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									                               CITY OF WHITE ROCK

DATE:          January 21, 2008

TO:            Mayor and Council

FROM:          Stephen W. Richardson, Director of Development Services
               W. David F. Pollock PEng., Director of Municipal Operations

SUBJECT:    Town Centre Streetscape Design – Series One Open House Results
            and Update Report


That this report be received for information.


On December 10, 2007 Council considered a staff report entitled ‘Town Centre
Streetscape Design – Public Consultation Process’ and passed the following resolution:

       “RESOLVED THAT the report ‘Town Centre Streetscape Design – Public
       Consultation Process,’ dated December 3, 2007, be received for

       “AND THAT the City support the Town Centre Streetscape Design and
       the associated Town Centre public consultation process as outlined in the
       staff report.” M/S/C

The purpose of this report is to provide Council with a summary of the results from the
first series of public Open Houses and to provide an update as to the next steps in this




On Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 and Thursday, January 10th, 2008, Open Houses were held
to share a set of proposed guiding principles for the design of the Town Centre
Streetscape. A total of fourteen (14) people attended (six (6) people on Tuesday, January

                                                                                            Page 54
8th and eight (8) people on Thursday, January 10th) and thirteen (13) comment sheets
were submitted. A summary report of comments received has been prepared and is
attached for Council’s information (Attachment A). In general, those that attended
strongly agreed / agreed with the proposed principles.

As a next step in the process, design options for the Town Centre Streetscape will be
prepared based on the principles presented and input received from the public at the first
series of Open Houses. A second series of Open Houses will be held on Tuesday, January
29th 2008 and Thursday, January 31st, 2008 (at City Hall Council Chambers from 5-
8p.m.) to provide members of the public with an opportunity to comment on these

As part of the City’s communications strategy, the City will place advertisements in the
local newspaper for the second series of Open Houses on Friday, January 18th, 2008 and
Friday, January 25th, 2008 as well as on the City’s website, informing the public about
the upcoming Open Houses. In addition, large format advertisements will be placed in
strategic locations at City facilities. Information on display at the Open Houses will be
placed on the City’s website.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen W. Richardson                               W. David F. Pollock PEng.
Director of Development Services                    Director of Municipal Operations

ATTACHMENT A Town Centre Streetscape Design: Public Open House Series One
             Comment Sheet Summary Report

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                                                                   ATTACHMENT A

         Town Centre Streetscape: Public Open House Series One
                  Comment Sheet Summary Report

1) Please indicate your OVERALL thoughts on the principles presented:

Overall thoughts on the principles presented were as follows:
       Strongly Agree – 5 responses
       Agree – 6 responses
       Neutral – 1 response
       Disagree – 0 responses
       Strongly Disagree – 0 responses
       *1 did not respond

2) Please indicate your thoughts on the SPECIFIC principles presented:

Thoughts on the specific principles presented were as follows:

   1. Provide wider sidewalk widths with a minimum width of 2.4m
         Strongly Agree – 8 responses
         Agree – 4 responses
         Neutral – 0 responses
         Disagree – 0 responses
         Strongly Disagree – 0 responses
         *1 did not respond

   2. Provide continuous sidewalks clear of obstructions
         Strongly Agree – 8 responses
         Agree – 3 responses
         Neutral – 1 response
         Disagree – 0 responses
         Strongly Disagree – 0 responses
         *1 did not respond

   3. Design curb letdowns to allow for increased wheelchair accessibility
         Strongly Agree – 10 responses
         Agree – 2 responses
         Neutral – 0 responses
         Disagree – 0 responses
         Strongly Disagree – 0 responses
         *1 did not respond

   4. Provide boulevards to separate the pedestrian realm from the vehicular roadway
         Strongly Agree – 5 responses
         Agree – 4 responses
         Neutral – 3 responses

                                                                                       Page 56
           Disagree – 0 responses
           Strongly Disagree – 0 responses
           *1 did not respond

   5. Provide rest areas with enhanced landscaping
         Strongly Agree – 6 responses
         Agree – 5 responses
         Neutral – 1 response
         Disagree – 0 responses
         Strongly Disagree – 0 responses
         *1 did not respond

   6. Incorporate a multi-use greenway along Thrift Avenue
         Strongly Agree – 5 responses
         Agree – 5 responses
         Neutral – 0 responses
         Disagree – 0 responses
         Strongly Disagree – 0 responses
         *3 did not respond

   7. Provide for the long term viability of all street trees
         Strongly Agree – 9 responses
         Agree – 3 responses
         Neutral – 0 responses
         Disagree – 0 responses
         Strongly Disagree – 0 responses
         *1 did not respond

3) Other Comments:

Comment Sheets received Tuesday January 8, 2008:

All great ideas! I’d love to see our “street furniture” to be UNIQUE to White Rock –
maybe a design contest? Something sophisticated and appealing but unique. I especially
liked the benches that face each other, which encourage conversation and interaction.
Any chance to allow for public art “spaces” in the boulevard area. Great to separate
pedestrians from cars and do a greenway. Hope we get some good bike lock-ups along
the greenway. Benches facing great for conversation and mingling.

Lighting and some textural elements for sight impaired needs would be useful. ART
forms or sites for rotating competition or show collections. Fluorescent/reflective paint at
curb let downs to help safety. 2.(3) – strollers, walker, scooter. “Bench naming” – how
many will be avail. 2.(5) – and safe sighted/lighted. 2.(6) – and kitchen garden space and
Community in Bloom “Adopt a Plot” sites.

Comment Sheets received Thursday January 10, 2008:

                                                                                               Page 57
From now on I hope White Rock / S. Surrey will start using porous coverings of roads,
sidewalks that is eco-friendly so that water run off isn’t going into water table, the bay,
streams, etc. Natalie knows what I’m talking about. More bike lanes please, especially
along the promenade at beach. Also more water fountains. How about a few notice
boards behind glass of course and someone, or business or tourist info booth to put them
up and monitor. Use of more ground cover…the park at corner of Martin and North Bluff
has planted various ground covers…Kudos to the White Rock Parks Department…extend
more ground cover…the kind you can walk on to more of that area. Oh yes – pesticide
free shrubs, flowers, etc…signs telling public that White Rock is a pesticide free city.
2.(6) – Bicycle Lanes please.

I would like bike routes to be given a priority over automobile routes. The plan should
maximize convenience to cyclists. I cannot envision having to relegate my kids to
particular routes. We cycle EVERYWHERE and not on the roads because they aren’t
geared to child cyclists. Please ensure cycling routes are ubiquitous/omnipresent at least
as much or more so than car travel routes. Won’t this make sense? Please also try to not
use pavement. Crushed gravel and other porous material is better for the environment.
Overall, the plan is just too ordinary. I don’t feel the planners have sought solutions that
best balance the interests of all citizens, particularly children, who need to have a healthy,
clean environment in their future. Please try to do better. I know you can! Seek
innovation, look for new ways of doing things. One of your guiding principles should
have definitely been to protect citizens future health (Isn’t that in your mission

I attended your open house and submitted comments questioning why you would have
plans that persist in conveniencing cars transportation more than bicycles. Please see the
following articles that I came across this morning on the subject:
This is good too, if you have any say in the matter:
I sincerely hope these will help to guide your department in a sensible direction. I believe
White Rock will only benefit from striking a new path in leadership in ways that provide
our children a promising future. (Received after January 10, 2008).

I have always wanted to see more seasonal colour plantings. I am a landscape gardener
and find that seasonal colour is tremendously appreciated by everyone who sees it. This
means pansies in winter, daffodils and tulips etc. in spring, and summer annuals like
geraniums that are long lasting colour into early fall and right up to planting winter
pansies. There are some areas around White Rock where this is done. I spend Xmas
vacation in a southern California beach city with my family. The vibrant colours along
the streetscape are impressive, cheerful and I think add to a small town atmosphere by
making the exact spot you are currently sitting in or walking through immediately a good
experience and pleasant place to be. Planters around the bases of trees with some sort of
bench or sitting area at the edge of the planter are especially nice. Irrigation would be a

                                                                                                 Page 58
necessity for summer plants to flourish. I also find that trees with canopies have much
more to offer aesthetically as street trees than slender columnar trees. Keeping in mind it
would need to be a smaller canopy growth style in consideration of nearby buildings, etc.
The multi-use greenway at Thrift looks great! Street trees that are brittle are not
acceptable in White Rock ie: Liquidambar. Too much damage after our wind storms.
Finally, just to clarify you first principle presented says wider sidewalks a min. of 2.4m
should be stated as wider pedestrian travel zone. Then the sidewalk width min. would
actually be much more that that with the other “zones” incorporated too. If sidewalk is
defined as including the building frontage zone and planting/furnishing zone then 2.4m is
too narrow. In WR I think 915mm is too narrow for scooters. Maybe the whole curve of
the curb at the intersection could be letdown. Colouring of edge of sidewalk vs. curb vs.
gutter can be done in such a way so pedestrians stay back from the edge. I’ve seen this
done somewhere. Boulevard width is key. The boulevard shown in the WR picture
example (4) is way too narrow for a busier road like 16th or Thrift or Johnston. Emphasis
on enhanced landscaping.

Great display of information and look forward to seeing this happen. We need more non-
vehicular options in White Rock! Thanks.

Comment sheets received after Thursday January 10th, 2008:

Has a comprehensive all-season shade study been done for Johnston Rd, (North Bluff to
Thrift) as projected in its built-out status (ie: with buildings similar in height to those in
the Miramar development) on both sides of the road? People won’t want to sit on cute
benches in lovely landscaped areas if it’s cold and windy. Sidewalk surfaces need to be
smooth and level, esp. for seniors and those with mobility problems. All new
developments should be required to supply underground wiring, to eliminate unsightly
utility poles. Saskatoon had refuse containers that matched street benches – quite pleasing
to the eye (black metal square, like planters).

Really cool: It works for white rock – test it out yourself! Type in white rock bc Canada

a) Excerpt from the city of Austin TX design guidelines: would be nice in WR too Principle 4: Interactive Streets –
Urban streets are the stages on which the public life of the community is acted out.
Principle 5: Pride of Place – Visible, caring and upkeep are critical to the vitality of urban
street life. Principle 6: Public Art – Art in the public environment can help establish a
stronger sense of place and a continuity between the past, present and future.

b) From boulder Colorado: Would be nice in WR also:
Good Neighbor Policy - A good neighborhood policy has been implemented by
downtown property and business owners and residents living in adjacent residential
neighborhoods as a positive way to communicate about issues of “livability” in the

                                                                                                 Page 59
interface area. Its purpose is to establish a standard of cooperation and a code of conduct
not generally addressed by existing 1 a w. While compliance is voluntary, the policy asks
that a “Good Neighbor Agreement” between commercial property or business owners
and surrounding neighborhood residents be agreed to and signed. The policy asks owners
to take action on a number of issues including: trash; litter; graffiti removal; the use of
alternate transportation modes by employees; employee parking; noise, animal, pest and
weed control; deliveries; and employee/tenant education. For information on how
businesses in the interface area can participate in the Good Neighbor Policy call the DMC
at (303) 441-

c) Here is the LEEd pilot version for neighborhood certification: you might be interested
for future:

d) page 23 has a cool picture and description:

e) page 47 – community gardens: would be nice for WR also:

                  canopies and lights
providing protection for pedestrians
                                                 ornamental neat triangle thingy bottom
                                                 left - side one has map/wayfinding. side
                                                 two and three are advertising - triangle
                                                 thingy is attached to all the light poles

street signs with bike lane directions-
could put beach or anything else

                                                 street speed in the pavement - coloured

                                                                                              Page 60
street names in the cement
                                                                          light poles
                                                  colored to designate districts "areas: -
                                                  coordinated flags

bench with street lighting artistically

No pictures necessary – scented trees, adding another sensory experience to street
animation. Cheery blossom, jasmine etc, or food – apples, cherry etc.

LED street lights with solar panels: also

Page 14 has a neat treatment: - using upright kerbs (native to Australia) to clearly define
the boundary between the pedestrian and vehicle zones

Planters are nice, whimsical rock formations in cement are fun, circular piece cut from
building rotates open and close like a window throughout the day. – public art display –
animates boring street. Cool bench on sidewalk.

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