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									                                                                 Ro/Ro-Container HazMat

                                                                                          The Ro/Ro-Container HazMat will be used for the
                                                                                          environmental protection and provides equipment
                                                                                          that is necessary for realising immediate measure-
                                                                                          ments at accidents with dangerous substances and
                                                                                          goods like acid or mineral oil accidents.
                                                                                          The sides of the Ro/Ro-Container HazMat are closed
                                                                                          by 1 upper and lower wall, each in the rear area. The
                                                                                          lower walls are simultaneously designed as loading
                                                                                          platform. Both front equipment compartments are
                                                                                          closed by 1 shutter, each. The Ro/Ro-Container will
                                                                                          be delivered with rear cell.
                                                                                          It has sufficient space and weight reserves for
                                                                                          storing the whole wished loading according to
                                                                                          standard and additional loading according to local

                                                                 Ro/Ro-Container HazMat

                                                                                          Parcelled loading
                                                                                          We developed a completely new parcelled
                                                                                          construction concept for this Ro/Ro-Container. The
                                                                                          Ro/Ro-Container can be equipped for the different
                                                                                          tasks by few movements only.
                                                                                          The basic equipment which will be needed for
Product information - Ro/Ro-Container HazMat - 2008-04-28 - EN

                                                                                          almost every operation and which is simultaneously
                                                                                          easy to transport (i. e. shutting-off material,
                                                                                          respirators, all measuring and medical instruments,
                                                                                          light tools, extinguishers, portable searchlights) and
                                                                                          the equipment which cannot be stored on trolleys
                                                                                          due to their dimensions will be stored in durable

    Body                                                         Equipment compartment closures
    The Ro/Ro-Container‘s body consists of torsion-free          Both front equipment compartments of the Ro/Ro-
    steel square pipes. The aluminium coating of the             Container HazMat are closed by 1 shutter, each on
    body frame guarantees corrosion-resistance.                  the right and on the left hand side.
    Separation of the technical equipment                        The sides in the rear area, left and right, are closed
    The technical equipment like pumps, hoses,                   by 1 upper and lower wall, each. Gas springs facili-
    shutting-off material etc. is stored in the equipment        tate the opening of the flaps and they also avoid an
    compartments. These can be accessed from the                 accidentially closing when the flaps are open.

    Equipment compartments                                       Equipment compartment with shutter closure

    The personal equipment as well as the breathing
    protection equipment, the measuring equipment
    and the walkie talkies as well as the gastight suits
    will be stored in a rear cell that is accessible by a rear

                                                                 The lower walls are simultaneously designed as
                                                                 loading walls which offer the following advantages:

                                                                 · a notch-free passage between equipment
                                                                   compartment floor and loading wall is possible
                                                                   when lower walls are folded down
    Rear view
                                                                 · an edgeless passage between ground and
                                                                   loading wall is guaranteed
    This arrangement offers the following
                                                                 · easy loading and unloading of the trolleys
                                                                 · the coating of the loading wall will be protected
    · the crew can change clothes in the rear area.                by a stainless steel profile against damages.
    · weather protection by rear flap with the possibi-          · the loading walls will be pneumatically damped
      lity to hook in a rear tent as additional weather            by gas springs when opening and closing.
      and sight protection.
                                                                 · the upper walls can also be used as weather
    · the personal equipment will widely by protected              protection when they are in opened position
      against aggressive gases and steams.
    · 2 phosphor lights are situated at the lower part of
      the flap for the good lighting of the vehicle‘s rear
Technical design of the interior                          Loading with trolleys in the lateral equipment
The interior fittings of the Ro/Ro-Container will be      compartments
manufactured of the anodized Gimaex aluminium             It is possible to store up to 6 mobile trolleys inside
profiles which enable changes if necessary and            the lateral equipment compartments of the Ro/Ro-
mainly they save weight as a flexible modular             Container. They will be used as mobile storages.
system.                                                   The trolleys are equipped with 2 guide and fixed
The heavy equipment is stored on the equipment            rolls (solide rubber tires, diameter of 200 mm), each
compartment floor and the light equipment is              which allow a moving also on rough ground. If this
stored under the vehicle roof. This way of weight         should be impossible due to a bad road condition,
distribution benefits the position of centre of gravity   the equipment can also be removed and carried to
and facilitates the removal of equipment.                 the operation site as usual.
Mainly we care for a clear separation of the
equipment so that all devices will be stored together
depending on their usage and that they can be used
without delays. Even if various groups are working
together, there will be no opposite obstructions.
Loading lists, compartments, plastic cases and
drawers are sufficiently labelled.

Storage in plastic cases
We use transport and stacking cases made of high
quallity low pressure polyethylene for storing the
equipment. The high stability and the ideal handling      Lateral loading with trolleys

of the cases are offering a safe and cheap storage


                                                          View of a trolley with guide rolls

Storage plastic cases

                                                          The following trolleys will be equipped with:
                                                          · generator,
· plastic cases cannot be damaged by remaining
                                                          · cable drums and lighting devices
  quantities of aggressive substances like
                                                          · HazMat transfer pump and fittings
  aluminium floors
                                                          · peristaltic pump with accessories
· similar devices (like shutting-off devices) can
  be easily and completely transported to the             · set of leaksealing cushions.
  operation site
· the content is protected against contaminations
  at the operation site
· an easy and fast cleaning after the operation is
· the customary cases can cheaply be retrofitted or
                                       The basic equipment which is necessary for almost
                                       any operation and which is simultaneously easy to
                                       transport like shutting-off material, respirators, all
                                       measuring and medical instruments, light tools,
                                       extinguishers and portable searchlights and the
                                       equipment which cannot be stored on mobile
                                       trolleys due to their dimensions will be stored in
                                       durable storages. This concept allows the firefighter
                                       to use his power for rescue tasks and not for

                                       Sliding wall
Trolley with generator                 A smooth-running, vertical sliding wall is provided
                                       for the clear storage of devices like shovels, handles,
                                       suction pipe, drum pump stations etc.. The sliding
                                       wall‘s stainless steel bottom can be removed and is
                                       therefore easy to clean.

Trolley with cable drums


                                       Sliding wall

                                       Breathing apparatus
                                       4 SCBAs and 4 spare bottles as well as the bottle
                                       for the leaksealing cushions will be stored on an
                                       extractable SCBA slide positioned at the rear. As the
Trolley with leaksealing cushion set   bottles and not the carrying plates will be stored, all
                                       makes of single-bottle devices are fitting (if wished
                                       also two-bottle devices).

Trolley with HazMat pump
                                       Example of a SCBA slide
Stainless steel container                                Absorbent
The set of the round stainless steel containers that     6 barrels for storing the absorbent are included
can be stacked into each other and the strainers will    in the delivery. Therefore a contamination of
be stored in a lying position. Each container can be     the interior by damaged bags is impossible.
unloaded individually. A cap will be stored in front     Furthermore, used absorbent can be removed in the
of the containers as closure. The remaining caps         empty barrels.
are stored besides the containers. Due to the round
form it is possible to roll them to the operation site
instead of carrying them.


                                                         Measuring instruments
                                                         It is possible to store 5 plastic-coated steel cases
                                                         that are secured against accidential opening in 2
                                                         lockable steel cabinet housings with interlock in
                                                         extractable, ball-beared drawer frames.

                                                         In those cases it is possible to store all measuring
                                                         instruments like:
Stainless steel container
                                                         · explosimeter and gas detector with accessories,
                                                         · test tubes and sampling kits and the
Large plastic container
In the 220 l plastic containers, the hoses will be       · walkie talkies.
stored clean and good transportable in compliance
with the allowed bend radii. A lying storage of the
hoses (i. e. in pipes) is disadvantageous as possible
dropping residual media may contaminate and
damage the vehicle and as a transport of such hoses
to the operation site (i. e. below chemical protective
suits) is very disadvantageous.

                                                         Measuring instruments and working tables

                                                         Working tables
                                                         2 removeable filing and working tables will be
                                                         stored in the rear for an extra charge. Free arrange-
                                                         able tables will knowingly be used as removeable
                                                         filing and working surfaces are not always adequate
                                                         depending on the terrain.

Plastic container

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