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       Advanced Technologies for Water Resource Management
                                  Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Subject area: Climate Change - Carbon Management

Title: ER2.8 – Design and introduction of a carbon management system to Northern Ireland Water

General information: The successful candidate will join the Marie Curie ITN project, ATWARM. ATWARM
will employ 16 researchers to conduct research into specific topics related to water resource
management - for enhancing the performance and sustainability of water and wastewater treatment
plants and for improving the quality of surface and ground water.
The ultimate aim of the project is delivery of advanced multidisciplinary skills training to young
researchers at the beginning of their careers.

Project Description: As a result of the UK climate change bill and other global legislative impacts, NI
Water, the largest energy user in N Ireland, is committed to establishing a policy and strategy for carbon
management as part of its corporate responsibility for climate change. This project will provide
recommendations for accounting for carbon emissions, cost benefit analysis on embedded carbon,
delivery of systems for live data collection. A carbon management tool and methodology will be
developed. This 24 month project will be based at NI Water, Belfast.

Benefits: The successful candidate will develop enhanced business management skills for energy
management and through participation in strategic policy meetings will generally develop improved
communication skills. The researcher will be part of an international research network.

Education: PhD (Engineering, Environmental Science) or more than 4 years research experience to
include relevant experience in the field of carbon management.

Skills: Analytical and interdisciplinary thinking; good communication skills; ability to problem solve.
Good English language, reading, writing skills.

Annual allowance: €57876.00 per annum (subject to NI contributions) plus a monthly mobility
allowance of at least €500. Salary will be paid in £ sterling.

Application procedure: Email CV to, quoting reference ATWARM ER2.8

Closing date for applications: 22nd October 2010

According to Marie Curie mobility rules, UK nationals or researchers who have worked for more than 12
months of the last 3 years in the UK need not apply.

                                Marie Curie Initial Training Network

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