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									                           Stroke Nursing News
   January 2007
 Volume 1, Issue 1

                                            National Stroke Nursing Council

                           National Stroke Nursing Council
Special Interest           Promotes leadership, communication, education and research
Articles:                                                prevention to patient
                           A national stroke nursing
                           FORUM in September            education to treatment to
• Report from              2005 identified the need      rehabilitation and
  2006 Pre-                for a National Stroke         recovery. The finding
  conference               Nursing Council to            underscores the pivotal
  Workshop                 promote leadership,           role that nurses play in
                           communication, education      ensuring the success of
• Linda Kelloway           and research for nurses       the Canadian Stroke
  joins CSN as             for nurses in the field of    Strategy. Now that the
  Stroke                   stroke. The National          Canadian Best Practice
  Consultant               Stroke Nursing Council        Recommendations for
                           was established in late       Stroke Care are rolling out   Teri Green, Council rep
• Canadian                 2005 with the support of      across the country, there     from the Calgary Health
  Stroke Strategy          the Canadian Stroke           needs to be a group to        Region and co-chair, for
  Coast to Coast           Network. The Council          help nurses on the            example, is completing
                           works to build                frontline, working across     her PhD at the University
                           understanding of the          the continuum of care.        of Calgary. Her research,
Individual Highlights:     critical role of Canadian     The National Stroke           funded in part by the
                           stroke nurses, to give a      Nursing Council includes      Canadian Stroke Network,
Page 2
                           voice to experiences on       representatives from          looks at the impact of
  CANN Links to Stroke     the frontline and to          every province who will       minor strokes on male
  Council                  support the vision of the     work in collaboration         patients and their wives in
                           Canadian Stroke Strategy.     with stroke nursing           the period after discharge
Page 4                     In addition, the National     leaders across Canada         from hospital. “Nursing
                           Stroke Nursing Council        and stroke networks in        research in the area
  CSS releases Stroke      provides a forum for          each province to              of stroke is finally starting
  Recommendations          stroke nursing issues at      determine the best way to     to emerge with some
                           local, regional, provincial   get information out. “We      significant papers,” says
Page 6
                           and national levels.          hope to bring Canadian        Dr. Patrice Lindsay, CSN
  Leader in Stroke                                       Stroke Strategy               performance and
  Nursing earns            A national hospital survey    information to nurses as      evaluation specialist, who
  Doctorate                conducted by the              well as provide feedback      is also a nurse.
                           Canadian Stroke Network       from nurses to the CSS        “Opportunities to embrace
Page 7                     in late 2006 to determine     about what is working and     this research and to
                           the scope of stroke           what isn’t.” says Cindy       promote it are needed.
  Tools that you can use   services across Canada,       Bolton, a council rep from    The council will help catch
                           reported that nurses do       Ontario and NSNC co-          and keep the momentum
Page 8
                           the lion’s share of stroke    chair. As well, the council   going.”
  About the NSNC           care in Canada – from         promotes stroke nursing
                                                         research.                     Article adapted from
                                                                                       Canadian Stroke Network
                                                                                       Magazine, Winter 2006.
                                    Stroke Nursing News                                                      Page 2 of 8

                                  CANN links with National Stroke Nursing Council
                                  The Canadian Association           network of over 400                CANN welcomes nurses
                                  of Neuroscience Nurses             members.                           to join the association and
                                  (CANN) sets standards of                                              support the work of the
                                  practice and promotes              CANN hosts an annual               National Stroke Nursing
                                  continuing professional            meeting and conference in          Council and Canadian
                                  education and research.            June of each year and for          Stroke Network.
                                  Members collaborate with           the past several years
                                  individuals, families,             stroke content has                 In June 2006 the board of
Edmonton Alberta is the site      interdisciplinary teams            increased to the extent            directors voted
of the CANN 38th Annual           and communities to                 that one continuous                unanimously to include a
Meeting and Scientific sessions   prevent illness and to             concurrent session is              specific board
                                  improve health outcomes            devoted to stroke as well          representative to carry the
“From Neurons to Nursing”         for people with, or at risk        as a pre-conference                stroke portfolio. Patricia
June 19-22, 2007                  for, neurological disorders.       stroke day in conjunction          Gallagher, a Clinical
                                  CANN has been in                   with the National Stroke           Nurse Specialist in
See for program       existence since 1969, is           Nursing Council.                   Neurosciences at the
                                  an official affiliate with the                                        Saint John Regional
                                  Canadian Congress of               The CANN board of                  Hospital in Saint John NB
                                  Neurological Sciences,             directors believes that            is that CANN board
                                  the World Federation of            stroke care is important           member. She is the past
                                  Neuroscience Nurses, and           and needs to be                    President of CANN, the
CANN Position                     is officially recognized by        supported. “We believe             New Brunswick
Statement on Stroke               the Canadian Nurses                our organization has the           representative for the
                                  Association as an affiliate.       infrastructure in place to         National Stroke Nursing
CANN promotes                     CANN has a peer                                                       Council, and a member of
                                                                     support stroke nursing
attitudinal changes               reviewed journal (AXON),                                              the Canadian Stroke
through education and                                                and sustain this mandate
                                  a website, research                                                   Strategy Provincial
encourages the ongoing                                               indefinitely.”
                                  awards, and a national                                                Territorial Roundtable
development and use of
evidence-based best
practice guidelines for           Nursing Council to deliver Stroke Education Workshop at CANN
patients and their
families across the               Participant feedback and         June 19, 2007. The             •   stroke assessment
continuum of stroke               evaluation results from the      primary purpose of this            and management
care.                             CANN Pre Conference              workshop will be to                issues
                                  workshop in June 2006            provide a focused              •   current best practices
“We participate in                identified the need for          educational opportunity for        in stroke care
partnerships to                   education related to stroke      nurses working in stroke       •   linkages to NSNC
strengthen networks               best practices. To address       care.                          •   best practice
that facilitate access to         this need, the NSNC will         The workshop will focus            education to support
standardized stroke               deliver a stroke education       on:                                nursing practice
care throughout                   workshop on Tuesday
Canada.” (June 2000)
                                  NSNC to host lunchtime forum on Nursing Standards of Care
                                  The NSNC invites the               feedback to assist the            stroke nursing colleagues.
                                  participants of the 2007           NSNC to formulate a               Once finalized this
                                  CANN Annual meeting to             National Position                 position statement will be
                                  register for a lunchtime           Statement on Nursing              communicated through
                                  forum to discuss nursing           Standards of Practice in          relevant national and
                                  practice standards for the         the care of stroke patients.      provincial nursing and
                                  care of stroke patients.           The draft statement               stroke networks.
                                  The objective of this              derived from this forum           Please visit
                                  discussion is to receive           will be disseminated for          for more information.
                                                                     further feedback with
  Page 3 of 8                                          Stroke Nursing News
 About the Canadian Stroke Strategy
The Canadian Stroke                 About the Canadian              About the Heart and
Strategy is a joint initiative        Stroke Network                Stroke Foundation
of the Canadian Stroke
Network and the Heart
and Stroke Foundation of
Canada. Its goal is to help
support an integrated
approach to stroke
prevention, treatment and        www.
rehabilitation in every
province and territory by        The Canadian Stroke             The Heart and Stroke
2010. Through supporting         Network, one of Canada's        Foundation is a leading
and sharing national tools       Networks of Centres of          funder of heart and stroke
-- such as training and          Excellence, is committed        research in Canada. Its
education programs, best         to reducing the physical,       mission is to improve the
practices, awareness             social and economic             health of Canadians by
initiatives and evaluation       impact of stroke on the         preventing and reducing
and monitoring systems --        lives of individual             disability and death from
                                 Canadians and on society        heart disease and stroke                 The Vision of the
each province will be able
to develop its own unique        as a whole.                     through research, health                 Canadian Stroke
approach to health                                               promotion and advocacy.                         Strategy is
systems change.                                                                                        “A coordinated and
                                                                                                   integrated approach to
                                                                                                         stroke prevention,
The Canadian Stroke Strategy: Coast to Coast                                                                 treatment, and
British Columbia                 Manitoba                       New Brunswick                    rehabilitation will exist in
                                                                                                       every province and
B.C. Stroke Summit in            Development of regional        New Brunswick Integrated
July 2006, hosted in             stroke strategies in           Stroke Strategy developed           territory in Canada by
partnership between B.C.         Brandon and Winnipeg           and recently approved by                              2010.”
& Yukon Heart and Stroke         RHA’s support numerous         Minister of Health
Foundation and Ministry of       innovations underway at
                                                                Nova Scotia
Health, moves B.C.               regional and local level.
towards development of a                                        Government announces
Stroke Charter                                                  $500,000 to initiate a pilot
                                 Completes evaluation of        project in south west
                                 Ontario Stroke Strategy        region; recent election
Government of Alberta            and builds on success          commitment to increase
commits to Alberta               with six new prevention        investment to $7 million
Provincial Stroke Strategy       clinics and funding for        over four years
with $20 million over two        eleven Rehab Coordinator
                                                                Prince Edward Island
years under direction of         positions
newly formed Alberta                                            PEI Integrated Stroke
Stroke Council                                                  Strategy formally
                                 The Ministry (MSSS) has        launched in August 2006
                                 created a Stroke Advisory
                                                                Newfoundland and
Provincial Stroke Steering       Committee to move
                                                                Labrador                       Debra Lynkowski is the
Committee moving                 towards development and
forward with development         implementation of an           Stroke Strategy presented         Director, Canadian
of a strategy proposal           integrated stroke strategy     to Ministry of Health in              Stroke Strategy
                                 in 2007                        July 2006; implementation
                                                                planning process
                                  Stroke Nursing News                                                      Page 4 of 8

                                Expert recommendations will improve stroke care
                                and prevent deaths
                                New expert                     disability from stroke. In         practices for stroke
                                recommendations for            fact, an economic analysis         prevention, care,
                                improving stroke care in       released in June by CSN            rehabilitation and
                                Canada – the Canadian          and HSFC shows that                reintegration, says Ken
                                Best Practice                  organized stroke care              Fyke, Chair of the
                                Recommendations for            would prevent 160,000              Canadian Stroke Strategy,
                                Stroke Care: 2006 –            strokes, 60,000 cases of           a partnership between the
                                were released in               disability and save $8             HSFC and the CSN. Over
                                December 2006 by the           billion net in health-care         about 10 months, stroke
                                Canadian Stroke Network        costs over 20 years.
Best Practice                   (CSN) and the                                                     experts and people
                                                               Developed as part of the           affected by stroke from
Recommendations                 Heart and Stroke
                                                               Canadian Stroke Strategy,          across Canada shared
available at                    Foundation of Canada
                                                               the Canadian Best                  critical knowledge through   (HSFC). When fully
                                                               Practice                           organized workshops and
                                adopted by health-care
                                providers across the           Recommendations for                conferences to define
                                country, the document’s        Stroke Care: 2006                  Canadian Best Practice
                                24 ‘best practices’ will       provide a core set of              Recommendations for
                                save lives and prevent         evidence-based best                Stroke Care: 2006.

                                Linda Kelloway joins CSN as Stroke Program Consultant
                                The Canadian Stroke                                               evaluation and
                                Network and the Ontario                                           performance measures;
                                Stroke System Evaluation                                          support evaluation
                                Office announce that                                              initiatives.
                                Linda Kelloway joined
                                their team on a one year                                          Canadian Stroke
                                secondment as a Stroke                                            Strategy Professional
                                Program Consultant on                                             Development: in
                                January 1, 2007. Linda                                            conjunction with HSFO,
                                has been in the role of                                           work on the
                                Regional Stroke                                                   implementation of several
                                Education Consultant for                                          Professional Development
“The best practices are         the West GTA region                                               and Training working
based on the strongest          since 1999. She has                                               group recommendations
research evidence               been a member of the                                          :   including dissemination
about what makes the            Ontario Stroke Strategy        Ontario Stroke                     materials to support the
most difference to              since its inception and has    Evaluation: Linda will be          Canadian Best Practice
stroke outcomes. We             played a leadership role in    the first line contact for         Recommendations for
believe that these              the development of             regional and district              Stroke Care 2006,
recommendations will            educational programs,          program managers                   enhancing the Canadian
help Canadian health-           and in numerous other          regarding local/regional           Stroke Strategy website
care providers deliver          initiatives. Linda is a        evaluation initiatives and         for education and training
the best possible patient       member of the National         priorities; collaborate with       materials, and working to
care,” Ken Fyke, Chair,         Stroke Nursing Council,        health promotion on an             promote stroke education
Canadian Stroke                 sharing her expertise with     evaluation-based                   with health professionals.
Strategy                        stroke nurses on a             consensus panel;                   Contact Linda at:
                                national level.                participate in the                 linda.kelloway@canadianstro
                                                               development of a         
                                Linda will focus her efforts   roundtable meeting on              Cell: 647-444-1429
                                in two critical areas:         community reintegration            Phone: 905-465-3976
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CANN 2006 Pre-conference Workshop a Success!
The NSNC coordinated a        Participants heard key        The afternoon session
pre conference workshop       addresses from Katie          included a presentation
held immediately prior to     Lafferty, Executive           from Patty Lindsay, RN
the June 2006 CANN            Director of the CSN;          PhD about stroke Best
Conference in Montreal,       Debra Lynkowski, Director     Practices and Indicator
Quebec. Forty-two             of the CSS; and Patti         Development and Linda
participants registered and   Gallagher, President of       Kelloway and Nancy
attended this workshop,       CANN. Following this,         Newcommon introduced
which focused on the          Cindy Bolton and Kenda        the concept of best
establishment and             Power provided an             practices for nurses. They
building of a national        overview of the               led workshop participants
stroke nursing network.       proceedings from the          in group discussions
The format of the             inaugural National Stroke     focused on the CSS Best
workshop included a           Nursing Forum, held in        Practice
morning of didactic           September 2005 in             Recommendations to
overviews of the Canadian     Quebec City. They also        brainstorm the nursing
Stroke Network (CSN)          provided a short synopsis     implications of the
and the Canadian Stroke       of activities emerging from   guidelines, looking at                NSNC meeting June
Strategy (CSS), to            that forum, including the     challenges, barriers, and           2006, St. John’s’ NFLD
introduce participants to     proposal that led to the      opportunities for
the background behind         formation of the National     implementation from a
national stroke initiatives   Stroke Nursing Council.       nursing perspective.
and the NSNC.

Key Barriers to Dissemination & Uptake         Overcoming Barriers
•   Organizational Factors                     •   Cultural shifts within education, clinical
       o Competing priorities                      practice settings
       o Lack of organizational support        •   Toolkit of how to’s
       o Workload                              •   Make resources understandable for
       o Patient location – geographic             implementation
            isolation, dedicated location      •   Care paths, orders, protocols
            within institutions                •   Engaging nurses – bottom up
•   Communication                                  approach vs. top down
       o Documentation                         •   Documentation must support BP
       o Dissemination                             guidelines i.e. no double
       o Knowledge translation                     documentation
       o Connections
                                                                                                “I am encouraged about
•   Toolkit
                                                                                                the future of stroke care
       o Congruence of guidelines
                                                                                                         across Canada”
            between disease entities
       o Best practices– does it make a                                                            “…next year should
            difference?                                                                         focus on taking BPG to
                                                                                                           the bedside”
Support for Dissemination & Uptake             Education
                                                                                                  “…of the most value
•   Build Awareness of NSNC’s existence        •   Basic nursing education                       was the opportunity to
•   Website
                                               •   Annual CANN Pre-conference to build              network with other
•   Newsletters                                                                                       stroke nurses…”
                                                   knowledge and Best Practice
•   AXON
                                                   (Stroke 101)
•   Link to CSN/CSS mentors/resources
•   Interactive – list of resources
•   Nursing network
•   Research capacity -grantsmanship
                                     Stroke Nursing News                                                  Page 6 of 8

                                   Leader in Stroke Nursing earns Doctorate
                                                                  stroke nursing in Canada.     cardiovascular, critical
                                                                  She was a member of the       care, trauma and
                                                                  National Stroke Nursing       neurosciences programs
                                                                  Forum in 2005 and one of      and as a Past President of
                                                                  the driving forces behind     the College of Nurses of
     2007 Canadian
                                                                  the creation of the           Ontario, the regulatory
                                                                  National Stroke Nursing       body for nurses in Ontario.
   Education Program
                                                                  Council. Since graduating     Sandra was one of the
                                                                  from the Mohawk Diploma       driving forces in the
                                                                  Nursing program in 1990,      Ontario Stroke Strategy in
                                                                  Sandra completed her          its pilot phase and was
 Treating Hypertension reduces                                    post-basic Bachelor of        instrumental in the
   the risk of stroke by 42% in    Sandra Ireland, Chief of       Science in Nursing degree     development of Stroke
patients younger than 60 and 40%   Nursing Practice at the        from Ryerson University       Prevention Clinics within
    in patients older than 60.     General Site of the            (1996) and her Master in      the Ontario Stroke
                                   Hamilton Health Sciences       Science Clinical Health       System. Sandra received
  For more information             Centre, successfully           Sciences (Nursing) and        funding support from the
         visit:                    defended her doctoral          doctorate from McMaster       Heart and Stroke
                                   thesis on January 5th. Her     University in 2001 and        Foundation of Canada
                                   research focused on the        2007 respectively. She        and the Canadian Stroke                                                                         Network for the initial
                                   study of Predictors of         has been active in
                                   Adherence to Treatment         promoting nursing since       phase of her doctoral
                                   in Secondary Stroke            her graduation through        work. Congratulations
                                   Prevention. Sandra is an       her work as a Registered      Sandra, we are proud of
Canadian Nursing                   outstanding leader in          Nurse at the Hamilton         you!
Highlights at ISC:                                                Health Sciences in the

Oral presentation                  Poster to be presented at International Stroke Conference
Converting Stroke Best             The National Stroke             Network: A Canadian           across the international
Practices Nursing                  Nursing Council will            Experience”, describes        stroke nursing community.
Education into a Province          present a poster at the         the evolution of the          “We hope to raise
Wide Tele-education                Nursing Symposium as            National Stroke Nursing       awareness of the unique
Module                             part of the 2007                Council from its roots at     and valuable contribution
                 L. Kelloway       International Stroke            the National Stroke           of stroke nurses across all
Posters on:                        Conference in San               Nursing Forum in Quebec       aspects of the continuum
“Point of Care testing of INR      Francisco California on         in September 2005. It is      of stroke care, from direct
in acute stroke”                   February 6, 2007. The           hoped that the poster will    patient care, to education,
                                   poster, entitled “Building a    foster linkages and           and research."
               T. Green et al      National Stroke Nursing         networking opportunities

“The Emotional Process of          HSFO Nursing Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship
Stroke Recovery”
               P. Gallagher        The Nursing Post-Doctoral      independent research          Applications for the award
                                   Research Fellowship is an      programs. Nurses who          must be received by the
                                   "in-training" award for        have completed their          Heart and Stroke
More highlights of Canadian        persons undertaking            doctoral thesis but have      Foundation of Ontario
Nurses at the ISC will be          academic preparation in        not yet defended it but       (HSFO) no later than
available in the February          some area of                   expect to graduate within     March 15, 2007.
edition of Stroke Nursing          cardiovascular or              6 months of the
News                                                                                            For more information
                                   cerebrovascular nursing.       application deadline may
                                   This award is directed         also be considered for this   please see guidelines at
                                   towards preparing nurses       award. Appropriate  
                                   who have completed their       documentation must be
                                   doctoral degree and who        provided by the student’s
                                   intend to undertake            PhD supervisor.
 Page 7 of 8                 Stroke Nursing News                                                          Page 6 of 8

Tools that you can use
   Education Atlas &               Nursing Management of           Stroke Assessment
   Resources                       Hypertension                    across the Continuum
   As part of the Ontario          This best practice guideline,   of Care
   Stroke System, the Heart        developed by the HSFO in        This best practice guideline,
   and Stroke Foundation of        partnership with the RNAO       developed by the
   Ontario has worked with         contains recommendations        Registered Nurses’
   content experts across the      for Registered Nurses and       Association of Ontario in
   province to develop             Registered Practical Nurses     partnership with the Heart
   educational resources and       on best nursing practices in    and Stroke Foundation of
   facilitate educational          the care of adults with         Ontario, focuses on
   opportunities for stroke care   hypertension. It is intended    assisting nurses working in
   providers. It has compiled a    for nurses who are not          diverse practice settings in
   listing of these resources      necessarily experts in          the assessment and/or
   Click here to view or           management of                   screening of stroke                   “Understanding
   download:                       hypertension, who work in a     survivors. The goal of this        Transient Ischemic
   http://www.strokestrategyse     variety of practice settings,   document is to provide         Attack is an interactive        including both primary care     nurses with evidence-based     workbook that will help
   20Atlas%20December%202          and secondary prevention.       recommendations regarding
                                                                                                   patients gain a better
   006.pdf                         Click here to view or           the assessment and/or
                                   download:                       screening of stroke             understanding of this
   Management of Acute         survivors across the             condition and how to
   Stroke                          sp?PageID=828&ContentID         continuum of care.                manage it.” Click to
   A manual from the Ontario       =808                            Click here to view or
                                                                                                       view or download
   Stroke System designed to                                       download:
   assist health professionals                           
   working in emergency and                                        sp?PageID=924&ContentID                          stroke
   acute care provide optimal                                      =820
   Click here to view or

Call for Abstracts for 2007 National Rehabilitation Nursing Conference

Toronto Rehab and the        annual general meeting of    as ethics, patient safety,                    AXON needs quality
Canadian Association of      CARN, and aims to            interdisciplinary                           neuroscience nursing
Rehabilitation Nurses        facilitate networking,       approaches to care, self-             articles to publish!! AXON
(CARN) – an emerging         building best practices      management, risk-taking               is a peer reviewed journal
national association         while empowering rehab       and the role of the nurse               published in September,
recognized by the            nurses across Canada.        in rehabilitation.                        December, March, and
Canadian Nurses              Rehab nurses, managers,                                                June. We welcome the
Association – are pleased    directors, policy makers,    Deadline for abstract                       submission of original
to announce 2007             researchers, students,       submissions is February                 manuscripts in the areas
National Rehabilitation      and representatives from     8, 2007. Confirmations will                  of practice, research,
Nursing Conference: the      national and provincial      be sent out on February                    theory, education, and
Future is Now will be held   nursing groups are invited   28, 2007                                       policy, which are of
June 14-15 at the            to network and share the                                                          interest to the
Toronto Sheraton Centre.     latest research and                     neuroscience nursing
This national conference     information on topics such   ucation/CARN/                   community. For more
will host the inaugural                                   m                                                  information visit
                                 About the National Stroke Nursing Council
   National Stroke               The National Stroke
                                 Nursing Council was
                                                                       Statement of Purpose                 Objectives

   Nursing Council               established in late 2005              To promote leadership, o         Build a nationally
                                 with the support of the               communication, advocacy,         recognized accessible
   The contents of Stroke        Canadian Stroke Network               education and nursing            stroke nursing network
    Nursing News may be          to promote leadership,                research in the field of
reprinted without permission.    communication, advocacy,              stroke.                  o       Disseminate information
     However, a credit is        education and nursing                                                  and best practice
    requested. If reprinted      research in the field of              Goals                            standards to stroke
  please send a copy to the      stroke.                               1. To build an                   nurses
   National Stroke Nursing                                                understanding of the
         Council c/o             The Council works to build               critical role of stroke o     Facilitate
       P.O. Box 1594,            understanding of the                     nurses in Canada.             implementation of stroke
   Kingston, ON K7L 5C8          critical role of Canadian                                              best practices across
                                 stroke nurses, to give a              2. To give voice to              the continuum of care                                            experiences of stroke
                                 voice to experiences on
                                 the frontline and to                     nurses on the front   o       Promote the value and
                                 support the vision of the                line.                         understanding of the
                                 Canadian Stroke Strategy.                                              various nursing roles in
 We want your Stroke                                                   3. To support the vision         stroke care
                                                                          of the Canadian
   Nursing News!                                                          Stroke Strategy.

 Send stories, photos and
   ideas for content to          National Stroke Nursing Council Reps from Coast to Coast
  Cindy Bolton, Editor at           British Columbia                  Manitoba                       New Brunswick
                                 Janet Stonehouse, the             Audrey Gousseau,               Patti Gallagher, Clinical
                                 inaugural member from             Cerebrovascular Nurse          Nurse Specialist, Saint
                                 BC stepped down in                Clinician, Health Sciences     John Regional Hospital,
                                 November to relocate to           Centre, Winnipeg MB            Saint John NB
 The NSNC is on the Web!         Ottawa. The next BC
         See us at:                                                agousseau@exchange.hsc.
                                 representative will be
                                 announced soon!                                                  Nova Scotia
                                 Alberta                                                          Michelle MacKay,
                                                                   Cindy Bolton, Council Co-      Specialty Nurse
                                 Rhonda Hardy-Joel,
                                                                   Chair, Project Manager         Practitioner Neurology
                                 Acute Nurse Practitioner,
                                                                   Kingston General               QEII Health Sciences
                                 Regional Stroke, Capital
                                                                   Hospital, Kingston, ON         Centre, Halifax NS
                                 Health, Edmonton, AB
                                                                   Linda Kelloway, Stroke
                                 Teri Green, Council Co-
                                                                   Program Consultant,            Prince Edward Island
                                 Chair, Foothills Medical
                                                                   Canadian Stroke Network,
                                 Centre, Calgary Health                                           Maridee Garnhum,
                                                                   Oakville, ON
                                 Region, Calgary AB                                               Medical Nurse Manager
                                                                   Linda.kelloway@canadianstr     Queen Elizabeth Hospital
                                                                           Charlottetown, PEI
                                                                   Rosa Sourial, Clinical         Newfoundland and
        National Stroke          Brenda Kwiatkowski,
                                                                   Nurse Specialist, McGill       Labrador
     Nursing Council mascot      Stroke Clinic, Saskatoon,
                                                                   University Health Centre,
       St. John’s, NFLD          SK                                                               Janet Brown, MS, Stroke,
                                                                   Montreal, Quebec
                                                                                                  Neurology Coordinator
                                                             Eastern Health–General
                                                                                                  Hospital, St. John’s NL

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