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									Sameerchand Pudaruth and Khalid Kurmallee

                  Search Engine Optimisation for Mauritius

                                    Sameerchand Pudaruth
                                    University of Mauritius
                                       Reduit, Mauritius

                                       Khalid Kurmallee
                                    University of Mauritius
                                       Reduit, Mauritius

Abstract                                           the country into a region of excellence in the
                                                   field of Information Technology. The cyber
     From restricted access to a privileged        city has been set-up with this vision in mind.
minority and then to the general public, the       The benefits are already being seen.
Internet has been evolving. Indeed, there are           Currently it is the BPO sector which is
now millions of websites and billions of web       bringing the most benefits to the island. This
pages. Businesses must optimize their              includes both call-centers and the
websites for it to be found rapidly by search      outsourcing of programming jobs. Although,
engines. This gave rise to the concept of          the ICT sector is growing year by year, it is
Search Engine Optimization. The main goal          an undeniable fact that till now our country
of SEO is to boost the placement of websites       has not produced any applications software
in search results list of search engine. The       that can be exported.
aim is to get ranked on the first page of the           Even with respect to websites, we do not
search results. It is the first page of the        have any Mauritian website which features
search results that 90% of Internet users will     among the 10,000 most visited websites of
ever visit. The main aim of this paper is to       the world. The first website in Mauritius is
show how SEO can benefit the population of         ranked only at the 45,000 position on the
Mauritius. We also analyzed the factors that       international level. The majority of websites
search engines take into consideration to          have ranked well beyond 1 million (Alexa).
rank websites. The paper also discusses how        Why is this so? Is it because they websites
SEO is having a negative impact on search          are badly designed? Is it because the
results.                                           websites lack quality content? Is it because
Keywords— Advertising, Internet, Search            the websites are not being advertised? Is it
Engine Optimization, SEO                           because the websites the contents are not
                                                   being updated regularly? Is it because the
1. Introduction                                    websites display only static information and
                                                   there is a severe lack of interactivity with
    Information   and     Communication            them? While there are no simple answers to
Technology is currently the fifth pillar           these questions, it is true to say that there
Mauritius economy. In 2009, it represented         many quality Mauritian websites which are
5.7% of the GDP. The vision of the                 beautifully design and are updated on a
Mauritian government is to metamorphose            regular basis.


                                                                          Search Engine Optimisation for Mauritius

     Successful       websites      can   bring              Mauritian economy. And finally, we
significant revenue to Mauritius, for                        conclude with a brief conclusion on SEO.
example, through adsense programs, through
direct advertising of international companies,               2. What is Search Engine Optimisation?
selling of content, selling of goods and
services online, etc. While there are some                        According to Harold Davis, SEO is the
small Mauritian websites which are making                    art, craft, and science of driving web traffic
some money out of adsense and other                          to web sites [1]. Web traffic is based on the
advertising programs, it is likely that their                number of visitors and the number of pages
revenue do not go beyond Rs1000 per month                    they visit. In fact, web traffic is the most
given their little traffic.                                  important factor for websites to prosper. In
     In India, the most successful, Amit                     order to know best which SEO techniques
Agarwal, is reported to be receiving more                    and tools are needed, the SEO administrator
than Rs. 1,000,000 per month through                         have to understand well how the major
adsense only. Many of the successful Indian                  search engines works and all the factors that
bloggers have gone forward with creating                     determine the placement of websites and
their own SEO company.                                       web pages.
     The objective of this paper is to show                       Indeed, there are many factors that
the importance of optimising a website. This                 determine the placement of websites on the
will be of great benefits to many people and                 results list. The science to deal and
businesses in Mauritius. Everybody wants to                  manipulate these factors gave birth to SEO.
have his or her space on the Internet for                    SEO provides tools and concepts that allow
various       purposes      including   sharing              webmasters to make their sites more findable
information, looking for friends and selling                 and ameliorate their ranking in search
products.                                                    results. However, SEO has both negative
     An important aspect is the marketing                    and positive effects on the relevance of
side as nowadays most businesses have their                  search results. Recently, many organizations
own website and there is tough competition                   have managed to ‘dope’ the search results
among them to get a constant influx of                       and force the search engines to place their
visitors. Everyday new blogs and sites are                   websites on top of the results list even if the
created and submitted on the Web. As a                       result is not very relevant to what the user
result, the chances of a blog or site appearing              intended.
in the search results become smaller. A tool                      In order to make a search on web page, a
to optimise websites in a bid to have a good                 user first has to insert one or more keywords
placement on results list of search engines is               and then proceed with the search which
no longer a choice.                                          returns a list of websites corresponding to the
     This paper proceeds as follows. In the                  keyword(s) input. The search results are
next Section, we explain what SEO is and                     ranked accordingly to their relevance. So,
how Google ranks web pages. In Section 3,                    there is huge competition between
we give a brief overview of successful SEO                   businesses,       corporations    and     even
companies and tools at an international level                individuals to have their websites ranked
while Section limits the discussion to SEO                   first in the most important search engines.
companies in Mauritius. Section 5 provides a                 Therefore, in order to survive, businesses
description of some of the factors that may                  web sites must be well optimised in major
affect the rank of a website on the search                   search engines.
results list. Section 6 discusses how SEO can
benefit each of the five pillars of the

International Journal of The Computer, the Internet and Management Vol. 18.No.2 (May - August, 2010) pp 32 – 39
Sameerchand Pudaruth and Khalid Kurmallee

A. Market Share of Search Engines        , and
                                                   However, PageRank values are updated
                                                   every three months.
                                                        The web uses hyperlinks to operate
                                                   correctly. Many sites are provides links to
                                                   help the bot to detect websites or information
                                                   and help users find more information on
                                                   specific topics or other sites. These
                                                   references from other websites are called
                                                   inbound links and a site with more inbound
                                                   links to it has a higher PageRank. A link
    Fig 1: Market Share of Search Engines          from a site with high PageRank allows a site
                                                   to get a high PageRank. It is also possible
     The graph shows the dominance of              that pages on the same website have different
Google regarding market share. Yahoo is at         PageRank.
2nd place with about one-fifth of the market
share while Microsoft’s Bing is at 6%. The              3) How websites get listed in Google?
other search engines make up only about 6%              It is a must for a website to be found by
of the total market share.                         the crawler and get indexed because it is
                                                   only then that the site will be listed on the
B. Factors affecting Google search results         results list of search engines. Search engine
                                                   will never be able to rank a website if the
     1) How Google Works?                          website is not submitted to any search engine
     Google      implements      four    basic     or if the website has no inbound links.
mechanisms: discovery consists of crawling         References from websites already indexed
the web by using a software known as a bot.        allow new websites to be indexed more
It follows all the links on each web page. All     rapid. Webmasters should submit their
the links are the stored. Ranking is the third     websites to different search engines and
step. Google ranks the billions of pages           directories as no unique search engine can
stored by how important they are. A number         index the entire web [1].
of criteria are used to determine relevance.
Results are then returned based on the query            4) Importance of Links
from users [1].                                         The number of inbound links to a
                                                   website is a measure of its popularity on the
     2) How Google index web pages:                web [1]. Now, to obtain inbound links that is
PageRank                                           for website to be referred by other website
     Google uses the PageRank algorithm to         they must contains good related content. For
order the results returned by search queries       example, site Y will put a link to site Z only
[1]. In fact, results of search queries are        if there are interesting, useful and
returned in order of their PageRank.               informative related documents to site Y on
PageRank is a value from 0 to 10 which             site Z.
Google assigns to each website on the
Internet. Websites like Facebook and                    5) Site and Page Design
Wikipedia have very high PageRank values,               In a bid for a site to rank first in Google,
possibly a value of 8 or 9. There are very few     it should be well designed. The following
websites which have achieved a PageRank            factors describe a good web design.
value of 10. Some of them are,


                                                                          Search Engine Optimisation for Mauritius

     Text based: it is better to use more text               the form of small gadgets. Analyzing the
and less images because search engines bot                   effective keyword(s) of the webpage, various
cannot read the contents of images as easily                 webpage validations (Link Validation,
as they can read text.                                       HTML Validation, Image Validation),
     Navigation: surfers should find it easy                 showing Alexa Rank details are some of the
to navigate through the different pages in a                 gadgets to highlight [2].
website.                                                          SEO Software by Web CEO includes 12
     Right Keywords: keywords are the                        SEO Tools in One Powerful SEO Suite [3].
most important factor as far as querying                     The website enables users to download an
websites is concerned. Normally, users do                    SEO software which includes important SEO
not remember domain names. Most                              tools. The software consists of the main
frequently, users tend to type keywords                      processes to optimize a web site or blog. It
related to his search to get information.                    includes finding a niche for the blogs,
Therefore, online content writers must                       promoting sites, analyzing blogs and how to
determine the most suitable keywords that                    maintain them.
users will tend to input and repeat these                         The SEO Elite commercial tool is more
keywords on their pages. The more                            powerful than simple SEO free tools but the
keywords on a page, the more visitors it can                 SEO Elite Software cost $167 [4]. SEO Elite
get and the better its rank will be.                         has a good reputation in SEO as it offers a
     Number of words: a website cannot                       powerful SEO. Also, the content of websites
contain too little words as Google and the                   should be shared with the company doing
other search engines will tend to discount the               SEO and therefore privacy of information is
page as lightweight [1]. Also, pages with                    disturbed.
more than 250 words tend to diminish traffic.                     SEO Administrator is a set of SEO tools
This is because if there are too many words,                 for website promotion and optimization.
the web designer will not be able to fit                     Google, Yahoo and MSN tools and many
everything in a single screen, then the page                 other major search engines are supported [5].
become longer and users will have to scroll                  SEO Administrator is a very interesting SEO
down to view the page.                                       website which provides many SEO tools and
                                                             information in the form of a tutorial to help
3. SEO Tools, Companies and Websites                         webmasters and other people to understand
                                                             how SEO works. However, the software cost
     There are many free and commercial                      a lot of money.
SEO tools that are available. In this section,
we describe some of these tools, companies                   4. SEO Companies in MAURITIUS
and websites offering SEO.
     Rankquest is a free dedicated Search                         SEO companies in Mauritius do not
Engine Optimization resource which                           offer any automatic tools. Instead, most of
includes SEO Tips, SEO Blog, SEO forums,                     them provides for services for manually
SEO DIFF, Watch Rank and Search Engine                       optimising a website. SEO Mauritius is such
Optimization Tools [2]. WatchSEO is an                       an example.
offering from RankQuest which helps the
Webmasters in simplifying their SEO
     WatchSEO provides a single console
from where the user gets to know the                         Fig 2: Results list from Google for ‘SEO
overview of the various SEO parameters in                    Mauritius’

International Journal of The Computer, the Internet and Management Vol. 18.No.2 (May - August, 2010) pp 32 – 39
Sameerchand Pudaruth and Khalid Kurmallee

     As shown in Fig 2, SEO Mauritius                should also be included in the alt attribute of
offers limited services because they do all          image <img> tags [1].
the work and in return people have to pay                 In addition, by placing keyword phrases
them. However, it can benefit companies              ending with the name of company can allow
who have no expertise in web design and              the website to be detected by the bot quickly.
development [10].                                    Another good practice is putting keywords in
     StarWeb International another SEO               links. For example, instead of using “Tools”
company. It is well-equipped with qualified          as text on a hyperlink, it is better to use
and experienced people to provide IT                 “SEO Tools” [11].
services or IT enabled services.
     SWI is a foremost search engine                      B. Meta tags information
optimization (SEO) and web marketing                      Meta information helps search engine to
company. It offers internet marketing and            find the website. For example, if someone is
SEO services worldwide. SWI increase the             creating a website on Search Engine
website back link for better PageRan. It also        Optimization, they should include these
offers tagging and book-marking to connect           words and other similar words and/or
to the high traffic within social websites [6].      phrases in the meta tags.
     SEO Company Pakistan Luqman- has been asked to help                    C. Content of Web Pages
Mauritius Textile Companies with their                     Content of web pages is crucial to
website design, web development and SEO              determine the amount of traffic for a website.
Services [7]. The Textile Companies in               Nowadays, people are very busy and have
Mauritius is purchasing SEO services from            little free time. They want to have what they
other countries instead of Mauritius itself.         want quickly. Therefore, the content,
This somehow shows that SEO companies                including information, news, articles or
are not well established in Mauritius.               videos should be up to date. Freshness of
     JoeMeier ICT Business Consulting is             content information is too important as users
specialized in all Google Services and               will not stay in a site with past events only.
implement       tailor-made     solutions    for           Secondly, the most important part must
companies. Search Engine Optimization                fit on the first page in a single screen to
(SEO) is also one of the services they offer         avoid scrolling. Thirdly, the content should
to place your website higher in the results list     be marketable for it to have a better impact
[8].                                                 on the traffic. Therefore, the information
                                                     should be easily readable and accessible
                                                     within a few clicks.
5. SEO Techniques                                          Finally, the webmasters must make sure
                                                     that the advertisements are not unrelated and
    In this section, we look at some of the          must       avoid    using     strange     colour
most important factors that influence the            combinations [11].
rank of a website for specific keyword(s) in
the search results list. The list is not                 D. Domain name
exhaustive. A complete list of factors can be            The domain name is the name of your
found at [9 ].                                       website. For example, and
                                            are domain names. When a user
    A. Placement of keywords                         searches for content on the World Wide
    The important keywords should go in a            Web, he will frequently type keyword(s) or
page’s HTML <title>, <h1> headers and                short phrases related to what he actually


                                                                          Search Engine Optimisation for Mauritius

needs. Very rarely do users remember                              By playing with font color, many people
domain names.                                                fool users of the Web by hiding text and
     Domain names must be thoroughly                         links for search engines to display them in a
decided when naming a website as they need                   way they are invisible. For example, they
to incorporate most of important keywords in                 input many keywords and links on a page
them. However, it is also true that domain                   with the same colors as the background
names should not be too long, otherwise it                   colors. This makes them not visible to users
becomes difficult to refer to it in written or               and when the users make their search, they
oral communications.                                         are sent in these irrelevant websites.
                                                                  Deceptive links are links that redirects
     E. Submission to Search Engine                          the users to another page [1]. Sometimes the
Directories                                                  page contains some brand of high quality
     The       Open      Directory      Project,             products but is in fact a web spammer page., is the most important                            Keyword loading is the addition of
taxonomic directory on the Web [1]. The                      irrelevant content to the page only to input
DMOZ is not web-automated and sites can                      more keywords. The proper placement of
be promoted when webmasters submit their                     keyword is not respected nor is the limit in
sites to it. Submitting websites to the ODP is               the number of keywords respected.
the best way to get indexed by search
engines, including Google. Therefore, ODP                    6. How Can SEO Benefit MAURITIUS?
cannot be neglected as far as SEO is
concerned.                                                        In this section, we have identified the
                                                             different pillars of the Mauritian economy
     F. Negative Impacts of SEO                              and tried to suggest how SEO techniques can
     This section describes how webmasters                   boost the sector.
are using SEO to make their website gets a
better rank even when they do not really                          A. SEO in Education
deserve that rank. This is a very big problem                     To attain success in terms of studies,
because the ranking of websites in the list of               information about specific subjects is very
results displayed by search engines often                    important and it must be readily available.
becomes irrelevant. Therefore, users have to                 So with thousand of websites sometimes on
spend more time on the web to search for the                 the same topic, it is difficult to obtain
required information.                                        relevant and precise information.
     Due to the dishonest application of SEO                      The syllabus followed by students in
techniques, it is not necessary that the most                each level of studies is very important.
relevant websites are listed on the first page.              Nowadays many notes are posted online. The
This is why one reason why Google changes                    knowledge SEO techniques can allow
its PageRank algorithm on a frequent basis.                  teachers to know where to submit the links
     Good websites with fresh contents are                   of their blogs or websites so that their
sometimes bypassed by other not so websites                  information can be indexed rapidly by search
because of over-aggressive SEO techniques.                   engines and therefore readily accessible to
It is very important to know these bad                       students. The contents will be fresh and
practices as search engines can block these                  therefore they can have access to up-to-date
websites. One of the basics of SEO is to                     syllabuses and important notes.
make sure that a search engine is not                             Nowadays many students have their
offended.                                                    own websites or blogs where they display
                                                             their information and their skills. They also

International Journal of The Computer, the Internet and Management Vol. 18.No.2 (May - August, 2010) pp 32 – 39
Sameerchand Pudaruth and Khalid Kurmallee

use it to communicate between friends and          of good quality and in order to check for
share information. Companies may be                that, the inspector will check websites of
interested in employing them if ever they          huge agricultural companies for information.
meet the requirements of the companies.                 An SEO tool will enable agricultural
Therefore it is very important for their blogs     websites to be indexed easily by search
or websites to get indexed and be found            engines. With the concept of inbound links,
easily on results list of search engines.          other companies such as pharmaceutical
                                                   companies may be interested in referencing
     B. SEO in Business                            the websites of agricultural companies.
     To cope with the global economic crisis,
Mauritius, which is a developing country,               E. SEO in Tourism
has to work very hard to compete with                   The Tourism sector is the second pillar
worldwide businesses, and all its resources        of the Mauritian economy just after sugar.
and capabilities must be shown to others           However, it is the vision of the government
countries so that they invest more, become         to increase the number of tourists visiting the
partners or trade with Mauritius. In order for     island from 1 million to 2 million by the year
big companies worldwide to know how                2015. All hotels in Mauritius have their
competent Mauritius is in many fields,             websites. However, it is doubtful whether
information must reach them and the Internet       any of them are optimized to appear within
becomes a very precious tool.                      the first page.
                                                        If people throughout the world are
     C. SEO in Textile                             looking for nice hotels to stay for their
     Textile companies in Mauritius asked          holidays, they will type keywords like cheap
help from SEO Company Pakistan Luqman.             hotels, holidays, car rental, Paradise Island,
With a good knowledge in SEO, IT                   etc but not Mauritius because they do not
managers or webmasters in the companies            know about us.
will understand how major search engines                Now if the hotels in Mauritius have
work and which SEO techniques can be used          made good use of SEO techniques and
to have a better rank in results list. The         followed many of the guidelines, they will be
textile companies in Mauritius may have to         surely be optimised for the phrase “cheap
hire only one SEO expert or a website              hotels” and can be ranked on the first page of
administrator to optimize their websites.          a results list. As a result, more tourists can be
     Knowledge in SEO will also allow              interested to check the websites and spend
Mauritian textile companies to display             their holidays in Mauritius. Mauritius can
accurate information targeting the desired         benefit a lot from an increased inflow of
traffic and also provides for a community          tourists.
service so that they can have feedback from
the general public on their products. SEO               F. SEO in ICT
tools can be used to search for other textile           The number of Internet users in
companies abroad which would like to do            Mauritius in increasing rapidly. The gives
partnership with Mauritian companies.              rise to a heavy general traffic. This is
                                                   because Mauritius is fast becoming a Cyber
    D. SEO in Agriculture                          Island. The numbers of Information
    Agriculture is very important in               Technology companies is also increasing
Mauritius and many crops are used to               very rapidly. All these companies have their
manufacture products which are exported to         websites and many blogs.
other countries. Now these products must be


                                                                          Search Engine Optimisation for Mauritius

    In order to compete with other                           Mauritian companies invest massively in
companies worldwide, all the websites and                    SEO and SEO education. The government
blogs must be optimized. And if they are not                 should also conduct workshops, seminars
well optimized, the companies can easily                     and/or conferences on SEO. This will benefit
lose business. An SEO tool can help IT                       everyone.
companies to use the different SEO
techniques to satisfy their users.                           References

7. Conclusions                                               [1] Davis H, Search Engine Optimisation:
                                                                 Building Traffic and Making Money with
     Regardless of what business you are in,                     SEO, Oreilly.
a website can be a primary point of contact                  [2]
between you and your customers. Mauritian                    [3]
companies who have websites have no                          [4]
longer the choice. They should act fast.                         tml?time=1276577062&vvvv=62727978
Those who do not have a website need to                          656e31&item=1&cbskin=326&vvar=cbs
have one. With the continued decrease in the                     kin%3D326>
cost of Internet, the number of surfers has                  [5]
increased considerably. By applying                              tration.html
appropriate     SEO       techniques,   these                [6]
companies or individuals will benefit both on                    international-referencing-offshore-
the national and international levels. The                       internet-website.html
increase flow of visitors will undeniably                    [7]
increase their business prospects and make                       company-luqman-technologiescom-to-
them more competitive than other similar                         help-mauritius-based-textile-
businesses.                                                      companies.html
     Applying SEO techniques is not                          [8]
necessary the domain of an expert in IT.                         l
Most of these techniques can easily be                       [9]
learned and applied in a few days by                             nfoCentre/Images/An%20Introduction%
someone who has some basic knowledge in                          20to%20Search%20Engine%20Optimisa
web development. Instead of spending large                       tion_tcm6-24545.pdf
amounts of money on advertising their                        [10]
websites through email campaign or on other                  [11] A 10 minute search engine optimisation
costly websites, webmasters can have a                           by Ross Dunn, CEO, Search engine
constant influx of visitors at no cost. The                      placement Inc. <>
majority of Internet users come to a website
though organic search i.e. through the usage
of keyword(s) or short phrases in search
     In this paper, our discussion was mainly
focused on Google although there exists
many other search engines. However, once
the principles of SEO are understood though
Google, almost the same concepts applies to
the other ones search engines like Yahoo and
Bing. We believe it is high time that

International Journal of The Computer, the Internet and Management Vol. 18.No.2 (May - August, 2010) pp 32 – 39

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