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        Services, Ambulances, Trainings, Equipment

                        » Table of contents
 incentiveMED International AG Portfolio
  2-3       Table of contents
  4-5       Covering letter
  6         About us
  7         Production facilities
  8         Rescue Services
  9         Air Rescue
  10        Air Rescue - Fire fighting
  11        Air Rescue - Bell 212
  12        Air Rescue - Crew/ Maintenance
  13        Waterrescue
  14        Construction Safety
  15-16     Disaster response/ mass casualty
  17        Consulting

  Our operation staff
  19        EEMSP
  20        Flight Paramedic
  21        Instructor
  22        Academy head teacher

  Training Services
  24        Pathway to professionalism in EMS
  25-27     1st Level EMS Qualification
  28-29     2nd Level EMS Qualification
  30-31     3rd Level EMS Qualification
  32-34     4th Level EMS Qualification
  35-36     5th Level EMS Qualification
  37        International certificates
  38-39     Air rescue certificates
  40        Disaster management
  41-44     For hospitals

  46-47     The Rescue Alltrail Van CS Gecco
  48        Specifications of the Gecco
  49-52     Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box
  53-54     Mobile Clinic
  55        Rescue-ATV CS GUARD
  56-57     Fire-ATV CS SCOUT


» incentiveMED International AG services
                     » Table of contents
 Extra Equipment
  59      Ambulance Equipment
  60      My Guaranty
  61      My Guaranty Specifications

  62      Contact


» incentiveMED International AG services
                         » Covering letter

  Dear Ladies and Gentleman

  Thank you very much for your interest on our company and our services.

  Years ago we decided to go a new route. Never before an EMS company has covered
  100% of all areas. We created a network of companies that can handle any request.

  Our company philosophy:

   m    create unique solutions for our customer
   m    provide the best quality for a fair price
   m    provide a 100% service always

  Our benefit is that we can provide the whole package, the ambulance with the equipment
  and the training. Or the Quality management with new software and experts on-site.

  Our company is divided into three areas all working hand in hand:

  m     First; providing Consultancies and Services in the Emergency Medical Services
        Sector. We establish an Ambulance Service on International Standards for Hospitals
        or we can build up an Air rescue system in your country. Bringing German expertise
        to your region to provide best services.

  m     Second; providing trainings state of the art for EMS Personal. We are experienced to
        build up academies, to establish an QM-System, and to train the trainer. If you are
        planning to build up an institute or trainings centre we will accompany you from the
        first minute; we will guide you through all steps.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                         » Covering letter

  m      Third; building special vehicles and ambulances for the needs of international
         Emergency Services. We created unique solutions for difficult environment, and
         ambulances state of the Art. Through the years we have been developing new ideas
         and creating special solutions for our customers.

  We hope that in this presentation you will find all the information you need. Additionally we
  can offer unique and custom solutions. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions
  or details.

  Sincerely yours

  Thorsten Anker


» incentiveMED International AG services
                          » About us

  About us

  incentiveMED International AG is an international operating private limited holding witch is
  present with its substantial services and systems in many countries of the world. All services
  fulfil the highest standards and our appointed is known for professionalism and motivation.

  Even immediately after the founding of incentiveMED International AG, a clear trend was
  evident: In addition to the classic activities in Germany, in the fields of medical and emer-
  gency services, we started to use our experience to build up new EMS-System in other
  countries. Because of our strong holding we are able to cover the EMS field to 100%, to
  provide a whole package was the success for our company.

  Anyone who has acquired decades of experience in rescue services knows exactly what is
  required for patients and can see at a glance whether an Academy has been built by profes-
  sionals, or bolted together with cost-saving in mind. incentiveMED International has the
  necessary know-how.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                          » Production facilities
  Our production facilities are based in different parts of Germany and Europe. Over the years
  we established a network of strong partnerships with other companys. Those allow us to use
  only the best components from the area of medicine technology, car branch as well as
  special partners for unique solutions. This network allows us to design all individual
  customer wishes and to create solutions for new ideas. We continuously design and create
  new parts for our ambulances or for specific needs of our customers. Most of the time we
  create unique ambulances for our customers. Every organization or country has its own
  ideas or regulations.

  Our employees are working for us for a long time. We successively educate them every
  year so they become experts in their field of duty. We send our employees around the world
  to meet the customer, and even to build up new manufacture sites.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                         » Rescue Services
  In every land a well functioning rescue service system is required, a quick and professional
  help avoids follow up costs and shows that a region is state of the art. A good pre hospital
  care can save a lot of money in the long term by potentially avoiding a stay in a hospital,
  and by the better outcome of the patient.

  Our Services:
  Set-up and management of ambulances & rescue corps and air rescue systems in one town
  or a whole region. Building new structures and developing strategies for the region:

  Step 1       Evaluation of the region including hospitals, government officials for e.g.
  Step 2       Sending a team of Instructors for training EMT´s
  Step 3       Bringing in new ambulances from our own production ( base price ), bringing
               in new medical equipment
  Step 4       Installing the quality management system
  Step 5       Sending international paramedics to work on the ambulances with the trained
               EMT´s as a driver.
  Step 6       Run the operation
  Step 7       Integrating our services in the local disaster management
  Step 8       Evaluation of the system for continues improvements

  Optionally we can provide:
   m    Intensive Care Units
   m    Neo-natalogical transports with incubators
   m    Infection transport

  Upon customer wish we can provide an ambulance with female paramedics for
  female patients.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                             » Air Rescue
  Sometimes rescue experts are needed in rough terrain, on the sea or far away from the

  next ambulance station. An injured person needs fast help. For a trauma patient the first

  hour is the most important one (the golden hour of shock). Patients with spinal injuries need

  the comfort of a helicopter for the smooth transport.

  With modern rescue technology and helicopters it is possi-

  ble to travel long distances in a very short time and you've

  got the possibility to fly into non drivable territories.

  incentiveMED International AG analyzes the advantages

  and needs for such systems and deploys them for your


  Our Service:

  m         Deploy an air rescue system

  m         Train the medical staff for a helicopter service

  m         Evaluate the needs and bring the necessary equipment (medical and technical)

  m         We can provide the whole SAR Mission with the helicopter, the crew and the



» incentiveMED International AG services
                           » Air Rescue - Fire fighting
  The service of the incentiveMED International AG includes fire fighting. With one helicopter

  we are able to cover:

   m     Emergency care service

   m     Search and rescue operations

   m     Water rescue

   m     Mountain rescue

   m     Fire fighting from the air

  We are able to provide all of these services with the same helicopter, we only require one

  base to operate from.

  In 2008 we will have 2 helicopters in France, 2 in Portugal and 6 in Spain which are

  dedicated to fire fighting.

  We can equip our helicopters with two different types of fire fighting devices:

                                            m     The bucket: operating on a logline

                                                  with about 1500 litre of water

                                            m     Or with a tank inside of the helicopter

                                                  about 1500 litre of water as well


» incentiveMED International AG services
                          » Air Rescue - Bell 212 for example

  Bell 212

  One of the world's foremost aero medical and air rescue helicop-
  ters, the Bell 212 has significant power, range and lifting capabili-
  ties. The power and role capabilities of the Bell are:

  m   Cruise speed of 230 kph powered by two
      Pratt and Whitney PT6T3B engines (900 HP each)
  m   Range of 800km
  m   Perfect for SAR Mission with a stretcher on board
  m   Transport of one neonatal humidicribs possible
  m   Dual oxygen and suction systems
  m   Rescue hoist with up to 90m cable
  m   1500kg carrying capacity
  m   The use of firebombing bucket is possible
  m   State of the art communication systems
  m   Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation system
  m   Locating equipment for Ultra High Frequency/
      Very High Frequency (UHF/VHF) radiosignals
      and Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
  m   30 million candle power night sun searchlight
  m   Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) observation system
  m   Single pilot Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) - allows to fly
      day and night in most weather conditions

  m   Our medical equipment is always state of the art; we have
      the latest generation of defibrillators, 12 LED ECG, mobile
      ultrasound unit´s and mobile lab units.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                          » Air Rescue - Crew / Maintenance

  Our crew is very experienced in international operations, our philosophy is to train our staff
  as best as possible to provide 100% of performance. Specially in the branch of EMS servi-
  ces a perfect preparation is necessary. Our crew mostly consists of:

  PIC (pilot in command)
  m   Has at least 3500 flying hours
  m   Has nightflight experience
  m   Search and rescue experience
  m   Mountain experience
  m   Longline experience

  m Has at least 1500 flying hours
  m Has nightflight experience
  m Search and rescue experience
  m Mountain experience
  m Longline experience

  All our pilots are very experienced. Most of them come from the German border patrol,
  police and the German Air Force. For quality assurance every 6 months a pilot is tested by
  a special instructor.

  We have 30 company helicopters (mainly Bell medium Helicopters)

  Our mechanics are from Germany, they have the needed licence, experience and skillset,
  we have worked with them for a very long time. Most of the maintenance is done in the
  country. The company has its own licensed maintenance (JAR 145 and CAMO) which
  allows us to do a total overhauls of a helicopter and its parts.

  Reference projects:
  m UN Missions in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tadjikistan, Western Sahara, Pakistan
  m We have helicopters in the following countries: Spain, France, Austria, Portugal,
      Netherlands, Morocco, Finland, Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                          » Waterrescue
  Every year hundreds of tourists around the world
  drown in the sea or pools. The fun entertainment pro-
  gram in and on the water with boots, ships, water-ski,
  jet ski and fun divers increases the risk of accidents
  every year. Every section has its specialists.
  incentiveMED International has sophisticated concepts
  and innovative solutions for the water element.

  Our Service:
   m     Our lifeguards are deployed along the beach and always reachable if there's an
         accident happening in or around the water. They care for a professional medic
         treatment and guide the patient until the ambulance arrives.

   m     Multiple quad teams deployed at tactically chosen places can arrive at nearly every
         point in short time. Equipped with modern rescue material and medical equipment:
         Automatic defibrillators (AED), oxygen, rescue backpack, technical materials and lots
         more. They are all connected to the base by radio and they transmit the GPS position
         for perfect coordination.

   m     Rescue boats with lifeguards are also approachable;
         for example they can rescue swimmers which drifted
         offwards, bring paramedics to the scene of an water

   m     A team of rescue divers is placed with a mobile unit
         on the base in case of an alarm they can prepare
         themselves during the approach. They are equipped
         with the most modern rescue materials.

  In larger regions or on long beaches the installation of a search and rescue helicop-
  ter, with a rescue diver and a paramedic or a lifeguard may be indicated. Specially for
  search and rescue missions a good equipped helicopter is necessary. With a 5000 W
  searchlight and night vision devices a rescue mission can be done at night too.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                          » Construction Safety
  On every big construction site accidents happen, often only one person is injured but

  sometimes a lot more people are involved. The difficult thing on a construction site is to

  reach the patient; he can be on the top of a crane or in a deep hole. incentiveMED

  International AG has international paramedics with an extra education in construction safety.

  Our service:

  m   International construction safety team

  m   Evaluation on big construction sites
  m   Modern rescue vehicle with state of the art equipment

  m   We operate with a mobile clinic on site

  m   First aid training for co-workers

  m   Providing the first aid materials for the construction site

  m   Providing courses on safety issues


» incentiveMED International AG services
                            » Disaster response / mass casualty
  In the last years the number of disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes for e.g. is recei-
  ving more and more attention of the media. The risk of a disaster or a mass casualty situati-
  on is rising, the country or region has to be prepared for great damages and many injured
  people. incentiveMED International AG can help you to be perfectly prepared.

  Our services:

  m   Risk analysis
  m   Evaluation of the needs in the ambulance sector
  m   Special disaster trainings:
         m   Disaster technician: A special training for nurses, EMT´s, paramedics, fire-
             men, police and military units to be prepared for disasters. The training is
             designed especially for the worst case. In three weeks the trainee learns how
             to handle and how to react in case of a mass casualty situation.

         m   Incident commander: Every incident needs a person that is trained in
             leading and coordinating the ambulances and its staff. For this extensive and
             difficult task you need a training especially made for leadership.
             incentiveMED International AG created a new level of education to teach the
             commander how he has to react and organize in case of

         m Technical      trainings:
             m   Hazardous materials preparedness
                 and response
             m   Disaster food service: Handling and
             m   Group crisis intervention
             m   Trench rescue operations: Specific trench
                 operations include ventilation and de-watering procedures, atmospheric
                 monitoring, sheeting and shoring material preparation, support system
                 construction and application for non intersecting trenches, entry operati-
                 ons and patient packaging/ extrication. Additional training is given in
                 risk/ benefit analysis, scene management and equipment selection.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                          » Disaster response/ mass casualty
  m   Vehicle and machinery rescue operations:

      A 40-hour class that teaches personnel how to safely con-

      duct vehicle extrications on passenger vehicles and light

      trucks. This course focuses on scene and patient stabilizati-

      on, vehicle construction types and a variety of hand tool and

      heavy hydraulic tool extrication techniques. Specific extrication opera-

      tions include locating purchase points, removing doors and roofs, dash roll ups,

      Noah's Arc, 3rd door cuts and glass management. Additional training in scene manage-

      ment, equipment selection and team component responsibilities are also conducted.

  m   Ambulances: incentiveMED International AG has concepted ambulances for disaster

      missions. We are able to variant the number of seats and stretchers, choose the

      onboard medical equipment and the style of the ambulance.

  m   Equipment: We have a network of companies operating in the EMS sector; we can

      provide all different kinds of special equipment; generators, tents, defibrillators,

      ventilators or already equipped sets for one topic, technical rescue for example.


» incentiveMED International AG services
                         » Consulting
                                          Unique solutions for unique customers

                                          In every branch of the economy there are possibili-

                                          ties to work with medical issues, you have an air-

                                          plane but need a medical team for patient repatriati-

                                          on, you plan the infrastructure for a region and need

  a risk analysis and so forth. One main part of our company is to provide perfect advice by

  our experts for the customer.

  Our Service:

  m   Evaluation of the infrastructure and the needs for

      an ambulance service

  m   Implementation of quality management

  m   Sending advisers to international missions
  m   Providing experts for different medical solutions

  m   Accompanying controlling

  m   Pre-employment screenings
  m   PTSD and stress debriefing for action forces in

      ambulance corps, fire departments and the police


» incentiveMED International AG services
» Our operational staff
           Qualifications, experience

                         » EEMSP
  The paramedic is the highest education of non-studied medical personal. His knowledge is

  particularly based on pre-hospital medical management with or without a physician by his

  side. The education and experience time frame of our paramedic is at least four years. They

  are trained yearly to be prepared for any situation that may occure.

  Training and education basics:

   m    Paramedic course

   m    ALS, ACLS, EPTLS (trauma management), PALS, certificates
   m    Additional trainings in difficult airway management

   m    ICU training

   m    OT training

   m    ER training

   m    All paramedics speak fluently English

   m    Our staff is experienced in living in other cultures

   m    Any paramedic going to another country will visit a special preparation

        course for that country.

  Projects where our paramedics have made their experiences:

   m    Germany

   m    Ghana

   m    Emirate

   m    Sudan

   m    Swiss

   m    Spain

   m    Luxembourg
   m    Ukraine


» incentiveMED International AG services
                         » Flight Paramedic
  In any HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) mission there are special circumstan-
  ces regarding the aircraft, landscape and weather. Flight Paramedics/HCM have the additio-
  nal knowledge about technical details, navigation, advanced rescue techniques and of cour-
  se profound medical background and the latest emergency medicine details.

  Our flight paramedics have all the skills of a paramedic (see page before) and the fol-
  lowing additional education and training:
   m    Intensive navigation: NDE, VOR, GPS
   m    Meteorology, weather services, weather forecast
   m    Emergency training
   m    Survival techniques, survival training
   m    Radio communication
   m    Checklists, protocols and procedures
   m    Crew resource management

   m    Longline- and winch-missions
   m    Safety guidelines
   m    Cockpit instruments
   m    Rope techniques, rappelling
   m    Disbarking and embarking in hovering aircrafts
   m    In-flight care, in-flight monitoring and assessment
   m    Indication and contraindication for HEMS-transport


» incentiveMED International AG services
                         » Instructor
                                       The incentiveMED international AG always provides

                                       state of the art training. If the ERC or the AHA find new

                                       conclusions it is included in our curriculum shortly there-

                                       after. We know that it is very important to have good

                                       instructors on our team that stay with the company over



   m    Our certified instructors are all paramedics or academic personal

   m    They all have experience of EMS work for a minimum of 3 years

   m    Every year they have to provide additional education for instructors (minimum of 60


   m    Our chief instructor is checking their skills twice

        a year

   m    All instructors speak fluently English

   m    Our staff is experienced in living in other cultures

  Countries where we have been teaching:
   m    Germany

   m    Ghana

   m    Switzerland

   m    Ukraine

   m    Emirate

   m    Sudan (Darfur)
   m    Peru


» incentiveMED International AG services
                         » Academy Head Teacher
  Every academy needs a head teacher (also called principal, headmaster). The person in

  charge who keeps the concept in mind and who is responsible to keep the academy state of

  the art. On every big academy that we establish we have one head teacher in charge. They

  take care of the documentation and they are the contact persons for the government or


  Their education takes about 500 hours and they are particularly trained in:

   m     Adult education, higher education
   m     Planning of education programs

   m     Evaluation of running education

   m     Computer based documentation

   m     Educational psychology

   m     Didactics and methodology

   m     Economic adjustment

   m     Human resources management

   m     Business English

  Reference projects for higher education:
   m     Germany

   m     Ghana

   m     Switzerland

   m     Emirates

   m     Peru


» incentiveMED International AG services
» Training Services
      Training Centre of EMS Care

                         » Pathway to professionalism in EMS
  Pedagogic Support

  During the last years many steps were taken to enhance professionalism in EMS by develo-
  ping qualifications. EMS is now a profession with a promising future. Carefully considered
  strategies and continuous human resource development are needed in order to maintain

  incentiveMED International AG focuses on supporting their partners (public authorities, EMS
  organizations) and students in these specific and crucial tasks. Modelling by excellence
  means learning from professionals who have already reached this aim. Since incentiveMED
  International AG believes in the promising future of EMS and has been engaged in the field of
  prehospital management and education since decades, incentiveMED International AG is an
  ideal partner for education, training and development. “Quality starts with good training” is not
  only a slogan, it's our lifestyle!

  The courses incentiveMED International AG offers, are internationally highly recognized, e.g.
  in Switzerland, Bosnia, Peru, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Sudan, New
  Zealand, Ghana and many more. Since more than 10 years, incentiveMED gGmbH has been
  accredited as a government approved EMS college. incentiveMED gGmbH was the first insti-
  tute to be government approved in the field of certified EMS instructor trainings in 2004.

  incentiveMED's critical care paramedics and flight paramedics are active in Switzerland,
  Ghana, Peru and UAE, providing medical assistance and MEDEVAC for United Nations staff
  in the crisis regions internationally. EMS instructors of incentiveMED train the national ambu-
  lance service of Ghana and support the country in developing EMS.

  In 2007 the incentiveMED EEMS-Paramedic training programm was accredited by the autho-
  rities in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In order to build a flexible health care system, the
  EEMSPs, trained by incentiveMed in Abu Dhabi, are on a level comparable to the head nur-
  ses in ERs or the resuscitation rooms. With this regulation, the government of Abu Dhabi took
  an important step to enhance the emergency medical treatment in the United Arab Emirates.
  Based on this experience, incentiveMED provides customized teaching and training tailored
  to specific needs in all fields of emergency medicine. Highly qualified instructors and trainers
  with a proven track record in international projects guarantee the best available education
  based on the latest standards in medical and educational science.


» Excellence begins with good education
                          » 1st Level EMS Qualification
  Foreword Quality in EMS

  The quality of an EMS-system is not proofed by spectacular missions or by its EMS vehicles,

  the equipment or by the amount of money it costs. Instead in a continuous, good process and

  result quality which is achieved by a good relation of excellent training, equipment, personal and

  costs. Tried and tested strategies which are proven to be useful and recommended by interna-

  tional guidelines are needed to enhance the quality of a regional EMS system.

  incentiveMED provides education and training based on valid guidelines to improve prehospital

  care and the quality of EMS.

  First Aid
  The Basis of Life Support

  Well trained first aid providers are

  the basis for immediate treatment

  in prehospital care. This specific

  program is created especially for

  the requirements of lay persons in

  order to treat both medical and

  trauma patients. After the course the providers should be able and self confident enough to

  recognize situations which are potentially life threatening and manage them by providing proper

  first aid to people in emergency situations. They will be enabled to recover people from dange-

  rous areas and to make a sufficient emergency call to get professional EMS providers to the

  scene as quick as possible. The conception of the course is based on valid international guideli-

  nes (ERC 2005, ILCOR).


» Excellence begins with good education
                          » 1st Level EMS Qualification
  First Aid
  Training Principles

  m   Even first aid is taught by professional EMS instructors.
  m   The course is based on practical instructing rather than lectures.

  First Aid
  Helping Save Lives

  The hypoxia tolerance in "sudden cardiac death" is maximal 3 - 5 minutes. Even the best EMS
  system can reach the scene rarely in this time. The integration of an Early Defibrillation
  Programm is promising and ensures the efficienty and quality of EMS-systems. Police and fire
  engines, caps and also public buildings and skyscrapers can be equipped with semiautomatic
  defibrillators (AED), which can be used by bystanders even without intense training. Together
  with an immediate and automatic alarm of the dispatch centre the life-saving measures of AED
  providers can be assisted by the dispatcher via recommendations by telephone.

                                  Life Saving Procedures (total 8 h)
                                               m   CPR

                                 First Aid Provider (total 16 h)
                                             m CPR
                              m Management of RTA-related patients
                               m Management of common diseases

                                   AED Provider (total 20 h)
                             m CPR + automated external defibrillation
                              m Management of RTA-related patients
                               m Management of common diseases


» Excellence begins with good education
                         » 1st Level EMS Qualification
  First Responder

  The First Responder level is the minimal qualification in a professional EMS and ambulance ser-
  vice. It is prerequisite for EMT- or EEMSP- qualifications. Furthermore first responders can mini-
  mize the time without medical assistance until more advanced units arrive at the scene. First
  responders should be available in industrial areas, construction areas or oil rigs. Other
  emergency response organizations like fire services or police units could use first responders to
  support their missions.

  First Responder
  Curriculum Abstract

                               First Responder Training (60 h)
                            m CPR + automated external defibrillation
                                        m BLS, BTLS
                                   m Mass Casuistic Training

                                      Internship days EMS
                               m First contact to professional EMS
                               m Supervised duty on EMS vehicles
                                m Introduction in EMS equipment

                           First Responder Exam Preparation (10 h)
                                     m Comprehension tests
                                m Follow up anatomy & physiology
                                       m Training scenarios

                                   First Responder Exam (10 h)
                                          m  Written exam
                                          m Practical exam
                                           m Verbal exam


» Excellence begins with good education
                           » 2nd Level EMS Qualification
  Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  Basic EMT Tasks

  EMT´s are the fundament of emergency medical care worldwide. In non-emergency call ambu-
  lances EMT´s are qualified team leaders, in primary EMS missions EMT´s assist the advanced
  medics. In the four-steps-approach of EMS education, the EMT training is mandatory prior to
  EEMS-Paramedic training. Because a standard ambulance (BLS-Unit) is staffed by two basic
  EMT´s the majority of the EMS staff is skilled on basic EMT level.

  EMT´s can provide basic care to all non critical patients, secondary transports and triage sup-
  port. As healthcare providers they can serve in dispatch centres to evaluate emergency calls
  and provide phone aided CPR. EMT's are also the right hand of the critical care paramedic in
  ALS Units.

  In incentiveMEDs educational
  system it is easy to upgrade
  basic EMT´s in additional pro-
  grams to advanced EMT-,
  EEMS-Paramedic- or Critical
  Care Paramedic level.
  The basic EMT course consists
  of different parts, all together
  355 theoretical lessons and 320
  hours of practical training.
  After eight weeks of theoretical training in the EMS academy, the participants will complete four
  weeks of service on an ambulance unit and four weeks internship in a hospital supervised by
  experienced instructors.

  Before the final exam the students will do one week of preparation in the EMS academy.


» Excellence begins with good education
                         » 2nd Level EMS Qualification
  Basic EMT Curriculum Abstract

  m   General view of the health care system
  m   Legal - ethical issues
  m   The human body - anatomy, physiology
  m   Primary and secondary Survey
  m   Basic airway management
  m   CPR + Automated external defibrillation
  m   Basic life support
  m   Basic trauma life support
  m   Basic paediatric life support
  m   Safety guidelines and body substance isolation precautions

                             Theoretical Training (320 lessons)
                             m Includes First Responder Training
                                  m Anatomy & Physiology
                                   m Organizational issues

                                Internship Hospital (160 h)
                                 m Emergency Room (ER)
                                m Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
                                 m Operation Theatre (OR)

                                  Internship EMS (160 h)
                             m First contact to professional EMS
                             m Supervised duty on EMS vehicles
                              m Introduction in EMS equipment

                         Basic EMT Exam Preparation (35 lessons)
                                  m Comprehension tests
                             m Follow up anatomy & physiology
                                   m Training scenarios

                          Basic EMT Exam Preparation (35 lessons)
                                       m Written exam
                                      m Practical exam
                                       m Verbal exam


» Excellence begins with good education
                          » 3rd Level EMS Qualification
  Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  Advanced EMT Tasks
  Advanced EMT Curriculum Abstract

  Dependent on the regional EMS system, advanced EMT´s serve on BLS and ALS units.
  Compared to basic EMTs they are more competent and certified for more advanced medical
  skills. The most obvious difference is the application of certain drugs by advanced EMT´s.

  Advanced EMT´s can provide basic care to all critical patients, do secondary transports and tria-
  ge support. As healthcare providers they can serve in dispatch centres to evaluate emergency
  calls and provide phone aided CPR. Advanced EMT's are also the right hand of the critical care
  paramedic in ALS Units or Mobile Intensive Care Units.
  The advanced EMT course consists of different parts, all together 475 theoretical lessons and
  640 hours of practical training. After eight weeks of theoretical training in the EMS academy, the
  participants will complete four weeks internship in a hospital supervised by experienced instruc-
  tors. Afterwards a second block of theoretical education leads to 12 weeks of supervised field
  training. Prior to the final exam the students will do one week of preparation in the EMS aca-

  In addition to the basic EMT curriculum the advanced programm the following objectives are
  m   Advanced Life Support
  m   Advanced Paediatric Life Support
  m   Advanced Trauma Skills (e.g. thoracocenthesis)
  m   Basic principles of pharmacology
  m   Sedation and Analgesia
  m   Manual Defibrillation
  m   Extrathoracal pacing
  m   Basic principle of rescue techniques


» Excellence begins with good education
                  » 3rd Level EMS Qualification

                      Theoretical Training (320 lessons)
                      m Includes First Responder Training
                            m Anatomy & Physiology
                            m Organizational issues

                            Internship Hospital (160 h)
                             m  Emergency Room (ER)
                             m Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
                             m Operation Theatre (OR)

                      Theoretical Training (120 lessons)
                       m   Basic Principles of pharmacology
                             m Advanced medical skills
                             m Advanced trauma skills

                            Field Training EMS (480 h)
                      m Supervised duty on EMS vehicles
                    m Team leading position on EMS vehicles
                       m Primary and secondary missions

                  Advanced EMT Exam Preparation (35 lessons)
                              mComprehension tests
                       m Follow up anatomy & physiology
                              m Training scenarios

                           Basic EMT Exam (35 lessons)
                                  m  Written exam
                                  m Practical exam
                                   m Verbal exam


» Excellence begins with good education
                          » 4th Level EMS Qualification
  European Paramedic (EEMSP)
  European Paramedic Curriculum Abstract

  More than 10 years ago, the first course of European Emergency Medical Service Paramedics
  (EEMSP) was conducted in Germany. Since then approximately 1000 students graduated after
  3 years of their training. The level EEMS-Paramedic and the further training to Critical Care
  Paramedic is the highest possible, non-academical training in the field of Emergency Medical
  Service. EEMS-Paramedics can be used as emergency medical specialists in all fields of
  ground and air ambulance.

  EEMS-Paramedics provide emergency medical care to critically ill or injured patients, they work
  independently or in a team
  with an emergency physician.
  Furthermore EEMS-
  Paramedics manage mass
  casualties in the function of
  incident commanders. As
  experts in the field of prehos-
  pital care, EEMS Paramedics
  can also be used in emergen-
  cy prevention and the deve-
  lopment of EMS systems.

  The training consists of 13 months of theoretical education in the EMS school, three months
  supervised internship in a hospital, followed by a middle exam. After the successful middle
  exam the students are required to do 11 months of field training in the EMS, including a two
  week further education and recertification course of invasive measures. After the 11 months of
  field training the students are required to do three weeks of exam preparation and the final
  exam. The fulltime course includes the first responder-, basic- and advanced EMT level.


» Excellence begins with good education
                           » 4th Level EMS Qualification
  European Paramedic

  Curriculum Abstract

  m   Health care system

  m   Legal - ethical issues

  m   The human body - detailed anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology

  m   Scene sizeup and scene management

  m   Assessment

  m   ALS, ACLS, EPTLS (trauma management), PALS, difficult airway management

  m   Nosology

  m   Immobilization

  m   Pharmacology

  m   Safety guidelines and body substance isolation precautions

  m   Special considerations: Neonatology, paediatrics, geriatrics, crime scenes

  m   Basic rescue techniques

  m   Basic rope rescue

  m   Communication rules

  m   Hands on: assessment, basic care, monitoring
  m   Hands on: basic skills (IV access, airway management)

  m   ICU training

  m   OT training

  m   ER training


» Excellence begins with good education
                  » 4th Level EMS Qualification
                       EMT Education (710 lessons)
                     m Includes First Responder Training
                       m Basic Anatomy & Physiology
                           m Organizational issues

                     EEMSP Education (1820 lessons)
                     m Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
                    m Advanced medical and trauma skills
                  m Advanced pharmacology and anesthesia

                        Internship Hospital (480 h)
                          m Emergency Room (ER)
                         m Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
                         m Operation Theatre (OR)

                     EESMP Middle Exam (16 lessons)
                            m Written exam
                            m Practical exam
                             m Verbal exam

                       Field Training EMS (1760 h)
                    m Supervised duty on EMS vehicles
                  m Team leading position on EMS vehicles
                     m Primary and secondary missions

                  EEMSP Exam Preparation (105 lessons)
                           m  Comprehension tests
                      m Follow up anatomy & physiology
                             m Training scenarios

                      EEMSP Final Exam (35 lessons)
                               m   Written exam
                               mPractical exam
                               m Verbal exam


» Excellence begins with good education
                         » 5th Level EMS Qualification

 European Critical Care Paramedic (ECCP)

 After graduation, EEMS-Paramedics can be further qualified to Critical Care Paramedics.

 During the hands-on-education, the participants are trained for their special tasks in the field

 of secondary ground- or air-transport (Mobile Intensive Care Units) of critically ill patients. The

 participants acquire advanced medical skills, primary air rescue techniques, needed knowled-

 ge of navigation, international air regulations, meteorology and flight physiology. In order to

 prepare students for their missions in air ambulances, the focus is on the intense practical trai-

 ning in helicopters: debarking, embarking, winch operations, including patient simulation in the

 HEMS cabin.

 Critical Care Paramedics provide mobile intensive care especially on secondary missions.

 They are required for air or ground based interhospital transfer in specialized ambulances.

 Since hospitals are more and more specialized, even critical patients have to be transferred to

 special facilities. For this kind of missions, advanced knowledge in intensive care, mechanical

 ventilation and cardiocirculatory support is necessary. incentiveMED offers this unique course

 tailored on the needs of modern critical care.

 The course is based on the successful graduation of the European Paramedic Degree.

 Additionally, participants observe more than six weeks of theoretical training as well as

 internships at intensive care units and air ambulances (HEMS) before they attend the course



» Excellence begins with good education
                  » 5th Level EMS Qualification

                              Graduated EEMSP
                     m EEMSP as a basis for ECCP courses
                    m Experience in advanced prehospital care
                       m Superior background knowlegde

                       Theoretical training (240 lessons)
                      m Advanced cardiocirculatory support
                       m Advanced procedures in mechanical
                                  m Air rescue

                      Internship Intensive Care Unit (40 h)
                         m Applied care to critical patients
                              m Ventilation strategies
                            m Cardiocirculatory support

                          Air Ambulance Internship (40 h)
                            m Aviation Safety Procedures
                                 m Flight Physiology
                              m Air Rescue Techniques

                             ECCP Exam (14 lessons)
                                  m Written exam
                                 m Practical exam
                                  m Verbal exam


» Excellence begins with good education
                         » International certificates

  Advanced Life Support

  The european resuscitation council has developed an Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider

  course based on ERC guidelines. The ALS course teaches the theory and the practical skills

  required to prevent the early stages of cardiopulmonary arrest on adults.

  The ALS provider course lasts two days and is very intensive. The ERC ALS manual will be

  issued to the participants one month before the course, together with pre-course multiple

  choice question papers. Competence in basic life support is a prerequisite.

  incentiveMED is a certified course centre for Advanced Life Support (ALS). Physicians, nur-

  ses or paramedics can be educated to ALS providers. International certification is valid for 5


                                               ALS Methodology

                                               A promising concept ensures best available trai-

                                               ning and education. The multi-professional

                                               faculty, managed by a certified course director,

                                               is highly qualified. The instructor to student ratio

                                               is 1:3, small learning groups promise effective

                                               adult learning. By the guidance of detailed pre-

                                               course material the course lectures can be shor-

                                               tened to a minimum. Hands on training rather

                                               than endless lectures clearly shows better

                                               results; clinical practise, patient safety and the-

                                               refore cost efficiency improves with a rising

                                               number of ALS providers in a medical facility.


» Excellence begins with good education
                         » Air rescue certificates
  HEMS-Crew-Member (HCM)

  Excellence in Air Rescue

  Rescue Helicopters (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, HEMS) may support the ground

  EMS system. Dependent on the infrastructure, availability of specialized hospitals and topo-

  graphical particularities, HEMS are an important part of the emergency medical service. In

  many cases, civil helicopter emergency service can be provided by military SAR helicopters.

  Since in a HEMS mission special circumstances regarding the aircraft, landscape and weat-

  her need to be considered, HCM need to get additional knowledge about technical details,

  navigation, advanced rescue techniques and of course profound medical background and

  latest emergency medicine updates.

  HEMS-Crew-Member Tasks

  HEMS Crew Members provide both medical and technical expertise in order to guaranty a

  superior air ambulance system. They lead HEMS missions independently or together with

  experienced EMS personnel,

  support captains in navigation

  and radio communication,

  undertake technical air rescue

  procedures or operate win-



» Excellence begins with good education
                          » Air rescue certificates
  Curriculum Abstract

  The course is tailored to qualify EMT´s, paramedics, physicians and HEMS Crew
  Members. Participants study three weeks of theoretical and practical training before they
  attend the course exam.

  m   Crew coordination concept
  m   National and international flight rules, airport regulation, JAR-OPS 3
  m   Intensive navigation: NDE; VOR; GPS...
  m   Meteorology, weather services, weather forecast
  m   Survival techniques, survival training
  m   Radio communication
  m   Checklists, protocols and procedures
  m   Crew resource management
  m   Longline- and winch missions
  m   Safety guidelines

                                    Theoretical education (60 h)
                                     m Navigation, weather, radio
                                         m Flight physiology
                                        m Safety procedures

                                  Practical training (ground) (20 h)
                                          m Basic Rope Rescue
                                           m Safety Equipment
                                           m Winch operations

                                      Practical training (air) (40 h)
                                          Safety procedures
                                 m Embarking and Disbarking from the
                                  m   Flight- and Rescue manoeuvres


» Excellence begins with good education
                          » Disaster management
  Incident Command
  Leading Mass Casualties

  This further qualification enables EEMS

  Paramedics to take command of the management of mass casualty. Incident commanders are
  also members of emergency task forces in disasters.
  Leading tasks in EMS require a specialist in human resource management and in emergency
  medicine. In this course all relevant skills are taught to lead difficult EMS missions. Specific
  objectives are leadership, human resources, medical and tactical incident management, disaster
  medicine, specific dangers at the scene, hazardous material, rescue techniques and strategies,
  crisis management and debriefing.

  By paper-pencil-scenarios, virtual mass casualties and demonstrations the students are
  thoroughly prepared for disaster management.

                               Theoretical education (110 lessons)
                                 m Leadership, human resources
                                 m Tactical incident management
                                     m Laws and regulations

                                  Practical training (44 lessons)
                                     m Virtual Mass Casualties
                                    m Mass Casualty Simulation

                                          Exam (6 lessons)
                                           mWritten Exam
                                           m Verbal Exam


» Excellence begins with good education
                          » For hospitals
  Emergency Response Courses


  "Cardiac arrest in patients in unmonitored ward areas is not usually a sudden unpredictable
  event, nor is it usually caused by primary cardiac disease. These patients often have slow and
  progressive physiological deterioration, involving hypoxia and hypotension, that is unnoticed by
  staff, or is recognised but poorly treated."
  ... so a quotation of Nolan JP et al in the European Resuscitation ALS guidelines 2005.
  To reduce mortality and morbidity of in-hospital emergencies, incentiveMED provides continuous
  medical education for all sections of hospital staff. From nursing students to senior physicians -
  a customized Emergency Response Programm imparts best clinical knowledge, taught by emer-
  gency medicine specialists in a proper adult-teaching attitude.

  Emergency Response
  Potential Curriculum

  Emergency Response Programmes usually last 8 or 16 hours, potential learning objectives are:
  m   Early recognition of deterioration
  m   Structured emergency assessment
  m   In-hospital cardiac arrest management
  m   Difficult airway management
  m   Emergency treatment of disrhythmias
  m   In-hospital pathways
  m   Standard protocols in the resuscitation room
  m   Advanced life support
  m   Advanced paediatric life support
  m   Newborn life support
  m   ... and many others more...


» Excellence begins with good education
                            » For hospitals
  Crisis Resource Management
  In-hospital patient simulation

                                                 In complex working systems like emergency medici-

                                                 ne decisions have to be made under conditions of

                                                 uncertainty and time pressure. Working in multi-pro-

                                                 fessional teams requires coordination and communi-

                                                 cation skills which are not taught in medical school.

                                                 Up to 70% of all errors can be attributed to human

                                                 factors. It is time to acknowledge this and to adopt

                                                strategies to prevent those human errors that harm

                                                patients. One way of reducing human factor errors is

                                                the CRM (Crisis Resource Management) concept.

                                                Crisis Resource Management (CRM) was introduced

                                                in aviation and has proved successful in many other

  industries. Gaba and colleagues transferred an adapted CRM to medicine and called it

  Anaesthesia Crisis Resource Management. CRM

  aims to coordinate, utilise and apply all available

  resources to optimise patient safety and outcomes.

  Resources include all people involved with all their

  skills, abilities and attitudes - as well as their limita-

  tions, in addition to equipment. CRM begins before

  the crisis. All the principles that help in dealing with an acute crisis also help to avoid the cri-

  sis in the first place.

  CRM is about capturing errors as soon as possible and minimizing the negative consequen-

  ces of errors which have already occurred.


» Excellence begins with good education
                          » For hospitals
  CRM Philosophy
  incentiveMED provides customized courses to apply CRM in emergency medicine. In practice
  patient simulation is an excellent tool. Not only hard skills like difficult airway management or
  trauma procedures can be practised on a high fidelity simulator, but also soft skills like decision
  making, team leading and communication. Video supported debriefing helps to learn from errors
  and avoid them in clinical practice.

                                       CRM lecture (45 min)
                                     m Communication models
                                     m Team leading strategies
                                   m Management of fixation errors

                              Introduction in patient simulation (15 min)
                                    m   Fullscale high fidelity simulator
                                          m Chances of simulation
                                         m Limitations of simulation

                                        Scenario 1-6 (each 15 min)
                                         m Cardiac arrest scenarios
                                        m Critical incident scenarios
                                         m Maltreatment scenarios

                                   Debriefing 1-6 (each 20 min)
                              m Structured, video supported debriefing
                                       m Positive error culture
                            m Verbalization of individual learning objectives

                                       Final discussion (45 min)
                                    m Summary of learning outcomes
                           m Verbalization of global learning objectives for the future
                                          m   Confidential agreement


» Excellence begins with good education
                         » For hospitals
  Standard Operation Procedures
  Development & Implementation

  Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) are an appropriate way to improve operational procedu-
  res and therefore process quality in all fields of in-hospital and prehospital emergency medici-
  ne. When it comes to human resources, the application of standardized procedures simplifies
  the management of critical incidents. Teamwork improves because anticipatory actions may
  reduce stress within an incident response team.

  Although internationally recognized procedures exist for certain situations, the majority of pro-
  cedures need to be controlled by local or regional protocols. incentiveMED provides professio-
  nal support in writing applicable SOP, based on best available evidence.

                                  m Evaluation of existing protocols
                                   m Evaluation of special needs
                                         m Error detection

                                 Establishing a board of advisors
                                            m Physicians
                                   m Nurses / EMTs / paramedics
                                           m Educators

                                         Proposal of SOP
                         m Introduction of new SOP to the board of advisors
                                            m Discussion
                                             m Adaption

                                       Accreditation of SOP
                             m   Accreditation by the board of advisors
                         m Integration of SOP in the quality management system
                             m   Reevaluation, continuous improvement

» Excellence begins with good education
       » Ambulances
          Services, Ambulances, Trainings, Equipment

We can use every vehicle
as base, for example:

                        » The Rescue Alltrail Van CS Gecco

  The   smallest and most agile rescue vehicle in the World -
                                           the Rescue Alltrail

  Van CS Gecco.
  Rescue Alltrail Van and Rescue-ATV - The ultimate rescue vehicles for
  rough terrain.

  The Rescue Alltrail Van is not only a fully equipped ambulance but it can also achieve more
  than its bigger brothers. On rough terrain it really shows what it has got - making rescue
  operations in hard-to-access and remote areas possible for the first time.
  With off-road capabilities like an ATV it conveys its crew and patient quickly and safely.

  The following equipment makes the Rescue Alltrail Van the best off-road rescue vehicle in
  the World:

  m     engageable four-wheel drive with interlock
  m     raised, strengthened chassis
  m     strengthened steering
  m     special tyres
  m     floor pan strengthened by means of a double floor
  m     front and rear bumpers
  m     independent front suspension and a rigid rear axle


» The Rescue Alltrail Van CS Gecco
                          » The Rescue Alltrail Van CS Gecco

  Because of its size it is outstanding at getting through even narrow, low alleyways and
  passages. Thanks to an integrated, remote-controllable and mobile winch for front and rear,
  recovery operations are also possible.

  In the Rescue Alltrail Van patients can be transported in both a lying and upright position. In
  total it provides sufficient space for three crew members and one patient. A high-perfor-
  mance cooling system and a roof-mounted air-conditioning system enable rescue operati-
  ons even under extreme climatic conditions.

  Integrated lockers and a roof rail with roof rack provide enough storage space not only for
  medical equipment and materials, but also for operations over extended periods and dis-

  Additional technical specifications:

  m     Energy-efficient LED interior lighting
  m     High-performance gel battery with extraneous mains power supply and charging unit
  m     Strengthened wiring harness
  m     Regulated catalytic converter


» The Rescue Alltrail Van CS Gecco
                         » Specifications of the Gecco

  In the last years the incentiveMED International AG has started to sell their our own ambu-

  lances. Because of our experience in hot environment in the Emirates we designed our own


  The ambulances for Egypt have the following specifications:

  m Cubic capacity                 1300ccm

  m Maximum speed                  130km/h

  m Gear                           5 gears

  m Power                          63HP

  m Brakesystem                    front: disc brake

                                   rear: drum brake

  m Tank                           35L

  m Ground clearance               26cm

  m Load capacity                  750kg

  m Mass                           length:       350cm

                                   width:        140cm

                                   height:       190cm


» The Rescue Alltrail Van CS Gecco
                      » Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box
  Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Transporter 318 CDI 3,5 t

  m Model                             Sprinter

  m Configuration                     Transporter

  m Maximum Weight                    3,5 t

  m Interior Room Height              1940 mm

  m Whelldrive                        3665 mm

  m Store Lenght                      3265 mm

  m Fuel                              Diesel

  m Maximum Power                     135 kW (184 PS)

  m Varnish                           arkticwhite

  m Cushion                           Cloth 'Brasao' black


» Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box
                         » Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box

  m Axle drive ratio i = 3,923         m   Power Steering

  m Duo-Servo-Handbrake back           m   Braking Assistant (BAS)

  m Electronic Stability Program ESP   m   Brakes Hydr. 2-Circl.

  m Brakes with ABS, ASR und EBV

  m Platebrakes on VA u. HA

  m Shock Absorber rear Axle

  m Hubcab

  m Parabelabsorber in the back

  m Transverse lead spring front

  m Summer Tyres

  m Tyres 235/65 R16 C

  m Steel Rim 6,5 J x 16


» Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box
                        » Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box
  Interior Equipment, Climatization                Engine EURO 4

  m Drivers seat adjustable                        m     Engine OM 642 DE30 LA 135 KW

  m Armrest for drivers seat                             (184 PS) 3800/min

  m Passenger seat adjustable                      m     Dieselfilter

  m Armrest for passenger seat                     m     Manual Gearbox 6-Gear NSG 400

  m Driver Airbag                                  m     Tank 100 liters

  m Seatbelt tensioner for driver and passengers
                                                   Radio, Instruments and Electrics
  m 3-Point-Automatic-Seatbelt
                                                   m     Electricity 12 V / Starter 12 V
  m Headrest adjustable for drivers seat
                                                   m     Combi-Instruments English.
  m Headrest adjustable for passenger seat
                                                   m     Cyclometer electric
  m Filing surfaces over the instruments
                                                   m     Diagnosis-Plugin
  m Filing over windscreen
                                                   m     Warning lights for water, controls for
  m Glovecase lockable
                                                   m     Maintenance System 'ASSYST'
                                                   m     Tachometer miles
                                                   m     Electric windows
                                                   m     2 x Anti-theft device


» Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box
                         » Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box

  Completion of the interior

  Basic removal to the sprinter high-level roof,

  3665 mms of hollow cavity sealing in the vehi-

  cle inside walls, decks, side sliding door and

  rear door inside. The isolation of the complete

  side walls, covers, side sliding door and rear

  door with mineral wool, type KD, strength: 40

  mms. Inner walls and decks with 1.5 mms of

  aluminium. Disguising of the inner walls /

  cover, sides and rear door with white, easy-

  care ABS disguising, strength:

  approx. 3 mms. The disguise is mounted with

  polished H rails of aluminium. Pat. space base

  plate from a water resistant 10-mm-thick ply-

  wood record of the type AW 100 with extreme waterproof qualities. Points headrest and col-

  lision upholsterer about side and rear door, upholsterer colour with seat colour correspon-

  dence. Delivery and assembly of a partition from MDF, strength: 17 mms. Delivery and

  assembly of a partition window with sliding function from thermal hardened glass. Delivery

  and assembly of six power-saving, in the cover sunk transistor lights to 22 watts. Switchable

  about central operating unity in the sick person's space. Delivery and assembly of a type

  sign Einhorn. Special colours (to holding brackets, upholsterer etc.) in the following colours

  cover available: blue - red - dust - grey.


» Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Box
                       » Mobile Clinic
  Mercedes - Benz Sprinter Box 3.5 t
  Power transmission

  m Drive type               rear wheel drive, 4-wheel drive on request

  m Gearbox                  manual gearbox, automatic gearbox on request

  Dimensions (mm)            Length    Width      Height

  m External dimensions      6,100     2,050      2,710

  m Internal dimensions      4,460     1,980      1,950

  Weight (kg)

  m Curb weight              2,853

  m Possible load            647


» Mobile Clinic
                  » Mobile Clinic

                  An incentiveMED highlight is the
                  pull-out pharmacy cabinet, together
                  with the lockable drug chest. The
                  other cupboards and drawers offer
                  enough space.

                  The ceiling mounted supply center
                  provides connections for syringe
                  pump, mounted infusion bottles.
                  A small patient light is also included.

                  One of the great things inside of an
                  incentiveMED ambulance is that we
                  have so much space around the pati-
                  ent, perfectly for intensive care.

                                            All our ambulance cars have a hydraulic stret-
                                            cher system holding the stretcher to meet the
                                            individual requirements of the patient. It is per-
                                            fect for heavy roads. The patient is always in a
                                            stable position. All the vibrations are filtered
                                            out so even a patient with a spinal injury can
                                            be transported safely.


» Mobile Clinic
                        » Rescue-ATV CS GUARD
                                                        m extremely versatile
                                                        m fast and tough
                                                        m 2 persons crew
                                                        m all-terrain capable with high ground

                                                        According to your needs (e.g. mountain-,
                                                               beach- or street-rescue, rallye or
                                                                    event support...) the suitable
                                                                       basic vehicle is going to be
 Many years of experience ena-
 ble us to guarantee perfect func-
 tionality and safety, making sure
 your requirements are going to be
 met in every detail.

 Technical Specifications
 Crew                   1+1
 Vehicle                Can Am 650 MAX
 Cylinder capacity      650 ccm
 Fuel delivery          EFI electronic fuel injection
 Power                  55 HP V-TWIN, 60 Nm/6000
 Drive system           reversable 2x4/4x4 incl. visco-lok
 LxWxH                  2380 mm x 1300 mm x 1850 mm
 Fuel capacity          20L
 Maximum weight         700 kg
 Chassis                coilovers (adjustable suspension)
 Suspension             independant suspension all wheels
 Wheels                 special all-terrain tires
 Frame                  end-to-end SST-frame
 D.E.S.S.               Digitaly Encoded Security System


                            » Fire-ATV CS SCOUT

                                    Pathless terrain, tight alleys, stairs, stadiums, narrow
                                    driveways in factories and storehouses or a traffic jam
                                    on the motorway: No obstacles for the Fire-ATV Scout.
                                    Faster on the spot, immediately ready (no setup-time!)
             Winch kit
       incl. remote control         and sufficient extinguishing agent. In an emergency
  towing capacity abt. 1350 kg      every second is precious to confine the fire.

  Surrounding field lighting                                  Streetsignal-System
        with xenon-worklights,                                4 LED-satellites
   extractable to 2.5 m height                                incl. charging device

        Fire-Water tank
 95 I for abt. 800 I foam

                                                         Special tires
                                                         for all-terrain


                         » Fire-ATV CS SCOUT
 Technical Specifications

 Crew                           1+1
 Vehicle                        Can Am 650 MAX
 Cylinder capacity              650 ccm
 Fuel delivery                  EFI electronic fuel injection
 Power                          55 HP V-TWIN, 60 Nm/6000
 Drive system                   reversable 2x4/4x4 incl. visco-lok
 LxWxH                          2380 mm x 1300 mm x 1850 mm
 Fuel capacity                  20L
 Maximum weight                 700 kg
 Chassis                        coilovers (adjustable suspension)
 Suspension                     independant suspension all wheels
 Wheels                         special all-terrain tires
 Frame                          end-to-end SST-frame
 D.E.S.S.                       Digitaly Encoded Security System

 Special Equipment and Construction variable and expandable according to our custo-
 mer's requirements.

 Hydraulic Combi-Tool
                                                                     front-LED-flasher and
     Weber SPS 250 H
                                                                     LED-lightbar siren
 glas-Ex, center-punch, res-                                         Pneumatic Foam Extinguisher
      cue blade, rescue foil,                                        Gimaex-Schmitz ONE SEVEN
   adhesive tape disperser,                                          300 T reversable wet/dry foam
             safety goggles                                          incl. quick-release hose
                                                                     (length: 15 m), oxygen cylinder,
 Portable Worklight incl.
                                                                     substitute cylinder
          charging device

                                        Towing-Hitch tow ball,
                                        connector 7- or 13- pin
                                     towing capacity up to 2000 kg

» Extra Equipment

                            » Ambulance Equipment

For all ambulances we provide medical equipment package containing:

m       Emergency back pack (International EN Norm)
m       Emergency back pack pediatric
m       Defibrillator with Monitor (ECG) with car fixation including energy supply
m       Pulsoxymeter,
m       Blood sugar test device
m       Artifical respirator with car fixation including energy supply
m       Sunction unit with car fixation including energy supply
m       Backboard incl. head immobilizer
m       Splints
m       KED System
m       Stifnec select
m       Including the stretcher

The Ambulance and the back packs are equipped with all consumable material

required by norm and even more.

The ambulance is then equipped according to international standards, and ready to ope-



» incentiveMED International AG services
                         » My Guaranty

  “My Guaranty”
  High Performance High Sensitivity GPS Smart
  Personal Tracker

  My Guaranty is a small and powerful GPS, GSM/GPRS tracking device that is designed
  for personal remotepositioning and emergency reporting. SPT100 is suitable for many
  applications such as human body or vehicle security etc. instantly locate and report your
  position by using GPS, SMS/ GPRS solution, threequick dial keys for emergency calls,
  and one panicbutton for emergency alarm, My Guaranty is your best choice for remote
  positioning and security companion.

  SPECIFICATION                                    FUNCTIONALITY

  m   GSM 850/900/1800/1900                        m   Get current location
  m   GPRS class 10, TCP/UDP                       m   Tracking (by time interval, distance
  m   GPS 20 channels “All-In-View” tracking           interval or smart mode)
  m   Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 42/38/1 sec.       m   Journey logging up to 100,000 + locations
  m   Superior sensitivity: -159dBm tracking       m   Emergency alarm
  m   Built-in rechargeable 1100mA/h Lition        m   Emergency calls
      battery                                      m   Geo-fencing control
  m   Built-in 4MB Flash Memory for data log-      m   Battery power low alarm
      ger                                          m   Power management
  m   Built-in speaker and microphone              m   Motion alarm
  m   Built-in 3D G sensor for power manage-       m   Voice communication
      ment                                         m   Voice wiretapping
  m   128 x 64 LCD display (with back-light        m   User report alarm
      function)                                    m   GSM/GPRS simultaneously
  m   Ultra low power consumption: GPS/GSM         m   Firmware upgrading remotely
      stand by time up to 60 hours                 m   Unit password setting
  m   Mini USB port for charging and data          m   SIM Pin Code setting


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                          » My Guaranty Specifications

  GPS Features                                      Dynamic Conditions

  C/A Code     1.023MHz chip rate                   Altitude              <18,000m (60,000 feet)
  Frequency L1, 1575.42MHz                          Velocity              <515m/s (1000 knots)
  Chipset      SiRF Star III                        Acceleration          <4G
  Channels     20 channels                          Motional Jerk         20m/sec max.
  Antenna (Internal) Built-in low noise

  GPS Sensitivity                                   GPS Time to First Fix (TTFF)

  To – 159dBm Tracking, Superior Urban Canyon       Cold Start            42 sec, average
  Performance                                       Warm Start            38 sec, average
                                                    Hot Start             1sec, average
  Interface                                         Reacquisition         0.1sec

  GPS Protocol: Default: NMEA-0183GGA, GSA,
  GSV, MC, VTG                                      GPS Accuracy
  Data bit: 8, stop bit: 1(Default)
  GSM 850/900/1800/1900                             Position        5 – 25m CEP without SA
  GPRS class 10, TCP/UDP                            Velocity        0.1m/sec, without SA
  Mini-USB for charging and data exchanging         Time            1µs synchronized to GPS time

  Environmental Characteristics
                                                    Device Size and Weight
  Operating Temperature  - 20°C to + 60°C
  Humidity    5% to 95% non-condensing              79.05 (L) X 51.30 (W) X 25.90 (H) mm
                                                    3.11 (L) X 2.02 (W) X 1.02 (H) inch
  Power                                             81g (battery included)

  Built-in rechargeable
  1100mAh Lition battery <75mA                      Mode Selection

  Operation Current                                 1. Normal mode
  (GSM/GPS/LCD/G-sensor “ON”)                       2. GPS status mode
                                                    3. Phone call Dialing mode
  Operation Time
  (GSM/GPS/LCD/G-sensor “ON”) 15hrs,fully charged

  Charging time
  3.0hrs. (Typical)


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