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					                    Club News
  D    C   C

                                                                                              November/December 2008
                    Newsletter for Members of The Danish Canadian Club
                    727 - 11th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2R 0E3 • Phone 261-9774 • Fax 261-6631
                    ISSN 1911-6780 • Email:

           2008                                            CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY
      GREY CUP PARTY                                            DECEMBER 14, 2008 – Doors Open @ 1:00 p.m.
 November 23, 2008 (Sunday)                                  Our “Dear Friend Buckshot,” Benny and their TV Friends
 Just like every year, the Danish Canadian                                      will be back at the Club
 Club invites you to come on down and join                            ~ Dancing around the Christmas Tree ~
 us for an informal Grey Cup Party.                                           ~ Visit from Santa Claus ~
 For 2008 the 96th Grey Cup game is                                “First come first served - limited seating”
 happening in Montreal, but you can stay                    Because prices have gone up this year, the charge will be:
 here and enjoy the great weather inside                               $10.00 per child (includes lunch & gift)
 the DCC Club with your friends.                            Sandwiches and bar service will be available for the adults
 Big Screen TV, finger food, and lots                      Due to fire regulations, each family registered is only allowed
 of fun!                                                          to be accompanied by a maximum of 2 adults.
                                                                    Please fill out this form for your children and

 Date:       November 23, 2008 (Sunday)                      then mail it or bring it to the office including the payment.
 Time:       3:00 pm - One hour before                                 We will not accept any phone calls.
             game time (4:00 pm)
                                                         Member name: ______________________________ Member # _______ Phone: _____________________
 Location: Danish Canadian Club,                         Child's Last Name                  Child's First Name          Male/Female     Age
             Tivoli Room
 Price:      Happy Hour Prices
 Food:       Finger Food (and menu stuff, too)

New Years Eve Gala 2008
Date:            December 31, 2008 (Wednesday)                                The Delightful Finish: Marble Stone – of fruits,
Doors Open:      6:00 p.m. with complimentary aperitif                        cheeses and meats. Imported and Canadian
Location:        Danish Canadian Club, Valhalla Hall                          cheeses, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables,
Tickets:         $85 per Member (GST & Gratuity included)                     and a delicious selection of European and
                 $95 per Non-Member (GST & Gratuity included)                 Canadian meats, pâtés, terrines and cold cuts – all on a marble stone.
The Dinner Starts: Chef Eli’s Seafood Extravaganza – Come and                 40 Pound Strawberry and Chocolate Cake – Oh My! This work of art
see his exquisitely beautiful display of the whole fish! This seafood         (to be eaten, for sure) is surrounded by the best selection of desserts
extravaganza will include an Atlantic salmon (cold smoked and herb            the Chef has to offer – Tiramisu, Maple Blondie, Chocolate Ganache,
poached), oysters, mussels, cocktail prawns – and much more, just for         Raspberry Mousse, Carrot Cake, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, Petite Fours
the wonderful taste of it.                                                    (Pastries). And finish off with Columbian coffee or fine selected tea.
Chef ’s Mediterranean Salad Bar – The best selection of fresh vegetables      The Midnight Buffet: Midnight Buffet and Champagne – A welcome
to start your gourmet dining. Includes leaf salads, artichoke hearts, pearl   to 2009. Imported and Canadian cheeses, fresh seasonal fruits and
onions, button mushrooms, baby potatoes, beans, sweet peppers, roma           vegetables, and a delicious and extensive selection of European and
tomatoes, cucumbers and much more.                                            Canadian meats, pâtés, terrines and cold cuts.
The Main Experience: Danish Porkloin – with ‘Crackling’ like you              To make a reservation please contact the Club Office at 261-9774
have never tasted before! Marinated and slow roasted to perfection,           (between 8:30 a.m. – 4:00
topped with an untouchable ‘crackling’.                                       p.m.). Because this event
Alberta Rib-Eye Roast Beef – delicious! Seasoned with Montréal spice          is guaranteed to be sold
rub, slow roasted, brushed with a brilliant beef consommé glaze, and          out, please reserve early.
hand carved to perfection by the Chef himself.                                Dinner will be followed
You can complement these beautiful, tender dishes with a selection            by entrtainment, prizes,
of Parisian potatoes with a rosemary smoked garlic toss, red wine jus,        music and dancing to
vegetables, Danish red cabbage, a delightful horseradish and ‘made by         the sounds of Jana &
the chef’ Danish gravy. Also, an assortment of hot-baked mini-buns,           Danny.
breads and butter.
     Club News

                                                            PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                Needless to say, we have had an extremely busy           of the Viking Stag.
                September, what with the receipt of our casino           With the receipt of the casino funds, we will be in a position to
                funds which were in excess of $80,000.00, a              present a cheque to the Danish Lutheran Church and to The
                special board meeting, our AGM, our Gala 75th            Danish Museum.
                anniversary party and finally, our 33rd annual           We received letters of resignation from two of our board
                Viking Stag.                                             members, namely Sid Pedersen and Hans Albild. The
These events were all very well attended and I personally                contribution these two members have made to the Club will
want to thank all of the great members and friends who did               be sorely missed and we wish them good luck in their future
a superlative job in making these functions the success that             endeavours. They will be replaced by Ben Kromand and Jens
they were.                                                               Laursen and we look forward to working with them in the
In particular my appreciation goes out to Benete and her group           future.
for the 75th anniversary party, Peter, Eli and there staff for a         Your Club President
memorable meal, and those who contributed to the success                 John Olsen

1.   Karen Olsen – Secretary, Co-chair of Socials and Editor Club News   5. Bill Smetheram – Treasurer, Scholarships and Casino
2.   Bente Dalberg – Chair of Socials                                    6. Harold Ager – Vice President, Shareholders, Memberships
3.   Ben Kromand – Stampede Float, Special Projects                         and Scholarships
4.   John Olsen, President                                               7. Jens Laursen – Stampede Float, Special Projects

            DANISh ChRISTMAS DINNER 2008                                                                BaCk By POPuLar DEMaND
                Annual ‘Dansk Jule Middag’                                                              THurSDayS — 5:30 - 9:30 P.M.
        December 14, 2008 (Sunday) in the Mermaid Inn
Once again, the Danish Canadian Club invites you and your family and friends to our
very special ‘Danish Christmas Dinner’ (Dansk Jule Middag).
Our Executive Chef is preparing traditional Danish roasted duck, Danish porkloin and
Canadian turkey with all the tasty trimmings. Join us. The meal will be delicious. The
Christmas music will be enchanting, as always and family and friends will make the
evening one to remember.
      Date:	       •	 	 December	14,	2008	(Sunday)
      When:	       •
                   	 	 	 1st	Seating:	4:00	PM
                   •	 	 2nd	Seating:	6:30	PM
      Where:	      •	 	 Danish	Canadian	Club,	Mermaid	Inn

                                                                                                     Peter Bertelsen
      Prices:	     	 	 	 $21.95	+	GST	per	person
                   •	 	 $4.95	+	GST	for	children	under	13
Deadline for your reservation is 4:00 pm December 12, 2008
The	Chef’s	Christmas	Dinner	Menu:
For Starters – Cream of Asparagus soup with meat balls – and your choice of one                        MASTER PIAnIST FROM ThE
of the following Main Servings:                                                                          BAnFF SPRInGS hOTEl
     • Danish Roasted Duck served with apple sauce, Danish-style red cabbage,                         TO PlAY AT ThE MERMAID Inn
       sugar browned potatoes, boiled potatoes and Danish gravy.
                                                                                                              Avoid disappointment,
     • Danish	 Style	 Porkloin served with apple sauce, Danish-style red cabbage,
       sugar browned potatoes, boiled potatoes and Danish gravy.                                               book your table now.
     • Canadian	Roasted	Turkey served with mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables,                       november 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th
       cranberry sauce and Danish gravy.                                                                   December 4th, 11th & 18th
The	Finish	–	For	Dessert:	Ris	a’lamandes	topped	with	maraschino	cherry (this is                            Peter will also be playing for
Danish style Rice Pudding served with Saskatoon Sauce)                                                   Jule Middag on December 14th
Peter	Bertelsen, Master Pianist from the Banff Springs Hotel will be playing at the
Danske Jule Middag this year. Avoid disappointment, book your table now!
2        November/December 2008

               UPCOMING EVENTS
           November 1 - Danish Church Bazaar
      November 11 - Remembrance Day - Club Closed
          December 3 - Over 55 Christmas Party
        December 14 - Children’s Christmas Party
   December 14 - Danske Jule Middag (Christmas Dinner)
       December 20 - January 5 - Christmas Holidays
(Club closes on the Dec. 20th at 10 p.m. and reopens Jan. 5th at 11 a.m.)                           Consul
              December 31 - New Year’s Eve Gala                              Danish Consul                                 Vice Consul
  Please see articles on these events throughout the newsletter               Jonas Albeck                                 Elisa Albeck
                                                                                The Danish Consul in Calgary is Mr. Jonas Albeck
                                                                                          Vice Consul - Mrs. Elisa Albeck
        SPONSOR A ChAIR                                                                         Consulate Address is:
$100.00 will put your name on a chair in the Mermaid Inn!                                     Royal Danish Consulate
If Sponsor not filled in Anonymous will be used.                                    132 Parkwood Place SE, Calgary AB T2J 3X1
                                                                                               Phone: (403) 251-5052
Sponsor �������������������������������������������
                                                                               Office Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - Monday to Friday
Name to go on plaque �������������������������������                                            by appointment only
Number of Chairs ������� Total Paid $ ��������������
                                                                                          D.C.C. OVER 55
                                                                                       We are always looking for new members.
                                                                                 If you like playing cards and enjoy some fellowship
       have you changed your address?                                        come on down and join us every other Wednesday at 12 noon
                                                                                    Admission is $2.00 with free coffee and pastry.
   Please remember to advise Eva in the office if you have
                                                                                            2008 Winter Meeting dates are:
   a change of address so she can update the mailing list.                                        November 12 & 26.
   Please notify Eva in person, by telephone (403) 261-9774                          Our Christmas Lunch is on December 3, 2008.
   or by email                                                         2009 Winter & Spring Meeting dates are:
                                                                                     January 7 & 21, Febuary 4 & 18, March 4 & 18,
                                                                                             April 1, 15 & 29, May 13 & 27.
         DANISh LUThERAN ChURCh’S                                                      Our Spring Lunch will be on June 10, 2009.
               ANNUAL BAzAAR                                                               For more information please call:
                                                                               Jorgen Jensen at 256-3270 or Leif Johansen at 282-4785.
               Dear members and friends!
            The Annual Bazaar will be held in
    The Valhalla Hall at the Danish Canadian Club,
                                                                                  TO ALL CRIB PLAYERS
                                                                                                 Do you play crib?
                 727 - 11th Avenue S.W.
                                                                                Then why not come to the Club every other Tuesday.
           on Saturday, November 1st, 2008                                                   We start at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
              from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                               2008 Winter dates are:
Open Face Sandwich Lunch will be available at 11:30 a.m.                                         November 4 & 18
      Come and join the fun and visit with friends.                                       2009 Winter & Spring dates are:
     There will be a Craft Booth, Christmas Booth,                               January 13 & 27, February 10 & 24, March 10 & 24,
          Bake sale of mostly Danish recipies,                                       April 7 & 21, May 5 & 19, June 2, 16 & 30.
         Children’s Tombola, American Lottery                                           For more information please call:
   and other activities, possibly a small silent auction,                      Carl Udsen at 289-5300 or Ejvind Pedersen at 932-1783.
        and there will be some nice door prizes.                                                 ♥ ♠ ♦ ♣
                Lottery	tickets	are	$5.00
            This	years	valuable	prizes	are:
     First:		        $2000.00	Cash
                                                                            Spring into Action
     Second:	        Children’s	Bicycle                                         wITh ThE whOLE FAMIL Y!
     Third:	         1
                     	 0	Draws	for	2	Dinner	tickets	                               AT ThE MERMAID INN
                     at an auction to be held at
                     The	Danish	Canadian	Club,	                                          Our New Friday Night Buffet
                     in	March	2009.	Value	$300.00.                                            will fill the ribs of the
     Fourth:         Embroidery                                                          smallest & largest of appetites.

 If you need tickets, or if you have something to donate to                                     A.A.A.	Prime	Rib!
        the Bazaar or the silent auction please call:                                   Check out the menu on page 11.
             Egon Skovmose 403.948.4644 or
                                                                                  Kids 4 - under Free — Kids 4 - 10 - 1/2 Price
           Jens Lehmann 403.934.4044 (home)
                  or 403.901.2000 (office)                                               Reservations are a great idea.

              SEE YOU AT ThE BAzAAR                                                               See you soon!

                                                                                                November/December 2008                    3
    Club News

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                     YEAR ROUND                                         Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

4    November/December 2008

                           33RD VIkING STAG                                                                   Pebernødder
Well, another Viking Stag has come and            Christensen and we thank her and all of        500 gr mel                3 tsk kanel
gone. We missed Les Bonke this year but           you for a job well done. Our emcee, Jim        200 gr margarine          2 tsk peber
the show must go on. In my estimation, it         (Bearcat) Murray was also there from           350 gr sukker             2 tsk ingerfær
was quite a successful event, but it could        start to finish and is to be commended          2 æg                     2 tsk nelliker
not have been so if it were not for all of        for his contribution.                              3-4 spsk. fløde       1½ tsk hjortetaksalt
those wonderful volunteers, hard working          As usual, our general manager, Peter                    Mel og krydderier sigtes sammen
Danish Canadian staff and, in particular,         Christensen, chef Eli, Eva and the staff put              og blandes med margarine skåret
those who so graciously donated prizes            forth a delightful dinner and contributed                   i små stykker. Æg, sukker og
for this occasion. Their names appear             to other aspects of the evening. Our                      fløde røres sammen og blandes i.
below.                                            heartfelt thanks go out to each and every                  Dejen rulles til stænger der
The hostesses did a tremendous job                one of them.                                             skæres i små stykker og sættes på
under the careful guidance of Helle               Harold Ager                                               en plade. Bages ved 180 grader
  Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following firms and persons who so kindly donated                      i ca. 10 min.
     prizes and assistance to the 33rd Annual Gentlemen’s Viking Stag Smorgasbord Night.
             Viking Drywall
          Ib Jensen Masonry
     Bob Wagler, Westrige Electric
                                                            Centennial Foods
                                                            Big Rock Brewery
                                                            Randy and Ed Kott
   Wayne Hansen, Hansen Electric                          Black Diamond Bakery
     Carl Birkjaer, Denca Cabinets                          Armour Equipment                               Wrist Watches
             Ebbe Lehmann                              Anders Poulsen, Bennet Glass                             and
    Vagn Nielsen, Can-Do Drywall                              Dover Imports
       Mike Cryer, Driving Force                            United Distributors                           Pocket	Watches
             Gus Andersen                                    Woodridge Ford                               Working or Not
          Rapsac Enterprises                                  Prepak Foods
                  Alsco                                      Bow River Foods
        Sunnyside Greenhouse                                      Vincor                                  Ole Christensen
 Rick Praestegaard, Cochrane Electric                  Renaissance Wine Merchants                            277-6040
      John Kristensen, Life Form                             Karsten Dalbert
              Bridge Brand

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                                                                                                 November/December 2008                      5
    Club News

    Parish registers and
    population censuses on the Internet                                                       Troldetræet Danish
                                                                                               Language School
    The Danish State Archives Filming Centre has digitized parish registers and
                                                                                        Held at the Danish Lutheran Church on Saturday
    population censuses in order to make them accessible via the Internet. The
                                                                                        mornings from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Accepting new
    parish registers and population consensus are displayed as pictures of the          students. For more information contact Ellen
    original records. All Danish parish registers older than 1892 are included in       283-4213 or Nanna 257-0269.
    the digitization project. Search string is:

        One Bedroom and Two Bedroom
          Life Lease Condos for sale.                                    Beth Gerault                          Main: 403.547.8297
                                                                         Travel Consultant              Toll Free: 1.888.544.9333
        For information, visit                         #5, 400 Crowfoot Cres. NW
               or	call	Scott	at	686-8200	ext.	3                                   Calgary, AB T3G 5H6

                            Buying or selling
                               Real Estate
                           should be pleasant
                              and exciting.
                       Call Jens Lehmann
                            CIR Realtors
                       “Enjoy the Experience”
        Phone: (403) 901-2000 • Fax 1-866-288-2679         English or Danish

                  EXCELLENCE         IN PRINTING
                                                                                              AUTO SERVICE
       P K PRINTING SERVICES                                               mercedes   - benz •   bmw   •   porsche   •   audi   •   vw

                  276-4207                                                            OLE CHRISTENSEN
           F - 277-6818        e -
           Call for PERSONAL Service                                    4512 - 6th Street N.E.                             Telephone
               OFFICE: 3603 - 2nd STREET NE                             Calgary, Alberta T2E 3Z7                           277-6040

                                                                                                       The Knitting Room
                                                                                                               Crowchild Square
                                                                                                  #121, 5403 - Crowchild Trail N.W.
                                                                                                                   Calgary, Alberta
                                                                                                                          T3B 4Z1
            …will equip you for a happy winter                                                                     Phone 288-1959
               4655 - 37 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta
                       Tel: (403) 249-5451                               Mona Foged        
                  Norse your happy winter blues                                        

6     November/December 2008

Scholarship Recipients
                  Ashley Larsen
                         Ashley’s goal is to obtain
                         a dual degree in general
                         science and science
                         education and be able to
                         teach science and math
                         at the high school level.
                         Ashley is attending the
                         University of Lethbridge
                         to start working toward
                         that goal.
                         Ashley attended high
school in Standard and played on the senior girls
volleyball team which won three consecutive 1A
girls provincial championship titles. Ashley enjoys
the game and now plays just for fun.
Ashley has participated in numerous programs
including the Heritage Youth Research Summer
Program for medical research, Connections 25, a
multicultural, environmental leadership program
and she does crafts at the Standard Nazareth
Lutheran Church for Sunday school children.
                  Taylor	Luna
                           Taylor is attending the
                           University of Western
                           Ontario where he is
                           working on a combined
                           degree of engineering
                           and business. The
                           University of Western
                           Ontario is the only uni-
                           versity in Canada that
                           offers this combination
                           of degrees so it was off
to London, Ontario for Taylor.
Taylor graduated from the Strathcona-Tweedsmuir
School where he was awarded two very prestigious
awards – the Scott Broshko award for students
who demonstrate a consistently dedicated desire
to help others and the Dr. Martha Cohen award for
students in junior or senior high who have a high
academic average and an ability in the fine arts.
Taylor has participated in the band program his
entire high school career as well as the high           the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association as          Kananaskis and assisted with the school’s speech
school choir – we are told he is quite the singer.      an interpreter and welcoming immigrant families.      and debate tournament.
                  Araceli Nava                                           Lisa Oberding                        Lisa was honoured by her peers at the Class of
                                                                                                              2008 graduation banquet when she was voted
                          Araceli graduated from                                  Lisa is enrolled at the     ‘Most likely to become Prime Minister.’
                          high school in Mexico                                   University of Calgary
                          City and received a                                     in the Arts and Science                        Miranda Abild
                          bachelors degree with                                   Honours program to          Miranda is currently attending the University of British
                          honors in political science                             earn a bachelor degree      Columbia where she is in year 3 of a 4 year program
                          and public administration                               in biological sciences      Bachelor of Arts program studying psychology. Her
                          from the University                                     and an additional major     long term goal is obtaining a Bachelor in Psychology
                          Autonomy of Mexico.                                     in chemistry.               and eventually on to a Master in Psychology.
                          Araceli attended Bow                                    Lisa graduated from the     Miranda says her life is influenced on many levels by
                          Valley College and                                      Forest Lawn Senior High     her passion for psychology and people. In her spare
                          completed the English                                   School. Lisa always         time she is training at the Vancouver Crisis Centre,
as a second language program. She is currently          produced top quality assignments but she still        answering telephones for those who are in crisis.
enrolled in the dental assistant program at             found time to participate in school presentations,    As part of the Global Student Speaker Bureau, another
Columbia College.                                       including Grease, as crew lead, lighting technician   long term goal is to speak in junior high schools
In addition to enhancing her English skills, working    and set designer.                                     about body image and eating disorders and perhaps
part time (you may have seen her around the club        Lisa participated in STAR, a student run leadership   working with Psychologists without Borders.
on occasion) Araceli found time to volunteer at         program; the Youth Environmental Summit in

                                                                                                              November/December 2008                               7
    Club News

8    November/December 2008

The	Danish                                                                                                             TREASURE
Lutheran Church                                                                      $         $        $                DRAw
130 - 32 Avenue N.W.,                                                          AuGuST
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2P6                                                          21 Edna Hunter                                     709      $283.60
Church: 277-5804 • Pastor: 240-1548                                               22 Norman McCrimmon                               1416       301.60
                                                                                  23 Finn Christiansen                              6175       311.20
     November ~ December Services                                                 25 Tina Bellingham
                                                                                  26 J.S. Buus
November -------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                  27 Harvey Sanderson                                  67      349.00
Sunday,    November 2 10:30 am: Danish Service;                                   28 Robert Ibey                                     430       362.80
                                         Allehelgen                               29 Edith Melse                                    1271       382.60
Sunday,    November 9 10:30 am: English Service                                   30 Jean M. Curran                                  592       403.00
Sunday,    November 16 10:30 am: Danish Service                                SePTeMBeR
Sunday,    November 23 9:30 am: Bible Study                                       02 Robert W. Field                                 667       415.60
                          10:30 am: English Service                               03 J. Clive Watson                                7717       442.00
Sunday,    November 30 4:00 pm: English Service                                   04 David Werrett                                  7191       467.80
                                         1. Sunday in Advent                      05 Kim Sorensen                                   1237       490.00
                          Lucia Pageant; Birthday Potluck                         06 Holger Jensen                                  1044       511.60
                                                                                  08 Lauren Kott                                    3560       521.80
December -------------------------------------------------------------------      09 Tim Beggs                                      1946       548.20
Sunday,    December 7 10:30 am: Danish Service                                    10 Arnie Thiele                                    822       564.40
Sunday,    December 14 10:30 am: English Service                                  11 Madeleine Yarranton                            1108       577.60
Sunday,    December 21 10:30 am: Danish Service                                   12 Jan Hale                                        771       605.20
Wednesday, December 24 2:00 pm: English Christmas Eve Service                     13 Tom McElroy                                    1652       620.20
                           3:30 pm: Danish Service, Juleaften                     15 Roy Rasmussen                                  1874       634.00
Thursday, December 25 10:30 am: Danish Service, Julemorgen                        16 Richard Puckridge                               454       649.60
                                                                                  17 Todd Sauve                                      321       691.00
Sunday,    December 28 10:30 am: English Service                                  18 Brenda McDonald                                 983       706.00
           CHRISTMAS PAGEANT by the SUNDAY SCHOOL                                 19 Edna Hunter                                     709       732.40
           followed by Pizza Lunch and ChriStmAS PArty                            20 William Smetheram                              6108       755.20
                                                                                  22 Brian Graham                                    893       765.40
Julestue on November 22, 2008 2-5 p.m. in Church Hall                             23 Chantal Baird                                  1154       787.00
   Last year many people enjoyed some “hyggelige timer” in the church             24 Bill Oschatzhen                                   63      796.60
   hall in anticipation of the Christmas season. Again this year we will          25 Carl W. Moller                                 1603       811.00
   invite you to join us for this event. There will be craft tables (hearts,      26 Ian & Jenny Richardson                          641       844.60
   stars, cards, nisser…), a Christmas movie for the kids, æbleskiver             27 Carl Birkjaer                                  1216       865.00
   and Danish Christmas Music. Also the DANISH SPIRIT CHOIR will                  29 Eric Roland                                    7310       871.60
   treat you to some live music – and even let you sing along. This               30 Eva Hempel                                      879       891.40
   year we will have some special guests: inge and Grethe from “ANNA           In order for a Member to qualify their name for the daily Treasure Chest Draw,
   DESIGN” are displaying their beautiful mobiles and will show us             they must have a bill or be part of a group that has a bill.
   some of their creative processes. This afternoon is for all ages, so
   come out and get into Christmas.                                                   Welcome to our New Members
Frokost Film - Lunchbox Movies…                                                  New MeMber ................................. SpoNSor
   will continue on Wednesdays at noon in the church hall. Bring your            Madeleine & Tony Yarranton.....Peter Christensen
   lunch and enjoy a good old Danish movie.
                                                                                 Joe & Helen Lukacs .................John Jorgensen
   October 22: En Pige Med Pep - I et pensionat i den indre by bor
   den unge kønne Frk. Flora Sørensen, en frisk og munter lille                  Everett & Linda Marwood
   Københavnerinde. Det er hendes store drøm at blive journalist. Hun            Arne Hansen
   befinder sig i en slem pengeforlegenhed. Værtinden skal have sin              Dean Bottolfs............................Freddy Hansen
   leje som er på 40 kr. så med sin sædvanlige energi forsøger Flora             Tracy Hansen ...........................Jorgen Hansen
   at få antaget en artikel. Pludselig får hun chance… Marguerite Viby,          John & Mary Hopwood ............Fred Scott
   Sigfred Johansen og Gunnar Lauring. 1940.                                     N. Ann Seymour .......................Marlene Lynge
   November 19: Den Store Badedag - Vi er på det mørke Nørrebro                  Grant Westcott .........................Edna Rooney
   i Købehavn i 1930’erne. Erik Clausen er familiefaren som fortæller            Frank Hall
   vidt og bredt, at han i sine unge dage var cowboy på pampas’en                John Carson .............................John Olsen
   i Sydamerika. Sandheden viser sig at være en ganske anden. Et
                                                                                 Fay Bach ..................................Dorrit Smith
   fantastisk tidsbillede. 1991.
                                                                                 Janet Burry ...............................Dorrit Smith
                                                                                 Tom Fowler ...............................Fong Seto - Wilki Kristensen
  Danish Canadian National Museum Society
                                                                                 Manuel E. Avila
        2008 CALENDAR OF EVENTS                                                  Arlene Nielsen
Members of the Danish Canadian National Museum Society do not pay                Peter Borisov ............................Peter Johansen
admission. Non member rates are: $2.50 single, $9.50 family (parents             Moira J. Purnell
and children under 18 residing at home) or $15.00 season pass.
                                                                                 Soren Moller Maretti
November 8 - Julestu - Spruceview Hall
                                                                                                           November/December 2008                         9
 Club News

                               ADVERTISE IN ThE DCC NEwSLETTER
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submissions are received on time to be included in the Newsletter, which helps us to get the Newsletter out to members on time. For
further information, call the DCC office at (403) 261-9774 or Fax (403) 261-6631.

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10     November/December 2008

                                      MERMAID INN
MONDAYS               Svine kotelet i karry sovs med æbler, serveres med løse ris og grønsager
                      Pork chop in curry sauce with sliced apples on rice and vegetables ........................................................... $14.95
TUESDAYS              Dansk flæskesteg med svær, hvide og brune kartofler, rød kål og sovs
                      D.C.C. Porkloin with cracklings, boiled and carmelized potatoes, red cabbage and gravy ................................ $14.95
WEDNESDAYS            Kogt søtungr med asparagus og reje sovs på ris, med grønsager
                      Sole Paupiette, poached Sole with asparagus and shrimp sauce, vegetables and rice.................................. $14.95
THURSDAYS             Grilled kylling bryst marinated med teriaki, citron, med hvidløg, kartofler
                      6 oz. chricken breast, teriaki and lemon marinated grilled and served with
                      garlic roasted potatoes and vegetagles ............................................................................................................... $14.95
FRIDAYS               A.A.A. Prime Rib carved at the Buffet with roasted potato, vegetables, bordelaise sauce, Chef’s creation of

                      many salads, cold poached salmon Bellevue, domestic and imported cheese with fruit, crackers,
                      home made apple cake, pastry and fruit ............................................................................................................... $24.95

November 01        3 course meal with soup of the day, chef’s choice of dessert, coffee, tea
                   Veal cordon blue tender veal wrap Swiss and ham served with vegetables and
                   mashed potatoes with brandy mushroom sauce ........................................................................................... $19.95
November 08        Bøf bearnaise med grønsager, grill tomato, pande stegte kartofler
                   Steak bearnaise, 8 oz. striploin served with vegetables, grilled tomato and pan fried potatoes .......................... $14.95
November 15        Paneret og fildt kylling bryst med hvidløg persille, champignon sovs, grønsager, pande stegte kartofler
                   Chicken Kiev. Stuffed chicken breast with garlic and parsley, mushroom sauce,
                   vegetable, and pan fried potatoes ................................................................................................................ $13.95
November 22        Kogt laks med hollandaise sauce, grønsager, hvide kartofler og citron
                   Steamed salmon with hollandaise sauce, vegetables, boiled potatoes and sliced lemon ................................... $12.95
November 29        Danish Buffet Served from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m........................................................................................$26.95
                   Marinated herring, curried herring, egg shrimp, kippers, smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, poached salmon,
                   seafood salad, potato salad, caesar salad, ham, salami, pork roll, pate, beets, chicken tartelettes, pollock,
                   frikadeller, pork roast, pork sausage, red cabbage, potatoes, cheese fruit dessert.

MONDAYS               Grill skinke med grønsager og scallop kartofler
                      Honey grilled ham served with vegetables and scallop potatoes ................................................................ $14.95
TUESDAYS              Stuffed leeks, Farseret Pore, served with boiled potatoes, vegetables and gravy ......................................... $14.95
WEDNESDAYS            Flæskesteg med rødkål, sovs, brune og hvide kartofler
                      Porkloin with cracklings, gravy, red cabbage, caramelized potatoes, boiled potatoes .................................. $14.95
THURSDAYS             Grill kylling bryst med champignon sovs, pandestegt kartofler og grønsager
                      Grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce, pan fryed potatoes and vegetables ....................................... $14.95
FRIDAYS               A.A.A. Prime Rib carved at the Buffet with roasted potato, vegetables, bordelaise sauce, Chef’s creation of
                      many salads, cold poached salmon Bellevue, domestic and imported cheese with fruit, crackers,
          new         home made apple cake, pastry and fruit ............................................................................................................... $24.95

December 06, 13, 20 Christmas	Buffet	First	Seating:	4:30	p.m.			Second	Seating:	7:00	p.m. ........................................$26.95
                    Curried herring, marinated herring, kippers, BBQ salmon, graved lax, salmon Bellevue, egg, shrimp, seafood salad,
                    smoked mackarel, paté, beets, asiur mustard, pork roll, salami, ham, Italian salad, frikadeller, pork sausage, Danish
                    porkloin, red cabbage, tarteletter, fried pollock and Danish rice pudding with berry sauce
         MeRMAID	INN	HOuRS	—	Mon - Thurs 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Approx.); Fri & Sat 11:00 a.m. - Midnight
       KITCHeN	HOuRS	OF	OPeRATION	—	Mon - Thurs 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.; Fri & Sat 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

                   Peter’s	Saturday	Brunch	-	every	Saturday	from	10:00	a.m.	-	1:30	p.m.
                       Christmas Hours ~ Club will close on Saturday, December 20th at 10:00 p.m.
                                and	will	reopen	Monday,	January	5th,	2009	at	11:00	a.m.
                        We	will	open	for	the	New	Year’s	eve	Gala	at	6:00	p.m.	in	the	Valhalla	Hall

                                                                                                                      November/December 2008                                      11

                  GUS ANDERSEN,                                                                                Eva - our new Manageress - effi-
                                                                                                               cient - organized, gets the work
                  Past President & Roving Reporter
                                                                                                               done and good looking! What more
                 Do these members                                                                              can we ask for. We welcome Eva in
                 know what they are                                                                            her position. (Very sorry Mermaid
                 doing?? They had                                                                              Inn - your loss.)
                 better, since Bill
                 Smetheram, Karen
Olsen and Harold Ager form                                                                                     Laurits	 Gjerlevsen and Grethe	
our Scholarship Committee and                                                                                  Jeppesen who both helped us
are responsible for distribution of                                                                            with our DCC Casino. I neglected
$10,000 to young applicants whose                                                                              to thank them in the last issue of
applications they pour over each                                                                               the Club News and (with eggs on
year to select 5 lucky and worthy                                                                              my face) am attempting to get into
recipients. Presentations were                                                                                 their “good books” again. Thank
made at the Shareholders Meeting                                                                               you both.
in September. Being a strong
believer in education I would like to
                                                                                                               Our “Million dollar” welcome
add my personal congratulations to
                                                                                                               committee didn't know it, but when
all the recipients.
                                                                                                               they welcomed Axel	 Banke and
                                                                                                               wife Ida - they also welcomed the

                                                                                                               couple’s new son who was born
                                                                                                               just a month after this picture was
                                                                                                               taken. The DCC expresses it’s
                                                                                                               congratulations to you both.
                                                                                                               --- and here is what I must say
                                                                   Remembrance Day                           (with more eggs on my face), the
                                                                Tuesday,	November	11,	2008                     young lady in white standing next
                                                                                                               to Alison is not Lopez (as implied)
Jens Laursen and Ben Kromand, (left) both new                          Club Closed                             but - pretty Karina Dalberg. Sorry
Directors, replacing Palle	 Pedersen,	 (centre), and                     ¥=µ                                   Karina - may I clean my face
Hans Abild (right).
Since I was responsible for inviting Palle and Hans to            Christmas Hours                            now???
serve on the Board, I would personally like to thank            Club will close on Saturday,
them both for their great contributions to the club.          December 20, 2008 at 10:00 p.m.
Without volunteers like you the club wouldn’t be what            and will reopen Monday,                              Visit	our	website:
it is to day.                                                  January	5,	2009	at	11:00	a.m.
Thank you both. Gus Andersen PP.                                                                        

                                                             Are you Danish or of Danish descent?
                                        Do your own your own business, or are you in a decision making position within a company? If so you
                                        may be interested in meeting others with a similar background.
                                        The	Calgary	Danish	Businessmen’s	Association – The DBA holds monthly dinner meetings from
                                        September to May at the Danish Canadian Club. Meetings are opened with a guest speaker to discuss
                                        current business issues. The intent of the DBA is to promote business knowledge in a relaxed and
       7260 - 11th STREET S.E.
                                        social atmosphere. For more information contact: Todd	Nielsen,	Vice	President	at	540-8282

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                                                                                               November/December 2008                                                12