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LO VOICE by nikeborome


									              LO  VOICE 

                 1st   Edition - November 2007

     Please ensure that this Newsletter is brought to the attention of all BFG
     Officers, Signatories and Clerks connected with BFG vehicle applications.

              BFG HELP LINE JHQ (72) 4100
1. Autumn – Introduction of new OC VLO

 Welcome to the 1st Edition of a newly revamped VLO-VOICE Newsletter. For
 those who are not aware yet I have taken over as the New OC BFG VLO
 (Main), here in JHQ. My name is Ron Girvin; took up post on the 13 August
 2007 after moving from RAF St Mawgan (that‛s Cornwall not Wales) as OC
 Supply & Surface Movements Squadron for the RAF Search and Rescue Force
 UK/Falklands. No stranger to BFG, JHQ or indeed to the procedures of the
 VLO registration processes, as in my younger days I was the BFG officer for
 52 Fld (Const) Sqn RE; at what was previously RAF Bruggen 89-92.
 That‛s enough of me, what you want to know is what have I got to offer? My
 remit is to continue to build upon and improve registration services throughout
 BFG, firstly by improving communication in all forms between you, the BFG
 officers and we the VLO team; which in turn will help us to provide a fast,
 efficient and cost-effective service to your customers. This will effectively
 mean changes in some of our working practices and procedures within the
 current SOBA (G) and future amendments however, to achieve an improved
 and effective service VLO, Local BFG Offices and indeed our customs need to
 climb on board.
 I will be coming around the Garrisons‛ in the New Year in toe with SO2 Vehicle
 Policy and C&I dates TBC; in the mean time my Team and I are always here to
 give advice on Registration matters.

2. Who are we?

The VLO consists of three teams; Initials/Transfers/Plate makers led by Lorraine
White, Renewals led by Fred Doyle and Special Services/De-Registration/Insurance
cancellations/VLO Help Line led by Manuela Skidmore. Supporting them are, VLO 2IC
Dick Simmons and our “Chief Clerk” Jenny Evans, who deal with the day to day issues that
are required for a unit to function. Although not part of the VLO but a valuable member
to the registration processes and resides within the building is; SO2 G1 (Veh Lic) Lt Col
(Ret‛d) Terry G Wee, author and sponsor of the SOBA (G) 3213. By residing within the
VLO building Terry and I have been able to review cases and processes at source rather
than adding a more timely process between VLO and the Big House.

As the recognised BFG Registration office we are also in close contact with Customs and
Immigrations JHQ, DVLA UK, and indeed the Bundes-Kraftfahrtamt on a daily basis
which in turn helps to ensure we are up-to-date with current legislation and law within the
UK and BFG.

3. What‛s New? Amdt 33 to SOBA (G) 3213

 ‘Amdt 33 now released and on the streets, you need to familiarise yourselves with
the new amdt and publicise it within your Garrisons. The following is a guide to what
has been amended:

Contents. Section 6 removal of Annex G.
Section 1. Paragraph 104.
Section 4. Notes, Annex paragraphs 15, 16 and 20. Appendix 1 to Annex A (note I
will deal with this section further down in the Newsletter).
Section 4. Appendix 1 to Annex C, Annex G.
Section 11. Annex A re-write.

The main change within this amendment are Annex A to section 11.


There has been an increase in the replacement of registration documents such as:
tax disc, registration plates and BFG F73 log book. These are all accountable,
documents which can provide a security risk if placed into the wrong hands.
Therefore as of 1st Dec 2007 all applications for the above documents are to be
accompanied by a RMP crime number. No replacement document or plates will be
issued unless the RMP number has been received.

4. Emission Stickers Update
  There has been a hold up with regards to the start date as to when VLO will start
  issuing the sticker‛s to your customers. We are waiting clarification from the
  Lander, through DDLS regarding a stamp for the authentication of the sticker
  before we can issue them. Therefore, it is unlikely that the VLO will begin to issue
  the stickers until early Jan 08 at the earliest. Once confirmed the issuing process
  will be as follows:

     ·   On Initial application.
     ·   During the Renewal process.
     ·   Other than the above, see attached Performa for those wishing to obtain an
         initial issue.
     ·   The VLO is now responsible for issuing the sticker to White Fleet vehicles.
         These will be issued directly to the holding unit.

  No charge is to be made for the initial issue of the sticker; however, replacements
  will be at a cost to the customer. YOU cannot transfer the sticker from vehicle to
  vehicle, stickers are to be stuck on the kerb-side of your windscreen both LHD and
  RHD vehicles.
  Instructions in English will accompany each sticker.

5. You Need to Know: Vehicle Licence and Policy issues

UK PHOTOCARD DRIVING LICENCE BFG personnel are advised that the first UK
photocard driving licence was issued by DVLA in July 1998. The photograph on the
licence is only valid for 10 years and therefore the photo on your driving licence will
have to be renewed every 10 years. The first photocard driving licenses are due for
renewal in July 2008. When a photocard driving licence is due for renewal the
licence holder must apply to the DVLA, with an up to date photograph and request
that their licence is renewed. The licence holder must renew their licence before
their current licence expires. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to £1000.
Anyone can check when their photo is due to expire as the expiry date is printed on
the front of the photocard driving licence at Item 4b. DVLA Swansea will start to
issue reminders in May 2008 for licences which are due to expire in July 2008
onwards, enclosing the necessary forms required to make a renewal. Reminders will
be sent to the address shown on the photocard driving licence. You the Driver will
need to consider what this means to you or you organisation, for example;

    ·   Will your employment terms & conditions be effective?
    ·   What about compliance with your insurance policies?
    ·   What will happen if you need to travel abroad (BFG Form 57 drivers permit)?

For those of you whose customers are licence holders will you take the risk of
accepting expired photocard licences from customers? For example:

   ·    Can you confirm that the licence holders‛ details are accurate?
   ·    Can you confirm that their entitlement to drive is still in place?

Information taken from (News from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency issue 33
Autumn 2007).

6. Best practice: Items of concern from BFG Offices or VLO
This element is for the best practice of what is currently happening throughout
both BFG offices and VLO ie:

   ·   I have been asked to inform you that when either your customers or
       yourselves on their behalf, are sending in payments for replacement F73/
       Plates/Tax Disc can you please ensure that the individual‛s surname and
       registration No, including the item requested on the back of the payment, as
       this makes it easier to trace if a problem develops.

   ·   When a spouse has been granted Retention of SFA, they are not entitled to
       register any further new tax free or paid vehicles. The spouse is only allowed
       to Re-BFG a vehicle that is currently registered with VLO.

   ·   That said; if the intention is to leave the vehicle in BFG; the Head of House
       Hold, prior to departing and in good time, will have to transfer the vehicle
       into the spouse‛s name. However, if the vehicle is still under 12 months old,
       then they need to obtain written permission from SO2 G1 Vehicle Licensing.

   ·   Note; if you notice an error regarding information on the BFG form 80. Do
       not alter it but inform the customer that they are to seek a replacement.

   ·   Note: If when you receive the BFG form 73 and spot any errors, sent it back
       to VLO for correction ASAP. (Only the 73, not the rest of the docs, unless
       asked to do so) with a note highlighting the error.

   ·   Note; the space provide on the BFG Form 20 page 2 right hand side, is for
       VLO use only. If further information is required then use a separate sheet
       of paper and staple it to the application.

   ·   Note: when applying for a vehicle to be SORR or off road we require the
       dates to and from and the reason as to why.

   ·   Note: part 2, section 22 of the BFG form 20, is only to have a date entered if
       the vehicle is declared SORR.

   ·   Note: from the help line team. Can you inform your customers that when
       they have applied to customs for a 414, this does not mean that the car is de-

        registered. There is a separate process for this.

    ·   Note: as per the EU Directive 1999/37/EC, Member States are to insure
        that, all log books are to be retained for six months and then destroyed. The
        originating nation is informed of the retention of the registration document
        on a regular basis. The BFG Form 73 is your log book. If they require a copy
        then they must do this prior to sending in the documentation to VLO. We
        cannot re-issue the original back to them or third parties.

    ·   For our own protection and indeed the customers, under no circumstances
        should we (within the registration process fraternity) discuss or give advice
        on Custom and Immigration (C&I) procedures. All questions relating C&I
        should be directed to your local Garrison C&I officer or the C&I JHQ query
        line 72 2229.

    ·   The VLO personal numbers that you are provided with are designed for you to
        speak directly with the section you require information from. Under no
        circumstance are these numbers to be put on public display. That said, the
        VLO help line 72 4100 should be widely publicised throughout your area of
        concern. (This is not designed to inconvenience the customer but allow you as
        the local contact to tackle queries and problems at source).

    ·   For BFG officers in conjunction with your local orders, Section 9 –
        Responsibilities of a Unit BFG Officer; when was the last time you refreshed
        yourself or indeed your staff. If we are not up-to-date with current
        procedures then we are going to fail our customers. Know your procedures;
        this in turn enables you to give Good Sound Advice.

This part of the Newsletter is designed to be a two way process ie comments and
concerns from your offices can be added to this section. As the Newsletter
develops I shall ask for items from your areas, which in turn should help us in the
process of improving our services and maintain a best practise throughout BFG.

7. VLO Opening times for Christmas, New Year 2007/08
                             st                                    rd
The VLO will close on the 21 Dec 2007 and re-open on the 3 Jan 2008
for the Christmas Holidays.
That said; the last post to enable us to dispatch plates and documents will be last
post on the 14   Dec 07.

8. VLO Public and Privilege Holidays and SWA for 2008
In addition to the granted Public and Privilege Holidays for 2008; the VLO will be
closed for a further 8 days spread over the 2008 as per the VLO Supplementary
Works Agreement. The dates are as follows: 

       Weekday                    Date                      Reason 
  Wed                               02­Jan 08    Add’l to New Year 
  Mon                              04­Feb 08     Rosenmontag 
  Fri                              02­May 08     After Mayday 
  Fri                              23­May 08     After Corpus Christi 
  Wed                              24­Dec 08     Christmas Eve 
  Mon                              29­Dec 08     New Year interim 
  Tues                             30­Dec 08     New Year interim 
  Wed                              31­Dec 08     New Year interim 

9. Forthcoming Events and Training

Bob Bolts merry team at Base Admin is currently under going a trail for a new BFG
application pack (Guide to Vehicle Registration and Associated Registration and
Custom forms). The results of the trail will not be until early New Year.

Dates for Training and Venues will follow in the New Year.

    To all BFG Offices and customers alike, may I take this
    opportunity on behalf of the VLO, to wish you all, A
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


R J Girvin

             BFG HELP LINE JHQ (72) 4100


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