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									T        U        I        S
                  Transport- Accident- Information- and

                  The Hotline to

1 Advice Over
  The Telephone
                      2 Advice On The Spot                3   Technical
Fast and Unbureaucratic Help

         Every day large quantities of chemical      der assistance in a swift, competent,
         substances – just like mineral oil – are    and unbureaucratic manner. Public de-
         transported on roads, rail, and water-      partments – e.g. fire brigades, police,
         ways. Therefore, safety of transports       and emergency control services – can
         is an absolute priority of the German       request advice over the telephone, prac-
         chemical industry. But despite all safety   tical help from experts, and sophisticat-
         measures, accidents cannot be fully         ed technical equipment from TUIS
         excluded. And when an accident hap-         member companies. TUIS is an impor-
         pens and chemical products are in-          tant part of “Responsible Care” – the
         volved, qualified help is needed. Here,     worldwide initiative of the chemical in-
         the German chemical industry makes a        dustry – and reflects the strong commit-
         valuable contribution in the form of the    ment of the chemical industry to safety,
         Transport-Accident-Information- and         health, and environmental protection.
         Emergency-Response-System (TUIS).           The Transport-Accident-Information- and
         Since 1982 TUIS, in which some 130          Emergency-Response-System is a strik-
         German chemical enterprises partici-        ing example of the fact that in the Ger-
         pate, has been making available com-        man chemical industry, product respon-
         pany fire brigades and experts to ren-      sibility goes beyond plant boundaries.

TUIS – The Hotline to Know-How
Because of the large variety of chemicals, local services increasingly resort to the knowledge

and experience of experts from the chemical industry in accidents involving chemical products.

A success for TUIS!

                         In close cooperation with the ministries   tionwide support system to render as-
                         of the interior of the German federal      sistance in accidents involving chemi-
                         states, the Association of the German      cals. The Transport-Accident-Informa-
                         Chemical Industry (VCI) has been           tion- and Emergency-Response-System
                         building up since 1982 a voluntary na-     of the German chemical industry offers
                                                                    – throughout the country – swift, quali-
                                                                    fied and unbureaucratic help in trans-
Locations of TUIS Member Companies
                                                                    port accidents involving chemical prod-
                                                                    ucts, accidents in warehousing, and in
                                                                    situations of acute danger. Company
                                Kiel            Rostock
                                                                    fire brigades and experts (e.g. chemists,
                                                                    toxicologists, ecologists, and produc-
                    Bremen Hamburg                                  tion specialists) can be contacted in nu-
                                                                    merous chemical enterprises. They pro-
                                Hanover                    Berlin   vide information and advice or render
                                           Magdeburg                technical assistance on the spot, regard-
                                                                    less of the manufacturer of the con-
                                                 Leipzig            cerned chemical product. Police, fire
         Düsseldorf               Erfurt                Dresden     brigades, and other public authorities
         Cologne                                                    can request help from TUIS in emer-
                      Frankfurt/Main                                Competencies of TUIS and principles
         Mainz                                                      of liability are laid down in agreements
                                                                    and subsequent ordinances issued by
                                                                    the German federal states, where these
                        Stuttgart                                   rules form the basis for the work of

• TUIS emergency call centers                                                                               3
TUIS in Practice: 3 Stages of Assistance
130 TUIS member companies offer “tailor-made” solutions. Information and advice provided by

experts from these companies are based on valid safety data and many years of professional

experience. Needless to say that the nature of the accident or specific requirements are given

due consideration.

TUIS Emergency Call System                               The competent public authority is free
                                                         to contact directly the nearest TUIS
                                                         member company. Relevant informa-
                      Scene of accident                  tion is given in the TUIS database
                                                         which contains the following particu-
                Competent public authority
                (police/public fire brigade)
                                                         Name and location of the nearest TUIS
                                                         member company;
    TUIS member compa-
    ny as included in the
    list of companies
                                     call centers in     Telephone and fax numbers of the iden-
                                     – Germany           tified company;
    – near the site of the
                                     – Europe
    – manufacturer
                                                         Stages of assistance provided by the
             1 Advice Over The Telephone                 identified company.

                                                         Alternatively, the competent authority
             2 Expert Advice On The Spot                 can contact the national and interna-
                                                         tional TUIS emergency call centers of
                                                         some TUIS member companies. These
             3 Technical Assistance On The Spot          centers are staffed around the clock –
                                                         also on weekends and public holidays.

The 3-stage TUIS system is ready to help on 365 days of the year – around the clock:

Stage 1: Expert Advice Over The Telephone

Stage 2: Expert Advice On The Spot

Stage 3: Technical Assistance On The Spot

                                       1 Stage 1: Expert Advice Over The Telephone

                                                               Assistance: The police/fire brigade and
                                                               rescue services can directly contact a
                                                               TUIS member company, or they can
                                                               reach a company fire brigade or an ex-
                                                               pert over the TUIS emergency call cen-
                                                               ters. TUIS experts specialize in the con-
                                                               cerned product/product group or help
                    Situation: A transport vehicle for chem-   find someone with the necessary exper-
                    icals has an accident on the motorway.     tise.
                    A special knowledge of the chemical        Moreover, TUIS supports competent
                    product is needed to avert danger and      public authorities in the search for the
                    damage. Manufacturer, trader, or con-      manufacturer, trader, or consignee of
                    signee of the product are not available.   the product.

                                         Situation: In addition to the measures
                                         already taken, police and/or fire brigades
                                         need advice to be given on site.

                                         Assistance: The emergency call center
                                         places the call to a nearby TUIS mem-
                                         ber company. A TUIS expert or a team
                                         of experts arrive to share their special
                                         knowledge and experience with the
                                         head of operations of the competent
                                         public authority.

2   Stage 2: Expert Advice On The Spot

                                      3   Stage 3: Technical Assistance On The Spot

            Situation: A tank container filled with a
            chemical product is leaky. Local au-
                                                        equipment. Furthermore experts from
                                                        TUIS member companies provide addi-
            thorities request a company fire brigade    tional advice.
            to come to the spot.                        Only TUIS company fire brigades with
                                                        specially trained staff and a wide range
            Assistance:   TUIS company fire             of experience in danger control in acci-
            brigades support the local head of oper-    dents involving chemicals can become
            ations on site with staff and special       active at stage 3.

The blue logo is the TUIS
hallmark and stands for the
skill and speed of company
fire brigades in the German
chemical industry.

                                                        Assistance at stage 1 is rendered free-
                                                        of-charge. Assistance at stages 2 and 3
                                                        is not charged to the public authority re-
                                                        questing help but directly to liability or
                                                        transport insurers.

TUIS Database: The Key to Information
Conventional works of reference and modern media are available to access the Transport-

Accident-Information- and Emergency-Response-System.

                 All information needed to contact a           contacted in connection with these
                 TUIS member company is available in           chemicals (location numbers);
                 the TUIS database published on the
                 internet under www.chemische-indus-           A list of companies and locations of
        In this database the competent       TUIS member companies;
                 public departments find the names of
                 all TUIS member companies, including          A “location map” showing the location
                 geographical locations, telephone num-        numbers of TUIS member companies.
                 bers as well as type and extent of assis-
                                                               With their help e.g. addresses and tele-
                 tance provided.
                                                               phone and fax numbers of the nearest
                 The TUIS database is open free-of-
                                                               TUIS member companies can be found
                 charge to all users.                          out. A special feature: In the window
                                                               displaying the map, a red flame symbol
                 The TUIS database is structured as            is dragged with the mouse on the place
                 follows:                                      of the accident. After a click the nearest
                                                               TUIS company fire brigades are listed,
                 A list of products in alphabetical order      stating in kilometres the distance to the
                 and the TUIS member companies to be           site where support is needed.

                 And this is how it works:

                 Situation: Transport accident on the          No. 072 Basell Polyolefine GmbH,
                 motorway A1 near Dortmund. Product:           Brühler Straße, 50387 Wesseling,
                 Ethyl benzene.                                telephone no. 02236/72 25 55
                 Assistance: The list of products contains     telefax no. 02236/72 27 22
                 the entry “ethyl benzene”. The numbers        No. 190 Schering AG,
                 after the product name stand for manufac-     Müllerstraße 170, 13342 Berlin,
                 turers or parties providing assistance.       telephone no. 030/46 81 42 08
                 Their addresses and phone and fax num-        telefax no. 030/46 81 13 29
                 bers are given in the list of companies and   The location map shows the geographi-
                 locations. Examples for ethyl benzene:        cal position of the nearest TUIS mem-
                 No. 056 Infracor GmbH, Chemiepark             ber company. In the given example, this
                 Marl, Paul-Baumann-Straße 1, 45764 Marl,      is Infracor GmbH where the head of
                 telephone no. 02365/49 22 32                  operations can request assistance from
8                telefax no. 02365/49 44 23                    stages 1 to 3.
Better Acceptance – Competence in Strong Demand
Today TUIS can look back on many years of positive experience; the TUIS system is firmly

established in the emergency plans of the German federal states.

                           Irrespective of the falling number of         earlier. Also, the range of tasks per-
                           transport accidents, the demand for           formed by TUIS is wider: Over the
                           TUIS services stays constant at a high        years the original field of activity – as-
                           level. Underlying reasons are the trust       sistance in transport accidents involving
                           TUIS has gained in practice and better        chemical products – has developed into
                           acceptance by public authorities who          a general support service for accidents
                           now call in TUIS more frequently and          connected with chemicals. Furthermore,
                                                                         the larger TUIS member companies
                                                                         support poison information centers in
  Competence in theory and practice
                                                                         cases of acute danger to humans and
  Assistance/Advice (no. of cases per annum)                             animals. Additional factors contribut-
                                                                         ing to the strong demand for TUIS
1400                                                                     services are a growing environmental
                                                                         awareness and the need for information
                     Advice Over The Telephone
                                                                         of police, fire brigades, emergency con-
1000                                                                     trol services and public authorities.
                                                                         Do not hesitate – Use the Hotline to

                               Technical Assistance
                               Advice On The Spot








     New Ways of Cooperation
     TUIS company fire brigades engage in unusual forms of cooperation with other institutions,

     such as the German army and the German Red Cross.

                       Help from the air
                       Since 2001 the German army has been
                       supporting TUIS company fire brigades.
                       This is possible within the cooperation
                       between the search and rescue (SAR)
                       service of the German army and TUIS:
                       The chemical industry and the army en-
                       tered into an agreement enabling TUIS
                       company fire brigades to call in an
                       SAR helicopter in severe emergencies
                       on the following conditions: A transport      Unique in Europe
                       accident involving dangerous chemicals        A so far unique project in Europe is the
                       threatens to cause significant damage to      cooperation between the German Red
                       persons, property or the environment,         Cross (DRK) and TUIS: Since June 2003
                       and this threat can be averted only by        in Lower Saxony and since May 2005 in
                       particularly fast and efficient action.       Hessen, DRK helpers are on standby at
                       Now the chemical industry is even bet-        any time. In transport accidents involving
                       ter able to meet the responsibility for its   chemicals they can respond to fears and
                       products and to exclude or limit dam-         anxieties of persons who are faced, di-
                       age to humans and the environment.            rectly or indirectly, with the conse-
                                                                     quences of such accidents – for example,
                                                                     if they were near the site of an accident or
                                                                     not allowed to go outdoors.
                                                                     TUIS member companies trained the
                                                                     voluntary DRK helpers in matters con-
                                                                     nected with chemicals products. The
                                                                     training program included e.g. toxicolog-
                                                                     ical properties and possible effects of
                                                                     dangerous substances, adequate counter-
                                                                     measures, appropriate conduct and psy-
                                                                     chological help at the scene of the
                                                                     accident. There are plans for a total of
                                                                     seven DRK teams with over 170 volun-
                                                                     teers to be deployed nationwide.
TUIS – A Contribution to the Protection of Man
and the Environment at International Level
In ceaseless efforts the companies of the German chemical industry further reduce the risk to

man and the environment in the transport, transshipment, and warehousing of chemicals.

                   The constantly increasing volume of
                   cross-border transports and the comple-
                   tion of the EU Single Market suggested
                   the networking of all support systems in
                   Europe. Pursuing this aim, several na-
                   tional chemical associations, inter alia
                   the Association of the German Chemi-
                   cal Industry (VCI), asked back in 1992
                   the European Chemical Industry Coun-
                   cil (Cefic) to prepare a concept for the
                   safe exchange of goods. The outcome is
                   the program “International Chemical
                   Environment” (ICE) in which all nation-
                   al systems throughout Europe are now
                   interlinked. The purpose of ICE is to        support systems modeled on TUIS were
                   offer fast and professional help in trans-   introduced.
                   port accidents within Europe. The fol-       All members of the “International
                   lowing countries participate in ICE:         Chemical Environment” have National
                   Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Ger-      Response Centers which are in charge
                   many, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, the      of the exchange of information between
                   Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland. In         the various countries. In Germany this
                   the field of transport safety, the German    role is assumed by the TUIS emergency
                   chemical industry made major contribu-       call center at the company fire brigade
                   tions to new activities in the Czech Re-     of BASF Aktiengesellschaft in Lud-
                   public, Hungary and Poland, where own        wigshafen.
TUIS Emergency Call Centers

  The following emergency call centers of TUIS member companies
  are available around the clock:

  BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Ludwigshafen                                     +49 (0)621/6 04 33 33*
  BASF Schwarzheide GmbH, Schwarzheide                                      +49 (0)35752/6 21 12
  Bayer Industry Services GmbH & Co. OHG, Leverkusen                        +49 (0)214/30 99 3001
  Dow Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG, Stade                                     +49 (0)4146/91 23 33
  Henkel KGaA, Düsseldorf                                                   +49 (0)211/7 97 33 50
  Infracor GmbH, Chemiepark Marl                                            +49 (0)2365/49 22 32
  Infra Leuna Infrastruktur und Service GmbH, Leuna                         +49 (0)3461/43 43 33
  InfraServ GmbH & Co. Gendorf KG, Gendorf                                  +49 (0)8679/7 22 22
  Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG, Frankfurt am Main                         +49 (0)69/3 05 64 18
  Merck KGaA, Darmstadt                                                     +49 (0)6151/72 24 40
  Schering AG, Berlin                                                       +49 (0)30/46 81 42 08
  Wacker-Chemie GmbH, Burghausen                                            +49 (0)8677/83 22 22
  *National Response Center
      for all Bayer chemical parks

                       Further information on TUIS is provided in the TUIS database.

                       Information materials are available on request from
                       Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V Abteilung Wissenschaft,
                       Technik und Umwelt, Karlstraße 21, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany or
                       over the Internet:

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