Opening Speech Hajime Inamura by nikeborome


									                                                                                                           Tuesday, July 25
18:00 - 20:00                                                                                              Registration (3F)
                                                                                                    Wednesday morning, July 26
 8:00-8:50                                                                                               Registration (3F)
                                                                                                       Room 7 (3F: Crystal)
  9:00-9:10     Opening Speech: Hajime Inamura (Tohoku University, Japan)
  9:10-9:25     Welcome Speech by the President of PAPAIOS: Mitsuo Ezaki (Nagoya University, Japan)
  9:25-9:35     Welcome Speech by the President of Tohoku University: Takashi Yoshimoto
  9:35-9:45     Welcome Speech by the Mayor of Sendai City: Katsuhiko Umehara
 9:45-10:00     Plenary Speech by the President of IIOA: Faye Duchin (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)
10:00-10:30     Leontief Video from St. Petersburg: Masaaki Kuboniwa (Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
                                                                                                             Coffee Break
                         Room 1 (1F:Rose)                     Room 2 (1F: Pearl)                Room 3 (2F:Aoba)                      Room 4 (2F: Hirose)           Room 5 (2F: Hanano-en)         Room 6 (5F: Cattleya)
                Session 1A: Environmental            Session 1B: Environmental         Session 1C: Policy Issues in CGE        Session 1D: Allocative           Session 1E: Tourism in Input-
                Accounting 1                         Impacts 1                         Models                                  Efficiency and Productivity      Output Analysis
                Organizers and Chair: Ole G.         Chair:•@ Klaus Hubacek            Chair: Antonio Manresa                  Organizer and Chair: Thijs ten   Organizer and Chair: Mikio Suga
                Pedersen and Noritoshi Ariyoshi                                                                                Raa
                                                Carsten Nathani                  Shaun Ferguson                                                                 Annemieke M. van de Steeg and
                Sjoerd Schenau                  Materials use and induced energy Public and quasi-public expenditure           Thijs ten Raa and Victoria       Albert E. Steenge
                The Dutch energy accounts       demand: an input-output analysis and economic sustainability in the            Shestalova                       Surveys, tourism satellite
                                                                                 high-risk Palestinian economy                 Alternative measures of total    accounts and input-output
            Noritoshi Ariyoshi                  Yue Wang and Xiao Li                                                           factor productivity growth       modeling: a comparative study of
            The development of Japanese         Environmental impact of the      Keshab Bhattarai                                                               a small island economy (Aruba)
            system for integrated environmental mobile communication industry in Capital accumulation and growth:              Ngoc Q. Pham, Bui Trinh, and     and a big industrial nation (The
11:00-12:30 and economic accounting: Japanese China                              multisectoral analysis                        Thanh D. Nguyen                  Netherlands)
            SEEA and Japanese NAMEA                                                                                            Structural change and
                                                Garry McDonald and Murray G. Taly Kanfi and Michael L. Lahr                    economic performance of          Helmi Mkouar
            Emilio Farid Matuk Castro           Patterson                        The effects of a rise in the minimum          Vietnam 1986-2000: evidence      The compilation of Tunisia's
            Peru’s population & housing         Lifecycle assessment of          wage on labor market vacancies in             from the Vietnam input-output    tourism satellite accounts
            censuses and environmental          ecosystem services in the        New Jersey: a CGE analysis                    tables
            accounting                          Auckland region economy                                                                                         Satoshi Kondo, Takashi Ukon
                                                                                                                               Thijs ten Raa                    and Jiro Nemoto
                                                                                                                               The theory of benchmarking       Measuring the economic impacts
                                                                                                                               and the measurement of           of the 2005 World Exposition,
                                                                                                                               industrial organization          Aichi, Japan

                                                                                                 Conference Lunch (Room 7, Crystal)
                                                                                                        Wednesday afternoon, July 26
                       Room 1 (1F:Rose)                         Room 2 (1F: Pearl)                   Room 3 (2F:Aoba)                  Room 4 (2F: Hirose)                  Room 5 (2F: Hanano-en)          Room 6 (5F: Cattleya)
              Session 2A: Environmental            Session 2B: Environmental Impacts 2 Session 2C: SAM and CGE-Modeling Session 2D: Innovation and                     Session 2E: Asian Economic
              Accounting 2                         Chair: Manfred Lenzen                   Organizer and Chair: Yuzuru Miyata Input-Output                             Integration
              Organizers and Chair: Ole G.                                                                                       Organizer and Chair: Pierre           Organizer: Tadashi Hayashi
                                                   Jose A. Scaramucci and Marcelo P.
              Pedersen and Noritoshi Ariyoshi                                              Yuzuru Miyata and Hiroyuki            Mohnen                                Chair: Takatoshi Watanabe
                                                   Bioethanol as basis for regional
            Peter J. Stauvermann and Albert E. development in Brazil: an input-output Does a decrease in the population          Sadao Nagaoka                         Sungin Na
            Steenge                                model with mixed technologies           prevent a sustainable growth of a     Assessing the relatedness of          Economic growth and carbon-
            Input-output based environmental                                               compact city? A comparison of cases corporate diversification of            dioxide emissions in the East
            modeling and accounting:               Giovanni Baiocchi, Jan Minx, John       of decreasing and increasing          Japanese manufacturing firms          Asian region
            international discussions as reflected Barrett and Tommy Wiedmann              populations of Obihiro Metropolitan
            in developments in the Netherlands The impact of social factors and            Area, Japan, by an intertemporal      Julio M. Rosa and Pierre              Kiyoshi Fujikawa and Qingzhu
                                                   consumer behavior on the
                                                                                           CGE-modeling approach                 Mohnen                                Yin
14:00-15:30 Anders Wadeskog                        environment – an input-output
                                                                                                                                 The structure and organization        A quantitative analysis on free
                                                   approach for the UK
            Expanding the environmental                                                    Takayuki Hatano and Takaaki Okuda of networks for Canadian R&D              trade agreement using East Asia
            accounts with social data – the        Takashi Homma, Shunsuke Mori,           Water resource allocation in the      performers                            linked CGE model
            Swedish experience                     Keigo Akimoto, Toshimasa Tomoda         Yellow River Basin, China, applying a
                                                   and Yasuhiro Murota                     CGE model                             Shandre M. Thangavelu and             Jun-Ho Jeong and Jin-Myon Lee
            Dabo Guan and Klaus Hubacek            Evaluation of global warming                                                  Mun Heng Toh                          Identifying industrial clusters in
            A hydro-economic accounting and        mitigation policies considering         Hiroyuki Shibusawa, Yoshiro Higano Singapore Information Sector:            Korea
            analytical framework for water         changes in industrial structures and IT and Yuzuru Miyata                     A Study using•@ Input-Output
            resource consumption in China                                                  Evaluating the regional economy and Tables
                                                                                           transportation networks in Japan: a
                                                                                           dynamic interregional CGE modeling
                                                                                                                 Coffee Break
              Session 3A: Input-Output Approaches        Session 3B: Supply and Use        Session 3C: Multicountry Databases Session 3D: Productivity Analysis        Session 3E: Describing and
              to Waste and MFA                           Tables and Input-Output           and Applications                   and Growth Accounting                    Visualizing Economic Structure
              Organizer and Chair: Shinichiro            Organizer and Chair: Joerg        Chair: Shigemi Kagawa              Organizer and Chair: Marcel              Chair: Albert E. Steenge
              Nakamura                                                                                                              Timmer
                                                                                           Satoshi Inomata, Nobuhiro Okamoto,       Dale W. Jorgenson, Mun S. Ho and
                                                                                                                                                                       Umit Senesen
              Yuichi Moriguchi, Keisuke Nansai, Seiji    Liv Hobbelstad Simpson            Hiroshi Kuwamori and Bo Meng                                              Presentation of findings with the
              Hashimoto, Shinsuke Murakami,                                                                                         Kevin J. Stiroh
                                                         Compilation of supply and use     Introduction to the 2000 Asian           Growth of U.S. industries and    input-output model: some
              Shigekazu Matsui and Shigesada
                                                         tables in different countries -   International Input-output Table         investments in information       suggestions
                                                         Norway, Eastern Europe, Africa                                             technology and higher education
              Material flow of solid wastes and other
              residues described in physical input-                                         Wilairat Tongsiri and Hiroyuki Kosaka                                      Kenjiro Uda
                                                         Sake de Boer, Jan van Dalen,       Analysis of Japan-Thailand free trade   Dale W. Jorgenson and Koji         An extended skyline analysis for
              output tables                                                                                                         Nomura
16:00-17:30                                              Taeke Takema and Piet Verbiest agreement using Asian international                                            international input-output table
                                                                                                                                    The industry origins of Japanese
              Shinichiro Nakamura and Kenichi            Supply and use tables: a           input-output model
                                                                                                                                    economic growth
              Nakajima                                   multipurpose framework                                                                                        Fidel Aroche
              Toward physical waste IO and its                                              Norihiko Yamano and Colin Webb          Robert Inklaar and Marcel Timmer   Structural desintegration, exports
              relationship to MFA                        Axel Schaffer and Jan Minx         The OECD input-output database          Comparing productivity levels: a   and growth. The important
                                                         Gender-specific input-output table harmonised tables for international     KLEMS approach using supply- and   coefficients as indicators of the
              Kenichi Nakajima and Shinichiro            for Germany                        analyses, 2006 edition                  use tables                         level of integration
              Application of waste input-output
              material flow analysis of metals: iron
              and steel material cycle in the Japanese
18:00-20:00                                                                                          Welcome Reception (Room 7, Crystal)
                                                                                                     Thursday morning, July 27
                                                                                                         Room 7 (3F: Crystal)
            Keynote Speech: Robert U. Ayres and Daniel Dias (INSEAD, France)                                                  Chair: Faye Duchin (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)
            Some thoughts on a hybrid materials-process input-output model at the firm level
            Keynote Speech: Masahiro Kuroda (Economic and Social Research Institute, Government of Japan, Japan)              Chair: Masahisa Fujita (Kyoto University, Japan)
                                                                                                      Coffee Break
                      Room 1 (1F:Rose)                    Room 2 (1F: Pearl)                   Room 3 (2F:Aoba)                     Room 4 (2F: Hirose)            Room 5 (2F: Hanano-en)          Room 6 (5F: Cattleya)
            Session 4A: Environmental Aspects Session 4B: Waste Treatment            Session 4C: Economic Modeling of         Session 4D: Income               Session 4E: Decomposition
            of Trade                              and Recycling                      Disaster Impacts 1                       Distribution and Inequality      Analyses
            Organizer and Chair: Harry C. Wilting Chair: Yuichi Moriguchi            Organizer and Chair: Yasuhide            Organizer and Chair: Gülay       Chair: Erik Dietzenbacher
                                                                                     Okuyama                                  Günlük-Senesen
            Kakali Mukhopadhyay                   Kazuyo Yokoyama and Shigemi                                                                                  Socia Prihawantoro and Suahasil
            Does pollution haven matter for       Kagawa                             Yoshifumi Ishikawa and Toshitaka         Myung-Jin Jun                    Nazara
            Thailand?                             Relationship between economic Katada                                        Economic impacts of Seoul’s      The contribution of technology in
                                                  growth and waste management: Analysis of the economic impacts of            decentralization: building a     an economy: the decomposition
            Umed Temurshoev                       dynamic waste input-output         a natural disaster by using              metropolitan input-output        of output differentials in 1995-
            Pollution haven hypothesis or factor approach                            interregional input-output tables for    model and its application        2000 Indonesian IRSAM
            endowment hypothesis: an empirical                                       the struck region: a case study of the
            examination for the US and China      Masaaki Fuse, Hiroshi Yagita and 2000 Tokai flood in Japan                  Joaquim Guilhoto, Carlos         Paul de Boer
                                                  Atsushi Inaba                                                               Azzoni, Fernando Silveira,       Structural decomposition analysis
11:00-12:30 Harry Wilting, Rutger Hoekstra and    Evaluation of automobile global Geoffrey J.D. Hewings                       Tatiane Menezes, Marcos M.       and the index number problem: a
            Sjoerd Schenau                        recycling using input-output       The impact of hurricane Katrina on       Hasegawa and Eduardo             proposed solution
            Trade and emissions: an empirical     analysis                           regional economic modeling               Haddad
            examination for the Netherlands                                                                                   International price changes of   Maurizio Ciaschini, Rosita
                                                  Pongsun Bunditsakulchai, Hajime Atsushi Koike, Taka Ueda and Mark           agricultural commodities and     Pretaroli and Claudio Socci
                                                  Inamura, Shigemi Kagawa and        Thissen                                  their impacts on income          A “convenient” policy control
                                                  Masato Yamada                      Economic damage assessment of a          distribution and poverty in      through the macro multiplier
                                                  Price-endogenized inter-industry catastrophe: shocks to physical and        Brazil                           approach
                                                  approach with goods and bads       social capital in a spatial CGE

                                                                                                 Conference Lunch (Room 7, Crystal)
                                                                                                           Thursday afternoon, July 27

                       Room 1 (1F:Rose)                      Room 2 (1F: Pearl)                       Room 3 (2F:Aoba)                       Room 4 (2F: Hirose)                 Room 5 (2F: Hanano-en)             Room 6 (5F: Cattleya)
              Session 5A: Physical Information in     Session 5B: Enterprise Input-         Session 5C: Economic Modeling of           Session 5D: Agricultural       Session 5E: Economic Theory       Session 5F: Miscellaneous
              Input-Output Analysis: Accounting       Output and Supply Chain               Disaster Impacts 2                         Aspects                        and Input-Output                  Papers
              Framework                               Management                            Organizer and Chair: Yasuhide              Chair:                         Chair:                            Rafael Bouchain Galicia and
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fernando García Green
              Organizers and Chair: Helga Weisz       Organizer and Chair: Vito Albino      Okuyama
                                                                                                                                                                                                        A Proposal for the Calculation
              and Sangwon Suh                                                                                                          Edoardo Pizzoli                Enrico Bellino                    of the Private Consumption
                                                      Lilian Cristina Anefalos, José        Christopher W. Anderson, Joost R.          Economic sustainable           Switching of techniques along the Using the Surveys of the
              Jan Minx, Axel Schaffer, Carsten        Vicente Caixeta Filho and             Santos and Yacov Y. Haimes                 development and agriculture in wage-profit frontier: a more      Households: The Case of
              Stahmer and Heinrich Tschochohei        Joaquim José M. Guilhoto              A risk-based input-output                  industrialized countries: an   general framework                 Mexico in 2003
              New ways of integrated accounting –     Input-output model for economic       methodology for measuring the        input-output scenario and a
              socio-economic input-output tables      evaluation of the supply chain:       effects of the August 2003 Northeast confrontation for the Italian               Amanar Akhabbar                      Armenak S. Gasparyan
              for Germany                             the case of cut flowers               blackout                             case                                        Leontief and Samuelson on the        Matrix Network Models to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Input-Output Systems
                                                      exportation                                                                                                            non-substitution theorem: some
              Garry McDonald, Murray Patterson                                              Albert E. Steenge and Marija               Evgenia Zakharova                     methodological remarks
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mizanur Rahman Sarker and
              and Megan Willcox                      Vito Albino, Silvana Kühtz and         Bočkarjova                                 The Russian agricultural                                                   Bai HU
              Towards a physical input-output table Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli             Thinking about imbalances and              outlook for 1995-2001 using           Hengqing Tong, Chuanmei              Productivity of Integrated
              of the New Zealand economy             Analysing logistics flows in           rigidities in post-catastrophe             input-output tables                   Wang, Yu Chao and Pingxi Cai         Rice-Fish Farming of the
                                                     industrial clusters using an           economies: an input-output based                                                  The optimal direction for           Floodprone Ecosystems in
              Manfred Lenzen                         enterprise input-output model          proposition                                Poonsri Sakhornrad                    adjusting industry structure         Bangladesh
              Sustainability accounting for business                                                                                   Assessment of trade
              – a new international software based Erik Dietzenbacher                       Yasuhide Okuyama                           agreements of Thailand:                                                    Bertha Vallejo and Wladimir
              on input-output tables                 Transfer pricing in an enterprise      Sequential interindustry model and         income distribution perspective
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Manufacturing Productivity
                                                     input-output model                     inventory function: sensitivity analysis                                                                              Analysis. A panel analysis to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  the Mexican Manufacturing
                                                                                                            Coffee Break
              Session 6A: Physical Information inSession 6B: Sustainable Consumption Session 6C: Multi- and Inter-Regional Session 6D: Applications of the                   Session 6E: Estimation and
              Input-Output Analysis: Methodology Organizer and Chair: Ayu Washizu      Analyses                              INFORUM approach                                Updating Techniques
              Organizers and Chair: Helga Weisz                                        Chair: Michael L Lahr                 Organizer and Chair: Toshiaki                   Chair: Mun Heng Toh
                                                 Satoshi Nakano, Ayu Washizu and                                             Hasegawa
              and Sangwon Suh
                                                 Miki Shinozaki
                                                 On the lifestyle appropriate for
                                                                                       Oliver Fritz, Erwin Kolleritsch and   Mariusz Plich and Marcin
                                                                                                                                                                             Carsten Nathani and Marcel
              Sangwon Suh                        sustainable society: a simulation     Gerhard Streicher                     Ponewczynski                                    Wickart
              Make and use framework, imputation analysis using the demand function in Building a multiregional input-output Estimation and testing a system of              Estimation of a Swiss input-output
              and physical information in input- LES and environmental input-output    table for Austria: compilation        PCE equations for the Inforum-type              table from incomplete and
              output analysis: an allocation     table                                 methods and results                   model of the Polish economy                     uncertain data sources
                                                      Koji Takase, Yasushi Kondo and Ayu    Bart Los and Jan Oosterhaven               Toshiaki Hasegawa                     Manfred Lenzen, Richard Wood
16:00-17:30 Lucia Oetjen and Susanne Kytzia           Washizu                                                                          How to create time series data of
                                                                                            Structural change in intermediate,                                               and Blanca Gallego
                                                      Environmental impacts of income and                                              Japanese capital stock by sector –
            Using vintage models for material                                               consumption and capital goods trade                                              RAS matrix balancing under
                                                      time use: evaluating alternative                                                 “cascaded leaky buckets” in the
            stocks in input-output economics:         consumption "technologies" by the     patterns during economic integration:      INFORUM approach                      conflicting information
            scenarios for the economic and            waste input-output model              the EU experience
            ecological impact of the built                                                                                             Kenichi Shiraishi
            environment                         Keisuke Nansai, Shigemi Kagawa and          Takashi Morioka                            Influence of indirect tax change on
                                                Yuichi Moriguchi                            The economic effect of a local             domestic price by industry in the
              James A. Lennox and Robbie Andrew Proposing a new environmental               professional baseball team,                JIDEA dynamic model
              Reforming water use rights in     indicator for consumption growth and        Hiroshima Carp
                                                technological changes: "eco-velocity"
              Canterbury: a shared responsibilities

18:00-21:00                                                                                            Conference Dinner (Room 7, Crystal)
                                                                                                                   Friday morning, July 28
                        Room 1 (1F:Rose)                        Room 2 (1F: Pearl)                         Room 3 (2F:Aoba)                        Room 4 (2F: Hirose)            Room 5 (2F: Hanano-en)            Room 6 (5F: Cattleya)
              Session 7A: Physical Information in      Session 7B: Energy and Environment Session 7C: Spatial CGE Models and Session 7D: Input-Output                         Session 7E: Structural Change
              Input-Output Analysis: Applications      Organizer: Kiyoshi Fujikawa        Transportation                     Economics for Analyzing                          and Linkages
              Organizers and Chair: Helga Weisz        Chair: Tadashi Hayashi             Chair: Jan Oosterhaven             Technology Spillovers                            Chair: Joaquim Guilhoto
              and Sangwon Suh                                                                                                                 Organizer and Chair: Bart
                                                    Yoonkyung Kim
                                                    Transition of energy consumption
                                                                                                Toshihiko Miyagi                              Verspagen                       Suahasil Nazara
              Yasushi Kondo                         structure in Korea, using 90-95-2000        Evaluation of economic impacts from                                           Does size matter? Perspectives
              Waste input-output analysis: its      link IO table for the analysis of energy    the accessibility-change by            Bart Verspagen                         from Indonesian input-output
              accounting system, analytical models, and environment                             transportation investment: an SCGE     Assessing the technological            tables by size
              and applications                                                                  modeling approach                      potential of sectors in an input-
                                                       Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Yoshihisa Inada,                                              output model of patent citations Erik Dietzenbacher and Umed
              Stefan Zandl and Helga Weisz             Mitsuru Shimoda and Takatoshi            Makoto Mizutani, Kazuyuki Tsuchiya,                                      Temurshoev
9:00-10:30    Input-output analysis and                                                         Seiji Akiyoshi, Atsushi Koike and      Esteban Fernández Vázquez Ownership relations in the
                                                       A comparative study on resource
              international trade. An Austrian case                                             Yoshifumi Ishikawa                     and Bart Los                      presence of cross-shareholding
                                                       saving technology based on the
              study to detect embodied energy and      OECD IO database                         International freight transport demand The identification of technology
              CO2                                                                               forecasting by SCGE model              spillovers: Keller revisited
                                                       Kazhuhiro Ueta, Yoshihisa Inada,
              Pablo Muñoz Jaramillo                    Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Sungin Na, Tadashi     Cristela Goce-Dakila and Shoshi               JoJo Jacob and Adam Szirmai
              Trade, economic growth and               Hayashi, Mitsuru Shimoda and Akihisa     Mizokami                                      International knowledge
              environmental pressure in Chile: an      Mori,                                    A SAM-based general equilibrium               spillovers to developing
              input-output approach                    Site location of CDM projects: an        model of the impact of impedance              countries: the case of
                                                       input-output analysis
                                                                                                factor in transport on regional               Indonesia
                                                                                                economies in the Philippines

                                                                                                                  Coffee Break
              Session 8A: Physical Information in      Session 8B: Environmental                Session 8C: Input-Output Modeling and         Session 8D: Input-Output and    Session 8E: World IO Models and
              Input-Output Analysis: Assessment        Calculations in Multisectoral Models     Transportation                                Impact Analysis                 Scenario Analysis
              Organizers and Chair: Helga Weisz        Organizer and Chair: Ferran Sancho       Chair: Cristela Goce-Dakila                   Organizer and Chair: Joerg      Organizer and Chair: Norihisa
              and Sangwon Suh                                                                                                                 Beutel                          Sakurai
                                                       Xavier Labandeira, José M. Labeaga       Francis X. Mahady and Michael L. Lahr
                                                       and Miguel Rodríguez                     A production and market driven model for                                      Faye Duchin
            Helga Weisz                                A macro and microeconomic                capturing transportation efficiencies         Anita Wölfl
                                                                                                                                                                              Building Meso-Level Scenarios
            Accounting for raw material                integrated approach to assessing the                                                   The interaction between
                                                                                                                                                                              about Sustainable Development
            equivalents of traded goods. A             effects of public policies               Makoto Mizutani, Kotaro Maki, Kazuyuki        manufacturing and services
            comparison of input-output                                                          Tsuchiya, Yoshifumi Ishikawa and Fumio        and its role for productivity   Kazushige Shimpo and Asako
            approaches in physical, monetary,          Antonio Manresa and Ferran Sancho Takuma                                               growth                          Okamura
                                                       An applied general equilibrium           A potential model of industrial location
11:00-12:30 and mixed units                                                                                                                                                   Input-output based world model and
                                                       analysis of a double dividend policy for considering transportation costs
                                                                                                                                              Gülay Günlük-Senesen            its database
                                                       the Spanish economy
              Jan Minx, Giovanni Baiocchi, John                                                                                               Accounting for arms in input-
                                                                                                Shuji Eguchi, Fuminao Okumura and
              Barrett and Tommy Wiedmann               Jordi Roca and Mònica Serrano            Hajime Inamura                                output and national income      Norihiko Yamano, Satoshi Nakano,
              Let’s get physical! About the            Income growth and atmospheric            An evaluation of financial support policies   accounts                        Asako Okamura and Masayuki
              relevance of physical information in     pollution in Spain: an input-output      for container promotion comparing with its                                    Suzuki
              an input-output format                   approach                                 economic benefits/ tax revenues    Hongxia Zhang                              The Measurement of CO2
                                                                                                                                   The effects of crude oil price             Embodiments in International Trade:
                                                                                                                                                                              Evidences with the OECD Input-
                                                                                                                                   fluctuations on the prices of
                                                                                                                                                                              Output Tables for the mid 1990s –
                                                                                                                                   other sectors and consumer
                                                                                                                                                                              early 2000s
                                                                                                                                   price indices in China
12:30-13:30                                                                                    Closing Ceremony and Farewell Reception (Room 7, Crystal)
                                                                                                                       Saturday, July 29
                                                                                                                        Conference Tour

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