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Sensory branding by mnmgroup

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    Sensory Branding   S
N                      N
S                      S
O                      O
R                      R
Y                      Y
B                      B
R                      R
A                      A
N                      N
D                      D
I                      I
N                      N
G   Sensory Branding   G
The purposeful design and deployment of the
 interaction between the senses in order to
 stimulate a consumers relationship with a
 brand; and to foster a lasting emotional
 connection that optimizes purchasing and
 brand loyalty.
  Need for Sensory Branding
• Stimulates one’s relationship with the brand
• Allows emotional response to dominate one’s
  rationale thinking.
• Offers different dimensions of a single brand.
• Helps achieve a strong, positive, loyal bond
  between the brand and the consumer.
• Assists emotional engagement, so that there
  is a match between perception and reality.
Most seductive sense.
Often overrules the other senses.
Connected to mood.
Only 4% of Fortune 500 brands use sound online.
Skin is the largest organ in the body.
Alerts us to a sense of well being or pain.
Texture of products and experiences.
Smell is a potent wizard that transports us.
Across thousands of miles and all the years
we have lived.
Sweet, salty, sour or bitter.
Hard to introduce but highly effective.
Integrated Sensory

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