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					The Journey as Destination / BackFuture
Thursday-Sunday, November 11-14 (Veteran's Day Weekend)

Mark Schultz, (617) 594-9239,

Back to the Future
Not as cliché as the movie would make it: this Journey as Destination retreat takes a look
backward in time, to offer a new perspective on 2010, and possibilities for 2011.

The Lowden Cabin was built by hand in the 60s by Carol Lowden and her husband, who wished
to live a better, self-made life off the grid, in a beautiful nook near Franconia Notch. They cut the
logs, built the chimney, channeled the children, and otherwise lived out a dream, with all of its
attendant challenges and aches and successes and joys. That cycle of social experimentation and
breaking of molds brought us incredible music, new ways of thinking, new foods to eat, and
exposure to much of what is best around the globe.

Every day must have its night, and every wheel turns ‘round
Well, we have experienced some cultural contraction since the early 80s. Some would say it was
recovery from error, while others mourn the Flower Children’s fallen petals. Peeking outside of
the right-and-wrong box, I think it was natural, probably necessary, and a little sad.

However! If you look back far enough, you find that similar times of expansion have arrived,
again and again; and you’ll notice that history, far from being some straight-line storm that
rushes the world’s events unswervingly forward, is instead the repeated crash and hush of waves
on a shore: reaching in, drawing back; reaching in, then retreating to the source again.

Well. Though my heart's heart is young as it was as a child (and often as quixotic and immature),
I guess I have lived long enough that I can say “the tide exists”. I've watched it myself. The tide is
turning; it is the Hour of the Adventurer again. It's time for younger songs. Time for songs of
love, again, and less the words of war. There are always new tongues to sing, and older tongues
that have not lost their memory, nor the habit of hoping. It is the hour of reaching further than
one can grasp, loving the attempt, and embracing the perfectly beautiful failure that every dream
contains. Failure to reach perfection, but success in reaching the shore.

Hour of the Adventurer
The mountain provides a great bouldery mirror for your expectations, your limits, and your
desire. And good company, fine food, and a warm fireplace the best rest after a long day of head-
cleaning cool air. We'll offer morning yoga, evening partner stretches, on-trail and off-trail
centering meditation and music! (If instruments accompany you, all the better). Bring your
Adventurous Self and shake some dust from your feet!

Date and Time
The weekend begins as soon as you arrive on Thursday. I hope to be at the cabin early that day,
though traffic and business demands may delay that. Please contact me with your travel plans as
you finalize them, so I can make special arrangements as required.

We will spend the weekend at the Lowden Cabin, a rental near Woodstock, NH. The cabin offers
quiet and shelter, with a full kitchen and blankets supplied. Participants should bring top sheets
or sleeping bags. There may be fewer beds than there are participants, so some of us may sleep on
couches the carpeted floor in front of the fire – bringing sleeping pads or air mattress for comfort.
There is plenty of space out-of-doors as well, and if you haven’t slept out under the stars before,
this time of year is chilly yet mosquito-less, and the sky is remarkable.

The hike leader will choose trails according to the average skill level of the registered hikers.
More strenuous hikes may be attempted if gear and interest permit. Since the weekend is
oriented toward group activity, several options will be presented each evening, and the
participants will decide on their preferred course together.

Trip Costs and Meal Preparation
Breakfasts and dinners are planned and prepared communally, and will be available from
Thursday evening snack to Sunday breakfast. The menu for our common meals will be planned
the week before the trip. Meals are predominantly vegetarian, with some eggs used for breakfast;
contributions, cooking help, suggestions and mention of other dietary requirements are
Lunches and trail snacks are the responsibility of the hikers. It will be chilly weather, and lunch
stops may be short, so have plenty of easy “fuel” to keep you balanced. Lunches will be shared
meals – a hiker’s pot luck (without the pot). When purchasing ingredients for your midday
meals, please consider foods that might be divided and enjoyed easily in a chilly group
(sandwiches are easy to cut up, for example, or fine finger foods). Each person should bring
enough for a single serving; all together we will have a small banquet. If you have food allergies,
restrict your menu to foods that you can eat, to be sure you have enough, should nothing else on
our “table” serve.
The cost for the weekend is $125, which covers three nights' lodging and the common meals, trip
planning and guidance, and programming.
We usually have a waitlist for this trip. Please notify your payment preference as soon as you
receive this, to confirm your place on the hike. Payment may be made easily on line using Paypal,
the payment engine used by EBay. To do so, follow the link below:

You may also pay by mail. Make your check out to Mark Schultz, and mail to the following
address. Please do not mail cash.
        Journey as Destination
        The Way West, Inc.
        54 Rogers Street
        West Newbury, Massachusetts 01985

If you need to cancel, trip fees will be refunded up to a week before the trip, and after that only if
a substitute can be found to take your place. Refunds will be processed using the same method as
your payment.
How to Get There
The Lowden Cabin is located off of
Highway 93 near Tripoli Road and
Woodstock, NH.
Take Hwy 93 to Exit 31 (Tripoli Road), and
turn west to meet Route 175 (see figure at
right). Take a left and travel south 1.4
miles, to where Route 175 makes a sharp
right. This is where “Gore Road” begins;
follow it for 2 miles, keeping right at each
fork in the road.
The last ¼ mile is dirt, arriving at a gate in
the road; a driveway to the left just before
the gate is marked Lowden Drive, and is
the entrance to the cabin!
Individual Gear
Winter in the White Mountains – should be moderate on the lower slopes, where we will look for
some snowshoeing or skiing, and cooling as we climb to some modest trails to good views. We
think of winter as a battle against the cold, but when hiking, our challenge is not cold, but heat.
With heat there is moisture, and with moisture, your insulation breaks down! So our real
challenge is to keep just to the lower side of cool, managing layers to stay dry. Our preparation
and choice of gear makes all the difference between pleasure and work. The following may be
used as a checklist; please contact the leader if you have any questions.

Required Items:
 Dress in layers of non-cotton clothing
    Light, wicking inner layer (poly of some sort)
    Insulating layer for going downhill, or keeping warm when wet (fleece)
    Insulating/waterproof outer layer for when the sun stays in, or for breeze when we stop
    Wool or synthetic socks, suggesting a thin liner sock for added warmth, against moisture
    SPARES for the hike, and DRY SPARES back at the cabin
    Liner gloves and possibly an outer glove shell if your circulation suggests it
      Liner or weatherproof hat
 Sturdy, waterproof boots with good ankle support - NO SHOES ALLOWED.
    Broken-in is best – support above the ankle is important
    Gaiters or winter pants
    Traction for boots recommended (Yak Traks or Stabil-icers)
 Daily Trail Food:
    2 quarts of water
    Trail snacks
    A modest, sharable lunch – probably won’t be sitting, or not for long!
 Mid-sized day pack to carry food and extra gear
    Waterproof stuff sacks (plastic bags) to keep food dry
    Headlamp and batteries: the days are short

Some other ideas:
 Important
    Walking poles or staff – strongly recommended
    Sunglasses
    Lip gloss
 Personal first aid kit (moleskin, aspirin or ibuprophen, allergy medication, etc.)
 Camera
 Musical instrument?

Cancellations and Liability
As we are reserving a cabin for this weekend, fees are non-refundable unless someone from the
waitlist takes your place. If for some reason you cannot attend, please notify the leaders as soon
as possible, that we can give another participant a chance to join the group, and hopefully return
your deposit.
How unfortunate: we no longer live as much in the Age of Aquarius as we do in the Age of
Insurance. Because of a few litigious souls, I must state the obvious: that hike guidance is
provided on a volunteer basis, and that each participant accepts all risks and personal
responsibility as their own liability.

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