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Northwestern Mutual
5255 Edgewood Dr., Ste. 350, Provo
(801) 225-8000
   Financial advisers with Northwestern Mutual Financial           CORY A. MAHAFFEY
Network realize that financial planning isn’t a one-size-fits-
all industry. Instead, they cater their plans to meet clients’
specific goals.
   Cory Mahaffey, managing director and financial adviser,
compares financial planning to an airplane flight. When
heading to New York from Salt Lake City, the nose of the
airplane isn’t always pointed directly at New York City. The
pilot has to make constant checkups and in-flight course
corrections to reach the destination.
   “Whether you have a 30-year retirement plan or want to
put your kids through school,” he says, “it’s ridiculous to
think you can simply make a decision, not think about it
again for 20 or 30 years, and still reach your destination.”
   Cory lets his clients choose the destination, even if it
involves dramatic modifications over time.
   He says some clients want to be the pilot – they want to
be involved in every decision that occurs. Others prefer to
be in the cockpit, watching the action without making the
day-to-day decisions. And some clients simply want to be
first-class passengers – they’re happy to sit back, watch the
in-flight movie and be kept up to date on the arrival time.
They don’t want to understand all the details, but they want
the job done right.
                                                                        FINANCIAL TIP
   “In that fashion, we’re able to help clients meet their
financial goals in whichever style they prefer,” Cory says.            Most people should work with a financial
   Northwestern Mutual is one of the most heavily                     planner or team of advisers. Many of us lack
credentialed investment companies in Utah Valley,                     discipline. We all know how to exercise,
                                                                      but how many of us actually do it? Whether
boasting a 30-member team of financial professionals who
                                                                      it’s exercise or finances, people need
hold credentials such as MBA, MA, JD and the CERTIFIED                accountability partners – someone who will
FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.                                      stick in the trenches with them through life.
   The company’s goal is to “inspire people to dream
courageously and live with purpose,” Cory says. “We’re here
to ask people the hard questions, to get them to think            nationally in bankruptcies does not properly reflect the values many people
about what they really want, then help them create plans to       living in Utah uphold,” he says. “We want to help change habits in the
accomplish those goals.”                                          community.”
   Mahaffey says he understands the challenges people face           What Mahaffey loves most about his job is just that – helping people change
when determining which financial planner, company or               financial habits and behaviors.
broker/dealer to use. Initially, many companies seem similar,        “When people ask me what I do, I tell them I help people align their financial
but the differences really stand out after six months. It’s       behaviors so they can spend more time playing golf,” he says. “If I had $10
important to get a good recommendation before committing          million in the bank, I’d be doing the exact same thing, because I enjoy it.”
to a particular financial planner.
   “We feel like 90 to 95 percent of the industry is focused      Northwestern Mutual Financial Network is the marketing name for the sales and distribution
on pushing products,” he says. “There are so many                 arm of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (NM) and its
companies creating dog and pony shows to promote products         subsidiaries and affiliates. Cory Mahaffey is a District Agent of NM (life insurance, annuities
and people are attracted to it like moths to a candle. But it’s   and disability income insurance). Registered Representative and Investment Adviser
                                                                  Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC, 111 E. Broadway St, Ste
not what people need.”
                                                                  1400, Salt Lake City UT, 84111, (801) 533-8444, a wholly-owned company of NM, broker-
   What they need is a relationship that can continually help     dealer, registered investment adviser, member NASD and SIPC. NM is not a broker-dealer
them update financial strategies and solutions over time.          or registered investment adviser. There may be instances when agents of NM represent
   “We think the fact that Utah has been the leader               companies in addition to NM or its affiliates.

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