… ? Grace, what is that? Grace, tell me you didn’t do               a small metal box seemingly glued to the underside of
something stupid!” Clarke shouted as the sweater                    theglobe’s base. “It looks like that could be opened.”                                                                                                                                      A Quarterly Newsletter on FOI Adoptions from China    Fall 2005
unravelled completely, seemingly all on its own. “Clarke,            “She’s right. There’s a latch here. A little stiff, but I think I
keep your voice down,” Grace whispered, having finally              can get it.” Clarke struggled to release the delicate latch
caught Martine’s full attention. “You don’t want your mom           with his large fingers.
to come up here.” “Yeah, what is that?” Martine asked,
                                                                    “Here. Use this.” Grace handed Clarke her sweater to
standing back. “If that’s what I think it is, it’s from the attic
                                                                    cushion the latch’s sharp edges. Finally the latch gave,
at the house. Grace has stolen one of the globes!! Clarke
                                                                    spilling the contents of the box onto the floor in front of
barked. Martine gasped. “I didn’t steal it!” Grace
responded in a loud whisper. “I just borrowed it!” “You
better bring it back, Grace.” Martine cautioned. “Look, I            “COOL!” Clarke cried out, while both Grace and Martine
know. I shouldn’t have taken it. It was wrong.                      shushed him loudly. “It looks like some sort of watch,” he

                                                                                                                                         Family Outreach International Issue No 33 Printed December 2005 1(866)789-8677
                                                                    said more quietly. “But there are like six hands on it.
                                                                     Before either of the girls could argue, Clarke tied the
                                                                    black leather straps around his wrist and wiped the face of
                                                                    the watch with his shirt. Almost immediately, the globe on
                                                                    the floor at Clarke’s feet began to glow a brilliant orange-
                                                                    red. Both Clarke and Martine jumped back in surprise.
                                                                     “Woh,” cried Grace, in awe, her hands immediately
                                                                    attracted to the beaming sphere.
                                                                     “NO!” yelled Martine. She reached out to stop Grace and                                                                                                                                          THE CHINA ADOPTION REPORT PRESENTS
                                                                    in so doing brushed against the sphere, sending it into a
                                                                    dizzying spin. In an attempt to protect her treasure, Grace                                                                                                                                                             THIS ISSUE
                                                                    quickly pressed down on the glowing ball, wanting to stop

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  M EET THE AUTHORS
                                                                    its fast-paced whirl. Her pointing finger caught on a small
                                                                    bump in the middle of a large shape on the map that was
                                                                    supposed to be China. All three children lost their breath
“How can that be?” Grace whispered, her eyes wide in                in shock as the globe came to an sudden stop but the
amazement. She looked to her cousins for answers only               outlines of countries and oceans began to melt and merge
to see the outlines of Clarke and Martine becoming just as          and re-form before their eyes.
blurry as those on the globe. Grace raised her hand to her
mouth to hold in a scream just as she felt herself spinning         Image 2: Grace, Clarke and Martine spinning around the                                                                                                                                           FEATURING 12 YOUNG SPECIAL GUEST WRITERS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       FEATURING 12 YOUNG SPECIAL GUEST WRITERS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WITH THEIR STORIES AND OPINIONS
and twirling frantically, as though suddenly thrown into the
Super Double Loop Centrifuge at the Super Ex.                       “How can that be?” Grace whispered, her eyes wide in
                                                                    amazement. She looked to her cousins for answers only
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WITH THEIR STORIES AND OPINIONS
“What . . . is . . . happening?” Grace cried, hugging her
shoulders and curling her legs up into a ball.                      to see the outlines of Clarke and Martine becoming just as
                                                                    blurry as those on the globe. Grace raised her hand to her
“Ahhhhhhhhh.” BANG. “OW!” Suddenly, the spinning
stopped. The terrible feeling of being in a going to bring it
                                                                    mouth to hold in a scream just as she felt herself spinning                                                                                                                                      STORIES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  STORIES THAT         CANADIAN KIDS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CANADIAN KIDS            YOU WILL BE
back first chance I have tomorrow.”
                                                                    and twirling frantically, as though suddenly thrown into the
                                                                    Super Double Loop Centrifuge at the Super Ex.                                                                                                                                                     NEVER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   HAVE NEVER             WRITING
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WRITING                SHOCKED
 “You promise?” Martine asked, wagging her finger at her
older cousin.
                                                                    “What . . . is . . . happening?” Grace cried, hugging her                                                                                                                                        BEFORE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BEEN             ABOUT LIFE IN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ABOUT LIFE IN             AMUSED
                                                                    shoulders and curling her legs up into a ball.
 “Yeah. I just wanted to show you guys first. Hey, don’t            “Ahhhhhhhhh.” BANG. “OW!” Suddenly, the spinning                                                                                                                                               PUBLISHED              CANADA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CANADA               ENLIGHTENED
you think it’s really cool how it’s glowing like that? What         stopped. The terrible feeling of being in a clothes dryer
could be making it do that?”                                        was replaced with a nasty throbbing feeling forming on
“Here. Let me see!” Clarke said, stretching out his hand.
 “Aha. Suddenly not so afraid, are you? You sure you
                                                                    Grace’s head.
                                                                    “Ohhhhh.” Clarke, just inches beside her, was also                                                                                                                                                       A MUST READ EVENT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A MUST READ EVENT
want to get your fingerprints on stolen property?” Grace            rubbing his head as well as his shoulder.
joked.                                                              “Clarke? Clarke?” Martine’s voice shook as she reached
 “Yeah. Yeah. Look, I’m going to make sure you bring it             out for her brother’s arm.
back tomorrow, all right. Now, hand it over.” Clarke                The three cousins looked first at each other then beyond.
cupped the globe in his strong hands.                               What they saw was truly incredible.
“Hey, what’s that?” piped Martine. She was pointing at              “Where . . . ,” Grace swallowed hard. “ . . . are we?”

        Stay tuned for Chapter 3 of GlobeSpinners: the Emporer’s Court, as Grace and her faithful companions meet
        a beautiful young girl from afar…very, very far.
                                                                      Globe image in the title by Magdeline Sims .
                           Notice Board
                                                                                                                          Globe Spinners                                                                                  by Brook Waters

                                                                                                                                                          Tai Tsung’s Court
                                                                                                                                                  Chapter 2: Sphaera Magicus
                                                                                                         “What’s happening?” Martine shouted, her voice shaking.             breaking into attics and barely noticing that Grace held back
                                                                                                         “We’re coming out!” came Clarke’s reply, directed more at           a few steps. And even Grace wascompletely unaware that
                                                                                                         Grace than at Martine. “No, we’re not,” argued Grace.               the bundle under her arm was quickly growing brighter
                                                                                                         “Clarke is just being daft.” “What is it? What did you find up      beneath its cotton wrap. When they arrived shortly after at
                                                                                                         there?” Martine’s small voice carried from the hallway below.       the house, Grace waited for her cousins to enter before
                                                                                                         “This place isn’t abandoned at all,” Clarke explained. “We          bounding up the steps herself. As Aunt Hillary appeared at
                                                                                                         shouldn’t be here.” Clarke let go of Grace’s arm and made           the entrance to greet her children, Grace tried to slip
                                                                                                         his way through the hazy space back to the attic’s entrance         through. “Haidza,” Aunt Hillary called to her as she tried to
                                                                                                         and down the ladder. “Grace, listen to me. Come down from           sneak up the stairs. Grace was used to being called by the
                                                                                                         there,” he shouted up to his cousin. Grace didn’t respond.          affectionate term for child in Chinese but had to chuckle
                                                                                                         She was staring at the very thing that had made Clarke hurry        hearing it from her aunt. “Your mother taught me,” said Aunt
                                                                                                         out of the attic. A smallish globe with a                                                 Hillary, catching Grace’s amused look.
                                                                                                         brilliant gold base was in front of her.                                                  Grace, not wanting her aunt to see the
                                                                                                         Both the base and the surface of the                                                      hidden globe under her arm, was grateful
                                                                                                         globe were beautifully and impossibly                                                     when Clarke shifted her focus. “We’re
                                                                                                         squeaky clean. Grace could even see                                                       just going up to play on the computer.”
                                                                                                         her reflection. “Not a speck of dust,”                                                    “Alright. But be down in half an hour. I’ll
   Chinese New                                                                                           Grace muttered. “Not even a single
                                                                                                         cobweb. Nothing!” Grace’s curiosity
                                                                                                                                                                                                   need you kids to set the table for dinner,”
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Aunt Hillary responded. As Grace
    Year Party                                                                                           fought a winning battle against her good
                                                                                                         sense and she plucked the gleaming
                                                                                                                                                                                                   entered the computer room upstairs,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   which also served as her aunt and
    in Ottawa                                                                                            sphere from where it stood. She
                                                                                                         retraced her steps back to the attic door
                                                                                                                                                                                                   uncle’s bedroom, she noticed a new dark
                                                                                                                                                                                                   wooden statue beside several trinkets
Join us for the Annual Chinese                                                                           and climbed out, the globe carefully                                                      and colourful jewellery boxes on a
New Year Party in Ottawa. See                               Help !                                       bundled in her fleece pullover. “Finally. I                                               bedside table. Every time she came here
the Website for details.                                                                                 thought I was going to have to go back                                                    Grace had the feeling that she was
                                                 Over the past year, you have become well                up there and drag you out,” said Clarke,                                                  visiting thirty countries at once. Almost
                                                 acquainted with our Year of the Rooster mascot.         not noticing the roundish shape that the                                                  every space on the four walls was
                                                 We featured him on the cover of the last year’s         sweater under Grace’s arm had                                                             covered with strange masks from South-
                                                 Chinese New Year edition of the newsletter and we       strangely taken. “I think Clarke’s right,”                                                east Asia and Africa, colourful wall
                                                 used him on all of our envelopes.                       added Martine. “He says one of the                                                        hangings from South America and
                                                                                                         globes didn’t have any dust on it, so                                                     beautiful photos of people and places
                                 Now we have to say goodbye to our                                       somebody must have just been here. We better leave before           from far away places. She always wondered what it would be
                                 favourite rooster because the next edition                              they come back.”        “Fine. I’m done here anyway,” said          like to travel the world making a living by taking photos and
                                 of the newsletter will be published during                              Grace. She followed a few steps behind Clarke and Martine           writing articles like Aunt Hillary. “Your dad’s not here.” Grace
                                 the Year of the Dog. This means we need                                 as they tiptoed down the stairs to the lower level of the           stated more than asked as she realised that the police
                                 a new mascot.                                                           house. The three snoopers peered cautiously through the             detective uniform that was usually draped over a hand-
                                 But we have a conundrum. We have two                  Brooch            window at the front entrance. They wanted to make sure that         carved wooden chair in the corner was missing.“He’s
                                 candidates for the position. One is sophisticated and the other is      nobody would be able to see them as they unbolted the door          working on a case. He probably won’t be back until late.”
                                                           cute. So we want you to choose who will be    and snuck back outside. As soon as they reached the                 Martine explained, sitting down to face the computer
                                                           our Year of the Dog mascot. Cast a vote for   familiar, empty sidewalk out front they all breathed a quiet        monitor.Absentmindedly, Grace reached for a book lying on
                                                           Brooch or for Cuddles by sending us a         sigh of relief. “Why don’t you come for dinner, Grace?”             the floor---one of the beloved Trixie Belden novels that
                                                           message with “I vote for …… ” in the          Martine asked, as they began to part. “Mom’s making                 Martine had borrowed from her. In doing so, part of the globe
                                                           subject line. And, of course, tell us why.    something-Alfredo and Pillsbury rolls.” “Yeah, alright. I’ll call   started to peak out from within its makeshift hideout.“Hey,
                                                           You’ll see how you voted when you receive     Mom from your place.” The three explorers headed down the           what’s that? Clarke said, noticing right away. Grace quickly
                                                           the next newsletter – he’ll be the cover      road in the direction of Clarke and Martine’s house, with the       adjusted the sweater to again hide the glowing object,
                                                           story.                                        brother and sister team caught up in an argument about              making sure to avoid looking Clarke in the eyes. “What the
                                                                   My First Story
                                                                                                                              August 2005                                                                     Guangzhou
                           Today I cleaned out my desk and did some work too. I got all my work right today. I                 Ian & Mariam MacNeil of Halifax travelled to Guangzhou this August to meet their daughter
                           had a very big party and we played games. These are the games I played: twister,                    Talullah. Miriam offered this trip report.
                           checkers, snakes and ladders. I had lots of candy like chips, gummy worms, fruit
                           rollup, licorice and a Kinder surprise. The thing that was in a Kindersurprise was a             Saturday, June 11th... we were having                       Yulin had explained everything we
                           puzzle. I had a Kool-aid jammer for a drink. It was the second last day of school.               dinner at home with our friends, we'd                       needed to have from important paperwork
                           Tomorrow it is the very last day of school and it is a half day of school and next year          just finished telling them that we were                     and documents to baby necessities. The
                           I am going into grade two.                                                                       hopeful we'd be making our trip to                          day had come. We boarded the bus for
                                                                                       Amy (7½) Lewyckyj Ancaster ON        China by September or October when                          the Ministry and were enjoying the guide’s
                                                                                                                            the phone rang... about 11pm Sat night.        Emily
                                                                                                                                                                                        narrative of the sights along the way.
I am a wild 8 year old called Carina Chung. My favourite subjects are math, music and
                                                                                                                            It was Yulin calling!!! I ran to our         Regina SK      Darting and dodging through the traffic of
science. I like going to school so much that on weekends I still think about school even when I
am doing my school work or extra homework from my Mom and Dad or when I practice                                            bedroom so I could hear her clearly.                        a 10 million+ city. Uh oh. I get this fast
playing my piano.                                                                                                           She asked if we might be available to                       and awful sinking feeling... no, not motion
Math is one of my most liked subjects in school. At first I did not like math at all. But after I                           go earlier?!! I asked if I could ring her                   sickness but … did I remember to lock
started practicing more, I get to like math even better. In class we get to play a lot of
                                                                                                                            the next morning. My husband didn't                         the safe?... did I bring diapers?....... what
multiplication and division math games which are really fun. My Mom always says to me "                                                                                                 about her bottle?.... sure I've forgotten
practice makes perfect ". I really believe in this saying and that is why, when I practice a lot,                           understand why I didn't just immediately
                                                                                                                            say YES... we're ready, we'll go! But, to                   something... checking everything but
my math finally gets better.
                                                                                                                            me, it was as if someone had called out       Talullah      sinking feeling gets worse and worse….
Besides math, I also like science very much. Sometimes I still get a bit nervous when I am
doing my science experiments and worse still when I have to write a science test. I also like                               of the blue and asked if we'd like to        Halifax NS     Oh Lord!!! I glance sheepishly at Ian and
music too. When I play music I feel as excited as if I am having a party. I have started Grade 4                            have a billion dollars... yes, of course                    blurt out “Yulin, sorry, you have to STOP
piano in The Repertoire Series. The challenges are there but I rather enjoy it. I think there is
                                                                                                                            we would, who wouldn't...What's the                         THE BUS!!” Yulin, Ian and me race
one thing in common with math, science and music. You have to stay focused in each subject                                                                                              through the streets... temp 40 or so!!!
to get the best result.                                                                                                     catch?
                                                                                                                                                                                        Yulin finds a taxi and back to the hotel …I
  When I am not practicing these subjects do you know what I enjoy doing most? I like playing with my 8 year old dog        There was no catch. And, of course, we
  in the back-yard. Now that you know a little bit about me maybe you might hear from in some future articles.                                                                          race up to the room... 34thFLOOR! Race
                                                                                                                            said YES!                                                   back down like mad woman sweating and
                                                                                              Carina Chung (8¾) Ottawa ON
                                                                                                                            When we saw our first photos of                  Iman       clutching for dear life the package of most
                                    My Vacation                           At the Lodge                                      Tallulah... we fell instantly, head-over-    St Albert AB   important documents!! Back in the taxi,
                           Hi, my name is Kimberly and I live         Hi my name is Katie                                   heels, in love with her and then the wait                   Yulin apologizes!, saying she should have
                           in Burlington, Ontario. I am 8 years       Mason. I am 8 yrs old. My
                                                                                                                            to leave was almost unbearable. We left                     reminded us all and I say, NO, Yulin, you
                           old. This summer my family drove           birthday is April1st
                                                                                                                            Halifax on our 19th Anniversary!                            told us at least 27 times!!! We met the
                           to Prince Edward Island. It is a long      I like piano, I play it a lot.
                           way to PEI. I did not like spending                                                                                                                          rest of the group at the Ministry, a little
                                                                      My piano teacher is Jodi,                             Finally, in Hong Kong, after about 3
                           three days in a car. My mom made           she is nice.                                                                                                      worse for wear but so thankful that Yulin
                                                                                                                            billion emails we met our group... and,
                           lots of stops and I got to climb a                                                                                                              Jocelyn      was with us on this journey.
                           giant lobster but it rained on us in       Every year I have to play in                          Yulin!!! We feel so lucky to have
                                                                      front of an audience.                                                                             Vancouver BC    As others have written, after so much
                           the zodiac and I didn’t like getting                                                             traveled with a small but diverse group.
                           cold and wet.                              I played Magic Scarecrow                              We were the only Maritimers with Phil                       waiting everything suddenly happens and
I liked getting to the cottage one night early. I got to stay up to                                                         and Lynn from Saskatoon, Eileen and                         presto the baby cries from down the hall
                                                                       (Halloween cancan) at the Lodge before
10pm. It was fun. My friend Abby and her family arrived the            Halloween.                                           her Mom, Betty, from Vancouver, Scott                       quickly diminishes as the girls were
next night. I love Abby. We came home from China on the                                                                     and Jacqueline from Calgary, Donna                          brought in one by one. Chun, Huabiao!!
same trip and she was my crib mate in China. I loved seeing            It was my 4th time to play there and I wasn’t
                                                                       nervous. My friends were not nervous either. It      and Ross from Regina and Al-Kamir                           We had Tallulah in our arms. It is
Abby and her little sister Charlotte.
                                                                       took a long time to practice. The Lodge is           and Shalmin from Edmonton. We were                          impossible to describe what the next
We went to Green Gables. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to go to                                                                                                            Zoë
                                                                       where old people live. We go there to play for       blessed to have Yulin accompany even                        couple of hours were like.
Rainbow Valley but it was cool out so we went to Green                                                                                                                  Calgary AB
                                                                       them. We had cookies and juice after we
Gables. I didn’t think it would be fun but I liked it. I liked the                                                          this small group; it was a difficult time                   You’ve heard it here before… Yulin is
acting and the candy store.                                                                                                 for her to leave and we were all very                       incredible, great restaurants, wonderful
                                                                       My two friends and I played Magic Scarecrow
The best part of my trip was running along the beach collecting                                                             appreciative of her dedication to the                       shopping, marvellous sightseeing,
                                                                       (Halloween cancan). We had to wear our
shells and jumping over the waves with Abby. It is so much fun                                                              effort. Our group was enhanced also
playing with Abby. I also liked that my Grandma flew out to
                                                                       Halloween costumes. My friend Erica was a                                                                        incredible culture and tourguides, but, as
                                                                       snow fairy. I was a fairy and my friend Patricia     with Grace, Yulin’s daughter, Daisy, her                    of August 28th our group shifted from
Moncton so she could drive home with us. I love traveling with
my Grandma. I like to roll her suitcase around
                                                                       was a princess. She was very pretty.                 niece and Honorary Grandfather and                          tourist-mode to parent-mode and our
I enjoyed my trip to PEI. Well maybe not the mosquitoes.               Then after my friend Erica played, she forgot        Aunt, Shalmin’s father and her sister                       focus was Tallulah!…and Zoe and Emily
                                                                       her wand on the top of the piano. It was funny.      Noor.                                           Amy
                          Kimberly (8¼) McCarten Burlington ON                                                                                                          Saskatoon SK    and Jocelyn and Iman and Kathryn!!
                                                                       We like playing piano at the Lodge.
                                                                                        Katie (8½) Mason Kelvinton SK
                                                                                                                                  My family is the best because they care and love me.
October 2005                                        Guangzhou                                                                     My family always cheers me up when I am sad. Also, some people come in your life and
It was all just paper work and forms until we all received log in dates late in                                                   out but my family is always there.
February; that’s when the news group FOI set up for our travel group
                                                                                           Taiya            Deanna                When I come back from school, my mom is always waiting for me to ask me how my day
started buzzing ... and this travel group started connecting by sharing ideas,
                                                                                        Victoria BC        Victoria BC            was. And my sister is always there when I need someone to play with. I love my family
experiences and our lives with one another until we were all able to meet
                                                                                                                                  and that will never change. My family is awesome. Myfamily is awesome because they
face to face on October 30th in Hong Kong.
                                                                                                                                  take me to cool places like Disneyland and a lot of kids in my class have never been
There was an instant connection among this group that now had the chance                                                          there so I am lucky.
to put faces to cyber mail. What was most evident as Yulin gave us
                                                                                                                                  Also, my family makes me happy and laugh. Me and my family are always having fun
instructions at our first morning's breakfast, was the deep love in our hearts
                                                                                                                                  together. If I didn't have my family I don't know what I would do because my family is
we all had for our daughters seen only in pictures and still not shared
through touch ... that special moment was coming for our group tomorrow.                                                                                                                                               Shelley (9½) Rottenburg Dundas ON
                                                                                        Rebecca               Sadie
As we travelled the next day to Guangzhou from HongKong, Yulin caringly               Markham ON           London ON
tried to further prepare us for the intense moment when we would be
handed our daughters. What Yulin shared was not always the fairy tale
ending. Regardless of Yulin's best intentions, we all just wanted to share
our lives with our daughters.                                                                                                                               Hello, my name is Julia King. This summer I went to Science camp with my dad. He is a police
As we gathered into a room at the Adoption Registry Office of Guangzhou,                                                                                    officer. His name is Roger John King. The science camp I went to is in Waterloo. It was for 5 days.
our group was privileged to see a young adopted boy meet his new parents                                                                                    I went to the camp during the day and stayed with my Dad at the Conservation Authority camp-
for the first time. Full of joy and emotion for the opportunity to witness such                                                                             ground at night. This was the second year that I went to University of Waterloo for camp. We did
                                                                                          Lilei                Miriam                                       neat science like making quick sand and tornadoes in plastic bottles. The best part of the camp
a happy event, our group saw the harsh reality Yulin tried to prepare us for.
                                                                                   North Battleford SK       Ottawa ON                                      was we had to build something so that Curious George could get out of a locked cage - it was hard
These babies make incredible journeys from abandonment to new families,
and this young boys journey now hit home. This beautiful young boy was                                                                                      to do. The worst part of the camp was we made chocolate ice cream and I couldn’t have it
brought in by his caregiver and placed in the arms of his new mom and dad                                                                                   because it had milk it and I’m lactose intolerant. My Dad and I had steak and roasted marsh-
... this young boy screamed cries and tears of abandonment as he looked                                                                                     mallows with chocolate and graham crackers. We slept in a tent and went swimming and my dad
for his Chinese caregiver to return. The crying went on and on, and no                                                                                      Roger stepped in geese droppings and we had camp fires and went to the park. On Saturday we
caregiver returned. It was up to this frightened little boy to once again                                                                                   went home so then I said good-bye to everybody. I want to go back next year with my Daddy.
adjust. It was our travel group that cried for this boy and perhaps to some                                                                                                                                                               Julia (8) King Grafton ON
degree feared what was about to come.                                                    Tasso                 Keira
                                                                                      Kelvinton SK          Newmarket ON
                                             Almost immediately, our first beautiful baby girl was
                                             brought into the room, and our first set of parents
                                             called to receive her. I know our whole group was                                    I have two horses. My horses like to eat grain and hay. I feed them beets and carrets and grass
                                             waiting for that agonizing cry; but as each of our                                   to them. I like to ride them. They are tame and like carrets the best. There name isF Goliath and
                                             beautiful daughters was brought in and placed in                                     Lexington. They are boys they don't like the dog. I spend a lot of time with them. They are big
                                              all of our arms, not one cried. It was as though their                              horses. Goliath is older then Lexington. .We had another horse he died he was a boy. I like
                                              birth in our hearts combined with the warmth of the                                 horses they are cool. We have sadils for are horses. I think horses are cool. I like to draw horses.
      Kate                Joran              love in our first touch, created for our daughters a                                 I think horses like apples and other tipes of food. I like my firends comeing over. I take my friends
                                                                                                                Victoria BC
Peterborough ON        Cochrane ON           secure place where they new they now belonged.                                       to see am. They like to feed them food. I like having my cusins over to play with and my horses. I
                                             Overjoyed and I'm sure for many to some degree relieved, it was now time to          have a poster of a lot of horses. I like playing with my horses. They can get scared sometimes. I
                                             become parents to a child we loved instantly, but new nothing about ... feeding      like horses.
                                             routines, sleep routines, likes/dislikes and personalities. These and a lack of                                                                              Vera (9) Slywka Lipton SK
                                             ability to communicate was the challenge ahead ... while sightseeing and
                                             being a tourist on a bus everyday!
                                             With so much to offer tourists, FOI planned some amazing events and outings
                                             to help us pass time and connect as a group and within our newly formed
      Jade                 Jade
                                             families. I know that this travel group is thankful to FOI for the great care they                              Hi. My name is Emily Kovacs. I live in Georgetown, Ontario. I have a little sister named Robin and
  Brantford ON          Victoria BC
                                             took in watching out for our best interests while in such a different land full of                              a dog named Mika. I love horses. I like to read about them and see them on tv and in movies. My
                                             history and unique in culture. We had Camilla, so kind and like our grandma,                                    mom said I could learn to ride horses. We are looking for a place to take lessons in the spring.
                                             Joyce and Fay like our sisters, and mothers we had two, in Yulin and her                                        Each year my family goes to Point Pelee for birdwatching. At the hotel where we stay, I like to
                                             sister Yufen.                                                                                                   play badminton and go swimming in the lap pool and slide down the water slides into the shallow
                                             On behalf of this FOI Adoptive Parent Group, thank you for helping us bring                                     pool. In our room, we get a refrigerator and two double beds.
                                             our families together and for treating us with the care that you would give to                                  Jessica is my friend we play a lot together we both like horses. We went to see the movie
                                             your own family. Near, far and where ever we are, all of us will forever be                                     Dreamer. This summer we went to Georgetown’s Village Festival. There was an entertainer
                         Emma                connected and I look forward to our continued sharing of stories, experiences                                   named “Totally Odd” in the No Gravity Circus. He was amazing! He juggled 3 lit torches on top of
    Emma                                     and family lives.
Rainy River ON         Toronto ON                                                                                                                            a 10-foot unicycle…. Blindfolded!
                                                                                                                Frank Canacari
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Emily (8¼) Kovacs Georgetown ON
                                                                                                                                                            Hi, I’m Michelle, I’m 9
                               Dragon Story                     Another time my Dad bought some worms and crickets.
                                                                                                                                                            years old.
                                                                                                                                                                                              My name is Kira Yi Hawrysh. I
                                                                When he brought them home, we put them in the cage in                                                                         am now 8 years old and live in
                             Hello! My name is Kelsea           the container that they came in and Sparky ate them all                                       Something that’s                the town of Nobleton, Ontario
                             Lin Molzan. I live in              right away. It was really funny!                                                              important to me is the          where I go to Saint Mary
                             Kingsville, Ont. It is beautiful                                                                                                 Terry Fox Run because           School. I am now in grade 3. At
                             here. I have a pet dragon but                                                                                                    my aunt died of cancer.         school I have lots of friends that
                             it’s not a real dragon. He is                                                                                                    October 2, 2005, Cathy          I play with and we learn
                             17 inches long and his tail is                                                                                                   O’Grady passed away. I          together. The name of my
                             really long. He has orange                                                                                                       think Terry Fox is an           teacher is Mr. Carbone and he
                             around his eyes and he has                                                                                                       amazing person. To              is nice to me. My favourite
                             spikes on his head. He is a                                                                                                      have the bravery to do          subjects are math and science.
                             bearded dragon. His name is                                                                                                      the amazing, to run             There are 5 people in my family. Dad, Mom, my brother
                             Sparky the dragon.                                                                                across Canada! I loved my aunt so much. She and                Nathan and my little sister Sonja. In the summer I like
                                                                                                                               her sister, well they’re the aunts I see the most. I           when we go to the cottage and go swimming and walk on
Here is a story about him.
                                                                                                                               loved her because she was fun, kind, friendly, sweet,          the beach. I learned how to fish this summer and I got
Once, when Sparky was angry, his back looked like a                                                                            generous, and her heart was pure. She made                     some fish. Fishing is fun but I don’t like worms.
pancake. His chin was all puffed out like a beard,                                                                             everyone laugh! She wasn’t a party-pooper, actually I
                                                                I LOVE HAVING A DRAGON AS A PET!                                                                                              I like Saturdays because it is fun. Dad, Nathan and I go to
that’s why he’s called a bearded dragon. He was                                                                                think she started them! She had lots of adventure in
                                                                                  Kelsea (8¾) Molzan Kingsville ON                                                                            karate. I now have my green belt. After we go and have
double his size. When I rubbed his chin he started to                                                                          her. She adopted a girl from China, just like me. Her          donuts. My favourite sports are hockey, soccer, karate
relax and he opened his mouth.                                                                                                 name’s Sara. We’re best cousins and friends! Auntie
                                                                                                                                                                                              and basketball. I play on a soccer team and scored lots of
                                                                                                                               Cathy always let me climb on rocks at the cottage.
                                                                                                                                                                                              goals in the net. I love soccer and I am in a soccer camp
                                                                                                                               Sometimes I would sleep over at the cottage. It was            every Wednesday. We all play hockey and basketball on
                              My Family and My New                                                    All About Me
                                                                                                                               so fun. Every Saturday we would go skiing with them,
                                                                                                                                                                                              the driveway.
                                                                                                                               well most Saturdays. Anyway, this is why the Terry
                                     Sister                                                          My name is Sophie. I      Fox Run is so important to me! One thing is certain, I         When I grow up I want to be a dentist or a policeman. I
                             Hi. My name is Emily Burzynski. I                                       am the only child in      don’t want any more victims from cancer leaving us             need to study hard. I can’t wait to visit China someday
                             am nine years old. In this story I am                                   my family. I have a       like Auntie Cathy. I can’t give her new life but I can         and I am learning some words in Chinese. In China there
                             going to tell you about my family and                                   cat named Frisky,         give her my love and my heart.                                 are nice stores and the food is delicious.
                             my new sister. So lets start. My                                        who is three years                           Michelle (9) O’Grady Port Perry ON                                      Kira (8) Hawrysh Nobleton ON
                             family is a family of six. With my                                      old. I am eight years
                             mom Barb, my dad Jerry, and my                                          old and next January
                             sisters Rebecca(6), Sarah(4) and                                        8, I will be nine. My
                             Grace(2). Together my family goes                                       best friend is Maia,                                                                          Up North
                             shopping, watches television,                                           who is nine years old.                               It’s been another great summer in Timmins Ontario. I have lots to tell you about so let’s get
  eats meals, plays together, sometimes argues with each other,             My favourite thing to do in my house is                                       going!
  and even reads.                                                           brushing and feeding my cat. I also like to                                   This year there have been tons of bear sightings. Many people that live on my street have
  In Spring 2006 our family will be a family of seven because my            draw, for example, things from Mother                                         seen and heard bears, because we live down the street from the woods. One night my mom
  mom and Rebececca are going to China to pick up our new                   Nature, like flowers, butterflies, trees, bushes                              went to our garage and heard a bear knocking over the garbage cans outside. She was
  baby sister. We started by Rebecca getting her shots. Then we             and leaves. I like arts and crafts because I                                  scared half to death. The bears seemed to be all over the city this year, climbing trees in
  had to get Rebecca`s blood taken. Boy was she loud. She                   like making my own things. Once I made an                                     backyards and even eating leftover popcorn outside the movie theatre.
  screamed and screamed non-stop until it was done. The blood               interesting collage with clay by sticking
                                                                                                                                                          But that doesn’t compare with the day last year when we saw a moose on the loose, running
  working was just for seeing what shots Rebecca needed to                  pictures from magazines on it. I love music,
                                                                                                                                                          down the middle of our street! Behind the moose was a police car with the sirens wailing,
  experience.                                                               and I play the violin and I like to sing a lot,
                                                                                                                                                          chasing it back into the woods. That was quite a sight!
                                                                            especially opera, in my own style.
  My mom is taking Rebecca to China this time because I went                                                                   This year my dad said I was old enough to go for a ride in his float plane. Early one morning we drove to the lake
  last year to pick up Grace with mom so Rebecca can have the               My favourite animals are horses and cats,          where the airplane is parked. First we had to make sure the plane had enough gas and then we had to take the
  opportunity to see China. The name for our new baby sister is             because they are beautiful and cute. I like        sponges out of the front of the plane near the propellers (if you don’t put sponges in the holes the birds might make a
  Claire. Rebecca is really looking forward to going to China. I            going to High Park because of the nature,          nest). I had to put on my life jacket and a set of headphones with a microphone so my dad and I could communicate
  gave Rebecca some advance warning like, the food on the                   like the oak and maple trees and other             over the noise of the plane. Then, we buckled up, my dad drove the plane to the end of the lake and we took off! It felt
  plane is not that good, the toilets in stores and malls are like          specific trees and plants. I am a member of a      weird taking off because you sail right up off the lake. We flew over camps (my grandfather waved at us from his long
  holes in the ground, and their milk is warm. I told her all these         nature club, and we go out into the park and       dock!), cottages, trees, and big lakes which are so plentiful in northern Ontario. I spotted my school from the air and the
  warnings but she just said it`s okay, so I guess she does not             feed the chickadees right from our hands.          hospital and all my friends’ houses. I flew over the huge open pit mine near Timmins called Falconbridge and I saw
  mind. When she is gone I will really miss her because I always            We also planted native plants.                     tons of monster trucks from the sky. It was a great ride.
  play with her. I willreally miss my mom because my mom                    I can’t wait when I have my own house and          Another fun thing that I did this summer was to go to my grandfather’s camp for the weekend. I got to drive the big boat
  always takes care of us the best. And I know they will miss me            can get a dog because dogs are cute and a          with my dad on the way to the camp. When we were there, we first cleared the camp of the dead mice that had gotten
  too! But they will come home to Canada with Claire. It will be            girl’s best friend.                                into the traps that week. I went fishing with my dad and we caught a big moonfish and a little pike. My dog Ben smelled
  so that we are all together again. And I will also be happy to be
                                                                                     Sophie (9) Antonyshyn Toronto ON          really bad that night and we finally figured out that he had rolled in moose or bear droppings – he wasn’t allowed to
  a family of seven!. We are all looking forward to meeting our
                                                                                                                               sleep in the camp that night! Late that night it was pitch dark and we saw tons of beautiful shining stars. You can only
  new baby sister Claire.
                                                                                                                               see a beautiful sky like that up north!
                                   Emily (9) Burzynski Waterloo ON
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Clara (9½) Fennuk, Timmins ON
October 2005                                                  Nanchang
In October, 2005 nine families from Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia                                                          group…they are resilient
celebrated their first Thanksgiving with their new daughters from China. And                                                         and incredible children!
what a gift it was to be thankful for! We were quite a group, with Aunts,                                                            Our girls were healthy
Grandparents and big brothers and sisters joining in.                                                                                and had good appetites!
                                                                                                                                     One little one had a cold
We arrived on several different flights, and all connected in Beijing, to travel
the next day to Nanchang to receive our baby girls. This flight to Nanchang                                                          towards the end of our
was only a couple hours long, but seemed almost as long as the one to                                                                stay and needed to see
Beijing, as we were so close now to meeting our children. It was a quick stop                                                        a physician. Again, Yufin
                                                                                                                      Elizabeth      made all arrangements
at our hotel, then off to the government buildings to unite with our girls.                Molly
                                                                                                                     Ottawa ON       quickly, and did follow-
                                                                                        Toronto ON
This meeting was a flurry of excitement as families milled around, anxiously                                                         up    to    make      sure
looking at the babies with their nannies, each trying to spot their own little ones                                                  everything was okay,
from the photos we had received . Cameras were flashing, and video was                                                               which thankfully, it was.
rolling as Yulin quietly called out the names of each family, and our little ones                                                    Lots of shopping was
were placed in our arms. I am not sure who was crying more, the babies, or                                                           done, with many of us
the parents. All I could think of was how blessed we were, and how scared                                                            purchasing lovely silks,
these tiny creatures must be, leaving what was comfortable for them to be with                                                       jade and pearls. My
these new faces and sounds and smells. Holding our daughter for the first time                                                       older     daughter    who
was something I will never forget. Diaper changes took place, toys were                                                              accompanied us had a
offered and the little girls settled a bit, and began to take in what was to be a                                                    blast buying shoes and
huge change in their young lives.                                                       Mélisande                     Bronwyn        bags at the market
                                                                                       Toronto ON                    McBride BC      (she’s 18 …what can I
The first week we spent in Nanchang, getting to know our daughters and each
other. We had some paperwork to fill out, family photos to take, and did some                                                        say)! We visited the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Temples and Palaces, the Zoo, and
sightseeing. We saw beautiful buildings, glorious landscape and met many                                                             ate more great food. Our guide this week, Faye, was funny, informative, and helpful. She
interesting people. Receiving our adoption certificates was amazing…seems                                                            attended to all of us, and was patient when we asked numerous questions…over and over.
like a small thing when we were all so busy, but having that little folder that                                                      We were lucky to have been treated to an acrobatic show that was just incredible. Sure
said our daughter was ours, finally…I didn’t let go of it the rest of the trip.                                                      made me want to get back on the stairmaster upon returning home! Some of us ventured off
Dinners in the evening were great fun, as we compared notes, and enjoyed                                                             on our own, seeing different sites we were interested in. All of us were feeling comfortable,
watching each other interact with their new families. The food was very good,                                                        thanks to Sally, Faye, Yulin ,her sister Yufen, and brother Yupin.
although I am sure it was made to be not too different so our western palates                                                        You know, before we left, I questioned to myself why we had to stay so long in China. As
wouldn’t be upset. Our guide, Sally, was with us throughout this first week, and         Meagan                    Angélique         much as I wanted to see some of the country, I also wanted to just come home and settle in
was attentive to each of us, and all of our needs and questions. She made us             Carp ON                 Conestogo ON        with my daughter. I was wrong! There is a reason to be there for the two weeks. You gain a
laugh, cry, and gave us lots of information and interesting facts about the                                                          comfort level with your child with the support of loving and helpful people around you. You
culture and history of the region, for us to share with our daughters later on.                                                      physically see and hear her people and homeland, and you gain a better understanding of
For most of us, apart from the day we received our daughters, the highlight of                                                       the rich culture and history, which will be helpful in raising your daughter. I am grateful now
this first week (probably the whole trip!) was being able to travel to the                                                           for the two weeks there. And we WILL go back!
orphanage in Fuzhou where our daughters were from. We were able to meet                                                              Everywhere we went, the Chinese people were wonderfully accepting of us, with smiles,
the Director of the orphanage, and he went with us to view the abandonment                                                           nods and pleasant touches for our babies. No one was disrespectful. Some mothers on the
sites of our children, giving us an opportunity to take a photo for our daughters                                                    street would stop us, to have a photo taken with their own little ones. At times, I felt so sad
to have later in life. This was incredible. I know all of us are so grateful to FOI,                                                 as I looked at some of these kind women who were so welcoming to us, wondering if one of
Sally and the Director for this wonderful opportunity. We were able to see the                                                       them was a Chinese mother who had given up a child in the past, allowing this to happen
countryside, the people from this region working in the fields, and have a               Lauren                                      for so many other families around the world. As parents here, I believe all of us will forever
                                                                                       Winnipeg MB                        Sarah
better understanding of our daughters’ beginnings. I know for myself, this is                                                        be grateful to and remember the parents there, as part of this huge family.
                                                                                                                     Willowdale ON
something I will cherish forever.                                                                                                    As I write this our Eva is sleeping peacefully beside me, and as I look at her little face I
The second week we were back in Beijing, with a few more bits of paperwork                                                           marvel at the changes she has made and the many experiences she has already been
and the medical examinations to attend to. This week was a little more settled,                                                      through in her young life. It is humbling, and awe-inspiring.
the babies had by now become comfortable with their families and were                                                                Many thanks from all of us to Yulin, her family, Sally and Faye, Family Outreach
laughing, smiling and playing. It was incredible, how quickly they adapted to                                                        International, and the people of China…for this wonderful experience and our beautiful
us, and began to bond. It was fun to meet each day and see how the girls                                                             daughters.
would recognize their own families and even “make strange” with others in the                                                                                                                        Esther Aiken-Rogerson
                                                                                                     Brockville ON

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