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					                                                  NURSING (BSN)
The Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing           upon the respective health care facility.           To apply to the program you must
degree prepares graduates for entry-level      If a student is unable to fulfill the clinical   complete 67 hour of prerequisite
nursing positions in all healthcare            experiences required by their program of         coursework with a cumulative GPA of
settings as well as graduate study. The        study, the student may be unable to              3.0 and have either 90 college credits
degree prepares students to take the           graduate.                                        completed or a previous bachelor’s
national RN licensing exam and become                                                           degree. Other admission requirements
registered nurses. The curriculum                WSU’s baccalaureate and graduate               are the same as the traditional BSN
prepares students to care for clients in       nursing programs are accredited by the           program.
primary health care settings in addition       Commission on Collegiate Nursing
to acute care settings. Health promotion       Education.                                       Early Admission Option
is a major focus of the program.                                                                Early Admission is a benefit given to
                                               Admission to Nursing                             students who choose to begin their
   WSU has contractual agreements with         You can apply for admission to the               freshman year at WSU. Thirty
a very large number of health care             traditional nursing program after                students per semester are selected for
facilities in Wichita and surrounding          completing 58 to 61 hours of course              this option. These students must
area, so students have clinical experience     work. The application deadline for fall          complete 48 hours of prerequisite
in a variety of settings. Students begin       semester admission is February 1; for            courses at WSU, maintain a 3.0 GPA,
their clinical experiences during the first    the spring semester, it is September 1.          and fulfill other Early Admission
semester of the program. They progress         Admission to the nursing program is              requirements. If requirements are
through the various levels of care, and        competitive. To qualify for admission            met, students are guaranteed a space
complete the program with a                    you must:                                        in the nursing program for the
preceptored full-time, five-week clinical               1. Be enrolled in, or admitted          semester for which they applied. High-
capstone experience.                           to WSU;                                          school seniors are encouraged to apply
                                                        2. Complete, or have a plan to          for this option as soon as they are
   The health care facilities require          complete, prerequisite courses;                  admitted to WSU. Applications from
information on students engaged in                      3. Have an overall GPA of at            eligible students are accepted on a
clinicals, including, but not limited to:      least 2.75 in all courses completed and a        first-come first-served basis. For
verification of name, address and social       grade of C (2.0) or better in all the            eligibility requirements, or for more
security number; personal health               required courses;                                information about the Early
information; drug and alcohol testing;                   4. Submit a nursing program            Admission Option, contact the School
criminal background checks; verification       application form indicating the semester         of Nursing.
of education; listing on any registered        in which you expect to enroll;
sex offender lists; listing on the U.S.                 5. Complete the standardized            LPN to BSN and MICT to BSN
Office of Inspector General’s Excluded         Test of Essential Academic Skills. A             The School of Nursing offers a plan
Individual’s list; and listing on the U.S.     minimum score on each of four sections           to assist licensed practical nurses to
General Services Administration’s              is required.                                     obtain a Bachelor of Science in
Excluded Parties List. While the School                                                         Nursing Degree. Up to 4 credit hours
of Nursing will assist students in             Accelerated Option                               of the program may be earned
obtaining and gathering the information        This full-time, 15-month option                  through the NLN Nursing
required by a health care facility, the cost   comprises the same amount of                     Acceleration Challenge Exam (ACE) I
of obtaining such information must be          coursework and clinical experiences as           PN-RN. Mobile Intensive Care
assumed by the student. What                   the traditional program, but in a                Technicians (MICT) can obtain a
information will be required to permit         compressed and intensive timeframe-              Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree
the student to participate in a clinical       including evenings and weekends. The             at Wichita State. Up to 8 credit hours
setting learning experiences will depend       program begins every summer semester             in the program may be earned from
                                               in May and is completed the following            MICT courses and experience.
                                               summer in August.

                           Preprofessional Courses                                                                               Full-Time Faculty
                                                                                                                   Heather Baker, RN, MSN, ARNP-CNS, PNP
                                                                       Semester Hours
English I and II                                                                6                                  Mary L. Burnett, MS, RN, C. Critical Care
Speech                                                                          3                                  Theresa Cooper, RN, MSN/MBA,
College Algebra                                                                 3                                   Medical/Surgical
Fine arts appreciation course                                                   3                                  Terri Core, ARNP, MSN, Adult nursing
Introduction Humanities course                                                  3                                  Betty Elder, MS, MSN, PhD, RN. Informatics
Introduction to Philosophy                                                      3                                   and Genetics
Introduction to Sociology                                                       3                                  Phyllis Fletcher, RN, MN, CCRN. Critical Care
General Psychology                                                              3                                  Jeanie Harris, ARNP, MSN, PN P-C Pediatrics
Developmental Psychology                                                        3                                  Shirley Hazen, RN, MN, CNOR.
Chemistry with Lab                                                              5                                   Management/Perioperative
Anatomy and Physiology with Lab                                                 5
                                                                                                                   Alicia Huckstadt, PhD, FNP, ARNP
Microbiology with Lab                                                           4
Statistics                                                                      3                                  Brandy Jackson, RN, MSN/MBA, Critical Care,
Medical Terminology                                                             1-3                                 Infection Control
Pharmacology                                                                    3                                  Phyllis Jacobs, RN, MSN. Psych Mental Health
Introduction to Pathophysiology                                                 4                                   Nursing
Elective                                                                        1-3                                Mary Koehn, PhD, RN, FACCE, ARNP.
Total                                                                           58                                  Maternal Newborn
                                                                                                                   Pamela Martin, RN, MSN, ARNP, Maternal
Additional courses required:
                                                                                                                   Jacque McClendon, RN, PhD, Diabetes Care
General Education Issues and Perspectives course                                     3
Upper-division philosophy/ethics course                                              3                             Victoria Mosack, PhD, RN, ARNP, Psychiatric-
Total                                                                                6                              Mental Health nursing
                                                                                                                   Stephanie Nicks, RN, MSN, FNP,
                                                                                                                    Medical/Surgical nursing
                           Preprofessional Courses                                                                 Susan Parsons, PhD, RN, Critical Care,
                                                  Semester Hours                                                    Medical/Surgical
Professional Nursing Practice                              3                                                       Nancy Powers, MD, Breastfeeding-Human
Fundamentals of Nursing Care                               4                                                        Lactation
Nursing Care of Adults I                                   4                                                       Betty Smith-Campbell, RN, PhD. Community
Health Assessment                                          4                                                        health/public policy
Nutrition (pre-requisite or co-requisite with Sem.1)       3                                                       Elaine Steinke, PhD, RN. Adult nursing
                                                                                                                   Virginia Teel, RN, DHS. Adult
Introduction to Evidence Based Practice                                              2                              Medical/surgical
Mental Health Nursing Care                                                           4                             Jane Washburn, RN, MSN. Psychiatric-Mental
Clinical Care of Adults I                                                            4                              Health nursing
Nursing Care of Older Adults                                                         2
Nursing Care of Adults II                                                            4                  To receive more information, or to schedule a
                                                                                                        campus visit, contact:
Clinical Care of Adults II                                                           4                  Office of Admissions
Pediatric Nursing Care                                                               3                   Wichita State University
Maternal Newborn Nursing Care                                                        3                  1845 Fairmount
Nursing Care of Populations                                                          3
                                                                                                        Wichita, KS 67260-0124
Clinical Leadership and Decision Making (11 weeks)                                   4                  (316) 978-3085
Nursing Care of Clients with Critical Illnesses (11wks)                              5                  Toll-free (800) 362-2594
Clinical Capstone (5 weeks)                                                          4        
Total                                                                                60

Notice of Nondiscrimination
Wichita State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, status as a Vietnam-era veteran,
or disability. Any person having inquiries concerning this may contact the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity., Wichita
State University, 1845 Fairmount, Wichita, Kansas 67260-0145; telephone (316) 978-3001

Wichita State University reserves the right to revise or change rules, charges, fees, schedules, courses, requirements for degrees, and any other regulations affecting students
whenever considered necessary or desirable.