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Get Accepted Into CPA Networks


									    Get Accepted
      Into CPA

The Guide You Need To Read..

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Your Website

Your Email

Online Application

Driving Traffic

Your Experience

Your Offers

Pick Up The Phone!   2
      I see a lot of people on forums posting and asking how to get
    accepted into CPA networks. It isn’t hard at all. Below you will find
    some very basic information on what you can do to improve your
     chances of getting accepted by CPA networks. These are the key
      points you should focus on if you want to get in as many CPA
                            networks as you can.                                                   3
                        Your Website
        You need a professional or business looking website. This is
      much easier than it sounds. Don’t use some free hosting or free
       website such as blogspot etc. Go out and BUY yourself a .com
     domain name and get some cheap website hosting. This will cost
     you about $20 at the most for the domain name and the website
    hosting for the first month. Make the domain name anything to do
  with affiliate marketing or internet marketing. Throw up a wordpress
   blog and upload a professional looking template (you can get these
  from any forum for free just look around). Make up some information
  about your company or just get some affiliate product reviews found
     online and rewrite them slightly and upload them to your site as
      content. Make sure you also have a CONTACT and PRIVACY link
     on your site as some CPA networks will reject you for not having
   these. Some CPA networks will also check the “whois” domain name
      information and check to see if it matches against the personal
   information you used to register with. So make sure these match, if
         you don’t you will have to explain why they don’t match.                                                4
                         Your Email
       When applying DO NOT use any kind of free email account.
   That means no gmail, hotmail or yahoo account. You should have a
  domain name by now so setup an email address on your website and
     apply with that (something like This
   makes a HUGE difference and makes you look like someone who is
    serious about CPA marketing and not some 12 year old sitting at
                    home in his mother’s basement.                                             5
                    Online Application
       When you apply online you will have to enter your personal
      details and your website details. As above, you are using your
    website that has a professional design and also your website email
     account. You will also need to provide other details such as how
   much traffic your website gets each month. Some CPA networks will
   reject you if you have little traffic on your website, even if you don’t
     market CPA via your website. To avoid this, put in that you get at
    least 5000 unique hits per month to your website. Even if this isn’t
  true, don’t worry about it. You want to make sure they don’t deny you
     even before sending you a follow up email or giving you a call to
                      discuss how you promote CPA.                                                     6
                        Driving Traffic
      In the online application and also in follow up emails or phone
   calls they will ask you how you drive traffic. The best solution here is
    to say you utilize PPC and web banner advertising. This will explain
   why your website may just be new and also why you don’t have any
  advertising on your website. If they ask why you utilize PPC and web
   banner advertising, tell them it allows you to test offers quickly and
  easily over a short period of time instead of waiting for search engine
  traffic which can be a long and painful process if you want to get any
   kind of decent traffic in order to test offers. Generally as soon as you
     mention PPC and web banner advertising, they won’t ask for any
                              more information.                                                     7
                      Your Experience
      Most networks will want to know what kind of background you
    have in CPA marketing. I would suggest telling them you have been
   involved in CPA marketing for at least 1+ years and perhaps mention
     another name of a network you may already be involved with and
      have used in the past. This way, you don’t sound like a complete
       noob and they don’t have to worry about trying to educate or
    answering any questions from you like “how can I drive traffic?”. You
    already know the CPA game and that means there is a good chance
        you will be able to convert traffic which makes them money.                                                   8
                          Your Offers
     Typically, a network will ask you what verticals (CPA offers) you
   have had the most success with. Tell them you will run anything that
    converts and maybe even mention a few markets such as health,
    education and small biz offers have worked well for you. Typically
   they won’t push for anything specific; again they just want to make
             sure that you have some idea of CPA marketing.                                                 9
                    Pick Up The Phone!
          The sad truth is, many people wanting to get involved in CPA
     marketing are too scared to pick up the phone. Many CPA networks
        will want to talk to you in person. They will typically ask for your
     personal details and then the above, what offers you run, how long
      you have been involved etc. Don’t be afraid to speak on the phone.
      If your English isn’t very good then this will be a problem. You may
    need to find a friend and get him or her to do the phone conversation
      if you can’t speak English very well. Also many networks won’t call
         you. They are busy doing other things. So I would suggest that
     instead of waiting for them to call you, you call them. This will make
      you appear dedicated and serious about getting started with them
      and making money. Take the initiative and give them a call. Try not
       to sound scared or timid on the phone. After your first few phone
    calls you will begin to know what they typically ask and it will become
                            very boring and very easy.

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