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Fundamental concept:
Grade 7
Matter can be classified according to its physical
                                                                                        Student Lab                          Fluids
                                                              A great lab that demonstrates the effect of temperature on
                                                              the ability of a solvent to dissolve a solute, the effect of
                                                              increased surface area on the speed of dissolving, the         When one speaks of oil and water you need to
Grade 8:                                                                                                                     understand how the matter is structured so that
                                                              difference between stirring and not, and the effect of a
Fluids are an important component of many systems.                                                                           you can discuss how it interacts.
                                                              different solvent on the same solute.
                 Background Information
Many aspects of particle theory can be demonstrated                                                                                Lab or Demonstration
                                                                  1. Effect of temperature on the ability of a solvent
using sugar and water.                                                                                                       Put 50 g of oil into a beaker containing 250 ml
                                                                     to dissolve a solute
The particle theory states that all matter is made up of                                                                     of water. Stir. Watch and wait. Write down
                                                                         Add 15 mL sugar to 250 mL of hot water and
particles.                                                                                                                   observations. Put 50 g of a powdered fertilizer
                                                                         15 mL of sugar to 250 mL of cold water and
The particles for solids such as sugar are close                                                                             (Miracle Grow etc.) into 250 ml of water. Stir.
                                                                         observe which one dissolves most rapidly,
together.                                                                                                                    Watch and wait. Observe.
                                                                         record times it takes to dissolve.
Particles in liquids are further apart than particles in
                                                                  2. Effect of increased surface area on the speed
solids.                                                                                                                      Explain the differences between an oil spill
                                                                     of dissolving
When added to water sugar particles fit into the spaces                                                                      and a fertilizer spill.
                                                                         Add a sugar cube to 250 mL of hot water and
which exist between the water particles. They can do
                                                                         15 mL sugar to a different 250 mL of hot water
this because there is an attraction between the sugar                                                                         To answer this many factors will need to be
                                                                         and observe which one dissolves most rapidly,
particles and the water particles. Sugar particles will not                                                                  reviewed. The characteristics of oil and fertilizers.
                                                                         record times it takes to dissolve.
dissolve in rubbing alcohol because the attraction is not                                                                    Their solubility in water. The ease in separating or
                                                                  3. Effect of movement of the solvent
strong enough.                                                                                                               isolating them from water.
                                                                         Add 15 mL sugar to each of two 250 mL of hot
                                                                         water, stir one and not the other and observe       Here is information on oil.
When sugar and water are mixed together they are                                                                   
                                                                         which one dissolves most rapidly, record times
referred to as a solution. In this example, the solid,                                                                       Information on oil spills
                                                                         it takes to dissolve.
sugar is the solute and the liquid, water is the solvent.                                                          
                                                                  4. Effect of a different solvent on the same solute
Temperature of the water greatly affects the amount of                                                                       go to "Marine environment protection"
                                                                         Add 15 mL of sugar to 250 mL of water and 15
sugar that can be dissolved by a specific amount of
                                                                         mL of sugar to 250 mL of rubbing alcohol            go to "Educational resources and information"
                                                                         shake or stir and then observe which one            go to "kids"
                                                                         dissolves and which one does not dissolve.          go to "Oil and water don’t mix"
                   Literacy Connection                                                                             
Charts:                                                                                                                      solutions/solubility/section1.html
                                                              Record your observations on a chart and then compare
A chart can be a simple way to record experimental                                                                           Here is information on fertilizer and water
                                                              your results with those of your classmates. Use the particle
results. A chart needs a heading or title. What is the                                                                       relationships.
                                                              theory to explain your observations.
chart about? Look for units of time, volume or mass that                                                           
can be used as points of comparison. Columns and                                                                             then go to “Smart! and the environment”
rows can set data apart to make it easier to find.
To learn more on how to use graphs visit this site

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