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Lenovo International

ThinkPad notebook computers, ThinkCentre desktop computers, ThinkVantage
Technologies, ThinkVision monitors, options and accessories for large enterprises, small-
and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, governments, and individual end-
users; available worldwide.

       ▪   ThinkPad Notebook PCs

            ThinkPad T         ▪ Perfect balance of performance and portability
            Series             ▪ For highly mobile users who work in the office, on the road and
            (T41, T42, T43)      everywhere in between
                               ▪ Thin-and-light ThinkPad T42 notebooks with Intel® Centrino™
                                 mobile technology (select models) offer outstanding
                                 performance in an easily portable package.
                               ▪ Stay unplugged longer with all-day battery life (up to 9.5 hours
                                 on select models with optional extended life battery plus
                                 optional bay battery).
                               ▪ Improved reliability features, such as the IBM ThinkVantage™
                                 Technologies Active Protection System and the IBM ThinkPad
                                 HDD Shock Absorber, help protect your data.
                               ▪ IBM ThinkVantage™ Technologies and ThinkVantage™ Design
                                 features help with important tasks like protecting data, reducing
                                 costs or increasing user productivity.
                               ▪ Get robust graphics performance in a thin-and-light design with
                                 the ThinkPad T43p.
            ThinkPad X         ▪         Ultimate mobility in a versatile ultraportable
            Series             ▪         For extremely mobile users who spend most of their
            (X32, X40, X41)              time working away from their offices
                               ▪         Get extreme mobility with the small and light ThinkPad
                                         X40 ultraportable notebook. It has the smallest footprint
                                         in its class.
                               ▪         Enjoy heavyweight performance including Intel®
                                         Centrino™ mobile technology (select models) and
                                         leading-edge IBM ThinkVantage™ Technologies and
                                         ThinkVantage™ Design to help with important tasks
                                         like protecting data, reducing costs or increasing user
                               ▪         Stay unplugged longer with all-day battery life (up to 11
                                         hours on select X31 models with system battery plus
                                         optional extended life battery).
                               ▪         The ThinkPad X40 is easily expandable, supporting
                                         docking options including the IBM ThinkPad X4
                                         UltraBase Dock, to give you computing flexibility on the
                                         road or in the office.
                               ▪         Image compatibility between the X31 and select
                                         ThinkPad T Series and R Series notebooks helps to
                                         reduce cost by simplifying system deployment and
                               ▪         The new ThinkPad X41 Tablet is the industry's thinnest,
                                         lightest, and most secure convertible tablet notebook.
            ThinkPad R         ▪           Mainstream performance and features
            Series             ▪           For frequently mobile users who want easy-to-use
     (R50, R50e, R51,        computing
     R52)                  ▪ ThinkPad R50 and R40 notebooks provide the essential
                             computing capability you need, including Intel® Centrino™
                             mobile technology on select models and long battery life.
                           ▪ Large, bright, high-resolution displays are perfect for viewing
                             presentations and demanding applications.
                           ▪ IBM ThinkVantage™ Technologies and ThinkVantage™ Design
                             features help with important tasks like protecting data, reducing
                             costs or increasing user productivity.
                           ▪ Image compatibility with select ThinkPad X Series and T Series
                             notebooks helps to reduce costs by simplifying system
                             deployment and maintenance (R50 and R40 models only).
                           ▪ R40e models are available at an attractive entry price for fleet
     ThinkPad G            ▪ Powerful desktop replacement
     Series                ▪ For occasionally mobile users who need the flexibility to take
     (G41)                   work with them
                           ▪ ThinkPad G41 notebooks feature powerful Intel® Pentium® 4
                             and Celeron® processors for desktop alternative performance.
                           ▪ Large, bright, high-resolution displays are perfect for viewing
                             presentations and demanding applications.
                           ▪ Usability features such as the EasyPivot base and
                             ComfortSlant keyboard provide greater comfort and ease-of-
                           ▪ IBM ThinkVantage™ Technologies and ThinkVantage™ Design
                             features help with important tasks like protecting data, reducing
                             costs or increasing user productivity.
                           ▪ Ports, slots and a fixed optical bay allow for easy expansion
                             and enhanced multimedia capability.

▪   ThinkCentre Desktop PCs

     ThinkCentre M         ▪   Popular with large-enterprise customers
     Series                ▪   Top-selling desktop PC
     (M51/M52)             ▪   Comes in tower, desktop and small form factor configurations
                           ▪   Toolless-entry design
                           ▪   Includes Embedded Security feature
                           ▪   M52 features dual-core processing and 64-bit computing
     ThinkCentre A         ▪   Small-medium business desktop PCs
     Series                ▪   Value-priced PCs
     (A50/A51p/A52)        ▪   Toolless-entry design
                           ▪   Includes larger selection of high-end graphics cards
                           ▪   Comes in both tower and desktop configurations
                           ▪   A52 features dual-core processing and 64-bit computing

     ThinkCentre S         ▪   For customers who value space savings
     Series                ▪   Toolless-entry design
     (S50/S51)             ▪   S50 is an ultra-small desktop PC
                           ▪   S50 is no larger than a box of corn flakes

▪   ThinkVision Monitors
     ThinkVision        Exceptional design saves space as well as simplifies and
     Performance        enhances usability
     LCD monitors       ▪ Ergonomic stand swivels tilts and provides height adjustment
                          for optimum viewing comfort
     (L150p, L170p,     ▪ Hybrid connection provides analog or digital system attachment
     L191p, L200p,        for flexibility and investment protection
     L171p)             ▪ Convenient direct access buttons for automatic image setup,
                          brightness and input selection helps improve productivity by
                          providing quick and easy access to frequently used functions
                        ▪ Wide Viewing Angles provide increased viewing for
                        ▪ Dual input allows attachment of two systems at the same time
                          to help increase productivity
                        ▪ L171p is a 17-inch LCD flat panel monitor that supports pivot
                          capabilities to offer a vertically oriented screen for tasks where
                          viewing entire document pages at one time can boost
     ThinkVision        Space savings at attractive prices
     Essential          ▪ Wide range of monitor tilt (4 degrees forward and 40 degrees
     LCD monitors         backwards) for optimum viewing comfort
                        ▪ Analog models from 15" to 19" for general business
     (L150, L170,         applications
     L170m, L190)       ▪ Ideal for value customers looking for flat panel features
                        ▪ Convenient direct access buttons for automatic image setup
                          and brightness helps improve productivity by providing quick
                          and easy access to frequently used functions
     CRT Essential      Perfect balance of price and performance
     monitors           ▪ Ideal for value-conscious customers looking for essential
     (E54, E74, E74M,   ▪ Good choice for running basic applications such as web
     ThinkVision          browsing, email, spreadsheets, word processing and data entry
     C170,              ▪ Available in 15“ (VIS:13.8“),17 (VIS: 16.0“) and 19“ (VIS: 18.0“)
     ThinkVision          sizes
     C190)              ▪ Full flat screens available on ThinkVision CRT monitors
                        ▪ Speakers available on E74M

▪   IBM Projectors

     C400               ▪            Conference room projector
                        ▪            Projects a bright, quality image for professional
                        ▪            Ideal departmental solution or fixed in ceiling for asset
                        ▪            Lightweight; compact size
                        ▪            DLP (Digital Light Processing) Technology
     M400               ▪            Microportable projector built with the business traveler
                            in mind
                        ▪            DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology
                        ▪            Compelling appearance with sleek design
                        ▪            Plug-in and project
                        ▪            Extra-light and extra-small, weighs under 2.5 pounds
     E400               ▪            Essential tool for business and entertainment needs
                        ▪            Small, cost-effective solution
                        ▪            DLP (Digital Light Processing) Technology
ThinkVantage Technologies

ThinkVantage Technologies are unique software tools that enable our PCs to be more self-
configuring, self-healing, self-optimizing and self-protecting, allowing businesses to
become more efficient, flexible and responsive. ThinkVantage Technologies help
customers manage the cost of deploying PCs, implement new technologies such as
wireless computing, and secure their data. Individual end-users also benefit from the
security, reliability and ease-of-use advantages offered by select ThinkVantage

Access Connections is a connectivity assistant program that allows users to create and manage
wired or wireless location profiles without having to manually reconfigure settings or restart the
computer in each new environment.

Access IBM provides easy access to a host of information sources and tools to help users set up
their PC and access other ThinkVantage Technologies.

Active Protection System similar to the technology used in cars to deploy airbags, this feature
parks the ThinkPad notebook’s read/write head when a sudden motion is detected, such as in a
drop or fall. This provides up to four times greater impact protection than systems without this

Embedded Security Subsystem consists of an integrated security chip and downloadable IBM
Client Security Software. With IBM hardware and software-based security solution, users can
authenticate identity, strengthen and store passwords, store important information securely and
guard against unauthorized user access. (On select models)

ImageUltra Builder (sold separately) enables users to combine multiple languages, applications
and operating systems for multiple IBM hardware platforms into a single software image.

Rescue and Recovery is a one-button back-up and recovery solution for data protection from
threats such as viruses, worms and missing or corrupted files.

System Migration Assistant (via download) helps users migrate mass quantities of user-specific
application, personal, printer and network settings to new systems.

Secure Data Disposal an application that overwrites hard drives with random patterns of 1’s and
0’s to ensure the data once contained on the hard drive is unrecoverable through commercially
available methods.

Integrated Fingerprint Reader puts convenience and security at your fingertips. It helps users
eliminate the need to remember complex and ever-changing passwords as well as enhances
security to the PC and the network.
Lenovo China

Desktop computers for consumers: Tianjiao, Fengxing, Jiayue;
Desktop computers for businesses: Kaitian, Yangtian, Qitian and Butian;
Notebook computers:               Zhaoyang, Tianyi, and Xuri;
Market availability:              China

             Consumer Desktop PCs

             Tianjiao             ▪   New 64-bit computing platform
             (Tianjiao A          ▪   Built-in wireless connectivity
             Tianjiao E)          ▪   Designed for Digital Home application
                                  ▪   Makes life easier and more enjoyable
                                            Industrial look and feel
                                            New features: Broadband and Digital Home
                                            Easy-to-use one-touch applications
                                  ▪ Broadband Collaborative Applications PC
                                            Online payment
                                            Video phone and VoIP
                                            Online VOD
             Fengxing K           ▪ PC with cutting-edge, high-performance technology
                                  ▪ Designed for avid PC users
                                  ▪ Offers hands-on control of compatibility, maintenance and
                                  ▪ Top-level configuration
                                            64-bit/Dual Channel DDR/PCI-E/RAID
                                  ▪ DIY benefits from a branded PC
                                            Changeable mode
                                            Easy-open case
                                            Hot-Plug hard disk
             Jiayue               ▪ Designed for entry-level users and families
             (Jiayue CA,          ▪ Practical and easy-to-use PC
             Jiayue CE)           ▪ Sturdy Platform
                                            Antibacterial materials, top handle, and power design Chinese
                                            Easy-to-use one touch self-diagnosis and self-recovery
                                            High added-value: Plenty of broadband material

Consumer Desktop PCs

Tianjiao Desktop Technology

Collaborative Applications: Embedded with Lenovo's “Collaborative Applications" technology,
Tianjiao is an advanced PC, that integrates the functions of a computer with those of home
appliances and other terminal devices under a single user interface. Tianjiao connects
automatically and wirelessly with the “MediaLink” set-top box, communicating between rooms and
creating a single, seamless living space. No complicated set up is necessary. Coupled with
“MediaLink”, your TV and stereo can collaborate automatically and wirelessly to the Tianjiao PC,
allowing you to enjoy your PC’s multimedia content on your TV or stereo.

Broadband Portal: Tianjiao integrates popular broadband applications like video communication,
interactive video and online payment capabilities and makes a user’s life online more convenient.
Digital Media Platform: Tianjiao offers consumers a brand new experience with Lenovo's dual-
mode digital media technology. It combines the feel of consumer electronics with a PC’s
processing power. With Lenovo’s digital media platform, users can easily enjoy audio and video
data from their computers. Furthermore, they can watch, record and pause live TV, stick in a
memory card and save the content to disk, or print it. All of this, runs under a single user-friendly

Fengxing Desktop Technology

State Changing Function is a unique function that allows consumers to manually adjust the
processor’s frequency for specific uses, as well as the speed of the fan. This technology has
three modes: COOL, AUTO and TURBO. When downloading or browsing Web pages, especially
at night, COOL is a better choice, as the CPU and the fan will be slowed down to the minimum
level and work very quietly. In TURBO mode, the CPU runs at full power to allow the system to
perform at maximum capacity. TURBO mode is also the best choice for playing 3D games. For
normal usage, AUTO mode is recommended. In this mode, the system adjusts the processor’s
frequency according to the specific usage of CPU resources and changes fan speed depending
on the temperature of the processor.

HD Hot-plug is a technology adopted from high-performance servers and makes its first
appearance in personal computing desktops here. The HD Hot-plug is another SATA hard disk
that can be hot-plugged while the system is still running.

Jiayue Technologies

One Touch Detection enables users to check and repair hardware and software problems just by
pressing one button. Through Lenovo’s service homepage and system, a series of hardware and
software problems and security leaks can be detected automatically. The system can process in
self-correcting mode with the customer's permission.

One Touch Self-recovery provides an easy way to back-up and recover a system from threats
such as viruses, worms and missing or corrupted files.

             Commercial Desktop PCs

             Kaitian               ▪   Award-winning model
                                   ▪   Designed for large enterprise businesses
                                   ▪   High-performance desktop PC
                                   ▪   Select models with ultra-small size
                                   ▪   Embedded with Collaborating Applications protocol
                                   ▪   Highly secure and manageable desktop
             Yangtian              ▪   Designed for developing (small/medium-sized) businesses or
                                       retail purchasing for commercial consumers
                                   ▪   One-key virus location and elimination system
                                   ▪   One-key system restoration function
                                   ▪   Shockproof hard disk technology
                                   ▪   Mean time between failures – 60,000 hours
                                   ▪   Noise less than 30 decibels
             Qitian                ▪   Designed for education sector, government and small
                                   ▪   HDD protection and management system makes it easier to
                                       maintain desktop PCs
             Butian               ▪ High-performance professional desktop PC
                                  ▪ Designed for office applications, for R&D and for data and
                                    image processing
                                  ▪ High-applicability and reliability
                                  ▪ Good compatibility

Lenovo Commercial Desktop PC Technologies

Secure Performance: With HUIDUN as the core technology, Lenovo’s commercial desktop PC
has a chip data-encrypt function. In addition, the powerful HDD Protect function can automatically
sense trouble and ensure system security.

Highly Manageable Performance: With HUIYANG technology, the Lenovo commercial desktop
PC has powerful Internet management ability, which can help an enterprise to increase its IT
maintenance efficiency.

High Communication Performance: With HUIYI technology, Collaborating Applications protocol
can satisfy users' demand for communication with each other.

High Stability and Credibility: Lenovo’s commercial desktop PCs have technology for
dispersing heat, which smoothly maintains thermal balance. Rigorous selection of hardware
ensures the desktop is stable and provides excellent performance.

Health and Safety: The full enclosure metal case can prevent electro-magnetic leakage and
interference with wireless communication. The display will not damage the user’s eyesight, and
the package can be recycled. The super quiet design -- below 30 decibels -- affords a good
operating environment for customers.

        ▪   Notebook PCs

             Zhaoyang Series               ▪ A commercial notebook computer designed for large
             (A600/A500/A500G/E600A          enterprises and commercial customers
             /E280/E660/S620)              ▪ Excels in mobile connectivity, mobile security, mobile
                                             office and mobile memory
                                           ▪ Thinnest and lightest notebook PC in its class
                                           ▪ Selected models with rotating TFT-LCD display
                                           ▪ Extended battery life
                                           ▪ Some models available with camera
             Tianyi                        ▪ The consumer notebook computer designed for
             (200/100)                       families and individuals
                                           ▪ High-fashion design to showcase personality
                                           ▪ Digital audio-visual system and powerful control
                                           ▪ Thinnest and lightest notebook PC in its class
                                           ▪ Extended battery life
                                           ▪ Some models equipped with camera
             Xuri                          ▪ High-value notebook computer designed for
             (160/150/125)                   individuals and commercial customers
                                           ▪ Offers optimal price-to-performance ratio while
                                             guaranteeing quality and service
                                           ▪ Affordably-priced notebook PC
                                           ▪ Extended battery life
                                           ▪ Practical and sleek design
Lenovo Notebook Proprietary Technology

IGRS Anywhere: Based on IGRS Protocol, it senses available wireless connection of the IGRS
user, and senses the intelligent plug-and-play availability of the IGRS equipment.

Lenovo Security Solution: User identification, data encryption and OS protection make up the
Three-Layer Security System.

NOVO Key One Recovers the OS in case of failure.

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