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					                         Join the Indiana Green Party
Annual INGP membership dues are $25, or you can choose to become an INGP
Sustaining Donor. Sustaining Donors choose how much to donate each month to help
sustain the work of this party, whether or not they become members. However, sustaining
donors, automatically become members unless indicating otherwise. If joining the INGP,
you also have the option of choosing an automatically granted need-based dues waiver of

All members, and Sustaining Donors, if they choose, are added to the INGP’s News
email list that includes e-newsletters and other major announcements. Please use the
email address at which you would prefer to receive such mail.

What Would You Like to Do?
  Join the INGP
  Renew INGP membership
  Become a monthly sustaining donor using PayPal
  Receive more information about the INGP (Please list your questions)

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City________________________________ County_________________________
State__________ Zip_______________
Telephone (Day)_____________________ Telephone (Night)__________________
Voter registration address if different than primary address______________________

Dues Options
  Pay dues now with PayPal
  Send a check for dues (Indiana Green Party, PO Box 441105, Indianapolis, IN 46244
  Request a need-based waiver

Fill out this section if donating (Required by Indiana State Board of Elections)

Please list talents or interests you think might be helpful to building the INGP.
Unless requested not to, we will pass your information on to the nearest local party.
 This is an open, editable Word document. Please fill it out with your information, then
print out a copy for your records if you wish and attach it to an email and send to:

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