Some Sight Word Activities… by wuyunqing


									Dear Parents,
Here are some sight word activities to help your child become more fluent at
reading high frequency sight words (words that can’t be sounded out.)

Some Fun Activities to try when your child is struggling with sight words:

~First write sight words on note cards (you could do it or help your child write
them neatly and correctly.)

~Play I spy…Will need sight word cards and an adult or older sibling.
* Lay cards out face up on table or floor
* Say I spy with my little eye the word ________
* Child finds the word
* Extra challenge have them use it in a sentence to make sure they understand
what the word means.
* When they find it they get to keep it.

~Sight word Grab bag- Will need a timer, bag (tub), sight words
    Put sight word cards in a bag or tub
    Set timer for 1 minute, see how many sight words your child can pull out of
      the bag and read correctly in the minute. The words read correctly put in
      correct read pile, at the end of the minute-the words read incorrectly go
      over and help understand what the word is (help look for patterns or chunks
      to help memorize word), Count to see how many words correct, make note of
      ones to work on…put all cards back in bag. Mix up cards and try again for
      another minute. Students enjoy trying to see if they can read more words
      correct the next time. Praise, Praise, Praise!

~Sight Word Memory Game-
-Make two copies of sight words that need to be practiced on note cards or on the
-Lay face down and mix up
-Student tries to find a match. Each time they turn a card over to see if they
match, have them read the sight word on each card. When they find a match have
them use the word in a sentence and they get to keep the match.

If you have any fun ways that you help your child practice sight words please share
 and I will pass along the information to other parents. Please remember that when
you show excitement and enthusiasm practicing a skill it rubs off on your child.
                                Make it fun! Encourage! Praise!

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