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					    Smart Grid

Now & The Future

           Ervin Taylor
           Regional Account Manager
           Milsoft Utility Solutions, Inc.
What Is Smart Grid

 • The Term Means Something Different to
   Every Person
 • Continues To Be Defined
 • For the Utility
    – Real Time Two Way Communications / Monitor &
      Control What is Occurring On The System
 • For The Customer
    – Real Time Energy Usage Control
Smart Grid Objectives

 • Less Need to Construct New Generation,
   Transmission, & Distribution Facilities
 • Grid Operational Efficiencies
 • Mitigate Climate Change
 • Deployment of Distributed Generation &
   Renewable Generation
 • Customer Service Reliability
 • Customer Power Quality
Objectives Cont.

 • Relieve Customers Of The Need To Invest
   More Time/Effort To Monitor, Analyze,
   Manage Energy Consumption
 • Give Customers More Control Of Their
   Electricity Costs.
 • Customer Owned Generation
 • Plus Many More
How Long Will It Take

 • There are so many grand objectives for the
   Smart Grid that are nowhere near attainable
   because they require profound institutional
   and regulatory changes in the
   industry. Further, they require an entirely
   unreasonable level of expertise and
   involvement by the individual consumer.
Smart Grid For The Customer

 • Does The Customer Want Smart Grid?
    – Do They Understand?
    – Do They Want Control?
    – Do They Want The Utility To Be Able To Control
      Their Appliances (Big Brother)?
    – Will Their Cost Savings Be Worth The Effort &
Basics For The Utility

 • Two-Way Digital TCP/IP Communications
 • Sensors / Controllers (SCADA, AMR/AMI)
 • Decision Software
    – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    – Outage Management (OMS)
    – Geographic Information System (GIS)

 • The AMR systems that many electric utilities
   have installed or are now installing are also
   obsolete. They are just an electronic means
   of the same old approach to metering and
   billing. They will be replaced with intelligent
   electronic devices that can not only meter
   and communicate, but also analyze and
   automatically manage energy consumption.
AMR / AMI Cont.

 • The Utility Will Need:
    – Two Way Communications
    – True Smart Meters
    – Interval Data
What Is A Smart Meter?

 • A smart meter is an intelligent electronic
   device that can handle automated remote
   metering, on-site energy management
   capabilities, and power quality monitoring.
   Eventually they will need to be able to handle
   distributed generation, supplementary
   functionality like security monitoring,
   appliance monitoring, etc.
Where Is The Smart Meter

 • Several “Limited” Smart Meters are available
 • True Smart Meters: None available
   commercially today, but several companies
   like GridPoint, Tendryl, Comverge, Consert
   and others have beta versions and are doing
   pilot projects around the country.
GIS / System Model
AMI & Outage Management
Real Time Analysis

 •   For Utilities to make the most effective use of these products, they must be interfaced / integrated with
     scores of third party software solutions and other applications including:

      – Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
      – Customer information (and billing) systems (CIS)
      – Automatic Meter Information (AMI) and
        Automated Meter Data Management
      – Work & workforce management
      – New construction staking & field design
      – Field inspection & damage assessment
      – AMR / smart meters
Interfaces - MultiSpeak

 • The MultiSpeak specification is a low-cost
   integration solution for electric utilities and
   their vendors because it does not require
   extensive customization or expensive tools
   such as messaging infrastructure to
 • Software written to the MultiSpeak
   specification offers true “out-of-the-box”
   interoperability, which is vital to electric
   utilities and their vendors.
Useful Websites

 • To See Who Is MultiSpeak Compliant:
          For Utilities
                Product Testing

 • Additional Information / Presentations /
Field & Utility Tools

 Data Management
 • Detailed Circuit Model in the field
Damage Assessment
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