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                                                                                       New and Forthcoming Titles 2010

Emergency Market                          Building Back Better                        Lessons from Aceh                         Disaster Risk
Mapping and                               Delivering people-centred                   Key considerations in post-               Management
Analysis Toolkit                          housing reconstruction at                   disaster reconstruction                   and Reconstruction
Mike Albu
                                          scale                                       Jo da Silva                               in Latin America
                                          Edited by Michal Lyons and
                                          Theo Schilderman                            ‘Lessons from Aceh successfully
‘The EMMA toolkit effectively                                                                                                   A Technical Manual
                                                                                      incorporates current thinking in
brings comprehensive market                                                                                                     Barbara Montoro and
                                          ‘The breadth of contributions               the shelter sector, while carrying
analysis approaches to the rapid                                                                                                Pedro Ferradas
                                          provides considerable material              out a thorough comparison
emergency context. It’s a critical
                                          for readers seeking to understand           of responses, providing an                Recent earthquakes have
step forward.’                                                                                                                  highlighted the importance of good
                                          and support participatory and               invaluable resource for all those
Timothy H. Nourse, Academy                                                                                                      disaster planning. Adequate risk
                                          integrated approaches for                   involved in shelter provision and
for Educational Development,                                                                                                    assessment and risk reduction
Ramallah, West Bank
                                          reconstruction.’                            settlement reconstruction.’               strategies, and improved response
                                          Diana Mitlin, University of                 John Adlam, UK Department for             and reconstruction work have
Markets are a crucial component of
                                          Manchester and Senior Research              International Development                 benefited from the documentation
how people survive. Understanding
                                          Associate, IIED                                                                       of past disasters.
how markets are disrupted in                                                          The Indian Ocean tsunami on
emergencies is critical to any            The devastating impact of disasters         26 December 2004 devastated               This practical manual, prepared by
analysis of hunger, and to food and       on the world’s population is                                                          Practical Action’s regional office in
                                                                                      the coastline in Aceh province
livelihood security. The Emergency        on the increase, influenced by                                                        Lima, offers an up-to-date resource
                                                                                      on the northern tip of Indonesia
Market Mapping and Analysis               climate change, urbanization, and                                                     covering both methodological
                                                                                      leaving 167,000 people dead
Toolkit (EMMA) is a guidance              persistent high levels of poverty,                                                    and technical aspects of disaster
                                                                                      and over half a million people
manual to assist front-line staff to      among other factors. There is a                                                       mitigation.
                                          growing demand for reconstruction           without homes. This resulted in
do rapid assessments of market
systems in the first few weeks of         at scale. This book asks whether            an unprecedented humanitarian             ISBN 9781853396724
                                                                                      response. Over the next three             2010 • 128 pages
a crisis. Its purpose is to improve       large-scale reconstruction can be                                                     £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
early response planning so that           participatory and developmental;            years the Disasters Emergency
resources are used effectively,           can rebuilding be truly people-             Committee (DEC) Member Agencies
and so that opportunities are not         centred, contributing to breaking           collectively constructed almost
missed to bolster future recovery in      the cycle of poverty and                    20,000 houses in Aceh, in addition
the local economy. This toolkit can       dependence? Can reconstruction              to numerous schools and health
help prevent lasting damage to the        reduce people’s vulnerability to            centres. In Lessons from Aceh their
livelihoods, jobs and businesses on       disasters and other shocks?                 experiences are used as a case
which people’s long-term security                                                     study to illustrate the practical
                                          Building Back Better examines
depends.                                                                              realities of delivering a successful
                                          the context for reconstruction, and
EMMA is designed for generalists,         shows how developments in the               programme and the range of
as well as specialist staff working in    fields of housing, participation            issues that need to be considered,
the food security, shelter, water and     and livelihoods have changed                highlighting best and worst practice
sanitation sectors. It takes them         and enriched approaches to                  whilst recognizing that there is
through ten practical steps so they       reconstruction. It then goes                validity in different approaches
can both understand the important         on to explore the practice                  within the same response.
market aspects of an emergency            of implementing large-scale                 Lessons from Aceh is targeted at
situation, and communicate this           reconstruction through in-depth             senior managers, decision-makers
knowledge promptly and effectively        case studies of recent programmes           and programme advisers to help
to decision-makers. The focus is on       in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia
simple visual, graphical and largely                                                  them make informed decisions,
                                          and India. Finally, an analysis of          manage expectations and reduce
qualitative ways of describing the        selected projects in six additional
impact of the emergency on people                                                     risk in future responses. It will also
                                          countries over a longer period of           be of interest to built environment
and on the critical market systems        time adds other issues of relevance
upon which they most rely.                                                            professionals, researchers or policy
                                          to people-centred reconstruction
                                                                                      makers. An important theme
The book also contains a CD-ROM           at scale.
                                                                                      throughout is the way in which
with an electronic version of the         The book intends to inform policy,
toolkit and supplementary training                                                    reconstruction can act as a catalyst
                                          programme design, practice and              to recovery, contribute to long-
                                          evaluation. It will be of interest to       term development, and reduce
ISBN 9781853396991                        all agencies regularly involved in          vulnerability to future disasters.
2010 • 230 pages                          reconstruction work after disasters,
£19.95 • €29.95 • $39.95                                                              In Aceh the most successful
                                          as well as to students, academics           reconstruction programmes have
Published in association with Oxfam GB,
International Rescue Committee and
                                          and researchers.                            left a legacy that is much more than
Interaction                               ISBN 9781853397011                          just bricks and mortar.
                                          2010 • 388 pages
                                          £17.95 • €26.95 • $34.95                    ISBN 9781853397004
                                                                                      2010 • 96 pages
                                          Published in association with the
                                                                                      £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95
                                          International Federation of Red Cross and
                                          Red Crescent Societies and London South     Published in association with Disasters
                                          Bank University.                            Emergency Committee and Arup

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    New and Forthcoming Titles 2010

    What Works for the                          Agricultural Value                            Value Chains in                         Sustainable Learning
    Poorest?                                    Chain Finance                                 Development                             for Women’s
    Poverty Reduction Programmes                Tools and Lessons                             Emerging Theory and                     Empowerment
    for the World’s Ultra-Poor                  Calvin Miller and Linda Jones                 Practice
                                                                                                                                      Ways Forward in Micro-
    Edited by David Lawson,                                                                   Edited by Linda Jones
                                                ‘This book makes a useful                                                             Finance
    David Hulme, Imran Matin and
    Karen Moore                                 contribution to the rapidly                   Value chain development can             Edited by Linda Mayoux
                                                expanding literature on value                 identify and address the sector-
                                                                                              specific bottlenecks that hinder the    Micro-finance programmes
    ‘After this book, development               chains by clarifying the myriad
                                                                                              development of an industry. Value       targeting women became a major
    policy and practice should never            methods, some old, some                                                               plank of donor poverty alleviation
                                                                                              Chains in Development charts the
    be the same again.’                         new, used to finance actors in                                                        strategies in the 1990s and funding
                                                                                              rise of value chain analysis from
    Professor Robert Chambers,                  agricultural value chains.’                   the sub-sector approach, through        is set to further increase in this
    Institute of Development Studies,           Richard L. Meyer, Professor                   classic business development            century under initiatives by CGAP
    UK.                                         Emeritus, Ohio State University.              services, and includes how to           and member donor agencies.
    ‘Everyone committed to the                                                                assess value chains, measure            Sustainable Learning for Women’s
    MDGs worldwide should know                  Agriculture remains an important              potential competitiveness               Empowerment brings together
    this book.’                                 means of alleviating poverty, but             and facilitate market-based             papers by practitioners and
                                                shortage of finance can constrain             interventions.                          academics involved in innovation in
    Professor Barbara Harriss-White,
                                                its development. At the same time,            Selected from among the best            impact assessment and grassroots
    Oxford University.
                                                agriculture is evolving towards a             papers on this subject in Enterprise    learning methodologies, proposes a
    Poverty reduction has become the            global system requiring high-                 Development and Microfinance            framework for sustainable learning
    central goal of development policies        quality, competitive products and             (formerly Small Enterprise              which will in itself be empowering,
    over the last decade but there              organized in value chains which               Development journal), 14 articles       and discusses the continuing
    is a growing realization that the           often exclude smallholders. Value             take the long view of a discipline      challenges which will inevitably
    poorest people rarely benefit from          chain financing in agriculture offers         that has recently become an             have to be faced.
    poverty reduction programmes.               an opportunity to increase the                essential tool for economic progress    ISBN 9781853396335
    Microfinance programmes can help            scope and reduce the cost and risk            in developing countries. In her         2010 • 352 pages
    poor people improve their lives             of financing to agriculture. It can           introductory chapter the editor         £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
    but generally such programmes do            also help value chains to be more             discusses what we can learn             Not available from Practical Action
    not reach the extremely poor and            inclusive, by making resources                from past trends and more recent        Publishing in South Asia
    the chronic poor: casual labourers          available for smallholders to                 development.
    in remote rural areas, ethnic and           integrate into higher value chains.
    indigenous minorities, older people,                                                      These critical readings are essential
                                                Agricultural Value Chain Finance              background for students and
    widows, migrants, bonded labourers          provides a comprehensive look at
    and others.                                                                               practitioners of the market-based
                                                the models, tools and approaches              approaches to development.
    To counter this, governments, NGOs          used by industry leaders in all parts
    and donors have started to mount            of the developing world. These are            ISBN 9781853396786
                                                                                              2010 • 204 pages • Hardback
    programmes explicitly targeting             described, analysed and illustrated           £29.95 • €44.95 • $59.95
    the poorest. This book is the first         by many rich examples in order to             Not available from Practical Action
    attempt to examine such initiatives         demonstrate how they work and to              Publishing in South Asia
    and identify ‘what works for the            extract lessons and applications for
    poorest’. It asks the questions:            others to adapt. The book includes
    what are the characteristics of             40 industry examples and five
    extreme poverty? how can we target          comprehensive case studies to
    the very poor? how can we ensure            enrich the learning.
    that women are not excluded?                This book is essential reading
    Through a set of carefully selected         for microfinance practitioners,
    and well-integrated papers this             credit union leaders working in
    book analyses innovative ultra-             agriculture, NGO practitioners,
    poor programmes from around the             agribusiness technical staff,
    world and explores the lessons              bankers, researchers and policy
    that emerge from this new and               makers.
    important body of knowledge.
                                                ISBN 9781853397028
    What Works for the Poorest?                 2010 • 192 pages
    should be read by staff of donor            £19.95 • €29.95 • $39.95
    agencies and NGOs, students of              Published in association with The Food
    development studies and interested          and Agricultural Organization of the United
    readers who are concerned about             Nations
    chronic poverty.
    ISBN 9781853396908
    2010 • 304 pages
    £19.95 • €29.95 • $39.95
    Published in association with the Chronic
    Poverty Research Centre

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                                                                                   New and Forthcoming Titles 2010

How Africa Works                         Deconstructing                           Dharavi                                Frontiers in
Occupational change,
                                         Development                              Documenting Informalities              Participatory Rural
identity and morality                    Discourse                                Edited by Jonatan Habib                Appraisal and
                                                                                  Engqvist and Maria Lantz
Edited by Deborah Fahy Bryceson
                                         Buzzwords and Fuzzwords                                                         Participatory Learning
                                                                                  Redevelopment plans threaten
Occupational change is often
assumed by Western donor agencies        Edited by Andrea Cornwall and            the livelihoods of hundreds of         and Action
to accompany ‘development’ and           Deborah Eade                             thousands of people who live and
to lead to an improved material          Writing from diverse locations,
                                                                                  work in Dharavi, a city within the     PRA and PLA in Applied
standard of living. But occupational                                              city of Mumbai. In Daharavi houses     Research
                                         contributors critically examine
change affects more than an                                                       and workplaces have developed
                                         some of the key terms in current                                                Amitava Mukherjee
individual’s economic status, as it                                               over generations. Markets, alleys
                                         development discourse. Why should
is central to an understanding of                                                 and the landscape itself were          Community participation or
                                         language matter to those who are
his or her social identity and affects                                            created as a result of actions and     people’s participation in the
                                         doing development? Surely, there
the ethical foundations of their                                                  hard work, through negotiations and    process of development has entered
                                         are more urgent things to do than
communities and nation states.                                                    mutual needs. Memories of these        into the development lexicon
                                         sit around mulling over semantics?
In times of exceptional economic                                                  struggles, stories and dreams all      permanently. New methods, tools
                                         But language does matter.
crisis, as age-old occupational                                                   intertwine in Dharavi.                 and approaches (variously called
                                         Whether emptied of their original
pursuits and work hierarchies            meaning, essentially vacuous, or         This chronicle twists the informal     Participatory Learning and Action,
erode, the search for alternative        hotly contested, the language of         society toward a formal one. It        Participatory Rural Appraisal
livelihoods can unleash economic         development not only shapes our          aims to show the creative power        or its earlier incarnation Rapid
and social experimentation. New          imagined worlds, but also justifies      of the grassroots and encourages       Rural Appraisal) to enlist people’s
occupational identities coalesce;        interventions in real people’s lives.    politicians and other stakeholders     participation have been invented,
social trust is put to the test in                                                to listen to the demands and to        improvised and developed by
emerging work situations, mobility       If development buzzwords conceal                                                development practitioners and
                                                                                  provide for infrastructure and
patterns and social agencies.            ideological differences or sloppy                                               academics all over the world.
                                                                                  services. This book dispels the
                                         thinking, then the process of
How Africa Works analyses the                                                     idea that a ‘slum’ can only be         This book is a unique exercise
                                         constructive deconstruction makes
role of changing work patterns                                                    a location for despair. Dharavi:       in exploration and synthesis,
                                         it possible to re-examine what
in the formation of the political                                                 Documenting Informalities reveals      demonstrating and documenting
                                         have become catch-all terms like
foundations of Africa’s future.                                                   thriving communities, innovative       the experiments which have
                                         civil society and poverty reduction,
Rich case studies reveal a wealth                                                 architecture and powerful grass        revealed that the participatory
                                         or bland aid-agency terms such
of insights into the interaction                                                  roots politics. By moving beyond       tools, methods and approaches
                                         as partnership or empowerment.
between the state, market,                                                        abstract concepts such as              can be very efficiently used in
                                         Such engagement is far more than
community and household as                                                        globalization and post-colonialism,    several fields of human exploration.
                                         a matter of playing word games.
sub-Saharan Africa’s economy                                                      Dharavi: Documenting Informalities     These include organization
                                         The reflections included here raise
is transformed. This book                                                         gives detailed, personal accounts      and institutional development,
                                         major questions about how we think
asks the question: how does                                                       of the many ways in which we are       action research (on the need to
                                         about development itself.
‘occupationality’ change identity                                                 all linked to Dharavi’s people and     adopt an inter-sectoral approach
and help build consensus around a        The 30 contributors to this volume       industries.                            to dealing with development
new social morality?                     include Cassandra Balchin, Srilatha                                             issues, on hunger, participatory
                                                                                  Essays by Saskia Sassen, Arjun
                                         Batliwala, Robert Chambers, Neera                                               poverty assessment, bio-diversity
This book is important reading                                                    Appadurai and Sheela Patel
                                         Chandhoke, Ben Fine, Shalmali                                                   conservation and conflict resolution
for academics and students of                                                     complement maps, photographs,
                                         Guttal, Pablo Alejandro Leal, Islah                                             over sharing of resources), macro-
development studies and social                                                    drawings and interviews made by a
                                         Jad, Thandika Mkandawire, John                                                  policy evaluation and democratic
anthropology, and for policy                                                      group of artists and architects from
                                         Samuel, John Toye, and Peter Uvin.                                              processes. Each chapter, dealing
makers.                                                                           The Royal University College of
                                         Originally published as a special        Fine Arts in Stockholm.                with these issues, describes
ISBN 9781853396915                       double issue of Development in                                                  both the process followed in the
2010 • 304 pages                                                                  ISBN 9781853397103
                                         Practice journal, the book is vital      2010 • 304 pages • Hardback
                                                                                                                         application of participatory tools
£19.95 • €29.95 • $39.95
                                         reading for all concerned with a         £39.95 • €49.95 • $59.95               and methods in the respective field
                                         deeper understanding international       Not available from Practical Action    and the synthesis of the theory of
                                         development policy and practice.         Publishing in South Asia               participation with practice as well.
                                                                                                                         The book will be an invaluable
                                         ISBN 9781853397066
                                         2010 • 320 pages                                                                guide to practitioners, researchers,
                                         £18.95 • €28.95 • $37.95                                                        academics and students of
                                         Published in association with Oxfam GB                                          development economics and
                                                                                                                         poverty planning.
                                                                                                                         ISBN 9781853397110
                                                                                                                         2010 • 468 pages
                                                                                                                         £24.95 • €37.95 • $49.95
                                                                                                                         Not available from Practical Action
                                                                                                                         Publishing in South Asia

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    New and Forthcoming Titles 2010

    Seeds and Synergies                         Cities, Poverty and                         Food Sovereignty                        Rural Women
    Innovating Rural
                                                Food                                        Towards democracy in                    in South Asia
    Development in China                        Multi-Stakeholder Policy and                localized food systems                  Edited by Jaya Arunchalam and
    Edited by Song Yiching and                  Planning in Urban Agriculture               responding to a changing                U. Kalpagam
    Ronnie Vernooy                                                                          environment
                                                Marielle Dubbeling, Henk de                                                         This book highlights the
    ‘Seeds and Synergies presents               Zeeuw and René van Veenhuizen               New Edition
                                                                                                                                    commonalities and differences in
    inspiring evidence of change                                                            Michael Windfuhr and                    rural women’s experiences across
                                                The numbers of the urban poor are           Jennie Jonsén
    in practice and policy in the               on the increase; at the same time                                                   the countries and communities of
    governance of seed systems                  their position has been made more           Food Sovereignty is the policy          the South Asia region. It argues
    and the conservation of agro-               vulnerable by the recent food and           framework for the governance of         that the low status and weak
    biodiversity. Policy makers and             economic crises. City authorities           food and agriculture has emerged        empowerment of rural women is
                                                need to find innovative strategies to       from the social movements of            due to the structural conditions
    plant breeders should read this!’                                                                                               of poverty and inequality in the
    Janice Jiggins, Professor and
                                                eradicate urban hunger and improve          food providers as a countervailing
                                                the livelihoods of the urban poor.          approach to the governance of food      region, the social and cultural
    guest researcher, Communication                                                                                                 shaping of gender ideologies, and
    and Innovation Studies,                     Urban agriculture provides such a           and agriculture at local, national
                                                                                            and international levels. Food          the multiple patriarchies and caste
    Wageningen University Research              strategy by enhancing access to fresh                                               and class dominance through
    Centre                                      and nutritious food, and contributing       Sovereignty puts food providers
                                                                                            centre-stage and prioritises            which poor women experience
                                                to local economic development and                                                   power relations. However, a sense
                                                social inclusion of the urban poor,         the human right of consumers
    Farmers and researchers too often                                                                                               of optimism pervades as country
                                                especially women. It also has the           to nutritious foods, sourced
    live and work in different realities.                                                                                           experiences reflect the renewed
                                                effect of greening cities, promoting        as locally as possible, rather
    Researchers breed plant hybrids in                                                                                              concerns and commitments about
                                                the productive reuse of urban waste,        than internationally tradeable
    the laboratory that are successful only                                                                                         rural women’s empowerment in
                                                and reducing vulnerability to climate       commodities. It builds knowledge
    under ideal conditions, requiring just                                                                                          both state policy and the significant
                                                change.                                     and skills that conserve and
    the right inputs of water, fertilizer,                                                                                          snowballing of social activism
                                                                                            develop local food production and
    and pesticides. For resource-poor           To do this, urban agriculture must be                                               in the region. The essays in the
                                                                                            rejects proprietary technologies that
    farmers, however, such conditions           cross-cutting and multi-functional.                                                 book reiterate the importance
                                                                                            facilitate corporate control.
    simply don’t exist. As a result, they       So how can policy be developed to                                                   of poverty alleviation, providing
    either obtain poor results from high-       include all the relevant sectors and        In this new edition, Michael            decent work opportunities,
    tech seeds or continue to do the best       disciplines, including agriculture,         Windfuhr describes the                  investing in education and health,
    they can with local varieties.              urban land use planning, health,            development of the Food                 and involving women in decision
                                                waste management, social housing            Sovereignty policy framework            making and governance such that
    Seeds and Synergies reflects on
                                                and slum upgrading, and parks and           and shows how it addresses              their substantive empowerment
    the innovative efforts of a group of
                                                nature management?                          the multiple crises and rapidly         is fostered by enhancing their
    Chinese researchers and extension
                                                                                            changing environment for securing       capabilities, entitlements and
    agents to connect scientists and            Cities, Poverty and Food presents           future food supplies. He builds         choices.
    farmers. Their action research              the experience of RUAF in multi-            on the outcomes of the Nyéléni
    has enabled indigenous women                stakeholder policy formulation and                                                  ISBN: 9781853396779
                                                                                            2007 Forum for Food Sovereignty,
    and men in local communities to             action planning for urban agriculture                                               2010 • 304 pages
                                                                                            considers the inclusion of aspects      £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95
    improve maize varieties jointly with        in programmes in over 20 cities             of Food Sovereignty in the
    professional plant breeders. This has       in 17 countries, under the Cities                                                   Not available from Practical Action
                                                                                            policies of Bolivia, Mali and Nepal     Publishing in South Asia
    invigorated maize production, created       Farming for the Future programme,           among others, and more recent
    new livelihoods, and strengthened           implemented between 2005 and                processes. Windfuhr outlines the
    organizational capacities. The              2008.                                       basic assumptions and provides
    research has also resulted in
                                                This book provides valuable insights        a comparative analysis of the
    policy changes in plant breeding,
                                                and guidelines which are essential          limitations of the concept of
    in the conservation of agricultural
                                                reading for the staff of municipal          food security, analyses how Food
    biodiversity, in the protection of
                                                authorities, producer groups and            Sovereignty relates to the current
    indigenous knowledge, in farmer
                                                community-based organizations;              and prospective challenges for
    organization, and in the provision of
                                                for NGO field workers; university           rural development, food and
    services, notably extension.
                                                researchers; agricultural extension         agricultural policies, and discusses
    This book will be of particular interest    officers and others who seek to             possible policy constraints to the
    to agriculturalists, rural development      enhance participatory governance,           adoption of the Food Sovereignty
    scholars, researchers, teachers and         urban food security, urban poverty          policy framework. What emerges
    trainers, and field-level practitioners.    alleviation and improved urban              is a persuasive and highly political
    ISBN 9781853397059                          environmental management.                   argument for repositioning the
    2010 • 152 pages                            ISBN 9781853397097
                                                                                            control of food production and
    £15.95 • €23.95 • $31.95                    2010 • 184 pages                            consumption within democratic
    Published in association with the           £15.95 • €23.95 • $31.95                    processes rooted in localized food
    International Development Research Centre   Published in association with the           systems.
    and the Centre for Chinese Agricultural     International Network of Resource Centres
    Policy of the Chinese Academy of Science                                                ISBN 9781853397073
                                                on Urban Agriculture and Food Security
                                                                                            2010 • 96 pages
                                                                                            £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95

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                                                                                           New and Forthcoming Titles 2010

Greywater Use in the                        Shit Matters                                  Designing and                            The Hidden
Middle East                                 The Potential of Community-                   Building Mini                            Energy Crisis
Technical, Social, Economic                 Led Total Sanitation                          and Micro Hydro                          How Policies are Failing the
                                            Edited by Lyla Mehta and
and Policy Issues
Edited by Stephen McIlwaine and
                                            Synne Movik                                   Power Schemes                            World’s Poor
                                                                                                                                   Teodoro Sanchez
Mark Redwood                                Sanitation remains one of the                 A Practical Guide
                                            biggest development challenges                                                         ‘Teo Sanchez touches a raw
‘This book is timely in many                                                              Luis Rodriguez and
                                            of our time, and a long neglected                                                      nerve in the world of energy
ways: timely, because of the                                                              Teodoro Sanchez
                                            issue associated with taboos                                                           access – the majority of the
increasing problem of freshwater            and stigma. Despite growing
scarcity in many parts of the                                                             ‘This book’s strength is that it is      poor who remain peripheral to
                                            attention and efforts, many top-              based on years of experience out in      modern energy interventions.
world; timely, because the                  down approaches to sanitation
resilience of our water supply                                                            the field of designing micro hydro       Unless we make a case for the
                                            have failed, reflecting that simply
and hydraulic systems in the face           providing people with a toilet                systems that work.’                      poor, energy access will continue
of climate change is in question;           does not necessarily guarantee its            Dr Arthur Williams, School of            to remain low on the agenda of
timely, because the health,                 use. The Community-Led Total                  Electrical Electronic Engineering, The   national government policies
livelihood and nutritional status           Sanitation (CLTS) approach offers             University of Nottingham, UK.            or international aid. Sanchez
of peri-urban populations are               a more promising alternative,                                                          starts the debate with facts and
under threat. The book’s specific           focusing on facilitating a profound           Small hydro power installations          figures, which I hope will convert
focus takes greywater out of                change in people’s behaviour                  have the potential to provide            into positive actions.’
the shadow of wastewater and                through participatory techniques.             a renewable supply of energy
                                                                                          to people in remote, hilly               Dr Kavita Rai, Programme
excreta use in agriculture and              By raising local people’s awareness
                                                                                          communities, far from the national       Manager, Global Village Energy
highlights new opportunities to             of the linkages between open
                                                                                          grid. This book is based on the          Partnership
contribute to poverty alleviation.’         defecation and disease through
                                            the release of powerful emotions              authors’ considerable experience
Robert Bos, World Health                                                                                                           Billions of people worldwide are
                                            such as disgust and shame, they               of installing hydroelectric schemes
Organization, Department of                                                                                                        without access to clean, modern
                                            are encouraged to analyse their own           that produce up to 500 kW for
Public Health and Environment                                                                                                      energy, which leads to drudgery,
                                            sanitation situation and take action          powering small communities.
In water-scarce areas of the                themselves.                                                                            ill health and sometimes death.
                                                                                          This book describes not only the         Although a lack of adequate energy
Middle East, greywater (household
                                            The approach has proved                       electro-mechanical equipment and         affects people’s health and well-
wastewater excluding toilet waste) is
                                            immensely successful, being                   how it is installed, but also the        being, as well as their productive
commonly used by poor communities
                                            implemented in more than 20                   correct setting of the installation      and educational capacities,
to irrigate home gardens. This both
                                            countries, and has a big potential            and how to design and build the          addressing this deficit is a low
supplements the water available to
                                            in terms of achieving several                 channels leading up to the turbine       priority for governments and donor
the household and improves food
                                            Millennium Development Goals.                 so as to optimize performance.           agencies.
security. This book examines the
                                            However, like any development                 These civil works can be carried
technical approaches to treating                                                                                                   The Hidden Energy Crisis outlines
                                            success story challenges still                out by local manpower, using
and using greywater for irrigation,                                                                                                why we have failed so far to extend
                                            remain regarding scaling up with              materials that are usually available
including its associated risks to                                                                                                  energy access to the world’s poor,
                                            quality, inclusion of the poorest and         locally. Chapters cover the main
health and the environment. It                                                                                                     and suggests operating models
                                            sustainability and there is a danger          components of small hydroelectric
discusses many of the non-technical                                                                                                that have greater potential to
                                            that accounts of success may be               plants from the intake and
issues that influence effectiveness                                                                                                make a difference. It argues that
                                            exaggerated. This book addresses              the headrace channel, via the
and sustainability of greywater use.                                                                                               meeting the basic needs of the
                                            both the potential and challenges             conveyance channel, to the forebay
It also takes a hard look at economic                                                                                              world’s energy poor will not make
                                            of CLTS by drawing on research in             tank, penstock, turbine, and
issues, arguing that more clarity                                                                                                  a significant difference to global
                                            Bangladesh, India and Indonesia,              generator.
and consistency from policymakers                                                                                                  carbon emissions. However, it
is essential if low-income, water-          as well as experiences from Africa.           This practical manual is a major         will take significant effort and
stressed communities are to make            With chapters by leading scholars             new addition to the resources            finance from international donors,
better and safer use of their existing      and practitioners in sanitation               available for micro-hydro power          multinational and national
water supplies. The book concludes          policy and practice as well as                project and programme managers           governments to scale up successful
by offering suggestions for where           critical reflections from key                 worldwide and represents excellent       pilot projects dramatically to make
donor efforts and research could best       players in CLTS, Shit Matters                 value for such a detailed technical      a significant impact on the poor.
be focused in the near future.              offers important insights into the            reference handbook.
                                                                                                                                   This book presents a call to action
Greywater use in the Middle East is         workings of CLTS on the ground,               ISBN 9781853396465                       to address the energy crisis. It
important reading for researchers,          covering critical aspects of the              2010 • 320 pages
                                                                                                                                   should be read by policy makers in
donors, implementing agencies, and          social, ecological, technological,            £29.95 • €44.95 • $59.95
                                                                                                                                   governments and donor agencies,
policymakers, in the fields of water        financial and institutional dynamics
                                                                                                                                   as well as academics, students and
supply, water reuse, livelihoods and        surrounding CLTS. This book will
                                                                                                                                   programme managers.
agriculture.                                be essential reading for anyone
                                            interested in development, health,                                                     ISBN 9781853396762
ISBN 9781853396984                          public policy and sanitation issues.                                                   2010 • 120 pages
2010 • 198 pages                                                                                                                   £12.95 • €18.95 • $25.95
£14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95                    ISBN 9781853396922
Published in association with the           2010 • 320 pages
International Development Research Centre   £19.95 • €29.95 • $39.95
and the Centre for the Study of the Built   Published in association with the Institute
Environment.                                of Development Studies

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    New and Forthcoming Titles 2010

    The Barefoot Manual                    Understanding                         We Work at Home                             Hygiene Evaluation
    to Working with                        Organizational                        The Training Manual                         Procedures
    Organizations and                      Sustainability through                Compiled by Kate Jehan
                                                                                                                             Approaches and Methods
    Social Change                          African Proverbs                      A training manual designed to               for Assessing Water-
                                                                                 assist organizations or individuals         and Sanitation-Related
    Barefoot Collective                    Insights for Leaders and              to facilitate the building of               Hygiene Practices
                                                                                 independent home-based worker
    This is a practical, do-it-yourself
                                           Facilitators                                                                      Astier M. Almedom,
                                                                                 organizations. Home-based working           Ursula Blumenthal, and
    guide for leaders and facilitators     Chiku Malunga with                    is defined as paid employment
                                           Charles Banda                                                                     Lenore Manderson
    wanting to help organizations to                                             in the home or in a building or
    function and to develop in more                                              yard near the home, for example             This handbook prvides practical
                                           African cultural heritage, passed
    healthy, human and effective                                                 traditional crafts, making clothes          guidelines for evaluating water
                                           on from generation to generation
    ways as they strive to make their                                            and shoes, or basic clerical work.          and sanitation related hygiene
                                           has been the source of guidance
    contributions to a more humane                                               Millions of women around the world          practices for the purposes of project
                                           for African communities in times
    society. The guide includes tried                                            take up this form of employment.            planning, monitoring or impact
                                           of peace, uncertainty, birth, life
    and tested concepts, approaches,                                             However, there is rarely a regular          assessment.
                                           and death. In this book the power
    stories and activities. Its purpose                                          supply of work, and home-based
                                           of traditional wisdom contained                                                   The main focus, therefore, is on
    is to help stimulate and enrich                                              workers do not usually have
                                           in African proverbs is directed at                                                the practical concerns of field
    the practice of anyone supporting                                            any rights such as the right to a
                                           organizational development and                                                    personnel working in water supply,
    organizations and social movements                                           minimum wage, social security,
                                           change. The result is a fresh new                                                 sanitation, and health / hygiene
    in their challenges of working,                                              or a pension. These workers are
                                           perspective on organizational                                                     education projects.
    learning, growing and changing                                               rarely counted in official statistics
                                           management with important                                                         It is also designed to make
    to meet the needs of our complex                                             or recognized by trade unions.
                                           lessons for leaders, consultants,                                                 qualitative research skills
    world. Although it is aimed at                                               Drawing on experience in Asia,
                                           volunteers and expatriates working                                                accessible to practitioners with
    leaders and facilitators of civil                                            Latin America, and eastern Europe,
                                           or preparing to work in Africa.                                                   little or no previous training in
    society organizations, this manual                                           this practical manual outlines
    will be useful to anyone interested    Rooted in proven practice, the book   training in ‘mapping’, a successful         social sciences and emphasizes
    in fostering healthy human             specifically addresses the needs of   strategy for organizing and                 how to gather, review, and interpret
    organization in any sphere of life.    leaders and consultants in African    empowering home-based workers.              qualitative information.
                                           organizations seeking to implement    It presents ideas, activities, and          The use of a variety of sources and
    In this book the authors offer a
                                           performance improvement and           handouts around which a wide                methods is advocated as the best
    perspective on why organizations
                                           organizational change, and            range of training sessions may be           way to obtain complete and reliable
    exist, the real roles they play, and
                                           contains proverb-driven assessment    built.                                      information on the issues under
    on the importance of supporting the
                                           templates for use in workshop                                                     study.
    sovereignty of local organizations                                           ISBN 9781853397158
    and social movements for                                                     2010 • 340 pages • Ring-bound               ISBN 9781853396625
    meaningful social change. You will     ISBN 9781853396526                    £24.95                                      2010 • 228 pages
    find here a range of approaches to     2010 • 96 pages                       Published in association with HomeWorkers   £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                           £9.95 • €14.95 • $19.95               Worldwide
    understanding ourselves and our
    roles as leaders and facilitators,
    as we try and facilitate change
    in organizations. In addition, the
    significance of relationships and
    power dynamics in organizations
    and organizational change
    processes are explored. The manual
    provides some tools for reading
    organizations, including how
    organizations tend to move through
    various phases of development,
    how we might facilitate change
    and the challenges we all face
    in implementing or sustaining
    change. Finally, the guide gives
    support to processes of building
    learning organizations, how we can
    continually learn both from our own
    experiences and the experiences of
    ISBN 9781853397141
    2010 • 172 pages
    £14.95 • €19.95 • $29.95

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Women Feeding Cities                    Livestock Emergency                     Understanding                          Farmer First Revisited
Mainstreaming Gender in                 Guidelines and                          Climate Change                         Innovation for Agricultural
Urban Agriculture and Food              Standards (LEGS)                        Adaptation                             Research and Development
Security                                                                                                               Edited by Ian Scoones and
Edited by Alice Hovorka,                LEGS Project                            Lessons from Community-                John Thompson. Foreword by
Henk De Zeeuw and Mary Njenga                                                   based approaches                       Robert Chambers
                                        Livestock play a crucial part in
Poverty, food insecurity and            people’s livelihoods throughout         Jonathan Ensor and                     Agriculture is an urgent global
malnutrition have become critical       the world and when humanitarian         Rachel Berger                          priority and farmers find themselves
urban problems. Meeting this            emergencies arise, rapid                                                       in the front line of some of the
                                                                                Poor people living in regions
challenge, in many cities around        assistance is needed to protect                                                world’s most pressing issues –
                                                                                affected by fluctuating
the world, women play a crucial         and rebuild the livestock assets                                               climate change, globalization and
                                                                                temperatures and rainfall, sea level
role in household food production,      of affected communities. The                                                   food security. Twenty years ago,
                                                                                rise, flooding and drought bear the
growing vegetables in the gardens       Livestock Emergency Guidelines                                                 the Farmer First workshop held
                                                                                brunt of climate change. These
and vacant urban spaces, raising        and Standards (LEGS) are a                                                     at the Institute of Development
                                                                                communities have no choice but
animals, and trading in fresh           set of international guidelines                                                Studies, University of Sussex, UK,
                                                                                to continue to use the resources at
and cooked foods. They boost            and standards for the design,                                                  launched a movement to encourage
                                                                                their disposal to adapt and survive.
household nutrition as well as          implementation and assessment                                                  farmer participation in agricultural
                                                                                Yet in order to adapt people need to
generating income and building          of livestock interventions to assist                                           research and development (R&D),
                                                                                appreciate that potentially profound
social inclusion among the urban        people affected by humanitarian                                                responding to farmers’ needs
                                                                                changes are in store and that future
poor. Women’s vital contribution,       crises. LEGS expands the                                                       in complex, diverse, risk-prone
                                                                                impacts are deeply uncertain.
however, has largely been neglected     commitment in the Sphere                                                       environments, and promoting
by city officials, economic planners    handbook – the Humanitarian             Understanding Climate Change           sustainable livelihoods and
and development practitioners, who      Charter and Minimum Standards           Adaptation addresses these             agriculture.
have tended to concentrate on the       in Disaster Response – towards          issues and provides responses
                                                                                                                       Since that time, methodological,
industrialization of food production.   supporting livelihood assets, by        to important questions for the
                                                                                                                       institutional and policy experiments
                                        presenting clear and practical          international aid community as
Women Feeding Cities analyses                                                                                          have unfolded around the world.
                                        options for supporting livestock        it seeks to address the impact of
the roles of women and men in                                                                                          Farmer First Revisited returns to the
                                        during and following disasters.         climate change. How can agencies
urban food production, and through                                                                                     debates about farmer participation
                                                                                assist local communities adapting
case studies from three developing      LEGS provides guidance on the                                                  in agricultural R&D and looks to the
                                                                                to change? By what mechanisms
regions suggests how women’s            identification of appropriate                                                  future. With over 60 contributions
                                                                                can communities make the
contribution might be maximized.        livestock responses, followed by                                               from across the world, the book
                                                                                most of emerging information?
In the second part, detailed            detailed information on a number of                                            presents a range of experiences
                                                                                Can effective community-based
guidelines and tools show how to        interventions, namely: destocking,                                             that highlight the importance of
                                                                                approaches be scaled up?
bring women into the mainstream         veterinary services, the provision                                             going beyond a focus on the farm
of urban agriculture research and       of feed, the provision of water,        By combining eight case studies        to the wider innovation system,
development. Providing evidence         livestock shelter and settlement,       from South Asia, Africa and Latin      including market interactions as
from around the world as well as        and restocking. Each technical          America with an overall analytical     well as the wider institutional and
field-tested guidelines, Women          chapter contains minimum                framework, the authors demonstrate     policy environment. If, however,
Feeding Cities is essential reading     standards, key indicators, and          that although communities’             farmers are really to be put first,
for policy makers, planners,            guidance notes, together with           adaptation strategies vary and         a politics of demand is required
researchers and practitioners           decision-making tools and a             depend upon local context, social      in order to shape the direction of
working on urban agriculture            discussion of key cross- cutting        networks play a pivotal role in        these innovation systems. This
programmes.                             issues.                                 accessing useful knowledge and         calls for a major rethinking of
                                                                                resources. Through such networks,      agricultural R&D, the boosting of
ISBN 9781853396854                      LEGS should be read by donors,
                                                                                the key activities of reducing         the knowledge and capacities of
2009 • 408 pages                        programme managers and technical
£19.95 • €29.95 • $39.95                                                        vulnerability, fostering resilience,   farmers’ organizations to innovate,
                                        experts designing or implementing
                                                                                and developing the capacity to         the strengthening of networks and
                                        livestock interventions in disasters.
                                                                                experiment and learn are combined      alliances to support, document
                                        LEGS was developed by a steering
                                                                                and communicated to other              and share lessons on farmer-led
                                        group of professionals from the
                                                                                communities. This book is essential    innovation, and the transformation
                                        Feinstein International Center of
                                                                                reading for NGO practitioners,         of agricultural higher education.
                                        Tufts University, the Food and
                                                                                students, and government and NGO       Farmer First Revisited should be
                                        Agriculture Organization of the
                                                                                policy makers who wish to gain an      read by students, policy makers,
                                        United Nations, the International
                                                                                understanding of what adaptation       development professionals, and
                                        Committee of the Red Cross, the
                                                                                means in theory and practice.          natural and social scientists aiming
                                        African Union and Vétérinaires sans
                                        Frontières, Belgium, working with       ISBN 9781853396830                     to bring the concerns of grassroots
                                        a team of technical writers and         2009 • 208 pages                       farmers to the fore.
                                                                                £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95
                                        contributors from around the world.                                            ISBN 9781853396823
                                                                                                                       2009 • 384 pages
                                        ISBN 9781853396793                                                             £12.95 • €18.95 • $25.95
                                        2009 • 272 pages
                                        £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95

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    Recently Published

    Fuelling Economic                     Climate Change and                       Lightening the Load                      Microfinance and Self
    Growth                                Gender Justice                           Labour-saving Technologies               Help Groups in India
                                                                                   and Practices for Rural
    The Role of Public-                   Edited by Geraldine Terry with                                                    Living up to their promise?
                                          Caroline Sweetman                        Women
    Private Sector Research in                                                                                              Frances Sinha
                                                                                   Marilyn Carr with Maria Hartl
    Development                           Climate change is often framed                                                    ‘This book is honest and bold
    Edited by Michael Graham and          as a problem that needs mainly           Women are central to overcoming
    Jean Woo                                                                       rural poverty. They play a critical      in its assessment of Self-Help
                                          technical and economic solutions.
                                          Climate Change and Gender Justice        role in poverty reduction and            Groups and their effectiveness
    ‘Case studies like these can          considers how gender issues are          food security because they are           at the community level. …
    help de-mystify and make very         entwined with people’s vulnerability     responsible for both production          Practitioners who believe in
    practical the enabling (and           to the effects of climate change,        and reproduction. Rural women            mainstreaming the SHGs,
    confounding) variables in the         and how gender identities and roles      in developing countries have             thereby linking the poor directly
    process of innovation’                may affect women’s and men’s             longer working days than men             with the financial institutions,
                                          perceptions of the changes.              because of their triple roles
    Adi Paterson. CEO designate of                                                                                          will find this book very useful.’
                                                                                   as farmers, caretakers of their
    the Australian Nuclear Science        The vivid case studies in this                                                    Vijayalakshmi Das, CEO, Friends
                                                                                   families and cash earners
    and Technology Organisation,          book show how women and                                                           of Women’s World Banking
                                                                                   through income-generating
    Member of the National Advisory       men in developing countries are
                                                                                   activities and microfinance. In
    Council on Innovation, South          experiencing climate change and                                                   Self-Help Groups (SHGs), a means
                                                                                   addition, increasing drought and
    Africa                                describe their efforts to adapt                                                   of reaching rural women with
                                                                                   deforestation in many parts of the
                                          their ways of making a living to                                                  savings and credit services, have
                                                                                   world make women’s workload even
    ‘This books constitutes an            ensure survival, often against                                                    taken off dramatically in India,
                                                                                   more burdensome as they have to
    important contribution to the         extraordinary odds. Contributors                                                  where an estimated 25 million
                                                                                   walk ever-longer distances to find
                                          also examine how gender-equality                                                  women are members. Their benefits
    understanding of the conceptual                                                firewood and clean water.
                                          concerns should be integrated                                                     are social as well as economic:
    framework under which science         into international negotiations and      The multiple roles of women can          SHGs encourage women to become
    and innovation have evolved in        agreements on climate change             act as an obstacle to development        active in village affairs, or take
    developing countries’                 mitigation and adaptation to             interventions, which often put           action against domestic violence,
    Carlos Aguirre-Bastos, Visiting       ensure that new policies do not          additional pressure on women’s           the dowry system, or the lack of
    Researcher, Austrian Research         disadvantage poor women, but             time. Women’s heavy workload             schools.
    Centre                                rather deliver them some benefits.       reduces the time available for
                                                                                                                            But some questions remain. How
                                                                                   participation in project-related
                                          ‘No climate justice without                                                       effective and transparent are the
                                                                                   activities or affects their ability to
    The private sector is playing an      gender justice’; the rallying call                                                groups in managing their finances?
                                                                                   care for their families. Ensuring
    increasingly important role in        by lobbyists at the 2007 UN                                                       Are the groups sustainable? Do
                                                                                   women’s access to labour-saving
    funding scientific research. As       Climate Change Conference in                                                      the poorest benefit? What does it
                                                                                   technologies for water, energy
    public sector research declines       Bali continues to resonate as                                                     take for SHGs to mobilize for social
                                                                                   and farm-related activities is
    in the countries of the North         international negotiations on how to                                              action? How effective are such
                                                                                   fundamental, and the need for such
    and the South, research and           tackle and adapt to climate change                                                actions?
                                                                                   technologies is greater than it has
    development carried out by the        become more urgent.                                                               For the first time, detailed field
                                                                                   ever been before.
    private sector becomes more           ISBN 9781853396939                                                                research probes beneath the
    important for innovations that have   2009 • 224 pages
                                                                                   This timely publication looks back       surface of India’s world-renowned
    economic potential. In some cases     £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95                 at three decades of experiences          SHGs. It explores both social
    networks between local firms and      Published in association with Oxfam GB   in introducing labour-saving             and financial performance in the
    multinationals can support learning                                            technologies and practices to rural      SHG movement. This text reveals
    which leads to economic growth.                                                women and in combating persistent        that whilst there are important
    What are the policies which support                                            gender discrimination in access and      achievements, especially on the
    such partnerships and what are                                                 control. It also takes into account      social side, without more strategic
    the institutional arrangements that                                            major developments in science,           attention and more resources these
    foster research?                                                               technology and innovation over the       are unlikely to be sustainable.
                                                                                   last several years and shows they
    Seven case studies from Argentina,                                                                                      ISBN 9781853396564
                                                                                   can benefit women.
    China, Costa Rica, El Salvador,                                                                                         2009 • 180 pages
    Tanzania, Peru, the Philippines and                                            ISBN 9781853396892                       £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
    Vietnam examine how policies have                                              2009 • 76 pages                          Not available from Practical Action
                                                                                   £12.95 • €18.95 • $25.95                 Publishing in South Asia
    been developed and implemented
                                                                                   Published in association with IFAD
    to encourage innovation.
    ISBN: 9781853396755
    2009 • 288 pages
    £19.95 • €29.95 • $39.95
    Published in association with IDRC,

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The Poor and their                        Uncharted Territory                     Speaking Out                            Women’s Leadership
Money                                     Land, Conflict and                      Case Studies on How Poor                and Participation
                                          Humanitarian Action                     People Influence Decision-
Microfinance from a Twenty-                                                       making                                  Case Studies on Learning for
                                          Edited by Sara Pantuliano
First Century Consumer’s                                                                                                  Action
                                                                                  Edited by Nikki van der Gaag
Perspective                               Disputes over land often start          and Jo Rowlands                         Edited by Joanna Hoare and
Second Edition                            conflicts; and land is often a key                                              Fiona Gell
                                          issue when refugees and internally      Many poor people around the world
Stuart Rutherford with                    displaced people attempt to return      are denied the opportunity to have      Women are often denied the right
Sukhwinder Arora                          home when the conflict is over.         their say. Politics generally works     to participate in decision-making,
The Microfinance revolution is            Access to land affects people’s         well for those in power, but those      whether as active citizens, or as
usually considered to have been           choice to return and their prospects    in poverty are often excluded from      leaders. In particular, women
led by the NGOs, donor agencies,          of recovery. Yet humanitarian           forums that directly affect their       living in poverty often have little
and more recently banks who offer         agencies largely neglect these wider    welfare and so are unable to hold       opportunity to influence decisions
poor people financial services. But       issues on the basis that they are too   decision-makers to account.             and policies that will have a
what can we learn from the ways           complex and politically sensitive,                                              direct impact on the welfare of
                                                                                  Speaking Out describes different
that poor people already manage           and that they lie in the mandate                                                themselves, their communities, and
                                                                                  ways to strengthen the participation
their money? What are the essential       of development or human rights                                                  their livelihoods.
                                                                                  of people in poverty so that they
elements that they prize so much          organizations.                                                                  Encouraging more women to
                                                                                  become active citizens and shape
that they are willing to pay high         Uncharted Territory bridges the         policy decisions. The book includes     participate in decision-making
interest rates to money lenders, or       humanitarian and land tenure            different approaches, lessons           will ensure that their perspectives
spend time and energy setting up          divide and seeks to understand how      learned, and useful case study          and needs are represented. This
elaborate savings clubs? The Poor         housing, land and property issues       examples on issues ranging from         book brings together lessons and
and Their Money emphasizes the            can and should be practically           local community budget monitoring       experience in building up women’s
pivotal role of savings in the lives of   incorporated into humanitarian          to popular mobilization and media       involvement from Oxfam GB and its
the poor, and in so doing overturns       responses. The book explores the        work. The chapters show that            partners.
the common misconception that             theoretical nexus between land,         addressing a lack of ability to speak   Women’s Leadership and
they are ‘too poor to save’.              conflict and humanitarianism,           out against injustice, as well as the   Participation illustrates
Building on the huge acclaim              discusses the challenges for a more     more tangible issues, can make a        methodological approaches and
that followed its first publication,      integrated response, and presents       big difference to people’s ability      learning points, covering a range of
the second edition of The Poor            the findings of case studies from       to achieve greater well-being and       issues, from women’s participation
and Their Money brings readers            Angola, Colombia, Rwanda, and           to get out of poverty, and so work      in national elections to female
up to date with microfinance              Sudan.                                  towards a point where poor and          decision-making in community
developments in the twenty first          This book should be read by             marginalized women and men are          livelihood initiatives. It asks the
century, including India’s self-help      humanitarian aid workers,               more able to access their rights.       questions: what are the structural
group movement, village banks,            policy analysts, academics, and         ISBN 9781853396953                      barriers to women’s leadership and
and microfinance on Wall Street.          government officials in developing      2009 • 148 pages                        participation? How can women be
It also describes the most detailed       countries.                              £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95                encouraged to take up leadership
accounts to date of poor people’s                                                 Published in association with Oxfam     positions? Once they are leading,
                                          ISBN: 9781853396878
day-to-day financial strategies –         2009 • 256 pages                                                                how can women (and men) be
their financial diaries.                  £15.95 • €23.95 • $31.95                                                        supported to carry out their roles
The book’s clarity and avoidance                                                                                          effectively and for progressive
of jargon make it appealing not                                                                                           purposes?
only to microfinance students and                                                                                         ISBN 9781853396960
practitioners, but to general readers                                                                                     2009 • 146 pages
as well.                                                                                                                  £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95
ISBN: 9781853396885                                                                                                       Published in association with Oxfam
2009 • 192 pages
£15.95 • €23.95 • $31.95

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 Recently Published / Development General

                                                                              Significant proportions of           understanding of the rights-based
                                         Development                          aid already flow through the         approach to development and
                                                                              nongovernmental sector but           reveals the potential that it offers
                                         General                              questions are increasingly being
                                                                              asked about the role of NGOs
                                                                                                                   in ongoing efforts to secure more
                                                                                                                   equitable as well as more effective
                                                                              and whether they can deliver on      and inclusionary development
                                                                              their ambitious claims. This study   outcomes.
                                                                              examines conditionality and mutual
                                                                              commitment between international     ‘This excellent book provides a
                                                                              aid donors and recipient NGOs,       concise, clearly written overview
                                                                              North and South.
                                                                                                                   of key issues in the theory and
                                                                              ISBN 9781853396267                   practice of rights in relation to
                                                                              2006 • 256 pages
                                                                              £17.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                                                   Latin American development
                                                                                                                   NGOs. Wide-ranging and up-to-
 Expanding Energy                                                                                                  date, it should be essential
 Access in Developing                                                          SERIES                              reading for staff in development
                                                                                                                   agencies of all kinds, as well as
 Countries                                                                     Viewpoints                          an indispensable text for students
                                                                                                                   and researchers in the field.’
 The Role of Mechanical                 A New Weave of                        The Viewpoints series                Dr David Lewis, London School of
 Power                                  Power, People, and                    presents research and                Economics
 Liz Bates, Steven Hunt,
 Smail Khennas and Nararya              Politics                              opinion from authors
                                                                              who seek to influence
                                                                                                                   ISBN 9781853395680
                                                                                                                   2003 • 176 pages
 Sastrawinata                                                                                                      £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                        The Action Guide for Advocacy         contemporary debates
 Mechanical power has long been         and Citizen Participation             on policy and practice in
 recognised as crucial for some of
 the most fundamental services          Lisa VeneKlasen with
                                        Valerie Miller
                                                                              international development.           Social Progress
                                                                              Aimed at the concerned
 required for human development.
 For centuries, water pumping, food     This guide builds on the authors’     general reader as well as the
                                                                                                                   and Sustainable
 processing, and manufacturing ,
 amongst other productive uses,
                                        50 years of combined experience
                                        in advocacy, gender, human
                                                                              specialist, these books offer        Development
 have been enhanced by the              rights, popular education, and        the most up-to-date analysis
 application of mechanical power.                                                                                  Neil Thin
                                        social change. These collective       available, in an accessible
 Recent technological advances          experiences were gathered in Asia,                                         ‘This wide ranging study... brings
 in mechanical power have further
                                                                              and affordable format.
                                        Africa, Latin America, the Middle                                          the ethics back into development
 enhanced productivity and reduced      East, Europe, the former Soviet                                            thinking.’
 the drudgery of human labour
 associated with these tasks.
                                        Union, and North America, and they
                                        range from participatory research
                                                                              The State They’re In                 David Marsden,
 However, in spite of the undoubted                                                                                Research Director, INTRAC
                                        and community development, to
 importance of mechanical power         neighbourhood organizing and legal
                                                                              An Agenda for International
 in meeting every day energy needs      rights education, to large-scale      Action on Poverty in Africa          Written for non-specialist readers
 at a local level, it is generally      campaign advocacy.                    Second Edition                       who seek a rounded appreciation
 under-appreciated to the point that                                                                               of the social dimensions of
 there is an almost complete lack of    ISBN 9781853396441                    Matthew Lockwood                     development, this is a useful
                                        2007 • 360 pages
 official data and documentation of                                                                                theoretical guide and source of
                                        £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95            ‘Brilliant perspective and
 its role.                                                                                                         practical inspiration to planners
                                                                              analysis crammed with insight,       and analysts in public, civil, and
 Expanding Energy Access in                                                   ideas and new thought. One of        private sectors, and all students of
 Developing Countries surveys
 the variety of mechanical power
                                        Negotiating the                       the most important books on          development.
 applications and options available,
 and argues that they should be
                                        Seed Treaty                           Africa’s condition today.’
                                                                              Bob Geldof
                                                                                                                   ISBN 9781853395567
                                                                                                                   2002 • 192 pages
 given more consideration by                                                                                       £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                        Stuart Coupe and Roger Lewins
 policy makers and practitioners                                              ‘an important book…Everybody
 responsible for improving energy       Drawing on research and               who is interested in the future of
 access for poor communities            contemporary writing on conflict,     Africa should read it.’
 worldwide. The authors further         NGOs, and peace-building, this
                                        book provides an overview of key      Larry Elliott, Guardian
 argue that at a time when
 governments and international          theoretical and policy debates
 agencies are looking with increasing   surrounding the changing role of      ‘Of the many books that have
 urgency at effective local energy      NGOs and donors in situations of      crossed my desk…at last here is
 solutions, driven by concerns          armed conflict, highlights the main   the one that hits the bullseye.’
 over energy security and climate       research findings, and outlines the   Richard Dowden, Director,
 change, mechanical power must be       implications for improving policy     The Royal African Society
 considered alongside cooking fuels     and practice.
 and electricity in meeting basic       ISBN 9781853396281                    ISBN 9781853396403
 energy needs.                          2007 • 64 pages                       2006 • 208 pages
                                        £15.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95            £12.95 • €19.95 • US$24.95
 This publication will be of interest
 to anyone seeking an overview of                                                                                  Whose Reality
 mechanical power and its use in
 pro-poor development work and          The Aid Chain                         Doing the Rights                     Counts?
 should be required reading for
 programme planners at national         Coercion and Commitment in
                                                                              Thing                                Putting the First Last
 and local level.                       Development NGOs                                                           Robert Chambers
                                                                              Rights-based Development
 ISBN 97818533987042                    Tina Wallace, Lisa Bornstein, and     and Latin American NGOs              The classic text, arguing that
 2010 • 172 pages
 £12.95 • €16.95 • $25.95
                                        Jennifer Chapman                      Maxine Molyneux                      central issues in development
                                                                              and Sian Lazar                       have been overlooked, and that
                                        ‘...scholarly and readable...this                                          many past errors have flowed from
                                        work will be a classic.’              Doing the Rights Thing contributes   domination by those with power.
                                        Tony Benn                             to the creation of a fuller

10                     Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                                            Development General

ISBN 9781853393860
1997 • 320 pages                        Disappearing                           SERIES                                The Life Industry
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$24.95
                                        Peasantries?                           Fundraising                           Biodiversity, People
                                                                                                                     and Profits
The Alms Bazaar                         Rural Labour in Africa, Asia           Close to Home                         Miges Baumann, Janet Bell,
                                        and Latin America                                                            Florianne Koechlin, and
Altruism Under Fire —                   Edited by Deborah Bryceson,           Three practical guides for             Michael Pimbert
Nonprofit Organizations and             Cristobal Kay, and Jos Mooij
                                                                              organizations seeking to               ISBN 9781853393419
International Development               Includes rich case study material     increase their financial
                                                                                                                     1996 • 216 pages
                                                                                                                     £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
Ian Smillie                             from Asia, Africa, and Latin          independence through
                                        America to illustrate the pressures
Written by an insider, this study of                                          fundraising.
international development agencies
                                        and opportunities that have
                                        befallen peasants, leading them
                                                                                                                      Also on this subject
ranges from Biafra to Rwanda, from      to ‘diversify’ into a number of                                              The Barefoot Revolution
administrative costs to participatory
                                        occupations and non-agricultural      Building Credibility                   A Report to the Club of Rome
                                        income-earning avenues.
                                                                                                                     Bertrand Schneider
ISBN 9781853393013
                                        ISBN 9781853394775                    The Foundation for                     ISBN 9781853390371
1995 • 304 pages
£17.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95
                                        2000 • 344 pages                      Fundraising                            1988 • 264pages
                                        £17.95 • €26.95 • US$33.95                                                   £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                              Elizabeth Westman Wilson
                                                                                                                     The Barefoot Book
Development and                                                               Describes how staff, boards of
                                                                              directors, and volunteers all
                                                                                                                     Economically Appropriate Services for
                                                                                                                     the Rural Poor
the Challenge of                                                              play important roles in building
                                                                              credibility with potential donors,
                                                                                                                     Marilyn Carr
                                                                                                                     ISBN 1853390142
Globalization                                                                 and includes specific steps to         1989 • 104 pages
                                                                                                                     £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                              achieve a credible long-range plan
Edited by Peter Newell,                                                       and an easy-to-understand financial
                                                                              plan are described in detail.          Breaking the Chains
Shirin M. Rai and Andrew Scott                                                                                       Collective Action for Social Justice
                                                                              ISBN 9781853395338                     Among the Rural Poor in Bangladesh
Understanding globalization is                                                2001 • 200 pages                       Bosse Kramsjo and Geoffrey Wood
key for the future of development.                                            £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95             ISBN 9781853390241
This book takes a critical look                                                                                      1992 • 112 pages
at the trends associated with                                                                                        £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
globalization and assesses what
                                                                              Building Structures
they mean for traditional practices     Aiding Peace?                                                                Reaching the Unreached
of development.                                                               and Skills for                         Challenges for the 21st Century
                                                                                                                     John Pickford
ISBN 9781853394928
2002 • 224 pages
                                        The Role of NGOs in
                                        Armed Conflict
                                                                              Fundraising                            ISBN 9781853394126
                                                                                                                     1997 • 204 pages
£16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95                                                                                           £19.95 • €29.95 • US$37.95
                                        Jonathan Goodhand                     Elizabeth Westman Wilson
                                                                                                                     Towards Village Industry
Learning from Gal Oya                   Drawing on research and
                                        contemporary writing on conflict,
                                                                              Describes the necessary
                                                                              preparations for a fundraising
                                                                                                                     A Strategy for Development
                                        NGOs, and peace-building, this                                               L. Berg, K. Nimpuno, and
                                                                              campaign — the role of the leader,     R. van Zwanenberg
Possibilities for Participatory         book provides an overview of key      the board, volunteers, and strategic   ISBN 9780903031523
Development and Post-                   theoretical and policy debates        alliances, and ways to fight fear of   1978 • 88 pages
Newtonian Social Science                surrounding the changing role of      fundraising.                           £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
Norman Uphoff                           NGOs and donors in situations of
                                                                              Outlines the practical essentials      Bangladesh
                                        armed conflict, highlights the main
                                                                              of an effective communications         Whose Ideas, Whose Interests?
Recounts the drama of a                 research findings, and outlines the
                                                                              programme, from personal contacts
remarkably successful experiment        implications for improving policy                                            Geoffrey Wood
                                                                              to obtaining good media coverage,      ISBN 9781853392467
that introduced farmer organization     and practice.
                                                                              and making the Internet work for       1994 • 600 pages
for self-managed development in         ISBN 9781853396328                    you.                                   £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
the largest and most run-down           2006 • 192 pages
conflict-ridden irrigation system in    £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95            ISBN 9781853395345                     The Other Policy
                                                                              2001 • 208 pages
Sri Lanka.                              Not available from Practical Action                                          The Influences of Policy on
                                                                              £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                        Publishing in the USA                                                        Technology Choice and Small
ISBN 9781853393518                                                                                                   Enterprise Development
1996 • 464 pages
                                                                                                                     Frances Stewart, Henk Thomas, and
£19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                        Policy                                Building Fundraising                   Ton De Wilde
                                                                                                                     ISBN 9781859930593

Challenging                             Entrepreneurship for                  Programs to Attract                    1990 • 512 pages
                                                                                                                     £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95

the Professions                         Poverty Reduction                     Community Support                      Science and Technology
                                                                                                                     Lessons for Development Policy
                                        Edited by Julius Court and            Elizabeth Westman Wilson
Frontiers for Rural                     Simon Maxwell
                                                                                                                     R. Evenson and G. Ranis
                                                                              Describes many approaches              ISBN 9781853390623
Development                                                                                                          1990 • 408 pages
                                        This book is essential reading        to attracting support from the
Robert Chambers                                                                                                      £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                        for researchers and analysts          community including: fundraising
Questioning the dominant                in international development          events; income-generating              When Aid is No Help
approaches taken by many                who want the lessons of their         businesses; donation boxes;            How Projects Fail and How They Could
professionals concerned with            research converted into changes in    mail and telephone campaigns;          Succeed
rural development, the theme            government and aid agency policy.     electronic fundraising; and applying   John Madeley
of this book is that ‘we’ — the         Also important for policymakers       for local grants.                      ISBN 9781853390777
                                                                                                                     1991 • 148 pages
professionals — are much of the         and practitioners who want their      ISBN 9781853395352                     £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95
problem. New frontiers could be         policies to be more evidence based.   2001 • 288 pages
opened by reversing many ideas                                                £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                        ISBN 9781853396427
and practices.                          2006 • 160 pages
                                        £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
ISBN 9781853391941
1993 • 160 pages                        Published in association with the
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95              Overseas Development Institute.

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                               11
 Development – General / Development Practice

 The State of World                                                           extension officer and NGO should
 Rural Poverty                         Development                            have a copy.’
 An Inquiry into its Causes and
 Consequences                          Practice                               Bob Linney, Heath Images

 Idriss Jazairy, Mohiuddin Alamgir,
 and Theresa Panuccio                                                         A simple to use catalogue,
 ISBN 9781853391484                                                           containing a wealth of
 1992 • 542 pages                                                             illustrations, with a unique
 £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                                                   combination of written text and
 The Experience of Poverty                                                    visual aids, this second edition
 Fighting for Respect and Resources                                           now comes with a FREE CD-ROM
 in Village India                                                             (fixed to inside back cover).
 Tony Beck                                                                    ISBN 9781853396137
 ISBN 97818533921849                                                          2007 • 208 pages
 1994 • 232 pages                                                             £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                                                           Training for
 Hungry for Hope
 On the Cultural and Communicative                                            Inside NGOs                             Transformation
 Developments in Equatorial Ecuador                                                                                   (Books 1-3)
 Carmen Hess
 ISBN 9781853394034
                                      A Network Research                      Learning to Manage Conflicts
                                                                              Between Headquarters and                A Handbook for Community
 1997 • 128 pages
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95           Approach                                Field Offices                           Workers
                                                                              Naoki Suzuki                            Anne Hope and Sally Timmel
 Time to Listen                       A Guide to Conducting
 The Human Aspect In Development      Research in a Network Setting           This book concentrates on the           These three volumes have, as their
 Laurence Taylor and Peter Jenkins    Kate Czuczman                           tension that arises between             basic philosophy, the belief that we
 ISBN 9781853390043                                                           headquarters and field offices          should all participate in making this
 1989 • 80 pages                      This hands-on guide to conducting                                               world a more just place to live in.
                                                                              relating to areas such as flexibility
 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                      research in a network setting was       and consistency in administrative       Integrates the approaches of Paulo
 Arriving Where We Started            developed by the International          practice, diversity and similarity of   Freire and Manfred Max Neef,
 25 Years of Voluntary Service        Forum for Rural Transport and           NGO staff, and field-orientated and     together with social analysis.
 Overseas                             Development (IFRTD) in order            organizationally-oriented attitudes
                                      share their research approach           of staff.                               ISBN 9781853393532
 Michael Edwards                                                                                                      1995 • 552 pages
 ISBN 9780903031929                   with other networks. Working            Suggests ways to resolve areas of       £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
 1983 • 216 pages                     from a philosophy of knowledge          conflict.
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95           that is inclusive, democratic
                                                                              ISBN 9781853394133
 Supporting Citizens’ Initiatives
 Bangladesh’s NGOs and Society
                                      and which values South-South
                                      exchange, IFRTD have sought             1998 • 264 pages
                                                                              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                                                      Training for
 Richard Holloway
                                      to bring together practitioners
                                      with researchers to combine
                                                                                                                      (Book 4)
 ISBN 9781853394287
 1998 • 240 pages                     detailed experiences of complex
 £16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95           development issues with the rigour
                                      of research practice. This handbook
                                                                                                                      A Handbook for
                                      sets out in a straightforward way the
                                                                                                                      Community Workers
 SEE ALSO                             principles of networked research
                                      and how to conduct and use that                                                 Anne Hope and Sally Timmel
 Participation section on page 15     research to leverage change.
                                                                                                                      Book 4 focuses on five issues of
                                      ISBN: 9781853396618                                                             concern to communities throughout
                                      2008 • 60 pages                                                                 the world: the environment,
                                      £11.95 • €17.95 • $23.95
                                                                                                                      gender and development, ethnic
                                                                                                                      and racial conflict, intercultural
                                                                                                                      understanding, and building
                                      Sharing Power for                                                               participatory governance.
                                      Development                             Methods in                              ISBN 9781853394614
                                                                                                                      1999 • 304 pages

                                      Experiences in Local
                                                                              Development                             £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95

                                      Governance and                          Research
                                                                              Combining Qualitative and
                                                                                                                      Networking for
                                      Lilith Schaerer and Karin Fueg
                                      ISBN 9781853396687                      Quantitative Approaches                 Development
                                      2008 • 56 pages                         Edited by Jeremy Holland with
                                      £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95                John Campbell                           Paul Starkey

                                                                              The first book to explain how           The first comprehensive survey
                                      Where There is No                       practitioners and researchers
                                                                              can make the most effective use
                                                                                                                      and synthesis of networking, and a
                                                                                                                      concise practical manual for people
                                      Artist                                  of the range of research tools at       who are involved in networks or who
                                                                                                                      may be thinking of establishing
                                                                              their disposal by combining two
                                                                              approaches to social research:          one.
                                      Development Drawings and
                                      How to Use Them                         statistical, numbers-based,             Part One discusses the benefits
                                                                              quantitative research on the            and problems of networks in
                                      Second Edition                          one hand, and people-centred,           general, and sets out guidelines for
                                      Petra Rohr-Rouendaal                    participatory, qualitative research     successful networking, with several
                                                                              on the other.                           short case studies, from, among
                                      ‘the world’s best illustrator for                                               others, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, and
                                                                              ISBN 9781853395727
                                      development has created…an              2005 • 256 pages                        Kenya.
                                      unparalleled resource for anyone        £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
                                                                                                                      To illustrate these points more fully,
                                      who needs to communicate                                                        part two contains a more detailed
                                      about health, development, and                                                  case study of animal traction
                                      social issues. Every field worker,

12                       Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                                                  Development Practice

networks in Africa. A useful list of   Describes the key principles and                                                 Vocational Training in the
contacts and resource materials is     tools of consensual negotiation          Also on this subject                    Community
also included.                         with examples from around the           How to Run a Small                       The Design, Implementation and
                                       developing world.                                                                Quality Control of Integrated Training
ISBN 9781853394300                                                             Development Project
1998 • 104 pages                       Includes group and individual                                                    Reinhard Skinner
                                                                               A ‘Geneva Group’                         ISBN 9781853394249
£9.95 • €14.95 • US21.95               exercises.                              ISBN 9780946688470                       1998 • 112 pages
                                       ISBN 9781853395321                      1986 (reprinted 2000) • 54 pages         £12.95 • €19.95 • US$29.95
                                                                               £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
You Pay for
                                       2001 • 160 pages
                                       £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                                                       Skills for Life
                                                                               Manual of Practical Management
What You Get                                                                   for Third World Rural
                                                                                                                        Experiences of Training in Three
                                                                                                                        Developing Countries

From Budget Financing to
                                       Bridging Research and                   Development Associations,
                                                                               Volume 1
                                                                                                                        Dennis Frost
                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781853390814
Results Based Payments                 Policy in Development                   Organization, Administration,
                                                                                                                        1991 • 144 pages
                                                                                                                        £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
Markus Arbenz
                                                                               Fernand Vincent                          Co-operative Organization
                                       Evidence and the Change                 ISBN 9781853394041
Features four case studies from        Process                                                                          An Introduction
                                                                               1997 • 240 pages
ex-Soviet Union, Asia, and Africa,                                             £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95               B. Youngjohns
to show how development projects       Julius Court, Ingie Hovland, and                                                 ISBN 9780903031434
can be financed through payments       John Young, with a Foreword by          Manual of Practical Management           1977 • 36 pages
for the results instead of through     Simon Maxwell                                                                    £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
                                                                               for Third World Rural
funding of inputs. The nature of       A crucial book for international        Development Associations,                The Work of a Co-operative
services, their quantity, quality,     development researchers who             Volume 2
and price are the centre of interest                                                                                    Committee
                                       want the lessons of their research      Financial Management                     A Programme Learning Text
rather than micromanagement            converted into changes in               Fernand Vincent                          Peter Yeo
issues.                                government and aid agency policy.       ISBN 9781853394058                       ISBN 9780903031530
Describes practical examples,                                                  1997 • 208 pages                         1978 • 88 pages
                                       International policy making is          £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
analyzes successes, points out                                                                                          £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                       extremely complex and little
critical issues, and suggests          studied. This book reviews what         Two-volume Set
preconditions for the transfer of                                              ISBN 9781853395529
                                                                                                                        An Introduction to Co-operatives
                                       we do already know and provides                                                  A Programmed Learning Text
lessons learnt to other contexts.      a conceptual framework for future
                                                                               448 pages
                                                                               £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95               Trevor Bottomley
ISBN 9781853396212                     research. Through four case studies,                                             ISBN 9780903031639
2005 • 56 pages                        ranging from local to international,    Wealth Ranking                           1979 • 68 pages
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95             and from theory to practice, it                                                  £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                               in Smallholder Communities
                                       explores the vital importance of        A Field Manual
                                       cultures and structures, people,                                                 Office Management for
Managing for a                         places, and timing.
                                                                               Barbara Grandin
                                                                               ISBN 9781853390050
                                                                                                                        A Self-Teaching Text
                                                                               1988 • 60 pages
                                       International development work
                                                                               £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95               John Launder
                                       attracts some of the most intelligent                                            ISBN 9780903031738
                                       entrants to the world of public         Managing the Globalized                  1980 • 104 pages
How to Run Community                   service, young people who want                                                   £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
Development Projects                                                           Environment
                                       their commitment to the shaping         Local Strategies to Secure Livelihoods
Anthony Davies                         of a better world to be reflected in                                             The Copy Book
                                                                               TiiaRiitta Granfelt                      Copyright-Free Illustrations
                                       the policies of the ministries and      ISBN 9781853394515
A guide to all the stages of           agencies they have joined. This                                                  for Development
                                                                               1999 • 198 pages
development project planning and       book will help to explain to those      £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95               Selected and introduced by Bob Linney
management, from concept to                                                                                             and Bruce Wilson
                                       young people, and to their leaders                                               ISBN 978094668449
completion.                            in the international development        Human Rights of Street                   1988 (reprinted 1995) • 128 pages
Topics covered include problem         community, how to bring about the       and Working Children                     £14.95 • €22.95 • US$26.95
identification, mobilizing a           changes in policy that will promote     A Practical Manual for Advocates
group, solution identification and     a true pro-poor development, based      Iain Byrne
planning, resource identification      on the evidence of what works.          ISBN 9781853394492
                                                                               1998 • 288 pages
                                                                                                                        SEE ALSO
and cost estimating, project           ISBN 9781853396038                      £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95               Participation section on page 15
funding, basic book-keeping            2005 • 228 pages
and records, project supervision,      £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                                                               To the Hands of the Poor Water
project execution, and post-project                                            and Trees
                                                                               Robert Chambers, N. Saxena, and
Each chapter ends with exercises       Mastering the                           Tushaar Shah
                                                                               ISBN 9781853390470
to help test the new knowledge
and reinforce the lessons in good      Machine Revisited                       1989 • 304 pages
                                                                               £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
ISBN 9781853393990
                                       Poverty, Aid and Technology             Building in Partnership with
1997 • 176 pages                       Ian Smillie                             the Maasai
£13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95                                                     Nashetu-E-Maa
                                       ‘This book is as relevant for           ISBN 9781853392269
                                       practitioners of 30 years as it is      1999 • 24 pages

Complex Problems,                      for undergraduates new to the           £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95

                                       field because it reviews what
Negotiated Solutions                   is going on in light of what has
                                                                               Survival of the Fitter
                                                                               Lives of some African Engineers
                                       gone before. The development            John Powell
Tools to Reduce Conflict in            community will benefit from             ISBN 9781853393167
Community Development                  reading it’.                            1995 • 144 pages
                                                                               £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
Michael Warner
Offers strategies, principles, and     ISBN 9781853395079                      Educating for Real
                                       2000 • 304 pages                        The Training of Professionals for
tools to reduce development-           £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95              Development Practice
induced disputes and interpersonal
                                                                               Nabeel Hamdi
conflict as obstacles to achieving                                             ISBN 9781853393334
sustainable rural livelihoods.                                                 1996 • 224 pages
                                                                               £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                                13
 Disasters and Emergencies

  Disasters and                               Hygiene Evaluation                                                             efforts must support and enhance
                                                                                                                             existing capacities.
  Emergencies                                                                                                                ISBN 9781853394393
                                                                                                                             1998 • 352 pages
                                                                                                                             £19.95 • €29.95
                                              See page 6 for further details.
                                                                                                                             Not available from Practical Action
                                                                                                                             Publishing in the USA

                                              Disaster Risk
                                              Management                                                                     The Humanitarian
                                              and Reconstruction                                                             Companion
                                              in Latin America                                                               A Guide for International Aid,
                                                                                      The practical handbook is for all      Development and Human
                                              See page 6 for further details.         relief workers involved in giving      Rights Workers
                                                                                      humanitarian assistance in the
                                                                                      aftermath of an emergency.             John H. Ehrenreich
                                                                                      This second edition has been           A welcome companion for all
                                                                                                                             humanitarian workers, and an
 Beyond Relief                                                                        extensively revised and updated
                                                                                      based on feedback from users in        essential tool for those training
                                                                                      the field, including experience        them.
 Food Security in Protracted                                                          from cooler climates and European      How to prepare both practically and
 Crisis                                                                               emergencies.                           emotionally for the wide range of
 Edited by Luca Alinovi,                                                                                                     everyday challenges, dangers, and
 Günter Hemrich, and Luca Russo                                                       PVC cover with CD-ROM                  insecurities.
                                                                                      ISBN 9781853395451
 Beyond Relief demonstrates how                                                       2002 • 736 pages                       ISBN 9781853396014
                                                                                      £70.00 • €105.00 • US$140.00           2005 • 184 pages
 food security means different things                                                                                        £16.95 • €24.95 • $US33.95
 in different contexts while also                                                     Paperback
 advocating a crosscutting learning
                                              Hygiene Promotion
                                                                                      ISBN 9781853395215
 process for longer-term approaches
 to protracted crisis.
                                                                                      2002 • 736 pages
                                                                                      £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                                                                                                              Also on this subject
                                              A Practical Manual for Relief                                                  Famine Early Warning and
 ISBN 9781853396601                           and Development                                                                Response
 2008 • 272 pages
 £17.95 • €26.95 • $35.95                     Second Edition
                                                                                      Extreme Emergencies                    The Missing Link
                                                                                                                             Margaret Buchanan-Smith
 Published in association with the Food
                                              Suzanne Ferron, Joy Morgan, and         Humanitarian Assistance to             and Susanna Davies
                                              Marion O’Reilly                                                                ISBN 9781853392917
 and Agriculture Organization of the United                                           Civilian Populations following         1995 • 242 pages
                                              Written particularly for fieldworkers   Chemical, Biological,                  £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                              on projects or programmes aiming        Radiological, Nuclear and
                                              to reduce the incidence of water-       Explosive Incidents                    Nutrition Matters
                                              and sanitation-related diseases,                                               People, Food and Famine
                                                                                      — A Sourcebook
                                              this fully revised second edition                                              Helen Young and Susanne Jaspars
                                              is also useful for other relief and
                                                                                      Anthea Sanyasi                         ISBN 9781853392436
                                                                                                                             1995 • 168 pages
                                              development workers, particularly       The first comprehensive and            £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                              those working in the fields of          detailed sourcebook to offer
                                              community development, health,          humanitarian organizations             Rural Vulnerability to Famine
                                              and engineering.                        essential information on how to        in Ethiopia
                                              ISBN 9781853396410                      prepare for the key man-made           1958-1977
                                              2007 • 256 pages                        disasters which they may have to       Mesfin Mariam
                                              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95              face in an ever more dangerous         ISBN 9780946688036
                                                                                      world.                                 1986 • 208 pages
                                                                                                                             £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95

 Managing                                     Development in                          Researched by staff from the
                                                                                      UK medical relief agency Merlin        Disaster Mitigation,

 Humanitarian Relief                          Disaster-Prone Places                   drawing together key international
                                                                                      expertise and experience.
                                                                                                                             Preparedness and Response
                                                                                                                             An Audit of UK Assets
                                              Studies of Vulnerability                ISBN 9781853396021                     David Sanderson, Ian Davis, John Twigg,
 An Operational Guide for                     James Lewis
                                                                                      2004 • 240 pages                       and Belinda Cowden
                                                                                      £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95             ISBN 9781853393310
 NGOs                                                                                                                        1995 • 160 pages
 Eric James                                   Addresses the long-overdue                                                     £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                              imbalance in disaster management:
 Managing Humanitarian Relief is              an over-emphasis on post-disaster       Rising from the Ashes                  Mitigating the Millennium
 aimed at relief workers charged              assistance and a lack of attention                                             Proceedings of a Seminar on
 with putting together a programme                                                                                           Community Participation and
                                              to vulnerability reduction.             Development Strategies                 Impact Measurement in Disaster
 of action to help people in extreme                                                  in Times of Disaster
                                              ISBN 9781853394720                                                             Preparedness and Mitigation
 crisis. It provides humanitarian             1999 • 192 pages                                                               Programmes
 relief managers with a single                                                        Mary B. Anderson and
                                              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95                                                     Jane Scobie
 comprehensive reference for all the                                                  Peter J. Woodrow
                                                                                                                             ISBN 9780953045307
 management issues they are likely                                                    Guidelines for fashioning assistance   1997 • 80 pages
 to encounter in the field.
 ISBN 9781853396694
                                              Engineering in                          programmes designed to counter
                                                                                      the effects of both natural and
                                                                                                                             £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95

                                                                                                                             Understanding Vulnerability
 2008 • 448 pages
 £24.95 • €37.95 • $US49.95                   Emergencies                             human-caused disasters, including      South Asian Perspectives
                                                                                      an analytical framework for            Edited by John Twigg and Mihir R. Bhatt
                                              A Practical Guide                       assessing the characteristics and      ISBN 9781853394553
                                              for Relief Workers                      needs of afflicted communities.        1998 • 96 pages
                                                                                                                             £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                              Second Edition                          Draws on case histories of
                                                                                      emergency relief programmes
                                              Jan Davis and Robert Lambert            that have successfully promoted
                                                                                      development, to show that relief

14                        Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at

                                       planning approaches in villages
                                       which are poor even by Bangladesh
                                                                              and discoveries; together, these
                                                                              accounts articulate the sheer
                                                                                                                      Learning from Change
                                       standards, where 90 per cent of        variety of the forms of practice that
                                       people live under the poverty line     have come to be called ‘PRA’.           Issues and Experiences in
                                       and over 60 per cent are illiterate.                                           Participatory Monitoring and
                                                                              ISBN 9781853395697
                                       These methods work on raising          2003 • 240 pages                        Evaluation
                                       the voice and confidence of the        £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95               Edited by Marisol Estrella with
                                       poor at the local level within their                                           Jutta Blauert, Dindo Campilan,
                                       communities, and the results have                                              John Gaventa, Julian Gonsalves,
                                       been spectacular: opening up
                                       new income generation, resource
                                                                               SERIES                                 Irene Guijt, Deb Johnson, and
                                                                                                                      Roger Ricafort
                                       management and influencing              Participation In
                                       opportunities for marginalized                                                 Explores the use of participation
                                       communities in flood-prone areas.       Development                            in monitoring and evaluating
                                                                                                                      development programmes.
                                       Essential reading for programme
                                       staff of national and international    Looks at key aspects of                 Examines conceptual,
                                       NGOs, governance and rural             participation as it affects             methodological, institutional,
                                                                                                                      and policy issues in participatory
From Clients to                        development advisors in the
                                       national and multilateral agencies,    development practitioners               monitoring and evaluation, bringing
                                                                              and policy makers.
Citizens                               Ministry officials, and researchers
                                       and students in universities and
                                                                                                                      together a broad range of case
                                                                                                                      studies and discussions between
                                       development institutes.                                                        practitioners, academics, donors,
Communities Changing
the Course of their Own                ISBN 9781853396243                     Who Changes?                            and policy makers.
                                       2007 • 80 pages                                                                Distils common themes and
Development                            £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                     experiences to show the challenges
Edited by Alison Mathie and                                                   Participation in Development            — and far-reaching benefits — of
Gordon Cunningham                                                                                                     the approach.
From Clients to Citizens is aimed      Methods for                            Edited by James Blackburn with
                                                                              Jeremy Holland, with a foreword         ISBN 9781853394690
at community workers, researchers
and policy makers who want to
                                       Community                              by Robert Chambers                      2000 • 288 pages
                                                                                                                      £10.95 • €16.95

take a fresh look at community         Participation                          Draws together lessons and
                                                                              experiences from key development
                                                                                                                      Not available from Practical Action
                                                                                                                      Publishing in North America
                                                                              agencies on the institutional
                                       A Complete Guide                       change needed to make
ISBN 9781853396731
2008 • 400 pages
                                       for Practitioners                      participation a reality.                The Myth of
                                       Somesh Kumar, with a foreword
£19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                       by Robert Chambers
                                                                              Considers how to adapt PRA
                                                                              methods from micro to macro-
Springs of                             Immensely practical and                organizations, as well as the type of
                                                                              changes required by an organization     Gender Issues in
                                       comprehensive manual covering
Participation                          the concepts, practice, and            to implement PRA effectively.           Participatory Development
                                       methodology of participatory           Features a checklist of practical       Edited by Irene Guijt and Meera
Creating and Evolving                  development, focusing primarily on     considerations to guide readers         Kaul Shah, with a foreword by
Methods for Participatory              ‘how’ to achieve participation.        through this complex field, and a       Robert Chambers
Development                            Rich with insights from the            discussion of training programmes       Critically assesses how women can
Edited by Karen Brock and              field, (including India, China,        and training needs for all those        be involved more appropriately and
Jethro Pettit                          and Nigeria), easy to use, and         involved in the participation           equally in participatory approaches,
                                       will be of immense importance          programme.                              and how gender issues can be
Springs of Participation brings        to development professionals,          ISBN 9781853394201
                                                                                                                      tackled more meaningfully.
together the experiences               consultants, and trainers as well      1998 • 216 pages                        Contains a rich array of
and reflections of a group of          as students and academics in the       £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95              contributions from Asia, Africa,
practitioners of participatory         fields of development studies,                                                 Latin America, and Europe,
methodologies, who work in diverse     social development, sociology, and                                             providing a variety of viewpoints
situations and countries.              social research methods.               Whose Voice?                            and perspectives from those most
Academics and practitioners can        ISBN 9781853395543
                                                                                                                      closely involved in participatory
learn how to develop effective and     2002 • 336 pages                       Participatory Research and              approaches to development.
sustainable new methods.               £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95             Policy Change                           ISBN 9781853394218
                                       Not available from Practical Action                                            1998 • 308 pages
Learning from others in the form of                                           Edited by Jeremy Holland with           £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95
fusion and adaptation of existing      Publishing in South Asia
                                                                              James Blackburn, with a foreword
tools and approaches is very much                                             by Robert Chambers
part of evolving new participatory
methods. This book discusses a         Pathways to                            Demonstrates the far-reaching           Stepping Forward
wide and rich range of participatory                                          implications of PRA and related
methods, focussing on Reflect and      Participation                          participatory approaches for the        Children and Young
the Internal Learning System (ILS).                                           making of development policy.           People’s Participation in the
ISBN 9781853396472
                                       Reflections on PRA                     Includes case studies in which          Development Process
2007 • 232 pages                       Edited by Andrea Cornwall and          participatory methods and               Edited by Victoria Johnson, Edda
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95             Garett Pratt                           approaches have been used               Ivan-Smith, Gill Gordon,
                                                                              to influence policy, as well as         Pat Pridmore, and Patta Scott
                                       Brings together some of the            a detailed examination of the
Voices from the                        greatest names in development
                                       practice, comprising the reflections
                                                                              ‘Participatory Poverty Analysis’
                                                                                                                      A multi-disciplinary approach
                                                                                                                      covering all the key issues and
Margins                                of 32 practitioners from 20
                                       different countries, from different    ISBN 9781853394195
                                                                                                                      challenges involved in facilitating
                                                                                                                      children and young people’s
                                                                              1998 • 272 pages
                                       generations of PRA practitioners,                                              participation.
Consensus Building with the                                                   £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95
                                       and from different arenas of                                                   Essential reading for professionals,
Poor in Bangladesh                     development work.                                                              agencies, and institutions,
Roger Lewins , Stuart Coupe,
                                       Embracing a range of entry points                                              working with and for children,
and Francis Murray
                                       and experiences, these stories                                                 and in development, as well
Practical Action has been              speak of moments of frustration                                                as professionals involved in
introducing consensus-based            and revelation, of dilemmas                                                    participatory approaches.

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                               15
 Participation / Economic Development

 ISBN 9781853394485
 1998 • 352 pages                        Also on this subject                    Economic                             The Multilateral
 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                                                                                                      Development Banks,
                                        Power, Process and Participation
                                        Tools for Change                         Development                          Volume 5
                                        Rachel Slocum, Lori Wichhart, Diane
 Power and                              Rocheleau, and Barbara Thomas-Slayter
                                        ISBN 9781853393037                       SERIES                               Titans or Behemoths
 Participatory                          1995 • 272 pages
                                        £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95               The Multilateral                     Roy Culpeper
 Development                            Action and Knowledge                     Development Banks
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853393006
                                                                                                                      1997 • 212 pages
                                                                                                                      £17.95 • €26.95
                                        Breaking the Monopoly with
 Theory and Practice                    Participatory Action Research                                                 Not available from Practical Action
 Edited by Nici Nelson and
 Susan Wright
                                        Orlando Fals-Borda and
                                        Muhammad Rahman                         The Multilateral                      Publishing in the USA

                                        ISBN 9781853390982
                                                                                Development Banks,
 An exploration of the power
 dimensions of participatory
                                        1991 • 192 pages
                                        £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                                Volume 1                              How Africa Works
 development and research, and          People’s Participation                                                        See page 2 for further details.
 an attempt to look at the shifts       Challenges Ahead                        The African
 in power within communities and
 institutions that are needed for
                                        Orlando Borda                           Development Bank
                                        ISBN 9781853394454
 participatory ideas to be effective.   1998 • 274 pages
                                                                                E. Philip English and
                                        £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95              Harris M. Mule
 ISBN 9781853392412
 1995 • 240 pages                                                               ISBN 9781853392962
                                                                                1996 • 232 pages
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                        SEE ALSO
                                                                                £17.95 • €26.95                       in Africa
                                                                                Not available from Practical Action

 Grassroot Horizons                     Development – General section on
                                        page 10
                                                                                Publishing in the USA                 Lessons from East Asia
                                                                                                                      Sanjaya Lall with
                                                                                                                      Erika Kraemer-Mbula
 Connecting Participatory               Development Practice section on
                                        page 12                                 The Multilateral
 Development Initiatives                                                                                              A timely analysis of the current
 East and West                                                                  Development Banks,                    state and prospects for African
 Edited by Richard Morse,
 Anisur Rahman, and
                                                                                Volume 2                              industrial capabilities in relation to
                                                                                                                      that of other developing regions.
 Kersten L. Johnson                                                             The Asian Development Bank            Provides recent figures on industrial
                                                                                                                      competitiveness indicators for
 Grassroot activists and researchers                                            Nihal Kappagoda                       a large number of developing
 build on their varied personal                                                 ISBN 9781853392979                    countries (especially African
 experiences to clarify and                                                     1995 • 216 pages
 strengthen the effectiveness                                                   £17.95 • €26.95
 of participatory group action in                                               Not available from Practical Action   It develops new tools of comparison
 overcoming impoverishment,                                                     Publishing in the USA                 in terms of technological and
 oppression, and exclusion.                                                                                           industrial performance allowing the
                                                                                                                      detection of outliers and similarities
 ISBN 9781853392900
 1995 • 396 pages                                                               The Multilateral                      of performance across regions and
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
 Not available from Practical Action
                                                                                Development Banks,                    Concludes with a set of policy
 Publishing in South Asia
                                                                                Volume 3                              options and points out the urgency
                                                                                                                      of reconsidering current African
                                                                                                                      industrial strategy and evolving a
                                                                                The Caribbean
 Fertile Ground                                                                 Development Bank
                                                                                                                      new strategy focused on building
                                                                                Chandra Hardy
 The Impacts of Participatory                                                                                         ISBN 9781853396182
                                                                                ISBN 9781853392986                    2005 • 192 pages
 Watershed Management                                                           1995 • 152 pages                      £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
 Edited by Fiona Hinchcliffe,                                                   £17.95 • €26.95
 John Thompson, Jules N. Pretty,                                                Not available from Practical Action
 Irene Guijt, and Parmesh Shah                                                  Publishing in the USA
                                                                                                                      Mapping the Shift
 Presents the findings of the first
                                                                                                                      in Business
 formal study and in-depth research
 into the impacts of participatory
                                                                                The Multilateral                      Development Services
 watershed management in a wide
 range of agro-ecological and socio-
                                                                                Development Banks,
 economic settings.                                                             Volume 4                              Making Markets Work
                                                                                                                      for the Poor
 23 case studies present a rich and
                                                                                The Inter-American                    Edited by Malcolm Harper
 complex picture of the problems,
                                                                                                                      and Jim Tanburn
 achievements, and continuing                                                   Development Bank
 challenges faced by conservation                                               Diana Tussie                          Illustrates the radical changes that
 professionals and farmers around                                               ISBN 9781853392993                    have taken place in the evolution
 the world.                                                                     1995 • 184 pages                      of assistance to small businesses
                                                                                £17.95 • €26.95                       and discusses some of the critical
 ISBN 9781853393891
 1999 • 408 pages                                                               Not available from Practical Action   issues that are facing business
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95                                                     Publishing in the USA                 development practitioners today.
                                                                                                                      Small enterprises not only need
                                                                                                                      credit — they also need many
                                                                                                                      other services, such as training,
                                                                                                                      advice, marketing, supplies,
                                                                                                                      premises, accountancy, materials,
                                                                                                                      and technology. Without these
                                                                                                                      business services, credit alone may

16                       Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                                           Economic Development

do no more than add the burden
of debt to all the other problems
                                       Micro- and Small                       ‘This book will be invaluable to
                                                                              anyone who is involved in setting
                                                                                                                      in business and as consultants
                                                                                                                      within the enterprise development
entrepreneurs have to face.
Governments and foreign donors
                                       Enterprises in                         up a new co-operative or is             industry.

have traditionally responded to        Latin America                          helping an existing organisation
                                                                              to become more successful.’
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853394362
                                                                                                                      1998 • 152 pages
these needs by trying to provide the                                                                                  £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
services themselves. These services                                           Appropriate Technology
                                       Experiences of Business
have been inadequate and of poor       Development Services
quality, and their main effect has
been to ‘crowd out’ potentially more   Edited by Jacob Levitsky and
                                                                              Identifies factors associated with
                                                                              successful group enterprises. It
effective private suppliers. Now       Lene Hojmark Mikkelsen                 aims to help those who promote          through Enterprise
policy makers are learning that                                               cooperative development to
                                       ‘It will be of interest not only       be more selective in choosing
entrepreneurs are willing to pay the                                                                                  A Training Manual for
market price for quality services,
                                       to development practitioners           situations where this type of
                                       and donor agencies but also                                                    Nongovernment Organizations
and that small businesses — in                                                enterprise has a good chance of
the private sector — are the best      NGOs, academics and all those          working, and offers guidelines and      Malcolm Harper
source of services for other small     attracted by creating sustainable      a blueprint for support staff.          Provides detailed guidelines for an
businesses.                            and cost-effective business            ISBN 9781853395000                      11-day training course which will
Hardback                               service provision. A valuable          2000 • 152 pages                        enable NGO staff to better assist
                                       contribution to the literature.’       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95              others trying to start their own
ISBN 9781853395901
2005 • 192 pages                       Third World Planning Review                                                    businesses.
£29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95

Paperback                              Case studies examine the role of       Public Services                         Covers marketing, financial
                                                                                                                      management, group enterprises,
ISBN 9781853395918
2005 • 192 pages
                                       business development services and
                                       the principles of best practice in
                                                                              through Private                         credit, and gender.

£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                                                            ISBN 9781853393327
                                       the field.                                                                     1995 • 192 pages
                                       Reviews marketing and technology                                               £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95

Small Business                         services for craft industries in
                                       Nicaragua and Ecuador, the setting
                                                                              Micro-privatization for
                                                                              Improved Delivery
Services in Asian                      up of a business information service   Malcolm Harper
                                                                                                                      The Wheels of Trade
                                       in Bolivia, and the establishment
Countries                              and operation of business centres      ‘Offers a refreshingly fresh            Developing Markets for
                                       in Peru. Also contains an account of   perspective on strategies for           Business Services
Market Development and                 networking through the clustering                                              Milena Hileman and Jim Tanburn
                                                                              improving the delivery of public
Performance Measurement                of small enterprises.
                                                                              services … it has something for
Edited by Jacob Levitsky               ISBN 9781853395284                     everyone.’                              ‘This book is both very informative
                                       2001 • 184 pages                                                               about current experience and
Explains the implications for          £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95             Development Policy Review
                                                                                                                      refreshingly non-prescriptive.’
donors and policy makers of recent                                                                                    Business Worldaware
studies and thinking on business                                              An important book suggesting a
development services (BDS).            Building Businesses                    strategy — ‘micro-privatization’ —
                                                                              to overcome what appears to be an
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853395178
                                                                                                                      2000 • 104 pages
Covers the design of BDS
products, using information and
                                       with Small Producers                   otherwise hopeless situation, and
                                                                                                                      £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95

                                                                              presenting 24 case studies from
communication technologies,
BDS for clustered enterprises, and     Successful Business                    around the world to demonstrate
                                                                              that micro-privatization is practical
                                                                                                                       Also on this subject
interventions in new markets, and      Development Services in
includes case studies to identify      Africa, Asia, and Latin
                                                                              anywhere.                               Entrepreneurship for the Poor
                                                                              Describes how governments can           Malcolm Harper
good practice in BDS.                  America                                                                        ISBN 9780946688074
                                                                              hand over responsibility for many
ISBN 9781853394966                     Edited by Sunita Kapila                public services to small private or
                                                                                                                      1984 • 140 pages
2001 • 288 pages                       and Donald Mead                                                                £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                    community enterprises. The quality,
                                       Presents the findings and a            efficiency, and outreach of the         Enterprise in Africa
                                       comparative analysis of seven case     services are considerably improved,     Between Poverty and Growth
Business                               studies that challenge current
                                       beliefs about good practice in the
                                                                              and the costs significantly reduced.
                                                                              ISBN 9781853395192
                                                                                                                      Edited by Kenneth King and
                                                                                                                      Simon McGrath
Development Services                   provision of business development
                                       services (BDS) to small and micro-
                                                                              2000 • 380 pages
                                                                              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853394782
                                                                                                                      1999 • 256 pages
                                                                                                                      £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
A Review of International              enterprises.
Experience                             Highlights issues concerning                                                   Small Business in Transition
Edited by Jacob Levitsky               the assessment of impact,              Value for Money?                        Economies
                                       sustainability, and cost-                                                      Promoting Enterprise in Central and
                                       effectiveness of such services.        The Impact of Small                     Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet
A wide review of experience of                                                                                        Union
donor agencies in designing            Three services are given particular    Enterprise Development                  Edited by Jacob Levitsky
and implementing business              attention in the case studies:         Malcolm Harper and                      ISBN 9781853393433
development services for small and     marketing, access to technology,       Gerry Finnegan                          1996 • 208 pages
medium enterprises.                    and business and management                                                    £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                       skills acquisition.                    Shows that it is possible to
Assesses the performance of the                                                                                       Small Enterprises and
development services operating         ISBN 9781853394942                     measure and compare the costs
                                       2002 • 224 pages                       and benefits of small enterprise        Changing Policies
within various developing
                                       £15.95 • €23.95                        development programmes, and             Structural Adjustment, Financial
countries and explores new and                                                                                        Policy and Assistance Programmes
innovative approaches to achieve                                              that donors, NGOs, tax-payers, and
                                                                                                                      in Africa
the sustainability of business                                                small business people themselves
development services and ways of       Co-operative Success                   should demand that those who are
                                                                              responsible for such programmes
                                                                                                                      Edited by Dr A.H.J. Helmsing and
                                                                                                                      T. Kolstee
achieving greater cost-effectiveness                                                                                  Hardback
in their delivery.                                                            must demonstrate that they are          ISBN 9781853391866
                                       What Makes Group Enterprise            providing value for money.              1993 • 384 pages
ISBN 9781853395062                     Succeed                                                                        £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
2000 • 336 pages                                                              An invaluable guide to all those
                                       Malcolm Harper and                     involved in small enterprise
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                                                            Paperback
                                       A.K. Roy                               development programmes, from            ISBN 9781853391859
                                                                              authors with extensive experience       1993 |384 pages
                                                                                                                      £24.95 • €37.95 • US$50.00

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                             17
 Economic Development / Microfinance

 Their Own Idea                            Developing Small-Scale                  Business Arithmetic for
 Lessons from Workers’ Co-operatives       Industries in India                     Co-Operatives and
 Malcolm Harper                            An Integrated Approach                  Other Small Business
 ISBN 9781853391392                        Marilyn Carr                            A Basic Manual for the Employees of
 1992 • 160 pages                          ISBN 9780903031813                      Primary Co-Operative Societies
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                1981 • 96 pages                         Trevor Bottomley
                                           £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95              ISBN 978090303179
 Consultancy for                                                                   1977 • 88 pages
 Small Businesses                          Just for Starters                       £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 The Concept — Training the                A Handbook of Small-Scale
 Consultants                               Business Opportunities
 Malcolm Harper
 ISBN 9780903031424
                                           Alan Bollard
                                           Hardback                                SEE ALSO
 1977 • 264 pages                          ISBN 9780903031943
 £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                                                                   Women In Micro- and Small-Scale
                                           1984 • 208 pages
                                           £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
                                                                                   Enterprise Development
 Flexible Specialization                                                           on page 20                            countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin
                                           Small-Scale Industries                                                        America, the authors show how
 The Dynamics of Small-Scale                                                       Changing Women’s Lives                formal financial institutions and
 Industries in the South                   Promotion in India                      and Work on page 21
 Poul Ove Pedersen, Arni Sverrisson,                                                                                     companies use a variety of less
                                           Sosthenes Buatsi
 and Meine Pieter van Dijk                 ISBN 9780946688241
                                                                                   Getting Down To Business              formal, often rural, organizations
 ISBN 9781853392177                        1987 • 90 pages                         on page 20                            to overcome the information and
 1994 • 184 pages                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95              Enterprise Development and            enforcement problems of serving
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                                                              rural clients.
                                                                                   Microfinance Journal (EDM) on
                                           Refugee Enterprise                      page 48
 Opening the Marketplace                   It Can Be Done
                                                                                                                         ISBN 9781853396663
 to Small Enterprise                                                                                                     2008 • 320 pages
                                           Chris Rolfe, Clare Rolfe, and                                                 £22.95 • €35.95 • US$45.95
 Where Magic Ends and Development          Malcolm Harper

 Begins                                    ISBN 9780946688593                                                            Published in association with the Food
 Ton de Wilde and Stijntje Schreurs        1987 • 152 pages                                                              and Agriculture Organization of the United
 with Arleeen Richman                      £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95                                                    Nations
 ISBN 9781853390937
 1991 • 168 pages                          Financing Small Enterprise
 £14.95 • €22.95
 Not available from Practical Action
                                           Proceedings Of A Seminar Organized
                                           By The Netherlands Development                                                Value Chains in
                                           Finance Company (FMO)
 Publishing in the USA
                                           Malcolm Harper and M. de Jong                                                 Development
 When the Harvest is in                    ISBN 9780946688821
                                           1986 • 104 pages                                                              See page 4 for further details.
 Developing Rural Entrepreneurship
                                           £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95
 Edited by Shailendra Vyakarnam
 ISBN 9781853390333
                                           Rural Enterprise
                                                                                                                         What Works for the
 1990 • 288 pages
 £16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95                Malcolm Harper and
                                           Shailendra Vyakarnam
 Small-Scale Production                    ISBN 9781853390012
                                           1988 • 112 pages
 Strategies for Industrial Restructuring   £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 Edited by Henk Thomas, Francisco                                                                                        See page 2 for further details.
 Uribe-Echevarría, and Henny Romijn
 ISBN 9781853390760
                                           Agents of Change
                                           Studies on the Policy Environment for
 1991 • 304 pages
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                           Small Enterprise in Africa              Divinity, and Dharma                  Microfinance
                                           E. English and George Henault
                                           ISBN 9781853392726
 Microenterprises in                       1995 • 376 pages
                                                                                   The Role of Religion in
 Developing Countries                      £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95              Development Institutions and          Evolution, Achievements and
 Edited by Jacob Levitsky                                                          Microfinance                          Challenges
 ISBN 9781853390166                        Small-Scale Cement Plants               Malcolm Harper, DSK Rao and           Edited by Malcolm Harper
 1989 • 312 pages                          A Study in Economics
 £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                                                        Ashis Kumar Sahu
                                           Jon Sigurdson                                                                 ‘A pleasure to read. The well
 Small Business Promotion                  ISBN 9780903031462                      Development, Divinity and Dharma      selected set of articles reflects
                                           1979 • 28 pages                         explores these questions by           the accelerating sophistication of
 Case Studies from Developing              £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
 Countries                                                                         examining a number of Hindu,          the field.’
 Malcolm Harper and K. Ramachandran        Trade and the Poor                      Christian and Muslim institutions     Jeffrey Ashe, Institute for
 ISBN 9780946688456
                                           The Impact of International Trade on    in India and Pakistan. Its            Sustainable Development, Heller
 1984 • 128 pages                                                                  main focus is the Shri Kshetra
 £16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95
                                           Developing Countries                                                          School, Brandeis University
                                           Second Edition                          Dharmasthala rural development
 Looking Beyond Credit                                                             programme, which though little
                                           John Madeley                                                                  An essential introductory reader
 Business Development Services and
                                                                                   known outside India, has changed
                                           ISBN 9781853393242                                                            to this topic including 14 of
 the Promotion of Innovation among         1996 • 224 pages                        the lives of almost half a million
                                                                                                                         the most important articles on
 Small Producers                           £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95              people.
                                                                                                                         microfinance since 1990, and
 Jonathan Dawson with Andy Jeans                                                                                         illustrates the major developments
 ISBN 9781853394232                        Feeding the Market                      ISBN 9781853396557
 1997 • 56 pages                           South American Farmers,                 2008 • 176 pages                      in microfinance during the period.
 £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                Trade and Globalization                 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95            All have been written by
                                           Jon Hellin and Sophie Higman.                                                 experienced authorities, and
 Where Credit is Due                       Foreword by Jon Snow                                                          several are regarded as seminal
 Income Generating Programmes for
 the Poor in Developing Countries
                                           ISBN 9781853395604
                                           2003 • 256 pages                        Expanding the                         contributions.
 Joe Remenyi
 ISBN 9781853390791
                                           £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                   Frontier in Rural                     ISBN 9781853395611
                                                                                                                         2003 • 192 pages
                                           Export Marketing for a Small
 1991 • 176 pages                                                                                                        £15.95 • €23.95 • $US29.95
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                Handicraft Business
                                           Revised Edition
 Small Enterprises in                                                              Financial Linkages and
                                           Edward Millard
 Developing Countries                      ISBN 9781853393525                      Strategic Alliances
 Malcolm Harper and Tan Soon               1996 • 192 pages                        Edited by Maria Pagura
 ISBN 9780903031622                        £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 1979 • 128 pages
                                                                                   Drawing on 12 case studies and
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                   one review conducted in 11

18                       Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at

Conversations with                     What’s Wrong with                       Shows commercial bankers, by
                                                                               means of 18 case studies, that they
                                                                                                                       ISBN 9781853396144
                                                                                                                       2005 • 272 pages

Practitioners                          Microfinance?                           can profitably provide microfinance
                                                                               services to the poor.
                                                                                                                       £17.95 • €26.95 • US$33.95

The Challenges of                      Edited by Thomas Dichter and
                                       Malcolm Harper
                                                                               Demonstrates that it is often
                                                                               quicker, less expensive, and more
                                                                                                                       Money with a Mission
Market-Led Microfinance
Guy Winship                            ‘What’s Wrong With
                                                                               effective for microfinance services     Volume 2
                                                                               to be provided by commercial banks
Why and how microfinance               Microfinance? Unapologetically          than by specialist microfinance         Managing the Social
institutions should and can become     asks questions that others have         institutions.
                                                                                                                       Performance of Microfinance
market-led institutions                been too polite, complacent, or         ISBN 9781853396083                      Alyson Brody, Martin Greeley,
A set of edited interviews with the    uncritical to ask. You don’t have       2005 • 208 pages
                                                                                                                       and Katie Wright-Revolledo
                                                                               £19.95 • €29.95 • US$ 39.95
CEOs and product champions of          to agree with everything here, or
some of the leading microfinance       even most of it to learn a great        Not available from Practical Action     A description of the experiences of
institutions in sub-Saharan Africa,                                            Publishing in South Asia                12 microfinance organizations in
as well as some of the leading                                                                                         four global regions and how they
                                       Jonathan Murduch, Professor of
thinkers and writers on commercial
microfinance internationally.
                                       Public Policy and Economics, New
                                       York University and co-author of
                                                                               Practical Microfinance                  developed systems to reach social
                                                                                                                       goals, to improve their services, and
                                                                                                                       to impact on poverty.
A rare insight into the issues         The Economics of Microfinance.          A Training Manual
practitioners face and the practical                                                                                   Combines a sound academic
strategies they are using, this book                                           Malcolm Harper                          foundation with practical
                                       Microfinance has been a long-lived
facilitates the sharing of current     development movement since the          Designed to meet the needs of           experience.
experiences and lessons learned.       1980s. In 2005 it enjoyed the           those who train staff for banks,        ISBN 9781853396151
ISBN: 9781853396236                    accolade of a UN international year     MFIs, and NGOs engaged                  2005 • 208 pages
2009 • 144 Pages                       and in 2007 one of the founding         in modern or new paradigm               £17.95 • €26.95 • US$33.95
£14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95               fathers of microfinance received        microfinance.
                                       a Nobel Prize. However, despite
                                       the undoubted successes, there          Provides detailed step-by-step
                                                                               descriptions for 22 sessions which
                                                                                                                       Profit for the Poor
Village Savings and                    are also some important problems
                                       and fundamental questions to be         together offer a complete five-
                                                                                                                       Cases in Microfinance
Loan Associations                      addressed.                              ten day course on microfinance.
                                                                               The sessions may also be used           Malcolm Harper
                                       Is microfinance really a step on        individually, selected from to
A Practical Guide                      the road to economic growth,            make up tailor-made courses, or         Contains a selection of case
Hugh Allen and Mark Staehle            or is it a short-term palliative,       integrated with other materials.        studies, together with many
                                       keeping poor people poor? Can a         Session exercise and case study         challenging comments and
‘…now we have a clearly                MFI really work if it embraces the      handouts may be photocopied for         questions.
written guide showing us how to        ‘double bottom line’ of both profit     participants or customized to meet      Argues two main points: first that
promote village savings and loan       and social good? Is microfinance,       trainees’ needs via freely available    there is no universally applicable
associations. Bravo! Even the          especially credit, harmful, often       web files.                              methodology in the field, and
                                       landing the vulnerable poor in                                                  second that well-managed
sceptics should take note of this                                              Topics include: introduction to
                                       debt? Should microfinance be                                                    microfinance can be profitable both
serious book.’                         reaching the poorest? The chapters,     financial accounts; undertaking
                                                                               field visits; analysis of MFIs; group   for its customers and its providers;
Stuart Rutherford, author of           written by well-known experts in
                                                                               and individual lending; micro-          it is a business opportunity itself for
The Poor and Their Money and           the field, are grouped around the
                                                                               insurance and micro-savings;            bankers, and need not depend on
Chairman, Safesave.                    catagories:clients, institutions and
                                                                               and measuring the impact of             donor assistance.
While many banks and                                                           microfinance.                           ISBN 9781853394386
                                       The authors sound a timely and                                                  1998 • 200 pages
microfinance institutions provide      overdue warning to governments,         ISBN 9781853395635
                                                                                                                       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
valuable services to the poor in the   bankers, donors and the general
                                                                               2003 • 192 pages
developing world, they are most                                                £19.95 • €28.95 • US$35.95
                                       public and urges people to pause,       Not available from Practical Action
successful in economically dynamic
urban or peri-urban areas.
                                       reassess their expectations, re-think
                                       some policies and to recognize
                                                                               Publishing in South Asia                Partnership Financing
30 years since the start of the        that microfinance is never a                                                    for Small Enterprise
microfinance revolution, poor          panacea and may sometimes be            Money with a Mission
people who live in many rural
areas and urban slums still find
                                       actively damaging to its intended
                                       customers.                              Volume 1                                Some Lessons from Islamic
                                                                                                                       Credit Systems
it difficult to access appropriate     This important book will be
microfinance products, even in                                                 Microfinance and Poverty                Edited by Malcolm Harper
                                       of interest to students of
countries with a well developed        microfinance, microfinance              Reduction                               Describes the experiences of a wide
microfinance sector.                   practitioners internationally,          James Copestake, Martin                 range of enterprises, banks, and
Village Savings and Loan               bankers, government ministries          Greeley, Susan Johnson, Naila           other agencies with partnership
Associations based in the              and NGO donor agencies, training        Kabeer, and Anton Simanowitz            finance.
community are complementary to         institutions, and academics in                                                  Musharaka, or partnership
MFIs tending to serve the very poor    finance, economics and sociology,       How far are microfinance
                                                                               institutions around the world           financing, is a method used by
whose income is less reliable, but
                                       ISBN 9781853396670                      contributing to global poverty          Islamic financial institutions which
also offering useful services to the   2007 • 320 pages
                                                                               reduction, and what can they do to      reject the concept of fixed interest.
economically secure.                   £ 19.95 • € 29.95 • US$ 39.95
                                                                               improve on this performance?            It is generally recognized that small
This manual provides a concise         Not available from Practical Action                                             businesses and microenterprises
guide to how to set up and run a       Publishing in South Asia                Based on five years of empirical
                                                                                                                       can make effective use of
village savings and loan association                                           research involving collaboration
                                                                                                                       institutional finance, and there
and is based on over 15 years                                                  with practitioners from more than
                                                                                                                       is a wide range of methodologies
of research and development            Small Customers,                        30 microfinance institutions and
                                                                               networks across Africa, Asia, and
                                                                                                                       through which such finance can
ISBN 9781853396656
                                       Big Market                              the Americas.
                                                                                                                       be delivered to the owners of these
                                                                                                                       enterprises, and recovered, in a way
2007 • 128 pages                                                               Combining academic rigour with a        that is profitable for the businesses
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95             Commercial Banks in                     practical and constructive approach     and self-sustaining for the financing
                                       Microfinance                            to organizational learning, this is a   institutions.
                                       Edited by Malcolm Harper and            definitive reference on the concept
                                                                                                                       ISBN 9781853393938
                                       Sukhwinder Singh Arora                  of social performance measurement
                                                                                                                       1997 • 72 pages
                                                                               and management in microfinance.         £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                               19
 Microfinance/ Gender Issues

 Cloning Grameen                         Not available from Practical Action
                                         Publishing in the USA                  Gender Issues
                                                                                                                      of the issues being addressed,
                                                                                                                      through the bringing together of
 Bank                                                                                                                 contributions from practitioners and
 Replicating a Poverty
                                          Also on this subject                 Sustainable Learning                   Provides a detailed analysis of
 Reduction Model in India,               Rural Credit                          for Women’s                            current knowledge and guidelines
                                                                                                                      towards improved practice.
 Nepal and Vietnam                       Lessons for Rural Bankers and
 Edited by Helen Todd                    Policymakers                          Empowerment                            ISBN 9781853392849
                                         K.P. Padmanabhan                                                             1995 • 296 pages
 Inspired by the enormous success        ISBN 9781853390203                                                           £19.95 • €29.95
                                                                               See page 4 for further details.
                                         1988 • 152 pages
 of the Grameen Bank in providing        £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                                                                      Only available from Practical Action
 financial assistance to the poorest                                                                                  Publishing in Europe, East, Central and
 of the poor, four individuals — a
 central banker, an appropriate-
                                                                               Gender Dimensions in                   Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand,
                                                                                                                      and Pakistan

 technology NGO organizer, a                                                   Disaster Management
 professor of international relations,
 and a top-level communist official                                            A Guide for South Asia                 The New
 — each sought to replicate and                                                Madhavi Malalgoda Ariyabandu           Middlewomen
 adapt the model elsewhere in Asia.                                            and Maithree Wickramasinghe
 An unvarnished account of the                                                 The first book to look at gender
                                                                                                                      Profitable Banking through
 problems encountered in the                                                   issues in disasters in the context     On-lending Groups
 crucial first years of establishing                                           of South Asia, where disasters         Malcolm Harper, Ezekiel Esipisu,
 a credit programme, the book                                                  have had a major impact on the         A.K. Mohanty, and D.S.K. Rao
 aims to alert potential microcredit                                           development process.
 practitioners to the pitfalls and                                                                                    Describes a unique approach to the
 obstacles likely to be encountered                                            Shows how exploring the specific       delivery of financial services to the
 in setting up a programme.                                                    capacities and vulnerabilities         poor, which can enable any existing
                                                                               of men and women in disaster           commercial bank to profitably
 ISBN 9781853393907                                                            situations, and taking account of      mobilize poor people’s savings and
 1996 • 136 pages
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                               them, will improve the chance of       provide loans to them, without the
                                                                               success in development projects.       need for special systems or new
                                                                               Includes two sets of guidelines, for   institutions.
 Our Money,                                                                    policy makers and for practitioners,
                                                                               to help them address these issues
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853394317
                                                                                                                      1998 • 144 pages
 Our Movement                                                                  in planning and implementing           £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                               development and disaster               Not available from Practical Action
                                                                               management programmes.                 Publishing in South Asia
 Building a Poor People’s
 Credit Union                                                                  ISBN 9781853396076
 Alana Albee and Nandasiri                                                     2004 • 176 pages
                                                                               £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                      and Mandarins
 Challenges the more conventional
 ‘delivery’ approach to development                                            Urban Girls                            Feminist Engagement with
 by illustrating how financial                                                                                        Development Institutions
 services can be controlled and                                                Empowerment in Especially
                                                                                                                      Edited by Carol Miller and
 managed by the poor, rather than                                              Difficult Circumstances                Shahra Razavi
 delivered to them, an approach                                                Gary Barker and Felicia Knaul
 which has long been a fundamental                                             with Neide Cassaniga and               ‘An example of the kind of
 tenet of the credit union movement.                                           Anita Schrader                         “institutional archaeology” which
 Essential and inspiring reading                                                                                      will help analyse and chart the
 for development agency staff, and                                             Offers practical approaches to
                                                                               improve and empower the lives          changes towards more gender
 others either interested in people’s                                                                                 equitable policies and practices
 movements or involved in credit                                               of at-risk, low-income, urban-
                                                                               based girls and young women by         in development. For development
 and savings initiatives.
                                                                               presenting successful projects from    practitioners who believe in the
 ISBN 9781853392884                                                            around the world which clearly         principle of gender equality
 1996 • 64 pages
 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                                                     demonstrate what can be done on a      and wish to learn from past
                                                                               broad range of fronts, and answers     experiences, this is a book which
                                                                               the two key questions: what do         provides many useful lessons. For
 The New World                                                                 at-risk urban girls and young
                                                                               women need, and what kind of
                                                                                                                      feminist advocates, it is a public
                                                                                                                      recognition of their dilemmas
 of Microenterprise                                                            programmes have been successful
                                                                               in meeting those needs?                and achievements.’
 Finance                                                                       ISBN 9781853394751
                                                                                                                      Ines Smyth,
                                                                                                                      Development in Practice
                                                                               2000 • 152 pages
 Building Healthy Financial                                                    £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95             ISBN 9781853394348
 Institutions for the Poor                                                                                            1998 • 240 pages
                                                                                                                      £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
 Edited by Maria Otero and
 Elisabeth Rhyne                                                               Women in
 Argues that it is possible to create                                          Micro- and Small-                       Also on this subject
 sustainable and viable financial
 institutions that give poor people
                                                                               Scale Enterprise                       Getting Down to Business
 greater access to financial services.                                         Development                            A Training Manual for Businesswomen
                                                                                                                      Uschi Kraus-Harper and Malcolm Harper
 Includes case studies of successful
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853391132
 programmes from Asia, Africa, and                                             Edited by Louise Dignard and           1992 • 176 pages
 Latin America.                                                                Jose Havet                             £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 ISBN 9781853392474
 1994 • 320 pages
                                                                               Presents the complexity of women’s
 £17.95 • €26.95                                                               situations in micro- and small-scale
                                                                               enterprises, and the importance

20                     Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                              Gender Issues / Health and Nutrition

Gender, Small-Scale Industry            Blacksmith, Baker, Roofing-                                                    Auxiliaries in
and Development Policy                  Sheet Maker                             Health and                             Primary Health Care
I.S.A. Baud and G.A. de Bruijne
ISBN 9781853391569
1993 • 224 pages
                                        Employment for Rural Women in
                                        Developing Countries                    Nutrition                              An Annotated Bibliography
                                                                                                                       K. Elliott
                                        Marilyn Carr                                                                   ISBN 9780903031585
£19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95

Financing Women’s Enterprise
                                        ISBN 9780946688159
                                        1984 • 160 pages                       Making an Impact                        1979 • 144 pages
                                                                                                                       £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                        £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
Beyond Barriers and Bias                                                       in HIV and Aids                         Gardening for Better Nutrition
Thea Hilhorst and Harry Oppenoorth      Tools for the Field                                                            compiled by Arnold Pacey
ISBN 9781853391743                      A Methodologies Handbook for Gender    NGO Experiences of                      ISBN 9780903031509
1992 • 104 pages                        Analysis in Agriculture                                                        1978 • 64 pages
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95              Hilary Feldstein and Janice Jiggins
                                                                               Scaling Up                              £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                        ISBN 9781853392443                     Jocelyn De Jong
Changing Women’s Lives and              1994 • 288 pages
                                                                               An analysis of when expansion
                                                                                                                       SEE ALSO
Work                                    £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
An Analysis of the Impacts of Eight                                            is appropriate, how to make it          Hygiene Promotion on page 14
Microenterprise Projects                Women and Food Security                effective, how to measure the
Lucy Creevey                            The Experience of the SADCC            costs, and what the implications for
ISBN 9781853393198                      Countries                              organizations may be.
1996 • 240 pages                        Marilyn Carr
£17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95              ISBN 9781853391095                     Recognizes that scaling up NGO
                                        1991 • 216 pages                       programmes requires more than just
Women in Development                    £19.95 • €29.95 • US$35.95             additional resources.
A Resource Guide for Organisation       Women and the Food Cycle               Essential for those active in the
and Action                                                                     HIV/AIDS field who are interested
                                        Marilyn Carr
ISBN 9781853391057                      ISBN 9781853390555                     in NGO programmes, and for those
1983 • 232 pages                        1989 • 96 pages                        in the wider development field who
£24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95              £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95             are concerned about the impact of
Transforming Development                                                       HIV/AIDS and what NGOs can do
                                        Women and the Transport of             about it.
Women, Poverty and Politics             Water
Margaret Snyder                         Val Curtis
                                                                               ISBN 9781853395390
ISBN 9781853393020                                                             2003 • 160 pages
                                        ISBN 9780946688425
1995 • 336 pages                                                               £9.95 • €14.95 • US$21.95
                                        1986 • 54 pages
£24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95              £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95

Assessing the Gender Impact of
Development Projects                    SEE ALSO                               Community
Case Studies from Bolivia,
Burkina Faso and India
                                        Food Processing Technology Source      Assessment
                                        Books series on page 22
Vera Gianotten, Verona Groverman,
Edith Van Walsum, Lida Zuidberg         Energy And Environment                 Guidelines for Developing
ISBN 9781853392719                      Technology Source Books series on      Countries
1994 • 104 pages                        page 34
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95                                                     Douglas Stockman
                                        The Myth of Community on page 15
Speaking Out                                                                   An introductory text to assist in
Women’s Economic Empowerment
                                                                               identifying causes of ill health in
in South Asia                                                                  communities so as to provide more
Marilyn Carr, Martha Chen, and                                                 effective and less costly health
Renana Jhabvala                                                                interventions.
ISBN 9781853393822
1996 • 256 pages
                                                                               Topics include basic demographics,
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95                                                     water and sanitation, food
                                                                               preparation and nutrition,
Do It Herself                                                                  community resources, health
Women and Technical Innovation                                                 and endemic diseases, and an
Helen Appleton                                                                 introduction to the growing field of
ISBN 9781853392870                                                             Rapid Epidemiological Assessment.
1995 • 320 pages
£16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95                                                     ISBN 9781853392245
                                                                               1994 • 160 pages
Missing Links                                                                  £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95

Gender Equity in Science and
Technology for Development
Gender Working Group, United Nations
                                                                                Also on this subject
Commissions on Science and Technology
for Development                                                                Making Health Care Equipment
ISBN 9781853392894                                                             Ideas for Local Design and Production
1995 • 388 pages                                                               Compiled by Adam Platt and
£19.95 • €29.95                                                                Nicola Carter
Not available from Practical Action                                            ISBN 9781853390678
Publishing in the USA                                                          1990 • 88 pages
                                                                               £10.95 • €16.95 • US$19.95
The Tech and Tools Book
A Guide to Technologies Women are
                                                                               How To Make Basic Hospital
using Worldwide                                                                Equipment
Ruby Sandhu and Joanne Sandler                                                 Roger England
ISBN 9780946688173                                                             ISBN 9780903031608
1986 • 192 pages                                                               1979 • 88 pages
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                     £8.95 • €13.95 • US$17.95

Women, Work and Technology in                                                  Community Health and
Rural South Asia                                                               Sanitation
Frances Sinha                                                                  Charles Kerr
ISBN 9781853393792                                                             ISBN 9781853390180
1983 • 48 pages                                                                1990 • 336 pages
£5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.50                                                       £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                         21
 Food Processing and Packaging

                                                                                A systematic guide through the
  Food Processing
                                        the value of practical work and
                                        opportunities for trainers to discuss   stages involved which considers,         BESTSELLING
  and Packaging
                                        their ideas and discoveries.
                                        Features examples of forms and
                                                                                from a global perspective, the
                                                                                advantages and constraints               Food Processing
                                        lesson plans, photographs of            particular to this sector.
 Baking for Profit                      appropriate training environments,
                                        practical case studies, and details
                                                                                ISBN 9781853394980
                                                                                2002 • 112 pages                         Source Books
                                                                                £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                        of institutions that support food
 Starting a Small Bakery                processing training.                                                            This UNIFEM series presents
 George Bathie                                                                                                          tested technologies to increase the
 Contains all the information that
                                        ISBN 9781853394256
                                        1998 • 144 pages                        Small-Scale                             productivity of women’s labour in
 a small entrepreneur needs to
 address when setting up a bakery.
                                        £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
                                                                                Food Processing                         the food processing sector.
                                                                                                                        Available as a ten-volume set
 Clear advice and instruction
 on everything from conducting
                                        Appropriate                             A Directory of Equipment and            ISBN 9781853395857
                                                                                                                        560 pages
                                        Food Packaging
                                                                                                                        £40.00 • €60.00 • US$80.00
 a feasibility study, through all
                                                                                Second Edition                          or as individual volumes as follows:
 subsequent technical and economic
 aspects of setting up a business,      Materials and Methods for               Sue Azam-Ali, Emma Judge,               Cereal Processing
 to appropriate recipes for initial                                             Peter Fellows, and Mike Battcock
                                        Small Businesses                                                                ISBN 9781853391361
 production.                                                                                                            1994 • 64 pages
                                        Peter Fellows and Barrie Axtell         A vital reference tool for business
 Features troubleshooting charts on                                                                                     £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
                                                                                advisers and trainers, development
 overcoming production problems,        An easy-to-use, extensively             workers, entrepreneurs, and all         Dairy Processing
 and useful advice on stock             illustrated compendium of               those involved in food processing       ISBN 9781853393358
 management.                            packaging materials and cost-           on a small- or medium-scale:            1996 • 72 pages
 Invaluable for those who are           effective methods that can be           extensively illustrated, clearly laid   £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
 starting out in the bakery business,   applied at a small to medium scale      out, and easy to use.
 those whose job it is to advise        in developing countries.                                                        Drying
                                                                                Food Processes section: describes
 others doing so, or those who want     Covers all aspects of packaging,                                                ISBN 9781853393082
                                                                                the stages and equipment needed         1995 • 64 pages
 to scale up existing operations to     including a glossary and resource       to process a wide range of food         £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
 increase their profits.                guide.                                  commodities from fruit and
 ISBN 9781853394072                     Explains how to assess whether          vegetables to dairy products,           Fish Processing
 2000 • 136 pages                       increased sales will justify the        meat, and fish; contains essential      ISBN 9781853391378
 £11.95 • €17.95 • US$23.95             investment costs.                       information on the general              1993 • 80 pages
                                                                                principles of food preservation,        £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
                                        Addresses the difficulties faced
                                                                                quality control, and hygiene issues,
 Starting A Small Food-                 in many developing countries
                                        of sourcing suitable packaging
                                                                                and the packaging of processed          Fruit and Vegetable Processing
                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781853391354
                                                                                food for market.
 Processing Enterprise                  materials.
                                                                                Directory section: catalogues all the
                                                                                                                        1993 • 72 pages
                                                                                                                        £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
                                        ISBN 9781853395628
                                        2002 • 144 pages                        food processing equipment that a
 Peter Fellows, Ernesto                 £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95              small industry might need; useful       Oil Processing
 Franco, and Walter Rios                                                        price guide enables readers to          ISBN 9781853391347
                                                                                estimate costs before embarking on      1993 • 48 pages
 Covers all important aspects of both
 the technological and business         Drying Food for Profit                  a search for the equipment needed;
                                                                                hundreds of manufacturers are
                                                                                                                        £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95

 skills needed to successfully start                                                                                    Packaging
 and operate a small food processing    A Guide for Small Businesses            listed, by country, with full contact   ISBN 9781853393341
 business.                                                                      details including website and email.    1996 • 48 pages
                                        Barrie Axtell                                                                   £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
                                                                                ISBN 9781853395048
 Emphasis on thorough planning
                                        For existing and prospective            2003 • 256 pages
 before the enterprise is established
                                        entrepreneurs who wish to produce       £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95              Root Crop Processing
 and then careful control of                                                                                            ISBN 9781853391385
                                        dry foods commercially at a small
 production to minimize costs and                                                                                       1993 • 64 pages
                                        and medium scale.
                                                                                Traditional Foods
 maintain the desired product                                                                                           £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
 quality.                               Covers principles of drying, market
                                        aspects, and technology options,                                                Storage
 An invaluable training aid
                                        together with advice on producing       Processing for Profit                   ISBN 9781853393099
 for extension workers and                                                                                              1995 • 48 pages
                                        a business plan for a food drying       Peter Fellows
 small enterprise development                                                                                           £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
 organizations.                                                                 A comprehensive guide to the
                                        ISBN 9781853395208                                                              Women’s Roles in Technical
 ISBN 9781853393235                                                             processing of traditional foods, from
                                        2002 • 128 pages                                                                Innovation
 1996 • 128 pages                       £11.95 • €17.95 • US$25.95              Asia, Africa, and Latin America,
 £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95                                                                                             ISBN 9781853393075
                                                                                which are made and sold at a small      1995 • 96 pages
                                                                                commercial scale of operation.          £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95

 Training in                            Setting Up a Food                       Provides technical information
                                                                                needed by small food businesses
 Food Processing                        Drying Business                         to introduce or upgrade their           The Manual Screw
                                                                                processes and products, and
 Successful Approaches                  A Step-by-Step Guide                    also serves as a suitable guide         Press for Small-Scale
                                                                                for new enterprises in the correct
 Mike Battcock, Sue Azam-Ali,           Fabrice Thuillier
                                        Translated by Maighread Holland         production of foods.                    Oil Extraction
 Barrie Axtell, and Peter Fellows
                                                                                Essential for development
                                        Discusses the steps to go through       workers involved in support to
                                                                                                                        Kathryn H. Potts and Keith Machel
 ‘There is a wealth of information
                                        when considering setting up a           small enterprise development            Describes small-scale processes
 for trainers and organizers of
                                        business, the different markets for     programmes, for aid agencies, and       of oil-extraction for use in rural
 training courses for anywhere in       small-scale drying businesses, and                                              areas, as well as ways to market and
                                                                                for students of food science and
 the world.’                            technical notes on the main dryers      technology, development studies,        distribute the oilcake.
 International Agricultural             available.                              and related disciplines.                ISBN 9781853391989
 Development                            Discusses ways of improving the                                                 1995 • 72 pages
                                                                                ISBN 9781853392283
 Explains the importance of needs       profitability of an existing drying     1997 • 216 pages                        £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
 assessment, course preparation,        business and how to adapt dryers to     £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
 monitoring and follow-up, and          suit different businesses.

22                    Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                               Food Processing and Packaging / Education

 Also on this subject
                                                                               management and sharing of natural
                                                                               resources benefits. Intrinsic to the
                                                                                                                      Wall to Wall Design
Small-Scale Milling                                                            project aims are the improvement
                                                                               of ‘grassroots’ participation, the     A Sustainable Housing Pack
A Guide for Development Workers                                                                                       for Key Stage 3 Design and
                                                                               promotion of gender equity, and
Lars-Ove Jonsson, David A.V. Dendy,
Karen Wellings, and Varis Bokalders                                            the development of sustainable         Technology
ISBN 9781853392191                                                             livelihoods for disadvantaged          Louise Davies and
1994 • 144 pages                                                               groups through actual practice         Ruth Najda
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                     within the process.
                                                                                                                      A wealth of activities that enable
Cane Sugar                                                                     Patrick Robinson and Sara Wehrli
                                                                                                                      teachers to encourage students
The Small-Scale Processing Option                                              are researchers working with
                                                                                                                      to explore issues surrounding the
Edited by Raphael Kaplinsky
                                                                                                                      appropriate design and application
ISBN 9781853390159                                                             ISBN: 9781853396977                    of technology in the building of
1989 • 244 pages                                                               2009 • 80 pages
£29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95              the D & T material areas, linked                                              homes in both Kenya and the UK.
                                                                               £14.95 • €22.95 • $29.95
                                        teachers’ notes and photocopiable                                             ISBN 9781853395130
Sugar Processing                        sheets for students on the topics                                             2001 • 48 pages plus 2 A2 posters
The Development of a Third-World
                                        of inspirational products, four
                                        dimensions of Sustainable Design -
                                                                               Sustainable                            £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95

Raphael Kaplinsky
ISBN 9780903031981
                                        economic, environmental, cultural      Lifestyles?                            In a Nutshell
1984 • 160 pages                        and social impacts, product life
£9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95               cycle analysis, and the six Rs         Exploring Economic and
                                        definitions.                                                                  Addressing Sustainability
                                                                               Cultural Issues in Design and
Traditional Cheesemaking                                                                                              Through Food Processing
                                        To accompany the CD the pack           Technology
Josef Dubach
                                        contains 13 postcards that will help                                          Ali Farrell and Debbie Howard
ISBN 9780946688432                                                             James Pitt and Cath Miller
1989 • 84 pages                         your students to understand how
                                                                                                                      Provides a motivating and relevant
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95              designers use the six Rs to develop    A resource for teachers looking        context to help 14–16 year olds
                                        inspirational products.                for ways of integrating values-
Traditional Beancurd                                                                                                  (UK key stage 4) learn about food
                                        ISBN 9781853397080
                                                                               based issues into their Design and     manufacture, developing awareness
Manufacture                             2010 • CD ROM                          Technology teaching for students       of food as a global technology, and
Natasha Johnson                         £ 11.95 • € 17.95 • US$ 23.95          aged 14–16.                            promoting understanding of some
ISBN 9781853392702
• 36 pages                                                                     Tackles the complex economic           of the cultural, environmental,
£9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                                                      and cultural issues associated         and economic dimensions of
                                                                               with sustainable and appropriate       sustainability.
Making Safe Food                                                               technology, in a clear and             Contains information about
A Guide to Safe Food Handling and                                              accessible way.
Packaging for Small-Scale Producers                                                                                   food processing and small-scale
                                                                               Contains introductory exercises        industrial practices, and case
Peter Fellows, Vishaka Hidellage, and
Emma Judge                                                                     around sustainable lifestyle issues,   studies of peanut butter production
ISBN 9781853390340                                                             easy-to-follow design-and-make         in Zimbabwe.
1998 • 36 pages
£5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
                                        The Sustainability                     activities, and a range of homework    Includes ideas for practical
                                                                               or extension tasks.
Pickles of Bangladesh
                                        Handbook for Design                    Fully photocopiable pack plus
                                                                                                                      teaching activities.

ISBN 9781853391286                      and Technology                         comprehensive data sheets and
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853395499
                                                                                                                      2004 • 16 pages
1994 • 24 pages
£5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95                Teachers                               a colourful classroom poster
                                                                               highlighting the issues of
                                                                                                                      £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95

                                                                               sustainable technology.
Try Drying It!
Case Studies in the Dissemination of
                                        Edited by Ian Capewell
                                                                               ISBN 9781853395482                     Hands On Technology
                                                                               2002 • 138 pages
Tray-Drying Technology                  ‘this is an essential pack for
Barrie Axtell and Alex Bush             D & T teachers to understand
                                                                               (plus data sheets and poster)
                                                                               £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95
                                                                                                                      Understanding Sustainability
ISBN 9781853390395
                                        sustainability issues, run exciting                                           James Pitt and Robert Lamb
1991 • 72 pages
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95              lessons and encourage students                                                Real-life examples of successful
                                        to develop innovative designs          Live Well, Live Wisely!                appropriate technology stories
                                        that help to make the world a                                                 to enable students aged 14–16
 Education                              better place’                          Technology for Sustainable             to explore the issues behind the
                                                                                                                      production of goods from around
                                        Global Dimension website Review        Development
Sustainability Matters                  ISBN 9781853396700
                                                                               Cath Miller and James Pitt
                                                                                                                      the world.
                                                                                                                      The six case studies cover product
in Design and                           2008 • 168 pages
                                        £11.95 • €17.95 • $23.95
                                                                               Enables teachers to deliver
                                                                               education for sustainable
                                                                                                                      design, food technology and textiles
                                                                                                                      technology, and are supported
Technology                                                                     development from a global              by teacher notes and student
                                                                               perspective within the subject         activities.
Ian Capewell                            Making Good                            areas of design, technology, and
                                                                               geography for students aged 11–14
                                                                                                                      Produced in collaboration with
‘This pack will be a really             Governance Grow                        years old.
                                                                                                                      Television Trust for the Environment
                                                                                                                      and based on their award-winning
valuable resource to all teachers                                              Supported by the Sustainable           series of environmental programmes
looking for ways of encouraging         Improving local governance             Technology Education Project           ‘Hands On – Earth Report’.
their GCSE students to think and        through equitable sustainable          (STEP) website.
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853395871
design more sustainably’                natural resource management            ISBN 9781853395123                     2003 • 6 films of 5 minutes each
Maria James, Head of Art, Design        Patrick Robinson and Sara Wehrli       2000 • 54 pages (includes 8 maps)      64 page guide
& Technology, Churston Ferrers                                                 £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95             £24.95 (inc. VAT) • €37.95 • US$49.95
Grammar School, Brixham, and            Making Good Governance
                                        Grow presents experiences of
GCSE Chief Examiner
                                        participatory natural resource
                                                                                                                       Also on this subject
Sustainability Matters in Design        management based on four case                                                 Introductory Technology
and Technology will help you            studies from Helvetas projects in                                             A Resource Book for Teachers
deliver the increased emphasis on       Bhutan, Guatemala, Mali and the                                               Adrian Owens
sustainability within the new GCSE      Dominican Republic. The approach                                              ISBN 9781853390647
courses. The pack contains a CD         considers how to involve the local                                            1990 • 144 pages
with six presentations covering         population in the sustainable                                                 £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                                 23
 Education / Building and Construction

 Guidelines for Global Issues           finishes, ceilings and foundations,                                             Documents a technology transfer
 in Technology                          repair, maintenance, and                                                        and development project which
 A Handbook for Teachers and Advisers   conservation.                                                                   facilitated the exchange of
 Catherine Budgett-Meakin               ISBN 9781853395475
                                                                                                                        ideas between brickmakers and
 ISBN 9781853395833                     2002 • 320 pages                                                                technologists in Africa, Latin
 1996 • 32 pages                        £22.95 • €34.95 • US$45.95                                                      America, and Europe.
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                        Reviews the technology of
 Children Actively Learning                                                                                             brickmaking and the theory and
 The New Approach to Primary            Earth Construction                                                              practice of appropriate technology
 Education in Bhutan                                                                                                    transfer, giving guiding principles
 Peter Collister and Michael Etherton   A Comprehensive Guide                                                           and practices for technology
 ISBN 9781853391118                                                                                                     development projects, making
 1991 • 64 pages                        Hugo Houben and                                                                 this book a practical reference for
 £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95               Hubert Guillaud                                                                 project managers, decision makers,
 Development@IT                         Assembles, orders, and clarifies         and bridges, and how to weave          and fieldworkers.
                                        information and illustrations about      bamboo.
 Debra Howard                                                                                                           ISBN 9781853395291
 ISBN 9781853395826                     building with earth that have            ISBN 9781853392030                     2001 • 144 pages
 1999 • 16 pages                        hitherto been available only in          1995 • 72 pages                        £12.95 • €19.95 • US$23.95
 £5.95 • €8.95                                                                   £11.95 • €17.95 • US$21.95
                                        scattered form.
 Not Available from Practical Action    Deals with the essential aspects
 Publishing in the USA
                                        of earth construction, taking
                                                                                 Rammed Earth                           Thatching
                                        one step at a time — decision
                                        making, planning, design, and            Structures                             A Handbook
  Building and                          the realization of a project — so
                                        that the procedures, benefits, and
                                                                                                                        Nicolas Hall

  Construction                          precautions are easily accessible
                                        and understood by those involved at
                                                                                 A Code of Practice
                                                                                 Julian Keable
                                                                                                                        Describes in words and pictures
                                                                                                                        how to achieve the maximum
                                        every level.                                                                    possible roof life using either
 Fuel for Free?                         ISBN 9781853391934
                                                                                 Ramming earth can produce
                                                                                 buildings that are strong, durable,
                                                                                                                        cultivated or naturally-occurring
                                        1994 • 376 pages                                                                materials.
                                                                                 safe and desirable.
 Waste Materials in                     £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                                                      Reviews the advantages and
 Brick Making                                                                    Describes how to select and test
                                                                                                                        limitations of thatch as a roofing
                                                                                 soils to produce successful results,
 Kelvin Mason                                                                                                           technique.
                                                                                 how to achieve high standards,
 A guide to the use of wastes in                                                 and how to assess rammed earth         ISBN 9781853390609
                                                                                 structures and building techniques.    1988 • 56 pages
 firing clay bricks with case studies                                                                                   £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 from Zimbabwe, Sudan, Sri Lanka,                                                ISBN 9781853393501
 and Peru.                                                                       1996 • 120 pages

                                                                                 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 An exploration of the potential of
 using wastes as fuels, presenting
 four case studies from the
                                                                                 Stone                                  Building Materials
 experience of Practical Action. At
 all times the approach of the book                                                                                     A Catalogue of Potential
 is geared towards the practical                                                 An Introduction
 application of the technologies                                                 Second Edition
 discussed.                                                                                                             Third Revised Edition
                                                                                 Asher Shadmon
 ISBN 9781853396250                     Building with Earth                                                             Roland Stulz and Kiran Mukerji
 2006 • 160 pages                                                                ‘ ... must be commended for
                                                                                                                        The completely revised and
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95             A Handbook                               its clarity ... even the most          updated third edition of this
                                        Second Edition                           experienced stone worker and           standard building materials
                                        John Norton                              user will learn something.’            sourcebook summarizes technical
                                                                                 Stone Industries                       data and practical information and
                                        Practical help in choosing whether                                              identifies appropriate solutions
                                        and how to build with earth,             Describes the varieties and uses       to any given problem in low-cost
                                        from soil selection through to           of stone as a building material —      construction.
                                        construction and maintenance.            whether cut or field-stone — and       ISBN 9781853392252
                                        Focuses on achieving good quality        how to extract, work, and use it.      1993 • 456 pages
                                        results with accessible methods                                                 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                                 Second edition contains both a
                                        that can go on being used by those       new chapter on stone and the
                                        with lower or higher incomes, and        environment emphasizing the
                                        for simple buildings as well as more
                                        sophisticated ones.
                                                                                 importance of planning, waste          Rural Building Course
                                                                                 recycling, and quarry rehabilitation
                                        ISBN 9781853393372                       as part of the extraction process,     Volume 1 Reference
 Building with Lime                     1997 • 88 pages
                                        £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                                 and also a new appendix outlining
                                                                                 procedures for testing stone’s
                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781853393105
                                                                                                                        1995 • 256 pages
                                                                                 flexural and compressive strength,     £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
 A Practical Introduction                                                        and discussing the importance of
 Revised Edition                        Building with Bamboo                     slip resistance.                       Volume 2 Basic knowledge
                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781853393150
 Stafford Holmes and                                                             ISBN 9781853393136                     1995 • 200 pages
 Michael Wingate                        A Handbook                               1996 • 184 pages                       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 ‘I like it. I admire it.               Second Edition
                                                                                                                        Volume 3 Construction
 I recommend it.’                       Jules J.A. Janssen                                                              ISBN 9781853393204
 SPAB News                              Practical experiences from research      Brick By Brick                         1995 • 312 pages
                                                                                                                        £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                        programmes testing bamboo.
 A technical manual with a wealth
                                        Explains how bamboo can be
                                                                                 Participatory Technology               Volume 4 Drawing book
 of practical advice on all the major                                            Development in Brickmaking             ISBN 9781853393259
 uses of lime in building such as       harvested, seasoned, and jointed
                                                                                 Kelvin Mason                           1995 • 136 pages
 mortars and plasters, painting and     to form walls, doors and windows,                                               £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                        roofs, floors, ceilings, roof trusses,

24                       Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                       Building and Construction / Roads and Transport

Four-volume Set                            Lime and Alternative Binders              Culture, Cash and Housing                Clay Testing
Comprising Rural Building Course Volumes   in East Africa                            Community and Tradition in               The Clay/Non-Clay Ratio Measurement
1 to 4                                                                               Low-Income Building                      Technique
ISBN 9781853395536                         Elijah Agevi, Otto Ruskulis, and
                                           Theo Schilderman                          Maurice Mitchell and Andy Bevan          Anura Gaspe, Peter Messer,
2003 • 908 pages                                                                                                              and Pete Young
£50.00 • €75.00 • US$100.00                ISBN 9781853393303                        ISBN 9781853391538
                                           1995 • 178 pages                          1992 • 144 pages                         ISBN 9781853392665
                                           £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95                £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95               1994 • 24 pages
                                                                                                                              £5.95 • €8.95 • US$13.95

Double Standards,                          Small-Scale Production of
                                           Cementitious Materials
                                                                                     Shanty Upgrading
                                                                                     Technical Handbook for Upgrading
                                                                                                                              Standards and Specifications
Single Purpose                             Robin Spence                              Squatter and Shanty Settlements          for Local Building Materials
                                                                                                                              Report of the ARSO/CSC/ UNCHS
                                           ISBN 9780903031745                        Edited by John Parry and Andrew Gordon
                                           1980 • 56 pages                           ISBN 0951295205                          Workshop Nairobi 1624 March 1987
Reforming Housing                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                1987 • 92 pages                          ISBN 9780946688791
Regulations to Reduce                                                                £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               1987 • 52 pages
Poverty                                    Understanding Natural Fibre                                                        £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95

Saad Yahya, Elijah Agevi,                  Concrete                                  Foundations for Change
Lucky Lowe, Alex Mugova,                   Its Application as a Building Material    Aspects of the Construction Industry
Oscar Musandu-Nyamayaro,                   Barrie Evans
                                           ISBN 9780946688777
                                                                                     in Developing Countries
                                                                                     G. Edmunds and D. Miles
                                                                                                                              SEE ALSO
and Theo Schilderman                       1986 • 46 pages                           Hardback                                 Urban Development section on
                                           £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                ISBN 9780946688005                       page 26
Explores how to establish housing                                                    1984 • 152 pages
standards that are appropriate for         A Manual of Building                      £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
the conditions of the urban poor in        Construction
developing countries.
Explains the place of standards,
                                           H. Dancy
                                           ISBN 9780903031820
                                                                                     The Small Building Contractor
                                                                                     and the Client                            Roads and
regulations, and procedures, as well
as current thinking and approaches
                                           1982 • 384 pages
                                           £40.00 • €60.00 • US$80.00
                                                                                     How to Run Your Business
                                                                                     Successfully                              Transport
to their revision, and discusses how                                                 Derek Miles
                                           Building Maintenance
best to get future standards right.        A Management Manual
                                                                                     ISBN 9780903031677
                                                                                     1980 • 272 pages                         Earth Roads
ISBN 9781853395253                         Derek Miles and Paul Syagga               £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
2001 • 192 pages                           ISBN 9780946688920                                                                 Their Construction and
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                 1987 • 224 pages                          Accounting and Bookkeeping
                                           £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95                for the Small Building
                                                                                     Contractor                               Jack Hindson, revised by
                                           Communicating Building                                                             John Howe and Gordon Hathway
Field Engineering                          for Safety
                                                                                     Derek Miles
                                                                                     ISBN 978090303547
                                           Guidelines for Methods of                 1978 (reprinted 1993) • 192 pages
                                                                                                                              A practical manual for non-
An Introduction to                         Communicating Technical Information       £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               engineers which describes the
Development Work and                       to Local Builders and Householders                                                 design and construction of earth
Construction in Rural Areas                Eric Dudley and Ane Haaland               Financial Planning for the               roads with a usage of up to 50
                                           ISBN 9781853391835                        Small Building Contractor                vehicles per day.
Compiled and edited by                     1993 • 88 pages
                                                                                     Derek Miles
Peter H. Stern and others, from            £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                                                          Covers drainage, road planning, the
                                                                                     ISBN 9780903031554
an original work by F. Longland                                                                                               actual construction and subsequent
                                                                                     1979 • 188 pages
                                           Developing Building for Safety            £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               maintenance operations.
Covers site surveying, engineering         Programmes                                                                         ISBN 9780903031844
materials, water supplies,                 Guidelines for Organizing Safe            How To Make Low-Cost                     1983 • 136 pages
sanitation in general, planning and        Building Improvement Programmes in        Building Blocks                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
construction of roads, simple river        Disaster-Prone Areas
                                                                                     Stabilized Soil Block Technology
crossings, bridges, and small dams.        Yasemin Aysan, Andrew Clayton, Alistair
                                                                                     Malcolm Davis
                                                                                                                              Trail Bridge Building
                                           Cory, Ian Davis, and David Sanderson
                                                                                     ISBN 9781853390869
Hardback                                   ISBN 9781853391842
                                                                                     1994 • 36 pages
                                           1995 • 172 pages
                                                                                                                              in the Himalayas
ISBN 9780903031875                                                                   £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
1983 • 284 pages                           £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
£29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                           Technical Principles of                   Timber Pole Construction
                                           Building for Safety                       An Introduction                          Enhanced Access, Improved
ISBN 9780903031684
1983 • 272 pages                           Andrew Coburn, Richard Hughes,            Second Edition                           Livelihoods
£17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95                 Antonios Pomonis, and Robin Spence        Lionel Jayanetti and Paul Follett        Artha Tuladhar
                                           ISBN 9781853391828                        ISBN 9781853395024
                                           1995 • 80 pages                           2000 • 64 pages                          For over 40 years, Swiss
 Also on this subject                      £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95                £10.95 • €16.95 • US$23.95               development agencies Helvetas
                                                                                                                              and SDC have supported work in
The Small-Scale Vertical Shaft             Building for Safety Compendium            Rice Husk Ash Cement                     rural infrastructure development
                                           An Annotated Bibliography and             Progress in Development and              in Bhutan and Nepal where 4000
Lime Kiln                                  Information Directory for Safe            Application
A Practical Guide to Design,               Building
                                                                                                                              trail bridges have been provided
                                                                                     Ray Smith                                to enhance permanent safe
Construction and Operation                 Andrew Clayton and Ian Davis              ISBN 9781853390517
Kelvin Mason                               ISBN 9781853391811                        Reprinted 2005 • 56 pages                pedestrian access for millions of
ISBN 9781853394652                         1994 • 56 pages                           £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                people. The knowledge gained
1999 • 80 pages                            £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                         from this programme is now being
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                           Mini-Cement                              successfully replicated in other
                                           Better Tools for the Job                  A Review of Indian Experience            parts of Asia and Africa.
Chenkumbi Lime                             Specifications for Hand Tools and         Sanjay Sinha                             This publication details aspects
Fuel-Efficient High-Quality Production     Equipment                                 ISBN 9781853390036
John Spiropoulos                           William Armstrong                         1990 • 136 pages
                                                                                                                              of the project planning and
ISBN 9781853391446                         ISBN 978090303714                         £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               implementation process seeks to
1992 • 44 pages                            1980 • 44 pages                                                                    evaluate the success of the work in
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                 Gypsum Plaster                           the two countries considered.
Lime and Other Alternative                                                           Its Manufacture and Use                  ISBN 9781853396533
                                           Housing Without Houses                    Andrew Coburn, Eric Dudley, and Robin    2007 • 72 pages
Cements                                    Participation, Flexibility, Enablement    Spence                                   £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
Neville Hill, Stafford Holmes, and         Nabeel Hamdi                              ISBN 9781853390388
David Mather                               ISBN 9781853392924                        1989 • 56 pages
ISBN 9781853391781                         1995 • 208 pages                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
1992 • 328 pages                           £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
£19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                                     25
 Roads and Transport / Urban Development

  Also on this subject                    Low-Cost Vehicles
                                          Options for Moving People and Goods
                                                                                     of demographic change in                Confronting the Crisis
                                                                                     developing countries. The
 Road Maintenance and                     Gordon Hathway
                                                                                     books are designed for all              in Urban Poverty
                                          ISBN 9780946688029
 Regravelling (ROMAR) using               1985 • 112 pages                           practitioners, academics,               Making Integrated
 Labour-Based Methods                     £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
 Claes Axel Andersson, Andreas Beusch,                                               and students concerned with             Approaches Work
 and Derek Miles                          Puncture Prevention Techniques             urban management.                       Edited by Lucy Stevens,
 Handbook                                 for Low-Cost Vehicles                                                              Stuart Coupe, and Diana Mitlin
 ISBN 9781853393488
                                          Michael Ayre and Alan Smith
 1996 • 316 pages
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95               ISBN 9780946688142
                                          1987 • 44 pages
                                                                                     Contested Space                         An up-to-date analysis of the
                                                                                                                             problem and characteristics of
 Workbook                                 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                                                          urban poverty.
 ISBN 9781853393495                                                                  Street Trading, Public Space,
 £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95               The Design of Bicycle Trailers             and Livelihoods in Developing           Addresses the political challenge
                                          Michael Ayre                               Cities                                  of the low profile of urban
 Labour-Based Road Construction           ISBN 9780946688975                                                                 development in current global
 A State-of-the-Art Review                                                           Edited by Alison Brown
                                          1986 • 80 pages                                                                    debates.
 Edited by Paul Larcher                   £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 ISBN 9781853394164
                                                                                     The importance of public space          Features a systematic comparative
 1998 • 152 pages                         Meeting the Challenges of                  in supporting city economies            analysis of a range of approaches
 £12.95 • €19.95 • US$27.95               Animal Traction                            and in contributing to poverty          to urban development supported
                                                                                     reduction is rarely recognized.         and promoted by leading NGOs:
                                          A Resource Book of the Animal
 Roads and Resources                      Traction Network for Eastern and           Instead, public space is more often     how successful have these been
 Appropriate Technology in Road           Southern Africa (ATNESA)                   an arena for contest — between          in tackling the multi-dimensional
 Construction in Developing Countries     Edited by Paul Starkey and                 municipal governments or other          nature of urban poverty, in
 G. Edmunds and J. Howe                   Pascal Kaumbutho                           vested interests, and street traders,   comparison with neighbouring
 ISBN 9780903031691                       ISBN 9781853394836                         whose activities are proscribed by      settlements where no interventions
 1980 • 200 pages                         1999 • 328 pages
 £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95                                                          restrictive social norms, ambiguous     have taken place? Was the
                                          £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                                     legal status, street violence, or an    approach cost-effective, and what
 Roads Are Not Enough                     Guidelines for Design,                     official response that vacillates       is the potential for spreading the
 New Perspectives on Rural Transport      Production and Testing of                  between indifference and eviction.      approach?
 Planning in Developing Countries
                                          Animal-Drawn Carts                         This book breaks new ground in          ISBN 9781853396373
 Jonathon Dawson and Ian Barwell                                                     linking literature on the informal      2006 • 256 pages
 ISBN 9781853391910
                                          R.A. Dennis
                                          ISBN 9781853393389                         economy, urban livelihoods, and         £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
 1993 • 88 pages
                                          1996 • 200 pages                           public space. Based on a research
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$27.95               £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                     study in four developing cities —
 Rural Roads And Poverty                  The Design and Manufacture of              Dar es Salaam, Kumasi, Maseru,          Urban Futures
 Alleviation                              Animal-Drawn Carts                         and Kathmandu — it explores the
 Edited by John Howe and Peter Richards   I. Barwell and Gordon Hathaway             survival strategies of street traders   Economic Growth and Poverty
 Hardback                                 ISBN 9780946688524                         and their relationships with city       Reduction
 ISBN 9780946688050                       1986 • 82 pages                            governments. It concludes by
 1984 • 200 pages                         £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95                 exploring the practical and policy
                                                                                                                             Edited by Nabeel Hamdi
 £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
                                                                                     implications for pro-poor street        What kinds of research into poverty
                                          The Country Boats of Bangladesh
 Rural Transport Services                                                            management and is essential             are most helpful to those trying
                                          Social and Economic Development
 A Guide to Their Planning and            and Decision-Making in Inland Water        reading for all those interested in     to deal with key issues in poverty
 Implementation                           Transport                                  innovative city governance.             reduction in an urban setting: topics
 Henri Beenhakker                         Eirik Jansen, Anthony Dolman, Alf Jerve,   ISBN 9781853396304                      like shelter, land tenure, partnership
 ISBN 9781853390326                       and Nazibor Rahman                         2006 • 256 pages                        and migration?
 1987 • 394 pages                         ISBN 9781853390272                         £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
 £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95               1989 • 300 pages                                                                   An exploration of what works, using
                                          £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                                                         country case studies to examine the
 Rural Transport in                                                                                                          issues and principles of different
 Developing Countries                     Sailing Against The Wind                   Bridging the Finance                    aspects of urban development and
                                          Boats and Boatmen of Bangladesh
 I. Barwell, G. Edmonds, J. Howe, and
 J. de Veen                               Photographs by Trygve Bølstad              Gap in Housing and                      in relation to poverty.
                                                                                                                             A framework for understanding
 ISBN 9780946688968
                                          Text by Eirik G. Jansen
                                          ISBN 9781853391590                         Infrastructure                          poverty, and a methodology for
 1985 • 160 pages                         1992 • 160 pages                                                                   research, that will help all those
 £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95               £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                 Edited by Ruth McLeod and               working towards the eradication
                                          Not available from ITDG Publishing         Kim Mullard                             of extreme poverty in the context
 An Annotated Bibliography on             in Bangladesh.                                                                     of projected urban demographic
 Rural Transport                                                                     Documents the radical changes           growth.
 Edited by Niklas Sieber                                                             in methodology of one Northern
                                                                                                                             ISBN 9781853395994
 ISBN 9781853394188
 ISBN 10: 1853394181
 1997 • 128 pages
                                           Urban                                     NGO (Homeless International) over
                                                                                     20 years of providing support to
                                                                                                                             2005 • 248 pages
                                                                                                                             £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95

                                                                                     organizations of the urban poor
 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                                                                     across the globe.
 Low-Cost Load-Carrying Devices
 The Design and Manufacture of some
                                                                                     Describes a huge number of
                                                                                     arrangements from conventional
                                                                                                                             Communities and
 Basic Means of Transport                  SERIES                                    small-scale grants to collaborative     Communication
 Ron Dennis and Alan Smith
 ISBN 9781853392658                        Urban Management                          design of new financial products
                                                                                     – in order that other agencies          Building Urban Partnerships
 1995 • 188 pages
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                Series                                    may build on the lessons learned
                                                                                     to create a wider collaborative
                                                                                                                             Elizabeth Riley and
                                                                                                                             Patrick Wakely
 The Design and Manufacture of            Series Editor Nick Hall                    capacity to bridge the financing
                                                                                     gaps identified.                        Compares three great cities of the
 Low-Cost Motorized Vehicles
                                          By 2015 more than half the                                                         South: Nairobi, Colombo, and Rio
 Prepared for the International Labour
 Office (ILO) and the United Nations
                                                                                     ISBN 9781853396397                      de Janeiro, to explore how local
                                          world’s population will be                 2006 • 224 pages                        government interacts with the
 Centre for Human Settlements
 (Habitat)                                living in towns and cities.                £16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                                                             communities of the cities, and to
 ISBN 9781853390708                       The Urban Management                                                               discover how communication can
 1988 • 196 pages                                                                                                            lead to partnership.
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95               Series presents the latest
                                          research on the impacts                                                            Explores what partnership means,
                                                                                                                             arguing that it is a relationship

26                         Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                                                Urban Development

based on an agreement to share         development, urban studies,            sustainability; managing urban         practitioners, and particularly for
both benefits and risks. Partnership   local government and politics,         development processes to reduce        people working in local authorities.
thus depends upon a high level         geography, and urban planning, as      their environmental impacts;           ISBN 9781853396090
of trust. Trust depends upon           well as area studies specialists.      improving the produced built           2004 • 64 pages plus CD-Rom
understanding. Understanding           ISBN 9781853395970
                                                                              environments and sustaining            £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
depends upon communication             2005 • 248 pages                       improved practices.
— the ability to transfer              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95             ISBN 9781853395413
comprehension and information.                                                2002 • 320 pages
                                                                              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                                                     Practitioners and
Considers how far clearly
focused NGOs can generate an           Planning in Cities                                                            Poverty Alleviation
awareness within and between
low-income communities and local       Sustainability and Growth in           Making                                 Influencing Urban Policy
governments for new approaches                                                                                       from the Ground Up
to communication and capacity-
                                       the Developing World
                                       Edited by Roger Zetter
                                                                              Planning Work                          Edited by Sue Jones and
building.                                                                                                            Nici Nelson
                                       and Rodney White                       A Guide to Approaches
ISBN 9781853395987
2005 • 208 pages                       As the world’s cities grow bigger      and Skills                             Asks serious questions about
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95             and the rate of city growth is also    Cliff Hague, Patrick Wakely,           how to improve the process of
                                       increasing how can urban planners      Julie Crespin, and Chris Jasko         effective urban poverty action,
                                       come up with management                                                       with particular emphasis on how
Governing Cities                       scenarios that will cope with this     Drawing upon case studies from
                                                                              some 20 different countries,
                                                                                                                     to bridge the gap between those
                                                                                                                     taking action and those making
                                                                              Making Planning Work shows             policy decisions.
New Institutional Forms in             Explores the changing                  why new urban development and
Developing Countries and               paradigms of development and                                                  Part 1 addresses the wider issues
                                                                              planning skills are needed so          of networking and partnerships
Transitional Economies                 environmentalism, and how              urgently, and what can be done
                                       they relate to debates on the                                                 as a mean to influence policy by
Edited by Meine Pieter van Dijk,                                              to grow such skills and enhance        evidence derived from action.
Marike Noordhoek, and                  sustainability of cities, assessing    capacities.
Emiel Wegelin                          the limitations to capacity building                                          Part 2 consists of eight country-
                                       in the urban sector.                   The guide will focus international     based case studies which discuss
How new institutional forms                                                   attention on the urgent need to        how practitioners in both southern
                                       ISBN 9781853395437
have developed in recent urban                                                increase global understanding of       and northern NGOs have faced
                                       2002 • 264 pages
management projects and                £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95             sustainable urban development          the problem of communication
programmes.                                                                   processes and pro-poor planning        between workers at different levels
                                                                              practices.                             of a development institution, and
Case studies from Asia, Latin
America, Africa, and Eastern           Communicating                          It is for all those engaged in
                                                                              the processes of planning and
                                                                                                                     how the lessons learned from
                                                                                                                     implementation can be transmitted
Europe to give readers up-to-
date practical insight into            for Development                        managing towns, cities and             to middle level service providers,
the development activities of                                                 settlements: political leaders,        and on to policy makers.
government, the private sector, and    Experience from the Urban              professional planners, engineers,      ISBN 9781853395703
communities.                           Environment                            architects, lawyers, etc and many      2005 • 230 pages
                                                                              others in national, regional,          £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
Looks at the changing role of          Edited by Catalina Gandelsonas         and local government, non-
government, the increasing role of                                            governmental organizations,
the private sector and the growing     Explores the application of new
importance of public/private           communication and knowledge            community-based organizations,
                                                                              and private sector consultancies
                                                                                                                     Land, Rights and
                                       management methods currently
partnerships in urban development.
The editors present case studies.      used in business management,           and enterprises.                       Innovation
                                       to communication between               ISBN 9781853396489
ISBN 9781853394973
2002 • 248 pages
                                       researchers and planners and           2006 • 80 pages                        Improving Tenure Security for
                                                                              £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                       members of poor communities in                                                the Urban Poor
                                       towns and cities.                                                             Edited by Geoffrey Payne
                                       Describes methods to encourage
Funding Local                          the generation of new knowledge        Partnerships in                        Examines the complex issues
                                                                                                                     surrounding land tenure, and the
                                       through face-to-face contacts which
                                       promote the exchange of embedded
                                                                              Urban Planning                         challenges they present for urban
                                       community knowledge on the one                                                planners in the South and in the
                                       hand, and the researchers’ explicit    A Guide for Municipalities             transitional economies of Eastern
Small Grants for Democracy                                                                                           Europe.
                                       knowledge on the other.                Nabeel Hamdi and
and Development                                                               Michael Majale
                                       ISBN 9781853395420                                                            Based on extensive research
Jo Beall                               2002 • 296 pages                                                              bringing together a diverse range of
                                                                              Examines the key features in
How to fund local initiatives in       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                    examples from 17 countries where
                                                                              understanding the development
towns and cities in order to achieve                                                                                 the authorities, non-governmental
                                                                              of participatory urban planning
two complementary aims: to                                                                                           organizations, or communities
                                                                              strategies and approaches that will
support community and economic         Building Sustainable                   assist in safeguarding the position
                                                                                                                     have evolved practical, innovative
                                                                                                                     approaches to providing tenure for
development, and to promote local
democracy.                             Urban Settlements                      of the poor and vulnerable — based
                                                                              on a three-year project in Kenya.
                                                                                                                     the urban poor. These widen the
                                                                                                                     choices available for residents,
Reviews experiences from Africa,                                              Part 1 explores the impact of          encourage local investment to
Asia, Europe, and Latin America        Approaches and Case Studies
                                                                              urban poverty, the components of       reduce poverty, and facilitate the
to demonstrate how, at their most      in the Developing World                sustainable urban development,         development of more equitable and
innovative, local funds can deliver    Edited by Sam Romaya and               and the concept of urban               efficient urban land markets.
development within the context of      Carole Rakodi                          governance, and Part 2 provides
a rights-based approach and as a                                                                                     ISBN 9781853395444
                                                                              advice on choosing partners,
critical component of democratic       Explores environmental,                                                       2002 • 352 pages
                                                                              building partnerships, and action      £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
decentralization.                      institutional, social, and cultural
                                       aspects of sustainability in towns
A valuable book for academic,          and cities around the world.           Includes a CD-Rom featuring case
professional, and practitioner                                                study and project reports and the
audiences; for people working          The main themes are: urban
                                                                              report of an international workshop.
in international development           environmental management with
                                       particular reference to economic       Useful for urban planners,
agencies, NGOs, and in local
                                       activities and housing; achieving      policy makers, and development
government; for researchers,
teachers, and students of              institutional, social, and cultural

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                            27
 Urban Development / Mining

 Making                                   Sustainable                             Integrated Urban Infrastructure
                                                                                  Development In Asia                       Mining
 Common Ground                            Development and the                     Edited by Kulwant Singh, Florian

 Public-Private Partnerships
                                          Future of Cities                        Steinberg, and Nathaniel von Einsiedel
                                                                                  ISBN 9781853396549
                                                                                  1996 • 464 pages
 in Land for Housing                      Edited by Bernd Hamm and                £19.95 • €29.95 • US$38.00
 Edited by Geoffrey Payne                 Pandurang K. Muttagi                    Not available from ITDG Publishing
                                                                                  in South Asia
 A comprehensive review of                Looks at how an increasingly urban
 experience in designing and              world can also be a world where the     Making Microplans
 implementing partnerships for            ideas of sustainable development        A Community Based Process in
 efficient and equitable use of urban     are put into practice.                  Programming and Development
 land.                                                                            Reinhard Goethert and
                                          Concepts, theories, and problems        Nabeel Hamdi
 Presents evidence to show that           of sustainable development from a       ISBN 9781853390852
 a range of informal partnerships,        developed and a developing world        1988 • 82 pages
 or relationships, have evolved           perspective.                            £19.95 • €28.95 • US$35.95
 which make an impact on urban
 land development and are of great
                                          Both regional perspectives, with
                                          contributions from South-east
                                                                                  Shelter, Settlements, Policy
                                                                                  and the Poor                             Small-Scale Mining,
 benefit to lower income groups.
 Examples are given from countries
                                          Asia, North America, and Eastern
                                          Europe, and local perspectives,
                                                                                  Appropriate Policies and Technologies
                                                                                  for Low-Income Settlements
                                                                                                                           Rural Subsistence,
 throughout the world and at all
 levels of economic development
                                          with examples from Iran, Poland,
                                          Canada, Finland, and elsewhere.
                                                                                  With an introduction by
                                                                                  Reinhard Skinner
                                                                                                                           and Poverty in
 to review the achievements and
                                          ISBN 9781853394522
                                                                                  ISBN 9781853391255
                                                                                  1991 • 144 pages
                                                                                                                           West Africa
 limitations of formal partnerships.      1998 • 304 pages                        £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
 ISBN 9781853394799                       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                       Edited by Gavin M. Hilson
 1999 • 256 pages                         Not available from ITDG Publishing      Jobs From Housing
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95               in South Asia                                                                    With a focus on artisanal activity,
                                                                                  Employment, Building Materials,
                                                                                  and Enabling Strategies for Urban        this book explores the impact
                                                                                  Development                              of mining on the subsistence
 Building Bridges                         Removing                                Robin Spence, Jill Wells, and
                                                                                  Eric Dudley
                                                                                                                           strategies of rural people in the
                                                                                                                           mineral states of West Africa, both
 with the Grassroots                      Unfreedoms                              ISBN 9781853392122
                                                                                  1993 • 112 pages
                                                                                                                           Anglophone and Francophone.
                                                                                  £16.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95               In addition to specific studies
 Scaling up through                       Citizens as Agents of Change                                                     of the mining industry,
 Knowledge Sharing                        in Urban Development                                                             contributors also explore the wider
                                                                                                                           socioeconomic aspects including
 Theo Schilderman and                     Edited by Jane Samuels                  SEE ALSO                                 gender dimensions, environmental
 Otto Eriks Ruskulis                      Re-evaluates existing approaches                                                 issues, legal and tenure regulations,
                                                                                  Urban Girls on page 20
 How small decentralized initiatives      to urban development by assessing                                                relations with large-scale mining
                                          degrees of freedom rather than          Building and Construction section
 can improve the lives of large                                                   on page 24                               operations, and human rights and
 numbers of slum dwellers.                relying exclusively on measuring                                                 conflict issues including the role of
                                          poverty.                                                                         so-called ‘blood diamonds’ in the
 How existing successful examples                                                                                          war-torn states of Sierra Leone and
 can be scaled up to help many            Documents sessions with Amartya
                                          Sen, and provides a shared policy                                                Liberia.
                                          framework for project design in                                                  Written for readers with an interest
 Advocates a unique bottom-up             urban development and governance                                                 in extractive industries, rural
 approach to upgrading starting           programmes.                                                                      enterprise, poverty, migration, and
 with grassroots groups and small                                                                                          West Africa.
                                          ISBN 9781853396069
                                          2005 • 208 pages                                                                 Hardback
 ISBN 9781853396168                       £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                       ISBN 9781853396298
 2005 • 184 pages                                                                                                          2006 • 320 pages
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                                                                £50.00 • €75.00 • US$100.00
                                           Also on this subject                                                            Paperback

 Urban Poverty in
                                                                                                                           ISBN 9781853396359
                                          Services for the Urban Poor                                                      2006 • 320 pages

                                                                                                                           £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
                                          A Select Bibliography
                                          Richard Franceys and
 From Understanding to
                                          Andrew Cotton
                                          ISBN 9781853391880                                                               Small-Scale Mining
 Alleviation                              1993 • 100 pages
                                          £19.95 • €28.95 • US$35.95
 Edited by Sue Jones and                                                                                                   A Guide to Appropriate
 Nici Nelson                              Urban Land Tenure and Property                                                   Equipment
 Brings together contributions            Rights in Developing Countries                                                   James F. McDivitt and
 from academics, practitioners and        A Review                                                                         Dennis Lock
 urban poverty specialists to present     Geoffrey Payne
                                          ISBN 9781853394003                                                               A guide to available equipment on
 a multidisciplinary approach                                                                                              all aspects of small-scale mining,
                                          1997 • 80 pages
 to the urban poverty debate,             £16.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                       from prospecting and surveying
 highlighting the need to link policy,                                                                                     through haulage, handling, and
 institutional, and grassroots efforts.   The Urban Opportunity                                                            transport, and including safety
 ISBN 9781853394744                       The Work of NGOs in Cities of the                                                equipment.
 1999 • 208 pages                         South
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95               Edited by Nicolas Hall, Rob Hart, and                                            Worldwide coverage, with particular
                                          Diana Mitlin                                                                     relevance to the developing world.
                                          ISBN 9781853393471
                                                                                                                           ISBN 9781853390128
                                          1996 • 144 pages
                                                                                                                           1990 • 112 pages
                                          £14.95 • €21.95 • US$28.95
                                                                                                                           £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95

28                     Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                                       Mining / Manufacturing

                                                                          ISBN 9781853391958                     How to Make Cutting Shears
 Also on this subject               Manufacturing                         1993 • 136 pages
                                                                                                                 for Sheet Metal
                                                                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
Mining on a Small and Medium                                                                                     Rob Hitchings
Scale                              Metal Casting                                                                 ISBN 9780946688111
                                                                                                                 1985 • 20 pages
A Global Perspective
Ajoy K. Ghose                      Appropriate Technology
                                                                          The Blacksmithing                      £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95

ISBN 9781853394010
1997 • 304 pages
                                   in the Small Foundry                   Instructors’ Guide                     How to Make a Pipe-Bending
£19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95         Steve Hurst
                                                                          Sixteen Lesson Plans                   Michael Walsby
                                                                                                                 ISBN 9780946688210
Small-Scale Gold Mining            A technical introduction to small-     with Advice on Teaching                1986 • 28 pages
A Manual Based on Experience in    scale non-ferrous casting providing    Techniques                             £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
Suriname                           practical information and advice
                                   for metalworkers, engineers, and       David Harries                          How to Make a Treadle-
E. Dahlberg
                                                                          ISBN 9781853392146
ISBN 9781853390494                 manufacturing entrepreneurs who
                                                                          1993 • 80 pages
                                                                                                                 Operated Wood-Turning Lathe
1984 • 54 pages                    are interested in metal casting on a   £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95             Bob Ingham and Paul Smith
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95         small scale.                                                                  ISBN 9780946688166
                                                                                                                 1986 • 32 pages
Quarrying and Rockbreaking         Illustrated instructions on how                                               £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
The Operation and Maintenance of
                                   to make equipment using local
                                   materials, and on the various
                                                                          Traditional                            How to Make a Hand-Operated
Mobile Plants
Derek Lester
                                   casting techniques.                    Candlemaking                           Holepunch
Hardback                           Emphasis on local construction of                                             Ted Stone and Jim Tanburn
ISBN 9781853391806                 equipment, often using recycled        Simple Methods of                      ISBN 9780946688135
                                                                                                                 1986 • 40 pages
1981 • 124 pages
£29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                   materials (includes a useful section   Manufacture                            £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
                                   on scrap materials and how to          Deborah Millington
                                   identify and use them) — and                                                  How to Make a Metal-Bending
                                   on presenting a wide range of          Describes different materials and      Machine
                                   methods, traditional and modern,       techniques, showing methods            R.D. Mann
                                   based on the author’s extensive        suited to small-scale producers        ISBN 9780903031295
                                   practical experience.                  on a cottage industry level, or the    1987 • 20 pages
                                                                          individual at home.                    £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
                                   ISBN 9781853391972
                                   1996 • 240 pages                       Help on techniques, terminology
                                   £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
                                                                          and equipment, and a
                                                                          troubleshooting chart.                 Appropriate
                                                                          ISBN 9781853391248
                                                                          1992 • 48 pages                        Paper-Based
                                                                                                                 Technology (APT)
                                                                          £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95

                                                                           SERIES                                A Manual
                                                                           Workshop Equipment                    Bevill Packer

                                                                           Manuals                               A comprehensive survey of the
                                                                                                                 technologies for making a wide
                                                                                                                 range of products from chessmen
                                                                          A set of short manuals on              to armchairs, from trays to solar
                                                                          how to build eight essential           cookers, using paper.

                                   Lost-Wax Casting                       machines for the workshop.
                                                                          Includes step-by-step
                                                                                                                 This revised edition includes
                                                                                                                 additional models and extra pages
                                                                                                                 of colour photographs, and special
                                   A Practitioner’s Manual                instructions, detailed plans,          supplements on APT in the service
                                   Wilburt Feinberg, edited and           and operating instructions.            of disabled people.
                                   illustrated by Jim Byrne                                                      ISBN 9781853392689
                                                                          Available as a set comprising
                                                                                                                 1989 • 168 pages
                                   Outlines the basic techniques of       8 booklets                             £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                   lost-wax casting and describes the     ISBN 9781853395505
                                   equipment needed to carry out the      2002 • 248 pages
                                                                          £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                   process successfully.
                                                                          or as individual volumes as follows:    SERIES
                                   Explains how the equipment can
                                   be made using local labour and         How to Make a Folding                   Basic Print Production
                                   natural resources readily available    Machine for Sheet Metal Work
                                   in developing countries.               Rob Hitchings
                                                                                                                 A Guide to Basic Print
                                   ISBN 9780903031882                     ISBN 9780903031769                     Production
                                   1983 • 80 pages                        1985 • 32 pages                        Book 1
                                   £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95             £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95               Planning the Project
                                                                                                                 Judith Wilkinson
                                                                          How to Make a Foot-Operated            ISBN 9780946688661
                                   Basic Blacksmithing                    Workshop Drill
                                                                          Paul Smith
                                                                                                                 1985 • 96 pages
                                                                                                                 £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95
                                                                          ISBN 9780903031974
                                   An Introduction to                     1986 • 48 pages                        A Guide to Basic Print
                                   Toolmaking                             £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95               Production
                                   David Harries and Bernhard Heer        How to Make a Rolling                  Book 2
                                                                          Machine for Sheet Metal Work           Designing and Producing Artwork
                                   Demonstrates how with only an
                                                                          Rob Hitchings                          Judith Wilkinson
                                   anvil and a few basic tools, almost                                           ISBN 9780946688715
                                                                          ISBN 9780946688067
                                   all the tools needed by a blacksmith   1985 • 28 pages                        1985 • 116 pages
                                   can be made from commonly found        £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95               £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95
                                   Includes clear, step-by-
                                   step instructions on basic

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                        29
 Manufacturing / Indigenous Knowledge

 A Guide Basic to Print                                                           The Blacksmith and the Farmer
                                          Also on this subject                    Rural Manufacturing in              Indigenous
 Book 3                                                                           Sub-Saharan Africa
 Printing Processes
                                         Small-Scale Papermaking
                                                                                  David Poston
                                                                                  ISBN 9781853391279
 Judith Wilkinson                        ISBN 9781853391897
                                                                                  1994 • 152 pages
 ISBN 9780946688760
 1985 • 60 pages
                                         1993 • 168 pages
                                         £15.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                  £17.95 • €26.95 • US$33.95         Understanding
 £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95
                                         Low Cost Printing for                    Small-Scale Soapmaking             Organizational
 A Guide to Basic Print                                                           A Handbook
                                         A Printing Handbook for Third World
                                                                                  Peter Donkor                       Sustainability through
 Book 4                                  Development and Education
                                                                                  ISBN 9780946688371
                                                                                  1986 • 88 pages                    African Proverbs
 Managing Resources                      Jonathan Zeitlyn                         £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 Judith Wilkinson                        ISBN 9781853390654
                                                                                                                     See page 6 for further details.
 ISBN 9780946688814                      1989 • 128 pages                         Small-Scale Recycling of
                                         £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 1985 • 52 pages                                                                  Plastics
 £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95
                                         The Low-Cost Wooden                      John Vogler
                                         Duplicator                               ISBN 9781853390449
                                                                                  1984 • 104 pages
  SERIES                                 How to Make It; How to Use It
                                         David Elcock
                                                                                  £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95         Endogenous
  Small-Scale Textiles                   ISBN 9780946688418
                                         1984 • 24 pages
                                                                                  Small Scale Foundries for          Development
                                                                                  Developing Countries
                                         £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
 Basic information about                                                          A Guide to Process Selection       Building on Bio-cultural
 small-scale textile                     The Sten-Screen                          J. Harper                          Diversity
                                                                                  ISBN 9780903031783
                                         Making and Using a Low-Cost Printing                                        COMPAS
 manufacture for fieldworkers,           Process
                                                                                  1981 • 72 pages
                                                                                  £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
 development agencies, and               Ian McLaren                                                                 Endogenous development places
                                         ISBN 9781853390487                       Hot-Dip Galvanizing                the major importance in working
 manufacturers.                          1983 • 16 pages
                                         £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95                 A Guide to Process Selection and   with local communities on using
                                                                                  Galvanizing Practice               people’s own resources, strategies,
 Medical and Hygiene Textile             Equipment for Rural                      M.J. Hornsby                       and initiatives as the basis for their
 Production                              Workshops                                ISBN 9781853391903                 development. It considers not only
 A Handbook                                                                       1995 • 80 pages
                                         John Boyd                                                                   the material, but also the socio-
                                                                                  £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
 Allison Mathews and Martin Hardingham   ISBN 9780903031455                                                          cultural and the spiritual resources
 ISBN 9781853392115                                                                                                  of people, in order to broaden
 1994 • 56 pages
                                         1978 • 96 pages                          Scrap Metal Recovery
                                         £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                  the options when formulating
 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                                                        An Experience of Intermediate
                                                                                  Technology in Papua New Guinea     appropriate development paths,
                                         Carpentry Toolmaking                                                        without romanticizing people’s
 Plant Fibre Processing                  An Instructors’ Guide
                                                                                  Colin Relf
 A Handbook                                                                       ISBN 9780946688579                 traditional worldviews and
                                         Aaron Moore                              1986 • 84pages                     practices.
 Cyril Jarman                            ISBN 9781853391965                       £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 ISBN 9781853393853                      1993 • 232 pages                                                            This book provides ideas,
 1998 • 64 pages                         £15.95 • €25.95 • US$31.95
 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                                                        Glassware Manufacture for          guidelines, and examples of how to
                                                                                  Developing Countries               put endogenous development into
                                         How to Make Carpentry Tools                                                 practice. It also shows how field
 Sericulture and Silk Production         An Illustrated Manual
                                                                                  Garry Whitby
 A Handbook                                                                       ISBN 9781853390739                 staff can be helped to learn, and
                                         Revised Edition Aaron Moore              1998 • 356 pages                   how training or learning activities
 Prabha Shekar and Martin Hardingham     with Musaemura Sithole                   £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95         can best be organized, to support
 ISBN 9781853393174                      ISBN 9781853394065
 1995 • 64 pages                         1997 • 268 pages                                                            endogenous development.
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                       Educational Wooden Toys
                                         £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                  in Sri Lanka                       ISBN 9781853396649
 Fabric Manufacture                                                                                                  2007 • 256 pages
                                         Wood and Woodworking Tools               Tim Goodwin and Marjorie Wright
                                                                                                                     £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
 A Handbook                                                                       ISBN 9781853390531
                                         A Handbook
                                                                                  1984 • 46 pages
 Alan Newton                             E.G. Richards, Robert Plumptre, and      £9.95 • €14.95 • US$ 19.95
 ISBN 9781853391330                      Stuart Wilson, Edited by Laila Monahan
 1993 • 60 pages                         ISBN 9781853390258
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95              1989 • 112 pages
                                                                                  Making Wheels
                                         £13.95 • €20.95 • US$25.95               A Technical Manual on Wheel
 The Development of Indian Silk                                                   Manufacture
 A Wealth of Opportunities               How to Make Twelve                       R.A. Dennis
                                                                                  ISBN 9781853391415
 Sanjay Sinha                            Woodworking Tools                        1994 • 160 pages
 ISBN 9781853390173                      Aaron Moore                              £18.95 • €28.95 • US$37.95
 1990 • 132 pages                        ISBN 9780946688531
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95              1986 • 108 pages
                                         £8.95 • €13.95 • US$17.95
 Yarn Preparation
 A Handbook                              How to Make Planes, Cramps
 John Iredale                            and Vices
 ISBN 9781853390425                      Seven Woodworking Tools
 1992 • 48 pages
 £12.95 • €19.95 • US$24.95              Aaron Moore
                                         ISBN 9780946688982
 Spinning                                1987 • 112 pages
                                         £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
                                                                                                                     Knowledge Inquiries
 A Handbook
 John Foulds                             Made in Africa                                                              A Methodologies Manual
 ISBN 9781853390357                      Learning from Carpentry Hand-Tool                                           for Development
 1988 • 56 pages                         Projects
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                                                          Paul Sillitoe, Peter Dixon, and
                                         Janet Leek, Andrew Scott,                                                   Julian Barr
                                         and Matthew Taylor
 Dyeing and Printing                     ISBN 9781853392092
 A Handbook                              1993 • 80 pages                                                             ‘This is a monumental work;
 John Foulds                             £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 ISBN 9781853390289                                                                                                  there is nothing comparable in
 1990 • 70 pages                                                                                                     the literature.’
 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                                                                                                     David Brokensha

30                    Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                Indigenous Knowledge / Technology

Key text for programme managers         Hardback                                Jurema’s Children in the Forest
and project leaders — useful both       ISBN 9781853392641
                                        1995 • 600 pages
                                                                                of Spirits                           Technology
to those seeking a quick and limited    £60.00 • €90.00 • US$120.00             Healing and Ritual Among Two
indigenous knowledge component,
and to those interested in a more       Paperback
                                        ISBN 9781853392511
                                                                                Brazilian Indigenous Groups
                                                                                Clarice Novaes Da Mota
                                                                                                                    Digital Poverty
long-term and thorough indigenous       1995 • 600 pages                        ISBN 9781853394027
knowledge investigation.                £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95              1997 • 144 pages                    Latin American and
                                                                                £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95          Caribbean Perspectives
Covers the key elements of
indigenous knowledge project                                                    Hometown Associations               Hernan Galperin and
design and management, including        Biological and                          Indigenous Knowledge and            Judith Mariscal
issues of team functioning that
critically inform project success.      Cultural Diversity                      Development in Nigeria
                                                                                Rex Honey and Stanley Okafor
                                                                                                                    This book represents the first
                                                                                ISBN 9781853394263                  publication of the Regional
ISBN 9781853395710                                                                                                  Dialogue on the Information Society
2005 • 416 pages                        The Role of Indigenous                  1998 • 176 pages
£24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95              Agricultural Experimentation            £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95          (REDIS-DIRSI), a regional network
                                                                                                                    of leading researchers concerned
Not available from Practical Action     in Development                          Hungry for Hope                     with the creation and dissemination
Publishing in South Asia                Edited by Gordon D. Prain,              On the Cultural and Communicative   of knowledge that supports
                                        Sam Fujisaka, and                       Dimensions of Development in        effective participation in the
Indigenous                              Michael D. Warren                       Highland Ecuador
                                                                                Carmen G. Hess
                                                                                                                    Information Society by the poor and
                                                                                                                    marginalized communities of Latin
Organizations and                       Presents for the first time cases of
                                        indigenous experimentation as well
                                                                                ISBN 9781853394034
                                                                                1997 • 128 pages                    America and the Caribbean.
Development                             as the benefits of new partnerships
                                                                                £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                    It reflects a diverse set of studies
                                        between farmers and formal                                                  undertaken by DIRSI researchers
Peter Blunt and D. Michael              research.                                                                   under the common theme of pro-
Warren, with a preface by                                                                                           poor, pro-market ICT policies. This
                                        Essential for agricultural
Norman Uphoff                                                                                                       supports next-generation reforms
                                        researchers and others concerned
                                                                                                                    that build on the achievements of
Indigenous organizations are local-     about rural poverty, agricultural
                                                                                                                    market liberalization efforts but at
level institutions with a community     sustainability, and local resource
                                                                                                                    the same time address the realities
base, such as women’s groups,           management.
                                                                                                                    of what we call digital poverty - a
ethnic associations, traditional        ISBN 9781853394430                                                          concept that grasps the multiple
religious groups and a wide             1999 • 224 pages                                                            dimensions of inadequate levels
variety of other social groups. This    £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95
                                                                                                                    of access to ICT services by people
significant book investigates local                                                                                 and organizations, as well as the
planning and management systems,                                                                                    barriers to their productive use.
local levels of technology use and       Also on this subject                                                       ISBN 9781853396632
development, community-based
systems of evaluation and capacity      Intercropping and the                                                       2007 • 160 pages
                                                                                                                    £17.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95
building, and the distinct social       Scientific Basis of Traditional
                                        Agriculture                                                                 Published in association with IDRC,
roles of the varied groups that exist                                                                               Canada
worldwide.                              Donald Q. Innis
                                        ISBN 9781853393280
No other published collection           1997 • 192 pages
describes such a wide range of local
                                        £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95                                                  Telecentres, Access
Of interest to development workers      Indigenous Knowledge                                                        and Development
as well as students and teachers        Development
of development studies, and             in Bangladesh                                                               Experience and Lessons from
development management.                 Present and Future                                                          Uganda and South Africa
                                        Edited by Paul Sillitoe
ISBN 9781853393211                      ISBN 9781853395185
                                                                                                                    Sarah Parkinson
1996 • 272 pages                        2000 • 260 pages
£17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95              £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95                                                  An analysis of the rich experience
                                                                                                                    of South Africa and Uganda in
                                        Not available from ITDG Publishing
                                                                                                                    their quest for universal access,
The Cultural
                                        in South Asia
                                                                                                                    with particular emphasis on the
                                        Nature is Culture                                                           role of shared access centres
Dimension of                            Indigenous Knowledge and                                                    (public telephones, cybercafes,
Development                             Sociocultural Aspects of Trees and
                                        Forests in Non-European Cultures
                                                                                                                    telecentres, business centres, etc.)
                                                                                                                    and the factors that affect their
                                        Edited by Klaus Seeland                                                     performance.
Indigenous Knowledge                    ISBN 9781853394102
                                                                                                                    Based on a review of national policy
Systems                                 1997 • 160 pages
                                                                                                                    and implementation strategies,
                                        £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
D. Michael Warren,                                                                                                  case studies of community ICT-
L. Jan Slikkerveer, and                 Facing Kirinyaga                                                            access centres, and an analysis
David Brokensha                         A Social History of Forest Commons in                                       of the links between national
                                        Southern Mount Kenya                                                        strategies and on-the-ground
Presents overwhelming evidence,         Alfonso Peter Castro                                                        experiences from 1996 to 2003.
from a range of disciplines, that       ISBN 9781853392535                                                          Over 50 ICT-access centres, from
local people do know a great deal       1995 • 168 pages
                                        £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                  both rural and urban settings, were
about their environment and argues
                                                                                                                    reviewed. The executive summary
that this knowledge must be taken
into account in the planning and        Technology Choice                                                           presents a series of lessons and
                                        A Critique of the Appropriate                                               practical recommendations for
implementation of development to
                                        Technology Movement                                                         policymakers.
be both acceptable and effective.
                                        Kelvin W. Willoughby                                                        ISBN 9781853396199
46 contributors provide both            ISBN 9781853390579
                                                                                                                    2005 • 168 pages
case study material and                 1990 • 68 pages
                                                                                                                    £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
general conceptual papers. The          £19.95 • €29.95
interdisciplinary approach of this      Not available from ITDG Publishing
book makes it an essential tool         in the USA
for those studying indigenous
knowledge systems.

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 Technology / Environment, Climate and Sustainability

 Connecting                               Developing Technologies
                                          for the Rural Poor
                                                                               One Hundred Innovations
                                                                               For Development                        Environment,
 the First Mile                           Stephen Biggs and
                                          Ruth Grosvenor-Alsop
                                          ISBN 9781853393655
                                                                               Edited by Gillis Een and Sten Joste
                                                                               ISBN 9781853390951
                                                                               1988 • 84 pages
                                                                                                                      Climate and
 Investigating Best Practice
 for ICTs and Information
                                          1984 • 128 pages
                                          £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                               £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                               More Innovations For
 Sharing for Development                  Appropriate Technology               Development
 Surmaya Talyarkhan,                      in a Changing World                  Edited by Gillis Een and Sten Joste   Understanding
 David J. Grimshaw, and
                                                                                                                     Climate Change
                                                                               ISBN 9781853391026
                                          Raphael Kaplinsky                    1991 • 84 pages
 Lucky Lowe                               Hardback                             £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
 Outlines the challenges involved
                                          ISBN 9781853390722
                                          1990 • 256 pages                     Using Technical Skills in
 in sharing information with people       £24.95 • €37.95 • US$50.00
 who have little experience of ICTs,                                           Community Development                 See page 7 for further details.
 low levels of literacy, little time or   No Condition Permanent               An Analysis of VSO’s Experience
 money, and very specific knowledge
 and language requirements.
                                          Pump-Priming Ghana’s Industrial
                                                                               Jonathan Dawson
                                                                               ISBN 9781853390784                    Communities,
 Provides a best practice framework
                                          Ian Smillie
                                          ISBN 9780946688326
                                                                               1990 • 64 pages
                                                                               £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95            Livelihoods, and
 that embraces many applications
 of ICT (e.g. for agriculture,
                                          1986 • 224 pages
                                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95           Science, Technology and               Natural Resources
 e-governance etc) and many                                                    Development
 technologies, and it includes
                                          Technology for a Changing World      Atul Wad                              Action Research and
 suggestions for further research.        John Davis                           ISBN 9781853390753                    Policy Change in Asia
                                          ISBN 9780903031561                   1988 • 326 pages
 ISBN 9781853396120                       1978 • 64 pages                      £24.95 • €37.95 • US$50.00            Edited by Stephen R. Tyler
 2005 • 80 pages                          £8.95 • €13.95 • US$17.95
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                    Tinker, Tiller, Technical Change      Presenting cases from some
                                          Package Deals                        Technologies from the People
                                                                                                                     of the poorest parts of Asia to
                                          A study of technology development                                          illustrate how local innovations
                                                                               Matthew Gamser, Helen Appleton, and
  Also on this subject                    and transfer
                                          Ken Marshall
                                                                               Nicola Carter                         in participatory natural resource
                                                                                                                     management can strengthen
                                                                               ISBN 9781853390616
                                          ISBN 9780903031868                                                         livelihoods, build capacity for
 Intermediate Technology in               1983 • 144 pages
                                                                               1990 • 296 pages
                                                                               £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95            local governance, and spark policy
 Indonesia                                £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
 A Review of the Development                                                                                         change.
                                                                               Mobilizing Appropriate
 Technology Centre                        The AT Reader                                                              This book synthesizes results from
 Anton Kruft                              The theory and practice of                                                 a seven-year programme of applied
 ISBN 9781853393594                       appropriate technology               Papers on Planning Aid Programmes
                                                                                                                     research on community-based
 1985 • 68 pages                          Marilyn Carr                         Matthew Gamser
 £8.95 • €13.95 • US$17.95                                                     ISBN 9781853390456                    approaches to natural resource
                                          ISBN 978094668804
                                          1985 • 488 pages                     1988 • 128 pages                      management in Asia. By presenting
 Intermediate Technology in               £24.95 • €37.95 • US$50.00           £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95            field reports of innovative
 Botswana                                                                                                            approaches to poverty reduction
                                          Management of Technological          Economically Appropriate              and sustainable resource use, it
 A Review of the Botswana
 Development Technology Centre            Change                               Technologies for Developing           provides practitioners with models
 Marilyn Carr                             Donnacadh Hurley                     Countries                             of ‘good practice’ in participatory,
 ISBN 9781853393662                       ISBN 9780946688845                   An Annotated Bibliography             community-based resource
 1984 • 60 pages                          1987 • 128 pages                                                           management, and it demonstrates
                                                                               Marilyn Carr
 £8.95 • €13.95 • US$17.95                £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                               ISBN 9780903031752                    how site-based research contributes
                                                                               1981 • 124 pages                      to broader learning in the field of
 The Intermediate Technology              Science and Technology Council       £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
 Transfer Unit                            Problems and Prospects in Botswana                                         natural resource management and
                                          Norman Clark                         A Guide to Appropriate                policy.
 A Handbook on Operations
 John Powell
                                          ISBN 9781853390401                   Technology Institutions               ISBN 9781853396380
                                          1988 • 72 pages                                                            2006 • 412 pages
 ISBN 9781853393143
                                          £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95            Angela Sinclair
 1995 • 64 pages                                                               ISBN 9780946688951                    £16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                    1984 • 132 pages
                                          Industrial Employment Through        £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
 Small and Medium Enterprises             Appropriate Technology
 Technology Policies and Options          Alan Bollard                         Appropriate Technology
                                          ISBN 9781853393617
 Edited by A.S. Bhalla                    1983 • 28 pages
 ISBN 9781853391293                       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95           A Review
 1992 • 296 pages                                                              Richard Whitcombe and Marilyn Carr
 £24.95 • €37.95 • US$50.00               Appropriate Technology for           ISBN 9781853391514

 Island Technology                        Rural Development                    1982 • 76 pages
                                                                               £8.95 • €13.95 • US$17.95
                                          Derek Miles
 Technology for Development in the
                                          ISBN 9781853393679
 South Pacific
                                          1982 • 36 pages                      Appropriate Technology
 Edited by Tony Marjoram                  £5.95 • €8.95 • US$13.95             Institutions
 ISBN 9781853392238                                                            A Directory
 1994 • 436 pages                         Technological Transformation         ISBN 9780946688043
 £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                          of Rural India                       1987 • 36 pages
                                                                               £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
                                                                                                                     Just One Planet
 Technology Development in                A. Bhalla and A. Reddy
                                          ISBN 9781853391996
 Rural Industries                         1994 • 256 pages                     Technology Transfer                   Poverty, Justice, and
 A Study of China’s Collectives           £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95           Nine Case Studies                     Climate Change
 Hannah Piek                                                                                                         D. Mark Smith
                                          Cutting Edge Technologies and        Sosthenes Buatsi
 ISBN 9781853394225
                                                                               ISBN 9780946688296
 1998 • 292 pages                         Micro-Computer Applications          1988 • 96 pages                       The impacts of climate change are
 £24.95 • €37.95 • US$50.00
                                          for Developing Countries             £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95             being felt all around the world and
 The Technological Upgrading              ISBN 9781853390906                                                         as they become more damaging
                                          1988 • 504 pages                                                           and widespread, it is the 2.7 billion
 of Service Institutions                  £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
 Lessons from Asia                                                                                                   people in the world who live on less
 Tue Kell Nielsen
                                                                                                                     than $2 a day who will be hit first
 ISBN 9781853394355                                                                                                  and hardest.
 1998 • 256 pages                                                                                                    Lament is not good enough - we
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                                                     must take action. Based on analysis

32                       Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                     Environment, Climate and Sustainability / Energy

of the evidence for climate change
and the vulnerability of poor people,
                                        Hands On – Energy,                          Energy
                                                                                                                          techniques to assist in evaluating
                                                                                                                          and comparing energy technology
this book develops a framework
for action and makes clear the link
                                        Infrastructure                                                                    options.

between consumer and political          and Recycling                                                                     Demonstrates how to integrate
                                                                                                                          technical, economic, social,
choices in the North, and impacts                                                                                         institutional and environmental
in the South on the most vulnerable     Emma Judge                                                                        criteria, so as to achieve best
people on the planet.                                                                                                     practice in rural energy planning
                                        Innovations ranging from solar
An indispensable reference for                                                                                            and policy.
                                        lanterns to recycling inner
NGOs, government policy                                                                                                   Includes case studies from
                                        tubes, and from hydrogen cars to
advisors, researchers, students,                                                                                          throughout the developing world.
                                        disasterproof buildings.
and specialists in the areas of
Development, Climate, and               ISBN 9781853394881                                                                ISBN 9781853394874
                                        2002 • 240 pages                                                                  2005 • 192 pages
Environmental Studies.                  £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                                                        £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
ISBN 9781853396434
2006 • 128 pages
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$28.95
                                        Hands On – Food,                                                                  Turning Off the Lights
                                        Water, and Finance                         A Practical Guide to
                                                                                                                          The Threat to Community
Climate Change and                                                                 Solar Photovoltaic                     Electricity in Sri Lanka
                                        Emma Judge
the Kyoto Protocol’s                                                               Systems for                            Stephen Thomas, Jayantha
                                        Innovations as diverse as ecological                                              Gunasekara, and Iromi Ruana
Clean Development                       sanitation and mercury detection,          Technicians                            Rajepakse
Mechanism                               or harvesting seaweed and credit
                                        unions.                                    Sizing, Installation and               Explains the nature of that threat
                                        ISBN 9781853395154                         Maintenance                            to services and projects specifically
Stories from the                        2002 • 256 pages                                                                  aimed at or managed by poor
                                                                                   Jean-Paul Louineau
Developing World                        £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                                                        communities, which is posed by
Margie Orford                                                                      An ideal addition to the toolkit of    the International Monetary Fund
                                                                                   anyone involved in the installation    and World Bank sponsored reform
A non-technical account of what          Also on this subject                      of solar powered photovoltaic          package for Sri Lanka’s electricity
inspires people to transform the                                                   systems, this practical guide          industry
dry language of this international      Sustainable Industrial
                                                                                   provides step by step explanations     Will help to galvanize support
climate change treaty into              Development                                of the process by which technicians    for a pro-poor agenda in future
measurable improvements in              Seven Case Studies                         can estimate the requirements of       negotiations.
people’s lives. The projects            Edited and introduced by Marilyn Carr      PV systems and guides the reader
described have reduced the              ISBN 9780946688890                                                                ISBN 9781853395949
                                        1988 • 200 pages
                                                                                   through the set-up and running         2005 • 48 pages
emission of greenhouse gases            £13.95 • €19.95 • US$26.95                 of such systems. Produced in a         £7.95 • €11.95 • US$17.95
through sustainable development in                                                 durable paperback edition and
four countries: Brazil, Bangladesh,     Jobs from Junks                            heavily illustrated with photos and
Indonesia and South Africa. These
stories come to life through a
                                        How to Create Employment and Tidy
                                        Up Derelict Cars
                                                                                   charts, the guide is specifically
                                                                                   designed for use in the field and
                                                                                                                          Electricity Services
kaleidoscope of colour photographs
and children’s artwork.
                                        Jon Vogler
                                        ISBN 9781853390548
                                                                                   has been extensively tested in         in Remote Rural
                                                                                   training centres in Africa and other
ISBN 9781853395932
                                        1983 • 70 pages
                                        £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                 regions. A list of references to       Communities
2004 • 112 pages                                                                   further reading and web resources
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95              Work from Waste                            is also provided                       The Small Enterprise Model
Not available from Practical Action     Recycling Wastes to Create                                                        Teodoro Sanchez
Publishing in Southern Africa                                                      ISBN: 9781853396595
                                        Employment                                 2008 • 100 pages
                                        Jon Vogler                                 £14.95 • €27.95 • $37.95               Describes the design and use of a
                                        ISBN 9780903031790                                                                particular management model for
 SERIES                                 1981 • 414 pages
                                        £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                 Designing and                          electricity services in isolated rural
 Practical Innovations                  Linking with Farmers                       Building Mini
                                                                                                                          The model was designed with the
 for a Sustainable                      Networking for Low External Input and
                                        Sustainable Agriculture
                                                                                   and Micro Hydro
                                                                                                                          clear objective of efficient financial
                                                                                                                          and technical management,
 World                                  Carine Alders, Bertus Haverkort, Laurens
                                        van Veldhuizen                             Power Schemes                          taking into account the social and
                                        ISBN 9781853392108                                                                economic environment and the
Ever thought of harnessing              1993 • 304 pages                                                                  committed participation of the
                                        £19.95 • €29.95 • US$35.95                 See page 5 for further details.        community.
the energy of children at
play to pump water? Or                  The Charcoal Dilemma                                                              ISBN 9781853396205

                                                                                   The Hidden
                                        F. Rosillo-Calle, M. de Rezende,                                                  2005 • 100 pages
making paper from the                   P. Furtado, and D. Hall                                                           £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
tonnes of algae that clog
up the Venice Lagoon each
                                        ISBN 9781853393228
                                        1996 • 96 pages                            Energy Crisis
year? These books provide
                                        £14.95 • €21.95 • US$28.95
                                                                                   See page 5 for further details.
                                                                                                                          Pumps as Turbines
                                        Miombo Ecology and
inspiring examples from                                                                                                   A User’s Guide
both the ‘North’ and the                An Introduction
‘South’ of the appropriate              Emmanuel N. Chidumayo                      Energy for Rural                       New Edition
                                                                                                                          Arthur Williams
use of technology to address            ISBN 9781853394119
                                        1997 • 184 pages                           Livelihoods                            A practical handbook for engineers
human and environmental                 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                          and technicians involved in
problems. They are source               Living With Wildlife                       A Framework for Sustainable            designing and installing small
books providing new ideas               Sustainable Livelihoods for                Decision Making                        water-power schemes for isolated
for development workers,                Park-Adjacent Communities in Kenya         Yacob Mulugetta, Alison Doig,          houses and communities.
                                        Stuart Coupe, Viv Lewis,                   Simon Dunnett, Tim Jackson,            How to use standard pump
inspiration for businesses,             Zadoc Ogutu, and Cathy Watson              Smail Khennas, and Kavita Rai          units as a low-cost alternative to
and projects for the                    ISBN 9781853395376
                                                                                                                          conventional turbines to provide
                                        2002 • 48 pages                            Presents a range of analytical
classroom.                              £12.95 • €18.95 • US$24.95                                                        stand-alone electricity generation

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                                  33

 in remote locations: a reliable, low-
 cost option for rural electrification.
                                          basic engineering facilities. More
                                          advanced processes are discussed
                                                                                  Small Wind Systems                       ISBN 9781853394461
                                                                                                                           1999 • 96 pages

 ISBN 9781853395673
                                          for those with access to better
                                          manufacturing facilities.
                                                                                  for Rural Energy                         £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95

                                                                                                                           Electricity in Households and
 2003 • 80 pages
 £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95               Covers basic theory, turbine                                                     Micro-Enterprises
                                          selection, manufacture,                                                          Joy Clancy and Lucy Redeby
                                          installation, testing, and problem-     Smail Khennas, Simon Dunnett,            ISBN 9781853395017
                                          solving, as well as detailing all the   and Hugh Piggott                         2000 • 112 pages
                                                                                                                           £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                          important aspects of design.
                                                                                  A guide to all the essential steps for
                                          ISBN 9781853394607                      setting up wind business services in     Rural Transport
                                          2000 • 196 pages                        developing countries.                    UNIFEM and Jo Doran
                                          £25.95 • €38.95 • US$49.95                                                       ISBN 9781853393457
                                                                                  Deals with all the key aspects of        1996 • 80 pages
                                                                                  promoting wind energy for domestic       £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95

                                          Micro-Hydro Power                       end uses, as well as explaining
                                                                                  needs assessment, resource               Water Supply
                                          A Guide for                             assessment, the economics of small
                                                                                  wind machines, and technology
                                                                                                                           Vijita Fernando
                                                                                                                           ISBN 9781853393440

                                          Development Workers                     choice.
                                                                                                                           1996 • 80 pages
                                                                                                                           £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                                                                  ISBN 9781853395550
 Motors as Generators                     P. Fraenkel, O. Paish, V.               2003 • 72 pages

 for Micro-Hydro Power
                                          Bokalders, A. Harvey, A. Brown,
                                          and R. Edwards
                                                                                  £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                                                                            Also on this subject
                                                                                                                           Micro Hydro Electric Power
 Second Edition
                                          A comprehensive and practical
                                          guide to this valuable renewable
                                                                                  Windpumps                                Ray Holland
                                                                                                                           ISBN 9781853393631
 Nigel Smith                              energy resource, bringing together                                               1986 • 56 pages
                                          the authors’ many years of practical    A Guide for Development                  £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
 Motors as Generators for Micro-                                                  Workers
 hydro Power is a guide to the use        experience in micro-hydro design
                                          and implementation.                     Peter Fraenkel, Roy Barlow,              Upgrading Micro Hydro in
 of induction motors for electricity                                                                                       Sri Lanka
 generation in remote locations. It is    Essential reading for anyone            Francis Crick, Anthony Derrick,
                                                                                  and Varis Bokalders                      Drummond Hislop
 written as a practical handbook for      designing or implementing micro-                                                 ISBN 9780946688623
 engineers and technicians involved       hydro power schemes, and for those      Systematically explains every            1985 • 76 pages
 in designing and installing small        operating or maintaining them, or       aspect of wind energy: a renewable       £8.95 • €13.95 • US$17.95
 water-power schemes for isolated         running training courses.               energy resource that can never
 houses and communities.                                                                                                   A Chinese Biogas Manual
                                          ISBN 9781853390296                      be exhausted and which avoids
                                          1991 (reprinted 2003) • 160 pages                                                Popularising Technology
 This revised edition brings in new                                               pollution, making it one of the          in the Countryside
                                          £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
 concepts developed and tested                                                    most environmentally-sound energy        Edited by Ariane van Buren
 to expand the power range of                                                     options available.                       ISBN 9780903031653
 application of motors as generators,                                                                                      1979 (reprinted 1997) • 136 pages
 to make this technology safer            Smoke — The Killer                      ISBN 9781853391262
                                                                                  1993 • 168 pages                         £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95
 and more reliable, while keeping
 costs low and making it accessible       in the Kitchen                          £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                                                                           Rural Lighting
 to developing countries. It also                                                                                          A Guide for Development Workers
 contains a new chapter on mains-         Indoor Air Pollution in                  SERIES                                  Jean-Paul Louineau, Modibo Dicko,
                                                                                                                           Peter Fraenkel, Roy Barlow, and Varis
 connecting micro-hydro generators.       Developing Countries
 This edition also draws on               Hugh Warwick and Alison Doig
                                                                                   Energy And                              Bokalders
                                                                                                                           ISBN 9781853392009
 the practical experience of
 manufacturers and installers of          Details the health impacts of smoke      Environment                             1994 • 192 pages
                                                                                                                           £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95

 induction generator units working        in homes across the developing
                                          world, and presents technical
                                                                                   Technology Source                       Low-Cost Electrification
 in village locations in a large
 number of countries, among them          solutions, with strategies for           Books                                   Affordable Electricity Installation for
                                                                                                                           Low-income Households in Developing
 Sri Lanka, Nepal, Peru, Kenya and        reducing exposure to smoke for                                                   Countries
 others.                                  millions of households.                 This series developed by                 Nigel Smith
 ISBN 9781853396458                       Gives recommendations on                UNIFEM provides information              ISBN 9781853394546
 2007 • 112 pages                         immediate actions to be taken to                                                 1998 • 48 pages
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                       on the range of energy and               £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                          significantly scale-up the fight
                                          against the silent killer of smoke      environment technologies
                                                                                                                           Solar Energy for Rural
                                                                                  relevant to women’s lives.
 The Micro-Hydro                          in the homes of the world’s most
                                          vulnerable people.
                                                                                                                           The Case of Namibia
 Pelton Turbine                           ISBN 9781853395888
                                          2003 • 48 pages
                                                                                  Energy Efficiency for                    Gil Yaron, Tani Forbes Irving,

                                                                                                                           and Sven Jansson
                                          £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95               Small and Medium                         ISBN 9781853392429
                                                                                                                           1994 • 160 pages
 Design, Manufacture and                                                          Scale Enterprises                        £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95

 Installation for Small-scale             Micro-Hydro                                                                      Running a Biogas Programme
                                                                                  Elizabeth Muguti, Saskia
 Hydropower                               Design Manual                           Everts, Bob Schulte, and Linda           A Handbook
 Jeremy Thake                                                                     Smallegange                              David Fulford
 How to design and manufacture
                                          A Guide to Small-Scale Water
                                          Power Schemes                           Demonstrates that taking care of         Describes the designs and uses
 Pelton turbines with capacities                                                  the environment, by using clean          of biogas plants, with technical
 from a few hundred watts to around       Adam Harvey
                                                                                  technologies and by saving energy,       appendices, for domestic and
 100kW (though much of the                This manual gives comprehensive         does not have to mean incurring          community plants. Covers the
 information is relevant for larger       guidance on all aspects of planning     costs.                                   likely economic and social effects
 units too).                              and designing a micro-hydro power                                                of biogas programmes, and gives
                                                                                  Provides basic information on
 Aimed at readers with a general          scheme. For use by laypersons as        energy-saving options for those          advice on management problems.
 engineering workshop background,         well as by engineers and development    involved with the economic               ISBN 9780946688494
 the emphasis is on simple                planners.                               empowerment of micro                     1988 (reprinted 2001) • 200 pages
 technology so that the turbines can                                                                                       £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
                                          ISBN 9781853391033                      entrepreneurs.
 be made in small workshops with          1993 • 400 pages
                                          £40.00 • €60.00 • US$80.00

34                     Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                             Energy / Water and Sanitation

Solar Heating in Cold Regions               Stove Maker, Stove User                                                     Director for International
A Technical Guide to Developing
Country Applications
                                            Fuel Efficient Stoves in Sri Lanka    Water and                             Programs, Hauser Center for
                                                                                                                        Nonprofit Organizations, Havard
                                            Val Rea and Mike Martin
Jean-François Rozis and                     Slides                                                                      University.
Alain Guinebault                            ISBN 9781853390999
ISBN 9781853393297                          1991 • 32 pages                                                             ISBN 9781853396540
1996 • 176 pages                            £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95                                                  2008 • 144 pages
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95                                                                                              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                            Modern Stoves for All
Solar-Powered Electricity
A Survey of Photovoltaic Power in
                                            Hugo Kehrli
                                            ISBN 9780946688357                                                          Water Lifting Devices
Developing Countries                        1985 • 96 pages
Bernard McNelis, Anthony Derrick, and       £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                                                   A Handbook
Michael Starr
ISBN 9780946688395                          Wood-Stove Dissemination                                                    Third Edition
1988 • 96 pages
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                            Robin Clarke                                                                Peter Fraenkel and
                                            ISBN 9780946688555                                                          Jeremy Thake
                                            1985 • 208 pages
Solar Photovoltaic Products                 £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95                                                  An updated and expanded new
A Guide for Development Workers
                                                                                                                        edition (formerly Water Pumping
Anthony Derrick, Catherine Francis, and     Improved Wood-, Waste-,
                                                                                                                        Devices) surveying the water-lifting
Varis Bokalders                             and Charcoal-Burning Stoves
ISBN 9781853390913
1991 • 136 pages
                                            A Practitioner’s Manual              Toilets that Make                      technologies that are available and
                                                                                                                        appropriate for smallholdings.
£24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                  Bill Stewart
                                            ISBN 9780946688654                   Compost                                Examines the costs and general
Financing Renewable Energy                  1987 • 240 pages                                                            suitability of the different
                                            £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95           Low-cost, sanitary toilets that        technologies to enable farmers and
                                                                                 produce valuable compost for           policy makers to make informed
A Guide for Development Workers             Stoves for People                                                           choices.
Jenny Gregory, Semida Silveira, Anthony     Proceedings of the Second            crops in an African context
Derrick, Paul Cowley, Catherine Allinson,   International Workshop on Stoves     Peter Morgan                           ISBN 9781853395383
and Oliver Paish                            Dissemination                                                               2006 • 344 pages
ISBN 9781853393877                                                                                                      £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
1997 • 160 pages
                                            Roberto Caceres                      Toilets that make compost provides
                                            ISBN 9781853390197                   practical examples of toilets that,    Published in association with the Food
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$30.00                                                                                              and Agriculture Organization of the United
                                            1989 • 176 pages
                                            £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                 in addition to providing a safe        Nations
Energy Options                                                                   sanitation option, also recycle the
An Introduction to Small-scale
Renewable Energy Technologies
                                            Cook Electric
                                            The Ghandruk Experience
                                                                                 nutrients in excreta to produce
                                                                                 compost. This compost is valued        Crops, People,
Edited and introduced by Drummond
Hislop                                      Janet Bell                           wherever households have enough
                                                                                 space to grow fruit and vegetables
                                                                                                                        and Irrigation
ISBN 9781853390821                          ISBN 9781853391507
1992 • 120 pages                            1994 • 16 pages                      in their back gardens; the designs     Water Allocation Practices of
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                  £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95             are suitable for regions where         Farmers and Engineers
                                            Small Hydro Power in China           there is no high water table or
Rural Energy Services                                                            prolonged wet season. This book        Geert Diemer and
A Handbook for Sustainable                  A Survey                                                                    Frans P. Huibers
                                                                                 provides detailed instructions for
Development                                 M. Howes and P. Endagama
                                            ISBN 9780946688463                   constructing a range of toilets from   In eight case studies, irrigation
Teresa Anderson, Alison Doig,
Dai Rees, and Smail Khennas                 1985 • 120 pages                     the simplest and most affordable to    engineers describe water
ISBN 9781853394621                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95           the more sophisticated ecological      distribution practices as they
1999 • 176 pages                                                                 toilet.                                actually occur in various schemes.
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                  Renewable Energy Technologies
                                                                                 ISBN: 9781853396748                    Six of the schemes (in Indonesia,
                                            Their Applications in Developing
                                                                                 2008 • 120 pages                       Mexico, Portugal and Bolivia) are
The Power Guide                             Countries
                                            L. Kristoferson and V. Bokalders
                                                                                 £14.95 • €22.95 • $39.95               farmer-managed, and two (in South
An International Catalogue of Small-
scale Energy Equipment                      ISBN 9781853390883                                                          India and Bali) are managed jointly
With introductions by Wim Hulscher and      1991 • 344 pages                                                            by farmers and technical officers.
Peter Fraenkel                              £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                                                                                                        Relates water flows to social
ISBN 9781853391927                                                                                                      processes and contrasts
1994 • 296 pages                            Farmers, Forests and Fuel
£24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                  Towards a New Biomas Energy                                                 conventional engineering wisdom
                                            Strategy in Sri Lanka                                                       with the practices the engineers
The Energy Dimension                        Mick Howes                                                                  have observed.
A Practical Guide to Energy in Rural        ISBN 9781853390890                                                          ISBN 9781853393044
Development Programmes                      1995 • 184 pages                                                            1996 • 168 pages
Christopher Hurst and Andrew Barnett        £17.95 • €26.95 • US$33.95                                                  £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
ISBN 9781853390746

1990 • 176 pages
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95

Power from the People                                                                                                   Catchment
Innovation, User Participation and
Forest Energy Development                                                        Water Supply and                       Systems For
                                                                                                                        Domestic Supply
Matthew S. Gamser
ISBN 9780946688944                                                               Sanitation Services for
1988 • 168 pages
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                       the Rural Poor                         Design, Construction and
The Kenya Ceramic Jiko                                                           The Gram Vikas Experience              John Gould and
A Manual for Stovemakers                                                                                                Erik Nissen-Petersen
                                                                                 Pamela Keirns
Hugh Allen                                                                                                              ‘Recommended to water
ISBN 9781853390838                                                               ‘An insightful analysis of
1991 • 112 pages
                                                                                                                        engineers, hydrologists, rural and
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95                                                       ground-breaking use of water           urban planners, water-resources
                                                                                 and sanitation as the catalyst         planners, development agencies,
The Stove Project Manual                                                         for village-wide transformation        NGOs, government officials,
Planning and Implementation                                                      in hundreds of villages in rural       gender advocates and students
S. Joseph, Y. Shanahan, and W. Stewart                                           India.’                                alike.’
ISBN 9780946688265
1985 • 116 pages                                                                 L. David Brown, Associate              World Meteorological Organization
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                                                              Bulletin

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                                        35
 Water and Sanitation

 Features case studies with
 numerous examples from around
                                         A Manual on the                         South, especially the poor and
                                                                                 marginalized communities who
 the world which will help anyone
 intending to design or construct a
                                         Hydraulic Ram for                       are the most likely to suffer from
                                                                                 inadequate sanitation services.
                                                                                                                       Water Supply
 rainwater catchment system.             Pumping Water                           Explores key aspects of the           A Review of Technologies
 Covers all aspects of design and                                                planning process, including           Brian Skinner
 construction including training,
                                         S.B. Watt                               creating and informing demand,
 operation, and maintenance.             Part One: details of how to make        gathering and analysing               Provides non-specialists with
 Also discusses non-technical            and maintain a small hydraulic ram      information, choosing an              an overview of the technologies
 factors such as water quality,          on a suitable site.                     appropriate technology, holding       available for water supply in low-
 health, social, cultural, political,                                            a participatory workshop, and         income communities in rural areas
                                         Part Two: a more technical look         following up on the plan.
 institutional, and gender issues.                                                                                     of developing countries.
                                         at ram performances and design
 ISBN 9781853394560                      considerations. Also contains a         ISBN 9781853395581                    Focusing chiefly on ‘point supplies’
                                                                                 2003 • 256 pages                      such as wells, boreholes, springs,
 1999 • 352 pages                        useful bibliography.
                                                                                 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
 £16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95                                                                                            and rainwater catchment systems,
                                         ISBN 9780903031158
                                         1975 (reprinted 1993) • 42 pages
                                                                                                                       the book also introduces the
                                                                                                                       reader to powered pumps, water
 The Worth of Water
                                         £7.95 • €11.95 • US$14.95
                                                                                 Community                             treatment, and piped distribution
 Technical Briefs on Health,             Hand Dug Wells and                      Water, Community                      Extensive appendices list printed
 Water, and Sanitation                   their Construction                      Management                            and electronic sources of further
                                                                                                                       information for each technology.
 With an introduction by                                                                                               An ideal starter-book for non-
 John Pickford                           S.B. Watt and W.E. Wood                 From System to Service in
                                                                                                                       specialists looking for appropriate
                                                                                 Rural Areas                           methods of supply.
 A series of short, highly illustrated   The definitive manual on the            Ton Schouten and
 introductions to many of the main       subject: practical and authoritative.                                         ISBN 9781853395406
                                                                                 Patrick Moriarty
 technologies and processes in the       Step-by-step guidance in the
                                                                                                                       2003 • 128 pages
 field of village and community level                                                                                  £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                         techniques of digging and               Explores the experiences of
 water and sanitation, ranging from      constructing a well, including the      22 communities in 6 different
 household water storage to public       principles of groundwater storage,      countries based on more than 2
 standposts.                             the actual construction, the            decades of working to strengthen      Productive Water
                                                                                 the capacities of rural communities
 ISBN 9781853390692
 1991 • 144 pages
                                         materials required, and details of
                                         additional sources of information.      to manage their own water supply      Points in Dryland
 £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95
                                         ISBN 9780903031271
                                                                                 Shows the power and creativity with
                                         1979 • (reprinted 2001) • 256 pages
                                         £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95              which people work to keep their
 Rainwater Harvesting                                                            water supply systems operational,
                                                                                                                       Guidelines on Integrated
                                                                                                                       Planning for Rural Water
                                                                                 as well as their struggles and
 The Collection of Rainfall and          Developing                              difficulties.                         Supply
                                                                                                                       Chris Lovell
 Runoff in Rural Areas
 Arnold Pacey and Adrian Cullis
                                         Groundwater                             ISBN 9781853395642
                                                                                 2003 • 192 pages
                                                                                 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                       ‘If you are involved in rural water
 Emphasizes the importance               A Guide for Rural Water                                                       supply development … then I
 of social, economic, and                Supply                                                                        strongly recommend that you
 environmental considerations
 when planning and implementing
                                         Alan MacDonald, John Chilton,
                                         Roger Calow, and Jeff Davies
                                                                                 Dictionary of                         read this book.’
                                                                                                                       Dr Richard C. Carter
                                         A user-friendly guide to developing
                                                                                 Water Engineering
 Essential for all rural development                                                                                   Shows how research in Southern
                                         groundwater for rural water             Ken Nelson with contributions
 workers interested in the gathering                                                                                   Africa has shed light on why
                                         supplies, specifically designed         from Charles Kerr and Robert
 and storage of water.                                                                                                 conventional wells and boreholes
                                         to meet the needs of rural water        Legg                                  fail, and explains the potential of
 ISBN 9780946688227                      supply project staff in developing
                                                                                                                       the groundwater resource to support
 1986 • 224 pages                        countries.                              Provides an essential, up-to-date,
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                                                                                            production through improved siting
                                         Provides information on simple,         and economically priced course of     and selection of more appropriate
                                         effective techniques for siting wells   information on all aspects of water   well designs.
                                                                                 engineering and technology.
 A Handbook of                           and boreholes, assessing resource
                                         sustainability, constructing and        The entries cover water supplies
                                                                                                                       Practical help for planners and
                                                                                                                       practitioners in rural water supply
 Gravity-Flow                            testing the yield of boreholes and
                                         wells, and monitoring groundwater
                                                                                 for urban and rural communities,
                                                                                 waste-water systems, water
                                                                                                                       developing productive water points
 Water Systems                           quality.                                resources, hydrology, irrigation,
                                                                                                                       in drought-prone areas.
                                                                                 river improvement, drainage,          ISBN 9781853395161
                                         The technical aspects of rural water                                          2000 • 240 pages
 New Edition                             supply are set firmly in the relevant   erosion, groundwater, hydrography,    £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 Thomas Jordan                           socio-economic context, so that         flood protection, hydraulic
                                         guidance given is not in conflict       machines, dams, and water power.
 Originally written for the
 construction of gravity-flow drinking
                                         with community aspects.
                                         ISBN 9781853395963
                                                                                 Emphasizes small-scale supply and
                                                                                 the importance of sustainability,
 water systems in Nepal, this book
 is equally applicable for other
                                         2005 • 384 pages
                                         £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                                 and will be a practical reference
                                                                                 tool for down-to-earth use by
                                                                                                                       Water Rights
 locations around the world.                                                     all those involved in water and       Edited by Bryan Randolph Bruns
 Clearly organized for quick                                                     sanitation programmes worldwide.      and Ruth S. Meinzen-Dick
 reference.                              Urban Sanitation                        Hardback
                                                                                                                       ‘A good tool .... It offers excellent
 ISBN 97809466885000                                                             ISBN 9781853394904
 1984 • 256 pages                        A Guide to Strategic Planning           2005 • 384 pages                      references, contact addresses
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                      £35.00 • €50.00 • US$70.00
                                         Kevin Tayler, Jonathan                                                        and suggestions for further
                                         Parkinson, and Jeremy Colin                                                   reading and action.’
                                                                                                                       International Journal of Rural
                                         How to improve sanitation for                                                 Studies
                                         the inhabitants of the rapidly
                                         growing towns and cities of the

36                      Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                                                       Water and Sanitation

Presents a thorough exploration
of water rights in the context
                                         Hydraulic Ram Pumps                       Sustainability of Water and
                                                                                   Sanitation Systems
                                                                                                                            Community Water Development
                                                                                                                            Selected and edited by
of growing water scarcity and                                                      Edited by John Pickford, Peter Barker,   Charles Kerr
competition.                             A Guide to Ram Pump Water                 Bob Elson, Cath Ferguson, Jeremy Parr,   ISBN 9780946688234

Uses case studies from across
                                         Supply Systems                            Darren Saywell, Rod Shaw, and            1989 • (reprinted 1998) • 292 pages
                                                                                   Brian Skinner                            £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
the globe to identify the range          T.D. Jeffrey, T.H. Thomas,
                                                                                   ISBN 9781853393396
of water rights and basis for            A.V. Smith, P.B. Glover,                  1996 • 166 pages                         Operation and Maintenance
claims on the resource, as well as       and P.D. Fountain                         £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95               of Small Irrigation Schemes
local experiences in negotiating         Step-by-step instructions on                                                       Peter H. Stern
water rights and opportunities to                                                  Women and Waterpumps                     ISBN 9780946688746
                                         designing, installing, and operating      in Bangladesh                            1988 • 52 pages
empower farmers in water resource        water supply systems based on                                                      £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
management.                                                                        The Impact of Participation in
                                         hydraulic ram pumps.                      Irrigation Groups on Women’s Status
ISBN 9781853394843
                                         Contains illustrations and diagrams,      Barbara van Koppen and
                                                                                                                            Groundwater Dams for Small-
2000 • 396 pages
                                         details of a pump designed for local      Simeen Mahmud                            Scale Water Supply
£16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95
                                         manufacture, and notes for those          ISBN 9781853393365                       Åke Nilsson
Not available from Practical Action                                                1996 • 256 pages                         ISBN 9781853390500
Publishing in South Asia
                                         developing their own model.               £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               1988 • 80 pages
                                         ISBN 9781853391729                                                                 £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                         1992 • 144 pages                          Hill Irrigation
                                                                                                                            Septic Tanks and Aquaprivies
Latrine Building                         £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                Water and Development
                                                                                   in Mountain Agriculture                  from Ferrocement
                                                                                   Linden Vincent                           S.B. Watt
A Handbook for
Implementation of the
                                         Ferrocement Water                         ISBN 9781853391712
                                                                                   1995 • 232 pages
                                                                                                                            ISBN 9780903031950
                                                                                                                            1984 • 108 pages

SanPlat System                           Tanks and their                           £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95

                                                                                                                            Water Treatment and Sanitation
Björn Brandberg
                                         Construction                              Low-Cost Sanitation
                                                                                   A Survey of Practical Experience         Simple Methods for Rural Areas
Describes a practical solution to the                                              John Pickford                            H.T. Mann and D. Williamson
lack of basic sanitation facilities in   S.B. Watt                                 ISBN 9781853392337                       ISBN 9780903031233
the form of a ‘SanPlat’: a specially                                               1995 • 176 pages                         1982 • 96 pages
designed concrete platform which         Describes how cylindrical water           £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95               £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
can be installed easily in rural         storage tanks of up to 150 cubic
latrines to improve sanitation and       metre capacity can be built using         Sustainable Sewerage Guidelines          Small-Scale Irrigation
safety. It has footrests to help users   wire-reinforced cement-mortar.            for Community Schemes                    Peter H. Stern
                                                                                                                            ISBN 9780903031646
find the right position to avoid         Covers design and planning, costs,        R.A. Reed
                                                                                                                            1979 • 176 pages
fouling the latrine; the drop hole       standards, recommended and                ISBN 9781853393051
                                                                                                                            £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                                   1995 • 112 pages
is large enough to use comfortably       alternative construction methods,         £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95
and small enough to be completely        and other information.                                                             Affordable Water Supply and
safe, even for a child; and it is easy   ISBN 9780903031516                        Buried Pipelines                         Sanitation
to keep clean.                           1978 • 120 pages                          for Surface Irrigation                   John Pickford, Peter Barker,
                                         £11.95 • €17.95 • US$23.95                                                         Tom Dijkstra, Bob Elson,
The latrines described here can                                                    Robert van Bentum and                    Margaret Ince, and Rod Shaw
be built using locally available                                                   Ian K. Smout                             ISBN 9781853392948
                                                                                   ISBN 9781853391873
materials and skills, and are                                                                                               1994 • 184 pages
affordable and appropriate to the         Also on this subject                     1994 • 232 pages
                                                                                   £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
                                                                                                                            £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
needs of rural communities.
                                         Storm Drainage                                                                     Chinese Chain and
                                                                                   A Development Dialogue
ISBN 9781853393068                       An Engineering Guide to the Low-cost
                                                                                   Rainwater Harvesting in Turkana
                                                                                                                            Washer Pumps
1997 • 176 pages                         Evaluation of System Performance
£15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95                                                                                                  Simon Watt
                                         Pete Kolsky                               Adrian Cullis and Arnold Pacey           ISBN 9780903031264
                                         ISBN 9781853394324                        Hardback                                 1977 • 56 pages
                                         1999 • 144 pages                          ISBN 9781853391163                       £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
How to Make and                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                1992 • 144 pages
                                                                                   £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95               Community Water Supply
Use the Treadle                          Running Water
                                         More Technical Briefs for Health,
                                                                                   Paperback                                The Handpump Option
                                                                                   ISBN 9781853391040                       Saul Arlosoroff et al
Irrigation Pump                          Water and Sanitation
                                         Edited by Rod Shaw with an introduction
                                                                                   ISBN 10: 1853391042
                                                                                   1992 • 144 pages
                                                                                                                            ISBN 9781853393839
                                                                                                                            1987 • 212 pages
                                         by Ian Smout                              £14.95 • €22.95 • US$28.95               £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
Carl Bielenberg and Hugh Allen           ISBN 9781853394508
The treadle irrigation pump is able
                                         1999 • 136 pages                          The Water Sellers                        Hand-Pump Maintenance
                                         £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
to lift up to 7,000 litres of water                                                A Cooperative Venture                    In the Context of Community Well
                                                                                   by the Rural Poor                        Projects
per hour using the power of the          Field Hydrology in Tropical               Geoffrey D. Wood and Richard Palmer-     ISBN 9780903031707
human body, and can be made              Countries                                 Jones                                    • 144 pages
locally at low cost in small-scale       A Practical Introduction                  ISBN 9781853390845                       £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
metalworking shops.                      Henry Gunston                             1991 • 312 pages
The current design in this manual        ISBN 9781853394270                        £19.95 • €29.95                          Human- and Animal-Powered
has evolved from the original            1998 • 120 pages                          Not available from ITDG Publishing       Water Lifting Devices
                                         £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                in the USA                               A State-of-the-Art Survey
into a fully portable pump with
both lift and pressure capacity,         Modern Irrigation                                                                  W. Kennedy and T. Rogers
                                                                                   Water Supplies for                       ISBN 9780946688
and is especially good for use in        Technologies for Smallholders in          Rural Communities                        1985 • 118 pages
permeable soils where water cannot       Developing Countries                      Colin and Mog Ball                       £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95
easily be distributed through            Gez Cornish                               ISBN 9781853391125
channels.                                ISBN 9781853394577                        1991 • 64 pages                          Rural Sanitation
                                         1998 • 96 pages                           £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
ISBN 9781853393129                                                                                                          Planning and Appraisal
                                         £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95                Published in association with VSO
1995 • 88 pages                                                                                                             Arnold Pacey
£9.95 • €14.95 • US$17.95                                                                                                   ISBN 9780903031721
                                         Water and Sanitation for All              How to Make a Rope and                   1980 • 68 pages
                                         Partnerships and Innovations              Washer Pump                              £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                         Edited by John Pickford and others
                                                                                   Robert Lambert
                                         ISBN 9781853394447
                                                                                   ISBN 9781853390227
                                         1998 • 188 pages
                                                                                   1990 • 32 pages
                                         £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                                   £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95

Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at                                                                     37
 Water and Sanitation / Agriculture and Food Security

 Solar Pumping
 An Introduction and Update on the      Agriculture and
                                                                               their livelihoods, demonstrating
                                                                               that the creativity of its farmers     Let Farmers Judge
 Technology, Performance, Costs, and                                           is one of Africa’s major untapped
 Roy Barlow, Bernard McNelis, and
                                        Food Security                          resources.                             Experiences in Assessing the
                                                                                                                      Sustainability of Agriculture
 Anthony Derrick                                                               The studies cover not only the
                                                                               innovations and the innovators         Edited by Wim Hiemstra, Coen
 ISBN 978185339
 1993 • 166 pages                      Controlling                             themselves but also farmers’           Reijntjes, and Erik van der Werf
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                       Crop Pests And                          evaluation and extension of local
                                                                               innovations, joint experimentation
                                                                                                                      A collection of reports from
 Solar Water Pumping
 A Handbook
                                       Diseases                                between farmers and NGOs, and
                                                                               attempts to mainstream these new
                                                                                                                      researchers and fieldworkers on
                                                                                                                      the effectiveness of innovations in
 Jeff Kenna and Bill Gillett                                                                                          smallholder farming systems.
                                       Rosalynn Rappaport                      practises.
 ISBN 9780946688906                                                                                                   Emphasis given to farmer
 1985 • 132 pages                                                              ISBN 9781853390074
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95            Highly illustrated and written in       1989 • 240 pages
                                                                                                                      participation and assessment, and
                                       plain language, this covers pest        £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95              the use of new technologies.
 Surface Water Treatment for           and disease damage, causative                                                  ISBN 9781853391491
 Communities in Developing             agents, and methods of combatting                                              1992 • 216 pages
 Christopher Schulz and
                                       them; and protection against
                                       larger animals and wind, using
                                                                               Beyond Farmer First                    £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95

 Daniel Okun                           hedges and ditches. As well as
                                                                               Edited by Ian Scoones and
 ISBN 9781853391422
 1984 • 312 pages
                                       manual and cultural techniques,
                                       it describes the knapsack sprayer       John Thompson, with a foreword         Joining Farmers’
 £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                       and its maintenance, showing            by Robert Chambers
 Water Current Turbines                that expensive chemicals are            Reveals how agricultural research
 A Fieldworker’s Guide                 not necessary — the secrets of          and extension, far from being          Selected and edited by Bertus
                                       cheaply-available or improvised         discrete, rational acts, are in fact   Haverkort, Johan van der Kamp,
 Peter Garman
 ISBN 9780946688272                    ingredients are revealed.               part of a process of coming to         and Ann Waters-Bayer
 1986 • 124 pages                      Examples are illustrated stories        terms with conflicting interests and
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                               viewpoints. As Robert Chambers         A varied collection of reports from
                                       presented as strip cartoons for
                                                                               notes in his foreword, the concerns    researchers and fieldworkers who
 Water, Sanitation, Environment        extension staff or teachers to
                                                                               of Farmer First with performance       are both supporting the efforts of
                                       show and handout to farmers and
 and Development                                                               and of Beyond Farmer First with        farmers in small-scale farming in
                                       students. Those who already use
 John Pickford et al
                                                                               process, indicate that a radical       diverse and risk-prone areas, and
                                       storytelling and drama in their work
 ISBN 9781853392405
                                                                               rethinking of knowledge, power, and    linking up experimental farmers
 1994 • 174 pages                      will know their value in extension;
                                                                               agricultural science is well under     so that they can learn from one
 £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95            others for whom this method is new
                                                                               way.                                   another.
                                       will find it fresh, stimulating, and
 How to Build a                        productive.
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853391019
                                                                               ISBN 9781853392504                     1991 • 280 pages
 Cretan Sail Windpump                                                          1994 • 320 pages                       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                       ISBN 9781853396007
 For Use in Low-Speed Wind             2009 • 112 pages                        £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 Conditions                            £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
 R. Mann
 ISBN 9780903031660                                                             SERIES                                Organic Cotton
                                       Food Security in
 1979 • 80 pages
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                     ILEIA Readings
                                                                                                                      From Field to Final Product
 Windpumping Handbook                  Sub-Saharan Africa                       In Sustainable                        Edited by Dorothy Myers and
 Sarah Lancashire, Jeff Kenna,
 and Peter Fraenkel                    Edited by Stephen Devereux and           Agriculture                           Sue Stolton
 ISBN 9780946688340                    Simon Maxwell                                                                  Explains what is known about the
 1987 • 86 pages
 £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95            Explains how food insecurity is no
                                                                               Farmers’ Research                      relatively new area of commercial
                                       longer seen simply as a problem         In Practice                            organic cotton production, and the
                                                                                                                      potential for future growth.
                                       of agriculture and a failure of
                                       food production at the national         Lessons from the Field                 Organized according to the stages
                                       level, but instead as a failure of                                             in the ‘cotton chain’, from farmer to
                                                                               Edited by Laurens van                  consumer.
                                       livelihoods to guarantee access to
                                                                               Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer,
                                       sufficient food at household level.                                            Covers each topic authoritatively
                                                                               Ricardo Ramírez, Debra A.
                                       Illustrated with empirical data         Johnson, and John Thompson             with contributions from over 50
                                       and case studies from across the                                               people in 20 countries, with either
                                       subcontinent.                           Establishes the central concepts       illustrative case study material
                                                                               of farmers’ research and examines      from, or discussion of, most of the
                                       Presented in a clear and accessible
                                                                               farmers’ innovation through 17         current organic cotton projects
                                       way for the non-specialist reader.
                                                                               wide-ranging case studies from         worldwide.
                                       ISBN 9781853395239                      around the world.                      Essential for policy makers,
                                       2001 • 368 pages
                                       £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95              Revisits, in its conclusion, the       journalists, farmers’ organizations,
                                                                               major themes in relation to the        environmentalists, agronomists,
                                       Not available from Practical Action
                                       Publishing in South Africa, Botswana,   lessons learned, and sets out          those involved in commerce and
                                       Lesotho, Swaziland, and Namibia         the future issues and challenges       industry, and informed consumers.
                                                                               for governmental and non-
                                                                                                                      ISBN 9781853394645
                                                                               governmental organizations             1999 • 288 pages
                                       Farmer First                            involved in agricultural
                                                                                                                      £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95

                                       Farmer Innovation and                   ISBN 9781853393921
                                       Agricultural Research                   1997 • 288 pages
                                                                               £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                                                                                                      A Farmers’ Jury
                                       Edited by Robert Chambers,
                                       Arnold Pacey, and Lori Ann                                                     The Zimbabwean Poor’s
                                       Thrupp                                                                         Verdict on the Future of
                                       A series of clear and detailed                                                 Stuart Coupe, Jon Hellin,
                                       studies of how small-scale farmers,                                            Absolom Masendeke, and
                                       both men and women, experiment                                                 Elijah Rusike
                                       and innovate in order to improve

38                        Order now ) +44 (0)1926 634501 or get full details and 10% off at
                                                                                             Agriculture and Food Security

Analyses the experience of a             and NGOs involved in crop              ISBN 9781853394669
farmers’ jury in Zimbabwe:               development and conservation.          1999 • 312 pages
                                                                                £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
representatives of poor farmers          ISBN 9781853395109
mapped out their vision for the          2000 • 400 pages
future of agriculture in their country
                                         £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95
after hearing from policy-makers
and experts of every shade of
opinion.                                 Cultural and Spiritual                 The Science of Sustainable
ISBN 9781853395765                       Values of Biodiversity                 Agriculture
2005 • 80 pages
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$23.95
                                                                                Second Edition
                                         A Complementary                        Miguel Altieri
                                         Contribution to the Global
The Resilient                            Biodiversity Assessment                Based on research results and
                                                                                practical findings, this new,
                                         Edited by Darrell A. Posey
Family Farm                                                                     revised edition of a classic text
                                                                                re-emphasizes the importance
                                                                                                                       Through a critical analysis of key
                                                                                                                       aspects of the rural economy and
                                         ‘Posey’s book is an                                                           drivers of change, including the
Supporting Agricultural                  encyclopaedia of scholarship,          of agroecology as the discipline
                                                                                that provides the basic ecological     opium poppy economy, this book
Development and Rural                    insight and information ... should     principles of how to study, design,    critically explores assumptions
Economic Growth                          be required reading for any of         and manage agro-ecosystems that        made about Afghanistan as a
Gaye Burpee and Kim Wilson               those in positions of power, be        are both productive and natural        crisis state and post-conflict
                                         they WB, WTO, UN bodies or             resource conserving, and are also      environment, reconstruction
A clearly written practical primer                                                                                     agendas and practice, and
                                         national or local governments. I       culturally-sensitive, socially-just,
for those working to support rural                                                                                     considers the limitations of the
                                         cannot think of another example        and economically viable.
development.                                                                                                           response of the international
                                         of such a wide range of authors        ISBN 9781853392955
ISBN 9781853395925                                                                                                     community.
2004 • 192 pages
                                         coming to a unified and powerful       1995 • 448 pages
                                                                                £24.95 • €37.95                        ISBN 9781853396342
£11.95 • €17.95 • US$23.95               conclusion ... Remarkable
                                                                                                                       2007 • 368 pages
                                         volume, which opens up a new           Not available from Practical Action
                                                                                                                       £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                                                                Publishing in the USA
Cultivating                              trans-disciplinary field and
                                         should be required reading
                                                                                                                       Published in association with the Food
                                                                                                                       and Agriculture Organization of the United
Biodiversity                             for every undergraduate and
                                                                                Farmer Participatory

                                         postgraduate course.’
Understanding, Analysing                 Times Higher Education                 Research                               Also on this subject
and Using Agricultural                   Supplement
Diversity                                                                                                              Farmer-Led Extension
                                                                                Rhetoric and Reality                   Concepts and Practices
Edited by Harold Brookfield,             ISBN 9781853393976                     Christine Okali, James Sumberg         Edited by Vanessa Scarborough, Scott
Christine Padoch, Helen Parsons,         1999 • 752 pages                       and John Farrington                    Killough, Debra A. Johnson, and John
and Michael Stocking                     £40.00 • €60.00 • US$80.00                                                    Farrington
                                                                                ‘This book is useful for all           ISBN 9781853394171
Demonstrates the importance                                                     students, researchers and              1997 • 224 pages
of agricultural biodiversity to          Beating Hunger,                        development workers involved
                                                                                                                       £17.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95
environmental protection, and
the crucial role played in it by         The Chivi Experience                   in research and development            New Seed and Old Laws
smallholder farmers.                                                            in agriculture and natural             Regulatory Reform and the
                                                                                                                       Diversification of National Seed
ISBN 9781853394935
                                         A Community-based                      resources. The approach it
2002 • 304 pages                         Approach to Food Security in           advocates and the information          Robert Tripp
£14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               Zimbabwe                               it provides will be of use to a        ISBN 9781853394157
                                         Kuda Murwira, Helen Wedgwood,          broad range of agriculture and         1997 • 272 pages
                                                                                                                       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
Cover Crops in                           Cathy Watson, and Everjoice J.
                                         Win with Clare Tawney
                                                                                development programmes.’
                                                                                Agroforestry Today                     The Future of Community Lands
Smallholder                              This is a rare example of a            ISBN 9781853392528                     Human Resources
Agriculture                              genuinely, and successful,
                                                                                1994 • 168 pages
                                                                                £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                                                                       Emmanuel Ndione, Philippe De Leener,
                                                                                                                       Mamadou Ndiaye, Pierre Jacolin, and
                                         participatory project, which has                                              Jean-Pierre Perier
                                         also influenced the reorganization
Lessons from Latin America
Simon Anderson, Sabine Gündel,
                                         of the government’s agricultural       Improving                              ISBN 9781853392481
                                                                                                                       1995 • 256 pages

                                                                                Food Security
                                         development services. This case                                               £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
and Barry Pound with Bernard
                                         study presents lessons about
                                         sustainability and participation for
                                                                                                                       Women and Integrated
                                         us all.                                A Guide for Rural                      Pest Management
This book presents case studies
                                                                                Development Managers                   Crop Protection Practices and
from a wide range of agro-               ISBN 9781853395246                                                            Strategies
ecosystems to demonstrate the            2000 • 160 pages                       Michael Hubbard                        Edited by Elske van de Fliert and Jet
broad importance of the topic, and       £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                    Proost
the possibilities for using cover                                               An ideal book for policy makers        ISBN 9781853394829
crops in other areas too.                                                       and students as well as rural          1999 • 108 pages

ISBN 9781853395307                       Farmers’ Seed                          development managers and others
                                                                                with an interest in food security.
                                                                                                                       £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                       Published in association with
2001 • 152 pages
£12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95               Production                             ISBN 9781853393112
                                                                                                                       KIT Publishing
                                                                                1995 (reprinted 2003) • 160 pages      Modern Coconut Management
                                         New Approaches and
Encouraging Diversity
                                                                                £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                       Palm Cultivation and Products
                                                                                                                       Edited by Johan G. Ohler
                                         Conny Almekinders and                                                         ISBN 9781853394676
The Conservation and
Development of Plant
                                         Niels Louwaars                         Reconstructing                         ISBN 10: 185339467X
                                                                                                                       1999 • 474 pages
Genetic Resources                        Covers a whole range of issues         Agriculture in                         £50.00 • €75.00 • US$100.00
                                         relating to local seed supply
Edited by Conny Almekinders and
Walter de Boef
                                         systems, including participatory       Afghanistan
                                         plant breeding, and both technical
Analyzes the varying experiences         and practical information on           Edited by Adam Pain and
and perspectives of gene banks,          seed production and variety            Jackie Sutton
plant breeders, seed programmes          maintenance.

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 Agriculture and Food Security

 Seeds of Choice                          Land, Food and Rural                Agro-Mechanical Diffusion                 The New Forester
 Making the Most of New Varieties         Development in North Africa         in a Backward Region                      B. van Gelder and P. O’Keefe
 for Small Farmers                        M. Riad El-Ghonemy                  Rakesh Basant and K. Subrahmamiam         ISBN 9781853392320
 John Witcombe, Daljit Virk, and John     ISBN 9781853391804                  ISBN 9781853390234                        1995 • 96 pages
 Farrington                               1993 • 208 pages                    1990 • 100 pages                          £10.95 • €16.95 • US$21.95
 ISBN 9781853394478                       £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
 1998 • 296 pages                                                                                                       Stakeholder Incentives in
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$30.00               An Initial Course in Tropical       Potatoes                                  Participatory Forest Management
                                          Agriculture for the Staff of        Production, Marketing and Programs        A Manual for Economic Analysis
 Land is Life
                                          Co-operatives                       Douglas Horton                            Michael Richards, Jonathan Davies, and
 Land Reform and Sustainable                                                  ISBN 9780946688098                        Gil Yaron
 Agriculture                              Peter Yeo
                                          ISBN 9780903031394                  1987 • 256 pages                          ISBN 9781853395598
 Edited by Nigel Dudley, John Madeley,    1979 • 60 pages                     £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95                2003 • 256 pages
 and Sue Stolton                          £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95                                                      £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
 ISBN 9781853391460                                                           Harvesting and Threshing
 1992 • 176 pages
                                          Intercultivation                    Some Tools for Agriculture                Qualitative Enquiry for
 £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                          Some Tools for Agriculture          Ian Johnson                               Rural Development
 Tools for Agriculture                    Frank Inns                          ISBN 9780946688784                        A Review
                                          ISBN 9780946688685                  1987 • 32 pages                           Jon Moris and James Copestake
 A Guide to Appropriate Equipment for                                         £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
 Smallholder Farmers                      1987 • 24 pages                                                               ISBN 9781853392153
                                          £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95                                                     1993 • 128 pages
 Fourth Edition                                                               Post-Harvest Crop Processing              £10.95 • €16.95 • US$19.50
 Introduction by Ian Carruthers           Poverty and Rural Development       Some Tools for Agriculture
 and Marc Rodriguez                       Planners, Peasants and Poverty      Brian Clarke                              The Forgotten Sector
 ISBN 9781853391002                                                           ISBN 9780946688838                        Non-Farm Employment and
 1992 • 248 pages                         K. Puttaswamaiah
                                          ISBN 9781853390586                  1987 • 36 pages                           Enterprises in Rural India
 £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95                                                   £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
                                          1990 • 458 pages                                                              Thomas Fisher, Vijay Mahajan, and
                                          £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95                                                    Ashok Singha
 Providing Food Security for All                                              Seed-Bed Preparation                      ISBN 9781853394089
 Third Edition                            Working with Farmers for            Some Tools for Agriculture                1997 • 296 pages
                                                                                                                        £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
 Mohiuddin Alamgir and Poonam Arora       Better Land Husbandry               M. Matthews
 with an introduction by Idriss Jazairy   N. Hudson and R. Cheatle            ISBN 9780946688630
                                                                              1987 • 36 pages                           The ‘Market Panacea’
 Hardback                                 ISBN 9781853391224
 ISBN 9781853391156                       1993 • 280 pages                    £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95                 Agrarian Transformation in Developing
 1991 • 288 pages                         £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95                                                    Countries and Former Socialist
 £29.95 • €44.95                                                              Small Farm Weed Control                   Economies

 Not available from Practical Action
                                          Agricultural Trade Principles       An Annotated Bibliography                 Max Spoor
                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781853394140
 Publishing in the USA                    and Policies                        J. Compton
                                                                                                                        1997 • 192 pages
                                          Luther Tweeten                      ISBN 9781853390524
 Paperback                                                                                                              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95
                                          ISBN 9781853391583                  1982 • 176 pages
 ISBN 9781853391170                                                           £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
 1991 • 288 pages                         1992 • 336 pages                                                              The Roots of Change
 £24.95 • €37.95                          £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
                                                                              Crop Protection Strategies for            Human Behaviour and Agricultural
 Not available from Practical Action                                                                                    Evolution in Mali
 Publishing in the USA                    Living with Uncertainty             Subsistence Farmers
                                                                                                                        Brent Simpson
                                          New Directions in Pastoral          Miguel Altieri
                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781853394683
 Useful Plants of Ghana                   Development in Africa               ISBN 9781853392054
                                                                                                                        1999 • 184 pages
                                          Ian Scoones                         1993 • 208 pages
 Daniel Abbiw                                                                                                           £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95
                                          ISBN 9781853392351                  £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
 ISBN 9781853390432
 1990 • 352 pages                         1994 • 224 pages
                                                                              Intercropping and the Scientific          Land Clearance
 £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95               £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                                                                        Alternative Techniques for
                                                                              Basis of Traditional Agriculture          Removing Trees and Bushes
 Growing Diversity                        Agricultural Analysis Tools         Donald Innis
                                                                                                                        ISBN 9780903031776
 Genetic Resources and Local Food         for Economic Development            ISBN 9781853393280
                                                                                                                        1981 • 72 pages
 Security                                 Luther Tweeten                      1997 • 192 pages
                                                                                                                        £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
                                          ISBN 9781853390562                  £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
 Edited by David Cooper, Renée Vellvé,
 and Henk Hobbelink                       1989 • 420 pages
                                                                              Slash/Mulch Systems                       Land Reform and Peasant
                                          £24.95 • €37.95 • US$49.95
 Hardback                                                                     Sustainable Methods for Tropical          Livelihoods
 ISBN 9781853391194                                                                                                     The Social Dynamics of Rural Poverty
 1992 • 176 pages
                                          Multi-Purpose Toolbars              Agriculture
                                                                                                                        and Agrarian Reforms in Developing
 £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95               Some Tools for Agriculture          David Thurston
                                          David Gibbon                        ISBN 9781853393402
 Paperback                                                                    1997 • 216 pages                          Krishna Ghimire
 ISBN 9781853391231                       ISBN 9780946688739
                                                                              £15.95 • €23.95 • US$31.95                ISBN 9781853395277
 1992 • 176 pages                         1987 • 20 pages
                                                                                                                        2001 • 272 pages
 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
                                                                              Trading the Silver Seed                   £16.95 • €24.95 • US$31.95

 To Cure All Hunger                       Report on Farm Equipment            Local Knowledge and Market                Sustaining Agricultural
                                          Development Project Daudawa, NCS,   Moralities in Aquacultural
 Food Policy and Food Security in
                                          Nigeria                             Development                               Biodiversity
 Sudan                                                                                                                  And the Integrity and Free Flow of
                                          J. Boyd and E. Ayok                 D. Lewis, G. Wood, and R. Gregory
 Edited by Simon Maxwell                                                      ISBN 9781853393426                        Genetic Resources for Food and
                                          ISBN 9780903031486
 ISBN 9781853390876                                                           1996 • 210 pages                          Agriculture
 1991 • 264 pages                         1977 • 118 pages
                                          £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95          £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95                ISBN 9781853390302
 £15.95 • €23.95 • US$29.95                                                                                             Reprinted 2005 • 24 pages
                                          Animal Draught Technology           A Livelihood from Fishing                 £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95
 Cultivating Knowledge                                                        Globalization and Sustainable Fisheries
 Walter de Boef, Kojo Amanor, and Kate    An Annotated Bibliography                                                     Sustainable Mountain
 Wellard, with Anthony Bebbington         Jane Bartlett
 ISBN 9781853392047                       ISBN 9780946688310                  Alain Le Sann                             Agriculture Volume 1
 1993 • 224 pages                         1984 • 96 pages                     ISBN 9781853393983                        Perspectives and Issues
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 £24.95 • €37.95 • US$47.50                                                                                             N. Jodha, M. Banskota, and T. Partap
                                                                              £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
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 How to Make the Most of Your             Tools for Organic Farming                                                     1992 • 416 pages
                                                                              Forest Farming                            £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
 Tractor                                  A Manual of Appropriate Equipment
                                                                              Sholto Douglas
                                          and Treatments
 Brian May                                                                    ISBN 9780946688302                        Sustainable Mountain
 ISBN 9780946688517                       George McRobie
 1985 • 188 pages                         ISBN 9781853390098
                                                                              1984 • 232 pages                          Agriculture Volume 2
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 £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95               1990 • 84 pages                                                               Farmers’ Strategies and Innovative
                                          £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95                                                    Approaches
                                                                                                                        N. Jodha, M. Banskota, and T. Partap
                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781853391316
                                                                                                                        1992 • 438 pages
                                                                                                                        £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95

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                     Agriculture and Food Security / Animal Health and Husbandry

SEE ALSO                             Animal Health                         Pastoral Livestock                    Also on this subject
Women and Food Security
                                                                           Marketing in
on page 21                           and Husbandry                         Eastern Africa
                                                                                                                The Golden Insect
                                                                                                                A Handbook on Beekeeping for
Food Processing Technology Source                                                                               Beginners
Books Series on page 22
Manual of Practical Management
                                    A Field Manual of                      Research and Policy
                                                                                                                Stephen Adjare
                                                                                                                ISBN 9780946688609
for Third World Rural Development   Camel Diseases                         Challenges                           1984 • 120 pages
                                                                                                                £13.95 • €20.95 • US$25.95
Associations                                                               Edited by John G. McPeak and
on page 13                          Traditional and Modern                 Peter D. Little                      Beekeeping
                                    Health Care for the                    Features case studies primarily
                                                                                                                Some Tools for Agriculture
                                    Dromedary                              focusing on Ethiopia and Kenya
                                                                                                                Eva Crane
                                                                                                                ISBN 9780946688883
                                    Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, Paul            to offer research from a variety     1985 • 28 pages
                                    Mundy, and Evelyn Mathias              of regional communities to           £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                           explore issues of household sales
                                                                           behaviour, price determinants,       Try the Rabbit
                                    ‘This manual should be on the                                               A Handbook on Rabbit Raising for
                                                                           livestock market information
                                    shelf of every person dealing with     systems, cross border and export     Beginners
                                    camels.’                               marketing, and crisis period         S. Adjare
                                                                                                                ISBN 9780946688616
                                    Livestock International                marketing.                           1984 • 50 pages
                                                                           ISBN 9781853396311                   £5.95 • €8.95 • US$11.95
                                    The first practical manual about       2006 • 288 pages
                                    camel diseases for veterinarians       £15.95 • €23.95 • US$3195            Animal Healthcare Training
                                    and livestock practitioners.                                                Nepal’s Animal Health Improvement
                                                                                                                Training Programme
                                    ISBN 9781853395031
                                    2001 • 272 pages
                                    £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95
                                                                           Community-Based                      John Young, Karen Stoufer, Narayan
                                                                                                                Ojha, and Henk Dijkema

                                                                           Animal Healthcare                    ISBN 9781853392450
                                                                                                                1994 • 60 pages
                                                                                                                £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                    Horse Healthcare                       A Practical Guide to                 Ethnoveterinary Research and
                                                                           Improving Primary Veterinary         Development
                                    A Manual for Animal Health             Services                             Constance McCorkle, Evelyn Mathias,
                                    Workers and Owners                     Andy Catley, Stephen Blakeway,       and Tjaart Schillhorn Van Veen
                                    David Hadrill                          and Tim Leyland                      ISBN 9781853393266
                                                                                                                1996 • 344 pages
                                                                           ‘This “practical guide” is an        £19.95 • €29.95 • US$39.95
                                    Designed for those who care for
                                    working horses but who may have        inspiration. By excellent use of     Ethnoveterinary Medicine
                                    little or no access to professional    structure, simple language and       An Annotated Bibliography of
                                    veterinary help.                       a wealth of examples from field      Community Animal Healthcare
                                    Guides readers to the appropriate      experience, the writers succeed      Marina Martin, Evelyn Mathias,
                                    action to take to help alleviate       in compiling a sharply focused       and Constance McCorkle
                                    the suffering of horses, donkeys,                                           ISBN 9781853395222
                                                                           and practical guide.’                2001 • 624 pages
                                    and mules, thereby minimizing                                               £29.95 • €44.95 • US$59.95
                                                                           New Agriculturist
                                    the possibility of lost livelihood
                                    opportunities.                         ISBN 9781853394850                   Saving Lives and Livelihoods
                                                                           2002 • 368 pages                     Ten Years of Community-Based
                                    ISBN 9781853394867
                                                                           £14.95 • €22.95 • US$29.95           Animal Healthcare in Southern Sudan
                                    2002 • 256 pages
                                    £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95                                                  Louise Tunbridge
                                                                                                                ISBN 9781853396113
                                                                           Restocking                           2005 • 88 pages
                                                                                                                £8.95 • €13.95 • US$17.95
                                    Participatory Livestock                Pastoralists                         Village Animal Healthcare
                                    Research                                                                    A Community-Based Approach
                                                                           A Manual of Best Practice            To Livestock Development In Kenya
                                    A Guide                                and Decision Support Tools           Barbara Grandin, Ramesh Thampy,
                                                                                                                and John Young
                                    Czech Conroy                           Claire Heffernan with                ISBN 9781853390920
                                                                           Louise Nielsen and                   1991 • 60 pages
                                    The first introduction to              Federica Misturelli                  £9.95 • €14.95 • US$19.95
                                    participatory research for livestock
                                    development: despite the attention     A holistic overview of the factors   The Harnessing of Draught
                                    paid to participatory research         influencing the success of           Animals
                                    methodologies in other areas           restocking as a means of relief,     Ian Barwell and Michael Ayre
                                    of agricultural development,           rehabilitation, or development.      ISBN 9780946688722
                                    participatory livestock work has                                            1982 • 100 pages
                                                                           Reviews best practices in project    £13.95 • €20.95 • US$27.95
                                    been relatively neglected.             design and implementation, and
                                    Shows how a participatory approach     presents easily applied decision     Managing Mobility in the
                                    to technology development can be       support tools on topics from         African Rangelands
                                    successful, how to undertake needs     community and client selection       The Legitimization of Transhumance
                                    assessment using participatory         to monitoring and evaluation.        Edited by Maryam Niamir-Fuller
                                    approaches, and how to avoid the       Also provides a comprehensive        ISBN 9781853394737
                                    problems associated with on-farm       background to key concepts and       1999 • 328 pages
                                    livestock experiments.                 literature.                          £17.95 • €26.95 • US$35.95

                                    ISBN 9781853395772                     ISBN 9781853395895                   Forest Farm Husbandry
                                    2005 • 320 pages                       2004 • 120 pages
                                                                                                                Matthew Fedden
                                    £16.95 • €24.95 • US$33.95             £12.95 • €19.95 • US$25.95
                                                                                                                ISBN 9781853390067
                                                                                                                1988 • 76 pages
                                                                                                                £7.95 • €11.95 • US$15.95

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 Distributed Publishers

                       Oxfam GB
                       Oxford, United Kingdom
                       Established in 1942, Oxfam is one of the leading non-governmental organisations working for international poverty
                       relief and equality around the world. Oxfam GB publishes a wide range of books, reports, papers and training packs
                       in order to communicate Oxfam’s policy research, advocacy messages and programme experience, and to contribute
                       to debates amongst development practitioners.

                       The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) /
                       Centre de Recherches pour le Developpement International (CRDI)
                       Ottawa, Canada
                       IDRC was created to help developing countries use science and technology to find practical, long-term solutions
                       to the social, economic, and environmental problems they face. Their support is directed toward creating a local
                       research community whose work will build healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous societies.A leading
                       publisher of international development literature since 1971, they publish the results of IDRC-supported research
                       on global and regional issues related to sustainable and equitable development in English, French and Spanish.

                       Sphere Project
                       The Sphere Project is a programme of the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR) and InterAction
                       with VOICE, ICRC and ICVA. The project was launched in 1997 to develop a set of universal minimum standards
                       in core areas of humanitarian assistance. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of assistance provided to
                       people affected by disasters, and to enhance the accountability of the humanitarian system in disaster response.
                       In support of their activities, Sphere Project produces several operational guides and training materials in a variety of
                       languages including English, French, Spanish and Russian.

                       Water Engineering Development Centre (WEDC)
                       Loughborough, United Kingdom
                       WEDC is one of the world’s leading education and research institutes for improving access to infrastructure and
                       services for the poor in low- and middle-income countries. WEDC Publications include books, manuals, academic
                       papers, conference proceedings, reports, articles, projects, and case studies published either by WEDC or though
                       other international publishers.

                       Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in
                       Technology and Management (SKAT)
                       St Gallen, Switzerland
                       Founded in 1978, SKAT is one of the original European development agencies to emerge from the ‘Small is
                       Beautiful’ movement. Over the years SKAT has become a leading Swiss consultancy firm working internationally in
                       the field of rural and urban infrastructure. SKAT’s main areas of focus are Water and Sanitation, Architecture and
                       Building, Urban Development, and Transport Infrastructure.

                       Natural Resources Institute (NRI)
                       Chatham, United Kingdom
                       NRI is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary centre for research, consultancy and education for the
                       management of natural and human resources. Their mission is to provide distinctive, high quality and relevant
                       research, consultancy, learning and advice in support of sustainable development, economic growth and poverty
                       reduction. NRI publishes affordable books on agricultural development in support of sustainable livelihoods. Based
                       on sound scientific and socio-economic research, these books range from offering advice to policy makers and
                       natural resource managers through to extension material for use at grass roots level.

                       International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC)
                       Oxford, United Kingdom
                       INTRAC is a non-profit organisation working in the international development and relief sector to support non-
                       governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations (CSOs) around the world by helping to explore
                       policy issues, and by strengthening management and organisational effectiveness. INTRAC publishes a range
                       materials for development practitioners both in the field and engaged in policy making and research. These cover a
                       broad range of topics in the areas of civil society strengthening and aid modalities, developed from their research,
                       training and consultancy programmes.

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A                                                 Barlow, Roy                              34, 38   Byrne, Iain                                13    Crane, Eva                                  41
Abbiw, Daniel                                40   Barnett, Andrew                              35   Byrne, Jim                                 29    Creevey, Lucy                               21
Accounting and Bookkeeping for the                Barr, Julian                                 30                                                    Crespin, Julie                              27
  Small Building Contractor                  25   Bartlett, Jane                               40   C                                                Crick, Francis                              34
                                                                                                    Caceres, Roberto                            35
Action and Knowledge                         16   Barwell, Ian                             26, 41                                                    Crop Protection Strategies for
                                                                                                    Calow, Roger                                36
Adjare, Stephen                              41   Basant, Rakesh                               40                                                      Subsistence Farmers                       40
                                                                                                    Campbell, John                              12
Affordable Water Supply                           Basic Blacksmithing                          29                                                    Crops, People, and Irrigation               35
                                                                                                    Campilan, Dindo                             15
  and Sanitation                             37   Basic Print Production Series                29                                                    Cullis, Adrian                          36, 37
                                                                                                    Cane Sugar                                  23
Agents of Change                             18   Bathie, George                               22                                                    Culpepper, Roy                              16
                                                                                                    Capewell, Ian                               23
Agevi, Elijah                                25   Battcock, Mike                               22                                                    Cultivating Biodiversity                    39
                                                                                                    Carpentry Toolmaking                        30
Agricultural Analysis Tools for                   Baud, I.S.A.                                 21                                                    Cultivating Knowledge                       40
                                                                                                    Carr, Marilyn            8, 11, 18, 21, 32, 33
  Economic Development                       40   Baumann, Miges                               11                                                    Cultural and Spiritual Values
                                                                                                    Carruthers, Ian                             40
Agricultural Trade Principles and Policies 40     Beall, Jo                                    27                                                      of Biodiversity                           39
                                                                                                    Carter, Nicola                          21, 32
Agricultural Value Chain Finance              2   Beating Hunger - The Chivi Experience        39                                                    Cultural Dimension of Development, The 31
                                                                                                    Cassaniga, Neide                            20
Agroecology                                  39   Bebbington, Anthony                          40                                                    Culture, Cash and Housing                   25
                                                                                                    Castro, Alfonso Peter                       31
Agro-mechanical Diffusion in a                    Beck, Tony                                   12                                                    Cunningham, Gordon                          15
                                                                                                    Catley, Andy                                41
  Backward Region                            40   Beekeeping                                   41                                                    Curtis, Val                                 21
                                                                                                    Cereal Processing                           22
Aid Chain, The                               10   Beenhakker, Henri                            26                                                    Cutting Edge Technologies And Microcomputer
                                                                                                    Challenging the Professions                 11
Aiding Peace?                                10   Bell, Janet                          11, 35, 37                                                      Applications for Developing Countries     32
                                                                                                    Chambers, Robert                 7, 11, 15, 37
Alamgir, Mohiuddin                       12, 40   Berg, L.                                     11                                                    Czuczman, Kate                              12
                                                                                                    Changing Women’s Lives and Work             21
Albee, Alana                                 33   Berger, Rachel                                7
Albu, Mike                                    1   Better Tools for the Job                     25
                                                                                                    Chapman, Jennifer                           10   D
                                                                                                    Charcoal Dilemma                            33   Dahlberg, E.                               29
Alders, Carine                               33   Beusch, Andreas                              26
                                                                                                    Cheatle, R.                                 40   Dairy Processing                           22
Alinovi, Luca                                 6   Bevan, Andy                                  25
                                                                                                    Chen, Martha                                21   Dancy, H.                                  25
Allen, Hugh                         19, 35, 37    Beyond Farmer First                          38
                                                                                                    Chenkumbi Lime                              25   Da Silva, Jo                                 1
Allinson, Catherine                          35   Beyond Relief                                14
                                                  Bhalla, A.S.                                 32   Chidumayo, Emmanuel N.                      33   Davies, Anthony                            13
Almedon, Astier                               6
                                                  Bhatt, Mihir R.                              14   Children Actively Learning                  24   Davies, Jeff                               36
Almekinders, Conny                           39
                                                  Bielenberg, Carl                             36   Chilton, John                               36   Davies, Jonathan                           40
Alms Bazaar, The                             11
                                                  Biggs, Stephen                               32   Chinese Biogas Manual                       34   Davies, Louise                             23
Altieri, Miguel                          39, 40
                                                  Biological and Cultural Diversity            31   Chinese Chain and Washer Pumps              37   Davies, Susanna                            14
Amanor, Kojo                                 40
                                                  Blackburn, James                             15   Cities, Poverty and Food                     4   Davis, Ian                             14, 25
Anderson, Mary                               14
                                                  Blacksmith and the Farmer                    30   Clancy, Joy                                 34   Davis, Jan                                 14
Anderson, Simon                          39, 40
                                                  Blacksmith, Baker, Roofing-sheet maker 21         Clark, Norman                               32   Davis, John                                32
Anderson, Teresa                             35
                                                  Blacksmithing Instructors’ Guide, The        28   Clarke, Brian                               40   Davis, Malcolm                             25
Andersson, Claes Axel                        26
                                                  Blakeway, Stephen                            41   Clarke, Robin                               35   Dawson, Jonathan                   18, 26, 32
Animal Draught Technology                    40
                                                  Blauert, Jutta                               15   Clay Testing                                25   de Boef, Walter                        39, 40
Animal Healthcare Training                   41
                                                  Blumenthal, Ursula                            6   Clayton, Andrew                             25   de Bruijne, G.A.                           21
Annotated Bibliography on
                                                  Blunt, Peter                                 31   Climate Change and Gender Justice            8   Deconstructing Development Discourse         3
  Rural Transport, An                        26
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Appleton, Helen                          21, 32
                                                  Bollard, Alan                            18, 32     Clean Development Mechanism               33   de Jong, M.                                18
Appropriate Building Materials               24
                                                  Borda, Orlando                               16   Cloning Grameen Bank                        20   de Leener, Philippe                        39
Appropriate Food Packaging                   22
                                                  Bornstein, Lisa                              10   Coburn, Andrew                              25   de Rezende, M.                             33
Appropriate Paper-Based Technology (APT) 29
                                                  Bottomley, Trevor                        13, 18   Colin, Jeremy                               36   de Veen, J.                                26
Appropriate Technology for
                                                  Boyd, John                               30, 40   Collister, Peter                            24   de Wilde, Ton                          11, 18
  Rural Development                          32
                                                  Brandberg, Björn                             37   Communicating Building for Safety           25   De Zeeuw, Henk                            4, 7
Appropriate Technology in
                                                  Breaking the Chains                          11   Communicating for Development               27   Dendy, David A.V.                          23
  a Changing World                           32
                                                  Brick By Brick                               24   Communities and Communication               26   Dennis, R.A.                           26, 30
Appropriate Technology Insititutions:
                                                  Bridging Research and Policy                      Communities, Livelihoods, and Natural            Dennis, Ron                                25
  A Review                                   32
                                                    in Development                             13     Resources                                 32   Derrick, Anthony                   34, 35, 38
Appropriate Technology Institutions:
                                                  Bridging the Finance Gap in Housing               Community Assessment                        21   Design and Manufacture of
  A Directory                                32
                                                    and Infrastructure                         26   Community Health and Sanitation             21     Animal-Drawn Carts                       26
Arbenz, Marcus                               13
                                                  Brock, Karen                                 15   Community Water Development                 37   Design and Manufacture of Low-Cost
Ariyabandu, Madhavi Malalgoda                20
                                                  Brody, Alyson                                19   Community Water Supply                      37     Motorized Vehicles                       26
Arlosoroff, Saul                             37
                                                  Brokensha, David                             31   Community Water,                                 Design of Bicycle Trailers                 26
Armstrong, William                           25
                                                  Brookfield, Harold                           39     Community Management                      36   Designing and Building Mini and
Arora, Poonam                                40
                                                  Brown, Alison                            26, 30   Community-Based Animal Healthcare           41     Micro Hydro Power Schemes                  5
Arora, Sukhwinder Singh                      19
                                                  Brown, Andrew                                34   COMPAS                                      30   Developing Building for
Arriving Where We Started                    12
                                                  Bryceson, Deborah                             3   Complex Problems, Negotiated Solutions 13          Safety Programmes                        25
Arunchalam, Jaya                              4
                                                  Buatsi, Sosthenes                        18, 32   Compton, J.                                 40   Developing Groundwater                     36
Assessing the Gender Impact of
                                                  Buchanan-Smith, Margaret                     14   Confronting the Crisis in Urban Poverty     26   Developing Small-Scale Industries in India 18
  Development Projects                       21
                                                  Budgett-Meakin, Catherine                    24   Connecting the First Mile                   32   Developing Technologies for the Rural Poor 31
AT Reader, The                               32
                                                  Building Back Better                          1   Conroy, Czech                               41   Development@IT                             24
Auxiliaries in Primary Health Care           21
                                                  Building Bridges with the Grassroots         28   Consultancy for Small Businesses            18   Development and the
Axtell, Barrie                           22, 23
                                                  Building Businesses with Small Producers 17       Contested Space                             26     Challenge of Globalization               11
Ayok, E.                                     40
                                                  Building Credibility                         11   Controlling Crop Pests And Diseases         38   Development Dialogue:
Ayre, Michael                            26, 41
                                                  Building for Safety Compendium               25   Conversations with Practitioners            18     Rainwater Harvesting in Turkana          37
Aysan, Yasemin                               25
                                                  Building Fundraising Programs                     Cook Electric                               35   Development in Disaster-Prone Places       14
Azam-Ali, Sue                                22
                                                    to Attract Community Support               11   Cooper, David                               40   Development of Indian Silk                 30
B                                                 Building in Partnership with the Maasai      13   Co-operative Organization                   13   Development, Divinity, and Dharma          18
Baking for Profit                         22      Building Maintenance                         24   Co-operative Success                        17   Devereux, Stephen                          38
Ball, Colin                               37      Building Structures and Skills                    Copestake, James                        19, 40   De-Zeeuw, Henk                               7
Ball, Mog                                 37        for Fundraising                            11   Copy Book, The                              13   Dharavi                                      3
Banda, Charles                             6      Building Sustainable Urban Settlements 27         Cornish, Gez                            37, 38   Dichter, Thomas                            19
Bangladesh                                11      Building with Bamboo                         24   Cornwell, Andrea                         3, 15   Dicko, Modibo                              34
Banskota, M.                          40, 41      Building with Earth                          24   Cory, Alistair                              25   Dictionary of Water Engineering            36
Barefoot Book, The                        11      Building with Lime                           24   Cotton, Andrew                              28   Diemer, Geert                              35
Barefoot Collective                        6      Buried Pipelines for Surface Irrigation      37   Country Boats of Bangladesh                 26   Digital Poverty                            31
Barefoot Manual to Working with                   Burpee, Gary                                 39   Coupe, Stuart               10, 15, 26, 33, 38   Dignard, Louise                            20
  Organisations and Social Change, The     6      Bush, Alex                                   23   Court, Julius                           11, 13   Dijkema, Henk                              41
Barefoot Revolution, The                  11      Business Arithmetic for Co-operatives             Cover Crops In Smallholder Agriculture      39   Dijkstra, Tom                              37
Barker, Gary                              20        and other Small Businesses                 18   Cowden, Belinda                             14   Disappearing Peasantries?                  11
Barker, Peter                             37      Business Development Services                17   Cowley, Paul                                35   Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness

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   and Response                            14     Famine Early Warning and Response            14    Ghose, Ajoy K.                              29   Hileman, Milena                             17
 Disaster Risk Management and                     Farmer First                                 38    Gianotten, Vera                             21   Hilhorst, Thea                              21
   Reconstruction in Latin America          2     Farmer First Revisited                         7   Gibbon, David                               40   Hill Irrigation                             37
 Dixon, Peter                              30     Farmer Participatory Research                39    Gillett, Bill                               38   Hill, Neville                               25
 Do it Herself                             21     Farmer-Led Extension                         39    Glassware Manufacture for                        Hilson, Gavin.M                             28
 Doig, Alison                      33, 34, 35     Farmers, Forests and Fuel                    35      Developing Countries                      30   Hinchcliffe, Fiona                          16
 Doing the Rights Thing                    10     Farmers’ Jury, A                             38    Glover, P.B                                 37   Hindson, Jack                               25
 Dolman, Anthony                           26     Farmers’ Research in Practice                38    Goethert, Reinhard                          28   Hislop, Drummond                        34, 35
 Donkor, Peter                             30     Farmers’ Seed Production                     39    Golden Insect, The                          41   Hitchings, Rob                              28
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 Double Standards, Single Purpose          25     Farrington, John                             39    Goodhand, Jonathan                          11   Hobbelink, Henk                             40
 Douglas, Sholto                           40     Fedden, Matthew                              41    Goodwin, Tim                                30   Holland, Jeremy                         12, 15
 Drying                                    22     Feeding the Market                           18    Gordon, Andrew                              25   Holland, M.                                 22
 Drying Food for Profit                    22     Feinberg, Wilburt                            29    Gordon, Gill                                15   Holland, Ray                                34
 Dubach, Josef                             23     Feldstein, Hilary                            21    Gould, John                                 35   Holloway, Richard                           12
 Dubbeling, Marielle                        4     Fellows, Peter                           22, 23    Governing Cities                            27   Holmes, Stafford                        24, 25
 Dudley, Eric                          25, 28     Ferguson, Cath                               37    Graham, Michael                              8   Hometown Associations                       31
 Dudley, Nigel                             40     Fernando, Vijita                             34    Grandin, Barbara                        13, 41   Honey, Rex                                  31
 Dunnett,Simon                         33, 34     Ferradas, Pedro                                2   Granfelt, TiiaRiitta                        13   Hope, Anne                                  12
 Dyeing and Printing                       30     Ferrocement Water Tanks and                        Grassroot Horizons                          16   Hornsby, M.J.                               30
                                                    their Construction                         37    Greeley, Martin                             19   Horse Healthcare                            41
 E                                                Ferron, Suzanne                              14    Gregory, Jenny                              34   Horton, Douglas                             40
 Eade, Deborah                                3
                                                  Fertile Ground                               16    Gregory, R.                                 40   Hot-Dip Galvanizing                         30
 Earth Construction                          24
                                                  Field Engineering                            25    Greywater Use in the Middle East             5   Houben, Hugo                                24
 Earth Roads                                 25
                                                  Field Hydrology in Tropical Countries        37    Grimshaw, David                             32   Housing Without Houses                      25
 Economically Appropriate Technologies for
                                                  Field Manual of Camel Diseases, A            41    Grosvenor-Alsop, Ruth                       32   Hovland, Ingie                              13
   Developing Countries                      32
                                                  Financial Planning for the                         Groundwater Dams for                             Hovorka, Alice                               7
 Edmunds, G.                             25, 26
                                                    Small Building Contractor                  25      Small-Scale Water Supply                  37   How Africa Works                             3
 Educating for Real                          13
                                                  Financing Renewable Energy Projects          35    Groverman, Verona                           21   How to Build a ‘Cretan Sail’ Windpump       38
 Educational Wooden Toys in Sri Lanka        30
                                                  Financing Small Enterprise                   18    Growing Diversity                           40   How to Make a Folding Machine for
 Edwards, Michael                            12
                                                  Financing Women’s Enterprise                 21    Guide to Appropriate Technology                    Sheet Metal Work                          29
 Edwards, R.                                 34
                                                  Finnegan, Gerry                              17      Institutions, A                           32   How to Make a Foot-Operated Workshop Drill 29
 Een, Gillis                                 32
                                                  Fish Processing                              22    Guide to Basic Print Production             29   How to Make a Hand-Operated Holepunch 29
 Ehrenreich, John                            14
                                                  Fisher, Thomas                               40    Guidelines for Design, Production and            How to Make a Metal-Bending Machine         29
 Elcock, David                               30
                                                  Flexible Specialization                      18      Testing of Animal-drawn Carts             26   How to Make a Pipe-Bending Machine          29
 Electricity in Households and
                                                  Follett, Paul                                25    Guidelines for Global Issues in Technology 24    How to Make a Rolling Machine for
   Micro-Enterprises                         34
                                                  Food Processing Technology                         Guijt, Irene                            15, 16     Sheet Metal Work                          29
 Electricity Services in
                                                    Source Books series                        17    Guillaud, Hubert                            24   How to make a Rope and Washer pump          37
   Remote Rural Communities                  33
                                                  Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa          38    Guinebault, Alain                           34   How to Make a Treadle-Operated
 El-Ghonemy, M. Riad                         40
                                                  Food Sovereignty                               4   Gunasekara, Jayantha                        33     Wood-Turning Lathe                        29
 Elliott, K.                                 21
                                                  Forbes Irving, Tani                          34    Gündel, Sabine                              39   How to Make and Use the
 Elson, Bob                                  37
 Emergency Market Mapping and                     Forest Farm Husbandry                        41    Gunston, Henry                              37     Treadle Irrigation Pump                   37
   Analysis Toolkit (EMMA)                    1   Forest Farming                               40    Gypsum Plaster                              25   How to Make Basic Hospital Equipment        21
 Empowerment through Enterprise              17   Forgotten Sector, The                        40                                                     How to Make Carpentry Tools                 30
 Encouraging Diversity                       39   Foulds, John                                 30    H                                                How to Make Cutting-Shears for Sheet Metal 29
                                                                                                     Haaland, Ane                               26    How to Make Low-cost Building Blocks        25
 Endagama, P.                                35   Foundations for Change                       25
                                                                                                     Hadrill, David                             41    How to Make Planes, Cramps and Vices        30
 Energy Dimension, The                       35   Fountain, P.D                                37
                                                                                                     Hague, Cliff                               27    How to Make the Most of your Tractor        40
 Energy Efficiency for Small and                  Fraenkel, Peter                      34, 35, 38
                                                                                                     Hall, D.                                   33    How to Make Twelve Woodworking Tools 30
   Medium Scale Enterprises                  34   Franceys, Richard                            28
                                                                                                     Hall, Nicolas                      24, 26, 28    How to Run a Small Development Project 13
 Energy for Rural Livelihoods                33   Francis, Catherine                           35
                                                                                                     Hamdi, Nabeel              13, 25, 26, 27, 28    Howard, Debra                           23, 24
 Energy Options                              35   Franco, Ernesto                              22
                                                                                                     Hamm, Bernd                                28    Howe, John                              25, 26
 Engineering in Emergencies                  14   From Clients to Citizens                     15
                                                                                                     Hand Dug Wells and their Construction      36    Howes, Mick                                 35
 England, Roger                              20   Frontiers in Participatory Rural Appraisal and
                                                                                                     Handbook of Gravity-Flow Water Systems, A 36     Hubbard, Michael                            39
 English, E.                                 18     Participatory Learning and Action            3
                                                                                                     Hand-pump Maintenance                      37    Hudson, N.                                  40
 English, Philip                             16   Frost, Dennis                                13
                                                                                                     Hands On – Energy,                               Hughes, Richard                             25
 Engqvist, Jonatan Habib                      3   Fruit and Vegetable Processing               22
                                                                                                       Infrastructure and Recycling             33    Huibers, Frans P.                           35
 Ensor, Jon                                   7   Fueg, Karin                                  12
                                                                                                     Hands On – Food, Water, and Finance        33    Hulme, David                                 2
 Enterprise Development and                       Fuel for Free?                               24
                                                                                                     Hands On Technology                        23    Hulscher, Wim                               35
   Microfinance Journal                      44   Fuelling Economic Growth                     18
                                                                                                     Hardingham, Martin                         30    Human and Animal Powered
 Enterprise in Africa                        17   Fujisaka, Sam                                31
                                                                                                     Hardy, Chandra                             16      Water Lifting Devices                     37
 Entrepreneurship for the Poor               17   Fulford, David                               34
                                                                                                     Harnessing of Draught Animals, The         41    Human Rights of Street and Working Children 13
 Equipment for Rural Workshops               30   Funding Local Governance                     27
                                                                                                     Harper, J.                                 30    Humanitarian Companion, The                 14
 Esipisu, Ezekiel                            20   Fundraising Close to Home series             11
                                                                                                     Harper, Malcolm        16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21    Hungry for Hope                         12, 31
 Estrella, Marisol                           15   Furtado, P.                                  33
                                                                                                     Harries, David                             29    Hurley, Donnacadh                           32
 Etherton, Michael                           24   Future of Community Lands, The               39
                                                                                                     Hart, Rob                                  28    Hurst S.                                    29
 Ethnoveterinary Medicine                    41
 Ethnoveterinary Research and                     G                                                  Hartl, Maria                                8    Hurst, Christopher                          35
                                                  Galperin, Hernan                            31     Harvesting and Threshing                   40    Hydraulic Ram Pumps                         37
   Development                               41   Gamage, Nandasiri                           20     Harvey, Adam                               34
 Evans, Barrie                               25                                                                                                       Hygiene Evaluation Procedures                6
                                                  Gamser, Matthew                         32, 35     Hathway, Gordon                        25, 26    Hygiene Promotion                           14
 Evenson, R.                                 11   Gandelsonas, Catalina                       27     Haverkort, Bertus                      33, 37
 Everts, Saskia                              34   Gardening for Better Nutrition              21     Havet, Jose                                20    I
 Expanding Energy Access in                       Garman, Peter                               38     Heer, Bernhard                             28    ILEIA Readings in
   Developing Countries                      10   Gaspe, Anura                                25     Heffernan, Claire                          41      Sustainable Agriculture series           37
 Expanding the Frontier in Rural Finance     18   Gaventa, John                               15     Hellin, Jon                            18, 38    ILO                                    26, 30
 Experience of Poverty, The                  12   Gell, Fiona                                  9     Helmsing, A.H.J.                           17    Improved Wood-, Waste- and
 Export Marketing for                             Gender Dimensions in                               Hemrich, Günther                           14      Charcoal-Burning Stoves                  35
   a Small Handicraft Business               18     Disaster Management                        20    Henault, George                            18    Improving Food Security                    39
 Extreme Emergencies                         14   Gender Working Group                         21    Hess, Carmen                           12, 31    In a Nutshell                              23
 F                                                Gender, Small-Scale Industry                 21    Hidden Energy Crisis, The                   5    Ince, Margaret                             37
 Fabric Manufacture                         30    Geneva Group, The                            13    Hidellage, Vishaka                         23    Indigenous Knowledge Development
 Facing Kirinyaga                           31    Getting Down to Business                     21    Hiemstra, Wim                              38      in Bangladesh                            31
 Fals-Borda, Orlando                        16    Ghimire, Krishna                             40    Higman, Sophie                             18    Indigenous Knowledge Inquiries             30

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Indigenous Organizations and Development 31       Koechlin, Florianne                        11    Making Good Governance Grow                 23   Miller, Cath                                23
Industrial Competitiveness in Africa        16    Köhler-Rollefson, Ilse                     41    Making Health Care Equipment                21   Miller, Valerie                              9
Industrial Employment through                     Kolsky, Pete                               37    Making Microplans                           28   Millington, Deborah                         29
   Appropriate Technology                   32    Kolstee, T.                                17    Making Planning Work                        27   Mini-Cement                                 25
Ingham, Bob                                 28    Kraemer-Mbula, Erika                       16    Making Safe Food                            23   Mining on a Small and Medium Scale          29
Initial Course in Tropical Agriculture            Kramsjo, Bosse                             11    Making Wheels                               30   Miombo Ecology and Management               33
   for the Staff Co-operatives              40    Kraus-Harper, Uschi                        21    Malunga, Chiku                               6   Missing Links                               21
Innis, Donald Q.                        31, 40    Kristoferson, L.                           35    Management of Technological Change          32   Missionaries and Mandarins                  20
Inns, Frank                                 40    Kruft, Anton                               32    Managing for a Change                       13   Mitchell, Maurice                           25
Inside NGOs                                 12    Kumar, Somesh                              15    Managing Humanitarian Relief                14   Mitigating the Millennium                   14
Integrated Urban Infrastructure             28                                                     Managing Mobility in African Rangelands 41       Mitlin, Diana                           26, 28
Intercropping and the Scientific Basis of         L                                                Managing the Globalized Environment         13   Mobilizing Appropriate Technology           32
                                                  Labour-based Road Construction              26
   Traditional Agriculture              31, 40                                                     Manderson, Lenore                            6   Modern Coconut Management                   39
                                                  Lall, Sanjaya                               16
Intercultivation                            40                                                     Mann, H.T.                                  37   Modern Irrigation Technologies              36
                                                  Lamb, Robert                                23
Intermediate Technology in Botswana         32                                                     Mann, R.                                    38   Modern Stoves for All                       35
                                                  Lambert, Robert                         14, 37
Intermediate Technology in Indonesia        32                                                     Mann, R.D.                                  28   Mohanty, A.K.                               20
                                                  Lancashire, Sarah                           38
Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit, The 32                                                      Manual of Building Construction, A          25   Molyneux, Maxine                            10
                                                  Land Clearance                              40
Introduction to Co-operatives, An           13                                                     Manual of Practical Management for               Monahan, Laila                              30
                                                  Land is Life                                40
Introductory Technology                     23                                                       Third World Rural Development                  Money with a Mission, Volume 1              19
                                                  Land Reform and Peasant Livelihoods         40
Iredale, John                               30                                                       Associations, Vol. 1                      13   Money with a Mission, Volume 2              19
                                                  Land, Food and Rural Development in
Island Technology                           32                                                     Manual of Practical Management for               Montoro, Barbara                             2
                                                    North Africa                              40
Ivan-Smith, Edda                            15                                                       Third World Rural Development                  Mooij, Jos                                  11
                                                  Land, Rights and Innovation                 27
                                                                                                     Associations, Vol. 2                      13   Moore, Aaron                                30
J                                                 Lantz, Maria                                 3
                                                                                                   Manual on the Hydraulic Ram for                  Moore, Karen                                 2
Jackson, Tim                                 33   Larcher, Paul                               26
                                                                                                   Pumping Water, A                            36   More Innovations for Development            32
Jacolin, Pierre                              39   Latrine Building                            37
                                                                                                   Manual Screw Press for                           Morgan, Joy                                 14
Jansen, Eirik G.                             26   Launder, John                               13
                                                                                                     Small-Scale Oil Extraction, The           22   Morgan, Peter                               35
Janssen, Jules J.A.                          24   Lawson, David                                2
                                                                                                   Mapping the Shift in                             Moriarty, Patrick                           36
Jansson, Sven                                34   Lazar, Sian                                 10
                                                                                                     Business Development Services             16   Moris, Jon                                  40
Jarman, Cyril                                30   Le Sann, Alain                              40
                                                                                                   Mariam, Mesfin                              14   Morse, Richard                              16
James, Eric                                  14   Learning Endogenous Development             30
                                                                                                   Mariscal, Judith                            31   Motors as Generators for Micro-Hydro Power 34
Jasko, Chris                                 27   Learning from Change                        15
                                                                                                   Marjoram, Tony                              32   Movik, Synne                                 5
Jaspars, Susanne                             14   Learning from Gal Oya                       11
                                                                                                   Market Panacea, The                         40   Mugova, Alex                                25
Jayanetti, Lionel                            25   Leek, Janet                                 29
                                                                                                   Marshall, Ken                               32   Muguti, Elizabeth                           34
Jazairy, Idriss                          12, 40   Legg, Robert                                36
                                                                                                   Martin, Marina                              41   Mukerji, Kiran                              24
Jeans, Andy                                  18   Lessons from Aceh                            1
                                                                                                   Martin, Mike                                35   Muhkerjee, Amitava                           3
Jeffrey, T.D.                                37   Lester, Derek                               29
                                                                                                   Matin, Imran                                 2   Mule, Harris                                16
Jehan, Kate                                   6   Let Farmers Judge                           38
                                                                                                   Masendeke, Absolom                          38   Mullard, Kim                                26
Jenkins, Peter                               12   Levitsky, Jacob                         17, 18
                                                                                                   Mason, Kelvin                           24, 25   Multilateral Development Banks Series, The 16
Jerve, Alf                                   26   Lewins, Roger                           10, 15
                                                                                                   Mastering the Machine Revisited             13   Multilateral Development Banks, The:
Jhabvala, Renana                             21   Lewis, David                                40
                                                                                                   Mather, David                               25     The Asian Development Bank                16
Jiggins, Janice                              21   Lewis, James                                14
                                                                                                   Mathews, Allison                            25   Multilateral Development Banks, The:
Jobs from Housing                            28   Lewis, Viv                                  33
                                                                                                   Mathias, Evelyn                             41     The Caribbean Development Bank            16
Jobs from Junks                              33   Leyland, Tim                                41
                                                                                                   Mathie, Alison                              15   Multilateral Development Banks, The:
Jodha, N.                                    40   Life Industry, The                          11
                                                                                                   Matthews, Alison                            30     The Inter-American Development Bank 16
Johnson, Deb                                 15   Lightening the Load                          8
                                                                                                   Matthews, M.                                40   Multilateral Development Banks, The:
Johnson, Debra A.                        38, 39   Lime and Alternative Binders in East Africa 25
                                                                                                   Maxwell, Simon                  11, 13, 38, 40     Titans or Behemoths                       16
Johnson, Ian                             40, 41   Lime and Other Alternative Cements          25
                                                                                                   May, Brian                                  40   Multilateral Development Banks, The:
Johnson, Kersten                             16   Linking with Farmers                        33
                                                                                                   Mayoux, Linda                                2     The African Development Bank              16
Johnson, Natasha                             23   Linney, Bob                                 13
                                                                                                   McCorkle, Constance                         41   Multi-purpose Toolbars                      39
Johnson, Susan                               19   Little, Peter D.                            41
                                                                                                   McDivitt, James F.                          28   Mulugetta,Yacob                             33
Johnson, Victoria                            15   Live Well, Live Wisely                      23
                                                                                                   McGrath, Simon                              17   Mundy, Paul                                 41
Joining Farmers’ Experiments                 38   Livelihood from Fishing, A                  40
                                                                                                   McIlwaine, Stephen                           5   Murray, Francis                             15
Jones, Linda                                  2   Livestock Emergency Guidelines and
                                                                                                   McLaren, Ian                                30   Murwira, Kuda                               39
Jones, Sue                                   28     Standards (LEGS)                           7
                                                                                                   McLeod, Ruth                                26   Musandu-Nyamayaro, Oscar                    25
Jonsén, Jennie                                4   Living with Uncertainty                     40
                                                                                                   McNelis, Bernard                        35, 38   Muttagi, Pandurang K.                       28
Jonsson, Lars-Ove                            23   Living with Wildlife                        33
                                                                                                   McPeak, John G.                             41   Myers, Dorothy                              38
Jordan, Thomas                               35   Lock, Dennis                                28
                                                                                                   McRobie, George                             40   Myth of Community, The                      15
Joseph, S.                                   35   Lockwood, Matthew                           10
                                                                                                   Mead, Donald                                17
Joste, Sten                                  32   Longland, F.                                25
Judge, Emma                         22, 23, 33    Looking Beyond Credit                       18
                                                                                                   Medical and Hygiene Textile Production      30   N
                                                                                                   Meeting the Challenges of Animal Traction 26     Najda, Ruth                                23
Jurema’s Children in the Forest of Spirits 31     Lost-Wax Casting                            29                                                    Nashetu E-Maa                              13
                                                                                                   Mehta, Lyla                                  5
Just for Starters                            18   Louineau, Jean-Paul                     33, 34                                                    Nature is Culture                          31
                                                                                                   Meinzen-Dick, Ruth S.                       36
Just One Planet                              32   Louwaars, Niels                             39                                                    Ndiaye, Mamadou                            39
                                                                                                   Messer, Peter                               25
                                                  Lovell, Chris                               36                                                    Ndione, Emmanuel                           39
K                                                 Low Cost Printing for Development           30
                                                                                                   Metal Casting                               29
Kabeer, Naila                              19                                                      Methods for Community Participation         15   Negotiating the Seed Treaty                10
                                                  Low-Cost Electrification                    34                                                    Negotiating Water Rights                   36
Kalpagam, U.                                4                                                      Methods in Development Research             12
                                                  Low-Cost Load-Carrying Devices              26                                                    Nelson, Ken                                36
Kapila, Sunita                             17                                                      Micro- and Small Enterprises in
                                                  Low-Cost Sanitation                         37                                                    Nelson, Nici                           16, 28
Kaplinsky, Raphael                     23, 32                                                        Latin America                             17
                                                  Low-Cost Vehicles                           26                                                    Network Research Approach, A               12
Kappagoda, Nihal                           16                                                      Microenterprises in Developing Countries 17
                                                  Low-Cost Wooden Duplicator, The             30                                                    Networking for Development                 12
Kaumbutho, Pascal                          26                                                      Microfinance and Self Help Groups In India 8
                                                  Lowe, Lucky                             25, 32                                                    New Forester                               40
Kay, Cristobal                             11                                                      Microfinance: Evolution, Achievements
                                                  Lyons, Michal                                1                                                    New Middlewomen, The                       20
Keable, Julian                             24                                                        and Challenges                            18
Kehrli, Hugo                               35     M                                                Micro-Hydro Design Manual                   34   New Seed and Old Laws                      39
Keirns, Pamela                             35     Macdonald, Alan                          36      Micro-Hydro Electric Power                  34   New Weave of Power, People and Politics, A 10
Kenna, Jeff                                38     Machel, Keith                            22      Micro-Hydro Pelton Turbine Manual, The 34        New World of Microenterprise Finance, The 20
Kennedy, W.                                37     Made in Africa                           30      Micro-Hydro Power:                               Newell, Peter                              11
Kenya Ceramic Jiko, The                    35     Madeley, John                    11, 18, 40        A Guide for Development Workers           34   Newton, Alan                               30
Kerr, Charles                      21, 36, 37     Mahajan, Vijay                           40      Mikkelsen, Lene Hojmark                     17   Njenga, Mary                                7
Khennas, Smail                     33, 34, 35     Mahmud, Simeen                           33      Miles, Derek                        25, 26, 32   Niamir-Fuller, Maryam                      41
Killough, Scott                            39     Majale, Michael                          37      Millard, Edward                             18   Nielsen, Tue Kell                          32
King, Kenneth                              17     Making an Impact in HIV and Aids         21      Miller, Calvin                               2   Nilsson, Åke                               37
Knaul, Felicia                             20     Making Common Ground                     27      Miller, Carol                           10, 20   Nimpuno, K.                                11

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 Nissen-Petersen, Erik                      35    Power from the People                       35   Romaya, Sam                                 27   Singh, Kulwant                                28
 No Condition Permanent                     32    Power Guide                                 35   Romijn, Henny                               18   Singha, Ashok                                 40
 Noordhoek, Marike                          27    Power, Process and Participation            16   Root Crop Processing                        22   Sinha, Frances                            18, 21
 Norton, John                               24    Practical Guide to Solar Photovoltaic Systems    Roots of Change, The                        40   Sinha, Sanjay                             25, 30
 Novaes da Mota, Clarice                    31      for Technicians, A                        33   Rosillo-Calle, F.                           33   Sithole, M.                                   30
 Nutrition Matters                          14    Practical Innovations for a                      Rowlands, Jo                                 9   Skills for Life                               13
                                                    Sustainable World series                  28   Roy, A.K.                                   17   Skinner, Brian                            36, 37
 O                                                Practical Microfinance                      19   Rozis, Jean-François                        35   Skinner, Reinhard                         13, 28
 Office Management for Co-operatives         13
                                                  Practitioners and Poverty Alleviation       27   Running a Biogas Programme                  34   Slash/Mulch Systems                           40
 Ogutu, Zadoc                                33
                                                  Prain, Gordon D.                            31   Running Water                               37   Slikkerveer, L. Jan                           31
 Ohler, Johan G.                             39
                                                  Pratt, Gareth                               15   Rural Building Course                       24   Slocum, Rachel                                16
 Oil Processing                              22
                                                  Pretty, Jules                               16   Rural Credit                                20   Small and Medium Enterprises                  32
 Ojha, Narayan                               41
                                                  Pridmore, Pat                               15   Rural Energy Services                       35   Small Building Contractor and the Client, The 25
 Okafor, Stanley                             31
                                                  Productive Water Points in Dryland Areas 36      Rural Enterprise                            18   Small Business in Transition Economies 17
 Okali, Christine                            39
                                                  Profit for the Poor                         19   Rural Lighting                              34   Small Business Promotion                      18
 O’Keefe, P                                  40
                                                  Proost, Jet                                 39   Rural Roads and Poverty Alleviation         26   Small Business Services in Asian Countries 17
 Okun, Daniel                                38
                                                  Providing Food Security for All             39   Rural Sanitation                            37   Small Customers, Big Market                   19
 One Hundred Innovations for Development 32
                                                  Public Services through Private Enterprise 17    Rural Transport                             34   Small Enterprises and Changing Policies 17
 Opening the Marketplace to Small Enterprise 18
                                                  Pumps as Turbines                           33   Rural Transport in Developing Countries     26   Small Enterprises in Developing Countries 18
 Operation and Maintenance of
                                                  Puncture Prevention Techniques for               Rural Transport Services                    26   Small Farm Weed Control                       40
   Small Irrigation Schemes                  37
                                                    Low-Cost Vehicles                         26   Rural Vulnerability to Famine in Ethiopia 14     Small Hydro Power in China                    35
 Oppenoorth, Harry                           21
                                                  Puttaswamaiah, K.                           40   Rural Women in South Asia                    4   Small Scale Cement Plants                     18
 O’Reilly, Marion                            14
                                                                                                   Rusike, Elijah                              38   Small Scale Foundries for
 Orford, Margie                              33   Q                                                Ruskulis, Otto                          25, 28     Developing Countries                        30
 Organic Cotton                              38   Qualitative Enquiry for Rural Development 40
                                                                                                   Russo, Luca                                 14   Small Wind Systems for
 Otero, Maria                                20   Quarrying and Rockbreaking                29
                                                                                                   Rutherford, Stuart                           9     Rural Energy Services                       34
 Other Policy, The                           11
 Our Money, Our Movement                     20   R                                                                                                 Smallegange, Linda                            34
                                                  Rahman, Anisur                             16    S                                                Small-Scale Food Processing                   22
 Owens, Adrian                               23                                                    Sahu, Ashis Kumar                           18
                                                  Rahman, Muhammad                           16                                                     Small-Scale Gold Mining                       29
 P                                                Rahman, Nazibor                            26    Sailing Against the Wind                    26   Small-Scale Industries Promotion in India 18
 Pacey, Arnold                   21, 36, 37, 38   Rai, Kavita                                33    Samuels, Jane                               28   Small-Scale Irrigation                        37
 Package Deals                               32   Rai, Shirin                                11    Sanchez, Teodoro                         5, 33   Small-Scale Milling                           23
 Packaging                                   22   Rainwater Catchment Systems                      Sanderson, David                        14, 25   Small-Scale Mining, Rural Subsistence,
 Packer, Bevill                              29     for Domestic Supply                      35    Sandhu, Ruby                                21     and Poverty in West Africa                  28
 Padmanabhan, K.P.                           20   Rainwater Harvesting                       36    Sandler, Joanne                             21   Small-Scale Mining:
 Padoch, Christine                           39   Rajepakse, Iroma Ruana                     33    Sanyasi, Anthea                             14     A Guide to Appropriate Equipment            28
 Pagura, Maria                               18   Rakodi, Carole                             27    Saving Lives and Livelihoods                41   Small-Scale Papermaking                       30
 Pain, Adam                                  39   Ramachandran, K.                           18    Saxena, N.                                  13   Small-Scale Production                        18
 Paish, Oliver                           34, 35   Ramírez, Ricardo                           38    Saywell, Darren                             37   Small-Scale Production of
 Palmer-Jones, Richard                       37   Rammed Earth Structures                    24    Scarborough, Vanessa                        39     Cementitious Materials                      25
 Pantuliano, Sara                             9   Randolph Bruns, Brian                      36    Schaerer, Lilith                            12   Small-Scale Recyling of Plastics              30
 Panuccio, Theresa                           12   Ranis, G.                                  11    Schilderman, Theo                        1, 28   Small-Scale Soapmaking                        30
 Parkinson Sarah                             31   Rao, D.S.K.                            18, 20    Schneider, Bertrand                         11   Small-Scale Textiles series                   29
 Parkinson, Jonathan                         36   Rappaport, Rosalynn                        38    Schouten, Ton                               36   Small-Scale Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln, The 25
 Parr, Jeremy                                37   Razavi, Shahra                             20    Schrader, Anita                             20   Small-Scale Water Supply                      36
 Parry, John                                 25   Rea, Val                                   35    Schreurs, Stijntje                          18   Smillie, Ian                         11, 13, 32
 Parsons, Helen                              39   Reaching the Unreached                     11    Schulte, Bob                                34   Smith, A.V.                                   37
 Partap, T.                                  41   Reconstructing Agriculture in Afghanistan 39     Schulz, Christopher                         38   Smith, Alan                                   26
 Participation in Development series         15   Reddy, A.                                  32    Science and Technology                      11   Smith, D. Mark                                32
 Participatory Livestock Research            41   Redeby, Lucy                               34    Science and Technology Council              32   Smith, Nigel                                  34
 Partnership Financing for Small Enterprise 19    Redwood, Mark                               5    Science, Technology and Development         32   Smith, Paul                                   28
 Partnerships in Urban Planning              27   Reed, R.A.                                 37    Scobie, Jane                                14   Smith, Ray                                    25
 Pastoral Livestock Marketing in                  Rees, Dai                                  35    Scoones, Ian                         7, 38, 40   Smoke — The Killer in the Kitchen             34
   Eastern Africa                            41   Refugee Enterprise                         18    Scott, Andrew                           11, 29   Smout, Ian K.                                 37
 Pathways to Participation                   15   Reijntjes, Coen                            38    Scott, Patta                                15   Snow, Jon                                     18
 Payne, Geoffrey                             28   Relf, Colin                                30    Scrap Metal Recovery                        30   Snyder, Margaret                              21
 Pedersen, Poul Ove                          18   Remenyi, Joe                               18    Seed-Bed Preparation                        40   Social Progress and Sustainable Development 10
 People’s Participation                      16   Removing Unfreedoms                        28    Seeds and Synergies                          4   Solar Energy for Rural Communities            34
 Perier, Jean-Pierre                         39   Renewable Energy Technologies              35    Seeds of Choice                             39   Solar Heating in Cold Regions                 35
 Pettit, Jethro                              15   Report on Farm Equipment                   40    Seeland, Klaus                              31   Solar Photovoltaic Products                    3
 Pickford, John                  11, 36, 37, 38   Resilient Family Farm, The                 39    Septic Tanks and Aqua-privies                    Solar Pumping                                 38
 Pickles of Bangladesh                       23   Restocking Pastoralists                    41      from Ferrocement                          37   Solar Water Pumping                           37
 Piek, Hannah                                32   Rhyne, Elisabeth                           20    Sericulture and Silk Production             30   Solar-Powered Electricity                     35
 Piggott, Hugh                               34   Ricafort, Roger                            15    Services for the Urban Poor                 28   Soon, Tan                                     18
 Pimbert, Michael                            11   Rice Husk Ash Cement                       25    Setting Up a Food Drying Business           22   Speaking Out                                   9
 Pitt, James                                 23   Richards, E.G.                             30    Shadmon, Asher                              24   Speaking Out                                  21
 Planning in Cities                          27   Richards, Michael                          40    Shah, Meera Kaul                            15   Spence, Robin                             25, 28
 Plant Fibre Processing                      30   Richards, Peter                            26    Shah, Parmesh                               16   Spinning                                      30
 Platt, Adam                                 21   Richman, Arleeen                           18    Shah, Tushaar                               13   Spiropoulos, John                             25
 Plumptre, Robert                            30   Riley, Elizabeth                           26    Shanahan, Y.                                35   Spoor, Max                                    40
 Policy Entrepreneurship for                      Rios, Walter                               22    Shanty Upgrading                            25   Springs of Participation                      15
   Poverty Reduction                         11   Rising from the Ashes                      14    Sharing Power for Development               12   Staehle, Mark                                 19
 Pomonis, Antonios                           25   Road Maintenance and Regravelling (ROMAR)        Shaw, Rod                                   37   Stakeholder Incentives in
 Poor and Their Money, The                    9     Using Labour-based Methods               26    Shekar, Prabha                              30     Participatory Forest Management             40
 Posey, Darrell A.                           39   Roads and Resources                        26    Shelter, Settlements, Policy and the Poor 28     Standards and Specifications for
 Post-harvest Crop Processing                40   Roads are Not Enough                       26    Shit Matters                                 5     Local Building Materials                    24
 Poston, David                               30   Rocheleau, Diane                           16    Sieber, Niklas                              26   Starkey, Paul                             12, 26
 Potatoes                                    40   Rodriguez, Luis                             5    Sigurdson, Jon                              18   Starr, Michael                                30
 Potts, Kathryn H.                           22   Rodriguez, Marc                            40    Sillitoe, Paul                              31   Starting a Small Food-Processing Enterprise 22
 Pound, Barry                                39   Rogers, T.                                 37    Silveira, Semida                            35   State of World Rural Poverty, The             11
 Poverty and Rural Development               40   Rohr-Rouendaal, Petra                      12    Simanowitz, Anton                           19   State They’re In, The                         10
 Powell, John                            13, 32   Rolfe, Chris                               18    Simpson, Brent                              40   Steinberg, Florian                            28
 Power and Participatory Development         16   Rolfe, Clare                               18    Sinclair, Angela                            32   Sten-Screen                                   30

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Stepping Forward                             15   Toilets That Make Compost                  35    W                                              Wood, Geoffrey                    11, 37, 40
Stern, Peter H.                      25, 37, 34   Tools for Agriculture                      40    Wad, Atul                                 32   Woodrow, Peter J.                         14
Stevens, Lucy                                26   Tools for Organic Farming                  40    Wakely, Patrick                           27   Wood-Stove Dissemination                  35
Stewart, Bill                                35   Tools for the Field                        21    Wall to Wall Design                       23   Work from Waste                           33
Stewart, Frances                             11   Towards Village Industry                   11    Wallace, Tina                             10   Work of a Co-operative Committee, The     13
Stewart, W.                                  35   Trade and the Poor                         18    Walsby, Michael                           27   Working with Farmers for Better
Stocking, Michael                            39   Trading the Silver Seed                    40    Warner, Michael                           13    Land Husbandry                           40
Stockman, Douglas                            21   Traditional Beancurd Manufacture           23    Warren, D. Michael                        31   Workshop Equipment Manuals                27
Stolton, Sue                             38, 40   Traditional Candlemaking                   29    Warwick, Hugh                             34   Worth of Water, The                       36
Stone                                        24   Traditional Cheesemaking                   23    Water and Development in                       Wright, Marjorie                          30
Stone, Ted                                   28   Traditional Foods                          23      Mountain Agriculture                    36   Wright, Susan                             16
Storage                                      22   Trail Bridge Building in the Himalayas     25    Water and Sanitation for All              37   Wright-Revolledo, Katie                   19
Storm Drainage                               37   Training for Transformation (Book 4)       12    Water Current Turbines                    38
Stoufer, Karen                               41   Training for Transformation (Books 1-3)    12
                                                                                                   Water Lifting Devices                     35   Yahya, Saad                              25
Stove Maker, Stove User                      35   Training in Food Processing                22    Water Sellers                             37   Yarn Preparation                         30
Stove Project Manual                         35   Transforming Development                   21    Water Supplies for Rural Communities      37   Yaron, Gil                           34, 40
Stoves for People                            35   Triomphe, Bernard                          39    Water Supply                              34   Yeo, Peter                           13, 40
Stulz, Roland                                24   Tripp, Robert                              39    Water Supply and Sanitation Services           Yiching Song                              4
Subrahmamiam, K.                             40   Try Drying It!                             23      for the Rural Poor                      35   You Pay for What You Get                 13
Sugar Processing                             23   Try the Rabbit                             41    Water Treatment and Sanitation            37   Young, Helen                             14
Sumberg, James                               39   Tuladhar, Artha                            25    Water, Sanitation, Environment                 Young, John                          13, 41
Supporting Citizens’ Initiatives             12   Tunbridge, Louise                          41      and Development                         38   Young, Pete                              25
Surface Water Treatment for Communities           Turning Off the Lights                     33    Waterlines Journal                        48   Youngjohns, B.                           13
  in Developing Countries                    38   Tussie, Diana                              16    Waters-Bayer, Ann                     38, 38
Survival of the Fitter                       13   Tweeten, Luther                            40    Watson, Cathy                         33, 39   Z
Sustainability Handbook for Design                                                                                                                Zeitlyn, Jonathan                        30
                                                  Twigg, John                                14    Watt, S.B.                            36, 37
  and Technology Teachers, The               23                                                                                                   Zetter, Roger                            27
                                                  Tyler, Stephen R.                          32    Watt, Simon                               37   Zuidberg, Lida                           21
Sustainability of Water and                                                                        Wealth Ranking in Smallholder Communities 13
  Sanitation Systems                         37   U                                                Wedgwood, Helen                           39
Sustainable Development and                       Uncharted Territory                          9
                                                  Understanding Climate Change Adaptation 7        Wegelin, Emiel                            27
  the Future of Cities                       28                                                    Wellard, Kate                             40
Sustainable Industrial Development           33   Understanding Natural Fibre Concrete        25
                                                  Understanding Organizational Sustainability      Wellings, Karen                           23
Sustainable Learning for                                                                           Wells, Jill                               28
  Women’s Empowerment                         2     through African Proverbs                   6
                                                  Understanding Vulnerability                 14   Westman Wilson, Elizabeth                 11
Sustainable Lifestyles?                      23                                                    We Work at Home                            6
Sustainable Mountain Agriculture, Volume 1 40     UNIFEM                                22, 34
                                                  Upgrading Micro Hydro in Sri Lanka          34   What Works for the Poorest                 2
Sustainable Mountain Agriculture, Volume 2 41                                                      What’s Wrong with Microfinance?           19
Sustainable Sewerage                         37   Uphoff, Norman                        11, 31
                                                  Urban Futures                               26   Wheels of Trade, The                      17
Sustaining Agricultural Biodiversity         40                                                    When Aid is no Help                       11
Sutton, Jackie                               39   Urban Girls                                 20
                                                  Urban Land Tenure and Property Rights in         When the Harvest is In                    18
Suzuki, Naoki                                12                                                    Where Credit is Due                       18
Sverrisson, Arni                             18     Developing Countries                      28
                                                  Urban Management Series                     24   Where There Is No Artist                  12
Sweetman, Caroline                            8                                                    Whitby, Garry                             30
Syagga, Paul                                 25   Urban Opportunity                           28
                                                  Urban Poverty in Africa                     28   Whitcombe, Richard                        32
                                                                                                   White, Rodney                             27
T                                                 Urban Sanitation                            36
                                                                                                   Who Changes?                              15
Talyarkhan, Surmaya                          32   Uribe-Echevarría, Francisco                 18
Tanburn, Jim                         16, 17, 28   Useful Plants of Ghana                      40   Whose Reality Counts?                     10
Tawney, Clare                                39   Using Technical Skills in                        Whose Voice?                              15
Taylor, Kevin                                36     Community Development                     32   Wichhart, Lori                            16
Taylor, Laurence                             12                                                    Wickramasinghe, Maithree                  20
Taylor, Matthew                              29   V                                                Wijkman, Anders                            6
Tech and Tools Book                          21   Value Chains in Development                4     Wilkinson, Judith                         29
Technical Principles of Building for Safety 25    Value for Money?                          17     Williams, Arthur                          33
Technological Tranformation of Rural India 32     van Bentum, Robert                        37     Williamson, D.                            37
Technological Upgrading of                        van Buren, Ariane                         34     Willoughby, Kelvin W.                     31
  Service Institutions, The                  32   van de Fliert, Elske                      39     Wilson, Bruce                             13
Technology Choice                            31   van der Gaag, Nikki                        9     Wilson, Kim                               39
Technology Development in Rural Industries 32     van der Kamp, Johan                       37     Wilson, Stuart                            30
Technology for a Changing World              32   van der Werf, Erik                        38     Win, Everjoice J.                         39
Technology Transfer                          32   van Dijk, Meine Pieter                18, 27     Windfuhr, Michael                          4
Telecentres, Access and Development          31   van Gelder, B.                            40     Windpumping Handbook                      38
Terry, Geraldine                              8   van Koppen, Barbara                       37     Windpumps                                 34
Thake, Jeremy                            34, 35   van Veen, Tjaart Schillhorn               41     Wingate, Michael                          24
Thampy, Ramesh                               41   van Veldhuizen, Laurens               33, 38     Winship, Guy                              19
Thatching                                    24   Van Veenhuizen, Rene                       4     Witcombe, John                            39
Their Own Idea                               18   van Walsum, Edith                         21     Women and Food Security                   21
Thin, Neil                                   10   van Zwanenberg, Roger                     11     Women and Integrated Pest Management 39
Thomas, Stephen                              33   Vellvé, Renée                             40     Women and IPM                             39
Thomas, T.H.                                 37   VeneKlasen, Lisa                          10     Women and the Food Cycle                  21
Thomas, Henk                             11, 18   Vernooy, Ronnie                            4     Women and the Transport of Water          21
Thomas-Slayter, Barbara                      16   Viewpoints series                          9     Women and Waterpumps in Bangladesh        37
Thompson, John                        7, 16, 38   Village Animal Healthcare                 41     Women Feeding Cities                       7
Thrupp, Lori Ann                             38   Village Savings and Loan Associations     19     Women in Development                      21
Thuillier, Fabrices                          22   Vincent, Fernand                          13     Women in Micro- and
Thurston, David                              40   Vincent, Linden                           37       Small-Scale Enterprise Development      20
Timber Pole Construction                     25   Virk, Daljit                              39     Women’s Leadership and Participation       9
Time to Listen                               12   Vocational Training in the Community      13     Women, Work and Technology in
Timmel, Sally                                12   Vogler, John                          30, 33       Rural South Asia                        21
Tinker, Tiller, Technical Change             32   Voices from the Margins                   15     Women’s Roles in Technical Innovation     22
To Cure All Hunger                           40   von Coppen, Barbara                       36     Woo, Jean                                  8
To the Hands of the Poor                     13   von Einsiedel, Nathaniel                  28     Wood and Woodworking Tools                30
Todd, Helen                                  20   Vyakarnam, Shailendra                     18     Wood, W.                                  36

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 Waterlines is a refereed journal providing a forum for those involved in extending water
 supply, sanitation, hygiene and waste management to all in developing countries.
 Waterlines aims to bridge the gap between research and practice: it encourages papers
 written by researchers for the benefit of practice and those written by practitioners
 to inform research and policy. It highlights information sources and promotes debate
 between different perspectives. Waterlines considers the key challenges facing those in
 the water and sanitation sector – engineers, health professionals, community development
 workers, researchers, policy makers – and suggests how these issues may be tackled using
 affordable, sustainable systems with reference to wider policy and institutional frameworks.
 ISSN: 0262-8104 (print) ISSN: 1756-3488 (online)
 Regular features:
 In its new journal format, each issue of Waterlines will consist of at least 80 pages
 • In-depth peer-reviewed papers;
 • Shorter ‘Articles from the field’;
 • Reviews and Resources – views on which books are really worth reading;
 • ‘Crossfire’ – a debate on a topical issue argued out between two experts;
 • Webwatch – websites to visit relevant to the theme;
 • ‘From our water correspondent’ – a regular letter from a water professional dealing with
     tough problems on the ground.
 Recent and forthcoming themes:
 •   Water and sanitation in challenging environments
 •   Market-based approaches
 •   Hygiene Promotion
 •   Water safety plans.

 Enterprise Development and Microfinance
 Enterprise Development and Microfinance (formerly Small Enterprise Development,
 1990-2007) offers a vital information-sharing forum for all those involved in the design
 and administration of enterprise development programmes in developing countries. It is
 essential reading for managers of projects, providers of technical assistance, consultants to
 projects, the staff of donor agencies and NGOs, academics, and students.
 ISSN: 1755-1978 (print) ISSN: 1755-1986 (online)
 Regular features:
 • Crossfire
 • Problems, Problems
 • Reviews and Resources
 Recent and forthcoming themes:
 • Impacts of value chain development on poverty
 • Private sector delivery of basic services
 • Young people and children.
 Sample copy requests and email alerts
 To request a sample copy of EDM or Waterlines please email us at You can receive a free email alert detailing the
 contents of each new issue of EDM or Waterlines even if you are not a subscriber to the
 journal. To ensure your regular alert, visit or and click receive new issue.
 Something to contribute?
 The Editor welcomes articles, or ideas for articles, relevant to the themes of the journals.
 Contact Clare Tawney, Editor at

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