Ro Container Decontamination with deFcon foam

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					                                                   Ro/Ro-Container „Decontamination“
                                                   with deFcon® foam decontamination
                                                   for firefighters and civilians

                                                   The Ro/Ro-Container Decontamination is having state of art, a complete
                                                   decontamination system, container-supported, latest design and equipment

                                                                                                       light mast with Wind sock

                                                                   equipment compartment

                                                                                                       shower section
                                                                              engineering room



                                                                                         shower section for the rough
                                                                                             decontamination or
                                                                                         decontamination of stretcher

                                                   The range of mission                                       · fires at industrial companies as well as research
                                                   The Ro/Ro-Container Decontamination is made for              plants, institutions and facilities which handle
                                                   efficient performance of decontamination of:                 hazardous materials or dangerous goods

                                                   · persons (incl. injured persons)                          · the occurrence of epidemics or pandemics

                                                   · equipment and devices                                    · the occurrence of epitootics
Produktinformation AB-Dekon/2009-10-26/D

                                                   after :                                                    · other biological contaminations

                                                   · accidents with hazardous materials or dangerous          · terroristic attacks with NBC substances
                                                     goods in truck or rail transport incidents at            · application of NBC weapons in case of war
                                                     production, storages sites …

    Furthermore, the Ro/Ro-Container Decontamination        An important component for fulfilling this task is the
    can also be used as:                                    already integrated key technology,
    · autarkic decontamination system within the            · pumps
      scope of supporting operations in the civilian        · proportioning system
      or military sector (national or international) like
                                                            · hot water system
      German Federal Agency for Technical Relief
      (THW), Federal Armed Forces, Civil Defence …          · heating systems for shower sections
    · decontamination module at hospitals, military         · power supply
      hospitals or similar institutions                     · tent heating
    · decontamination system for general extensive          Through this, the following advantages will be
      and complicated cleaning or disinfecting opera-
    · mobile shower system at mass incidents (like          · very fast availability
      earthquake, flood operations, fire catastrophes…)     · autarkic operation for a period of approxi-
                                                              mately 8 hours (if a continuous water supply is
    The new foam decontamination procedures of the
2   deFcon® G (equipment) and deFcon® P (person)
                                                            · realisation of different decontamination
    series which had been developed by Gimaex-                procedures (like deFcon® procedure or
    Schmitz will be used for the Ro/Ro-Container              conventional water application) if necessary
    Decontamination.                                        · heating the shower section with pre-installed
    However, the Ro/Ro-Container Decontamination is
                                                            · collecting the contaminated waste water
    also suitable for performing conventional proce-
                                                            · good lighting of the operation site for a safe
    dures using just water for decontamination.
                                                            · supply of protective clothing for assistants
    The design

    A decontamination must be performed within              With the design and equipment of the Ro/Ro-
    shortest time to avoid more damages by contamina-       Container Decontamination it is therefore possible
    tion spreading, observed continued by skin, etc ..      to fulfill the following tasks at the best:
                                                            · decontamination of firefighters in protective
    This is especially valid for contaminated persons as
    possible contaminants which are on the body can
                                                            · rough cleaning of the protective suits so that a
    be absorbed by the skin and cause severe damages.         safe disrobing is possible
    Therefore it is absolutely necessary that a             · eudermic decontamination of persons with
                                                              temperate deFcon® P foams and/or
    decontamination system can be started quickly and
                                                              conventional water application
                                                            · decontamination of injured persons with
    The technical design of the Ro/Ro-Container               temperate water, and/or deFcon® P foams as
    Decontamination offers an optimum between                 well as special additives by medical experts
    fastest availability, lowest deployment and best        · decontamination / showering separated
                                                              according to gender
    efficiency if the operators are accordingly trained.
                                                            · decontamination of equipment and materials
                                                              with deFcon® G foam or conventional water
The Ro/Ro-Container Decontamination (Gimaex-Schmitz)
To achieve the best possible technical solution for the fulfillment of the required tasks, the Ro/Ro-Container
Decontamination had been separated into four sections:

· equipment compartment for storing the equipment
· shower section with 6 single showers and the possibility to attach tents for dressing and disrobing
· machine room for the operating technology
· foldable decontamination tray (externally in the rear) for performing the rough decontamination of materials.
  A decontamination or care of injured persons is also possible (on a stretcher).

             equipment compartment           shower section          machine room              foldable decon-
                                                                                               tamination tray

                                                                          mobile suction device
                             unloading tracks

The equipment compartment (1/2)
Among other things, a trolley deFcon® P/G, two mobile tent heatings, a power generator and various protective
equipment, fittings, hoses, work tables, chairs, shut-off materials, cable drums, etc. are stored in the equipment

Equipment compartment 1                                      Equipment compartment 2
                           Shower section
                           The shower section is installed in the middle of the

    electric ventilation


                                                                                            Shower cell with trolleys

                                                                                            Fast operation tent
                                                                                            The disrobing and dressing of the persons to be
                                                                                            decontaminated will be performed in two heated,
                                                                                            inflatable fast operation tents which will be
                                                                                            connected by a lock to the entrance or exit of the
                                                                                            shower section.

                           Shower section

                           Both closed walls of the shower sections build the
                           access to the laterally attached tents for dressing
                           and disrobing.

                           Two tarpaulins will be used as lock with separation
                           wall for the areas for men and women. Two more
                           tarpaulins are additionally mounted in the central
                                                                                            Fast operation tent with tent heater
                           shower section so that an individual usage is
                                                                                            The pneumatic universal tents have three tarpaulins
                           Two shower sections with three showers, each
                                                                                            (1 x lengthwise, 2 x crosswise), each, to separate the
                           (separated according to gender) are installed
                                                                                            interior of the tents into an area for women and men
                           crosswise to the driving direction.
                                                                                            (refer to drawing).
                           Each shower has a deFcon® P nozzle system. The
                           central showers have a conventional shower head
                           for hot water as well as a soap dispenser. The floor is
                           equipped with non-slip and removable rubber mats.
                           Suitable lighting provides light for each shower

                           The material for the tents, locks as well as for
                           the tent lighting is stored in both trolleys „tent“.
                           This material will be used for setting up the fast
                           operation tents. Ramps will be put in front of the
                           respective trolleys for being able to unload the
                           equipment.                                                       Draft of fast operation tent
The machine room                                      flap. If necessary, the working area will be arranged
The machine room is located next to the shower        by two additional fluorescent lights. The shower
section. It is equipped with the whole, operational   system of the decontamination tray is equipped
water and decontamination technology as follows:      with the following elements:
· deFcon® 200 P and deFcon® 200 G modules             · 2 hand showers
· 2 deFcon® control modules                           · 2 hand brushes
· deFcon® Hotbox for the generation of hot water      · spray nozzle for
                                                        + discharging of the decontamination foam
· deFcon® compressor                                      deFcon®
· hot water preparation                                 + discharging of water and
· central temperature regulation for the whole          + discharging of water plus (additive)
  water supply
· water filter
· heating control for the showers
· diesel tank
· cable remote control unit for the electric winch
  „rear tray“
· microphone for announcement unit

                                                      Decontamination tray and a mobile system for washing boots

                                                      Additional equipment
                                                      The basin with soap and disinfectant dispenser and
                                                      paper towels

Machine room

The decontamination tray (external)
A completely installed decontamination tray
with accessories is located at the rear of the Ro/
Ro-Container. With this system it is possible to
perform i. e.:
· pre-decontamination of persons dressed with
  protective clothing
· decontamination of small equipment
· decontamination of injured persons on a stretcher   A basin with paper towel dispenser is laterally
After opening the rear flap, the shower tray will     installed at the machine room. The fresh and waste
be lowered by an electric rope winch which will       water connections are installed in direct close-up
be remote controlled via cable and the tray will be   range of the basin in equipment compartment
manually arranged by the levelling supports at the    6. The waste water will be guided to the Ro/
front edges.                                          Ro-Container‘s centre and then it will be guided
Tarpaulins which will be used as splash, sight or     to the waste water connection by a fix installed
weather protection are attached at the opened rear    submerged pump.
Wind direction indicator                                          Light mast
A determination of the wind direction on site is                  A light mast for lighting the working area is moun-
essential for setting up and operating a deconta-                 ted at the Ro/Ro-Container‘s front. The turning and
mination system to avoid a threat to persons by                   tilting installation had been equipped with a remote
contaminated downwinds.                                           control unit (with helix cable) for the automatic

                                                                  To achieve a good lighting performance, two
                                                                  headlight units had been equipped with 4 x 24V
                                                                  Xenon lamps.

Wind direction indicator

Therefore, the Ro/Ro-Container Decontamination
has two different systems for determining the wind
direction and wind speed.

                                                              Central water
                                                              inlet and waste
                                                              water outlet


                                                                  Light mast mounted at the front wall of the Ro/Ro-Container

Wind sock for determining the wind speed

 Technical data
 Description                Ro/Ro-Container Decontamination
 Customer                   Working group of fire brigades of the city Darmstadt
                            - Merck KGaA
                            - Evonik Roehm GmbH
                            - Science City Darmstadt
 Total length               6,900 mm
 Total width                2,450 mm
 Total height               2,350 mm                                                                                            Gimaex-Schmitz Fire and Rescue GmbH
 GVWR                       11,000 kg                                                                                           a Gimaex International Company
                                                                                                                                Essener Straße 8
 Year of construction 2009                                                                                                      57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany
                                                                                                                                Tel. +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 0
                                                                                                                                Fax +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 99