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									                                    Advance Program for ICTC2010
 ICTC2010 Program Matrix
Nov. 17(Wed.)        9:30-12:30          Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session

                     2:00-4:00           Industrial Session 1: Smart Phone

                     4:20-6:00           Industrial Session 2: 3D TV

Nov. 18(Thur.)       9:00-10:40          Industrial Session 3: Smart Screen and TV Services

                     11:00-12:30         Industrial Session 4: Green and Future Services

                     2:00-4:20           Industrial Session 5: Digital Convergence Strategy (I)
                                         Paper Session 1 (7 Parallel Tracks)

                     4:20-6:00           Industrial Session 6 Digital Convergence Strategy (II)
                                         Paper Session 1 (7 Parallel Tracks)

Nov. 19(Fri.)        9:00-10:40          Paper Session 3(7 Parallel Tracks+ Poster Session 1)

                     11:00-12:20         Paper Session 4(7 Parallel Tracks+ Poster Session 2)

 Industrial Session Program
 Nov. 17(Wed.), 2010

 9:30-12:30   Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session
                                                     Session Chair: Insoo Sohn (Dongguk University)
Plenary          Affiliatio   Presenter/                Title

Session          n            Position

9:30-9:40        KICS         Eun-soo Kim               Opening Address
9:40-9:50        KCC          See Joong Choi            Welcome Address

9:50-10:20       ETRI         Heung-Nam Kim             Green     and    Smart        Services   for   ICT
                              / President               Convergence
10:20-11:00      NOKIA        HeikkiKoivu               Driving   the   future   of    Smartphones     with
                              /VP                       Symbian
11:00-11:20Coffee Break

                                                 Session Chair: Chung G. Kang (Korea University)
11:20-12:00    Samsung          KILSU Eo              Innovative Smart Phones

12:00-12:30    Ustunomiya       ToyohikoYatagai       Three dimensional display forever: Another
               University       / Professor           story of display and imaging for 3D"
 12:30-2:00 Lunch
 2:00-4:00Industrial   Session 1: Smart Phone
                                    Session Chair: Jaemin Ahn (Chungnam National University)
Industrial     Affiliation    Presenter/               Title

Session I                     Position

2:00-2:30      NTT            Kushima                  Fixed   Mobile     Convergence    -   Current
                              /Director    of   NTT    Services and Research Trends
                              Service Integration
2:30-3:00      ETRI           SunJa Kim                Smart Phone Software Platform
                              /Team Leader
3:00-3:30      Samsung        Haedon Chon              Technical Issues in Smart Phone SW and
               Electronics    /Principal Engineer      Applications
3:30-4:00      LGE            Y. C. Ho                 Technical issues in smart phone HW and
                              /VP                      system SW

 4:00-4:20 Coffee Break
 4:20-6:00Industrial Session 2: 3D TV
                                                                      Session Chair: Ho-Jin Lee(ETRI)
Industrial     Affiliation   Presenter/                Title

Session II                   Position

4:20-4:45      LG            Tae Soo Park              Emerging Market of 3D TV Industry
               Electronics   /Chief Researcher
4:45-5:10      KDC           Jay Koo                   3D Broadcasting, Technology and Contents
5:10-5:35      ETRI          ChieteukAhn               Prospect of 3D TV Broadcasting
                             /Research Fellow
5:35-6:00         Tsinghua        Robert Wang                3D TV program distribution and content
                  University      /Professor                 protection systems

 6:30-8:30 Banquet

 Nov. 18(Thur.), 2010
 9:00-10:40   Industrial Session 3: Smart Screen and TV Services
                                               Session Chair: Nam Kim(Chungbuk National University)
Industrial     Affiliation       Presenter           Title
Session III                      /Position
9:00-9:25      KT                KyungSoo Lee        Multi Screen Services
9:25-9:50      SKT               Jaehwan Lee         Personal Media over Multi-screens
9:50-10:15     LGE               BaeGuen Kang        Smart TV
10:15-10:40    MS                Woosung Lim         Platform       for   Smart   and   Multi   Screen
                                 /VP                 Network

 10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
 11:00-12:30 Industrial Session 4:Green and Future Services
                                                                          Session Chair: Hanuk Chung (KT)
Industrial    Affiliatio       Presenter/            Title
Session IV    n                Position
11:00-        Alcatel-         Randy Giles/          The Green Touch Initiative
11:30         Lucent           Executive Director
              Bell Labs & President
11:30-        KAIST            JunKyun Choi          TV as Web Service
12:00                          /Professor
12:00-        Nokia            Simon Maccormac ICT shocks and Disruptions: The Need For
12:30         Siemens          /Head of BSO          Strategic Flexibility
 12:30-2:00 Lunch

 2:00-4:00 Industrial Session 5: Digital Convergence Strategy (I)
                                                          Session Chair: TchangHee Hyun (ETRI)
Industrial   Affiliatio    Presenter              Title
Session IV   n             /Position
2:00-2:40     ETRI         Won-Gyu Ha /           National Future Network Strategy
                           Principal Researcher

2:40-3:20    ETRI          JongHyun Park          Digital Convergence Service :Smart TV and
                           /Senior Researcher

3:20-4:00    KCC           Joon Dong Kim          Digital Convergence Policy
                           /Deputy Director

 4:00-4:20 Coffee Break
 4:20-6:00 Industrial Session 6: Digital Convergence Strategy (II)
                                                           Session Chair: Joo-Sung Lee (KAIST)
Industrial   Affiliation    Presenter             Title
Session IV                  /Position
11:00-                      JoungwonYoo           Digital Convergence Service Index
11:30         NIA
                            /Senior Researcher

11:30-       ETRI           Seung-JunYeon                       Digital Convergence

                            /Director                          Service Maturity Model
    Track and Session Time Table for Paper
Time            Track A     Track    Track    Track D    Track E     Track F      Track G    Track H
                            B        C
         Roo    Grand       Grand    Chuja    Mara       U-do        Biyang       Grand      Grand
         m      Ballroom    Ballro                                                Ballroom   Ballroo
                2           om 4                                                  3          m1
2:00-    Sess   Session     Sessi    Sessi    Session    Session     Session      Session
4:00     ion    1A          on 1B    on 1C    1D         1E          1F           1G
(Nov.    1      Network     WBA      MIMO Mobile         Mobile      Green        Capacity
18)             Service     N        and                 Broadcas    Converge     Enhance
                and                  Interf              ting      & nce          ment
                Protocol             erenc    ications   IPTV        Services
                Analysis             e
4:20-    Sess   Session     Sessi    Sessi    Session    Session     Session      Session
6:00     ion    2A          on 2B    on 2C    2D         2E          2F           2G
(Nov.    2      Sensor      UWB      Modu     Advance    3DTV        Converge     Sensor
18)             Network              lation   d Mobile Systems       nce          Network
                Protocols            and      WiMAX      and         Applicatio   s
                                     Codin               Displays    n Security
9:00-    Sess   Session     Sessi    Sessi    Session    Session     Session      Session    Poster
10:40    ion    3A          on 3B    on 3C    3D         3E          3F           3G         Sessio
(Nov.    3      Cooperati   Senso    OFD      IMT-       Satellite   Converge     RRM        n1
19)             ve          r        M        Advance    Broadcas    nce                     Comm
                Communi     Netw              d      and ting and    Applicatio              unicati
                cation and ork                Beyond     Commun n                            on
                Schedulin                                ications                            Networ
                g                                                                            ks
11:00    Sess   Session     Sessi    Sessi    Session    Session     Session      Session    Poster
-        ion    4A          on 4B    on 4C    4D         4E          4F           4G         Sessio
12:20    4      Ad      Hoc M2M      Relay    Radio        M2M       Converge     PPDR       n2
(Nov.          Networks   Applic   Syste   Technolo    Applicati   nce S/W      Conver
19)                       ation(I m        gies and     on(II)                  gence
                          )        and     Applicati                            Technol
                                   Seque   ons                                  ogy

 Session 1A Network Service and Protocol Analysis
 [1A-1] Fountain Code-based Live Video Streaming System over Heterogeneous Wireless
 Hyun Chul Joo, Dongju Lee, Sangchun Han, Hwangjun Song (POSTECH, Korea)

 [1A-2] A scheme to provide additional service on mobile terminal device by using mobile
 IPTV system
 Young Sic Jeong, Shin Gak Kang (ETRI, Korea)

 [1A-3] Service Triggering Algorithm for Optimal Load Balancing in heterogeneous
 Multiple AS (Application Server) System
 Yung Jun Yoo), Yoon-Sang Cho, Song MinDo, Moohyun Kim (Korean Telecom, Korea)

 [1A-4] Flow-based High Throughput Path Selection in 802.11-based Multi-rate Wireless
 Mesh Networks
 Nikolay Kuznetsov, Jongwook Lee, Saewoong Bahk (Seoul National University, Korea)

 [1A-5] Throughput Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks with Network Coding
 BoKyung Jang, Jeong Geun Kim (Kyung Hee University, Korea); Yong-a Song (Korea Information
 and Communication Polytechnic College, Korea)

 [1A-6] Load-Aware Beamforming and Association for System-Wide Utility Maximization
Dongmyoung Kim, Han Young Yim, Byong Ok Lee, Seunghyun Choi, Sunghyun Choi, Kwang
Bok Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)

Session 1B: WBAN
[1B-1] Required Transmitter Power for Frequency Selective Digital Transmission on the
Effect of the Human Body Channel
Taewook Kang (ETRI, Korea); Junghwan Hwang(ETRI, Korea); ChangheeHyoung(ETRI, Korea);
Iingi Lim(ETRI, Korea); Hyungil Park(ETRI, Korea); Sungweon Kang(ETRI, Korea)

[1B-2] Phase Rotation Shift Keying for Low Power and High Performance WBAN In-body
Jung-Yeol Oh*(ETRI, Korea); Jeong-Ki Kim(ETRI, Korea); Hyung-Soo Lee(ETRI, Korea);   Sang-
Sung Choi(ETRI, Korea); Dong S. Ha (Virginia Tech., USA)

[1B-3] Non-coherent Synchronization for WBAN UWB Systems
JaehwanKim(ETRI, Korea); JindooJeong(ETRI, Korea); Jeong-Ki Kim(Virginia Tech., USA) ;
 Do-WookKang(Fumate Co., Ltd, Korea)

[1B-4] Low Power, Non Invasive UWB Systems for WBAN and Biomedical Applications
Woogeun Rhee (Tsinghua Univ., China); Ni Xu (Tsinghua Univ., China); Bo Zhou (Tsinghua Univ.,
China); Zhihua Wang (Tsinghua Univ., China)

[1B-5] Signal Modeling of BC-GPPM for WBAN Communication Based on IEEE 802.15.6
JindooJeong(ETRI, Korea); Jaehwan Kim(ETRI, Korea); Hyungsoo Lee(ETRI, Korea); Sangsung
Choi(ETRI, Korea)

[1B-6]Multi-Radio Platform for WBAN MAC Protocol
Md Hussain (Inha University, Korea); Nasre Alam (Inha University, Korea); Faisal Anwar (Inha
University, Korea); M. Sanaullah Chowdhury (Inha University, Korea); Kyung Sup Kwak (Inha
University, Korea)
Session 1C: MIMO and Interference Management

Chair: Dong Seung Kwon (ETRI, Korea)

[1C-1] Closed-form Interpolations for MISO-OFDM BeamformingCodewords
Joontae Kim, ByungWook Kim, Jai-Hoon Lee, Dong-Jo Park (Korea Advanced Institute of
Science and Technology, Korea)

[1C-2] Transmit Antenna and Mode Selection for the EST Based MIMO Systems
JeehwanNoh,Hyemin Song, Chungyong Lee (Yonsei University, Korea)

[1C-3]Signal Detection for Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes WithoutTrancevier
Linearization Property
Gi Yoon Park, DaehoKim(ETRI, Korea), Wangrok Oh (Chungnam National University, Korea)

[1C-4] Minimum Mean Square Error-Ordered Successive Interference Cancellation (MMSE-
OSIC) in UWB-MIMO Systems
AsifIqbal, S.M Riaxzul Islam, Kyung Sup Kwak (Inha University, Korea)

[1C-5]] Selection Diversity of Subspace Interference Alignment in Uplink Systems
JongpilSeo, Donghyun Choi, JaejinAhn, Jaehak Chung (Inha University, Korea)

[1C-6] Mobility-Aware Spatial Interference cancellation for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jihong Park, Kaibin Huang, Sungyoon Cho, Dong Ku Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)

Session 1D: Mobile Communications
Chair: Hyung-Yun Kong(University of Ulsan, Korea)
[1D-1] Adaptive Group Loading for MIMO OFDM Systems
Robin Shrestha (Inha University, Korea); Jae Moung Kim (Inha University, Korea)

[1D-2] Improved Timing Estimation for OFDM Systems Using Preambles with Repetitive
Yong-Ho Cho (KAIST, Korea); Seung-Ri Jin (KAIST, Korea); Dong-Jo Park (KAIST, Korea)

[1D-3] Suppression of Carrier Frequency Offset and Phase Noise in Adaptive Bit Loading
OFDM System
HaeseongJeong (Chungbuk National University, Korea); Heung-GyoonRyu (Chungbuk National
University, Korea); Jin-Up Kim (ETRI, Korea)

[1D-4] Analysis of FH Multi-User DFT Spreading OFDM System for Anti-Jamming
Jangsu Kim (Chungbuk National University, Korea); Heung-GyoonRyu (Chungbuk National
University, Korea)

[1D-5] Non-orthogonal Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Diversity Based on Distributed
Space-Time Code
Jing Li (Xidian University, China); JianhuaGe (Xidian University, China); YanchengJi (Xidian
University, China); Guixiang Zhang (Xidian University, China)

[1D-6] Array Antenna Calibration Method Using Internal Loop-back
Jungi-Cho (Inha University, Korea); JongpilSeo (Inha University, Korea); JaehoYoo (Inha
University, Korea); Jaehak Chung (Inha University, Korea)

Session 1E: Mobile Broadcasting & IPTV
Chair: Dae-Gwon Jeong (Korea Aerospace University, Korea)
[1E-1]Resource Allocation and Blocking Analysis for Mobile TV Service over WiMAX
Seung-Eun Hong (ETRI, Korea)

[1E-2]Cooperative MIMO transmission scheme for the DVB-T2 system
SoonbaeJi (Myongji University, Korea); Cheolwoo You (Myongji University, Korea)

[1E-3]Mobile IPTV QoS/QoE Monitoring System based on OMA DM Protocol
SeunghoJeong (Seoul National University of Science & Technology., Korea); HeejuneAhn
(Seoul National University of Science &Technology, Korea)

[1E-4]MBS enhancement algorithm with MS aid
Seong Young Seo (Pusan National University, Korea); Suk Chan Kim (Pusan National University,
Korea); Young-il Kim (ETRI, Korea)

[1E-5]Standard and Metadata Development Considerations for IPTV Service Provider and
Service Discovery
Miyoung Huh (ETRI, Korea); Shingak Kang (ETRI, Korea)

[1E-6]Web Service-based Open Interface for IP Media QoS/QoE Measurement System
Hoyeon Lee (ETRI, Korea)

Session 1F: Green Convergence Services
Chair: Hyeong-Ho Lee (ETRI, Korea)
[1F-1] Service Model and Scenarios for Green House Gas Monitoring Service over NGN
Soong- Hee Lee (Inje University, Korea); Dong-Il Kim (DongeuiUniversiy, Korea); Hee-Chang
Chung (National Information Society Agency, Korea); Byung-Yun Lee (ETRI, Korea); Byung-Kyu
Kim (National Information Society Agency, Korea); Sang-Yong Ha (National Information Society
Agency, Korea); Kwang-TaekRyu (National Information Society Agency, Korea); Hyung-Goo Jeon
(DongeuiUniversiy, Korea); Jong-Wook Jang (DongeuiUniversiy, Korea)

[1F-2] The Architecture and Implementation of Proactive Green Home Energy
Management System
Chang-Sic Choi (ETRI, Korea); Wan-Ki Park (ETRI, Korea); Jin-Soo Han (ETRI, Korea); Il-Woo Lee
(ETRI, Korea)

[1F-3] Study on AMI System of KEPCO
Younghyun Kim (KEPCO Research Institute, Korea); No-Gil Myeong (KEPCO Research Institute,
Korea); Sang-Yeom Lee (KEPCO Research Institute, Korea)

[1F-4] Building Communication Infrastructures for Smart DAS and AMI
No-Gil Myeong (KEPCO Research Institute, Korea); Younghyun Kim (KEPCO Research Institute,
Korea); Sang-Yeom Lee (KEPCO Research Institute, Korea)

[1F-5] Adaptive Resource Provisioning Using Traffic Forecasting for Energy Efficient
Chankyun Lee (KAIST, Korea); Junhyuk Kim (KAIST, Korea); Yoontae Kim (KAIST, Korea); June-
Koo Kevin Rhee (KAIST, Korea)

[1F-6] Optimal Energy Management over Solar Based Energy Harvesting Sensor Network
Sungjin Lee (Yonsei University, Korea); Taewan Kim (Yonsei University, Korea ); Sanghoon Lee
(Yonsei University, Korea)

Session 1G: Capacity Enhancement
[1G-1] New Measure for Performance of Compressive Sensing Matrices using k-Set
Seokbeom Hong, Hosung Park, Beomkyu Shin, Jong-Seon No (Seoul National University,
Korea); Habong Chung (Hong-Ik University, Korea)

[1G-2] On the channel capacity of multi-hop virtual cellular network
Eisuke Kudoh (Tohoku Institute of Technology, Japan)

[1G-3] Scheduling for Virtual MIMO in Single Carrier FDMA (SC-FDMA) System
Jinwoo Kim (Korea University, Korea); In-Seok Hwang (Samsung Electronics, Korea); Chung G.
Kang (Korea University, Korea)

[1G-4] Performance Evaluation of Linear Constellation Precoded OFDM with Linear
Equalizers in Overestimated Channels
Toutounchian (Simon Fraser University, Canada); Sami Muhaidat (Simon Fraser University,

[1G-5] Joint Optimization of Link Weight and Link Capacity Expansion in Communication
Sung-Yeon Kim (Yonsei University, Korea); Seong-Lyong Gong (Yonsei University, Korea); Jang-
Won Lee (Yonsei University, Korea)

[1G-6] Efficient Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Utilizing Sequential Partial Band Search
Hoiyoon Jung (ETRI, Korea); Sun Min Lim (ETRI, Korea); Sang-Won Kim (ETRI, Korea); Byung
Jang Jeong (ETRI, Korea); Chang-Joo Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research
Institute, Korea)

Session 2A Sensor Network Protocols
[2A-1] Energy Balanced TCMR Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jian Chen, Yang Chen, Yan Song, Yonghong Kuo (Xidian University, P.R. China)

[2A-2] Data Dissemination Mechanism for Mobile Sink Groups in Wireless Sensor
Ki-Dong Nam, SungkeeNoh(ETRI, Korea); Soochang Park, Sangha Kim, Hosung Park
(Chungnam National University, Korea)

[2A-3] The Effect of ETX Measurement on Routing Performance in Underwater Sensor
Sungwon Lee, Dongseung Shin, Dongkyun Kim (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

[2A-4] Fuzzy based Path Renewal Method in Filtering based WSNs
Jin Myoung KIM, Won Tae Kim (ETRI, Korea)

[2A-5] Providing a hybrid algorithm for routing and cooperation based on dynamic
pricing in wireless sensor networks
Zahra MohammadNejad, Siavash Khorsandi, Mahdi Ahmadian (Amirkabir University, Iran)
Session 2B: UWB
[2B-1] Energy-Efficient Channel Estimation for MB-OFDM UWB System in Presence of
S. M. RiazulIslam(Inha Univ. , Korea);Kyung Sup Kwak(Inha Univ. , Korea)

[2B-2] Coherent Detection Scheme in IEEE802.15.4a LR-UWB System
SoonkooKwon(Yonsei University, Korea) ;Jaeseok Kim(Yonsei University, Korea)

[2B-3] Throughput, Delay and Bandwidth Efficiency of IEEE 802.15.4a Using CSS PHY
M. Sanaullah Chowdhury (Inha University, Korea); Niamat Ullah (Inha University, Korea); Md.
Humaun Kabir (Inha University, Korea); Pervez Khan (Inha University, Korea); Kyung Sup
Kwak(Inha University, Korea)

[2B-4] Flexible antenna for UWB high-band in sensor network
Ki-Joon Kim (Yonsei University, Korea); Jaesik Kim (Yonsei University, Korea); Chul-Min Shin (ACE
Technology Corporation, Korea); YoungJoong Yoon (yonsei university in Korea, Korea)

[2B-5] Throughput limits of UWB based 802.15.4a
Niamat Ullah (Inha University, Korea); M. Sanaullah Chowdhury (Inha University, Korea); Kyung
Sup Kwak (Inha University, Korea); Pervez Khan (Inha University, Korea)

Session 2C: Modulation and Coding
Chair: Dong Joon Shin (Hanyang University, Korea)
[2C-1] Hybrid Construction of Quasi-Cyclic Low-Density Parity-Check Codes with Large
Girth Based on Euclidean Geometries
Jun Li, Khan Md. Hashem Ali, Xueqin Jiang, and Moon Ho Lee (Chonbuk National University,

[2C-2]   Multi-Envelop    3-Dimensional     Constellations   for   Polarization   Shift   Keying
Chen Zhenxing, Jin Sub Bae, Se-Kyo Chung, Jin-WhanKoh, SeogGeun Kang (Gyeongsang
National University, Korea)

[2C-3] Protograph Design For QC LDPC Codes With Large Girth
Hosung Park, Seokbeom Hong, Jong-Seon No (Seoul National University, Korea); Dong-Joon
Shin (Hanyang University, Korea)

[2C-4] Joint Processing/Transmission Mode Selection based on Limited Feedback
Hojae Lee (Yonsei University, Korea); Sanghoon Lee (Yonsei University, Korea)

[2C-5] Combining power- and spectral-efficient modulations
Dong Kyoo Kim, Dong-Yong Kwak (ETRI, Korea)

Session 2D: Advanced Mobile WiMAX
[2D-1] Fast and Robust Timing Synchronization for IEEE 802.16 MSs in Mixed Mode
Perumal Ramesh Babul (ETRI, Korea); Young Jo Bang (ETRI, Korea); Youn Ok Park (ETRI, Korea)

[2D-2] Mobile WiMAX Performance Measurements and the Selection of Path Loss Model
for UGV
Meong-hun Lee (ETRI, Korea); Yoon-ju Lee (ETRI, Korea); Kwang-jae Lim (ETRI, Korea); Dong-
seung Kwon (ETRI, Korea); Seong-hoon Kim (ETRI, Korea)

[2D-3] Performance Analysis of Random Access in IEEE 802.16m System
Hyun Lee (ETRI, Korea); Eunkyung Kim (ETRI, Korea); SungKyung Kim (ETRI, Korea); Sung Cheol
Chang (ETRI, Korea); Chulsik Yoon (ETRI, Korea); Kyoung-Rok Cho (ChungBuk National
University, Korea)

[2D-4] Design of FFT Processor for IEEE802.16m MIMO-OFDM Systems
Youn Ok Park (ETRI, Korea); Jong-Won Park (Chungnam National University)

[2D-5] BER (Bit Error Rate) Performance According to the FFT Input Bit Resolutions in
WiBro System
Yong Su Lee (ETRI, Korea); Young-il Kim (ETRI, Korea); Cheol-hye Cho (ETRI, Korea); Won Ryu
(ETRI, Korea); Whan Woo Kim (Chungnam National University, Korea)

Session 2E: 3DTV Systems and Displays
Chair: Yo-Sung Ho (GIST, Korea)
[2E-1] Efficient digital hologram generation using reflection symmetry of principle fringe
Seung-Cheol Kim (3D Display Research Center, Korea); Do-woo Kwon (Kwangwoon University,
Korea); Eun-su Kim (3D Display Research Center, Korea)

[2E-2] 3DTV System supporting Delivery of Full Resolution HD Contents over HFC
Woongshik You (ETRI, Korea)

[2E-3] Efficient CGH computation of 3-D objects using line-redundancy and N-LUT
Seung-Cheol Kim (3D Display Research Center, Korea); Woo-young Choe (Kwangwoon
University, Korea); Eun-su Kim (3D Display Research Center, Korea)

[2E-4] Look-up table reduction using the relationship between pixel pitch and
reconstructed distance
Seung-Cheol Kim (3D Display Research Center, Korea); Jae-Ho Kim (Kwangwoon University,
Korea); Eun-su Kim (3D Display Research Center, Korea)

[2E-5] Memory reduction of novel look-up-table method using sub-principle fringe
Seung-Cheol Kim (3D Display Research Center, Korea); Jae-Man Kim (Kwangwoon University,
Korea); Eun-su Kim (3D Display Research Center, Korea)

Session 2F: Convergence Application Security
[2F-1] Dynamic Weighted Discrimination Power Analysis in DCT Domain for Face and
Palmprint Recognition
Lu Leng(Southwest Jiaotong University, China; Jiashu Zhang(Southwest Jiaotong University,
China; Jing Xu (Southwest Jiaotong University, China); Muhammad Khurram Khan(King Saud
University, Saudi Arabia); KhaledAlghathbar (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)

[2F-2] Session control management for DCAS protocol in HFC
Soon-Choul Kim(ETRI, Korea); O-Hyeong Kwon(ETRI, Korea);Soo-In Lee(ETRI, Korea);Jin-
WookChung(Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

[2F-3]Methods for Practical White box Cryptography
Jong-Yeon Park(Kookmin University, Korea); Ji-Sun Choi(Kookmin University, Korea); Okyeon
Yi(Kookmin University, Korea)

[2F-4]Design of Internal Information Leakage Detection System Considering the Privacy
Jin hyung Kim (Seoul Women's University, Korea); Hyung-Jong Kim (Seoul Women's University,

[2F-5]Session Key Exchange and Mutual Authentication Scheme between Mobile Machines
in WLAN-based Ad Hoc Networks
HyosunRoh(Soogsil University, Korea); SouhwanJung(Soogsil University, Korea)

Session 2G: Sensor Networks
Chair: Mikko Sallinen (University of Oulu, Finland)
[2G-1] Directional Source Grouping for Multi-Agent Itinerary Planning in Wireless Sensor
Min Chen (Seoul National University, Korea); Sergio Gonzalez-Valenzuela (University of British
Columbia, Canada); Victor CM Leung (The University of British Columbia, Canada)

[2G-2] A Cross-Layer Sleep and Rate Adaptation Mechanism for Slotted ALOHA Wireless
Sensor Networks
Lucas Mendes (Instituto de Telecomunicações, University of Beira interior, Portugal); Joel J.
Rodrigues (IT, University of Beira Interior, Portugal); Min Chen (Seoul National University, Korea)

[2G-3] NAV-based Load Aware Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks
Dong-Won Kum (Kyungpook National University, Korea); Won-Kyeong Seo (Kyungpook
National University, Korea); Jae-In Choi (Kyungpook National University, Korea); You-Ze Cho
(Kyungpook National University, Korea)

[2G-4] Adaptive Resource Allocation for Media Services based on Semi-markov Decision
Liang Hongbin (University of Waterloo, Canada); Lin X. Cai (Univ. of waterloo, Canada);
Hangguan Shan (University of Waterloo, Canada); Sherman Shen (University of Waterloo,
Canada); Peng Daiyuan (Southwest Jiaotong University, P.R. China)

[2G-5]The Fundamental Functions and Interfaces for the ITU-T USN Middleware
Jae-Il Han (Kookmin University, Korea); Duy Anh Vu (Kookmin University, Korea, Korea); Jin-
Won Kim (RUC, Korea); Jun-Soo Jun (RUC, Korea); Seung-Min Lee (RUC, Korea); Young Man
Kim (Kookmin University, Korea)

Session 3A Cooperative Communication and Scheduling
Chair: Eisuke Kudoh (Tohoku Institute Tech., Japan)
 [3A-1] Residual Degrees of Freedom based Codebook Design for Cooperative
Seong Hyun Kim, Sanghoon Lee (Yonsei University, Korea)

[3A-2] Performance Analysis of Opportunistic Coded Cooperation in Rayleigh Fading
Sung-Il Kim, Jun Heo (Korea University, Korea)

[3A-3] Channel Prediction-Based User Selection Algorithm for Multiuser Environments
Jae Seong Jang, Han Young Yim, Kwang Bok Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)
[3A-4] Analysis of Optimal Cognitive Radio Channel Allocation with Finite User Population
Chang Hyun Kim, Jong-Moon Jung (Yonsei University, Korea); Seungjun Choi (Air Force, Korea)

[3A-5] A Proportional Fair Scheduling Algorithm for SC-FDMA with Iterative Multiuser
Hyoung-Jin Lim, Tae-Kyoung Kim, Gi-Hong Im (POSTECH, Korea)

Session 3B: Sensor Network
[3B-1] A Study on the Characteristics of Magnetic Field for Wireless Sensor Network
Sun-Hee Kim (KETI, Korea); Yun Jae Won (Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea); Kyu-
Sung Hwang (Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea); Yoon-Seuk Oh (Korea Institute of
Construction Technology, Korea); Seung Ok Lim (Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea)

[3B-2] A Novel Hybrid ARQ Scheme with Cooperative Coding for Wireless Sensor
Inwhee Joe (Hanyang University, Korea); Chul-Min Shin(ACE Technology Co., Korea)

[3B-3] Wireless sensor networks for infrastructure and industrial monitoring applications
Jukka Koskinen (Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland); Pekka Kilpeläinen (Technical
Research Centre of Finland, Finland); Mikko Sallinen (VTT - Technical Research Centre of
Finland, Finland); Jari Rehu (Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland); Pirkka Tukeva (VTT,

[3B-4] A Traffic Adaptive Sleep MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Hongyu Xiong (Sunchon National University, Korea); Wonho So (Sunchon National University,

[3B-5] QoS-Aware Dynamic TDMA Based MAC Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Kazi Ashrafuzzaman (Inha University, Korea); Kyung Sup Kwak (Inha University, Korea)

Session 3C: OFDM
Chair: Dong Ku Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)
[3C-1] Packet transmission utilizing single-carrier FDE technique in a modified CDMA2000
based cellular system
Chanho Yoon, Woo Yong Lee, Hyun Kyu Chung (ETRI, Korea), Joonhyuk Kang (KAIST)

[3C-2] Lower Bound on the MSE of the Channel Estimate in Hidden Pilot based MIMO-
ByungWook Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Sung-yoon Jung
(Yeungnam University, Korea); Joontae Kim, Jai-Hoon Lee, Dong-Jo Park (Korea Advanced
Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

[3C-3] PTS scheme using additive mapping sequence for peak power reduction in OFDM
Hyun-BaeJeon, KeeHoon Kim, Jong-Seon No, Dong-Joon Shin (Hanyang University, Korea)

[3C-4] A Pilot-Aided Integer Frequency Offset Estimation Scheme Robust to Influence of
Timing Offset for OFDM-Based DVB-T Systems
Youngyoon Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea); SeungsooYoo (Konkuk University, Korea);
Dahae Chong, Seokho Yoon (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea); Sun Yong Kim (Konkuk
University, Korea)

[3C-5] A Blind SLM PAPR Reduction Scheme Using Cyclic Shift in STBC MIMO-OFDM
Hyun-SeungJoo, Jong-Seon No (Seoul National University, Korea); Dong-Joon Shin (Hanyang
University, Korea)

Session 3D: IMT-Advanced and Beyond
[3D-1] Cognitive Radio Based Femtocell Resource Allocation
Dong-Chan Oh (Seoul National University, Korea); Heui-Chang Lee (Seoul National University,
Korea); Yong-Hwan Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)
[3D-2] 3D Image Transmission Technology for Mobile IPTV
Young-il Kim (ETRI, Korea); GonchigsumlaaKhishigjargal (ETRI, Korea); Soon Young Song (ETRI,
Korea); Yong Su Lee (ETRI, Korea); Pa가 DaeGeun (ETRI, Korea); Chun Sun Sim (ETRI, Korea);
Park Young Soo (ETRI, Korea); Chung, Yeonjoon (ETRI, Korea); Cheol-Hye Cho (ETRI, Korea);
Won Ryu (ETRI, Korea); Seong Young Seo (Pusan National University, Korea); Suk Chan Kim
(Pusan National University, Korea)

[3D-3] A Method of Obtaining Macro Diversity Gain for Multicast and Broadcast Service
Soon Yong Song (ETRI, Korea); Young-il Kim (ETRI, Korea)

[3D-4] Mobile Base Station System based on UMTS-HSDPA High Altitude Platform Station
InsooSohn (Dongguk University, Korea); Namkyeom Kim (Samsung Electronics, Korea)

[3D-5] Interworking Architecture between IMS and P2PSIP for Ubiquitous Services
Hoyeon Lee (ETRI, Korea); Hyun-Woo Lee (ETRI, Korea)

Session 3E: Satellite Broadcasting and Communications
[3E-1] A Flow Control for Reliable Unidirectional Satellite Broadcast Systems
SeungJin Moon (Kwangwoon University, Korea); Seung Hwan Lee (Kwangwoon University,
Korea); SeungHyong Rhee (Kwangwoon University, Korea)

[3E -2] A Satellite Core Network System for Emergency Management and Disaster
Yong-Min Lee (ETRI, Korea); Bon-Jun Ku (ETRI, Korea), Do-SeobAhn (ETRI, Korea)

[3E -3] Standardization Activities of a Satellite Component for IMT-Advanced System
HeeWook Kim (ETRI, Korea); Sooyoung Kim (Chonbuk National University, Korea); Bon-Jun Ku
(ETRI, Korea); Do-SeobAhn (ETRI, Korea)
[3E -4] A Satellite Radio Interface for IMT-Advanced System Using OFDM
HeeWook Kim(ETRI, Korea) ; Tae Chul Hong (ETRI, Korea); Sooyoung Kim (Chonbuk National
University, Korea); Sung Moon Yeo (Chonbuk National University, Korea); Kunseok Kang (ETRI,
Korea); Bon-Jun Ku (ETRI, Korea)

[3E -5] Ka-band Communication Payload System Technology of COMS
Seong-Pal Lee (ETRI, Korea); Jin-Ho Jo (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute,

Session 3F: Convergence Applications
[3F-1] Importance of Positive Reputation for Smartphone Adoption
JaeheungYoo (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Munkee Choi
(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Youngseog Yoon (Korea
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

[3F-2] Indoor WiFi Positioning System for Android-based Smartphone
Beom-Ju Shin (Sejong University, Korea); Kwang-Won Lee (Sejong University, Korea); Sun-Ho
Choi (Sejong University, Korea); Joo-Yeon Kim (Sejong University, Korea); Woo Jin Lee
(Sejong University, Korea); and HyungSeok Kim (Sejong University, Korea)

[3F-3] Location based Hybrid Application Using Wi-Fi Zone
Jinsung Im (LG Electronics, Korea); Dukho Choi (LG Electronics, Korea); Kangsoo Shin (LG
Electronics, Korea); Sunryang Kim (LG Electronics, Korea); Jinho Sohn(LG Electronics, Korea)

[3F-4] Multi-hop based Collection Utilizing ZigBee Networks for a Large-Scale Active RFID
Hyuntae Cho (Pusan national university, Korea); Son Sanghyun (PNU, Korea);Yunju Baek (Pusan
National University, Korea)

[3F-5] Revenue sharing is the optimal contractual form for emerging app economy?
Young Seog Yoon (KAIST, Korea); Jaeheung Yoo (KAIST, Korea); Munkee Choi (KAIST, Korea)

Session 3G: RRM
[3G-1] User-centric Resource Management Strategies for IPTV Services
Sadia Quadri (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd., United Kingdom); Timothy Adrian Lewis (Toshiba,
United Kingdom); Russell John Haines (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, United Kingdom)

[3G-2] Fast Forwarding Table Lookup Exploiting GPU Memory Architecture
Youngjun Lee (Kookmin University, Korea); Min Sun Jeong (Kookmin University, Korea);
Sanghwan Lee (Kookmin University, Korea); Eun-Jin Im (Kookmin University, Korea)

[3G-3] Probe Request based Load Balancing Metric with Timely Handoffs for WLANs
Jongbum Ryou (Oregon State University, USA); Ben Lee (Oregon State University, USA); Chansu
Yu (Cleveland State University, USA); Myungchul Kim (KAIST, Korea); Soon Joo Hyun (Korea
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, USA); Seung-Min Park (ETRI, Korea); Won-Tae
Kim (ETRI, Korea)

[3G-4] Experiences with Discriminating TCP Loss using K-Means Clustering
Mahesh Sooriyabandara (Toshiba Research Europe Limited, United Kingdom); Parag Gopal
Kulkarni (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd., United Kingdom); Lu Li (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.,
United Kingdom); Timothy Adrian Lewis (Toshiba, United Kingdom); Tim Farnham (Toshiba
Research Europe Ltd., United Kingdom); Russell John Haines (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd,
United Kingdom)

[3G-5] Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation based Call Admission Control for Multi-Class
Service in Wireless Networks
Mostafa Zaman Chowdhury (Kookmin University, Korea, Korea); Yeong Min Jang (Kookmin
University, Korea)

Session 4A Ad Hoc Networks
[4A-1] A Reliable and High Throughput Multi-Rate Ad Hoc Routing Protocol: Cross Layer
Cao Trong Hieu, Choong Seon Hong (Kyung Hee University, Korea)

[4A-2] MIMO Precoding in the Ad Hoc Networks
Jai-Hoon Lee, Joontae Kim, Byung Wook Kim, Dong-Jo Park (Korea Advanced Institute of
Science and Technology, Korea)

[4A-3] Multi-path Routing with Load-aware Metric for Tactical Ad Hoc Networks
Ji Yong Choi, Young-Bae Ko (Ajou University, Korea)
[4A-4] Relation between the Number of Broadcasts of Probe Packets and Energy
Consumption in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Kazuyuki Miyakita, Keisuke Nakano, Hiroyuki Oseki, Masakazu Sengoku (Niigata University,
Japan); Shoji Shinoda (Chuo University, Japan)

Session 4B: M2M Application (I)
Chair: Min Chen (SNU, Korea)
[4B-1] Unbiased Mining Tool of Repetitive Elements and Their Arrangement Structure for
Large Size Genomes
Woo-Chan Kim (KAIST, Korea); Kang-Hoon Lee (U.C. DAVIS, USA); Kyung-Seop Shin (Korea
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Ri-Na You (KAIST, Korea); Hueon-Seok
Shin (U.C. DAVIS, USA); Young-Kwan Lee (U.C. DAVIS, USA); Kiho Cho (U.C. DAVIS, USA); Dong-
Ho Cho (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

[4B -2] Snoop Based Group Communication Scheme in Cellular Machine-to-Machine
Ronny Yongho Kim (Kyungil University, Korea)

[4B -3] Green Perspective Cognitive Radio-based M2M Communications for Smart Meters
Duy Quoc Vo (SoongSil University, Vietnam); Joo Pyoung Choi (SoongSil University, Korea);
Hyung Min Chang (Soongsil University, Korea); Won Cheol Lee (Soongsil University, Korea)
[4B -4] Applications of Wireless M2M communication
Mikko Sallinen (VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland)

Session 4C: Relay System and Sequence Design
Chair: Jin Young Kim (Kwangwoon University, Korea)
[4C-1] Performance Analysis of Cooperative Multi-hop Transmission Protocols
Tran Duy(University of Ulsan, Korea); Hyung-Yun Kong (University of Ulsan, Korea)

[4C-2] Enforcing Truth-Telling with Game Theory in Relay Networks
Jinglei Li, Qinghai Yang, Fenglin Fu (Xidian University, P.R. China), Kyung Sup Kwak (Inha Univ.

[4C-3] Adaptive Constellation Scheme for Two-Way Relay Communications
Tae-Won Kang, Jun-ho Ok, Dong-Joon Shin (Hanyang University, Korea)

[4C-4] New Construction of Quaternary Sequences with Ideal Autocorrelation and Balance
Taehyung Lim, Jong-Seon No (Seoul National University, Korea), Habong Chung (Hong-
IkUniversity, Korea)

Session 4D: Radio Technologies and Applications
Chair: Won Cheol Lee (Soongsil University, Korea)
[4D-1] Power Allocation and User Satisfaction-Based Switching Method in Cognitive Radio
MIMO System
Jaebum Cho (InhaUniversity, Korea); Sungjeen Jang (InhaUniversity, Korea);
JungwonSik(InhaUniversity, Korea); Jaemoung Kim (InhaUniversity, Korea)

[4D-2] RF BeamformingConsidering RF Characteristics in MIMO System
Kyung-Tae Jo (Korea University, Korea); Young-Chai Ko (Korea University, Korea); Hong-Chuan
Yang (University of Victoria, Canada)

[4D-3] A Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test Detector Based Non-linear Diversity
Combining Scheme for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
Hyun Gu Kang (KAIST, Korea); Iickho Song (KAIST, Korea); SeongRo Lee (Mokpo National
Unviersity, Korea); MinAJeong (Mokpo National University, Korea)

[4D-4] A New Parameter for FMCW Radar under External Interference
Sang KonMun (Kwangwoon University, Korea); Hoon-Gee Yang (Kwangwoon University, Korea);
Kyung Bin Bae (Agency for Defense Development, Korea); Won Woo Lee (Korea Military
Academy, Korea); Young-Seek Chung (Kwangwoon University, Korea)

Session 4E: M2M Application (II)
[4E-1] Effective M2M Gateway Selection Algorithms for Geographical Region-based Query
Minsu Kim (Samsung Electronics, Korea); Suhan Choi (Samsung Electronics, Korea)

[4E-2] Scalable Optical Relay for LED-ID Systems
In Hwan Park (Kwangwoon University, Korea); Yoon hyun Kim (Kwangwoon university, Korea);
Jae-Sang Cha (Seoul National University of Technology, Korea); Kyesan Lee (Kyung
HeeUniversity, Korea); Yeong Min Jang (Kookmin University, Korea); Jin Young Kim
(KwangwoonUniversity, Korea)

[4E-3] A Stochastic End-to-End Response Time Analysis of Pipelined M2M-based
Manufacturing Systems
Kanghee Kim (Soongsil University, Korea); Hyeong-JoonAhn(Soongsil University, Korea)

[4E-4] Enhanced MAC for the Bounded Access Delay
Seong-Soon Joo (ETRI, Korea); Bong-Soo Kim (ETRI, Korea); Jong-arm Jun (ETRI, Korea); Cheol
Sig Pyo (ETRI, Korea)

Session 4F: Convergence SW
[4F-1] Dynamic Software Updates in Cyber-Physical Systems
Mijeong Park (ETRI, Korea); Dong Kwan Kim (ETRI, Korea); Won-Tae Kim (ETRI, Korea); Seung-
Min Park (ETRI, Korea)

[4F-2] Data Transport Block Structure Design in CPS Middleware Subsystem
Jae Hyuk KIM (ETRI, Korea)

[4F-3] Modeling Autonomous Military Robots Using Hybrid System Framework
Jungjae Lee (Korea University, Korea); Reeseo Cha (Korea University, Korea); Younghun Han
(Korea University, Korea); Wonhong Nam (KonkukUniv, Korea); Jin-Young Choi (KOREA
University, Korea)

[4F-4] A Systematic Software Development Process for Non-Functional Requirements
HyoTaeg Jung (ETRI, Korea)

Session 4G: PPDR

[4G-1] A Predictive Tracking Scheme for Continuous Object in Wireless Sensor Networks
Seungwoo Hong (Convergence Networking Research Team/ETRI, Korea); SungKee Noh (ETRI,
Korea); Soochang Park (Chungnam National University, Korea); Euisin Lee (Chungnam National
University, Korea); Sang-Ha Kim (Chungnam National University, Korea)

[4G-2] Case Based Reasoning System based Risk Context Awareness in the Digital Marine
Byoung-Ho Song (Mokpo National University, Korea); Iickho Song (KAIST, Korea); Jun Woo
Shin (National IT industry Promotion Agency, Korea); Min-A Jung (Mokpo National University,
Korea); Seong-Ro LEE (Mokpo National Unviersity, Korea)

[4G-3] ECOS: Energy-Efficient Camera Operating Scheme for Large Scale Surveillance
Kangwook Lee (KAIST, Korea); Myungwon Ham (KAIST, Korea); Howon Lee (KAIST Institute,
Korea); DongHo Cho (KAIST, Korea)
[4G-4] Long Range Detection Using a PDR Sensor Combined With MIMO Antenna
Young Man Kim , Jung-Hun Oh , Anh-Duy Vu, Jae-Il Han (Kookmin University, Korea)

Poster Session 1 : Communication Networks
[P1-1] Programmable Architecture for NFA-based String Matching
Junghak Kim, Song-In Choi, Sook-Jin Lee, Jee-Hwan Ahn, Dong-Seung Kwon (Electronics and
Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea)

[P1-2] An Adaptive MAC protocol for Ensuring Throughput
Hyeonsu Lee (Kwanwoon University, Korea); Seung Hyong Rhee (Kwangwoon University, Korea);
Yong-Hoon Choi (Kwangwoon University, Korea); Suwon Park (Kwangwoon University, Korea)

[P1-3] Analysis of Access Delay under High Traffic Conditions in CATV Networks
Joon-Young Jung, Dong-Joon Choi, SooIn Lee (Electronics and Telecommunications Research
Institute, Korea); Jae-Min Ahn (Chungnam National University, Korea)

[P1-4] A Novel MIH Handover Procedure for Efficient PMIPv6 Network
Goya Choi, Bokki Kim, Sangwon Min (University of Kwangwoon, Korea)

[P1-5] A Revised Mint-Route Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Min-Jung Baek, Sunghyun Cho, Ki-Il Kim , (GyeongSang National University, Korea)

[P1-6] A Closed-form DoA Estimation Method with Cell Searching for an MRS with Array
Yo Han Ko (Chung-Ang University, Korea); Chang Hwan Park (Chung-Ang University, Korea);
Yong Soo Cho (Chung-Ang University, Korea)

[P1-7] Diameter-Based AAA Architecture to Support Small AAA Client
Man Yup Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea); Tai-Myoung Chung (Sungkyunkwan University,

[P1-8] JRGP: Jamming Resilient Geocasting Protocol for Mobile Tactical Ad Hoc Networks
Sun-Joong Yoon (Ajou University, Korea); Young-Bae Ko (Ajou University, Korea)

[P1-9] A study for interface with commercial network to construct heterogeneous access
network environment
KangWoon Hong, Hyun-Woo Lee (ETRI, Korea)

[P1-10] Adaptive PF Scheduling Algorithm in LTE Cellular System
Xiaowei Li (Xidian University, P.R. China); Bingbing Li (Xidian University, P.R. China); Bing Lan
(Xidian University, P.R. China); Min Huang (Xidian University, P.R. China); Guanghui Yu
(Zhongxing Telecom. Equipment, China)

[P1-11] A Nondisruptive Multi-path Handoff Scheme for Peer-to-Peer Live Video
Seung-Ik Lee (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea); Dongman Lee
(KAIST, Korea); Yangwoo Ko (KAIST, Korea); Shin Gak Kang (ETRI, Korea)

[P1-12] Min-Variance Routing over a MIMO Ad-hoc Tactical Environments
Kim Taewan (Yonsei University, Korea); Sanghoon Lee (Yonsei University, Korea)

[P1-13] Filtering Property of WBAN Channel
Md. Humaun Kabir (Inha University, Korea); KaziAshrafuzzaman (Inha University, Korea); M.
Sanaullah Chowdhury (Inha University, Korea); Kyung Sup Kwak (Inha University, Korea)

[P1-14] Virtualized Programmable Platform: Accommodating Multiple, Heterogeneous
Architectures in a Single Infrastructure

Myung-Ki Shin(ETRI, Korea), Hyoung-Jun Kim (ETRI, Korea)

[P1-15] The Internet of Things - A Problem Statement
Gyu Myoung Lee (Institut TELECOM, TELECOM SudParis, France); Jeong Yun Kim (ETRI, Korea)

[P1-16] Application of M2M Technology to Manufacturing Systems
Bo Hyun Kim (Soongsil University, Korea); Hyeong-Joon Ahn (Soongsil University, Korea);
Myungsik Yoo (Soongsil University, Korea); Jin Kim (Soongsil University, Korea)

[P1-17] A Design of M2M-based Intelligent Operating System for Effective Pollution
Control Facilities
Se-il Jeon (SoongSil University, Korea); Kyung-Won Park (Soongsil University, Korea); Hee Wook
Ryu (Soongsil University, Korea); younghan Kim (Soongsil University, Korea)

[P1-18]MAC hardware platform for on-body WBAN applications
CheolhyoLee(ETRI, Korea); Hyung-Soo Lee(ETRI, Korea); Sangsung Choi(ETRI, Korea)

[P1-19] Requirements of seamless TV service among multi-domains
Sunghan Kim (ETRI, Korea); S. Y. Lee(ETRI, Korea)

[P1-20] N-Screen Service Using I/O Virtualization Technology
Kiryong Ha (ETRI, Korea); Kyuchang Kang (ETRI, Korea); Jeunwoo Lee (ETRI, Korea)

[P1-21] Smart Screen Service Platform Enabling Target Advertising
Hoyeon Lee(ETRI, Korea); Changwoo Yoon(ETRI, Korea); Hyun-woo Lee(ETRI, Korea);

[P1-22] Hypothetical In-vehicle Telematics Interface Comparisons
Jaeho Jeon (ETRI, Korea); Eun-Il Kim(ETRI, Korea); In-geol Chun(ETRI, Korea); WonTae
Kim(ETRI, Korea); and Seung-Min Park(ETRI, Korea);

[P1-23] Design for Management Software of Desktop Virtualization Solutions
Hyung Jik Lee (ETRI, Korea); Jeunwoo Lee (ETRI, Korea)

Poster Session 2: Convergence Technology
[P2-1] DOA with linear array antennas based on MoM
Sang KonMun (Kwangwoon University, Korea); Hoon-Gee Yang (Kwangwoon University, Korea);
Kyung Bin Bae (Agency for Defense Development, Korea); Won Woo Lee (Korea Military
Academy, Korea); Young-Seek Chung (Kwangwoon University, Korea)

[P2-2] Control Method for the number of checkpoint nodes for detecting selective
forwarding attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sang Jin Lee(ETRI, Korea); In Geol Chun(ETRI, Korea);Won Tae Kim(ETRI, Korea);Seung Min Park
(ETRI, Korea)

[P2-3] Compatibility Analysis of In-Band Digital Radio Systems in Interference Channel
Myung-Sun Baek (ETRI, Korea)

[P2-4]A Study on the Improvement of MIKEY PKE Mode using TLS Handshake Protocol
Seok Ung Yoon (KISA, Korea); Yeonjung Kang (KISA, Korea); Hwankuk Kim (KISA, Korea);
Hyuncheol Jeong (KISA, Korea)

[P2-5] Functional architecture for countering IP multimedia spam
SoyoungPark(ETRI, Korea); Shingak Kang(ETRI, Korea)

[P2-6] A Design of Automatic Current Limit Block for OLED Display Driver IC
Haejun Seo (Chungcheong University, Korea)

[P2-7] Performance analysis of LFM-UWB radar based on Doppler frequency
Sang-Dong Kim (DGIST, Korea); Jong hun Lee (DGIST, Korea)

[P2-8] Time Synchronization via Clock Skew Correction on ZigBee Networks
Hyuntae Cho (Pusan national university, Korea); Hyunsung Jang (Pusan National University,
Korea); Yunju Baek (Pusan National University, Korea)
[P2-9] Collective intelligence based collaborative learning platform
Dongwon Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Jaejeung Kim
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Howon Lee Korea Advanced
Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

[P2-10] Paprika Greenhouse Management System for Ubiquitous Agriculture
Jeong-hwan Hwang (Sunchon National University, Korea); Hyun Yoe (Sunchon National
University, Korea)

[P2-11] Design and Implementation of Pig Farm Monitoring System for Ubiquitous
Ho-chulLee(Sunchon National University, Korea); Hyun Yeo (Sunchon National University,

[P2-12] Dynamic Rendering of Electronic Medical Records On Demand for Smarter &
Green Healthcare based on Self-Adaptive Itinerant Mobile Software Agent
O.K. Baek (IBM Corp., Canada)

[P2-13] Sensing Sofa and Its Ubiquitous Use
Sauli Kivikunnas (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland); Esko Strömmer (VTT -
Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland); Marko Korkalainen (VTT Technical research
centr of Finland, Finland); Tapio Heikkilä(Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland)

[P2-14] Synchronization Issue for Mobile WiMAXFemtocell
Inyong Hwang(Samsung Thales, Korea);Yeonsu Kang(Samsung Thales, Korea); Hyungkee
Kim(Samsung Thales, Korea); Seokjoong Kim(Samsung Thales, Korea)

[P2-15] Design and implementation of SIP-based mobile VoIP application for multiple
smartphone OS
Wook Hyun (ETRI, Korea); Shingak Kang (Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute,
[P2-16] Multi-Sensor System for Air Quality Monitoring in Building and Surroundings
SeongKyun Oh (Sejong University, Korea); Young Tae Byun (Korea Institute of Science and
Technology, Korea); Seok Lee (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); HyungSeok
Kim (Sejong University, Korea)

[P2-17] New approach for Convergence of IT +Pharmaceutical Industry
Marie Kim(ETRI, Korea); Jae Gak Hwang(ETRI, Korea)

[P2-18] Wireless M2M communication in Professional applications
Mikko Sallinen (VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland)

[P2-19]Synchronization Using a Violation Bit in 13.56MHz PJM mode RFID
Jae Hyuk Youn (Kwangwoon University, Korea); Hoongee Yang (Kwangwoon University, Korea)

[P2-20]Indoor Initial Positioning Using Single Clock Pseudolite System
Jae-Eun Lee (ETRI, Korea); Sanguk Lee (ETRI, Korea)

[P2-21] Children location Detection in School Zone
YoungJun Song (Chungbuk National University, Korea); Dongwoo Kim (Chungbuk National
University, Korea); Nam Kim (Chungbuk National University, Korea); Jaehyeong Ahn (Chungbuk
National University, Korea)

[P2-22] Receiver and Transmitter RFICs for Ku-band Mobile Satellite Communication
Dong Hwan Shin (ETRI, Korea); YounSub Noh (ETRI, Korea); Yom Inbok (ETRI, Korea)
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