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					                                     GLASTONBURY HIGH SCHOOL
                                         PROGRAM OVERVIEW

Graduation Requirements for Health and Physical Education
To graduate from Glastonbury High School, a student must earn ½ credit in Health and 1 ½ credits in Physical Education.
Graduation requirements are governed by the same grading and attendance policies for other courses at Glastonbury High
School. The student’s grade for Health and Physical Education will be calculated into the Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)
and class rank. To meet graduation requirements, students also have the opportunity to achieve Performance Standards 15
and 16 that are specific to the Health and Physical Education department goals.

Medical Restrictions
Short-term medical restrictions written by a doctor, school nurse, or athletic trainer will be accepted; a note written by a
parent will not be accepted. A student who has an extended medical leave is required to provide the school nurse with a
medical waiver written by a medically qualified professional as defined in the GPS Medical Waiver Form. Long-term
medically excused students will be provided with an opportunity to receive credit, determined, by the teacher and/or
Director of Health and Physical Education.

The student’s grade for Physical Education is calculated by the use of a Daily Grading Rubric. The rubric is used to
assess student’s understanding of skills and knowledge of various concepts within physical education. The student’s grade
point average will be calculated by dividing the total number of points earned that semester by the total number of
possible points for number of days that they are present. Students absent from school or from individual classes for
excusable reasons are expected to make up all work and tests missed in order to receive full credit. Refer to the Student
Handbook under “Attendance/Absences” for definitions of excused and unexcused absences. If the work is not made up
within 2 weeks of the excused absence, the grade for that marking period will be affected. Alternative methods of
instruction and assessments may be provided for each student in unusual situations.

The student’s grade for Health is based upon the assessment of skills and knowledge demonstrated. Assessments include,
but are not limited to tests, quizzes, projects, and homework.

Students are expected to attend class when they are in school. Any student who enters Physical Education class 10
minutes after the start of class will be classified as a non-participating, unexcused absent student. Athletes who do not
participate in Physical Education class will not be eligible for participation in practice or game for that day. Any student
accumulating a total of 11 absences in the year will lose credit for the course. Students have the option to appeal for
course credit. If a student is called to the guidance office or main office and can verify his/her presence with a pass, the
student is counted as present.

Appropriate attire
Students participating in Physical Education must be dressed appropriately. This includes comfortable, appropriate
clothing (tops/shorts/sweats) and sneakers with non-marking soles that are laced and tied. Hats may be worn for outdoor
activities only. Students dressed inappropriately for class, will not receive credit.

The Health and Physical Education staff is not responsible for any personal items or valuables that a student
may bring to class. If a student chooses to bring valuables to class, It is highly recommended that a they bring
their own combination or key lock to lock any personal items during class.

                                                                                        Revised 2009
                                 Physical Education Department
                                     Daily Grading Rubric

  Expectations                        P.E. Standards             Indicators (affective,
                                                               cognitive, psychomotor)
Prepared to learn                     Prepared for learning       Dressed for class
                                                                  Present for class

                                         Daily Score = 0

                                          Skill/Physical          Demonstrates progressive
Demonstrates a degree of                                           and consistent improvement
competency in motor skills and                                     toward full potential
movement patterns needed to
                                         Daily Score = 1
perform a variety of physical

Demonstrates understanding of          Cognitive/Strategy         Demonstrates knowledge of
movement concepts, principles,                                     rules
strategies, and tactics as they                                   Applies skills to game
apply to the learning and                Daily Score = 1           situations
performance of physical activities

                                               Self               Demonstrates respect for
                                                                   others, oneself and the
Exhibits responsible personal and                                  environment
                                     Responsibility/Behavior      Demonstrates actions that
social behavior that respects self
and others in physical activity                                    contribute to an emotionally,
settings.                                Daily Score = 1           socially & physically safe
                                                                  Follows rules & directions
                                                                  Comes to class on time

Achieves and maintains a health-             Effort               Works hard
enhancing level of physical                                       Extends self fully
fitness.                                                          Participates fully
                                         Daily Score = 1

                                                                  Demonstrates good
Values physical activity for                                       sportsmanship regardless of
                                         Social/Affective          outcome
health, enjoyment, challenge,
self-expression, and/or social                                    Interacts positively with
interaction.                             Daily Score = 1           peers and staff

                           Daily Total Points: _________________

                     Glastonbury Public Schools
                    Health and Physical Education

I ____________________________ (student), have read the Health and
Physical Education Program Overview and understand the course
requirements and agree to follow them.

I ____________________________ (parent/guardian), have read the
Health and Physical Education Program Overview and understand the
course requirements.

If there are any questions, contact your son or daughter’s Physical
Education teacher or the Director of Health and Physical Education, Ann
Marie Colebrook at 652-7200 x2105.

Failure to return this form by the end of the first week of class results
in a daily loss of credit for each consecutive class.