Radar ARPA Bridge Teamwork and SAR MTC Katalog dd by nikeborome


									Course Framework            Code: R001

                                                                                                                           Radar Simulator
Course Title                Radar, ARPA, Bridge Team Work and Search and Rescue

Language                    English, German
Scope                       The course is essentially practical and consits of a series of exercises performed on
                            a radar simulator with two ore more own-ships and a number of others controlled
                            by the instructor. Each exdercise will involve observing the movement of ships seen
                            on the RADAR, recognizing those presenting a threat of collision and taking action
                            to avoid collisions. Trainees will act either as Master or as an observing officer for the
                            exercises, and will change roles to allow each to turn in command of the ship.
Objectives                  Those successfully completing this course will be able to make efficient and effective
                            use of radar as a navigational aid in congested, confined waters, recognize potential
                            threats and make valid navigational and collision-avoidance decisions based on sound
                            radar observation and plotting in compliance with COLREG. They will be aware of the
                            time needed to appreciate that a dangerous situation is developing, to decide upon
                            and take appropriate action, and to ascertain that such action is adequate and does
                            not give rise to further conflicts with other vessels. They will also realize that excessive
                            speed in poor visibility reduces the time available to assess a threat and to take
                            appropriate action. Ability to plan, organise and manage a bridge team, making use
                            of all navigational data, will also be achieved. Successfully completion of this course
                            will also provide ability to respond to, co-ordinate and execute a search and rescue
Entry Standards             Those wishing to enter this course should be holders of certificates as officer in charge
                            of a navigational watch as per STCW Convention.
Certification               On successful completion of the course and assessments, a document will be issued
                            certifying that the holder has successfully completed a course of training which meets
                            or exceeds the level of knowledge and competence specified in table A-II/2 of STCW
                            1995 and 2010.
Student Number Limitation   9 participants
Staff Requirements          1 instructor, 1 co-instructor, 1 lecturer
Facilities and Equipment    Radar Simulator MTC (3 bridges), Full-mission Simulator MTC (4 Bridges) for SAR, class
Teaching Aids               Beamer, sea charts, IAMSAR, bridge documentation
Teaching Method             Exercise, demonstration, lectures, assessment
Bilbliography               IMO                 IMO Model Course 1.08, Resolutions A.823(19), A.477(XII), A.422(XI)
                            STCW 95             Regulation I/12, Code Section A-I/12 and STCW 2010
Course Duration             5 days / 40 hours
Price (net excl VAT 19%)    EUR                 1.480,-

                            Month            1st shift (08:00-16:00 h)
 Schedule 2010              December

 Schedule 2011              January
 Individual dates           April
 on request                 May

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