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Verdi Ergün
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Own Point of Sale Corporation
201 South Division, Suite 420
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

h o w w e s ta r t e d

I started a burrito restau-
rant in Ann Arbor, Michi-
                                Should I stay open on
                              Sunday or close early?
                                                            am i selling more
                                                            raspberry scones
                                                            or blueberry?
                                                            no idea.
gan. I used a basic cash      No idea.
register to run my busi-        Am I selling more rasp-     online, I would have
ness. This was the most       berry scones or blueber-      a dashboard with an
important tool for my         ry? No idea.                  analytics system. But
store.                          Is my Facebook or           In my brick-and-mortar
    My cash register cost     Twitter account bring-        store, I had nothing.
$400, credit card swiper      ing in more customers?          Talk about time
$700 and receipt paper        I thought so, but why? I      consuming — I had to
and ink $50 a month.          did not know.                 go to my store to change
These were big expenses         I had questions about       my menu on my cash
for my small business.        my business that needed       register, call my manager
    The key value the cash    answers. Big companies        to get my sales data and
register provided was a       like Starbucks, Wal-Mart      call my suppliers to order
secure cash drawer. My        and Target spent millions     my inventory.
only source of real busi-     of dollars a year to get        With a Web-based
ness intelligence was my      these answers. I had the      system I could have
$8 an hour employee at        same questions that they      freedom. I could see
the counter and my fi-        had. It just was not fair.    my sales from home,
nancial accountant.             If I was selling burritos   at the beach in Florida

two key insights

                   we are in the point of sale indus-
                   try because of two key insights
                                                        with a web-based system i could have
                   that have never before been true.    freedom. i could see my sales from home,
                                                        at the beach in Florida or at the airport on

                   1                                    my smart phone while waiting for a flight
                                                        to California.
                   The web enables businesses
                   of all sizes to have the same
                   tools historically available
                   only to big companies                or at the airport on        Electronics Show this        customer orders. In the
                                                        my smartphone while         year, there were over 50     evening, I can take it
                                                        waiting for a flight to     tablet suppliers from a      home with me.
                                                        California.                 variety of manufacturers.       Own is about access:
                   2                                      The cash register
                                                        is the enabler for this
                                                                                    And their prices will just
                                                                                    keep coming down.
                                                                                                                 giving perfect ownership
                                                                                                                 over your business
                   The tablet will revolutionize
                                                        type of commerce. In          The ownership              wherever you are, making
                   the retail experience for both
                                                        the past, touchscreen       experience with a            owners, vendors and
                   merchants and customers.
                                                        systems have been           tablet is unmatched.         customers happy about
                   Merchants can develop
                                                        custom integration          In the morning I can         retail all over again.
                   checkout and payment
                                                        project costing $100,000    record my inventory.
                   experiences they are proud
                                                        or more. Now with the       In the afternoon, I can
                   of while gaining valuable
                                                        tablet, everyone can have   take the tablet to the
                   analytics. Customers can
                                                        one. At the Consumer        front counter and take
                   look forward to enjoying their
                   point of sale experience.                                                                     Verdi Ergün

the own solution

Own Introduces the
Tablet to Retail
Now every store can          Why not use an iPad?
                             In version one we did not use the
have the same analytics
                             iPad because it does not offer the
as the big guys. Every       integration we need to develop

transaction is recorded      a retail-specific experience. For
                             example iPads canoot open a cash
real-time with a real-time
                             drawer. However over time we
back-end for owners to       expect these limits to go away

see their sales on any       and we want Own to work on any
                             tablet device.
internet-enabled device
they choose.                 Is Own a hardware company?

    The tablet can take      No. But do businesses need hard-
                             ware at the store-level? Yes. By
sales, process credit
                             controlling the final barrier to the
cards and record             actual point of purchase, Own can

inventory. Cashiers          work to slowly remove the physi-
                             cal registers and move to software
can go directly to the
                             delivery on any device. But the first
customers, stand at the      step is to get into stores exactly

counters or walk through     where purchases are made.

the stockrooms. All for a
cost much lower than a
traditional touchscreen
and comparable with a
modern cash register.

    The world’s first mobile-
    enabled stand for retail

    Our customers have spoken: tab-
    lets are useless without mobility.
    We engineered an answer to this,
    giving owners the power of tablets
    on a stand designed for just that.

8                                        9
the own system

By the numbers.                                                                                              Management for Mortals.
Owner analytics on any device, at any place.                                                                 Menus, people, sales, social media all in one place.

                                 Log into your live sales dashboard and see how items sell and sales grow.                                                          Control your store from home, then have your
                                                                                                                                                                        tablets at the store instantly updated

10                                                                                                                                                                                                                 11
where are we now               a n d o u r C u s t o m e r s a r e s ay i n g
                               s o m e g r e at t h i n g s

We are currently being
                          “”   I want something more robust than                Jeremy Perrine
used in 6 stores by 4          Squareup while avoiding all the cost of          Pearland Coffee roaster

different customers in         the major players.                               Pearland, tX

4 states. Our customers
speak for themselves on
                          “”   It’s everything I could have dreamed of.         andy wiebe
                                                                                Johny’s Java

                                                                                manitoba , Canada

                          “”   I give up on the garbage system I am             John stein
                               using and need to change NOW.                    harbour Coffee

                                                                                w i l l i a m s b u r g , Va

                          “”   I want to thank you for taking the time          robert grove                   kim kaster
                               to showcase your product to me. I am             Caffino                        brewed awakenings

                               very excited about your product and              san FranCisCo, Ca              ann arbor, mi

                               would like to continue to move this
                               forward. There is a large amount of
                               work to be done, but feel you have a
                               strong basis to work from.
                                                                                                               Charter Owner
                                                                                                               since February 2011

how we make money

400,000 retail stores
are still using a cash                                                     w

We make money from             plan with our customer’s   online ordering with an
two sources —                  local store data. This     online tool for owners
                               data is very valuable.     to order, set-up and ship
1 Hardware sales
                                 We sell Own this year    an Own tablet to their
2 Monthly service fees
                               to 100 stores in three     store. Over time, we
                               verticals.                 will sell through channel
400,000 retail stores are
                                 We begin with a          partners. They provide
still using a cash register.
                               small in-house sales       sales and maintenance
Our sales start with
                               team keeping us close to   support. Own makes
feet-on-the-street in San
                               our customers and our      money off the service
Francisco, Portland and
                               revenue controlled.        revenue and provides a
                               We then move to a self-    revenue share.

     We have a shared data
                               service model for direct

                                                                                      we sell own this year to 100
                                                                                      stores in three verticals.

14                                                                                                                   15
     who is on your te am?                                                                               who is on your adVisory te am?

                                   Verdi ergün

                                      Founder of the
                                      Burrito Joint
                                                                               erol ahmed
                                                                               ViCe President

                 khurram Virani                                            Past developer for
ruby on rails deVeloPer
                                                                           the Arts at Michigan
                                                                           at the University of

                                                                                                                      nathan stoll
                                                                                                            Founder of Vark.com which exited
                                                                               deepika misra
                                                                               ruby on rails deVeloPer        to Google for $50,000,000

                                                                                                                        david Fry
                                                                                                             Founder of Fry.com, one of the
                                                                                                            largest eCommerce companies in
                                                                               bill briggs                  the world and sold to the largest
                                                                                                              player in point of sale, Micros

                Cheng Chen
P r o d u C t i n t e g r at o r

                                                       will stone
                                                       market researCher

     16                                                                                                                                         17
F r e q u e n t ly a s k e d q u e s t i o n s

is own a hardware company?                       Own is focused on retail businesses.       how does own make money?                   together and negotiate better prices.
No. We will use off the shelf hardware           Our customers have menus, inventory        We make money by providing a service       Today small businesses buy at Costco
when such hardware is available to               and multiple locations and need their      to businesses. We are their cloud based    but maybe they should buy from Sysco.
meet our needs. We are working with              point of sale system to manage those       point of sale system. We will provide      Again, small businesses should enjoy
manufacturers in China to build what             things. These businesses have opera-       the key metrics their business needs ev-   the same services that big businesses
we need. We are also evaluating iPad             tions that are typically more complex      ery day — what products sold, for how      get today.
and Android tablets. Today one can-              than businesses run by one person.         much, when did they sell, who bought
not just use an iPad or Android tablet as          What is clear to us at Own is that the   them. We are Google Analytics for re-      who are your beta customers?
a point of sale device. An owner loos-           cash register is dead and small busi-      tail stores. We can even compare an        Our initial 4 customers are small busi-
es control on an iPad or Android tablet:         nesses can now make business deci-         owner’s business to other businesses       ness owners at coffee shops in Michi-
employees can switch into other apps,            sions using the same type of analytics     in the area or other businesses nation-    gan, Indiana, North Carolina and Cali-
cash drawers cannot communicate with             as the large retailers.                    wide. There is unlimited potential.        fornia.
the system and consumer tablets are                                                           At scale we have identified more ser-
more likely to be stolen.                        how will own stay connected?               vices we would like to offer businesses.   why are you starting with coffee?
                                                 Our system is designed to work offline.    We have found that stores spend ten        Coffee is a good market for us because
why is square not sufficient?                    Even so, many stores have Wifi already.    times the amount on supplies than they     it is an accessible market; we are con-
Square is a wonderful solution and we            3G is generally available and we could     do on their point of sale. We want to be   nected with the right people; and we
share their passion around simplicity            buy bandwidth at wholesale. So far this    the interface stores use to order sup-     can sell to them. The high traffic of cof-
and great design. Today Square is fo-            has not been an issue with our beta cus-   plies. We can make a commission on         fee shops tests that our system is fast
cused on individuals who also act as             tomers.                                    the sales. We could aggregate requests     enough to keep up with the pace of their

18                                                                                                                                                                             19
business. Finally coffee shops have a      formed their business. And we want
complicated menu that helps us build       customers to say that they had an ex-
the right menu management features         traordinary experience at businesses
to enable customization. Coffee shops      that used Own.
are also small enough to try new things
allowing the stores and our system to      what is the pricing of your
stay innovative.                           competitors?

what exactly are you doing                 Cash register                          $400

with smartphones?
                                                                  $499 + 2.75% of credit
                                           Square with iPad
We know every business should be con-                                  card transactions

nected with their customers through a      Windows pc with pos
smartphone. Own manages a store’s
                                           Own                     $600 + $150 a Month     Our goal is to get to a point where we give the hardware
menu and analytics. We can take both                                                       away for free and support standard tablets that retailers
pieces and deliver apps that need no ex-   Revel with iPad        $2,699 + $100 a Month    can buy anywhere. But we are not there yet.

tra configuration by owners. Customers
                                           Starbucks ibm system           A lot of money
can place orders without going to the
cashier and owners can integrate our
app with e-wallets and social media.       Our competitors often focus success-
                                           fully on a single piece but miss provid-
what is the go to market strategy?         ing an end-to-end experience, which is
The most powerful way to market Own        harder to build but much more valuable.
is through success stories. We want        Own provides that experience.
store owners to say that Own trans-

20                                                                                                                                                     21

   C o n ta C t

   Verdi Ergün
   734  545  0055

   Published by

   Own Point of Sale Corporation
   201 South Division, Suite 420
   Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104


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