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									                                                                               Fire Fighting Vehicle LF 8/6
                                                                               fourwheel MAN

                                                                                                  Fire fighting vehicle LF 8/6 fourwheel
                                                                                                  according to DIN 14530-5
                                                                                                  Chassis: MAN type 8.163 LC

                                                                                                  Primarly the LF 8/6 fourwheel acts for the fire
                                                                                                  fighting, for delivering water and for the accom-
                                                                                                  plishment of easy technical assistance. With its crew
                                                                                                  it builds an independent tactically unit. The crew
                                                                                                  consists of a group of 1/8.

                                                                                                  The characteristics of the MAN team cabin are:

                                                                                                  · broadening of the cabin at the B-pillar.
                                                                                                  · through this, an interior width of approx.
                                                                                                    2.050mm will be reached in the rear.
                                                                                                  · roof and back board in „sandwich construction“
                                                                                                    with steel tube reinforcements. Side wall of the
                                                                                                    pipe frame with bilateral GRP-planking
                                                                                                  · increased roof construction
                                                                                                  · team room doors in a width of 950mm with
                                                                                                    internally hinges
Product information - Fire Fighting Vehicle LF 8/6 fourwheel - 20050706 - EN

                                                                                                  · increased interior clearance of the team room
                                                                                                    doors = optimized passage height
                                                                                                  · crank window at the team room doors and fixed
                                                                                                    safety glass windows in the middle
                                                                                                  · interior fittings of GRP, structured (easy to clean)
                                                                                                  · Webasto-independent vehicle heater, 2kW (as the
                                                                                                    customer wishes)
                                                                                                  · anti-slip floor cover of PU with rough structure

           · median and rear seats of PU with continuous cap        There are pull-out steps made of safety grilles
           · 2 interior lights in the area of the team room incl.   located in the lower part of the construction,
              touch sensitive switch for the door                   between front and rear axles. They are only needed
                                                                    for unloading the upper equipment rooms.
           · 5 grips in the team cabin, 1 grip in the area of the
              co-driver‘s seat
                                                                    The steps are protected from dirt by being stored in
           · one grip to the team cabin entrance per side
                                                                    the body.
           · two 3-point belt and two pelvis belts for the rear
                                                                    At unloading heavy equipment from the lower
           · one grip to the team cabin entrance per side
                                                                    equipment rooms, no steps are disturbing.
           · 2 storages for breathing apparatuses are integra-
              ted to the seats contrary to the driving direction    This unloading method is ergonomic, prevents
                                                                    accidents and protects the fire fighter‘s safety.

                                                                    The first priority is ensuring functional and clear
                                                                    separation of equipment items.

                                                                    The fold-away step behind the rear axle is covered
                                                                    with “Safety-Walk” (R 13) anti-slip matting.

                                                                    Among others, we use transport and stackable
                                                                    boxes in high quality low-pressure polythene. The
           Right vehicle side                                       high dimensional stability and ideal handling by
                                                                    4 carrying holes of the largely oil- and chemical
                                                                    resistant boxes are offering a safe and cost-effective
                                                                    storage system. The generator‘s storage can be
                                                                    swivelled for 90°.

    Fire Fighting Vehicle                                           The generator can be operated on the storage (e.

    LF 8/6-fourwheel
                                                                    g. for the lighting mast), the input results from a fix
                                                                    installed helix cable.

           At this shutter body the whole construction is
           made of the Gimaex-aluminium-profiles which are
           permitting changes if necessary and mainly they are
           saving weight as a flexible modular system.

           Each lateral equipment compartment is closed by
           3 shutters. The outer edges of the floor are covered
           with stainless steel. The equipment room floor, as
           well as the roof, the front and side walls are made
           entirely of aluminium plate. The rear is also closed
           by a shutter.

           The vehicle construction contains all storages for
           taking up the standard loading. The colour is RAL
           3000 structure, powder-coated because this is more
           intensitive than a lacquering.
                                                        Breathing apparatus - pivot storage:

                                                        The storage for 2 breathing apparatuses can be
                                                        pulled out of the equipment room and can be
                                                        lowered by hand in one motion.
                                                        In the end position it will be arrested automatically.
                                                        This pivoting device allows the simultaneous
                                                        equipping of 2 tool carriers without the mutual
Left vehicle side

Height adjustable heavy-duty slide:


For a safe loading and unloading of heavy equip-
ment which is stored in high equipment rooms e. g.
the portable fire engine TS 8/8 (additional loading),
we have created this height adjustable heavy-duty
slide. Stable and simultaneously light aluminium
profiles will be used for the horizontal and vertical
guidings that will be guided on or with plastic-
coated ball bearings, respectively. The integrated
24V-electric winch has a lifting capacity of 750 kg.

                                                        Breathing apparatus storage in the team room

                                                                    · the lighting mast can be extended by hand and
                                                                      the 4 sections will be secured by screws.
                                                                    · the integrated air cushion comes into operation
                                                                      by retracting the insecured sections.
                                                                    · the driver can see on a control light in the driver‘s
                                                                      cabin if the lighting installation is retracted duly
                                                                      before leaving

           The roof of the equipment compartment is acces-
           sible by a hinged, self-arresting aluminium ladder
           which is mounted on the left of the vehicle‘s rear
           and it is covered with anti-slip aluminium chequer

           It will be provided with an all-around steady roof
           screen instead of a conventionally roof gallery.
           For the accommodation of further loading, a roof
           box can be mounted on the roof.


    Fire Fighting Vehicle
    LF 8/6-fourwheel
                                                                    A built-in pump FP 8/8 according to DIN 14410 /
                                                                    14420, manufacturer Pumpenfabrik Jöhstadt (MADE
           For the lighting of the vehicle‘s surroundings, it is    IN GERMANY), if wished with electro-pneumatical
           possible to integrate a periphery lighting in the roof   pump switching, is installed in the rear. This one
           screen. It can be installed in the base of the warning   allows to switch the FP on or off from the control
           beacon at the rear.                                      panel by running engine.

           In the roof, a pneumatical light mast (wished
           loading) is countersunk:

           · light spot height: min. 4m above the vehicle‘s
           · headlight-mounting bridge, equipped with:
           · 2 x 500 W / 230 V headlights
           · fix wiring to the generator
Loading list                                                  Group                                                   Quantity

                                                              Lighting-, signal- and telecommunication device
Group                                              Quantity
                                                              Signal disk                                               1
Protective clothes and devices                                Walkie talkie                                             2
Warning clothing W1 (waistcoat)                       9
                                                              Working device
Heat protection clothing form II                      2
                                                              Winch, hydraulically                                      (1)
Breathing apparatus                                   4
                                                              Binding rope, 2 m                                         6
Full mask                                             4
                                                              Ceiling hook 5                                            1
Fire fighting equipment                                       Trough St                                                 1
Stirrup pump A 10                                     1       Shackle                                                   2
Fire beater                                           (2)
                                                              Hand tool and measuring device
Extinguisher PG12 H                                   1
                                                              Crowbar 700                                               1
Extinguisher PG6 H                                    (2)
                                                              Tool box 5-parts                                          1
Foam jet stream nozzle M4 or M4W                      1
                                                              Pump tool and toolkit, consisting of:
Foam jet stream nozzle S4                             1
                                                              - Hammer 500 S (fitter‘s hammer)                          1
Proportioner Z4 or Z4R                                1
                                                              - Sledge hammer 2 S                                       1
Suction hose D 1500                                   1
                                                              - Tongs 180 with grip covers                              1
Foam concentrate tank                                 3
                                                              - Flat chisel 300                                         1
Hoses, fittings and accessories                               - Screwdriver A-A 1 x 5,5                                 1
Pressure hose B-5-K                                   1       - Screwdriver A-A 1 ,6 x 10                               1
Pressure hose B-20-K                                  12      Tool box E                                                1
Pressure hose C42-15-K                                10      Fire brigade axe FA                                       1
Pressure hose S 28, 30 m                              1       Axe B2 SB-A                                               1
Dimensionally stable pressure hose DN 25; ~ 50 m      (1)     Hack saw BX or BY                                         1
Suction hose A-1500-K, additionally                   4       Jig saw B 350                                             1
Suction hose A-1500-K                                 (2)     Wire cutter                                               1
Suction cage A                                        1       Spade 850                                                 1
Suction protection cage A (wire)                      1       Dung fork with handle                                     2
Standpipe 2B                                          1       Digging shovel                                            1
Collective breeching A-2B                             1       Broom with handle                                         2
Distributor BV or BK                                  1
                                                              Special device
Manifold A-B                                          1
                                                              Tow rope                                                  1
Manifold B-C                                          2
                                                              Exhaust hose 85 x 2500                                    1
Manifold C-D                                          1
Branche pipe holder SK                                1
                                                              Wheel chock 380                                           2
                                                              Wheel chock 480                                           (2)
Blow-off valve B                                      (1)
                                                              Oil binder                                                1
Jet stream nozzle BM                                  1
Jet stream nozzle CM                                  3       Local loading for technical assistance (examples)
Jet stream nozzle for fast attack installation        1       Protective goggles with clear panel                       2
Jet stream nozzle DM                                  1       Face protection                                           2
Working line A 20-K                                   2       Leg protection 1 pair                                     1
Hose bracket 1600                                     6       Floodlight projector                                      2
Bridge for fire hoses 2B-H                            3       Tripod                                                    1
Bridge for fire hoses 2B-AI                           (3)     Cable drum A 1                                            2
Portable hose decoiler TH                             1       Mounting bridge for 2 floodlights                         1
Hose carrying boxes                                   (3)     Branche pipe, 3-fold                                      1
Coupling wrench ABC                                   5       Submerged pump TP4/1                                      1
Key B (for pillar hydrant)                            1       Generator 5 kVA                                           1
Key C (for ground hydrant)                            1       Combined Spreader/Cutter                                  1
Manhole hook (with chain)                             2       Spreader SP 30-E                                          (1)
                                                              Cutter S 90-E                                             (1)
Rescue equipment
                                                              Chainsaw                                                  1
Scaling ladder, 4part 4-LM                            1
                                                              Spare chain for chainsaw                                  1
Scaling ladder, 4part, 4-H                            (1)
                                                              Cutting-off machine                                       1
Painter F30-K                                         7
                                                              Cut-off wheel for stone; 230mm diameter                   2
Rescue rag RT                                         (1)
                                                              Cut-off wheel for metal; 230 mm diameter                  2
Medical- and resuscitation device                             Reserve fuel-canister 5l                                  1
Stretcher N                                           1       Double canister; 5l 2-stroke-mixture and 2l chain oil     1
Stretcher K                                           (1)     Portable fire engine TS 8/8                               1
First aid box K                                       1       Travelling ladder, 3part SL3-H                            1
Hospital blanket                                      1       Travelling ladder, 3part, SL3-LM                          (1)
                                                              Suction hose A-1500-K                                     -
Lighting-, signal- and telecommunication device
Portable searchlights Ex100                           4
Portable searchlights HW-Ex                           (4)
Warning triangle acc. to StVZQ8)                      2       The quantities in brackets are corresponding to
Warning light acc. to StVZQ8)                         2
                                                              the wished loading according to DIN.
Lamp for red continuous light                         (2)
Warning flag                                          2

Gimaex-Schmitz Fire and Rescue GmbH
a Gimaex International Company
Essener Straße 8
57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 0
Fax +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 99

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