UK to withdraw Emergency Towing Vessels by nikeborome


									DECEMBER 2010                                                                        INTERNATIONAL SALVAGE UNION

UK to withdraw Emergency Towing Vessels
The UK’s Maritime and Coastguard
Agency (MCA) has said it will no               ETV Anglian Monarch
longer provide Emergency Towing                in the Dover Straits
Vessels (ETVs) from September 2011.

It comes as part of deep cuts across the
board in the public sector announced
by the UK government in its autumn
spending review.

The UK provides four contracted ETVs
stationed at strategic points around its
coast. Standing down the ANGLIAN
MONARCH will save the UK some
US$50 million. The vessels are operated
by ISU member JP Knight on behalf of
the MCA.
                                           tackle the deficit then difficult decisions   spilled 73,000 tonnes of crude oil on
The government said that state             must be made. The reality is that since       the Welsh coast in 1996. Or like the
provision of ETVs does not “represent      their introduction in the 1990s, these        BRAER incident off the Shetlands in
a correct use of taxpayers’ money”         tugs have attended very few incidents.        1992. These incidents led to an enquiry
and that ship salvage should be “a         Should a ship get into difficulty, we         and report by Lord Donaldson which
commercial matter between a ship's         are confident the commercial salvage          recommend a system of 24/7 cover by
operator and the salvor”. In short, the    sector is prepared to offer sufficient        well positioned tugs.
government should not be the salvor of     assistance."
last resort.                                                                             Salvage industry experts said the
                                           The decision has been criticised              western approaches, English Channel
Shipping Minister Mike Penning said:       by maritime trade unions and by               and southern North Sea would probably
"I understand the concern felt by some     environmentalists who fear the                be adequately served by commercial
communities about our decision to          possibility of another incident like          salvage but that northern and Scottish
withdraw these ETVs, but if we are to      the SEA EMPRESS, when a tanker                coasts would be exposed to marine
                                                                                         casualties and pollution risks.
                                           media was held in London. The popular         and former ISU legal adviser, Archie
The revised Equipment Schedule and         event saw 16 reporters hosted by ISU          Bishop, explained how the existing
Tariff, which will include a link to the   President, Todd Busch, supported by           framework could be changed to allow
US Consumer Prices Index for future        Executive Committee members and               environmental salvage awards.
tariff reviews, has been finalised and     Advisers. The President updated the
is expected to come into effect from 01    attendees on recent issues, in particular     Representatives of the insurers and
January 2011 as SCOPIC 2011, and will      environmental salvage awards (see             shipowners spoke against the need for
apply until 31 December 2013.              below).                                       any change. The CMI’s International
                                                                                         Working Group agreed to continue
Lloyd’s Open Form                          Comité Maritime International (CMI)           working on the issue.

Amendments to the LOF 2000                 The international marine law body, CMl,       Associate Members’ Day 2011
Agreement, in particular the proposal      held its colloquium in Buenos Aires in
to provide for publication of future LOF   October, the theme was, “Review of            The ISU’s Associate Members’ Day will
Awards, have been finalised. The new       Salvage Law - is it working?”                 be held in London on Wednesday 16
form, LOF 2011, will be published                                                        March with a programme of speakers
shortly.                                   For the ISU, President,Todd Busch,            and networking opportunities. It will be
                                           made the case for introducing                 followed on 17 March by the biennial
Journalists’ lunch                         environmental salvage awards                  Special Casualty Representatives’
                                           (see report page 3); Nick Sloane of           (SCRs) seminar. Details of the events
The annual ISU lunch for the marine        Svitzer described practical issues            will be published on the ISU website in
                                                                                         the New Year.
ITC                                                                   Tsavliris said it sub-contracted Multraship Salvage and Towage
                                                                      who performed the required services in a very satisfactory
ITC has reported the death on November 26th of its co-founder         manner.
and former Managing Director Frits Jonkman who was 83
years old.                                                            In October members of the Tsavliris family took part in the
                                                                      2,500th Anniversary Athens Classic Marathon.
Frits Jonkman founded ITC in 1973 with Leon Burghouwt.
Jonkman was the initiator of the transportation of dredging           Mr N A Tsavliris, running for Muscular Dystrophy Association
equipment and drilling rigs by tug and submersible barge              Hellas, took part in the 5km race and his son-in-law, G
which resulted in an ITC fleet of 10 ocean tugs and nine              Canonis, who was also running for MDA Hellas, and A G
large transport barges. Jonkman stepped down as Managing              Tsavliris, completed the 10km Marathon, with impressive
Director and main shareholder of ITC in 1996.                         times. They are seen below with MDA Hellas President, Vanna
Before launching ITC, Frits Jonkman worked for Wijsmuller,
starting as an engineer on board its ocean-going tugs. He
designed and began the construction of the famous funnel-less
tugs which became a trade mark for Wijsmuller from the early

As Director he had ultimate responsibility for numerous salvage
operations and wreck removals performed by Wijsmuller from
1960 till 1972.

ITC has paid tribute to Frits Jonkeman’s innovative and
creative way of thinking and his valuable contributions to ITC,
Wijsmuller and to the wider salvage industry.


Donjon Marine, Co., Inc., has hired Stephen N. Konzel as
Vice President of Operations & Engineering. He joins from
NETSCo where he was Vice President and General Manager
of NETSCo Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering.

Donjon’s OPA 90 Alliance with Smit has named Paul                     TITAN
Hankins as President. He was formerly Donjon-SMIT’s Vice
                                                                      Tom Crowley, Jr., Chairman, President and CEO of TITAN’s
President of Operations. Hankins has more than 30 years
                                                                      parent, Crowley Maritime Corporation, was awarded the
of management and supervisory experience in the federal
                                                                      Vincent T. Hirsch Maritime Award for outstanding leadership
government and private industry.
                                                                      from the U.S. Navy League.
SEACOR Holdings Inc. subsidiaries SEACOR Marine (Houma,
                                                                      Rear Admiral Mark H. Buzby, USN Commander, Military Sealift
Louisiana) and Seabulk Towing (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) have
                                                                      Command, presented the award at the Sea Services Award
joined Donjon-SMIT, LLC as Alliance Partners giving access to         luncheon during the League's 2010 National Convention, which
the entire SEACOR and Seabulk Fleet of more than 150 units            was held in Florida.
of up to 14,400 horsepower.
                                                                       The citation said: "He has provided exceptional service as an
GIGILINIS                                                             active participant of joint industry and Department of Defense
Gigilinis’ salvage Tug SPARTAN successfully assisted a                groups working to provide strategic sealift for the United States
                                                                      in times of national need.
boxship with engine trouble southeast of the Peloponnese in
Greece. After successfully connecting, the casualty was towed         During the 2010 Haiti relief efforts, Crowley Maritime worked
to Izmir and then on to Istanbul where she was safely delivered       closely with the U.S. Transportation Command to reopen
to her owners.                                                        cargo operations in the devastated port facilities, allowing
                                                                      humanitarian relief into the earthquake-ravaged country.”
And the Gigilinis tugboat DIMITRIOS, based at Kavala,
Greece, successfully completed a re-floating operation of             RESOLVE
a grounded tanker in Porto Lagos, Greece. The operation
required ship to ship transfer of bunkers.                            RESOLVE Marine Group has announced that its RESOLVE
                                                                      PIONEER AHTS, a multi-service vessel with ice class hull and
TSAVLIRIS                                                             80 tonne bollard pull, has been stationed in Key West for an
                                                                      indefinite period for emergency response and salvage standby
TSAVLIRIS provided five rescue tows in the last quarter and
                                                                      for tanker and other commercial vessel casualties in the Gulf of
was also engaged by the owners and managers of the MT
                                                                      Mexico, the Caribbean and the US east coast.
MINDORO, 106,850 dwt, and laden with Kerosene in October
after she was in collision with the container vessel JORK
RANGER off Rotterdam anchorage.

Salvors renew call for fair reward for protecting the environment
The ISU has renewed its call for                                                       At the same meeting, ISU’s former Legal
changes to the regime governing                                                        Adviser, Archie Bishop, explained how
marine salvage to enable payment                                                       the necessary change could be brought
of environmental awards which                                                          about by amending Articles 1, 13 and
recognize the environmental benefit                                                    14 of the 1989 Salvage Convention. ISU
delivered by salvors.                                                                  has worked with others to produce drafts
                                                                                       of the amendments.
President of the ISU, Todd Busch,
set out the salvors’ case at the global                                                ISU recognises that there are many
marine lawyers’ Comité Maritime                                                        different interests associated with this
International’s Colloquium at Buenos                                                   issue, including property insurers,
Aires in October.                                                                      P&I Clubs, national governments and
                                                                                       international marine law bodies.
Mr Busch told the meeting that society
was increasingly concerned with the                                                    ISU believes that rewarding salvors
environment but that the current system                                                for protecting the environment during
does not provide proper encouragement                                                  salvage operations will be, overall, less
                                             been a satisfactory “encouragement”       costly to insurers than the huge cost of
to salvors to assist vessels that threaten
                                             then is no longer so today. And salvors   an environmental catastrophe.
the environment but which do not
                                             face tougher regimes which can
represent a potentially valuable salvage                                               Concluding his speech Mr Busch said:
                                             criminalize them.
service.                                                                               “We believe the “case for change” has
                                             • Salvors have an obligation to prevent   the merit of being both persuasive and
He said the current regime, including
                                             or minimise environmental damage          fair given the way concern about the
the Scopic clause, does not adequately
                                             whilst carrying out salvage operations,   environment has properly increased
reward salvors for the environmental
                                             but they are not fully rewarded for the   since the original work on the Salvage
protection they provide and does not
                                             benefit they confer.                      Convention began some thirty years
encourage long term investment in
personnel and equipment which helps to       • It is not fair that the traditional
protect the environment.                     salvage reward that currently takes       "We also believe there is a sensible
                                             into consideration the salvors’ efforts   way to amend the existing framework to
Mr Busch said the case for change is                                                   enable the change.
threefold:                                   in protecting the environment is wholly
                                             paid by the ship and cargo owners and     "We know that not all parties agree with
• Much has changed since the Salvage         their insurers without any contribution   our position and we stand ready to work
Convention was published in 1989.            from the liability insurers, who cover    cooperatively with the Comité and other
Environmental issues now dominate            the shipowners’ exposure to claims for    stakeholders to continue to discuss and
every salvage case and what may have         pollution and environmental damage.       to work on this important matter.”

Tall ship dismasted in severe gale off the Scilly Isles
Dozens of teenagers and the crew
of a damaged tall ship were rescued                                                                            Picture: RNLI
after three days on stormy seas off
the UK’s south west coast.

The FRYDERYK CHOPIN, a 180 foot
Polish training schooner, lost both top
masts in high winds of Gale Force nine
some 90 miles off the Scilly Isles.

She was carrying 36 teenaged cadets
and 11 crew. The sailing ship was
attended within an hour of being
dismasted and was taken under tow by
a fishing vessel and then assisted by the
UK’s voluntary lifeboat service, RNLI,
into Falmouth, Cornwall.

The cadets were said to have stood up
well to the incident and were determined
to stay with the vessel and assist with


Dockwise                                     the World: Hidden Risks of the Deep      expanding regulatory regime affecting
                                             (WOW) II” on Monday, May 2 and           the bunkering industry.
Heavy transport specialist Dockwise          Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at the Maritime
announced revenues of US$109                 Institute of Technology and Graduate     BIMCO and IBIA said they recognise
million for the third quarter – and          Studies (MITAGS), Linthicum Heights,     that detailed guidelines, instructions
earnings before tax, depreciation and        Maryland, USA. The conference            and procedures are readily available
amortisation of US$ 46 million. Vessel       programme is being finalized, and        in ships’ Safety Management Systems
utilisation was up 9% on the previous        further details are available on the     (SMS), the Shipboard Oil Pollution
quarter at 84%.                              ASA and NAMEPA websites at www.          Emergency Plan (SOPEP) and/or the
                                    and www.namepa.      Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency
The firm also announced a decision                                                    Plan (SMPEP). But they are confident
to invest in a new, large-scale, semi-                                                that this new guide will enhance and
submersible vessel to supplement its         BIMCO/International Bunker Industries    support the general knowledge of ship
fleet with major shareholder support         Association                              personnel.
to raise US$100m of capital. The chief
executive noted the increasing health        BIMCO, in partnership with the           The BIMCO and IBIA Bunkering Guide
of the oil and gas sector and the trend      International Bunker Industry            will be available on the BIMCO and IBIA
towards larger, more complex projects.       Association (IBIA), has launched a new   websites to download and print. IBIA
                                             bunkering guide designed primarily       members will also receive a hard copy
American Salvage Association                 for use by ships’ crew. The guide        of the guide. For more information,
                                             will provide general information and     please visit or
The American Salvage Association
                                             guidance on, among other things, the
(ASA) awarded its Rapid Response
Award 2010 to Congressman Elijah             Touw B&B/Koffeman Consult deliver crisis training course
E Cummings, Chairman of the
House Coast Guard and Maritime
Transportation Subcommittee; James
T. Shirley, ASA’s Legal Counsel and
Ed Welch, Legislative Director of the
Passenger Vessel Association and
former Capitol Hill staff member on the
former House Merchant Marine and
Fisheries Committee, who worked to
create initial Oil Pollution Act of 1990
(OPA 90) legislation after the Exxon
Valdez spill.
                                             33 participants completed the 10 day       Waterways), nautical training schools
The award recognises the recipients’         Course on Crisis Management in             and the legal profession received on the
efforts to include salvor immunity in the    Shipping (CCMS) that was organized         last day of the course their certificates
regulatory changes to OPA 90 being           between September and December             from guest lecturer, Hugh Shaw, the
addressed as a result of the Deepwater       for the second consecutive year by         UK Secretary of State’s Representative
Horizon spill on the Gulf Coast.             the surveying company Touw B&B and         (SOSREP). The practically oriented
                                             consultancy Koffeman Consult.              CCMS course gives in-depth training
The ASA also announced, with the                                                        about how to prevent or minimize
North American Marine Environmental           The participants from the insurance       damage to property and to the
Protection Association (NAMEPA), it will     and shipping industry, the government      environment during a maritime crisis. A
co-sponsor a conference, “Wrecks of          (Directorate of Shipping and               third course is planned for 2011.

BISSO's Gulf of Mexico heavy lift
BISSO MARINE performed a technically challenging tandem block lift of an
offshore production topsides module.

BISSO MARINE used the derrick barge LILI BISSO to position a 315 ton topside
deck during the installation of a new offshore structure in the Gulf of Mexico.

BISSO MARINE’S derrick barge BOAZ provided support on the operation, which
also involved the installation of a lean-to well protector on the existing caisson.

Commenting on the operation, Ron McInnis, vice president of construction and
heavy lift operations for BISSO MARINE, said: “Performing a tandem block lift
offshore always presents challenges, but our expert offshore team and multipurpose
derrick barges performed the job safely and on budget for the customer.”

China International
Rescue & Salvage
The 6th China International Rescue
and Salvage Conference (CIRSC),
hosted by China Rescue & Salvage,
was held in Xi’an in September with
the theme: “Improving Professional
Maritime Rescue & Salvage”.

Some 400 domestic and international
delegates, including ISU members,
attended the conference.

ISU Executive Committee member,
Captain Song Jiahui, the Director
General of China Rescue & Salvage and
Deputy Director General of the Search
& Rescue Coordination Center gave a
speech (right). Mr. Shan Chunchang,
Consultant of China’s State Council
and the Chairman of the China National
Emergency Management Expert Group,
delivered the keynote speech.

An exhibition of rescue and salvage
equipment and technologies was also
held alongside the conference.              issued by ADCI and China Diving
                                            & Salvage Contractors' Association
Separately, a delegation headed by          (CDSA).
Captain Song Jiahui visited the United                                                   Captain Song also paid a special visit to
States in November and met Mr Phil          Captain Song also visited the Gulf Strike    Fort Lauderdale to attend the memorial
Newsum, the Secretary General of            Team of the US Coast Guard and was           service for David Parrot the founder of
the Association of Diving Contractors       received by Lieutenant Zauner, the           Titan Salvage. Captain Song expressed
International (ADCI) in Houston. Both       Operations Officer, (above right) who        his profound condolences and made a
sides explored the possibility of the       described pollution cases handled by         donation to the charity nominated by Mr
mutual recognition of diving certificates   the Team, including the Gulf oil spill.      Parrot’s family.

ARAS refloats Russian cargo ship
The Russian flagged dry cargo ship          trnafer of the steel billets was completed   a stand by salvage cerw aboard during
MV SAILQUEEN, laden with 3,000              using the floating crane Hasmetli with a     the passage from the Dardanelles
tons of steel billets, grounded at          70 ton lifting capacity.                     Straits. She was successfully re-
Sivrice Bay, North Aegean Sea in                                                         delivered to her owners.
October.                                    MV SAILQUEEN was then escorted to
                                            Tuzla Shipyard at Istanbul by a tug with
Contact with the rocky formation north
of Mytilene Island resulted in serious
cracks in the ship’s hull leading to
immediate flooding of the engine room
and one of the holds.

The vessel was grounded inside Sivrice
Bay by the master and within a few
hours the ARAS salvage team arrived
on scene.

The ship was successfully refloated after
patching of the cracks by a diving team
and de-watering the engine machine
room, hold and double bottom tanks.

The casualty was towed to a safer bay
sheltered from southerly winds where

Swire operation                            Swire mobilised the 2008 built AHTS,
                                           PACIFIC VALKYRIE, together with
                                                                                       Hecsalv damaged stability software to
                                                                                       model the vessel.
Swire Salvage was appointed to             a salvage team, under the Salvage
undertake the salvage and towage of        Master, Captain Ken Ellam.                  This data was used to establish a
a 10,000 dwt chemical tanker, which                                                    ballasting sequence as part of the
                                           They worked with the Rapid Response         salvage plan to bring the casualty
was being used as a storage tanker
                                           Damage Assessment team from                 back on an even keel. The plan led to
offshore Indonesia.
                                           American Bureau of Shipping who used        the vessel regaining positive stability
The vessel had suffered an explosion                                                                         and achieving a
in her number 4 and 5 cargo oil tanks                                                                        satisfactory trim,
during cargo transfer operations. There                                                                      enabling towage
was significant structural damage with                                                                       to port for repair.
the main deck over the number 5 cargo
oil tank being blown open.                                                                                    PACIFIC
                                                                                                              VALKYRIE then
The centreline bulkhead, as well as the                                                                       performed a
longitudinal bulkheads between the                                                                            smooth seven day
cargo oil tanks and the water ballast                                                                         tow to Bataumpar,
tanks, were breached.                                                                                         Indonesia.

The sudden collapse of these bulkheads
resulted in an unprecedented shift in                                                                         PACIFIC VALKYRIE
ballast water and in the vessel assuming                                                                      attending the
an angle of loll of more than 15 degrees                                                                      casualty
to port.

United Kingdom                             Australia and Indonesia.                    pirate prosecutions are taking place
                                                                                       in Mombassa as Somalia has no
The UK’s Marine Accident Investigation     The incident was captured on video          functioning judicial system.
Board (MAIB) has issued a safety flyer     showing the victims in heavy seas.
detailing a number of serious incidents    Islanders did their best to help with       It was seen as a setback in the fight
with non-cargo handling lifting devices.   ropes and life jackets thrown into the      against piracy as dozens of other
                                           water but the conditions meant rescue       suspected pirates were likely to be
In one incident an electric stores crane   for many was not possible.                  released.
was lifting a work boat but the wire
parted and the boat and its occupants      United States                               Britons Paul and Rachel Chandler
fell 8 metres into the water causing                                                   have been freed by Somali pirates after
serious injuries. The wire was found       More than 3000 passengers and 1000          nearly a year’s captivity. Details were
to be in extremely poor condition; the     crew on the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR               not forthcoming but a significant ransom
crane had not been maintained for some     were stranded offshore California after     was said to have been paid to release
time and was supposed to have been         an engine room fire led to loss of power.   the middle aged couple who had been
de-commissioned but not everyone had       The US Navy airlifted crates of supplies    sailing their yacht round the world.
been told it had been put out of use.      onto the stricken vessel from the carrier
                                           USS Ronald Reagan. The ship was             Paris MoU
MAIB reported 29 similar incidents in      sailing from Long Beach to Mexico on
recent years.                              a seven day cruise. The vessel was          The Paris Memorandum of
                                           towed to San Diego by tugs. Evacuating      Understanding on Port State Control
Polar Regions                              passengers from a mega cruise ship in       (PSC)’s New Inspection Regime (NIR)
                                           a serious incident is a major concern for   for Low Risk Ships will replace the
Classification society Bureau Veritas                                                  existing PSC regime on 01 January
                                           ISU members.
has published new rules for Polar Class                                                2011.
vessels and specific guidance on ice       Kenya
and structure interaction. The rules aim                                               Under the NIR, vessels will be classified
to expedite Arctic and Caspian Sea oil     Nine suspected pirates arrested by          as Low Risk Ships or High Risk Ships. If
and gas development by facilitating        international navies off Somalia have       a ship is neither Low Risk nor High Risk,
the building of tank, cargo and offshore   been freed following a landmark             it will be classified as a Standard Risk
service vessels which can operate          judgement by one of Kenya’s most            Ship.
unsupported by icebreakers.                senior judges, Mohamed Ibrahim. He
                                           ruled that magistrates’ courts had no       The criteria for calculating the Ship
Australia                                  power to try alleged Somali pirates         Risk Profile will take into consideration
                                           arrested in international waters.           deficiencies and detentions in a
Dozens of asylum seekers, including                                                    company’s fleet in the previous 36
many children, were drowned after their    The pirates had been captured by            months, and compare it to the average
boat crashed into rocks off Christmas      the German navy with help from US           of all vessels inspected in the Paris
Island in the Timor Sea between            helicopters in the Gulf of Aden. Most       MoU.

UK nuclear submarine in highly visible grounding

The UK’s Royal Navy was                     to pass safely through the narrows.          challenges to the UK government as
embarrassed when its newest nuclear                                                      it came in the same week that it was
attack submarine, HMS ASTUTE                The incident presented a gift to media       announced that the ETVs were to be
grounded off the Isle of Skye.              with the stricken, 7,200 tonnes, $US         withdrawn in a cost cutting drive (see
                                            2 billion vessel in full view. Local roads   story, page 1).
It happened barely a mile offshore, close   became busy with curious onlookers.
to the Skye Bridge in the sound between                                                  The Ministry of Defence admitted in
the island and the Scottish mainland        HMS ASTUTE was refloated with                response to Parliamentary questions
near Kyle of Lochalsh.                      assistance from one of the UK’s four         that there have been 16 separate
                                            Emergency Towing Vessels (ETVs), the         incidents of Royal Navy nuclear subs
The area is a known challenge to            ANGLIAN PRINCE.                              being involved in groundings and
navigation but local opinion was that the                                                collisions in the past two decades.
boat was some way off the usual track       That gave further presentational

 ISU photograph competition                                                              Lloyd’s salvage arbitrators’ dispute

 Readers are reminded
 that the ISU is to recognise
 the excellence of the
 photographs taken by
 its members’ staff with
 an annual competition to
 choose the best shot taken
 during a salvage operation.

 All photographs submitted
 for publication in Salvage
 World will be eligible. A panel
 of Executive Committee                                                                  The dispute between Lloyd’s and
 members, and other                                                                      Belinda Bucknall QC and John Reeder
 independent judges, will                                                                QC has been resolved amicably. The
 choose the best shot. The                                                               parties said that the terms will remain
 winner will receive a prize                                                             confidential.
 of US $300.                                                                             Lloyd’s said it had never intended to call
 Deadline for entries: 25                                                                into question the professional integrity of
 February 2011. The winner                                                               Ms Bucknall or Mr Reeder, and “wishes
 will be announced at the 2011                                                           to acknowledge publicly the service and
 Associate Members’ Day.                                                                 commitment they have shown to the
                                                                                         LOF scheme over many years.”

finds missing vessel
In October the FAIRMOUNT FUJI was
contracted to assist in the search
for the MT ATTALYA, which was lost
due to a broken towline. FAIRMOUNT
FUJI, a multi purpose 47tbp AHT/DSV
4 point mooring salvage vessel, left
Cape Town and set sail to the last
known position despite bad weather.

FAIRMOUNT FUJI arrived at the
last reported position and from there
estimated the vessel’s new location
but there was no sign of the missing MT

The Master, working with the Fairmount
office team and its meteorological
partner, followed the most likely drift
pattern, based on all known information.
And four days after being contracted the
FAIRMOUNT FUJI’s master reported they                                                            The drifting MT
had found MT ATTALYA, some 100 miles                                                             ATTALYA was found by
off the South African coast and stood by                                                         FAIRMOUNT FUJI.
until the arrival of the owner’s tug.

ITC update
From its salvage station in Falmouth,
ITC tug TYPHOON assisted a
number of vessels in distress.
connected up with MBC CHINA
STEEL DEVELOPER which was adrift
with main engine problems near the
Azores. The fully laden 150,000 dwt
vessel was towed to Lisbon.

The chemical tanker PYXIS BETA
(below), laden with 4000 tons of urea,
was taken in tow in the Bay of Biscay
and safely redelivered by TYPHOON at
the river Garonne near Bordeaux.
                                           breakdown approx 200 miles off Ushant      In the North Sea, ITC TEMPEST went
The 36,000 dwt product tanker CIELO        and was taken in tow to Brest and the      to assist MBC WESTERN (above).
DI SALERNO sustained a main engine         GCV NAJADEN was assisted from the          The 12,630 dwt bulker/container vessel
                                           Channel into Falmouth after a main         sustained main engine damage and
                                           engine breakdown. The 4400 dwt vessel      drifted towards a number of offshore
                                           was laden with sawn timber.                platforms in severe weather conditions.
                                                                                      The personnel on the platforms were
                                           In October, TYPHOON assisted the           evacuated as a precaution.
                                           fish factory vessel ATHENA in the
                                           North Atlantic which had a fire in its     The TEMPEST succeeded in
                                           processing facility. TYPHOON escorted      establishing a towage connection shortly
                                           the vessel into Falmouth. Working          before darkness and towed the casualty
                                           under ISU sub-contract with Smit           away from the platforms and the next
                                           Salvage and JP Knight, fire fighting and   day she was handed over to Svitzer
                                           contingency services were rendered by      harbor tugs in Ijmuiden. The service
                                           a Smit salvage team which was flown        was provided to salvors Svitzer Salvage
                                           in together with equipment and ITC         under an ISU Sub-Contract.
                                           CHINOOK, which replaced TYPHOON.

SMIT SALVAGE busy with fighting fires worlwide
SMIT Salvage has been active this
quarter in emergency response,                     The LISCO GLORIA
with a number of high profile cases
involving fires on ships.

In October, SMIT Salvage responded
to the RoRo vessel LISCO GLORIA
which experienced a severe fire thirteen
nautical miles south west of Langeland,
Denmark. SMIT Salvage was contracted
under a Lloyds Open Form contract
to tackle the fire. Immediately a
salvage team was mobilized from the
Netherlands including two salvage               nautical miles southwest of the Scilly       Another case involving fire was
masters - one based ashore for                  Isles. A Lloyds Open Form contract was       the salvage of the container vessel
coordination with the authorities - and         agreed with joint salvors SMIT Salvage       BOUNDARY off South Africa. SMIT
a fire expert. Two tugs were also               and JP Knight.                               Salvage mobilised specialised
dispatched to perform boundary cooling                                                       equipment and personnel to assist the
activities.                                     After more than 10 days of working           casualty. A salvage team backed up
                                                under difficult conditions inside the        by a fire expert boarded the vessel by
Having extinguished the fire and                ship's holds, the smouldering boxes          helicopter to extinguish the fire.
stabilised the vessel she was safely            were finally extinguished and the holds
redelivered to her owners at Odense.            could be ventilated.                         The same day the casualty was towed
                                                                                             by the powerful salvage tug SMIT
Soon afterwards SMIT salvage was                Before the next storm the ATHENA was         AMANDLA to Cape Town, where she
mobilized again for another salvage             moored on the Carrick Roads buoy in          was subsequently redelivered to her
case involving a fire which broke out in        the shelter of Falmouth Bay where she        owners.
the 750,000 cardboard boxes onboard             was handed back to her owners.
the fish factory ship ATHENA, some 230

Intercargo warning on                           a spate of accidents and fatalities in the
                                                last three months.
                                                                                             moisture content is too great, causing
                                                                                             stability problems, listing and eventual
bulkers carrying iron                                                                        capsize.
                                                Intercargo has also called on
and nickel ores                                 shipowners to consider the risks             “Our association has had an opportunity
                                                associated with these cargoes - known        to forewarn its members about
Intercargo – representing dry bulk
                                                officially as “cargoes which may liquefy”    these cargoes and has been very
carrier owners – has warned about
                                                - and for governments and relevant           surprised to learn from owners that the
what it calls the “unacceptable
                                                authorities to re-check the safety           rudimentary loading conditions in some
hazards” associated with iron ore
                                                processes at the ports of loading.           of the exporting countries may have
fines and nickel ore loaded in wet
                                                                                             contributed to accidents,” says Lomas.
weather conditions.                             The ores, used in the steel industry, are
                                                exported from a number of countries          “We know that many companies refuse
It has called on shippers and cargo
                                                including India, Indonesia and the           to accept these cargoes because they
interests to conduct an urgent review
                                                Philippines.                                 are either not loaded in accordance with
into the testing and safety processes
                                                                                             the international standards contained in
involved in shipping the cargo following         “We know that all shipowners of quality     the IMO’s International Maritime Solid
                                                care about the safety of their seafarers     Bulk Cargoes Code or when Masters
                                                and what has occurred is completely          sense that the testing and certification
                                                unacceptable”, said Secretary General        processes aimed at determining the
                                                of Intercargo, Rob Lomas.                    moisture content of the cargo being
                                                                                             offered for shipment lacks credibility.
                                                All three sinkings - the JIAN FU STA
                                                with 13 fatalities; the NASCO DIAMOND        “Sadly, some shipowners may not have
   Salvage World is produced by the
   International Salvage Union. For matters     with 21 fatalities and the HONG WEI          the relevant experience or knowledge in
   relating to the publication contact: James   with 10 fatalities reportedly carried        interpreting the IMSBC Code and may
   Herbert, ISU communications advisor.
   Tel: +44 1423 331 096
                                                nickel ore loaded in Indonesia and were      accept cargoes which are unsafe. But
   Email:                    Chinese operated and manned ships.           we need to receive the reassurances
                                                They sank in broadly the same location       of the competent authorities in the
   For general enquiries contact:
   ISU, 2nd Floor St.Clare House, 30-33         and all were bound for China.                exporting countries that their procedures
   Minories, London EC3N 1BP
                                                                                             and processes have integrity and
   Tel: +44 20 3179 9222/3                      Cargoes which may liquefy if not
   Email:                                                             transparency [so that] seafarers' lives
                                                properly tested and certificated may
                                                                                             are not put in peril.”
                                                move as a slurry or a liquid if their


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