th World University Equestrian Championship

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					Information about
10th World University
Equestrian Championship 2012
in Aachen/Germany
    A world festival for horses and student horsemen
    The passion for riding and horses has connected people worldwide since ancient times. This passion
    was and is expressed in various ways in the diverse cultures and different eras. Thus, the horse is an
    ideal medium for building bridges between people and cultures.


    Welcome Address


    Aachen – A University City

    Organization Team – A Committed Host for the International Equestrian Family

    Detailed Information

2   WUEC AAChEn 2012
                                                                                                    Welcome Address

Welcome Adress adh                                            Welcome Address RWTH Aachen University
  Ladies and Gentlemen,                                         Ladies and Gentlemen,

  The German University Sports Federation (adh) is proud        The RWTH Aachen University Board and the Universi-
to submit the third bid for a World University Champion-      ty Sport Department are extremly pleased to offer you a
ship in the new millennium. After 2000 (Cross) and 2008       unique location for the realisation of the WUEC 2012.
(Beachvolleyball) Germany is once more ready to host a
major student sport event - the World University Equestri-      Together with our partner Club, the Aachen-Laurens-
an Championship 2012.                                         berger Rennverein, we are convinced that we can provi-
                                                              de outstanding sport venues. The Aachen-Laurensberger
  Therefore the German University Sports Federation and       Rennverein is offering their recently renovated stadium
the Technical University of Aachen are presenting this        which is home to the annual editions of the world famous
bidding document for the event in three years. With the       CHIO and was host of the World Equestrian Champion-
backing of the German government, the Ministry of Inner       ship in 2006.
Affaires of the State of Northrhine-Westfalia and our Nati-
onal Equestrian Federation we are presenting this bid to        The horses will be acquired in the region which is well
the Executive Committee of FISU.                              known for its outstanding success in breeding world
                                                              famous competition horses in dressage and show jumping.
  Aachen is probably one of the three best locations for      State of the art equipment is guaranteed.
international Equestrian sports in the world and aims at
being the host city for the championship in three years.        RWTH Aachen University is characterised by its
                                                              strength in science and engineering education. It also
  Last year at the WUC Beachvolleyball the organizers         provides a wide range of subjects in Economics, Arts and
in Hamburg have proven their ability to satisfy both the      Humanities and Medicine with an emphasis on intensive
demands of FISU and the international federation to ensu-     interaction between all disciplines. The focus on interdis-
re the smooth running of the competition on the one hand      ciplinarity in research and teaching is a direct response
and the expectations of our athletic guests from all over     to the demands placed on future young professionals.
the world on the other hand. It is our ambition to confirm    Our University has co-operations with many universities
the impression Hamburg left with the championship in          and research centres throughout the world. Every year, a
2008. Aachen provides all necessary prerequisites to deli-    great number of international students and scientists visit
ver what is expected from a German host in international      RWTH Aachen University to study and research at a high
sports - excellent conditions, authentic atmosphere, enthu-   standard recognised on an international level.
siastic volunteers and experienced professional staff.
                                                                 The local university sport at Aachen is an indispensable
  The German University Sports Federation would be            social cross-sectional task of the university and places a
honoured to take over the flag from next year’s host in       platform for communication, emotion, motivation, identi-
South Korea and prepare the following World Universi-         fication and international understanding by movement and
ty Equestrian Championship in the Olympic summer of           sport. It is an important cultural and integrative element at
2012.                                                         our university.

  Yours sincerely,                                              Our local student riding team with more than 20
                                                              members together with other teams from the universities
                                                              of Dusseldorf, Bonn and Cologne is ready to provide best
                                                              conditions for their colleagues from all over the globe.
 Jetta Leena Ramcke
 adh Board Member Competitive Sports                            Yours sincerely,

                                                               Ernst Schmachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aachen

                                                               Nico Sperle, Director of RWTH Aachen University
                                                               Sport Department

                                                                                           WUEC AAChEn 2012                   3

            Seven Good Reasons for
            the World University Equestrian Championship 2012
            in Aachen/Germany:

4   WUEC AAChEn 2012

European City Flavor
  … because Aachen is a city with
an international flavor situated in the
border triangle of Germany, Belgium
and the Netherlands, in the very heart
of Europe.

                                           Unique Horse Culture
                                             … because Aachen has an equestri-
                                           an tradition of more than 1000 years
                                           and a unique horse culture with insti-
                                           tutions and foundations.

Perfect Venue
  … because it has at its disposal a
venue with perfect characteristics.

                                           Exceptional Spectators
                                             … because the numerous spectators
                                           are exceptionally enthusiastic, know-
                                           ledgeable and fair.

Horses are Family
  … because the citizens of Aachen
and its region have a particularly close
relation with horses and the annu-
al Concours Hippique International
Officiel (CHIO). In 2006 they enjoyed
the annual CHIO and the WEG.

                                           Global Games Concept
                                             … because the World University
                                           Equestrian Championship 2012 in
                                           Aachen will be truly global games
                                           including attractive presentation
                                           opportunities for equestrian sports
                                           and equestrian culture.

Close Proximities
  … because in the Aachen Soers,
the well known place of the CHIO, all
disciplines can be organized in close
proximity to one another.

                                                   WUEC AAChEn 2012                 5
    Aachen – A University City

     Background Germany                                              Aachen – Equestrain Tradition
     Riding is one of the most popular sports in Germany with        Aachen, the most western point of Germany and the heart
     national and international competitions in all levels of dif-   of Europe has many faces: City of Emperors, health spa,
     ficulty and for every age. Horseback riding enjoys a large      pilgrimage for pious Christians, research centre for stu-
     popularity in Germany. In the year 2008 3.692 tournament        dents from around the world, art centre and location of high
     meetings with 68.721 examinations and 1.487.719 starts          tech industry. But most of all Aachen is a “City of Horses
     were delivered.                                                 and Riders”, a city that has embraced these four-legged
                                                                     friends and taken them into their families.
       Germany can review large successes in equestrian
     tournaments. At the Olympic Games (1912 to 2008) the               Those who come to Aachen for the horses can enjoy their
     German dressage, show jumping and eventing riders               stay in the old Emperor’s City to the fullest. What awaits
     achieved 79 medals, including 37 gold, 19 silver and 23         them is a city full of charm, a beautiful old town with the
     bronze medals. At all world championships within seven          Aachen Cathedral that was the first German building to be
     official horse disciplines the German equestrian athletes       listed in the World Cultural heritage of the UNESCO, with
     won altogether 172 medals, including 70 gold, 49 silver         hot springs in which one can rest and recuperate from the
     and 53 bronze medals. At all European championships             stress of competition, with an international gaming casino
     the number of the medals won by German riders, drivers          and with many opportunities to stroll through the streets,
     and vaulters amounts altogether 810, including 349 gold,        go into the shops and last but not least dine in one of the
     256 silver and 205 bronze medals. Germany is thereby the        vast variety of international restaurants.
     most successful equestrian sport nation of the world and
     the equestrian sport might be the most successful kind of          The tradition of Aachen‘s horse races dates back to
     sport in Germany.                                               the fifteenth century, first events in the “Brander Heide”
                                                                     and new equestrian activities at the other end of the city,
                                                                     in “Laurensberg”, now well known as the “Soers”. The
                                                                     culmination of this development was the founding of
                                                                     the “Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein” in 1898 and the
                                                                     resulting annual tournament Concours Hippique Inter-
                                                                     national Officiel (CHIO), which has been elected to the
                                                                     world’s best outdoor equestrian event almost every year.
                                                                     In addition to that Aachen was venue of the “World Eques-
                                                                     trian Games 2006” what increased the fame of Aachen for
                                                                     excellent equestrian events all over the world. The Albert-
                                                                     Vahle-Halle as part of the CHIO area is every year venue
                                                                     of the “Salut Festival”, Germany’s most important compe-
                                                                     tition for young talents.

        ■ Nadine Capellmann                                             ■ Meridith Michael-Beerbaum

6   WUEC AAChEn 2012
                                                                                          Aachen – A University City

The European City of Aachen                                     Studying in Aachen
Since the time of Charlemagne horses have been the              Study and scientific research are in a close relation to
means of building bridges, crossing borders, and giving         Aachen. From its rich tradition of colleges and other seats
wings to the idea of unification in Aachen. Charlemagne left    of learning a network of institutes for research and develop-
a “European” spirit behind that continues to flourish in the    ment has grown which maintain close links with industry
city that lies in the border triangle of Germany-Netherlands-   and commerce. The centre for technology and natural sci-
Belgium. Europe is everyday life in Aachen. The Europe-         ences – the RWTH Aachen University – covers numerous
an Idea is expressed in various ways such as the annual         academic activities and has a medical faculty.
award of the “International Charlemagne Prize of the City
of Aachen.”

                                                                   ■ Main Building of the RWTH Aachen University
   ■ Cathedral of Aachen
                                                                  The University of applied sciences educates engineers,
  More European signs are those international signals           scientists and designers. The Catholic University of
geminating from Aachen by the Peter and Irene Ludwig            applied sciences concentrates on the social sciences and
endowments. Many unique collections and museums                 social pedagogy. At the Aachen Music College musicians
throughout the world can thank their existence on the           study and start out on the road to success. A lot of them
collector passion of the Aachen industrialist pair and their    begin their careers at Aachen‘s theatre.
belief in the World’s modern art.
                                                                RWTH Aachen University
  Other international signals are sent by the three large
religious charities in Aachen, Misereor, Missio, and the          Aachen enjoys an international reputation with its many
Pope’s Mission, which provide the children and youth of         schools for advanced studies drawing 46.000 students
the world chances for a better life.                            (RWTH Aachen University, University of applied sciences,
                                                                Catholic university of applied sciences, Music College).
  The average maximum temperature of the day in August
in Aachen is in between 21°C and 27°C, the average at             RWTH Aachen University is the largest university
night is 13°C up to 17°C. There is precipitation on ten days    of technology in Germany and one of the most renow-
in August with six sunshine-hours per day on average.           ned technical universities in Europe. The university is
The average of wind strength is 3 Bft.                          characterized by its strength in science and engineering
                                                                education, but it also provides a wide range of subjects in
Demographic Data of Aachen                                      Economics, Arts and Humanities and Medicine with an
                                                                emphasis on intensive interaction between all disciplines.
    •    Most westward city of Germany                          The proximity of Aachen to the Netherlands, Belgium
    •    Total area: 16.083 ha                                  and Luxembourg and its variety of cultural heritages has
    •    Population: 254.386                                    placed the University in a unique position for international
    •    Labor force: 129.600 people of which 50.000 are        collaboration with other educational and research insti-
         women                                                  tutions as well as with business and industry. Aachen‘s
    •    Indoor riding arenas: 22                               unique location in the „Euregio“ border region is apt to
    •    Equestrian companies: 134                              enhance and accelerate research activities and technology
    •    Riding tracks: 40 kilometers                           transfer between Germany and the neighboring states of
    •    Horse clubs: 16 with 2.500 members                     Belgium, the Netherlands and Europe at large.

                                                                                             WUEC AAChEn 2012                   7
    Organization Team

     A Committed Host for the International Equestrian Family
     The organization of the WUEC 2012 would be split on 5
     organization teams. The German University Sport Federa-
     tion (adh) and the RWTH Aachen University Sport Depart-
     ment will be supported by the National Student Equestrian
     Federation (DAR), the National Equestrian Federation (FN)
     and the student riding team in Aachen in collaboration with
     student riding teams in the Rhineland from Cologne, Bonn
     and Dusseldorf. A well formed and smoothly running team
     making everyone feel at home.

       Aachen and the surrounding areas are home for a lot
     of professional sport horse stables and private persons
     owning sport horses. The close contact of the organization
     team to these persons, stables and the cooperation with the
     DAR and the student riding groups located in the Rhine-
     land offers the opportunity to provide excellent sport
     horses for this competition.

     German University Sports Federation (adh)                        ■ Sport Show at the RWTH Aachen University Sport
        The German University Sports Federation is the umbrella          Department
     organisation of the German University Sport Institutions.
     Students and professionals are equally represented in the     RWTH Aachen University Sport Department
     most important adh committees. More than 165 univer-
     sities and universities of applied sciences with some 1.6       University Sport is a well respected and largely deman-
     Mio. students and 400.000 employees currently represen-       ded cross-sectional task at the location Aachen. The
     ted by adh. The federation concentrates on national and       University Sport is a service and educational offering for
     international competition sports and education.               all students, employees and trainees of the RWTH Aachen
                                                                   University, University of Applied Sciences of Aachen
       adh organises more than 100 competition sport events in     and all other colleges in Aachen. The University Sport
     more than 30 disciplines every year. The German National      Department, a central institution of the RWTH Aachen,
     University Championships offer the suitable and challen-      organizes a demand-oriented and qualified sport and exer-
     ging competition for everybody.                               cise program for all colleges in Aachen for about 50.000
                                                                   members, with over 12.000 attendances per week.
       On the international level adh cooperates with the Euro-
     pean University Sports Federation (EUSA) and the Inter-         The differentiated programme reflects the variable
     national University Sports Association (FISU). The most       interests and wishes of the target group. The huge offe-
     important highlight in the competition calendar is the        ring of the University Sport Department enables anyone
     biennial Summer Universiade, which is the second largest      to select one or more favorites from over 600 courses in 70
     multi-sports event beside the Summer Olympics.                sports. More than 200 coaches – pre-dominantly students
                                                                   – work with a great commitment and attend the courses
      The Winter Universiades, the World University Cham-          professionally.
    pionships and the European University Championships
    complete the international academic competition calen-           The sports facilities of the university are located centrally
    dar.                                                           and they are well accessible. Beside a stadium and diverse
                                                                   sports halls the University Sports Department possess six
      In addition to that that the German University Sports        tennis courts, six beach courts, the RWTH-GYM fitness
    Federation supports excellence on the field of academic        centre, an outdoor basketball court, a special running track
    and sportive performance. The success of elite student         called “Finnbahn”, three cage-soccer courts, a biker-cross
    athletes can be seen e.g. through a portion of 37.0% student   complex and the water sports facility.
    members in the German Olympic Team of Beijing 2008
                                                                     Additionally the University Sport Department realizes
      It is not surprising that the German University Sports       12 special events every year, with more than 5200 partici-
    Federation has the reputation of being the cradle for next     pants, about 6000 spectators and more than 550 volunteers,
    generation’s offspring in German sports as voiced by the       which cover a range of facets of the University Sports in
    IOC member Prof. Walther Tröger.                               Aachen.

8   WUEC AAChEn 2012
                                                                                                     Organization Team

National Student Equestrian Association
  The DAR is the umbrella organization of the Student            protection, nature protection and landscape conservati-
Equestrian Association in Germany and closely connected          on as well as finally the idealistic care and retaining of
to the National Equestrian Federation (FN). As umbrella          the cultural property „horse“ in the consciousness of
organization it represents the interests of the equestrian       humans.
students and supports idealistically and materially the
execution of national and international university tourna-         The National Equestrian Federation is responsible for
ments up to the German university championships. The             all questions, which have to deal with horses directly or
National Student Equestrian Association has at present           indirectly, its breeding, attitude and equipment, its trai-
about 1.200 members, thereof approx. 60% alumni and              ning and use by humans. It develops and coordinates the
40% active athletes.                                             measures of the riders, drivers and breeders, owners of
                                                                 horse and organizers, associations and federations, which
                                                                 are concerned with these questions.

                                                                 Riding Group Aachen
                                                                    The special quality of the organizing team in Aachen
                                                                 is that we are able to combine professional competences
                                                                 through the Eventmanagement Department with students
                                                                 engagement and teamwork.

   ■ Jumping, German Student Championship 2004

  The student cavalry captivates by its unique mode. The
students come together in a fair handling to compete. They
don’t compete on their own horses but with the horses
of other horse owners which procure them. This unique
constellation contains a relaxed atmosphere apart from
large respect for the horse by itself, because the ambition
of normal riding tournaments remains mostly outside.                ■ Price giving ceremonie German University Cham-
                                                                       pionship Equestrian

National Equestrian Federation (FN)
                                                                   The student riding group Aachen has got a strong team
  The Fédération Equestre National (FN) is the umbrella          of 20 active members with experience in all fields of work
organization of all breeders, riders, drivers and vaulters       surrounding a riding competition. Supported by the groups
in Germany. With its approximately 7.500 associations            of Bonn, Dusseldorf and Cologne with similar experience
and over 760.000 members the FN is the seventh-largest           in national and international riding and student riding
German sport federation.                                         competitions, it is an excellent and strong team of around
                                                                 40 people to organize this championship. This will be the
  Besides the tournaments in dressage, show jumping,             “inner circle” of organizers and will support all the other
eventing, driving, distance riding and vaulting the FN           4 teams involved in the organization during the cham-
promotes the health and joy of life of all persons - above all   pionship with a sufficient number of student riders from
the youth - by practice. The federation cares for the trai-      all over Germany.
ning and support of riders, drivers, vaulters and horses.
                                                                    The riding-enthusiastic students of the university alrea-
  Beyond the professional sport the popular sport is very        dy organized qualifications for German University Cham-
important for the organization as well. The federation           pionships Equestrian and the final of the German Univer-
promotes the ranges horse breeding, horse attitude, animal       sity Championship Equestrian 2003.

                                                                                              WUEC AAChEn 2012                  9
     Detailed Information

      Application – For the World University Equestrian Championship 2012
      Equestrian and Sport Facilities
        The riding area Soers in Aachen is one of the most              German referees and judges rule national and interna-
      famous in the world. It offers a great range for opportu-      tional competitions all over the globe. In Germany we can
      nities for all aspects with its fascinating jumping stadium,   provide the expertise to conduct this championship.
      a huge dressage stadium, another stadium for dressage
      and driving, ground for Cross-Country and marathon and            All equipment as judges’ seats, fences for show jumping,
      plenty of good training grounds.                               boundary of the dressage ring and other will be the same
                                                                     or similar to the equipment used in the 2006 World Eques-
        The World University Equestrian Championship 2012            trian Games or the CHIO Aachen.
      would be for men and women in mixed teams. The disci-
      plines will be dressage and show jumping in which every          The championship will take place in the „Deutsche
      participant has to compete.                                    Bank Dressage Stadium“ at the CHIO area of the ALRV
                                                                     (Aachen Laurensberger Rennverein). This Stadium
                                                                     accommodates roofed seats for 4.500 people. The arena
                                                                     that was constructed in 1999 provides excellent acoustics
                                                                     and can be illuminated impressively.

                                                                       In addition to the Stadium there will be stables, two
                                                                     additional riding halls, and a restaurant. The home of the
                                                                     “World Equestrian Games Aachen 2006” offers an impres-
                                                                     sive background for this event. The sport facilities and all
                                                                     accommodation sites are located within the city borders.
                                                                     Transport from the accommodation to the sport facilities
                                                                     and back will be provided.

                                                                       200    Participants (120 athletes, 80 officials) from 30

         ■ The dressage stadium in the Aachen Soers                    10     Officials and judges

                                                                       20     VIP

                                                                       800    Spectators

                                                                     Temporarily Timetable
                                                                       07.08.2012      Arrival of the participants

                                                                       08.08.2012      First rounds

                                                                       09.08.2012      First rounds

                                                                       10.08.2012      Cultural programme for officials and

                                                                       11.08.2012      Quarter and half finals

                                                                       12.08.2012      Finals

         ■ Show jumping in the Aachen Soers

10   WUEC AAChEn 2012
                                                                                                   Detailed Information

Accommodation and Catering
  Aachen offers a wide range of hotels, hostels and guest-     Airports
houses in every price category near the sport facilities and
all over the city. The accommodation for all participants
will be provided according to the FISU rules. We are in          Airports are situated close by:
negotiation with the reconstructed and modern „Youth
Hostel Aachen“ (           Airport Maastricht / Aachen          35 km
land/aachen/index.shtml.en?m) for the athletes and the
four stars hotel „Holiday Inn“ (http://www.aachen-hi-ho-         Airport Cologne / Bonn               85 km for the FISU and VIP in the
direct neighbourhood of the competition venues.                  Airport Dusseldorf                   90 km

                                                                 Airport Brussels                    143 km

                                                                 Airport Liege                        50 km

                                                                 Airport Eindhoven                    85 km

                                                                  ■ Overview of the airports close to Aachen
   ■ The Elisen-Fountain in Aachen downtown
All meals will be delivered by one of the professional
catering services in Aachen. Breakfast (as far as its not        Aachen is the first German city connected to the French
included in the accommodation), lunch and dinner (if its       highspeed net, thus the travel time to Paris by train is less
not part of one of the evening events) will be served in       than 3 hours. The German national railway brings its pas-
the restaurant situated at the venue. Opening and closing      sengers from international central stations within a short
times will depend on the daily program, but meals will be      time. A seamless connection is ensured.
available all day. Vegetarian and pork less meals in respect
of culture, religion and vegetarianism will be also provi-
ded. It will be possible to make a special arrangement for
delegates, judges and FISU representatives.
                                                                  Collaboration with the public transport company to
Transportation                                                 provide sufficient buses for competitors and officials for
                                                               the local transport between accommodation, sport facili-
  Aachen is located at the intersection of four major motor-   ties and evening events is intended. Cooperation with nati-
way routes. Brussels, Dusseldorf, Eindhoven and Cologne        onal automobile companies and local dealers will provide
can all be reached within an hour.                             cars and small buses for the transport of delegates, judges,
                                                               referees and representatives.
  Within a 70km radius there are the international airports
of Dusseldorf, Cologne/Bonn and Maastricht/Aachen with           All local transport during the championship will be
a direct speed train connection to Aachen from the central     provided for free and follow the FISU Minimum Require-
train stations. In addition to that, there is a direct speed   ments. A free Airport pick-up-service will also be provi-
train connection from Paris and Brussels to Aachen.            ded.

                                                                                            WUEC AAChEn 2012                   11
     Detail Information

      Medical Services and Doping Control                            Press, Radio and Television
        Aachen comes with a tight medical network of ambu-             Collaboration with the public broadcasting company for
      lances and hospitals including First Aid services and          West Germany, the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk), and
      helicopter rescue. At the sport facilities will always be an   a national and international communication will be cove-
      ambulance team with direct connection to hospitals close-      red. The WDR Aachen can broadcast the championship in
      by and the option to request more help if necessary. Prior     radio and television locally. In addition to that, there are
      consultation of the organizing committee with the medical      private radio stations who can broadcast the championship
      services will ensure a sufficient medical assistance of the    in the local radio.
                                                                       Local press and national specialized press will be infor-
                                                                     med and invited to the championship. The university and
                                                                     university related press as well as the university radios of
                                                                     the collaborating universities (Cologne, Bonn and Dussel-
                                                                     dorf) will inform the collegiate target group within the

         ■ Deutsche Bank Stadium

         adh will be in charge of doping control. All necessary
      measures will be taken according to current standards of
      the German Anti-Dpoing Agency (NADA) executed by
      certified personnel. The testing laboratory will be chosen
      by NADA officials prior to the event. Full size anti-doping
      measures for international championships are prerequi-
      sites for public funding.

        A close collaboration with the local Equestrian Sport
      Federation Rhineland, who is liable for doping controls
      of riding competitions within the Rhineland, will ensure
      correct doping controls in accordance to the regulations.

         The security system will be adequate to international
      standards. Competitors and officials will receive persona-
      lized ID-cards. The access will be controlled by a profes-
      sional security service.

        The Organization team will have a tight collaboration
      with the responsible authorities of the city. They know all
      security relevant questions in and around the areas and
      they are used to mass events like the “CHIO Aachen” or
      the “World Equestrian Games”.                                     ■ Isabell Werth

12   WUEC AAChEn 2012
                                                                                               Detail Information

Promotion                                                   Cultural Programme
   All German University Sport Departments will be invi-      Part of the programme will be a cultural day without
ted to maintain the tradition of the Aachener Soers with    competitions to provide the participants an insight into
its connection between sport and culture. Students from     Aachen and other places of interest in guided tours. There
all over Germany and the neighboring countries will expe-   will be evening events every day including a ball with a
rience this event with the participants.                    gala diner and show program. Between the competitions
                                                            we will have an accompanying programme for visitors and
                                                            participants. The organizing team intends to win some
                                                            well known characters of Germany’s riding world for this
                                                            accompanying programme.

   ■ City hall of Aachen

Information Technology and Communica-
The IT and communication standards of the event will be
according to FISU regulations.                                 ■ Emperor Karl with the European flag

                                                                                        WUEC AAChEn 2012                 13
     Competition Area

        ■ Competition Area

14   WUEC AAChEn 2012
    Competition Area

WUEC AAChEn 2012       15
MQuellennachweis Fotos
 Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V. : Bilder Seite 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 14,15

 Aachen Tourist Service e. V.: Bilder Seite 5, 7, 11, 13

 Hochschulsportzentrum der RWTH Aachen: Bilder Seite 8, 9