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									     What is a Standard Drink?
• A standard drink is any drink containing 10
  grams of alcohol.
• One standard drink always contains the same
  amount of alcohol regardless of container size or
  alcohol type (ie, beer, wine, or spirit).
• A standard drink is a unit of measurement. In the
  same way one metre measures a particular
  distance travelled, one standard drink measures
  a particular amount of alcohol consumed.
          A Standard Drink?

• One Standard Drink (SD) = 10 gm alcohol
• The amount of Alcohol per Volume varies
  from drink to drink:
  – Full Strength Beer   = 4.9% by Volume
  – Wine                 = 12% by Volume
          A Standard Drink?
• One Standard Drink for:
  – Full strength beer = 204 mls
  – Wine               = 83 mls

• But alcohol is not sold in those amounts.
• A guide helps to calculate how many SD’s
  there are in usual alcoholic drinks.
A short guide to Standard Drinks

Description        average        full    pre-mix
                  restaurant   strength   spirits
                   serve of      beer
Alcohol/volume       12%        4.9%        5%

Volume              180ml       375ml     375ml

Standard Drinks      1.8         1.5        1.5
      Standard Drink Guide

A full guide to standard
drinks in a serving of alcohol
is available at:
            Read the label
Australian drink labels are required to have the
number of Standard Drinks in the container.
          It’s there

All you’ve got to do is look for it.
New “Standard Drinks” Icons
•From 2006/2007 new ‘standard drinks’ icons are
being voluntarily introduced to alcohol labels

•Finding this information will then be a lot easier
    Using Standard Drinks to aid
         sensible drinking
Australian Alcohol Guidelines - Guideline 1

• For men
   – No more than 4 Standard Drinks a day on average, and
   – no more than 6 Standard Drinks on any one day*
   – One or two alcohol-free days per week.

• For women
   – No more than 2 Standard Drinks a day on average, and
   – no more than 4 Standard Drinks on any one day*
   – One or two alcohol-free days per week.

  *These drinks should be spread over several hours. For example,
  men should have no more than 2 standard drinks in the first hour
  and 1 per hour after that. Women should have no more than 1
  standard drink per hour.
       If you are a young adult
• You are especially urged not to drink
  beyond the levels set in Guideline 1;
• You should not drink at all for at least
  several hours before you undertake
  potentially risky activities (for example,
  driving, swimming and boating); and
• You should not mix alcohol with other
   Blood Alcohol Concentration
• The amount of alcohol in the blood is
  called the Blood Alcohol Concentration
• BAC is measured by the number of grams
  of alcohol in 100mL of blood.
• It is illegal to drive with a BAC over 0.05%
• Learner or Probationary Drivers are
  required to have a zero or very low BAC.
         Driving and drinking
• If you are a Learner driver or a Provisional
  license holder, you must avoid alcohol in
  the hours before driving, to meet legal
  requirements in all States and
      Factors affecting your BAC

•   How much alcohol is consumed
•   What type of alcoholic drink is consumed
•   How fast the alcoholic drink is consumed
•   The amount of food in the stomach
•   Other factors such as gender, body size,
    mood and health.
        For more information
More information on Standard Drinks and
Australian Alcohol Guidelines are available
online at:

And on this program at:
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