The Bet by wulinqing

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									The Bet
Anton Chekhov
   Set in Russia in 1885

   Autumn

   Party at the Banker’s estate

   Lodge where the young lawyer resided on
    the Banker’s property
1.   The Old Banker
        Spoiled and frivolous
        Places a bet with the Young Lawyer
         concerning an argument over capital
2.   Young Lawyer
        25 years old
        Would rather choose life in prison over
        Takes the Banker’s bet
                 THE BET
   The Young Lawyer must live isolated for
    15 years with no human contact
   Live in the lodge on the Banker’s property
   Can have books, food, wine, mail, etc.
   Cannot see or talk to anyone
   Exposition/Basic Situation
       Banker introduced as the main character
       Dark autumn night
       Remembers the dinner party he had given 15
        years ago
   Flashback interrupts the story
   Flashback
       Dinner party
       Autumn
       Disagreement arises
       over the use of capital
       Punishment
   Leads to the bet
   between the Banker
   and Lawyer
   Lawyer accepts the bet
   Flashback
•    Year 1: loneliness and
   depression/ constantly
   played the piano/refused
   wine and tobacco
•    Year 2: No piano/ asked for the classics
•    Year 5: music again/ ate/ drank wine/lay
    in his bed
   Flashback
•    Year 6: studied languages, philosophy,
    and history
•    Year 10: sat immovably at the table and
    read only the Gospels, theology, histories
    of religion
•    Last 2 years: read immense quantities of
    natural sciences, Shakespeare, Bryon, and
   Rising Action/Complications
       Banker remembers how he gambled his
       Realizes the lawyer has won the bet, but he
        has no money to be able to pay
   Climax
        Banker goes to the lodge late at night with
        the intention of killing the lawyer
   Falling Action
       Finds the lawyer face down asleep
       Discovers and reads the letter
       Returns to the house
       Is informed by the watchmen that the lawyer
        had left
   Denouement/Resolution
       Takes the letter from the table and locks it up
        in a fireproof safe
   Elemental: Capital punishment more
    immoral vs. life imprisonment more

   Internal: The prisoner – the meaning of
    his life vs. his desire for money

   Internal: The Banker – desire to kill the
    lawyer vs. paying the bet
            POINT OF VIEW
   3rd Person Limited
      The story is told from the Banker’s
    thoughts and feelings. The narrator is
    outside the story. 3rd person pronouns
    are used.
   Consider theme from the perspective of
    both characters and what they struggled
    with in the story and how they handled
    their conflicts.
   Lawyer: Freedom and social interaction
    are essential human needs.
   Banker: Earthly accomplishments are
    worthless in the face of death.
   Situational Irony: The lawyer has spent his
    entire imprisonment gaining knowledge
    and wisdom, but as a result has lost his
    capacity for hope and no longer sees any
    use for knowledge and wisdom.
   Flashback – interrupting the present
    action in a story to show earlier events
    and is triggered by the present event.

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