoring
• Systems administration
• Server hosting
• Backup and recovery
                                    ITS User Support
                                    and Engagement

•   Computer repair center
•   ITS Response Center/Help Desk
•   Remedy services
•   On-site support
•   Walk-in support
•   ResNet
                ITS User Support and Engagement

                Response Center (ITRC)

support modes
                                    ITS Communications

• New ITS News web page

• Web support
• Content management
• Technical and user help documentation
• Carolina Technology Consultants
                       ITS Enterprise Data Management

•   Enterprise database administration
•   Shared dataspace (AFS)
•   Data warehouse
•   Data access and reporting
                              ITS Enterprise Applications

• Development and support of systems
   – enabling campus business processes
• Support for campus email and calendaring
• Online directory
• Identity management
                                                     ITS Enterprise Applications

                         Enterprise Administrative Systems

• Today’s realities
   –   UNC-CH’s core administrative systems must be replaced
   –   the average age of applications is 14 years
   –   all are built atop outdated technology
   –   student system was implemented in 1988
        • will be desupported in less than three years
   – financial system was also implemented in 1988
   – HR was implemented in 2000, but the vendor no longer exists
   – payroll system was implemented in 1968, making it 38 years old!
                                                       Enterprise Applications Today
                                  Telecommunications Billing System
                                                                                           Other University Applications

                                                                              Finance Central
                            Alumni                                          Payroll        Finance        and Administration
                    Records System
                                               Accounts Payable System
                                                                                                   Position Management
                                                           Coeus                    Admissions
                                                                    Student Web Services -                  Benefits System
         Development Office           Investments Management                Student Central                     Training and
 Contributor Records System                  Student Web Services – Applicant Central                   Development System
                                           Budget System          Student Records -                               Employee Records
    Continuing Education                                                    Grades,
                                                                    Transcripts, etc.                                 Tarheel Temps
     Management System                Asset Accounting
                                                        Billing for Tuition and                                        Person ID (PID)
                                        Cash Receipts                     Fees                                     Management System
                                                              Student Aid                                        Employment System
                                   Travel Accounting
     UNC Physicians &                                             Student Information Services                 InPower Human Resources
    Associates Medical            Purchasing System Student Housing                                                  Information System
        Billing System                                                                    Capital Improvements Facility Planning & Design
                             Materials Management
                                 Inventory Control            Academic                                                  Utilities Billing System
                                           System              Advising
                                                                                                    MAXIMO Cogeneration Facility System
                                                               Institutional                                            Equipment Tracking
                                    ONE Card System
Computer Repair Center                                           Reporting
               System                                           External Agencies                                         Inventory Tracking
                                       Printing Services
                                    Management System            Online Interfaces                                   Work Order Tracking
                                                                                                            Facilities Personnel System
                                     Student Stores Retail            Degree Audit
      Other State Agencies           Management System                                             Facilities Maintenance Enterprise
                                                                                                                        Job Tracking
                                      Campus Police System                                                               Inventory
                                    Environmental Health and                                         Time & Material Tracking
        Office of the President           Safety Management                                        Motor Vehicle Tracking
             Financial System             Information System                               Mailing Services System
                                                Insite Space Management
                                                                 System              Facilities Procurement
          UNC Television Contributor
                    Records System                Information Technology Purchases System

                           Campus Directory
                                                       Systems Targeted for Replacement
                                                                                            Other University Applications

                                                                     Finance Central
          Alumni Records System                                                   Finance and Administration
                                             Accounts Payable System
                                                                                      Position Management
        Development Office          Investments Management
                                                                                                Benefits System
                                                                                Training and Development System
Contributor Records System                                                         Admissions
                                                                   Student Web Services -
                                         Budget System                     Student Central                      Employee Records
                                            Student Web Services – Applicant Central
                                    Asset Accounting             Student Records -
                                                                           Grades,                                   Person ID (PID)
                                     Cash Receipts                 Transcripts, etc.                             Management System

                                 Travel Accounting     Billing for Tuition and                               Employment System
                                                                                                              InPower Human Resources
                                Purchasing System            Student Aid                                             Information System
                          Materials Management                   Student Information Services
                        Inventory Control System       Student Housing

                                                              Advising                                               Equipment Tracking
                                                                                                                      Inventory Tracking
                                                               External Agencies                          Facilities Personnel System
                                                                Online Interfaces

                                                                     Degree Audit
                                   Environmental Health and
      Office of the President            Safety Management
           Financial System               Information System

                                                                                 Facilities Procurement
                     UNC Television
        Contributor Records System                  Information Technology Purchases System
                              ITS Telecommunications

• Campus network – wired and wireless – design,
  engineering, maintenance and upgrades
• Telephony
• Cable TV services

• Research & Development
   – Voice over IP
   – Convergence of voice and data
                                                                     ITS Security

• Intrusion prevention and detection
   – email SPAM, viruses and worms
       • campus anti-virus software (Symantec AntiVirus)
       • campus SPAM filtering
   – ITS scans systems and networks regularly
       • 375,000+ instances per month of malicious traffic stopped with intrusion
         prevention appliances
       • 100,000,000+ suspicious scans detected per month
       • infected systems are “sandboxed” to protect campus
• Federal privacy and security requirements
   – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
       • medical record privacy
   – Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB)
       • financial privacy
                             Technology Planning and
                                     Special Projects

• evaluation of new and
  emerging technologies
• comprehensive technology
  test and evaluation lab
• collaboration with units
  across ITS and the
                                           From RFID to Smart Dust

• Smart dust (pixie dust)
                                                    UCB COTS
   – wireless environmental sensors
                                                    Smart Dust
        • perhaps as small as 1 mm
   – commodity hardware and MEMS
   – flora and fauna measurements
        • an IP address for every frog
   – see
• RFID tags
   –   secure, inexpensive and disposable
   –   passive and active versions
   –   contents: identity, state, location
   –   logistics management and tracking
        • Walmart leadership and EU Euro tracking
                                             Smart Infrastructure

• Buildings
   – energy adaptation based on behavior
   – location-specific scheduling
• Offices
   – occupant and behavior recognition
      • footfall and chair usage patterns
   – context-sensitive response
• Homes
   – biometric measurements
      • health monitoring and independence
                                   Mobility Changes Everything

• Wireless revolution
   – explosive growth of wireless access points
       • airport lounges, Starbucks™, …
   – growing community supporting public access
   – “War Driving” – identifying public access points
• Microsoft Smart Personal Objects Technology
   – FM subcarrier transmission (top 1000 markets)
   – news, traffic, stock quotes, weather, messages
• Ubiquitous biometric monitoring
   – VivoMetrics “Lifeshirt” monitors 40 features
   – saves data to a PDA
                                          Network Convergence

• Voice and data convergence
   – Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) enables Internet conferencing,
     telephony, presence, events notification and instant messaging
   – Support for roaming across multiple networks
• Single device with multiple capabilities
   – Desk telephone, cellular and campus Wi-FI

Work (Wi-Fi)               Travel (mobile)             Home (Wi-Fi)
                                    Web and Social Processes

• Google
   – it’s a search engine, it’s a verb, …
• Blogs
   – published self-expression
• Instant Messenger
   – social networks
• Wireless messaging
   – semi-synchronous
• Internet commerce
   – the boom/bust
   – EBay, Amazon
• Spam, phishing, …
   – anti-social behavior
Education: A Look Back …
                                         And a Look Forward …

   • Today’s students have
       –   10,000 hours of video games
       –   250,000 email messages
       –   10,000 hours on cell phones
       –   20,000 hours of television
       –   500,000 of commercials
       –   <5000 hours reading books

   • Implications
       – different life experiences

Source: Marc Prensky
                                 Social Computing and UNC

• FaceBookTM
   – 90% of UNC undergraduates use it
• Social network communities
   – 74% of campus use a social network
• The identity information being disclosed is stunning
   – deep social and privacy implications

                                            Friendster Network (UC Berkeley
Computing Pervades Critical
                                                 University Data Challenges

•   Multiple cultures
     – arts, humanities and social sciences
     – sciences and engineering
•   Many scholarly communication approaches
     – books, monographs, journals, conferences
          • access time, priority and intellectual property
     – multiple media and expression
          • text, audio, video, artifacts, performances, …
     – primary and secondary source materials
     – professional societies and private publishers
•   Institutional repositories
     – multiple visions and roles
          • digital archives and/or alternative publication venues
     – research and education
          • access modes and goals, not just articles or books
          • longitudinal access and lifelong learning
     – what and how much to save
          • declining cost of storage and simplicity of deposit
                                  Digital Reality: The Exponentials

   • Megabyte
        – a small novel
   • Gigabyte
        – a pickup truck filled with paper or a DVD
   • Terabyte: one thousand gigabytes – ~$1000 today
        – the text in one million books
        – entire U.S. Library of Congress is ~ten terabytes of text
   • Petabyte: one thousand terabytes
        – 1-2 petabytes equals all academic research library holdings
            • coming soon to a pocket near you!
        – soon routinely generated annually by many scientific instruments
   • Exabyte: one thousand petabytes
        – 5 exabytes of words spoken in the history of humanity
   • See
Source: Hal Varian, UC-Berkeley
                Web Services and Business Processes

• From browser-centric to service-centric
   – from human-computer to computer-computer
   – structured negotiation and response
• Workflow creation and management
   – end-to-end service negotiation
   – inter-organizational interaction
• Prerequisites
   – metadata standard for service descriptions
   – standard communication mechanisms
   – resource discovery and registration
                        Technology Push and Business Pull

Source: Gartner Group
                                       The Opportunity Ahead

“I have also asked Vice Chancellor
Reed to lead a major strategic planning
effort for information technology,
encompassing everything from high-
speed computing to what we know will
be necessary major investments in
administrative computing to replace
systems that are increasingly obsolete.
We have not fully tapped leading-edge
information technology as an intellectual
lever to help advance the University’s
mission. And we have not yet fully
realized the potential of the Carolina
Computing Initiative. This will be a major
effort. The leading public university must
lead in technology.”
                       Carolina’s Institutional Priorities

• Strengthen faculty recruitment, retention, development
• Create richest possible learning environment for
  undergraduate, graduate and professional students
• Invest in centers of excellence in research and creativity
• Enhance Carolina’s engagement with North Carolina and
  the world
• Successfully complete campus development plan; begin
  Carolina North
• Determine strategies to direct resources to highest priorities
• Define Carolina’s role as a leader
                                                     Strategic IT Planning

• Committee objectives
   – build a University-wide commitment to a shared strategic IT vision
   – identify or assist with articulating major IT issues
   – identify significant obstacles and risk to the attainment of IT goals
       • recommend methods for overcoming them
   – enable necessary communication with deans and other administrators
       • regarding the potential of IT to advance the University’s mission
   – encourage coordination of University-wide technology efforts
   – establish and communicate strategic priorities
       • the enhancement and use of technology
   – engage and build relationships with stakeholders
   – foster innovation and creativity via application of information technology

• Committee outcome
   – five year plan, with strategic goals
                                 Campus Strategic IT Planning

• Tied to campus strategic plan
   – becoming America’s best public university
• Coordinated planning groups
   – overall strategic IT plan

              Enterprise                          Research &
             Applications                         Scholarship
             Committee                            Committee


             Education                           Communication
             & Learning                           & Networking
             Committee                             Committee
                                            Education and Learning
                                                    Areas of Focus

•   Novel educational approaches
    –   How can computing technology foster innovative approaches to
        classroom, small group and independent education? What role should
        the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI) play?
•   Distance and continuing education
    –   How should technology be used to supplement the traditional
        instructional model?
    –   Given continuing economic dislocation, how and should Carolina extend
        its continuing and just in time educational reach across North Carolina?
•   Pedagogical assistance
    –   What technical services do instructors need?
    –   How do we identify and evaluate technical strategies for academic
    –   How do we assist non-technical academic instructors in understanding
        and applying appropriate technology to instruction?
                                         Research & Scholarship
                                                 Areas of Focus

•   Digital data management
    – With the explosive growth of “born digital” data, what strategies
      should Carolina pursue to establish a leadership role in digital
      data management?
•   Scholarly publication and curation
    – ownership, distribution, review, …
•   Information security and privacy
    – Accessibility and protection
•   Research computing infrastructure
    – scientific data management
    – digital scholarship and curation
                            Communications & Networking
                                         Areas of Focus

• Next generation telephony
   – How will convergence of voice and data impact how we work?
• Local, state, national and international networking
   – End-to-end optical control plane switching
   – WiMaX and regional coverage
   – Telematics and logistics management
• Management of web presence and online content
   – Branding and marketing
   – Standards and tools for managing content
• Web usability and access
   – Consistent look and feel
   – Easy-to-find information and services
                                       Enterprise Applications
                                               Areas of Focus

• Enterprise administrative systems
   – What business process changes are required to improve
     administrative efficiency and effectiveness?
   – How can we use technology to manage the amount of resources
     devoted to administrative tasks at the university?
• Messaging
   – Digital convergence
• Institutional data management
   – What issues related to data acquisition, access, usage,
     stewardship and management exist and how should they be
• Identity management
   – How do we enter the world of federated identity?
Information Technology Services (ITS)
is the central organization providing all members of
the Carolina community with computing services for
academic and administrative endeavors.

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