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									Grade 1 Rudiments RCM
        Jordan Schweber – Honours                               Sharon Kirk
        Jeremy Medina – First Class Honours
Preliminary Rudiments
                                                                Sharon Kirk
                                                                                                               MUSICAL NOTES
        Andrea Balba – Distinction                              Rachel Iwaasa                                  RICHMOND MUSIC SCHOOL
        Dora Chiu – First Class Honours                         Sharon Kirk                                    Vol. 21 No. 1, September 2006
                                                                                                               11371 No. 3 Rd, Richmond BC V7A 1X3
Violin Classes in Richmond Schools
         RMS Violin classes in Richmond elementary schools are doing very well.                                Telephone or Fax: (604) 272-5227;
These are below cost classes for children who might not otherwise have considered                              Email:
learning an instrument. A new supply of strings players in Richmond is now                                     On the Web:
underway, with the first classes last year at Walter Lee. As well as a continuing
students’ class at Walter Lee, with teacher Tatyana Kravsun, a second Beginners’          The Annual General Meeting of the Richmond Music School Society
Class has started at General Currie, taught by Nicole Scoffield. The RMS is fielding      was held on September 21st with a good size membership present. The following
many calls from parents interested in having these classes at their school.               were elected to the new Board of Directors:

Faculty Notes ♫                                                                                   President:         Maureen Koss
          Michael Conway Baker has recently released a new score for Violin and                   Secretary:         Janice Froese
Piano titled Four Musical Portraits, commissioned by Donna Grescoe “in homage to                  Treasurer:         Loretta Wutschnik
her talented siblings, Eleanor, Lorraine and Paul, evoking childhood memories of their
spirits.”                                                                                         Members at Large:
                                                                                                         Valerie Carrasco               Claire Chang
Richmond Music School Children Invited to Join the Choir FREE!                                           Peter Gorgopa                  Donna Grescoe
          Richmond Music School invites all Richmond children, grades 1-6, to join                       Vienna Lin                     Stephie Rao
either the Intermediate or Junior Choir, directed by Miriam Davidson. There is a very
nominal fee, but it is FREE to students if they are registered in the school.                     Ex Officio: Patricia Rolston, Principal

                                                                                                    Students Michael Huang, Harvey Santiago and Jessica Ho were on hand to
        ATTENTION ALL MUSIC STUDENTS: SHARE YOUR MUSIC!                                   perform a stunning mini-concert which provided the new Board with a glimpse of
    Last year our faculty and students played in 388 concerts outside of the Music        some of the fine talent at the RMS.
School, demonstrating an amazing level of service to our community! Please tell us                  The Board expressed its deepest appreciation to outgoing President, Brian
when you:                                                                                 Li, for his work and dedication to the school during the past two years. His
1. Play or sing in an event, whether you are asked to perform, or whether you find        contribution was much appreciated.
    out about an event yourself and volunteer.
2. Tell us about it by filling in a Student Performance sheet. You can ask for            Welcome to President, Maureen Koss
    one in the office. We will keep track of everything you do.                                   Maureen has been a valued RMS Board member for the past two years.
    We want to know about any concerts you do with your school choir, band or             Maureen works for a Vancouver lawyer and has a very busy life as a volunteer,
orchestra too. So please tell us!                                                         having contributed to Parent Participation Preschool, Girls softball, as a coach and
                                                                                          Scouts Canada as a Basic Trainer and District President.
Students in the Limelight
Did you see…The PNE Parade that marched throughout the grounds twice a day?               Teachers Coming and Going!
The marching band that headed it up, included RMS students Kaitlin Perry and Sara         Newcomers….
and Jennifer Ho, all playing flute,                                                                Darrel Loewen (Piano), MA, B.Mus., BA., AMM is a member of the Royal
And…did you see the Fraser River Fiddlers, under the direction of Lorraine Grescoe,       College of Examiners and a former Faculty member of the Manitoba Conservatory of
packing them in at the Bill Reid sculpture at the Vancouver Airport in early September,   Music and Arts, Piano and Theory.
and at the Shadbolt Centre, the Millenium Tower and the Maritime Festival in                       Nicole Scoffield, received her B.Mus. and her Post Degree Professional
Richmond?                                                                                 Education Certificate at the University of Victoria. She has taught in schools on
And did you know that violinist Kenny Wong traveled with the National Youth               Vancouver Island and has performed as Violinist with the Victoria and Prince George
Orchestra this year as co-Concertmaster?                                                  Symphonies. Nicole is teaching the Beginners’ Violin Class at General Currie
                                                                                          Elementary School and private Violin lessons at RMS.
And leaving us….                                                                                  Jennifer Liu – First Class Honours              Sharon Kirk
         Wayne Elmer has been the School’s popular Saxophone teacher for more                     Jesse Zhang – First Class Honours               Esther Budiardjo
than 15 years. Sadly, due to his busy schedule at West Point Grey Academy, he is                  Wayne Leung – Honours                           Rachel Iwaasa
unable to continue at Richmond Music School this year. An accomplished and                        Shirley Mao – Honours                           Rachel Iwaasa
talented teacher and performer who livened many Open House days with his Jazz                     Noel Woo – Pass                                 Rachel Iwaasa
ensembles, he will be missed by Staff and former students here at the school.             Grade 7 Piano ABRSM
                                                                                                  Gregory Jen – Distinction
Internationally famous Cellist Shauna Rolston..                                           Grade 6 Piano RCM
          visits our strings teachers and students for a master class between her two             Emilee Moore – First Class Honours              Sharon Kirk
performances with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, on November 19. Widely                        Andrea Balba – Honours                          Rachel Iwaasa
known as one of Canada’s most exciting artists, Shauna Rolston is a Professor and                 Sheng Zhao – Honours                            Rachel Iwaasa
Co-Head of the String Department at the University of Toronto and a regular visiting      Grade 5 Piano RCM
Artist at Banff Centre. All strings teachers are urged to take this opportunity to have           Jeremy Medina – First Class Honours             Sharon Kirk
their students play for Shauna.                                                                   Carol-Lynn Gee – First Class Honours            Karen Warwick
                                                                                                  Dora Chiu – First Class Honours                 Sharon Kirk
Spring/Summer Examination Results:                                                                Ian Nakamoto – Honours                          Zelda Frost
FTCL (Fellow, Trinity College, London)                                                    Grade 4 Piano RCM
        Rosalind Lai                                            Patricia Rolston                  Daniel Kong – First Class Honours               Sharon Kirk
LTCL (Licentiate, Trinity College, London)                                                        Francis Choy – Honours                          Sharon Kirk
        Florence Yip                                            Patricia Rolston          Grade 4 Flute RCM
LRSM Piano Performance:                                                                           Trisha Sy – First Class Honours                 Lynne Piening
        Doreen Kwee                                             Patricia Rolston          Grade 3 Piano RCM
        Diana Lam                                               Patricia Rolston                  Tereleen Austria – Honours                      Sharon Kirk
DipABRSM Piano Performance:                                                               Grade 3 Violin TCL
        Michelle Pak                                            Patricia Rolston                  Cherylyn Rolston – Merit                        Karen Warwick
ARCT Piano:                                                                               Grade 2 Piano RCM
        Elizabeth Wong - Honours                                Patricia Rolston                  Rebecca Lim – First Class Honours               Esther Budiardjo
        Jennifer Ho – Honours                                   Patricia Rolston                  Melissa Rolston – First Class Honours           Rachel Iwaasa
Grade 10 Piano RCM                                                                                Johanna Song – First Class Honours              Sharon Kirk
        Edward Cai – First Class Honours                        Patricia Rolston                  Jiggy Ellorin – First Class Honours             Nora Leung
        Christy Choi – First Class Honours                      Poh-Lin Koh                       Mavic Ellorin – First Class Honours             Nora Leung
        Holly Lo – First Class Honours                          Poh-Lin Koh               Grade 2 Guitar RCM
        Sarah Ho – First Class Honours                          Patricia Rolston                  Lewis Cooper – First Class Honours      Rob Hollingsworth
        Amrita Rao – Honours                                    Patricia Rolston          Grade 1 Violin TCL
        Kitty Hou – Honours                                     Poh-Lin Koh                       Calvin Fung – Distinction                       Karen Warwick
Grade 10 Violin RCM                                                                       Grade 4 Counterpoint RCM
        Krystel Yip – First Class Honours                       Lorraine Grescoe                  Katelynne Letkemann – Honours           Stephen Lester-Smith
        Doris Tang – First Class Honours                        Lorraine Grescoe          Grade 4 Harmony RCM
Grade 9 Piano RCM                                                                                 Alvin Tran – First Class Honours        Stephen Lester-Smith
        Jacqueline Wong – First Class Honours                   Esther Budiardjo          Grade 3 Harmony RCM
        Ivan Cheung – First Class Honours                       Patricia Rolston                  Ivan Liu – First Class Honours          Stephen Lester-Smith
        Stella Siu – Honours                                    Patricia Rolston                  Gloria Mak – Honours                    Stephen Lester-Smith
Grade 8 Piano RCM                                                                                 Kimberley Mui – Pass                    Stephen Lester-Smith
        Jesse Zhang – First Class Honours                       Esther Budiardjo          Grade 2 Rudiments RCM
        Kim Mui - Honours                                       Sharon Kirk                       Justin Wan – Distinction                        Esther Budiardjo
        Sarah Watson – Pass                                     Sharon Kirk                       Jesse Zhang – Distinction                       Esther Budiardjo
Grade 8 Violin RCM                                                                                Michelle Au Yeung – Distinction                 Sharon Kirk
        Ronald Tang – First Class Honours                       Lorraine Grescoe                  Nicole Au Yeung – Distinction                   Sharon Kirk
Grade 7 Piano RCM                                                                                 Kehua Anderson – First Class Honours            Sharon Kirk
        Janice Leung – First Class Honours                      Rachel Iwaasa                     Sarah Watson – Pass                             Sharon Kirk

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