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Underhill Update by nikeborome


									                                    Underhill Update
                            March 2007                                      Issue 1

Name: Luke Underhill                                                                  Name: Andrea Underhill
Age: 26                                                                               Age: 21
Birth date: 2/4/1981                                                                  Birth date: 9/21/1985
Occupation: Program                                                                   Occupation: Program
 Director                                                                                Director
Hobbies: telemark skiing,                                                             Hobbies: skiing, reading,
 kayaking, reading,.                                                                  backpacking, rafting.

            Hi, welcome to the Underhill Update. Our hope is that this newsletter
      will be a tool of communication, connection, and maybe a little entertainment
      for those who we have the privilege of calling friends and family. We recog-
      nize that there is a distance that separates most of you from our lives and
      ministry here at Camp Bighorn. We hope that this quarterly newsletter and
      our website will help bridge the gap between us and keep you informed of the
      work that God is doing in and through us as we serve him here at Camp Big-
      horn. It is a joy and encouragement for us to be able to reflect back and see
      God’s hand at work in so many ways. We hope you enjoy!
                                         This Place We Call Bighorn
         Nestled in a narrow valley that connects Highway 200 to I-90 is this place we call Bighorn. Camp
 Bighorn was started in 1985 under the leadership of the Columbia Baptist Conference. Starting only with
 a farm house and a chicken barn the camp was built over a couple years by volunteers loving hands. Al-
 though the original building plans included such things
 as a pony ride and swimming pool there is little evidence                    Coming Up
 of these now. Under the leadership of Tom Collins,          Christian Adventure Association Confer-
 Camp Bighorn took the shape of a wilderness adventure                    ence ~ March 13-16
 camp rather than an entertainment camp. Realizing that        Explore Students Leaving ~ April 6
 when individuals are placed in a changed environment it
                                                                    Men’s Retreat ~ April 27-29
 is more probable for them to learn and be challenged.
 Through this learning and challenging, character is built. Building of a new initiatives area ~ April
 And as character is continually built a quality leader is   Camp Bighorn Open House ~ May 26-27
 formed. Bighorn’s ministry is not only to the campers        Camp Bighorn Staff Training ~ June 17-
 that come but also to it’s summer staff, college students                        July 1
 in the fall, and even it’s permanent staff. Bighorn con-      Wilderness EMT Class ~ April 11-15
 tinues to operate today valuing Godly character, disciple-
                                                               Teaching Wilderness Instructor Class
 ship, small groups, changed environment and leadership.
                                                                           ~ June 10-15
                            Learning, living and loving together.

       Since our honeymoon life has been continually picking up speed. We were blessed
with the ability to have some down time after our honeymoon giving us the opportunity to
settle into and figure out life with each other. Anyone who has moved in with a new room
mate, gotten married, had a new addition to the family, or gone through any type of change
for that matter knows, it comes with its challenges as well as its joys. Luke and I equally
have enjoyed the down time as much as we have enjoyed this busy time. Since the Explore
students returned in January the Program team has been off and running. Four days a week
for two weeks the Explore students go through their winter skills. Along with driving the
students up a 9 mile logging road every day, Luke taught backcountry skiing alongside Ex-
plore intern Mandy Vargas. I have been helping out Travis and Shanna Toews, a couple
from our church, at the funeral home that they own as they had their first baby in February.
Because of this I was unable to be involved in skills every day. I did have the unique oppor-
tunity of being able to tag along with the students on some of their skills, experiencing it as a
member alongside them. After the two weeks of skills Luke went on the four day camping
trip that Explore does. The interns carry much of the responsibility of this trip while Big-
horn staff are there for support and encouragement. During the four day trip they experi-
enced some wet weather which made staying dry a little more difficult and many lessons
                                            were learnt. Now that skills have wrapped up
              ~ Teamwork~                   Luke and I find ourselves in our indoor office. We
                                            now are looking ahead to ahead to the Explore
                                            team trip, the CAA conference and way ahead to
   Coming together is a beginning.
                                            the upcoming summer and prepping ourselves for
    Keeping together is progress.
                                            that. A couple week ago our car threw a rod and
     Working together is success.           put a hole in our engine casing leaving us busy
              ~ Henry Ford                  looking for a new one and selling the old one for
                                            parts. Instead of buying a new car, we were given
                                            a beautiful Mazda Tribute. We have been hum-
bled and amazed at God’s provision for us here. Life continues to roll and it has been a great
ride rolling with it.

        We have our website all up to date and running! Check it out at:
Location; Siegel Pass Road
Event; Cougar Mauling
Responders; 12 students, Bighorn Quick Response Unit

       It was a clear night with a touch of winter still in the air. With the moon out and a light
dusting of snow on the ground it gave the woods a beckoning yet eerie feel. We had been out since six,
responding to a youth who had been climbing around on some rocks and had fallen, injuring both ankles.
Now here we were 2 miles up a logging road responding to a cougar attack. The cold air nipped at my
nose as I stood in the exhaust of the QRU waiting for a request of supplies. “STERILE WATER!”.
Quickly searching through the back I extracted the water handing it down the shale slope through multi-
ple hands of Explore students. With the patient strapped to the back board, his wounds attended to, and
someone breathing for him with oxygen we commenced ascending the hill. Finding our footing, twelve of
us lined the embankment ready to pass our patient up. A row of people, headlamps lighting the way and a
patient on a backboard being passed hand to hand is a magnificent picture. With the patient loaded in
the QRU we sped down the road: the scenarios were over.
       Gathered around a fire at our ‘base camp’ the students were led in a discussion about the sce-
nario that had consumed the last six hours. What was good? What was bad? How did you respond in the
situation? Why? How well did you all work together? For the incident commanders, what was it like
leading a large group? Looking at this from a perspective of real life what would you do differently
next time? These where some of the questions that danced around the camp fire. As I personally looked
back on the night I realized something: This is what I love.
       The students had preformed in an amazing way. Students that you had not seen step out and lead
all year broke away from their apprehensions and began making very well thought out decisions and moving
the group along in a way beneficial to their patients’survival. Individuals were given the opportunity
to step out of their typical day of computers, books, class and homework into backboards, first aid
kits, and people that were in danger and needed their expertise and help. Students realized that they
had something to give and jumped in whole heartedly fighting their insecurities and finding a confidence
deep within. This is what I love. Seeing people growing, finding new pieces of themselves and pushing
themselves one step further, thus causing them to engage in life that much more. The best part for us
is the privilege of working with people in an environment where they are challenged to learn and grow.

      After three days of Search and Rescue training and Wilderness First Aid classes, a
   scenario was dreamed up for the Explore students to put to use the skills they had just
 learned. In total there were 8 people who acted as ‘victims’ with fake injuries and the
     scenario lasted for six hours. In the scenario Luke and I responded with the QRU.

 The Bighorn QRU is a suburban that has been fashioned into a
 quick response unit. It contains most medical supplies that
the ambulance carries enabling the EMTs that run it the abil-
ity to do initial assessment, stabilization, and packaging of
a patient. Zach Vanderwall, Cori Vanderwall, and Luke are the
  primary volunteer EMTs that run the QRU. They service the
       community around Plains, Paradise, and Bighorn.
                                                                                  Bighorn QRU
          Camp Bighorn functions as a support-based ministry. All staff members are asked
to raise the finances necessary to cover their financial compensation package that the Big-
horn Board of Overseers has designated for their position. This package includes a monthly
cash salary, housing, insurance, and retirement. There are many reasons for asking staff to
raise support. Keeping overhead lower so that we can minister to more people is one good
reason, but beyond than this, Bighorn is a ministry centered around relationship. The act of
raising support requires relationship. When this exists you are not just giving to an organi-
zation, but to real people with real needs. What this means is that the Bighorn ministry is
much bigger than just the staff that work here. It includes everyone who has come along-
side of us committing to support us financially, in prayer, and encouragement Bighorn op-
erates year-round making it nearly impossible for us to find time for employment outside
of the daily commitments we have with our jobs at Bighorn. Because of this we are 100%
dependent on the gifts of others to provide for our needs. This can be a scary position to
walk in, but God has continually shown us his constant faithfulness to provide for and
meet our needs. It is a beautiful thing witnessing the body of Christ working together. We
cannot do this alone. We could not be here without the help of others responding to the
prompting God has placed in their hearts to join together with us in this ministry. We would
like to thank everyone who has committed to joining us through monthly support, one-time
gifts, prayers, and words of encouragement. We are humbled and amazed at the blessing
God has given to us through you.
       Below you will find a current update on our support needs and current giving. As
you can see, we still have a ways to go before we are bringing in 100% of what Bighorn has
asked us to raise. If you aren't currently supporting us, we would like to extend and invita-
tion for you to join us as a member of our support team through praying for us, a one-time
gift, or committing to monthly giving. Monthly supporters are the biggest need we have
right now. Many hands make light work and every little bit helps. So please consider how
God might use you in this ministry. If you are desiring to give, please use the included re-
sponse card. Thank you for your friendship and support, God Bless!

                                                                    Luke and Andrea Underhill
                                                                        1850 MT HWY 135
                                                                       Plains, MT   59859

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