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Sto p thief!
                                      Lenovo, Intel,
Exclusive Anti-Th eft technology from
                                    PC criminals.
and Absolute So  ftware helps stop

An individuAl lAptop theft cAn be more thAn A                                “Poison Pill,” PC Disable can deactivate a stolen or missing
terrible inconvenience — it can damage an organization’s                     notebook remotely or via intelligence policies. Once deactivated,
competitiveness and the trust of its customers. And that’s just one          thieves can’t reactivate the PC even if the operating system is
theft. At a macro level, PC theft statistics are even scarier.               reinstalled or the hard disk replaced. If a Lenovo notebook is
                                                                                                      stolen, IT managers can also track, react
A study by the Ponemon Institute showed                                                               to, or control the lost unit using Absolute
that 71% of lost or stolen laptops result                JuSt the fActS                               Software’s computrace®, a leading theft
in a data breach. Laptop theft was                                                                    management solution which supports Intel
attributed to 59% of computer attacks               The pc and data theft market has thrived          Anti-Theft (AT) technology.
in government agencies, corporations,               in recent years. According to recent
and universities during 2003, according             studies by the Ponemon Institute:
to the Baseline 2004 study. And the               92% of IT security professionals reported            CusTOm OPTIONs FOR
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse states               laptop theft or loss in their organization.
                                                                                                     ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION
that since 2005, more than 150 million            42% of business managers don’t have
personal records have been exposed due            encryption on their laptops.                       Intel AT features several unique ways to
to PC theft.                                                                                         detect potential loss/theft situations, activate
                                                  56% of employees have disengaged
                                                                                                     “theft mode,” and respond according to
Fortunately, today’s PC and data thieves          company-provided encryption.
                                                                                                     a customized IT policy, including:
face decreasing demand for their wares.           89% of employees ask others to watch
The reason: more and more stolen PCs              their laptop while travelling.                     excessive login Attempts: The system
lead authorities right to thieves’ doors,         55% of the time, IT is unable to prove a           is disabled after an IT-determined number
thanks to security innovations from               laptop was encrypted when stolen.                  of login failures.
lenovo, intel, and Absolute Software.
                                                  A survey of 163 fortune 1,000                    “phone home” and central Server
These technology leaders have assembled
                                                  companies found that roughly 70%                notifications: Notebooks flagged as lost or
a formidable array of anti-theft solutions
                                                  of all reported security breaches were          stolen by IT will phone home the next time
that make it almost impossible to use or          due to insiders.                                the thief connects to the Internet. Intel AT
sell a Lenovo notebook if lost or stolen.
                                                                                                  then receives the stolen notebook server
                                                                                                  notification and disables the notebook.
                                                                             The Computrace agent can also remotely delete data to shred
                DEACTIvATION:                                                sensitive files.
                                                                             “phone home” timers: Programmable timers perform regular
              This versatile mix of anti-theft solutions begins with
                                                                             check-ins with the theft-management server within IT-defined
              the Intel Centrino 2 processor with vPro technology
                                                                             time periods. Anti-theft protective actions can then be taken if the
              and the PC Disable feature. Also known as the
                                                                             regular check-ins do not occur successfully.

                                                                                                                                    STOP THIEF!

                                                                             The Intel/Computrace solution offers
                                                                             a range of anti-theft capabilities
The Computrace solution, enhanced by Intel AT, operates                      for each customer’s unique needs.
unobtrusively and without employee knowledge or inconvenience.               These anti-theft features can also be        lenovo’s
Without employee action, it conducts functions such as:                      used to manage, record and analyze
    emergency remote data deletion                                           the movements, locations, network            anti-theft
    Deleting data at the file or whole disc level.
    lifecycle data delete
                                                                             access history, and software on each
                                                                             computer. And anti-theft measures            technology
                                                                                                                          can disable a
                                                                             can be undone without harming a
    Wiping computers clean before retirement or reissue.
                                                                             recovered PC.
    Identifying accessed files after a PC is stolen or recovered.            To help prevent future problems,             notebook
                                                                             Computrace and Intel AT also                 that’s been stolen
When a Lenovo notebook is reported lost or stolen, Computrace                identify security “holes” to be              or lost and remotely
and Intel tracking technology continue to play a key role.                   addressed through hardware,                  delete sensitive files
If desired, Absolute recovery services law enforcement                       software, or personnel training.             if necessary.
experts will investigate a theft, recover the device(s), and
collaborate with authorities to bring the thieves to justice.
                                                                                                       Laptop is rendered
                                                                Laptop connects to                     inoperable; data access is
                                                                 anti-theft server.                    disabled, protecting data
                                                                                                       on the PC from being read.

                              I must've left my
                              laptop on the subway!
 Laptop is stolen.

                             Sir, we have it
                             under control.           Poison pill is         Theft flag associated
  Incident                                            sent to laptop         with stolen laptop                                     NO!! Lenovo, you've
  reported to IT.                                                            is raised in central
                                                      and disables PC.       database upon check in.                                stopped me again!!!

    sTOP NOTEbOOk THEFT IN ITs TRACks                                          lENOvO: THE HEART OF
With these options, customers may choose to track a stolen                   THE ANTI-THEFT sOluTION
Lenovo notebook and attempt recovery, or use the Intel AT disable            With embedded Computrace software, Lenovo has the only
capability to deactivate a notebook immediately after it is stolen or        notebooks that can fully activate the intel At system against
goes beyond its reporting parameters.                                        PC thieves and data snatchers. Call it an all-in-one crime fighter,
                                                                             and only Lenovo has it.
Intel AT hardware-based detection mechanisms will even work
without a network connection, and can also integrate with existing           View overview videos on Intel anti-theft technology at
encryption solutions’ preboot authentication module.               

turn your notebook into a crime-fighter.
contact your local lenovo or intel solutions provider or call 877-852-7445 for information about lenovo
notebooks with intel At technology.


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