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UW-Eau Claire educates nurses at           THE EAU CLAIRE                                 Education (CCNE) and approved
the baccalaureate, master's, and           ADVANTAGE                                      by the Wisconsin State Board of
doctoral levels. We offer various           UW-Eau Claire is the only public             Nursing.
options, including an accelerated plan                                                   Nursing students benefit from high-
                                             university in northwestern and
for second degree students wishing to                                                     tech classrooms and a state-of-the-
                                             northcentral Wisconsin that offers a
obtain a Bachelor of Science in                                                           art Clinical Simulation Lab.
                                             baccalaureate nursing degree.
Nursing (BSN) degree. Through                                                            Nursing students participate in
                                            The nationally recognized nursing
natural and social science,                  program graduates more than 140              clinical experiences at diverse
humanities, and nursing science              BSN students a year.                         health care settings in the
courses, the concepts of humanity,                                                        Chippewa Valley and at sites
                                            UW-Eau Claire nursing graduates
health, environment, and nursing are                                                      throughout Wisconsin and
                                             are actively recruited for positions
interwoven in a curriculum that                                                           Minnesota.
                                             all over the country, and nearly
clinically addresses nursing across
                                             100% have jobs or are continuing
the life span of health care recipients.     their education within a year of
                                             graduation.                                UNDERGRADUATE
ACCELERATED BSN                             Survey responses from employers            PROGRAMS
CURRICULUM                                   are overwhelmingly positive.               The UW-Eau Claire College of
This 12 month accelerated curriculum        The UW-Eau Claire College of               Nursing and Health Sciences offers:
consists of 60 nursing credits. Each         Nursing and Health Sciences                 Bachelor of Science in Nursing
cohort of students begins classes in         nursing baccalaureate and master’s           (BSN)—Traditional Pre-licensure
early June and will complete the             programs are fully accredited by the         program (comprehensive major;
coursework the following June.               Commission on Collegiate Nursing             requires no minor)
                                                                                         RN-BSN completion program
                                                                                          (collaborative nursing BSN @
                                                   UW-EAU CLAIRE
WHY STUDY NURSING?                                                                        HOME program)
                                                 FACTS AT A GLANCE                       Accelerated BSN (for 2nd degree
 Gain the knowledge and                       Location: Eau Claire, Wis.; city pop.     students)
  experience to promote, maintain,              64,000, metro. pop. 151,000
  and restore the health of                    Average enrollment: 10,500
  individuals, families, groups, and           Undergraduates: 10,063
 The BSN program will prepare you
                                               Graduate students: 503                  SPECIAL ACCELERATED
                                               International students: 124
  as a generalist to provide
                                               Multicultural students: 485
                                                                                        BSN ADMISSIONS
  professional nursing in a variety of
                                               Average men-women ratio: 2-to-3         REQUIREMENTS
  areas including hospital, nursing
  home, community/public health,               Students who spend at least a           Formal application to the accelerated
  ambulatory, and home care                     semester studying abroad: 24%           BSN program must be made. The
  settings.                                    Students doing undergraduate            deadline for filing applications to the
 The BSN prepares you for study in             research with faculty/staff: 710+       Accelerated BSN program at UW-Eau
  graduate nursing programs.                   ACT composite average: 24+              Claire site is January 15 for June
 At UW-Eau Claire, you can obtain a           Average high school rank: 77%           entry. To be considered for
  graduate degree in nursing and               Average class size: 28                  admission to the accelerated nursing
  receive advanced role preparation            Faculty-student ratio: 1-to-20          program, students must have applied
  as a clinical nurse specialist, nurse        Computers-student ratio: 1-to-9         to UW-Eau Claire by December 1 and
  practitioner, nurse administrator, or        Student organizations: 224
                                                                                        have completed:
  nurse educator.                                                                        Baccalaureate degree
                                               Walk across campus: About 10
                                                                                         Chem 103 (General chemistry) or
                                               Nickname: Blugolds
                                                                                         Chem 150 (Biochemistry) or
                                               Colors: Navy and old gold
   Biol 214 (Human Anatomy &             completion of all requirements by the
    Physiology I) or equivalent*          end of May preceding the program
   Biol 250 (Microbiology) or            start date.
   Biol 314 (Human Anatomy &             FOR MORE INFORMATION
    Physiology II) or equivalent*         For more information about the
   Psych 230 (Human development)         Accelerated BSN at UW-Eau Claire,
    or equivalent* (Psych 100             contact:
    General Psychology is a
    prerequisite)                         NURSING
   Statistics*                           Ms. Marcia Backstrom, Student
   Cultural Diversity (3 credits)*       Services Coordinator
   CNA certification.                    College of Nursing and Health
   All application materials (official   Sciences, Rm 127
    transcripts, CPR certification,       UW-Eau Claire
    Nursing Assistant certification,      105 Garfield Avenue
    essay, two references), and an        P.O. Box 4004
    application fee.                      Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004
An overall GPA of 3.00 in the most        Fax: 715-836-3996
recent baccalaureate or higher   or
academic degree and a GPA of 2.5 in
the required sciences are required.
GPA will be one factor considered in
admissions; highest GPA may not           Program costs are significantly higher
assure admission.                         per credit hour than typical UWEC
                                          undergraduate programs. The tuition
An interview will be part of the          for the 2010-2011 academic year is
selection process.                        approximately $525.00/credit.
                                          Additional academic fees as well as
Admitted students are required to         uniform, supplies, lab course,
submit health and background check        textbook, and travel expenses apply.

NOTE: *Indicated courses must be          For more information about campus
completed prior to being admitted to      including housing, admission
the program, with grades of C or          requirements, financial assistance,
higher; courses must be taken within      and campus tours, contact:
the last 10 years. Advising with
review of academic transcripts is         ADMISSIONS
required prior to distribution of         Schofield Hall 112
application materials and must be         UW-Eau Claire
completed by December 1st.                Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004
The College of Nursing and Health
Sciences may find it necessary to
deny admission to a qualified
applicant because of enrollment limits
in the professional program.
Depending on the number of qualified
applicants, meeting minimum criteria
for admission may not be sufficient to
be accepted into the nursing major.
Applicants who have completed all
requirements will be given priority
consideration. Conditionally admitted
students must demonstrate full

                                                                                   Rev. 10/20/10