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					Library Instruction for
 University Writing 340

Avril Cunningham , Instruction Coordinator
              USC Libraries

Library Search Skills
 Library Databases
    Alt Health
    Ovid Medline
    Web of Science
    JSTOR & Expanded if time allows!
    Library Search Skills
 Use AND to connect different concepts
 USE OR to look for synonyms
 Find the full text at
 OVID: Mesh Subject Headings
   Find the Full text
Cited By
         Advanced Skills
 Citation Searching
 Find who used the paper in their new
  research paper
 In Web of Science look around for
  relevant articles with citation searching
            Web of Science
   Use * for truncation
   Eg…organ transplant*
   …….organ transplants
   …….organ transplantation
   .........organ transplanted
         Search Strategy
 Look at Subject Area
 Add in words from good article
 Don’t be afraid to use the Citation Tool
          Alt health Watch
 Alt-HealthWatch
   full-text and image database focusing on the
    many perspectives of complementary, holistic
    and integrated approaches to healthcare and
   nearly 50,000 articles from 160 international
    peer-reviewed journals, academic and
    professional publications, magazines, reports,
    proceedings, association and consumer
    newsletters, plus hundreds of pamphlets,
    booklets, original research and book excerpts.
       Alt Health Watch
 in-depth coverage on both professional and
  consumer levels across the full spectrum of more
  than two hundred therapies, modalities and
  perspectives addressed by integrated medicine
  and covered by "Alternative Medicine."
 Subject areas covered include: Acupuncture,
  Mind-Body Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Creative
  Therapies, Chiropractic, Naturopathy,
  Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Energy Medicine,
  Body Work, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Nutrition,
  Childbirth, Cross-Cultural Therapies, and
  Veterinary Medicine. Updated quarterly.
Try Right
side of
 Why do all my articles have
  DIFFERENT subject headings.
 Can’t I use just ONE word
 You MUST use OR between synonyms
  to get the best results in Alt Health
Sale of human organs          Medical Ethics
          OR                  OR
Organs—Export &    <-AND ->
                              Moral and ethical
 Trade                          aspects
          OR                  OR
  organs, tissues, etc. --    Ethical Aspects
  Corrupt practices
Tissue Selling
 If that does not work, try
Narrowing results by Subject
Narrows the list of relevant
    The search ‘rules’ of Alt
            Health Watch
   When a singular word is searched, the plural and possessive forms of
    that word will also be searched, even if the word is enclosed in
    quotation marks
   The wildcard is represented by a question mark ?. To use the
    wildcard, enter your search terms and replace each unknown
    character with a ?. EBSCOhost finds all citations of that word with the
    ? replaced by a letter.
   For example, type ne?t to find all citations containing neat, nest or
    next. EBSCOhost does not find net because the wildcard replaces a
    single character.
   Truncation is represented by an asterisk (*). To use truncation, enter
    the root of a search term and replace the ending with an *.
    EBSCOhost finds all forms of that word. For example, type comput* to
    find the words computer or computing

If time, try Expanded and JSTOR
   Medline ( Nursing and Allied Fields)
   Very controlled vocab: MESH
   Start keyword search
   Map to subject. Use doctor language
   Use the guide
            Medline is…
 considered to be the premier source for
  information in the biomedical sciences from
  1950 to date.
 ACCESS: From the EResources page
  select OVID at USC from the Quick Links
  menu. Follow the directions and select the
  time frame of MEDLINE you want, OR
 From the Selected Resources by Subject
  link for Biology and find under Databases.
  Click on Medline via Ovid.
          How to search OVID
 Enter your term in the text box and use the result to select
  either a keyword or a MESH term.
 Use the Explode and Focus features and select
  subheadings as appropriate.
 Use the combine feature to combine your topics.
 Use the special feature to Find Similar articles.
 Use the tutorial resources as needed at
  link to full text, but some only indicate availability by
  location/campus, so see the Locating Article Text section
How do I get help
          Library resources to Help
It is important to :
 Contact Librarian: Avril or Jean
 Use Ask A Librarian
 Use to find full text
Expanded- Subject Search
Way too many to
evaluate and
choose wisely!!
       JSTOR apply Limits
 Sale of human organs
 Limit to articles only
 Limit to 200

 Changes results from +400 to 12 timely
  articles on topic
Images included..